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March 25, 2012

Sometimes, wimminz can be so sweet…

…and I mean that in the way that when you hear wimminz at the school gate talking about their little tearaways affectionately… eg not that fucking much… lol

…so anyways, one of my skanks calls me last night, basically she has been on PoF and found a guy and met him (and wimminz are sooooooooo different from men huh… lol) and rocks up back to his pad and blows him but doesn’t feel like fucking him, so she thinks “Hey, I am in the same town/city as AfOR, I’ll just give him a bell and see if he is in and feels like fucking me!

So that is what she does, and as I have been playing Mass Effect 3 (talk about a mangina niggerz game) and am just about ready for bed, but frankly a quick fuck would not go amiss, I accept her offer… she knocks on the door, walks in, I bend her over the sofa and raise her dress and fuck her doggy style… within 5 minutes she has gone, she got what she wanted, I got what I wanted, and brother, there is nooooo illusions here about the nature of wimminz, or what wimminz want, or indeed any pretence from these wimminz who make the grade with me and get past the first fuck.

And so sometimes we “see” each other on-line, or we text, and there is no bullshit, no snide “are you busy” crap, any more than meeting someone else in aisle 8 at the local supermarket, you are both out there shopping, browsing, looking for something to tempt you… big deal.

And this really is the thing, like the mums at the school gates with their shared bullshit “aww he is so cute” attitude to little Terence calling Miss Moorcroft the head teacher a skank ho, once the cat is out of the bag, there is no putting it back.

Once you get THAT level of honesty with a few wimminz, there is no putting it back, it is not just that you know you could never go back to being “in a relationshit” with these wimminz, the point is THEY know it, so there are whole encyclopaedias of shit tests they will not even bother pulling on you.

They may however call you from time to time and offer you a quick fuck.

Of course, this is 100% opposite of everything you have ever been told about the wimminz, and what they really want from men, and how to get a wimminz, and how to keep one and make on happy etc etc etc.

Thing is, there are a quite a few wimminz on PoF that I meet that I quite like to talk to, and even quite like, one is a whore, OK she isn’t plying that trade right now, but she did for many years and would do again if there was a way to prevent her kids finding out about it… it’s all image you see, not what you actually do, but what other people think you do…

So anyway, this whore, she says to me one day “I love you AfOR and love to hang out with you, but we can never ever fuck, because you know what women are really like, and I know what men are really like

And we grin at each other and I say “Yeah, but if we did the sex would be really good” and we both laugh, because it would be, or it would be really awful.

But we have that thing that I have heard tell many couples get AFTER the divorce is settled, when they are finally at least partially honest with each other for the first time in years, and both admit fucking someone else.

That “thing” is that you don’t actually like that person as a person, the illusions and rose tinted glasses and romantic bullshit are all stripped away from your eyes, sure they may be great to hang out with, but to live with as a couple, ugh….

… and that is what my whore friend was referring to, because she spent years fucking men for money, she figured she already had the best of them, and didn’t want the rest, and as for me, she knew that I knew all wimminz were exactly like her.

We had our first “shit test” when I said she was a whore, present tense, and she said used to be a whore, my attitude prevailed, and I said “baby, you will know better than me, ALL wimminz are whores” and she said “yeah, but at least I am honest about it“, and I said “yeah, and you probably gave good value for money too.” and that is where we became mates…. not good mates, but like my skank ho’s, no bullshit mates.


  1. Mass Effect 3 full of Niggerz, Wimminz and faggotry? Say it ain´t so (http://borderhouseblog.com/?p=7866). LOL

    BTW, keep an eye on DUST 514.
    It´s PS/3, but it´s gona be the first free FPS on Sony´s free network tying directly into EVE Online.

    Comment by hans — March 27, 2012 @ 10:21 am

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