Wimminz – celebrating skank ho's everywhere

The violent sex, wimminz & niggerz

The cartoon on the right is from the aljazeerah.info website, and clearly shows that even in the “uber patriarchal” Islamic societies where the poor oppressed and powerless wimminz are forced to walk around in burkhas, female on male domestic violence is known, and treated like all other male victim crimes like male rape, as a subject of immense humour.

The caption shows the guy saying “I walked into a door

Hilarious, wait while I change my pants, I appear to have wet myself.

The daily mail is running a story about a skank lying cunt who had previously basically walked from a trial for stabbing her boyfriend after pleading the usual “Boo hoo, I am a victim of his domestic violence…” fucking bullshit, turns around and batters two men, both life threatening head injuries, and then goes to attempt to get a kitchen knife to stab them both, WHILE THEY ARE LYING UNCONSCIOUS ON THE FLOOR AND BLEEDING HEAVILY FROM HEAD WOUNDS, while shouting proudly that “I’ve done both of them. I told them I would and they deserved it. They had it good style

Of course, this is an alcoholic skank lying cunt (so we are supposed to have sympathy because she elected to abuse alcohol?) who left two guys needing an ambulance and Intensive Care, and alcoholic skank lying cunts are even dumber than regular skank lying cunts.

Regular skank lying cunts make sure they do not so obviously and blatantly incriminate themselves, regular skank lying cunts just accuse you of raping them…

Still, even this alcoholic skank lying cunt, despite the blatant incriminating evidence of a life threatening stab wound to the upper leg that could oh so easily have penetrated an artery, managed to walk away from her previous trial effectively scot free, simply by activating the “female victim of domestic violence” defence card, so it really isn’t any great wonder that the psycho skank cunt thought she was above the law, and could do absolutely anything she pleased, as long as her targets were men, and continue to walk free.

The really frightening observation for all men here is not the fact that this is an unusually violent and unhinged skank cunt, it is that she had to be prevented from murdering two unconscious men in cold blood BEFORE the fucking weight of the Law was directed at her.

The shitting yourself with fear observation is that ALL FUCKING WIMMINZ enjoy this same immunity from the Law, and they all fucking know it, and if you have even the faintest passing familiarity with human nature, you will know that everyone will naturally exploit any advantage given to them, irrespective of morality or right.

Men of the West, you are NOT second class citizens, subsidiary in every legal way to your wimminz superiors,
you do not have it that good buddy.

What you ARE is the modern equivalent of the 19th century plantation slave.

Not “niggers”, but niggerz, irrespective of your race, creed or colour.

There are no more men and women, males or females, not in Law.

There are only wimminz and niggerz

And the sooner you uppity niggerz get the fucking message the easier your lives will be, “missy” may even permit some of you to lick her skank cunt, if you are a sufficiently self abasing, eye averting, and obedient niggerz.

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  1. Classic post. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Boxing Day and all that. Cheers!

    Comment by Boxer — December 26, 2017 @ 2:48 am

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