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July 20, 2013

Slutz for rent… cheeeeep…

First of all we had better get the NAWALT thing outta da way…  if you hadn’t met her on a fucking site you would not have known she had fucked 30 guys 5 couples and 2 wimminz over the past year, some of them repeats.warn_a_brother

Just cos you did not know this, does not mean it didn’t happen.

Ignorance is bliss“?

I doubt it, shit that you don’t know is in my experience just deferred pain.


Now you got two choices, you can go ghost, or when life hands you lemons you can make lemonade.

Me, I choose to make lemonade.

The problem is for the 99.9% of guys who get handed lemons and try to “improve” it and make champagne, I’m reminded of the line from Christine, “Boy, ya can’t polish a turd.” and boy does this ever apply to wimminz, all wimminz, no exceptions…

You get handed a slut the only change you can make, and it is temporary, but worthwhile, is to change her from being “a slut” to being “your slut”, that has some utility, until the point where it forgets its station in life, and that is kerb time.

There is a thing in life called EROI, energy returned on investment, and it applies to everything.

If you expend a 1,000 bucks worth of diesel and maintenance and fertiliser and seeds to farm and grow 500 bucks worth of food, you just lost, sooner or later you are going to starve.

If you expend 1,000 kWh of oil energy to pull 750 kWh energy worth of oil out of the ground, you just lost, if someone hands you 1,000 kWh of hydro power that only cost 250 kWh to build and maintain then you just broke even.

Taking the day off and firing up the twin big blocks in your classic 35 foot cigarette boat and going out for the day turning 100 octane into salt spray, noise, shits and grins, is lose lose lose, so you better have made profits in other areas of your life in order to be able to do that “non essential to survival” thing.

Being handed a filthy whore therefore only becomes a problem when you start making an investment of your time or energy or money to improve her, you will always end up in negative EROI.

Imagine spending your life teaching people how to fish for food, in the hope that once they learn they will go fishing with you and lighten your load, and all they all do without exception is immediately go somewhere else and start plying their trade as fishermen…. probably in competition with you.

This is the inevitable result of investing your time or effort into a slut.

So, “Hey AfOR, where do you find all these sluts willing to drive two hours to your place just so they can stick their tongue up your ass and reaffirm their zero net worth in both your eyes and theirs?

in a Mr T accent, Look around you sucker.

Same place I find these 500 dollar cars that I run for 3 years with no maintenance, right under your fuckin’ noses, I see em for what they are, you however treat them all as fixer uppers and a week later have blown 500 on a stereo, 500 on paint and 500 on wheels, suddenly you have a 2,000 dollar car that looks like a 200 dollar car, and every flaw screams out at you.

I dunno, in the Trayvon / Zimmerman trial, the star witness for the persecution, hell man, I would have (had I been any of the lawyer types there) stood up and said I was Frito Pendejo, and Zimmerman was guilty because he talked like a fag, oh, and he interrupted me while I was watching Ow My Balls!

But that’s why I am not a lawyer, and that is why I can find skanky sluts everywhere I look, and 500 buck beaters that last me 3 years.

I’m not looking to fix anything up, so I see what is before my eyes, and if it has utility….

February 4, 2013

BBW – Blatantly Bullshitting Wimminz

While I am the first to admit to, and complain of, the sort of drop down list or radio button choices presented on many websites, thinking personally that none of the available options are correct, and then choosing the least wrong one… there are limits…

So for example being in my fifties I can no longer claim to be “athletic”, on the other hand I could still get into the trousers I wore at 16 as my waistline has not changes, so “slim” it is, even though I don’t consider myself slim, but the next one up, average, isn’t for me either, I only have to look out the window to confirm this.

Back in the seventies a D cup was a fairly big tit, and even then everyone, men and women alike, knew that cup size = tit size, so a 36-24-36 C cup and a 36-24-36 B cup were notably different.anya_001_p_078

But then whatever happened, put it down to processed foods, sedentary lifestyles, cosmetics and lotions and pills, whatever you like, body sizes have been growing, and with them tit sizes.

Late last year I was with a chick for a while, she was what you would call a “fat bird”, there was fat everywhere there shouldn’t have been, but she was young enough and fit enough that none of it had yet been affected by gravity and started to sag, so it wasn’t revolting, it was more cuddly, but the main attraction was GG cup tits. (the pic above is GG cup)

GG cup is significantly bigger than the human head, even on this fat bird they looked massive, frankly if she had been 36-24-36 they would have looked freakish and “uncanny valley” and quite unreal and totally photo-shopped or CGI‘d

The interesting thing about the human head is it is the one part of the human body with the least variation in size across individuals.

So there is this other bitch on the swinging site with, she claims, a pair of GG’s, so I look at her profile pics, and her tits are fucking MAYBE half the size of the girl I was banging, while her body was at least as big, plus, it had all started to sag south with gravity.

The chick in question MAY have been an E cup, so technically I can let the BBW thing go, yeah, she is a Big Busted Wimminz (no, it NEVER meant Big Beautiful Wimminz), but she is a fat bitch BBW.

So I get a wink yesterday morning, from a self described BBW, right away I am suspicious because it is the usual fat bitch photo composition, head and shoulders and bit of cleavage and not much else, but what the fuck as she sounds kinky enough, so I’ll play along for a while.

First thing I says “babe, send me some pics that show all of you, not just that stuff on your profile pix

Nobody who has been reading this blog is in any illusions that wimminz can’t wait to send nekkid porno pics of themselves to a prospective cock… so time passes, and with each passing hour, we are still doing the odd text, I am still asking where my pix are, she is still making excuses about being busy, so with each passing hour I am revising upwards the probable land whale factor.

Eventually the pic arrives, and I will spare you the trauma of sharing it here.

The tits *may* be D cup, but it’s hard to tell because really they are just sagging and flabby and resting like deflated balloons on a beach ball, the upper torso is a triple wide rear slick of pink blubber, but it’s got a flat or it’s all distorted like a dragster slick, there is a fold that goes where the belly button would normally be, and this fold wraps completely around the body as far as I can see from the pic, if you are thinking of the gap between a close spaced pair of rear duallies you’re on the right track, and so we move south to what is traditionally referred to as the spare tyre, more double wide flabby pink slick, and this also hangs gravity style, I presume there is a cunt under there somewhere, there is no way to tell, there could be 8 inches of swinging cock and it would be concealed behind the drooping blubber.

Under this are two “relatively” slimmish legs, but the skin of the left and right legs is touching in a solid mass all the way down to the calf, about 12″ off the ground.

You know that feeling you get when you just fucking KNOW what the other person is expecting you to say…

I can tell, I am supposed to say something nice, something complimentary, something supportive, and while her body is big enough, so is Canada, that don’t make it easy to find nice things to say about it, when you were hoping to get transported to BC is summer, and you got transported to Sudbury, post apocalypse…

You’re a fucking fat bitch innit” I say, because she has rang me to chase up the compliment, because it has been several minutes of silence from me, no texts no nothing

This doesn’t go down to well, so I try to resolve the issue by asking her why she eats so much yet also clearly has so many issues with her own body image.

Suddenly all trace of the submissive slut disappears, to be replaced with a whiny shouty arrogant entitled fat bitch, which coincides with the CIA trying to hack my phone and causing the call to be dropped…. >;*)

I am hesitant to say that all fat bitches have a severe fucking attitude problem, because I might thus give the impression to the less experienced men out there that slim wimminz are NAWALT, and that simply ain’t so.

What I am saying is that in my experience all fat bitches do not JUST have all the AWALT that all slim wimminz have, they have extra helpings of that too… worst of a bad breed as it were.

I’m reminded of a joke from my youth, when there simply was not the obesity epidemic that there is today;

Why did God make fat people smell?

So blind people could hate them too.

December 18, 2012


I often get a lot of emails and stuff, and recent posts seem to have suggested to certain sectors of my readership that I have an new and special wimminz in my life, and am about to renounce AWALT in favour of NAWALT.

I meet all kinds of wimminz, from the outrageous sluts / skanks / psychos through all the variations and hamster wheel rationalisations in a form of pyramid where the better the quality the wimminz, the rarer she is.

Yes, it is true to say that currently there is a wimminz in my sphere that is in many ways pretty fucking exceptional, exceptional enough for me to respect somewhat and care for somewhat.

For the purposes of this post we will call her “Jane”you-see-that-its-a-kitchen-now-get-back-in-it-sad-hill-news

Does this make her NAWALT?

Does it fuck…

It is not even this exceptionally good wimminz own personal qualities and attributes that determines whether or not she is a NAWALT, she is, sadly, an AWALT, because this is the only sane response, because in every way that matters she is the same as the depths of the slutty skanky psycho skank ho pool.

Fact is, as a human being, this particular wimminz is about as far removed from my FRA wielding psycho skank ho ex as you can get and still have tits and a cunt.

Fact is, in law, and therefore status with respect to me, this particular wimminz is absolutely identical in every way to my FRA wielding psycho skank ho ex.

The ONLY FUCKING THING THAT MATTERS is what it says on her birth certificate and mine in the bit where it lists the sex of the baby, if it says “female” then it trumps “male” in the law, every time, every area, no exceptions.

But wait, it gets worse.

The only changes I can make to the relative status of myself, and ANY wimminz, is to marry the bitch, and the only changes that makes are negative ones for me…

She gets power of attorney, ownership of all my shit (and you will know what that shit feels like when you come home one day and find your darling wife tried to sell your harley while you were away, and only your mate prevented it by being smart enough to claim he was owed 50% of the value of the bike in work and so had a prior lien) priority (over me) access to all my shit, and in return I get liability for all debts and mortgages and loans in her name, even if they were taken out by her before I ever met the bitch.

Speaking frankly, if there were ANY justice in the law, any man marrying a wimminz would be excluded for all of the above by way of insanity, but the law plays it the other way and deems the man insane and therefore the wimminz should be placed in charge of all of his shit, and his future earning and reproductive capacity, and his life and liberty.

It’s not the brand new showroom jaguar with delivery miles that will get ya, it’s the 200k mile clunker that is what you get when you split up, and she decides allegations of DV / FRA is an easy way to get custody. They ALL turn into 200,000 mile clunkers the instant you split.

However, there are three vital things you need to grasp;

  1. I can never change the bit on my birth certificate that says “male”
  2. I can never change the law.
  3. I can never escape from all interaction with wimminz.

I might as well complain about gravity of the orbit of the earth, tilting at windmills…

So what is left?

What is left is dealing with reality.

I treat “Jane” in exactly the same way I treat the skankiest pump and dump cumslut that I will voluntarily interact with for kinky sex, I still archive all my SMS messages with her to the cloud, I still archive all my emails with her to the cloud, I still archive my location (Smartphone with GPS and Google Latitude / Location history) to the cloud, and google calendar, to the cloud, I just turn all that shit up to 11.

I make sure everything is littered with exculpatory evidence should there ever be a future allegation of DV or more… see point #3 above, and stories of random men being selected by wimminz as their alleged rapist…. “jane” is my fucking alibi, both against any putative future allegations by her, and against any putative future allegations by any other wimminz.

Single men be “creepy”

“Jane” is camouflage.

The only thing that astonished me is that this shit is not so obvious to so many readers who felt compelled to either tell me that I was not a real MRA any more or trying to warn me about the pussy trap or falling for NAWALT.

My bro back in the day was smarter than that when the wife (now ex of course) turned up with the guy she had sold my harley to, zero advance warning and he knew the only fucker taking my bike away from where I left it was me, and if he just said no she would call the po-lice to get “her” property.

I was smarter than that when I knew I was going away for a bit, so didn’t leave my only valuable possession of my own at “home” in her “care”

I wasn’t dumber when I hooked up with the psycho skank ho ex (not the same as the harley incident ex) it is just that the technology wasn’t fucking around then.

Now it is.




September 1, 2012

What a cunt

I’m talking about Bill at the Spearhead, I thought he had jumped the fucking shark sometime ago, so today I get sent a link to his latest…… WTF?

Remember, The Spearhead bills itself as a MEN’s RIGHTS website… mmmkay

So, deconstruction time…
Original, full, unedited article in blue italic


The arguments for and against being a PUA are largely moot, and the culture will continue to be restricted mainly to people in late adolescence, because most people simply can’t handle the bachelor lifestyle.

I abhor labels, but I’m in my 50’s, I picked up and banged a slut same day midweek last week, then the next day did the same with a different skank ho, who turned into an FWB (still have my long term FWB floating in the background) who yesterday texted me saying that she was with her bestie GF and telling her about me (sexually) and now the bestie wants a threesome, just waiting for the bestie to get my number from the FWB and contact me direct, but in the interim last night had another picked up same day skank ho come over.

Meanwhile my crib is as comfortable and manly and as “man cave” as I can get it, and I love it.

Can’t handle the bachelor lifestyle, a moot fucking point in modern society with hypergamy enforced by the boys in blue and ex parte non molestation orders, no fault divorce, secret family courts and FRA and all that good stuff.

Better fucking learn to handle it and “man up” dude, because this environment isn’t going away anywhere this side of a societal reset, if anything it will get worse first.

Being an uncommitted bachelor has never been the norm throughout human history. Men are social creatures just like women, and most of them don’t have what it takes to maintain emotional distance from the women in their lives for an extended period of time, so the PUA lifestyle will never be appealing to most men.

See above bitch, hard labour, disease, conflict and death aren’t and never will be appealing to most men, but we don’t get to choose the fucking world you get born into.

Yeah, I want a long term stable secure loving committed intimate relationship with one wimminz, I also want a fucking flying car and a star trek replicator and my own private fucking island, or better still planet…. AIN’T… GONNA… FUCKING… HAPPEN…

The alternative, real life in 2012, may not be as appealing as my dreams, but guess what, that’s why it’s called real fucking life.

In fact, the only way the average man could maintain a PUA lifestyle without feeling empty inside would be to live with someone who fulfills the role of “companion” that their lovers fail to provide. In some cases this could be a man, but more likely than not it would be a female family member, such as a mother or sister. I suspect this is why being a player comes more naturally to those people from cultures where men have close, intimate relationships with their mothers well past childhood, such as southern Europeans.

Oh here we go, an American telling us how southern Europeans are wired, yeah you know ALL those spicks and eyeties live with their mommies until they are 60 and eat ice cream and ride vespas and are tres chic yadda yadda

You want feeling empty inside motherfucker, try sitting in a cell having just been arrested for a False Rape Accusation from the mother of your own fucking kids, then going through life never being allowed to see or hear or have any contact with those fucking kids.

A good fucking dog would provide that companion role, at least it ain’t a fucking NAWALT skank ho that will also stab you in the back like your own mom or sister or daughter, and at least it ain’t a fucking niggerz bitch like the spearhead and its remaining crew has become.

Where men are expected to cut familial bonds and strike out on their own from an early age, being a player is generally far more rare. In these places, men tend to rely on a female companion for emotional comfort and support from the beginning of adulthood, so those who are having sexually adequate but emotionally shallow relationships with women are left unsatisfied in most cases. If sexual gratification were all men required, a prostitute would suffice, but obviously that isn’t enough for most of us.

It ain’t enough for most of us because we were sold the motherfucking bill of goodz you pussified dumb fucking niggerz blood clot…. we were told all about loving wives and the joy or having and raising kids and the joy of a career and standing in the community and the great and wonderful legal and justice dispensed by our courts and the policeman is your friend to protect and serve.

Then the rubber hit the road and we learned all about the reality out there, that females, companions or relatives, DO NOT MOTHERFUCKING PROVIDE emotional comfort and support… quite the fucking opposite.

Prostitutes, they are for when I am 70 and can no longer pull 20 and 30 year old sluts for free, if that day comes, you never know… like the saying goes, all the guys I know who use whores pay them to leave, because they are all fucking married, every last fucking one of them.

All that said, Game probably does have value in that it can help a man increase his options and find a better woman.

That’s like saying finding a better turd to dump on your meal as a garnish, AWALT motherfucker…. not being a game proponent, but it seems to be the value of game is teaching you that the better woman is a mythical motherfucking creature like the unicorn.

However, those who promote Game as a route to male happiness should remember that for most men – although not all – a series of short relationships that end before real intimacy develops is a sad existence, and tends to feel like a failure after some time.

It is a million times better than the motherfucking alternative, a longer relationship that ends when cupcake decides an FRA and stealing your kids is a great way to get all your shit for free.

In nine out of ten cases, the goal really should be finding the “right one,” and there’s always the danger that promiscuity itself can get in the way of that — even for men.

Yet again, every fucking line from this useless cunt that used to be Bill is infused with NAWALT.

cos, you know, the streets are fucking littered with wholesome virgins wanting to pledge their troth till death us do fucking part.

If Game should come with any caveat, this is it.

Yes, the saintly skank ho sluts that has had one foursome and three threesomes and around 30 cocks really really really wants a virgin who does not know how to fuck and satisfy her juices, and that is the average to good young chick on the street, the EXCEPTIONALLY good have only had half a dozen cocks, the other end of the scale is the 20 year old who has had literally many hundreds of cocks from working in the low end home grown porn “industry”, taking on anything from 15 to 30 cocks at a time, you know, to earn some extra money for her two womb turds at home, one of which is yours, and you, you dumb fuck that married her, think she is having girlie nights out because raising two kids and tidying a house is you know, so fucking stressful.

You go back and read Bill’s early stuff back when he was Welmer, and then the early Spearhead stuff, then read his latest, culminating with the piece above, and what you are looking at is a horse that has been broke by his bitch and the courts.

Bill may once have been a man, but as Chaucer said, aptly enough in the Pardoner’s Tale… “I trowe he were a gelding or a mare” (“I thought he were a niggerz or a wimminz”)

Top tip, go read the pardoners tale link above… as I said yesterday about human nature never changing, could have been written today.

August 16, 2012

Going on the game – please fuck me Sir….

Anecdotal time again.

The PoF “intimate encounter” section in my area has exploded with new users bearing a user-name consisting of “girls name + 3 or 4 digits”, usually in their early twenties, often with a revealing bikini / underwear photo, and yes they are all whores soliciting…. times be getting hard… lol

If you think asia is a bitch for anyone who used to earn a good living making sneakers, then the internet is a bitch for anyone who used to earn a good living in the sex industry, sure, you may be an experienced whore who can fuck good and deep throat a salami, but this chick and this chick and this chick will fuck for free… which brings us right back to the thing about a whore is you are paying her to leave after the fuck, but these chicks will do that too, for free.

You see, there is one trick dating sites like PoF have not deployed, and it ain’t because no one thought of it, so you still have to do this filtering manually, and this is the fuck search.

The fuck search is where you select REAL criteria, not horseshit like show me every Saggitarius over 5 foot 8 who is a non smoker within 50 miles of my zip code.

The fuck search is where you select BMI 22 or less, cup size DD or more, 5 foot or less, no kids, not looking for long term, within 50 miles of my zip code.

The wimminz will all be looking for Mr Christian Grey, 6 foot plus, 8 inches plus, less than 25 years old, and getting zero fucking matches….

The bulk of men will be eliminating 85% of the wimminz in any search they do.

Wimminz will leave the site in disgust, and the site will collapse and turn into a joke like Badoo or Wayn.

Thing is, deep down, men already know all about sex.

If you want to be and feel like the rampant 20 year old who can fuck from 6pm until 4am, it’s really not that hard, start with a fuckable wimminz, then exclude all possible distractions, TV, internet, email, mobile, music, just you and the skank ho in bed with nothing to do but fuck and nothing to talk about but sex… if you have pre screened (as per the internet dating articles here) for fuckable wimminz then you have selected a dirty and obedient slut and you have no problems.. just make sure you do everything the first night, cos there ain’t going to be a second.

If you want to have a totally unsatisfying asexual encounter, turn the TV on, turn the music on, check your email, check your phone, end up talking to the bitch and listening to her wittering on, end up EATING FOOD with the bitch, end up drinking alcohol with the bitch… you may get to dump one load into her and then it is time to make a fast exit thanks to Fake Call Me on Android.

Sometimes you do it the right way and then decide to have some fun, in lieu of paying a whore to leave, you fuck with the slut to leave, you’ve already noted all her hard limits in pre-meet chats (all saved to the cloud) so now you start pushing them.

Basically “bastard game” but from someone who has already had that poon, if you have found one of the very very few wimminz who claims never to have had a threesome, there’s a good starting point.. she’ll refuse, you say that’s too bad, ah well, plenty more fish in the sea, she will agree. AWALT… yet to meet a wimminz who hasn’t had a threesome, never mind foursome moresome.

If you don’t want to use and fuck her, then according to wimminz hard-wiring you be beta boy, if you do then you be alpha cock, if you get them to send you SMS messages archived to the cloud in the 3 or 4 or 5 day interval between first message on PoF and meeting-to-fuck, saying “Please fuck me Sir!” then you have made her classify you as alpha cock, just make sure you never relent, her job is to worship your cock, what SHE wants??? what more could she possibly want than to worship your cock and do anything you want sexually? No negotiation.

75% of wimminz already got that, or close enough to keep them happy for now, the fuckbuddy, they are on pof seeking the beta boy to watch TV with, listen to music, the whole domestic thing, you don’t want to be beta and she already has alpha cock, you have slim to none chances of breaking through that with your profile, it does happen, but rarely… play the waiting game.

Sooner or later she will ask her alpha cock fuckbuddy to let her choose something sexually, and he starts the inevitable and fast slide to beta boy status.

She’ll edit her profile subtly when that happens, so strike fast with a meet me.

As heartiste and others note, this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, the more you can pimp yourself up, the more they say you are impossible and unbelievable, which is code for I’m getting ready for you to demand I send you SMS messages saying “Please fuck me Sir!

But the real value is Groucho Marx, “I wouldn’t want to join any club that would accept me as a member.” (4 minutes in)

Do you really want any kind of domestic relationshit with any skank ho who will/has done threesomes / foursomes / moresomes? Which is AWALT of course.

MANY years ago I used to think, “What the fuck is WRONG with me? Because I seem to keep attracting these weird and fucked up wimminz?” Clearly it was a defect in MY makeup, cos, you know, NAWALT.

It’s a coming of age thing when you wake up and smell the coffee and realise that there isn’t actually anything wrong with me, it is just AWALT.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tough one to swallow, even an FRA may not do it, but sooner or later the penny will drop, and then where are you?

What do you do in a world where despite everything everyone says about wimminz, despite everything wimminz say they want, the truth on the ground where the rubber hits the road is “treat em mean and keep em keen” and you get “Please fuck me Sir!“, but treat them any other way and you become beta boy, while she keeps all holes open for alpha cock and cum, and YOU get to watch TV with them…

The first company to deploy WWW wide full facial recognition, matching and search is going to have as much fun as a rabbi on a planet of pork….

Take that photo of your wife in the delivery room holding “your” newborn, plug it in to mugshit.com and it does it’s thing, and presents you with 47 pages of links, saying stuff like “click here to watch gangbang julie take on 25 cocks” and you click the link and are presented with further links;

gangbang julie shoot #1
55 photos 29 minutes, 47 seconds of video

gangbang julie shoot #2
63 photos 43 minutes, 22 seconds of video

gangbang julie shoot #3
35 photos 22 minutes, 45 seconds of video

Then you notice the date of shoot #3, it’s after you married the slut… and then you remember her going off to stay with Aunt Maude one weekend when Aunt Maude was ill and the dog stole her zimmer frame etc.

If you’re really lucky the date of shoot #3 will be about 9 months ago… guess one of those condoms burst, or some of the not on camera action eg her fucking the cameraman, also known as mr alpha cock fuckbuddy bareback, was responsible.

She’ll throw a fit, her name is Sarah, this girl in the film is apparently called Julie, you can buy it, or become the target of some real abuse, six months later the marriage can fall apart and you can babysit your kid one night while Sarah is spending the night with me, saying “Please fuck me Sir!”… and if you think I am exaggerating the only made up part of that is mugshit.com and facial searches, what actually happened was a co-worker you showed your proud daddy photo to on your smartphone recognised the slut from realsexpass.com.

Course you only got your kid for a sleepover because she wanted to fuck me, her taking 300+ cocks a year in walmart low budget porn gang-bangs is no reason for her not to have default custody.

Hey, at least when you were together for 20 months she allowed you to demonstrate your love for her by letting your eat her cunt for 30 minutes at a time twice a week, and that fishy smell, nothing at all to do with the cock carousel and cum, you cocksucker by proxy you.

Rest assured, no matter what the outcome she will be exonerated, and you, well, you’re the fall guy innit.

You didn’t get the memo…. AWALT.

June 16, 2012

How to spot the niggerz

For those of you new to this blog, “niggerz” is the term I use to refer to men of all colours and beliefs who still believe NAWALT and support / pedestalise some wimminz….Prometheus, by Gustave Moreau, tortured on Mou...

I spent yesterday in the company of two younger lads, and a guy my age in his fifties.

Doesn’t matter where we were or what we were doing, what matters is the discussions that took place, and when I woke up this morning it became clear to me, in the sense that I had a simple, sort, easy to understand and get phrase that answered the question of how to spot the niggerz.

They run off at the fucking mouth.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I can talk BOTH hind legs off a donkey, but if you tape it and play it back you’ll see that 99% of what I say is in response to things the donkey has said to me, and while much of it may be bollocks, it is HUMOROUS bollocks, e.g. quite clearly all said in fun.

Whereas yesterday, it was just complete fucking bollocks coming from the niggerz, and the thing is, he was quite clearly trying to impress the younger guys with his “experience” and “intellect”.. which is a hard trick to pull off when you forget (because he, in the shape of me, is sitting quietly and listening to your bollocks) that sat in the same room is a guy who is basically the same age as you, but who has also done professionally many of the things you are talking complete bollocks about.

It is harder when you realise that the younger guys are just being polite to the niggerz, and don’t actually buy ANY of his bollocks, so when I chuck in the odd random comment like “The police are not your friends” and “Marriage is for idiots” (The niggerz in question has just got married, for the fourth time) the two younger guys nod vigorously, and the NAWALT niggerz older guy goes quiet for a few seconds, while he dredges up some now avenue for the conversation that will allow him to continue to impress the two younger guys.

Basically he may have had a cock, but he ACTED AND TALKED LIKE A FUCKING WIMMINZ.

He ran off at the fucking mouth.

In short, he was seeking confirmation and approval of his belief systems and choices and attitudes, exactly like a wimminz, and he took the young guys silence as approval to continue, just like a wimminz, and he has no clue they actually have no respect for him, just like a wimminz.

He of course was not a party to the brief conversations myself and the young lads had throughout the day during periods of his absence, in which we discussed shit like video games, movies, and general crap, and we did not discuss in any way, shape or form, the things __I__ have done in my life.

Nor was it lost on the young lads, who followed his “lead” during the day, that throughout the day it was me, the relatively quiet one, who got shit done, every time they finished a task they turned around to discover that I was chilling, having already finished it, and then having to tell them how to ACTUALLY complete the task and get the paperwork done.

One of these quiet conversations without the niggerz present was on movies, and I mentioned that I had just watched Prometheus (downloaded a telesync, it’s not out here yet) and so they asked what I thought of it.

I said it didn’t impress me, the earlier films were far better, this film revolved around two strong empowered wimminz, all the men were fucking useless, and the alien pre-human engineer giants, who were the baddies, were entirely male crewed spaceships, and while the SFX were very good, they added NOTHING to the story line.

I said specifically that there was a total lack of the sort of suspense seen in the early alien films, only the dweeb men get orally raped by the monsters (the strong empowered wimminz lead gives herself an abortion, hear me roar, and she wasn’t orally raped, but fucked by her dweeb boyfriend, who had already been infected by the android, who, being a male android, was also a baddie) and there was also a total lack of any kind of real plot or storyline.

I said they would be far better to spend their time watching a film called Kick Ass, to which they both nodded, seen it, great film.

Modern youth is characterised as being “sullen” and quiet and introverted and only able to relate to their video games, but the fact is as yesterday showed, modern youth are at most polite when letting older niggerz run off at the mouth, and very very very reserved when expected to participate in these sorts of social interactions, because they know that they do not fit in, BY CHOICE.

Get away from all that shit and actually try to relate to them on their terms, forget all the bad boy tattoos and piercings and hoodies and attitude, and suddenly you find that they are just as smart as I was at their age, QUITE aware on EVERY level that nothing in modern society is designed with their welfare in mind, and quite able to discuss and argue vague and complex matters with clear logic.

When I said Prometheus was ruined by the two strong empowered female lead characters, their faces both fell, they did not need to actually say “Awww shit, not AGAIN!” because it was so clearly written on their faces. So they are going to watch Prometheus, but do it the right way;

  1. Download a free warezed copy, thus depriving everyone involved of any revenue.
  2. Invite a bunch of lads around with some beers and eats.
  3. Do a real life “Mystery Theater” where they take the piss and don’t really watch it.

…and as a result they will have a great time… instead of paying 20 quid a head to spend 90 minutes of their lives being indoctrinated with yet more feminazi bullshit.

Which brings us to the end of that 12 hour working day, and as the quiet man (me) is about to drive off they two young lads say goodbye, in a sort of “I see you” equal respectful way, nods at the older niggerz just starting out on his 4th marriage, and makes some snide remark about going home to the big woman.

So I think what the fuck, and say “You know what cunt is nowadays?

And they just look at me and say “You tell me

So I say “You aren’t going to pay to watch Prometheus, you aren’t going to pay to download some music to your phone, you aren’t going to pay, you are just going to take, because you don’t want to give your money to support these people, you will take it for free, or go without, because you will not pay one cent for any of it, that is what warez is….. true?

They both make that mmm, grant you that, shape with their mouths and nod.

So I say “Same with cunt, cunt in 2012 is warez, only assholes pay for it” and nod towards 4th marriage niggerz, and they both laugh, catch you later bro, they say, and I drive off.

So, they way to spot niggerz isn’t so much that they run off at the mouth, though that CAN be a good indicator, but the sure fire 100% guaron-fucking-teed way to spot a niggerz is that they think cunt is NOT warez.

March 23, 2012

Any chick can get laid any time

while no man can…..

I am sick and fucking tired of hearing this same old same old bullshit.

I fuck more wimminz than most men, and I interact with a shit load more for the purpose of fucking them, which means that compared to *most* men I can speak with some authority, because I have essentially done some market research and “our survey says”.

Now at this point I will ask you to note that I make a clear and distinct difference between what the wimminz will say in an actual survey, and what is the truth…

9 out of 10 wimminz say their pussies prefer…… being filled with cock and cum

There is this idea going around that any wimminz can get laid at any time, day or night, and yes a lot of wimminz are saying that too, and yes there is an element of truth in it, IF THE WIMMINZ IS PREPARED TO ACCEDE TO THE MARKET FORCES EXTANT AT THAT PLACE AND TIME, and that may include blowing the local homeless wino in an alley to fulfil the claim that any wimminz can get laid at any time.

One of the regular ones you hear is even morbidly obese wimminz can get laid, but boys, the cock count is astronomical, and no it does not mean she is so attractive and that is why she has had 200 cocks at the age of 35, it means she is so hideous she had to stay partially dressed and give alley sex to any drunken marine recruit that wanted it, and NO FUCKER even came back for seconds.

The flip-side is true for men, any man can get laid at any hour of day or night, but you will be fucking some truly hideous and disgusting creatures….  I had a work colleague called S****, he used to smell, and lived out of bin liners in a succession of flop houses, I figure he used to get laid now and again because he now and again mention some bitch he was in a casual relationship with, but I have to tell you, I would not want to fuck any wimminz who would fuck the likes of S****…. you know what I mean boys….

99% of the reason I get to send a few messages on PoF, exchange 2o or 30 SMS messages and then meet and fuck as kinky as I like is due to the market forces extant, and they are that most wimminz are gagging for it, and not getting it…..

The other 10% is I know all wimminz are filthy lying whores who worship the cock, so I am not constantly cock blocking myself by treating them like decent human beings

While it is fun an exciting to think of myself as a sex god, the truth is I am a fairly average looking skinny fucker in his fifties with a fairly average cock, chicks always think it is a lot (at least an inch or two in length and girth) bigger if you have an attitude that you are going to fuck the shit out of them and they are just warm meat… they love that crap.

So if Mr Average skinny fucker with an average cock can get the wimminz to spread so easily, you can basically go one of two ways;

1/ You can go the marketing route and claim that it is all the Lynx effect.

2/ You can go the factual route and observe that there appears to be a market niche for what I offer, no strings kinky sex at essentially the drop of a hat via the convenience of on-line shopping H^H^H^ PoF.

Option #1 flatters, so it is easier and nicer and more ego stoking to buy into.

Option #2 is the cold hard truth.

My whole internet dating strategy is to simply, no more and no less, increase the size of the selection pool, so that I am not reduced to the situation of either fucking wimminz who will fuck guys like S****, or staying at home and having a wank.

“any wimminz can get laid” is not merely a lie, it is doublethink…

It is said by wimminz and niggerz in denial to pretend that they only reason THEY aren’t getting laid tonight is because they can’t be bothered to make the effort.

It is denial of the fact that you either get to fuck the unfuckables like the smelly and fat, or you get to fuck the total sluts like me or the skanks I fuck.

It is denial of the fact that you are confusing and substituting fucking, for and with human social interaction and relationships.

None of the skank ho’s I fuck are relationshit (of any kind) material… get over it.

Now your only problem is do you choose AWALT or NAWALT, if you think it is NAWALT then good luck with that, you are in for a miserable life as a niggerz slave.

There ain’t no such things as unicorns or magic or nice marriageable free wimminz.

Wimminz were only ever relationship material when they are denied all of the freedoms that the modern western wimminz has, the freedom to act without ever personally facing the consequences, the freedom to unilaterally place all the blame for anything, even made up shit, on the men around them, and the freedom to not have to actually do anything productive to earn a living.

Start separating out that shit into discrete piles.

Unicorns and relationship material wimminz and wimminz who can get quality cock at the drop of a hat are all make believe.

Plow horses, cum buckets, and wimminz who are near enough my equivalent and can get my cock without too much hassle, are all very much the reality of the day.

January 19, 2012

Death’s Radio

It’s an interesting little meme used by Greg Bear.

Not quite the same thing, but sorta related and more likely to be felt by the average MGTOW is the “unknown but familiar and wholly understood signal from outside” we get when we stumble across a situation wherein a mangina / niggerz gets shit tested on the NAWALT catechism.

By way of example, some of us older guys, when listening to a young guy express shock and horror at the idea that his girl might have had more cock than previously suspected, and getting that “ping” over Death’s Radio from the same thing in their own past, from the long dead and buried mangina / white knight that they used to be…

The pic on the right is however a classic example of a ping from Death’s Radio being completely unrecognised, and treated as alien, probably hostile and malicious… skank ho mummy has a total and complete disconnect from her own feminazi cultural lifestyle and her young thug doing the two in the pink and one in the stink hand jive.

The next pic is of another skank ho mummy, and her own teenage sons copping a quick feel of her tits… the youngest boy is probably far enough into puberty that the paedo label cannot be applied, and the tits in question are covered so the sexual contact is limited enough the incest label cannot be applied, however, it is at the very least faintly disturbing.

Contrast the expressions on the boy’s faces, they are slurpy / sucky / sexual fuck faces, these boys are thinking about sex, not the comfort and innocence of breastfeeding, with the expression on skank ho mummy’s face, she is enjoying the taboo…. let us not forget the crucifix in the cleavage… a fine religious mummy… lmfao

This second picture may not be quite as obvious to the newer MGTOW’s, or to those who do not fuck skank ho’s for a hobby, in terms of the Death’s Radio signal that it is sending.

Those of you who do fuck skank ho mummies and have done for some time will inevitably have come across the situation where skank ho mummy is quite happy to indulge in sexual behaviour with you, in circumstances that make you feel decidedly uncomfortable, due to the proximity of her kids.

The fact is if either of these photos were reversed, a dad holding a pubescent daughter who made a hand gesture simulating a hand-job, or a dad with his two pubescent daughters with a hand each cupping his crotch, then not only would he lose custody / access to his own kids, not only would he be investigated and probably charged and maybe even convicted of child sexual abuse, the most significant factor is that in both cases a dad would have an expression of sheer fucking terror on his face…

In fact even sitting safely at home and looking at these pictures and just CONTEMPLATING the personal consequences of a role reversal would have most men paying a quick trip to the toilet.

Not many men end up with custody of their kids, and being straight I don’t fuck those that do, but I cannot imagine them being happy to fuck they new girlfriend on the sofa while the kids are still awake and floating around the house, a circumstance that at least 30% of the skank ho mummies I fuck are quite happy to do.

Of course the real Death’s Radio ping is when these exact same wimminz who indulged in this exact same behaviour (clue… AWALT) then turn around and accuse your entirely innocent self of the most indecent and disgusting acts, and all the feminazi state storm-troopers leap to arrest your ass and generally end your life as you knew it.

You get a Death’s Radio ping from the person you used to be, the father who loved his newborn children so much he carried them down to the shops rather than spend any time away from them (while skank ho mummy is “recovering” from the “ordeal” that is a western woman’s pregnancy and childbirth) a person who is now dead, and who has been replaced “Body snatcher” style, with a person who is now considered to be a sexual risk to that same child, and who has simply adapted to survive, and who has learned that AWALT, and wimminz and like police, the only ones you can trust are in the graveyard, and even then, best to keep one eye on them…

And then you remember, that tee shirt you bought in 1977, it said “as you are now, I once was, as I am now, you will never be” and you start to wonder, maybe Death’s Radio is like the cosmic background radiation, it has always been there, but you have to have your own baptism of fire before you become attuned to it.

Given enough time, you realise Death’s Radio isn’t just a signal, a ping, there is a lot of groove, a lot of beat, a lot of rhythm going on… Death’s Radio is pirate peer to peer radio for MGTOW, not broadcast, not one to many, but peer to peer pirate radio.

Death’s Radio is the special glasses in the immaculate They Live, We Sleep.

Turn on, tune in, drop out.

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