Wimminz – celebrating skank ho's everywhere


H L Mencken defined misogyny as “A man who hates women as much as women hate each other.

I think it is important to be clear here, I do not hate women, I love women, love their bodies, their smell, their taste, every damn thing about them… but I FUCKING HATE WIMMINZ.

Wimminz is the personality, and while it inhabits and influences and controls the physical form that is woman, it is not the only possible “inhabitant” of that mind and body.

That mind and body COULD be inhabited by a woman.

This women / wimminz dichotomy is not, as the wimminz and manginas would have us believe, a distinction without a difference.

The fact is that this dichotomy IS the crucial point.

The guy on the right is stating, AS CLEARLY AS FUCKING POSSIBLE, that he thinks that Sarah Palin IS a cunt.

The thing is, because Sarah Palin HAS a cunt, all the wimminz and manginas start whining about how this evil man is attacking EVERYONE born with a cunt.

You see the problem here when I try to make a clear and factual difference between women and wimminz…

So to find a solution to this we need to find something that we know for a fact works, and we only have to look at history and homosexuals to see some good examples.

They took onboard and took ownership of “queer“, “poof“, “fag” etc, so you get to the point where there aren’t any epithets left that the poofs themselves have not appropriated, this disarming those who would have dismissed anything they said with the excuse “Well, what do you expect from a poof?

So I have adopted for myself, and propose all other men follow suit, donning the word MISOGYNIST as a label, and to throughly defang the beast, do it thusly;


I hate all WIMMINZ and MANGINAS.

Deal with it!

Now, how do we differentiate between women and wimminz?

Simple, as Men, we don’t… IT IS NOT OUR FUCKING PROBLEM!

If you skank bitches don’t want to be labelled as wimminz, well, tough shit, you all had fuck all to say every time the wimminz sidelined men and fucked up society another notch, probably because you all gained something at every turn yourselves, so that fact is I am quite happy to use the same fruity logic you skank cunts use on us men, and compare you, fittingly and accurately to child abusers and child molesters, and state that since you skank cunts did not scream FOR the prosecution of your sistahs, but shut the fuck up and took every advantage this gave you, then you are no different from and no better than your child abusing and molesting sistahs.

So a big fuck you all to everyone born with a cunt.

I was born with a cock, so it isn’t my fucking problem, fuck you all.

If you don’t like being classed in with the wimminz, e.g. as someone who has nothing to offer me apart from keeping the end of my cock wet and warm and providing a receptacle for me to dump some cum in, while getting SWEET FUCK ALL ELSE from me (I am already dumping my cum in you, what more do you want? Cos you ain’t getting it) then all you have to do is clearly and indisputably segregate yourself from the wimminz, and identify yourself as a woman.

And the ONLY FUCKING WAY you can achieve that now is to renounce ALL the shit that you do not deserve and accept your true status as a subordinate in every way to a good man, a home maker, a child nurturer, a family protector, and to devote the rest of your time to doing everything in your power to see wimminz brought to justice.

You can start by burning your fucking rabbits and chaining yourself to railings and screaming for mandatory life sentences for False Rape Accusers, mandatory anonymity for all accused, and mandatory shared equal custody for all parents.

You skank bitches can also walk around handing white feathers to every other skank ho who refuses to join you and petition the government for an immediate change.

Until then, fuck you all wimminz, I am a misogynist, and fucking proud of it.

Oh, and you manginas? I fucking hate you worthless cunts too.


  1. Absolutely beautiful and to the point.

    If that quote “All evil needs is good men to do nothing” shall apply for mankind, then why shouldn’t it for the “sympathetic” females who try to escape the “wimminz” label. They are still women and narcissistic and don’t have a shred of sefllessness, compassion, or honor or adherence to principles/ideals to things against their self-interest, which mankind has solely expressed.

    Lol dude u pump me up with ur rhetoric. So delightfully concise and packd full of emotions.

    Comment by I heart truth, honor, beauty, loyalty, pride, compassion, and i hate women. — December 29, 2011 @ 6:26 am

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