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April 13, 2012

A primer on apathy

Years ago I temporarily ran a bar that served US servicemen, and so on tap was beer, burgers, AT&T calls home, a tattooist and of course whores.

Some whores you nodded to as they clock in and out, some you spoke a little to, some you hung out with, some you fucked.

I remember one whore in particular, pretty little thing, good body, gave superb blow jobs, was a whore to support her girl child, was a whore because no fucker would give a gypsy a job anyway.

If ever there was a ho who fit the ideal save-a-ho stereotype this was her.

The thing no fucker gets is / are;

  1. Don’t matter what it is, that ho has heard it all before.
  2. Don’t matter what is is, that ho has seen it all before.
  3. Don’t matter how bad a story is,that ho can tell you the name of a ho in her town had that same shit happen to her.
  4. Don’t matter how good a story is, that ho can tell you the name of a ho in her town had the same good shit, and then the other shoe fell and that is how she became the ho in #3 who ended up having her colon ruptured while fucking a donkey.
  5. No thing that you can do will ever stop her waiting for the other shoe to fall, see #4.
  6. The very fact that you do NOT want to pay and use her, is in her experience damn good reason to be as suspicious as a mother-fucker around you, see #3, 4 & 5
  7. more, much much more, of the same.

Bottom line, you can be as wealthy and happy and talented and virtuous as you like, the one thing you will find as sure as death and taxes is you will never find a ho, or some down on her luck skank, to trust you.

Doesn’t matter who did what, who started what, who was in the right, the only think you need to take away from this is that the ho has been handed the shit end of the stick so often that she now knows for a fact in her world view that life offers two options;

  1. Her getting the shit end of the stick – same old same sold cunt, what can you do when you live in a shoe.
  2. Her being offered the clean end of a stick – DANGER DANGER DANGER very SINGLE time she got REALLY fucked over it started with being offered a good deal…

Because? re-read all those points above again, and you still won’t get it, unless you already do…

Thankfully for me and the ho in question, we both knew that walking on water would be an easier trick than crossing that divide between us, so we never tried, and as a result we had a good working and sexual relationship.

The bit none of the wimminz and their niggerz get, is when you put a man through the wringer of secret family courts, you don’t just create a broken family.

You create a man who has been taught, the hard way, that his judgement of what makes a good woman isn’t worth shit, so now there are only two sorts of wimminz;

  1. Skank ho sluts who he can bang for free and dump his cum into
  2. Really really really fucking dangerous psycho skank ho sluts acting like women and offering all that good home cooked morning blowjobbery and crocheting children by the fireside hoopla

This, my friends, is apathy.

So ONE psycho skank ho wimminz, aided by her niggerz in the secret family court system, has managed to turn me into someone who is apathetic towards ALL wimminz, you are either a skank ho slut or you are really really fucking unhealthy for me to be around.

Rinse and repeat every day in secret family courts throughout the land.

Then go on PoF and get confronted by wimminz asking “Where have all the good men gone?”

They have gone the way of the dodo bitch, now you have a choice between;

  1. Men like me who are only interested in your sexual abilities, for free.
  2. Really, really, really clueless beta provider types who have not yet been liberated by your innate skank ho nature as a wimminz.

To put it in perspective.

The moment you infect a man with HIV, safe sex ceases to be a problem for him, and instead becomes a problem for YOU.

THIS is the form of perspective, and it is a vital one that is only ignored because to do otherwise scuppers the whole premise, that is studiously ignored is all “Evil Dead” type films and games…

Once 50% of the population become flesh eating zombies, who the fuck is manufacturing and distributing the millions of rounds of ammo that you lot are planning on chewing through every day?

The difference here is that this is a mental virus, a meme, and those who were responsible for containing it, a never ending job, were sent to the gallows.

So lacking a constant culling force, the meme spreads, and at that point is has become everyone’s problem, even if we don’t know it yet, all we have to do is wait.

You can’t make me give a fuck about wimminz or niggerz, you can’t make a ho trust you, you can’t wear a hole out by poking it with a stick, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle and go back in time to patient zero.

Billions are going to die, you expect anything but apathy from me just because YOUR precious snowflake is melting?

April 3, 2012

Down the back of the sofa… & fungiblility of cunt.

…that’s where ideas and odd socks and lost coins collect.

  1. Wimminz on PoF are rarely acting alone, usually they are friends with other wimminz on PoF, and they compare notes.
  2. Wimminz on PoF often have more than one profile running at any one time.
  3. The fatter the skank is, the more she will lie about her bra cup size.
  4. Upper arms are always a good guide, to those who favour the facebook cleavage style profile photo.
  5. Tits always look 4 cup sizes larger in a photo than in reality.
  6. Hands and necks are always a good guide to skin tone and age.
  7. Wimminz who describe themselves as being “very” anything never, ever, ever are, usually they are totally crap at whatever it is, from blowing cock to cooking, it doesn’t matter, this is a rule with no exceptions.
  8. Wimminz who appear on PoF in the early morning and late evenings have a family at home, no matter what the profile says, they have a family at home.
  9. Wimminz who use their profile to carry another message of any kind, e.g. breast cancer awareness, afdiggastan vet awareness, inappropriate kid pic on profile awareness, run the fuck away.
  10. Wimminz who actually state on their profile that initial meets “should be in a public place for safety” run the fuck away…. not because this shit is not true, not because that shit cuts both ways, but because she chose to use a limited number of words to include that message, but left out everything else about her life.
  11. Said it before and I will say it again, in a world where every phone practically sports an autofocus camera, it is no accident that the only photos the bitch can find are blurry, poorly lit, or have been through software filters.
  12. This also applies to photos so distant that the bitch is a subject in them, but no way to discern facial features much less eye colour.
  13. cunt” is a word you should use early and often, “pussy” is a word you should never use, always correct a wimminz when she uses the wrong word, if she bails on you, so much the better, you just saved yourself a world of bullshit.
  14. wimminz with photos showing their fingertips touching their face, like it was fucking precious or something, all without exception are mentally fucked up and highly likely extreme Cluster B candidates, run the fuck away.
  15. Wimminz with photos showing mess / shit anywhere in the background, run away.
  16. Wimminz with photos with more than one wimminz in the photo, the one in the advert is ALWAYS the fugly one, not necessarily even in the foreground, but the fugliest one in the entire photo.
  17. Wimminz who don’t make an effort after the PoF initial contact, fuckem, maybe try again in 3 months when their pigeon brains have forgotten you.
  18. Wimminz are also either non smokers or regular smokers, don’t let the occasional bullshit fool you…. same goes for drinking, but you can tell that from the gut… or lack of.
  19. Wimminz with their “own business” don’t be fooled, especially in these economic times, it will either be a seat at a hairdressers or a van and sandwich round or a fucking beauty consultant or some shit…. it won’t be making any money…. so you never ever ever lend a wimminz any money, not even a coin for a call box.
  20. Wimminz who in the first phone conversation with you try to tell you what a tosser their ex is, or who try to talk over you instead of knowing their place and hanging on your every word and answering your questions clearly and concisely.
  21. Winmminz with hoopy ear-rings and / or mannish short haircuts, just fucking run away.
  22. Piss does not smell of fish.
  23. Cunt does not smell of fish.
  24. Cunt that has been very recently fucked and dumped full of cum does smell of fish.
  25. Never eat cunt, for those that have difficulty with this, place it on the list somewhere *after* felching some fag’s ass after he has been gangbanged. Even if you are mad enough to enjoy it, deny yourself…. or get used to calling the bitch mistress.
  26. The best viagra is a dirty mind and pornographic thoughts about a wimminz that is NOT there with you right now, the best antidote to getting a hard on is usually having a wimminz there with you right now… this is especially true after you have dumped three loads into her.
  27. Following on from #26, this is why the bitch needs to be domesticated, able to cook and clean for her man and make a nice home for him… if she hopes to last past the first three fucks.

Now, with all those odds and ends cleared up and out of the way, here is the news…

Recently a skank ho who shall remain nameless commented on a recent thread, typical feminazi fugly skank ho that soon trotted out the “y’all have small penises” stuff… yeah, but not as small as yours, bitch, because the clitoris is the smallest penis going.

But she raises an issue, and it needs addressing.

Cunt is not fungible, what it is is liquid, which sometimes manifests slight fungible tendencies, and this is an important difference.

If cunt was fungible then not only would one do as a substitute for another, but it must also be true that ANY cunt is as good as ANY other cunt.

If cunt was liquid, then the value of one has little or nothing to do with the value of another, and the value of one makes no impact on the market value of all, when that one is traded.

By definition then, if cunt is fungible, then Germaine Greer’s cunt is just as good and valuable and worthy as hers…  and fairly trivially and obviously that is not the case.

By definition also, if cunt is fungible, Lyud’s will not deteriorate in worth or value with use and age, which is clearly not the case… just look at her mum, the cunt is not equally valuable.

By definition also, if cunt is fungible, then when the value of one cunt is debased, the value of all cunt is affected.

If however cunt is liquid, then young fresh cunt is at a premium over old stale cunt, not only is one cunt not the equal of any other cunt, not only does age and use devalue cunt, not only does the devaluation of one cunt not affect the value of others, but the value of one can only ever be the spot market value, and that value can only ever be known when it is marked to market, e.g. sold as seen on the open market.

If necessary, go back and read that red text several times, until you get it straight in your head.

Got it… good.

Now, you can probably see that Feminazism is based on the idea that all cunt is fungible, and that each cunt is worth one million US Dollars, and that all cock is fungible, and each cock is worth one Afdiggastan groat, also known as sweet fuck all or diddly squat.

Then along comes someone like me, who can trivially prove to anyone local that cunt is not fungible, but liquid, however, thanks to the internet and PoF, this is an assertion that it is trivial for any man anywhere to put to proof and test scientifically and do their own experiment.

And enough will discover that they can get cunt for free, therefore the value of cunt CANNOT be fungible in nature, but MUST be liquid in nature.

So you have a bunch of people who are holding a load of essentially worthless crap on the open market, agitating for all sorts of rules and intercessions by the state to put their essentially worthless crap on a fixed one to one basis with the high value premium product.

Physical fact is denied, entropy is denied, the passage of time is denied, the 999 owner ex taxi with 2 million miles on the clock has to be made to be the exact same value as the hand built to order Maybach.

Disagreeing with this in any way is branded as hate speech.

Can you imagine the shit-storm if any defence lawyer dared to state in court in 2012 that his client, who has admitted rape, should be sentenced leniently because it was no some sweet virginal thing that he raped, but the village bike… and yet every man / husband / father knows that raping his teen virgin daughter is much worse than raping the village whore…. even the father / husband of the village whore knows and will admit this.

And yet, at the first drop of the hat(e) the feminazis come out with dick insults, she who BECAME a feminazi cunt BECAUSE she was too fugly to attract quality cock, turns around and accuses ME of having a substandard cock! Sub standard compared to what? Your cat’s cock?

What’s that I hear you say wimminz?, not all cock is equal / fungible?

Cock is liquid in nature?

My cock is worth so much less because I am now in my 50’s and have chosen to be economically and socially non-productive and non-contributory?

Funny how it is still able to attract more cunt than I can shake a stick at, so much so that I have to pick and choose the best, err, most liquid, least fungible, so the fairly hot quite pretty 29 year old who wants me to use and abuse her brutally (gotta love BDSM) is near the front of the queue and several million places in front of the feminazi skank ho’s whining that cunt is precious and fungible, especially their aged and used up cunts.

Seems that even if my cock is only worth one Afdiggastan groat, there are still plenty of wimminz who realistically value their cunt at a thousandth part of that, and these are of course the true enemy.

And thus it came to pass my brothers, in secret family court that my psycho skank ho ex, who was into all the BDSM and kink, became a born again denier of liquidity, and a witnessing protestant of fungibility, along with the rest of the church of judge and social services and lawyers, because that way she got to maintain access to the State teat, which after all, values all single mommies fungibly at the public purse, and guarantees them all, irrespective of worth, designer clothes and a party lifestyle.


April 2, 2012

Children of our age

There is an interesting thread over at the spearhead about a drawing one of Bill’s kids did.

I won’t reproduce it here, go over there and read the thread and have a look.

What is interesting is this, I looked at the kids drawing and my immediate reaction was why draw a passenger jet?

You see, as soon as I saw a kids drawing of an aeroplane, I was taken back to another kid, me, drawing aeroplanes, and myself and the kids at my school used to draw Spitfire vs ME109 things, and yes, by then I had flown commercial.

So I pop on to Google images to search for the type of drawing / scribble that we used to do, big fat zero… so nothing left but for me to attempt to emulate a 1960’s era kids drawing, and you get interesting results if you save that drawing on the right, and drag and drop into google image search.

So, anyway, back to the plot.

So why was I, and every other boy kid,  drawing Spitfire vs ME109 in the mid to late 1960’s, after all the war had been over for over a decade before we were even born, so it is not like we grew up seeing the planes duelling in the sky overhead, and those who DID live through the war didn’t fucking talk about it much, even then…

I think for the same reason we all wanted to be train drivers and cowboys and progressed through pop/cork guns through cap guns to gat guns and eventually air pistols.

I have a documentary, from 1978, talking about the new computer revolution, you can find it on youtube etc, “Horizon – When the chips are down” a sad and prophetic tale of yet another scientific lead that the English (not the fucking British, the English) were way way way ahead of the world in, and as usual we pissed it all away and as usual the guvvmint of the day lacked clue #1

But it ___IS___ interesting, as it prophecies the commercial word processor, and what that will do to one of the HUGE employers of wimminz in the day, that of being a typist in the typing pool.

(Incidentally we owe the QWERTY keyboard layout to the mechanical typewriter manufacturers as a way of slowing down the wimminz typing so that the individual hammers that contained each letter did not meet and jam in the print head slot)

You see the 1960’s when I and every other boy was drawing Spitfire vs ME109 was a world in which the pussifying of all small boys had yet to start… and speaking quite honestly, none of you born since can even imagine what that was like.

It was a universal truth that all girls, without exception, were sissy and pathetic and stupid, and only puberty would change this opinion.

This was as obvious a truth as the fact that it was better to be a cowboy than an indian, and the Lancaster was better than the Flying Fortress, and catapults were better than penknives as presents to be received for your birthday.

I still have time for my aged mum, a nonagenarian almost, because she still lives in that era, no modern feminist equality rubbish for her, don’t forget this era of Euro women grew up in a land war literally on the front doorstep, and whatever the reasons for a war by the time it gets down and dirty and grinding and things like the fire-bombing of Dresden or the Mustard gassing of men in the trenches is going down there is no room for the excess baggage of PC bullshit and “feewings” and shite.

She is however of the last generation of women who actually had it tough, who knew shit from shinola, and even some of her contemporaries who stayed at home, or went off in the land army or who partied with all the servicemen on leave and all the yanks based here, still to this day have markedly different attitudes.

My own boy children, the youngest of an age in the 2010’s that I was in the 1960’s, growing up in what might as well be a foreign planet compared to the world I grew up in, even though geographically less than 20 miles covers the difference, it’s a time machine, and that first step is a doozy.

He won’t be playing cowboys and indians, or indeed anything involving guns, and please don’t start me off about Call of Duty of some video game du jour…. even throwing a rotten tomato at another running boy taught you more about ballistics in 5 minutes, literally, that you will learn in a life time of playing fucking video games.

So since there are no cowboys and indians, there is no need to go into the woods and build tree houses and forts, or get dirty, and besides he will already be grounded for not playing nicely with the girls when they want to be all inclusive and set up a shop in the gateway for Fort Deathskull or some stupid inane shit.

God forbid Bill’s kid does draw a fighter plane, even one will a black will smith in it shooting an alien mothership and saving all the wimminz on planet earth from extreme tentacle sex and insemination, because it will be taken as a sign that the kid needs medication and therapy, and that Bill needs to be kept away…

March 29, 2012

Careful what you wish for…

You just might fucking get it….

… albeit quite some time might have passed between the wish and the fact… and your circumstances might have changed.

Yesterday I was talking to my cousin about me and wimminz and dating in general, when a penny dropped for him.

I could quite easily be on PoF talking to some you skank ho…. who happens to be one of his four daughters… I wouldn’t recognise the bitches from Adam having hardly ever met them, and it’s not like any of the skanks on PoF use their real names in their profiles, plus there is the fact that many single mummies, like my own psycho skank ho ex slut make a point of changing the kids surnames to spite their father, and I have never known my cousin’s ex wife’s maiden name….

“You could be … <stutters>…  *talking* to one of my daughters!!!”

(Where “talking” is as close as he can get to “fucking” in his head)

I smiled and clapped him on the shoulder, “Not to worry Jim” I said “PoF is the very definition of ideal consensual sex, where it takes two people who are BOTH seeking the same thing to hook up.  I have precisely zero chance of hooking up with a woman who is not gagging for it.

It was fun watching “Jim” struggle with the concept, that if his daughters were young ladies and not skank ho sluts they would not merely have the perfect defence against “meeting” the likes of me, but they would be that defence itself….. ooh, what a quandary, who to blame.

It will be equally fun watching all the feminazi slut wimminz and mangina niggerz in the various State systems when the economy tanks, and indeed when time passes.

You see, about an hour before I was talking to my cousin “Jim” yesterday, I was talking to an older professional feminazi wimminz, and this wimminz does not know that I know that one of her close friends is the secret family court judge who fucked my son over and awarded sole custody etc to my psycho skank ho ex.

These people, because of their incomes and position in society, are one extra step removed from “grass roots” so a touch of the aloof’s and indifferent’s and “we can always retire to Marbella and drink Margaritas” about them…

Except the Spanish economy is even worse off than the Greek one, and even if everyone knows it, no one is admitting it openly, and suddenly there are less places to escape to as / when / if TSHTF

So I said to this older professional skank ho, “yes, it’s great being the senior management type in local government now with all your latte’s and meetings and shit, you are arguably at the peak of your career and income etc….” pause for her to agree and let that settle in…. “… which leaves me to ask myself, have you never had any thoughts for where you are going to be in another 20 years when you are mid seventies, well in to retirement age, and just a short summer or two away from being utterly reliant on someone else to wipe your ass, or see you are fed, or to do your laundry…. I mean, who is going to be even offered these minimum wage jobs, not your family because your generation all alienated them on the way up, so what is left, scum from broken homes who saw your generation destroy the family life that they could have had…. the old saw about being nice to people on the way up, because they will be changing your catheter in 20 years when you are on your way down again..

By now she is looking appalled and horrified.

So, my question is, when YOU no longer have any personal power, just what IS your plan for all this??? I genuinely do not get it. Who is there for you to appeal to for help?

Me looking all theatrically confused.

So she grabs the bottle of Clicquot, pours herself a heavy slug, and admits to me that THAT far ahead was never actually planned for, but as each year passes it does indeed get closer and closer and harder to ignore, and she has noticed her own feminazi friends facing the same lights in the tunnel, and watched many of them party like it was 1999, lacking any other response to it….

and then it comes down to it, the reaction that most wimminz I have known pull out of their asses in extremis, “if it gets that bad I suppose I can always wash a load of pills down with more of this” as she waves the glass of bubbly at me, probably thinking that the ultimate sulk will be met with a mangina on shining armour coming to the rescue…

It’s not much of a plan, I know” she says…

It’s not any kind of a plan, ” I tell her, “it is based upon the premise that your social and economic standing is going to remain as it is now, when you know damn well it is not, you’re less than a decade from retirement…

Anyway, I am done here, this appliance will now work again as it should, that’ll be x cash money please” (a job that frankly I could have talked her through on the phone in two minutes) and she pays me and I go, to leave her all alone drinking bubbly at 10 am on her day off cos being senior management in local guvvmint she only works 4 fucking days a week and what else is a girl to do?

Set up a lonely princess profile on PoF with no photo and 9 years chopped off her age?


March 25, 2012

Sometimes, wimminz can be so sweet…

…and I mean that in the way that when you hear wimminz at the school gate talking about their little tearaways affectionately… eg not that fucking much… lol

…so anyways, one of my skanks calls me last night, basically she has been on PoF and found a guy and met him (and wimminz are sooooooooo different from men huh… lol) and rocks up back to his pad and blows him but doesn’t feel like fucking him, so she thinks “Hey, I am in the same town/city as AfOR, I’ll just give him a bell and see if he is in and feels like fucking me!

So that is what she does, and as I have been playing Mass Effect 3 (talk about a mangina niggerz game) and am just about ready for bed, but frankly a quick fuck would not go amiss, I accept her offer… she knocks on the door, walks in, I bend her over the sofa and raise her dress and fuck her doggy style… within 5 minutes she has gone, she got what she wanted, I got what I wanted, and brother, there is nooooo illusions here about the nature of wimminz, or what wimminz want, or indeed any pretence from these wimminz who make the grade with me and get past the first fuck.

And so sometimes we “see” each other on-line, or we text, and there is no bullshit, no snide “are you busy” crap, any more than meeting someone else in aisle 8 at the local supermarket, you are both out there shopping, browsing, looking for something to tempt you… big deal.

And this really is the thing, like the mums at the school gates with their shared bullshit “aww he is so cute” attitude to little Terence calling Miss Moorcroft the head teacher a skank ho, once the cat is out of the bag, there is no putting it back.

Once you get THAT level of honesty with a few wimminz, there is no putting it back, it is not just that you know you could never go back to being “in a relationshit” with these wimminz, the point is THEY know it, so there are whole encyclopaedias of shit tests they will not even bother pulling on you.

They may however call you from time to time and offer you a quick fuck.

Of course, this is 100% opposite of everything you have ever been told about the wimminz, and what they really want from men, and how to get a wimminz, and how to keep one and make on happy etc etc etc.

Thing is, there are a quite a few wimminz on PoF that I meet that I quite like to talk to, and even quite like, one is a whore, OK she isn’t plying that trade right now, but she did for many years and would do again if there was a way to prevent her kids finding out about it… it’s all image you see, not what you actually do, but what other people think you do…

So anyway, this whore, she says to me one day “I love you AfOR and love to hang out with you, but we can never ever fuck, because you know what women are really like, and I know what men are really like

And we grin at each other and I say “Yeah, but if we did the sex would be really good” and we both laugh, because it would be, or it would be really awful.

But we have that thing that I have heard tell many couples get AFTER the divorce is settled, when they are finally at least partially honest with each other for the first time in years, and both admit fucking someone else.

That “thing” is that you don’t actually like that person as a person, the illusions and rose tinted glasses and romantic bullshit are all stripped away from your eyes, sure they may be great to hang out with, but to live with as a couple, ugh….

… and that is what my whore friend was referring to, because she spent years fucking men for money, she figured she already had the best of them, and didn’t want the rest, and as for me, she knew that I knew all wimminz were exactly like her.

We had our first “shit test” when I said she was a whore, present tense, and she said used to be a whore, my attitude prevailed, and I said “baby, you will know better than me, ALL wimminz are whores” and she said “yeah, but at least I am honest about it“, and I said “yeah, and you probably gave good value for money too.” and that is where we became mates…. not good mates, but like my skank ho’s, no bullshit mates.

March 23, 2012

Any chick can get laid any time

while no man can…..

I am sick and fucking tired of hearing this same old same old bullshit.

I fuck more wimminz than most men, and I interact with a shit load more for the purpose of fucking them, which means that compared to *most* men I can speak with some authority, because I have essentially done some market research and “our survey says”.

Now at this point I will ask you to note that I make a clear and distinct difference between what the wimminz will say in an actual survey, and what is the truth…

9 out of 10 wimminz say their pussies prefer…… being filled with cock and cum

There is this idea going around that any wimminz can get laid at any time, day or night, and yes a lot of wimminz are saying that too, and yes there is an element of truth in it, IF THE WIMMINZ IS PREPARED TO ACCEDE TO THE MARKET FORCES EXTANT AT THAT PLACE AND TIME, and that may include blowing the local homeless wino in an alley to fulfil the claim that any wimminz can get laid at any time.

One of the regular ones you hear is even morbidly obese wimminz can get laid, but boys, the cock count is astronomical, and no it does not mean she is so attractive and that is why she has had 200 cocks at the age of 35, it means she is so hideous she had to stay partially dressed and give alley sex to any drunken marine recruit that wanted it, and NO FUCKER even came back for seconds.

The flip-side is true for men, any man can get laid at any hour of day or night, but you will be fucking some truly hideous and disgusting creatures….  I had a work colleague called S****, he used to smell, and lived out of bin liners in a succession of flop houses, I figure he used to get laid now and again because he now and again mention some bitch he was in a casual relationship with, but I have to tell you, I would not want to fuck any wimminz who would fuck the likes of S****…. you know what I mean boys….

99% of the reason I get to send a few messages on PoF, exchange 2o or 30 SMS messages and then meet and fuck as kinky as I like is due to the market forces extant, and they are that most wimminz are gagging for it, and not getting it…..

The other 10% is I know all wimminz are filthy lying whores who worship the cock, so I am not constantly cock blocking myself by treating them like decent human beings

While it is fun an exciting to think of myself as a sex god, the truth is I am a fairly average looking skinny fucker in his fifties with a fairly average cock, chicks always think it is a lot (at least an inch or two in length and girth) bigger if you have an attitude that you are going to fuck the shit out of them and they are just warm meat… they love that crap.

So if Mr Average skinny fucker with an average cock can get the wimminz to spread so easily, you can basically go one of two ways;

1/ You can go the marketing route and claim that it is all the Lynx effect.

2/ You can go the factual route and observe that there appears to be a market niche for what I offer, no strings kinky sex at essentially the drop of a hat via the convenience of on-line shopping H^H^H^ PoF.

Option #1 flatters, so it is easier and nicer and more ego stoking to buy into.

Option #2 is the cold hard truth.

My whole internet dating strategy is to simply, no more and no less, increase the size of the selection pool, so that I am not reduced to the situation of either fucking wimminz who will fuck guys like S****, or staying at home and having a wank.

“any wimminz can get laid” is not merely a lie, it is doublethink…

It is said by wimminz and niggerz in denial to pretend that they only reason THEY aren’t getting laid tonight is because they can’t be bothered to make the effort.

It is denial of the fact that you either get to fuck the unfuckables like the smelly and fat, or you get to fuck the total sluts like me or the skanks I fuck.

It is denial of the fact that you are confusing and substituting fucking, for and with human social interaction and relationships.

None of the skank ho’s I fuck are relationshit (of any kind) material… get over it.

Now your only problem is do you choose AWALT or NAWALT, if you think it is NAWALT then good luck with that, you are in for a miserable life as a niggerz slave.

There ain’t no such things as unicorns or magic or nice marriageable free wimminz.

Wimminz were only ever relationship material when they are denied all of the freedoms that the modern western wimminz has, the freedom to act without ever personally facing the consequences, the freedom to unilaterally place all the blame for anything, even made up shit, on the men around them, and the freedom to not have to actually do anything productive to earn a living.

Start separating out that shit into discrete piles.

Unicorns and relationship material wimminz and wimminz who can get quality cock at the drop of a hat are all make believe.

Plow horses, cum buckets, and wimminz who are near enough my equivalent and can get my cock without too much hassle, are all very much the reality of the day.

February 19, 2012

it’s a funny old world…

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I was reminded this week of the importance of always treating your skank ho’s with the contempt they deserve.

One of the longer running skank’s who was only longer running in the first place because she was amenable to me dropping by, getting a blow-job, and leaving, is now on her way out… I have mentioned this skanky piece of meat before, she has a surprisingly good body and is a surprisingly good suck/fuck, but get too close and her personal life is a fucking disaster area.

The danger here of course is because the slut provided on demand good sex and nothing else, you start to think it is a bit of a good thing…

…which means that when she pulls the inevitable (AWALT) shit test on you, you may do something other than mutter “fuckit” and walk away and cross her off the list.

Fact is with 20/20 hindsight this particular skank slipped a couple of teensy tiny shit tests (sorry, not available to suck your cock tonight) past my defences, which I put down to her genuinely chaotic lifestyle, shrugged, paid it no attention and carried on because after all it ain’t like she was the only cocksucker in town…

So when this poked up on my radar at a concious level the solution is simple, the bitch is history.

But it raises a really good point, and related to that point is the fact that if my dad had told me this shit when I was younger, I would not have listened, you have to learn shit for yourself, BUT, and here is the important bit, when those self learning life events come along, it makes a hell of a difference is the “reference materials” are lying around to hand and kinda familiar… so even when dad is no longer around, I can replay in my head what dad did and did not do, how he acted, how he talked, and come up with a damn good idea what he would say, were he still around, now that I am ready to listen.

___THIS___ by the way is what psycho skank ho mommies steal from their male children when they exclude the father from that child’s life, the kid grows up without a good model of “what would dad do/say?” in his head.

So, anyway, back to the plot, and the advice my dad would have given me, were he still around.

That advice would have been that the very first sorry, not available to suck you cock tonight, even though the cock sucking was free, even though I lost nothing, even though I had other options, was a game over event.

A game over event, because pleasing me was not her top priority, and when pleasing you is not a wimminz top priority, they cease to have any purpose or function in your life…. I got better things to do with my life than come second best in the eyes of some skank ho who can’t even keep her sink clear of dishes….

Thing is, any salesman will tell you, when you lose a regular customer your “sales gaydar” goes into overdrive, and you pick up on an new sales outlet / opportunity, and you do that because you are acting and thinking in ways that you would not be, if you were living off the fat and getting your cock sucked on demand.

And so it goes, not back on PoF because you never left, but back with that extra smidgen of hunter’s relish, and because there are always Plenty of Fish in the sea, you soon replace the not available tonight skank ho with a better one.

And THAT, my friends, is the real point, you are in effect always trading up.

Even if the new skank ho isn’t empirically better than the just shit-canned skank ho, the fact that she is new, that she has not succumbed to the inevitable “familiarity breeds contempt” scene that all wimminz get, means she is a trade up from the one who got to that stage… “New Game” syndrome.

The other point that needs stressing here is no man is an island, it simply isn’t possible to have dealings with wimminz without it having some sort of feedback effect into your life… y’all KNOW this shit, this is the mechanism that traps you in a relationshit for years of misery…

It’s a lot easier to stop that wedge before the fucking thin end ever gets near you, and boy, sorry, not available to suck your cock tonight is the thin end of the wedge, it is the point at which the wimminz familiarity with you has started to breed contempt for you.

The lesson you YOU need to learn here is that being wimminz, this is NOT a fucking lesson they are CAPABLE of fucking learning, AWALT, remember, it is hard-wired into the bitches at DNA level.

As soon as it manifests itself ALL YOUR OTHER OPTIONS VANISH, you have a stark, binary, choice between allowing that thin end of the wedge into your life, and back to mangina niggerz land it is for you, or fucking it off entirely out of your life. Nothing in between.

The lessons my daddy would have taught me is I have to learn these lessons myself, as do you, but you need some shit like this article to be lying around within reach and conciousness when your moment of learning that particular lesson cometh, otherwise you end up feeling pain and hurt and confusion and all that good shit that is often branded as the price of “love” or some such shit.

This shit is a MAP, to help you navigate your way out of the trees that have become a wood while you were not looking or paying attention.

Sites / blogs like this are just a way of paying it forwards, I am legally excluded from directly being able to leave this shit lying around in my male kids consciousness, but paying it forwards is a way around the feminazi culture we live in today.

I have LEARNED enough that I take one look at a pic of a wimminz, click, my brain instantly picks out the clues, dark dark nail varnish, check next to the “submissive slut” check-box, and so on, I don’t even really consciously know I am making these judgement calls half the time, only afterwards do I realise, and I am right so much more often than I am wrong with each little check-box, and the overall picture I am so close it is uncanny, yes, AWALT, but there are variations, and it is within these variations that we must live our lives, ply our trades, and graze.

Just this week I had a PoF wimminz tell me that she was aware of the fact that I was exactly the kind of guy she liked being around, I made her laugh and feel alive, I was exactly the sort of company she wanted, but she really did not want to fuck me, because she knows I am all about the fucking and once I fuck her it is game over, and I had to remind her, I only agree to hang out with her on condition she introduced me to her slutty skank ho friends… I tell them all wimminz only want fried snow, and no man should ever pay any attention to a wimminz say what she wants, because wimminz do not know what is best for them… worst thing a man can ever do is listen to what a wimminz tells him she wants / likes / needs, and they fucking laugh, and another one of the skank ho’s is sacrificed to be impaled on my cock… win/win

See, the thing is, you just cannot ***know*** this shit at the age of 20.

God I wish I could go back in time, knowing what I know now, and all that good stuff, but not possible, not because time travel is impossible, but because it just takes X number of years of living in feminazi land to learn this shit down pat.

But you can get a “map” at 20, a “crib sheet”, a “walkthrough”, a “for dummies”.

Follow it to the letter, come back later and wonder about how and why that shit works.

Wimminz, cos God needed something to make cats looks dependable.

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