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April 13, 2012

A primer on apathy

Years ago I temporarily ran a bar that served US servicemen, and so on tap was beer, burgers, AT&T calls home, a tattooist and of course whores.

Some whores you nodded to as they clock in and out, some you spoke a little to, some you hung out with, some you fucked.

I remember one whore in particular, pretty little thing, good body, gave superb blow jobs, was a whore to support her girl child, was a whore because no fucker would give a gypsy a job anyway.

If ever there was a ho who fit the ideal save-a-ho stereotype this was her.

The thing no fucker gets is / are;

  1. Don’t matter what it is, that ho has heard it all before.
  2. Don’t matter what is is, that ho has seen it all before.
  3. Don’t matter how bad a story is,that ho can tell you the name of a ho in her town had that same shit happen to her.
  4. Don’t matter how good a story is, that ho can tell you the name of a ho in her town had the same good shit, and then the other shoe fell and that is how she became the ho in #3 who ended up having her colon ruptured while fucking a donkey.
  5. No thing that you can do will ever stop her waiting for the other shoe to fall, see #4.
  6. The very fact that you do NOT want to pay and use her, is in her experience damn good reason to be as suspicious as a mother-fucker around you, see #3, 4 & 5
  7. more, much much more, of the same.

Bottom line, you can be as wealthy and happy and talented and virtuous as you like, the one thing you will find as sure as death and taxes is you will never find a ho, or some down on her luck skank, to trust you.

Doesn’t matter who did what, who started what, who was in the right, the only think you need to take away from this is that the ho has been handed the shit end of the stick so often that she now knows for a fact in her world view that life offers two options;

  1. Her getting the shit end of the stick – same old same sold cunt, what can you do when you live in a shoe.
  2. Her being offered the clean end of a stick – DANGER DANGER DANGER very SINGLE time she got REALLY fucked over it started with being offered a good deal…

Because? re-read all those points above again, and you still won’t get it, unless you already do…

Thankfully for me and the ho in question, we both knew that walking on water would be an easier trick than crossing that divide between us, so we never tried, and as a result we had a good working and sexual relationship.

The bit none of the wimminz and their niggerz get, is when you put a man through the wringer of secret family courts, you don’t just create a broken family.

You create a man who has been taught, the hard way, that his judgement of what makes a good woman isn’t worth shit, so now there are only two sorts of wimminz;

  1. Skank ho sluts who he can bang for free and dump his cum into
  2. Really really really fucking dangerous psycho skank ho sluts acting like women and offering all that good home cooked morning blowjobbery and crocheting children by the fireside hoopla

This, my friends, is apathy.

So ONE psycho skank ho wimminz, aided by her niggerz in the secret family court system, has managed to turn me into someone who is apathetic towards ALL wimminz, you are either a skank ho slut or you are really really fucking unhealthy for me to be around.

Rinse and repeat every day in secret family courts throughout the land.

Then go on PoF and get confronted by wimminz asking “Where have all the good men gone?”

They have gone the way of the dodo bitch, now you have a choice between;

  1. Men like me who are only interested in your sexual abilities, for free.
  2. Really, really, really clueless beta provider types who have not yet been liberated by your innate skank ho nature as a wimminz.

To put it in perspective.

The moment you infect a man with HIV, safe sex ceases to be a problem for him, and instead becomes a problem for YOU.

THIS is the form of perspective, and it is a vital one that is only ignored because to do otherwise scuppers the whole premise, that is studiously ignored is all “Evil Dead” type films and games…

Once 50% of the population become flesh eating zombies, who the fuck is manufacturing and distributing the millions of rounds of ammo that you lot are planning on chewing through every day?

The difference here is that this is a mental virus, a meme, and those who were responsible for containing it, a never ending job, were sent to the gallows.

So lacking a constant culling force, the meme spreads, and at that point is has become everyone’s problem, even if we don’t know it yet, all we have to do is wait.

You can’t make me give a fuck about wimminz or niggerz, you can’t make a ho trust you, you can’t wear a hole out by poking it with a stick, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle and go back in time to patient zero.

Billions are going to die, you expect anything but apathy from me just because YOUR precious snowflake is melting?


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