Wimminz – celebrating skank ho's everywhere


I have basically gotten to the point in my life where anything and everything that annoys and upsets the politically correct feminazi limp dick motherfucker crowd becomes worth adopting, simply because it DOES annoy and upset these cunts.

Now, I have in the past suggested that the excellent John Carpenter film, They Live (we sleep) which has certain inspirational links with Duke Nukem, was in fact an allegorical tale of us sleepwalking into a society where we were effectively all controlled by internally ugly and inhuman peoples.

And so, 2011 may (I did say “may” lol) be the year in which Duke Nukem Forever is finally released…

And of course already the wimminz and their niggerz are complaining about how misogynistic the fictitious character in this virtual world in this make believe video game is.

Well, we can’t have little Johnny playing this shit and being influenced by it, can we? What’s that you say? Main screen turn on? All your base are belong to us?

Actually the mere fact that these wimminz and niggerz are already hating Duke Nukem so much is in reality a fantastic recommendation, all young and impressionable boys, from the age of around 5 to around 50, should be exposed to as much Duke as possible.

2k Games just commissioned an artist by the name of Frank Frid to create an oil on canvas, and he has entitled it “Untitled: I’m So Awesome, I Don’t Even Need To Name It

Which is, quite bluntly, pure Man.

I can think of nothing finer for the fathers of estranged sons, or part time fathers, to speak like the Duke (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/414226) around their sons, to dress them in Duke tee shirts, to give them Duke haircuts and shades, and of course to buy them all the games.

I can think of nothing finer than a nation full of dispossessed small boys telling their skank ho mums to “blow it out of your ass“, their mini skank ho sisters and schoolmates to stop “getting their panties in a bunch“, and their skank ho teachers / indoctrinators “your face or your ass, what’s the difference?

Of course, instilling these manly virtues in our young boys will be classified as child abuse, but what the fuck, just being a father was sufficient for many of us to get labelled as child abusers, wife beaters and rapists, just so skank ho mummy could have custody, and thus get sugar daddy state to hand out housing and social security and every other benefit in the book.

Skank ho mummies would rather dress the poor little fuckers up as spongebob or red riding hood and fuck him up for life, or as some sad fuck vampire wannabe come halloween, God Forbid the poor little bastards should take after their fathers and want to be cowboys with cap guns and grow up to be train drivers or astronauts or anything else involving testosterone.

Until my balls dropped girls sucked, they were all silly and stupid and sissy, and that included my mum.

When my balls dropped things changed, but mainly they ached so much it never really occurred to me that change didn’t just mean physical change, it meant mental changes too…

Now recently on The Spearhead there is a post about a young guy promoting some PUA seminars, which he claims are also about MRM etc. Trouble is, this kid is 24 fucking years old, and most of his speakers ain’t much older.

Two things, One is I was getting more pussy at 24 than this kid and all his speakers put together (believe me or not, I couldn’t care less, I was living in a tourist mecca and banging at least 500 skanks a year) and Two at 24 I was still a kid and knew sweet fuck all compared to what I know today.

Kids of 24 should not be talking at seminars, much less charging US$625 bucks attendance (only a true omega male would pay and attend) they should instead be shutting the fuck up and learning from their elders and betters.

Even if you live life to the fucking max like I did you simply haven’t been on the planet long enough to learn anything fucking useful, and the mere fact that this kid is organising seminars instead of organising drinking contests for all the guys in holiday hotels and then banging all their girlfriends when they pass out proves how fucking little he knows about living life.

I have no fucking idea how many skank ho’s I have fucked in my life, but it wasn’t enough to make me smart enough to avoid a crazy bitch who made false accusations of rape against me and then used the State to abduct my kids, so don’t get the idea that I am counting the number of notches on my bedpost as any kind of superiority.

Today I will fuck almost anything that moves, even a 1 or a 2, I have no shame, and I still don’t count the notches as a matter of pride… fact is, with age and experience I have come to realise that what I am doing and how I am living is in fact the tactics adopted by someone who has lost the fucking war, and knows it, and simply shrugs and says “suck it down bitch” and fiddles while Rome burns.

Yeah, you read it right, we have lost the fucking war… unlike Duke Nukem there is no god mode, there are no cheats, there are no trainers, and when you die the first time it is Game Over.

These kids, and Roissy, teaching PUA and game as some way of improving yourself or your lot in life, guys, it’s rearranging the fucking deckchairs on the Titanic, we have lost the fucking war, don’t you fucking get it?

Do any of you swinging dicks think I could have walked away from my kids if I thought for even one moment that the war was not over?

Kevin Bloody Wilson sang a song, there is a line in it about the Mayor of Hiroshima going “What the fuck was that!?

That is the future, that is what I am staying alive for, that is why I am fiddling while Rome burns, that is where any possible future for my kids and society as a whole lies, the other side of the blinding flash, and all the wimminz and niggerz ask “What the fuck was that?” as society and the economy collapses and everything they have been living off as parasites goes up in smoke.

Hail to the King, baby.


  1. “These kids, and Roissy, teaching PUA and game as some way of improving yourself or your lot in life, guys, it’s rearranging the fucking deckchairs on the Titanic, we have lost the fucking war, don’t you fucking get it?”

    I believe you may be correct. Even if all the laws pertaining to this subject were revamped in trying to obtain some semblance of “equality”, the realities of female hypergamy have come to light. Ignorance has been bliss for quite a long time. The cat’s out of the bag! Logic might dictate that the more men realize and believe the realities of female hypergamy, the less likely they will want to marry in any cultural situation.

    Comment by Zilchy — April 29, 2011 @ 11:40 am

  2. PS. I almost forgot, congratulations on the royal wedding.

    Comment by Zilchy — April 29, 2011 @ 11:56 am

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