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August 1, 2012

It only takes a minute girl

for a story about a wimminz being unspeakably evil to be moved off the news pages completely, while stories of evil men languish on side bars and features for days…


Up for less tha 24 hours, and mirabile dictu, yet again a story that comments are not enabled for..

So the bitch leaves a 1 year old and a 3 year old alone in a bath to go downstairs to smoke a spliff and talk to neighbours about being wasted on voddy, screams up at her screaming 3 year old to play with the shower to stop being bored, and just about an hour later decides to go back in the house to probably in reality get another spliff, and discovers the bath is full and the 1 year old is dead… whereupon she tries to blame the 3 year old for deliberately killing his 1 year old sibling.

So, she eventually gets convicted of manslaughter, it THEN comes out that she also walked away from her part in a murder 6 years ago, and basically walked cos she was born with a cunt, so this time she gets 45 months, which means she will do 22, less than two years, in cushy wimminz prisons at that, and the surviving 3 year old will live with granny, who is, you guessed it, also a slut skank ho single mommy…

Pure coincidence that bad press for team cunt gets buried quickly and always has problems with comments working/being enabled… and of course throughout these stories always a TOTAL LACK OF ANY COMMENT OF ANY KIND regarding how the psycho slut managed to GET sole custody of the kids, or mention of where daddy is or how he and the paternal family feels about it all….

Yanks won’t know this FIRST HAND, because of the geography, but here in Europe we are a short car ride away from places that has a similar what really happens / what gets reported in the news, and how, thing going down, for example East Germany, where everyone knew that ALL the “news” was just propaganda, all the time, and where everyone also knew that at least 1 in 20 people were a Stasi informant, and everything but everything was about committees and consensus and perceptions and image, and you could, if you were a very good boy and hard worker, go out and buy a papier mache Trabant auto…

You probably can’t go anywhere in Europe now and be 50 miles from someone who lived through that, and they will all tell you pretty much the same shit, nobody believed a fucking word anyone in authority or anyone in the press said, sure, “lip service” was paid, long live gotham city, but nobody actually fucking felt that way for an instant, and so year on year living standard actually went DOWN in real terms.

The disparity between the “have’s” in the west and the “have nots” in the east was STAGGERING, especially for those of the west who crossed the border, 20 smokes could and did buy you a whore for the night…. 4 of us booked into a hotel in Poland, eat a massive meal, drank like fish, and partied down with some sluts, the bill the next day worked out at 10 UK Pounds Sterling each the next day come checkout, I think that included the sluts…

There were jokes that at the time seemed quite funny, what’s the definition of confusion, father’s day in Dresden….

Little did we realise it was all just a foretaste of life in the west to come…

The difference, and there is one notable difference between then and now, is IT…. back then I met some guys setting up the first ever Polish yachting magazine, just some young rich polish guys doing their thing and using presses in germany and sending rolls of film and stories by UPS from wherever they were to a german pole who would do the typesetting and get a print run of 10,000 and on with next month’s edition… you could only do that shit in the days before the net really took off as it has today.

Today I can sit in the middle of a field with a thinkpad (which I can charge off a car cigar lighter or any mains voltage or frequency) and wifi hotspot a smartphone and publish to my website anywhere on the planet, hell, there is a wordpress plugin for android smartphones, I could (and sometime have) post stories to a blog such as this with nothing more than a smartphone, which can be smuggled ANYWHERE.

SO nowadays we could still be going into a place where 1 in 20 are Stasi informants, and also where 1 in 20 have a blog, which brings us to another issue… how do you select your sources..

Let’s take a look at Fathers4Justice, specifically Richard’s story, now frankly speaking, when MY own FRA / child custody battle in secret family courts came out of the blue, I went online and did research, and 99% of what I read was like Richard’s story on F4J, to put it bluntly, a lot of sanitised politically correct bollocks, carefully phrased to avoid alienating the very cunts who are the enemies of fathers in the first fucking place…. no prizes for guessing why I started writing THIS shit, because THIS shit is the sort of thing I NEEDED to see and be aware of….

There IS no Justice, just US…. to quote a tee shirt I owned many years ago.

Nor is there ever going to BE any justice, not in the present regime, nor will there be any in the NEXT fucking regime, as long as it has troughs where the usual suspects can feed off the State nipple.

F4J cannot work, because it is trying to work with the professional child abusers in the system, nor is a Basque/ETA style terrorist campaign going to work, because most go to prison and after 20 years the guys at the top sell out to the establishment, like the IRA, so the only thing that works is stop participating in and financially supporting the fucking system that wants to fuck you, passive disobedience Ghandi style if you want to be above the radar (the martyr’s option), passive disobedience MGTOW/ghost style if you want to be below the radar (the survivors option)

There aren’t any other options, life just ain’t fair, to win, first you have to survive and maintain your ability to act and adapt so you can survive some more… fair doesn’t come into it.

The skank ho in the daily fail story above is an example of a skank ho who hasn’t seen the writing on the wall and still thinks she can play the precious princess card as long as she has a cunt and is fuckable, but for every one of her, there are others, wimminz her age and younger, who have been thrown on the scrapheap and used as cannon fodder, exactly like men, but who because they ARE wimminz and so naturally not as endowed with the survival gene, get a much rougher time of it.

I can introduce you to skank ho sluts barely out of their teens, who fucking HATE their mothers, and to a lesser extent their fathers for not standing up to their mothers and being MEN, they will tell you mummy knows the score and doesn’t give a fuck, and daddy, well daddy is in denial, he knows but can’t admit it to himself, because then he would have to act, and he is too scared to do that shit because it is life changing, and anyway, what’s in it for him?, He’s already been robbed of his little girl…. she is now a whore / porn slut / burnout.

If you think it is tough for a man / father to pick him self up, dust him self off, and get on with life, spare a thought for these young girls who get it… they don’t have the years of life experience behind them, but they do have porntube videos of them doing 5 guys at once for money, and now they can quit all drugs and alcohol and other anaesthetics to life, and try to rebuild something in a world slowly going to hell in a handcart…. and if you talk to them you notice a funny thing… some of them are smart, smart enough to hide how smart they are from the world, and their social circle, and go into survival mode, just like a man.

Now, I am not saying NAWALT about these young sluts, but it would be a mistake to just lump all wimminz into one homogenous lump of misandry, some of them get it, and some of them, can make (literal) strange bedfellows in adversity… in the west conditions are right, and getting “righter”, to bring about again the olden way in which young wimminz sought out much older men to be their masters and owners.

Do, for fuck’s sake, make sure the slut is at least 21 years of age before you fuck them, in the UK the age of consent is 16, unless there can be shown that the man has some position of authority (eg a teacher or step dad) over them, in which case it is 18, and it is called grooming, and even if you fuck them at 18 but have known them since they were 17 and three quarters, it will still be called grooming, so no contact unless they are 21, which by any standard anywhere in the world is a legal adult, do have all that good shit in the cloud archived forever, and do not ever sink into love or equals or any other that crap, they want a master, an owner, someone who can tell them what to do and teach them shit (so you see why this is a slam dunk for “grooming” if they are under 21, EVEN IF SHE MADE ALL THE RUNNING) and above all be that manly father figure that they never had…. and don’t kid yourself that they won’t grow out of it or that you will not be dying alone….. this is about making hay while the fucking sun shines…. survival does not have to be grim, don’t be like Richard in the F4J story, be a MAN and enjoy the ride like the guy sat on the bomb in Dr Strangelove.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, because I am the coldest most calculating survivalist bastard in the whole fucking valley… and that makes me the most alpha, teen cunt magnet you ever saw… lol

March 29, 2012

Careful what you wish for…

You just might fucking get it….

… albeit quite some time might have passed between the wish and the fact… and your circumstances might have changed.

Yesterday I was talking to my cousin about me and wimminz and dating in general, when a penny dropped for him.

I could quite easily be on PoF talking to some you skank ho…. who happens to be one of his four daughters… I wouldn’t recognise the bitches from Adam having hardly ever met them, and it’s not like any of the skanks on PoF use their real names in their profiles, plus there is the fact that many single mummies, like my own psycho skank ho ex slut make a point of changing the kids surnames to spite their father, and I have never known my cousin’s ex wife’s maiden name….

“You could be … <stutters>…  *talking* to one of my daughters!!!”

(Where “talking” is as close as he can get to “fucking” in his head)

I smiled and clapped him on the shoulder, “Not to worry Jim” I said “PoF is the very definition of ideal consensual sex, where it takes two people who are BOTH seeking the same thing to hook up.  I have precisely zero chance of hooking up with a woman who is not gagging for it.

It was fun watching “Jim” struggle with the concept, that if his daughters were young ladies and not skank ho sluts they would not merely have the perfect defence against “meeting” the likes of me, but they would be that defence itself….. ooh, what a quandary, who to blame.

It will be equally fun watching all the feminazi slut wimminz and mangina niggerz in the various State systems when the economy tanks, and indeed when time passes.

You see, about an hour before I was talking to my cousin “Jim” yesterday, I was talking to an older professional feminazi wimminz, and this wimminz does not know that I know that one of her close friends is the secret family court judge who fucked my son over and awarded sole custody etc to my psycho skank ho ex.

These people, because of their incomes and position in society, are one extra step removed from “grass roots” so a touch of the aloof’s and indifferent’s and “we can always retire to Marbella and drink Margaritas” about them…

Except the Spanish economy is even worse off than the Greek one, and even if everyone knows it, no one is admitting it openly, and suddenly there are less places to escape to as / when / if TSHTF

So I said to this older professional skank ho, “yes, it’s great being the senior management type in local government now with all your latte’s and meetings and shit, you are arguably at the peak of your career and income etc….” pause for her to agree and let that settle in…. “… which leaves me to ask myself, have you never had any thoughts for where you are going to be in another 20 years when you are mid seventies, well in to retirement age, and just a short summer or two away from being utterly reliant on someone else to wipe your ass, or see you are fed, or to do your laundry…. I mean, who is going to be even offered these minimum wage jobs, not your family because your generation all alienated them on the way up, so what is left, scum from broken homes who saw your generation destroy the family life that they could have had…. the old saw about being nice to people on the way up, because they will be changing your catheter in 20 years when you are on your way down again..

By now she is looking appalled and horrified.

So, my question is, when YOU no longer have any personal power, just what IS your plan for all this??? I genuinely do not get it. Who is there for you to appeal to for help?

Me looking all theatrically confused.

So she grabs the bottle of Clicquot, pours herself a heavy slug, and admits to me that THAT far ahead was never actually planned for, but as each year passes it does indeed get closer and closer and harder to ignore, and she has noticed her own feminazi friends facing the same lights in the tunnel, and watched many of them party like it was 1999, lacking any other response to it….

and then it comes down to it, the reaction that most wimminz I have known pull out of their asses in extremis, “if it gets that bad I suppose I can always wash a load of pills down with more of this” as she waves the glass of bubbly at me, probably thinking that the ultimate sulk will be met with a mangina on shining armour coming to the rescue…

It’s not much of a plan, I know” she says…

It’s not any kind of a plan, ” I tell her, “it is based upon the premise that your social and economic standing is going to remain as it is now, when you know damn well it is not, you’re less than a decade from retirement…

Anyway, I am done here, this appliance will now work again as it should, that’ll be x cash money please” (a job that frankly I could have talked her through on the phone in two minutes) and she pays me and I go, to leave her all alone drinking bubbly at 10 am on her day off cos being senior management in local guvvmint she only works 4 fucking days a week and what else is a girl to do?

Set up a lonely princess profile on PoF with no photo and 9 years chopped off her age?


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