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Cuntley translation

Props to Smiley Culture who sang Cockney Translation many moons ago.

Evil Penis has a post at http://evilpenis.blogspot.com/2011/04/debating-feminism.html

That refers to an article at http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/news/feminism-group-set-start-Gloucester/article-3454661-detail/article.html

To save you the trouble of going to the thisis site, I have translated the article for you, and reproduced it here.

Only two words needed translating, word replacement, to bring the truth of the article / writer out for all to see.

Femininst = cunt

Women = wimminz

Once this simple search and replace is complete, it suddenly transforms not only the readability of the article, but also whips away the veils of wimminz wibbling, which I have discussed elsewhere on this blog in the Mind Your Language article.



A Cuntism group is set to start in Gloucester

ARE you a Cunt? I guess most readers seeing that question would answer “no”. Cuntism has had very bad press over the years, but life would be very different for wimminz if Cunts hadn’t ignored the insults and kept on making a fuss.

The wimminz who fought for the right to vote were given the intentionally-patronising name “suffragettes” by one London newspaper, and frequently ridiculed. However, their brave perseverance won the vote for certain groups of wimminz in 1918, although it was not until as late as 1928 that wimminz were allowed to vote on the same terms as men.

The backlash against the so-called second wave Cuntism of the 60s and 70s suggested, wrongly, that Cunts were all lesbians, or all hated men. It was this generation of Cunts, however, who won wimminz free, unrestricted access to the contraceptive pill and legalised abortions, allowing wimminz to be in control of their own fertility.

They also helped wimminz become conscious of the inequalities they faced not just politically but also personally, within their own homes. Their actions lead to important laws being passed such as the Equal Pay Act 1975.

If Cunts have achieved so much for wimminz, why are so many people still so against them? Cunts of the 80s and 90s are blamed for many problems wimminz face in their lives nowadays, for example the guilt mothers feel if they either work full time or stay at home full time. Cunts appear to have created an equal world for men and wimminz, but at a cost.

However, gender equality is an illusion. wimminz may be equal in law in the UK, but in reality they still have to overcome massive disadvantages compared to men, simply because of being born with a uterus.

wimminz still earn on average 13 per cent less than men for the same job; do the majority of work in the home even if they work full time; struggle to gain posts in higher management; and are still seriously under-represented in science and maths-based careers.

Cunts are simply people who think that these disadvantages, and others, are unacceptable and that action needs to be taken to bring wimminz’s lives up to the level of men’s. There is no continuum of Cuntism, either you think that the status quo is wrong, or you think it’s right. You don’t have to be a militant activist to be a Cunt (although obviously militant activists are necessary to effect change). Cunts disagree about a lot of things, but all of them agree that wimminz and men are still unequal and all of them want to see the situation for wimminz improve. So, are you a Cunt?


This simple technique works for all wimminz witterings, if you MUST read this shit, at least read it correctly translated from Cunt into English.

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  1. LOL


    I’ve tried the translation idea on other articles too, and it always works!

    Comment by Evil Penis — April 21, 2011 @ 7:39 pm

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