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March 22, 2012

Dear diary

Today I are been mainly….. ignoring the wimminz… lol

Allow me to explain.

My alarm went off around 7, I turned it off, scratched my balls, thought “fuck it” and rolled over for another hour’s kip.

I got up at 8, scratched my balls, made my morning coffee, check emails etc.

I made my second coffee and watched all the late teen / early 20’s pussy walk past my window (I live in a student area in a university town) and notice I have a text from a local skank who wants to stop by and blow me for lunch.

I amble into the front room, where my main PC is connected to my 55 inch Samsung, because I have just bought a Radeon 6900 series GFX card so I feel like playing a little Skyrim / Fallout / Crysis at 1920 x 1080 with everything  turned up…

I get so carried away by this that when the skank ho swings by at lunch-time to blow me my head is still in another place, I’m lining up head shots of another kind entirely….

I could go on, but I am sure you get the general idea by now.

Wimminz themselves have reduced themselves to a position with me where;

  1. If the flesh is under 25 it *may* be enticing…. but sadly the personality it will come with will soon ruin that little porno illusion.
  2. If the flesh is over 25 but offers blowjobs to go it “may” be enticing… but the flesh it comes with will often ruin that little porno illusion.
  3. I actually do not need some bitch to cook and clean, I find it zero effort to keep myself and my place clean, fact is if you don’t *make* a fucking mess in the first place…
  4. As the years have passes and the wimminz excesses have worn me down, I find myself less and less willing to put up with *anything* from them that does not fall into the category of “100% pure what I want from them”

Read point #1 again, even the young fresh flesh, the thing all wimminz revere and mourn the passage of, only has a momentary porno relish, until reality sets in with the realisation that the bitch will sure as shit ain’t shinola have an attitude that will ruin the illusion.

Fact is I even have one wimminz who will wait on me hand and foot, who will feed and fuck and even house me, and she is very clean, not just in her home, but never ever get any kind of smell from her cunt, not even stale piss, this girl has it down pat, she basically worships the ground I walk on, which, see above, is about the only attitude from a woman that still flies with me, and yet I can’t bring myself to spend more than one weekend in four with her, because of item #2

Which is why my diary is full of “Did what I felt like doing” followed by “did what I felt like doing

The cold hard sober facts are that my diary could oh so easily have been full of “did x for the wife” and “did y for the kids” and “did z for the wife“, and I could have oh so easily been happy and contented with that shit, but it was not me or my cock that ruined that illusion for life, nossir, it was the fucking wimminz, ALL OF THE BITCHES, with their constant whining for fried fucking snow, after a while it rubs off and you find yourself dissatisfied, not that you don’t have fried snow, but that the wimminz keep pissing in the snow and telling you it is sherbet, so the dissatisfied behaviour rubs off and you say fuck it.

Take off the rose tinted glasses and nostalgia for for teen flesh and look back at my own first serious live in girlfriend, actually look back at what it was really like once you subtract all the docile shit you were imbued with, bitch was a fucking nightmare, that’s a fact, and as ever it was down to not wishing to ever, ever, ever pay the price or consequences for her own actions, it was ever thus and yes folks, AWALT.

It is a hell of a thing when the wimminz have taken female flesh and made it essentially borderline unfuckable to a cocksman like me, that takes fucking DECADES of sustained effort, the sort of shit that makes making the jews and arabs live in peace and harmony look like a simple day’s work.

Unlike the Jews and the Arabs, I was basically built from DNA that made the wimminz the thing I wanted to fuck in preference to almost anything else in life, in preference to a career, in preference to a fleet of motorcycles, in preference to just lazing around all day, in preference to being independently wealthy…

And yet the wimminz have indeed put in those decades of effort, and were ably supported by an army of niggerz and manginas, all of whom were in it for the paycheck, well, welcome to the world you wanted, bitches.

Before I go, the one who was going to blow me mentioned in conversation that apparently Jason Statham, who is now apparently some Hollywood hard man and heart throb, has dissed Kim Kardashian, for being a “brand”.

Now as far as I can tell, the Kardashians are in some recursive way common to many celebs famous for being famous, e.g. in the papers every fucking day, and certainly when I have looked at them they just look like sluts, and not every fuckable ones at that, so not exactly a hard target to choose, but what struck me and made me comment was the fact that Statham is dissing someone else….

Hard man my ass, look at that designer stubble and those oh so purty sweeeeet lips, Jason Statham is a bitch, with a bitch’s mouth, in more ways that one, jaw dropped moment from BJ girl that I could diss the sex god in such a manner, and I just threw out, off the top of my head, that he just does not LOOK like a man, unlike say for example Charles Bronson…. at which point the slut groaned and positive begged to suck my cock.

So there you have it, everything from Crysis 2 to Mr Majestyk, it can only be a day in a man’s life… pmsl


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  2. Dude, you’re the applied guide I use in managing my PoF pimp-flow of the severely delusional creatures known as Western wimminz… so I was surprised to see that you actually let a skank-ho stop by the man-cave–or even know where it is. Convenient in the short term, but the peril… THE PERIL!… lol. When a cunt gets insistent on “seeing where you live”, or “let’s go to YOUR place for a change”, I *know* it’s time to swap her out. I’ve already seen her best work by that point. Next.

    Comment by DGAF in Miami — March 24, 2012 @ 5:07 pm

    • You make a valid point, but the circumstances are exceptional.

      I have one skank who works in retail opposite-ish my pad, she sometimes comes over in her lunch break to blow me.

      I have one skank who is sometimes in town shopping or visting, she came over last night to get fucked after a date went wrong for her…

      In all cases, the wimminz in question and in and out in *****30 minutes or less*****, in all cases the wimminz in question are not “guests”, they are like the cable guy, intruding in my space but there to do a job, and trust me I am positively fucking paranoid about them making any attitude whatsoever beyond their status as “Visiting trades” towards “guest”.

      IN all cases, the skanks in question are known to me in the longer term, and this is AFTER I have been to their place and had a good look see.

      So yes, your point is totally and utterly valid, and I would not want to detract in any way from your sentiment that inviting a wimminz into your crib is a bad fucking idea.

      The idea I am trying to finesse here is that a couple of selected wimminz coming over to drain my balls is not “being invited into my crib”, any more than the cable guy feels invited over, albeit I am polite to him and offer him a coffee and have a chat etc, he is under no illusions that he can leave the room without my permission, touch anything without my permission, or indeed come back without a specific invite…

      Comment by wimminz — March 25, 2012 @ 11:27 am

      • **30 minutes or less**… “Visiting trades”… RIGHTEOUS attitude and policy bro!

        Even back in duh Blue Pill daze, when I had the foolish practice of IMPRESSING wimminz with my designer digs, I had the standing policy of NOT allowing them to compliment my pad in anyway, because even though it was often high praise, it was still **PASSING JUDGEMENT**, and I had not given them MY permission to do so… usually took a couple rounds of “but, I’m saying I *LIKE* it…” and “Great, keep it to yourself…It’s not like I’m going to change a damn thing if you don’t like it…” for the penny to drop.

        BTW, I’m sure you snag some occasional uni-poon… not at 8AM, but after midnight, drunk in the pubs? Don’t tell me you live in a college zone by chance, lol. That generation will MMS you cunt pix right from the pub, legally covered, bow-wow.

        Comment by DGAF in Miami — March 26, 2012 @ 8:34 pm

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