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January 22, 2012

Developments in internet dating…

Has to be said, I am seeing an evolution in the wimminz using internet dating, I wasn’t sure at first because the evolution is so similar to another wimminz tactic that it was very difficult to actually be sure if I was seeing something new or not.

The thing that it was very similar to was the wimminz ability to reinvent themselves at the drop of a hat, so dirtybird45‘s profile does not produce the desired result for the skank ho, she goes away and comes back with a sweetsarah22 profile, and unless you have been prowling the site for 5 minutes a day doing the YES / MAYBE / NO to the meet me on all the new profiles, you won’t realise that there is something more than a little familiar about sweetsarah22‘s picture etc.

If you are a clever, sneaky, methodical bastard, you will, whenever you find a real prospect of a profile, as in a real prospect or turning into your cum bucket at least for one night, you will habitually save a local copy of that profile page…. and then you match the picture, and find enough common threads in the two profiles to see exactly what has been re-written… and this is the point where we have to be careful and watch for some time to spot the difference.

Up until now this re-invention has been the usual wimminz lying about their past history shit, some profile pics get deleted, other new ones get added, eg all the slutty drunk party ones go, better dressed more classy ones come in, certain bits of history get erased from the profile, and of course what she is looking for changes from “dating” or “friends” to “long relationship“.

What has changed is that in the new version the wimminz are re-writing profiles to omit things that portray them, quite correctly, as unproductive life sapping leeches and parasites, so suddenly all the jobs in “social work” get changed to working in “care“, all the police and suchlike get changed to “public sector” and so on, of course this is not an exhaustive list, but it makes the point.

Dating a psycho skank ho wimminz social worker or cop is playing Russian roulette with your cock and your liberty, it is only a question of time before you wake up either with your cock cut off, or falsely accused of some crime against wimminz or children.

Wimminz social workers re-branding themselves as care workers (who can be kinky and dirty) and wimminz cops re-branding themselves as public sector is false fucking advertising, and if a guy did it he would be all over the front pages and then hauled up on charges, but the wimminz are going down this road, and it means you as a man cannot just block them the instant you see their profile, you end up contacting the psycho skank ho cunts before the penny drops, and that has, my friend, already put you in the fucking danger zone.

The obvious and logical conclusion is the correct one, the wimminz in question have realised that the “Sold as seen, come and worship me you worthless man” shit no longer flies, not alpha cock, not beta cock, basically nothing but the dregs, guys who will fuck the likes of dickhead above are the only cock they are attracting.

To a wimminz the solution is both obvious and simple, change what is on offer, “Sensitive, smart, sensual and sincere seeks sucker H^H^H^ nice man” and lo and behold, a completely new product.

The slutty party girl pics go, the dress at a friends wedding pic comes in, but what *might* stay in is the pic of the cat, the pic of the bike, the pic of her with some exotic holiday scene in the background, the pic of her looking down from above hiding the obesity and making the floppy bags of tit look like bulging firm melons.

The fact that it is in fact the same old cum dumpster doesn’t matter to these wimminz… to them the illusion is the reality, for in fact for the entire lives of these wimminz that has been the case, they have been able so simply re-invent reality at will, nasty man beat you? of course you can have his house… etc etc etc.

Because here we get to the real meat and potatoes, wimminz who will tote an iPhone, with all the commensurate exploitation of poor Chinese workers, yet refuse to step foot in say Tesco, because of the way they treat some other supply side sector. This dichotomy is not merely a tell tale, or a substitute for identity, it is the DNA of these hateful creatures.

You have to have this sandbox ability literally wired into your brain structure in the first 5 years of life so that you can live this lifestyle and live with yourself, and it is the symptoms of this sandbox ability that we have traditionally been looking for in internet dating.

The classic “where have all the good men gone?” question, is a classic symptom of this, the inability to make the connection with their own lifestyle and attitudes, and the rarity of pink elephants playing pianos, or available good men.

The symptom I describe above is not so much these wimminz realising that there is a connection between their own lifestyle and attitudes and the rarity of pink elephants or good men, but these wimminz perceiving the environment and society is changing, and not having your own personal pink elephant is getting much more important, maybe even vital, so with typical wimminz logic their standard reaction is to camouflage themselves as blue giraffes, figuring this will be more appealing to the pink elephants.

It is, after all, about bagging the prey, whether that be pink elephants or a “good man“.

This is a FUNDAMENTAL error that most of those in the MRM and most feminazis and wimminz and niggerz make, the idea that they themselves are a significant player, as opposed to the truth which is that everything in the jungle is lunch for something else, and these wimminz are just adapting, which as I have always said is one area where the wimminz are ahead of the men, they have no sympathy and no heart and no soul, and can adapt to a change in circumstances between one heartbeat and the next.

It is exactly these sorts of small signs that everyone else misses that we can directly attribute to “where the fuck have all the animals gone?” an hour before your place is flattened by an earthquake or a tsunami… and this is why these tiny insignificant signs are so significant and so important to those of us who intend to survive, because if you miss them you get trampled in the stampede with every other motherfucker.

If you can see your environment, the internet dating scene, as the veldt, the savannah, the jungle, then watching for these changes does not become your method to become a better hunter, to get more cunt, to be more alpha, because everything from the alpha to the omega becomes no more than grist to the mill when the quake or wave hits, so watching for these changes is your method for knowing when to join the more sensitive creatures and head for the hills 60 minutes before the quake or wave hits.

I’m not playing this game and dumping my cum into a succession of skank ho sluts because I want to prove to myself that I am alpha, or because I love fucking sluts (though it doesn’t exactly cause me pain) or any of the other reasons the “haters” will tell you.

I’m playing this game because my own personal FRA was a wake up call, just how close this society was to collapsing, because the crap economy alone or the changes wrought by technology alone etc weren’t enough, it took a perfect storm, all of the above and more plus a collapse in social order and justice and integrity, and with the rise of the internet there were a ton of people telling me things like watch the gold price, watch the oil price, watch housing prices, which may all be factors but lacked flesh and blood, and to me it has always taken a flesh and blood reaction to get the fuck out 60 minutes before the quake or wave hits.

Getting into pork bellies an hour before 9/11 isn’t much use if you are in the north or south towers, and that is the point, we are all in one of those towers, that is what our western societies and economies are, great edifices that make living easy.

Or, you can just write me off as a paranoid crazy motherfucker, it really does not make any difference to me, just as your sanity is of no concern to a quake or a wave.


  1. I’m liking your blog. Its pretty fucking bleak that sites like this are now a necessity.

    Comment by rjamesd9 — January 23, 2012 @ 12:05 pm

  2. the wimminz in the photo above looks around 60. At what age does a wimminz get a tattoo of a bunch of cocks on their forehead?

    So what’s the predictions of this site? A russian / argentinian style economic implosion, followed a currency inflation, and a dramatic loss of employment and personal security? A personal FRA doen’t mean anything, especially if you are churning the wimminz, some of whom will resent a pump and dump. Most doomers are stockpiling guns, gold, food, water, and medicines, and posting to doomer blogs. But there is something to be said for skipping all that, and just stock piling condoms. In any case, I predict we won’t see a avalanche of doom, but a long slow decline that will take a generation or longer. Long enough that you will need to stock pile both condoms and viagra, and possibly a walker or electric scooter.

    Comment by anonymous — January 24, 2012 @ 5:57 am

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