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Cunt control and economics

Dating is good for many reasons, most of the most important reasons however have sweet fuck all to do with dumping your load into some skank ho.

Most of the most important reasons are to do with what it teaches you about life, and about wimminz.

Take a conversation I had today with a skank on the production line, she tells me she doesn’t want just a fuck buddy.

I agree, I tell her there is a surplus of fuck buddies out there, I want more than that because I’m worth it.

She tells me she is selfish and independent, she has her own space and independence and likes it, I tell her that’s great, because I have no interest in her life, and I certainly ain’t offering up any of my fucking independence and space, I tell her it will be a hook up, she phones me and says “you want to come over and fuck me rotten Saturday?” and if I am free I will, if I have something else on she can book another night.

She then sends me a text telling me I make her hot and her cunt wet.

I send one back saying this is to be expected.

This little episode tells you everything you need to know about wimminz psychology (no such thing, they are run by their cunts) and Men’s psychology.

This is good because when you see some mangina wannabe MRA type whining on about what some wimminz has written on her feminazi blog, you just dismiss it utterly… who gives a fuck what some wimminz says on a blog, or in person, or on her dating site profile?

Nobody who understands that it is just noise, totally disconnected from reality, which reality is that wimminz are controlled utterly by their cunts.

Thinking the world owes you a fucking living, it is symptomatic, only two classes of creature are afflicted with this malady, wimminz and their mangina niggerz, and frankly of the two the wimminz are superior, because at least they are controlled by their own cunt, and not someone else’s…

But thinking the world owes you a living is a peculiarly cunt inspired attitude, because the cunt is the organ of reproduction, and the womb is the organ of gestation, and once the cunt has been well hammered and the womb has popped out a couple of kids, the wimminz starts to act seriously entitled.

Check out their dating profiles, basically they say “Got kids, don’t want any more.” e.g. the one thing that defines a woman more than everything else put together is not on the table, but instead of this leaving her as a whole having a fucking negative overall value, what is left is in their cunt controlled minds even more valuable.

Now I’m a realist, and I will freely admit that a 40 year old cunt can be a source of great pleasure, but the best fucking contraceptive / downer on the planet is a house full of some other guys kids running around underfoot, so one of the dating rules you guys need to be aware of is the rule that the cunt in question is only of any use to you when the wimminz in question is alone… it doesn’t matter where the kids are, at school, at their dads, or left the nest, if they are around, YOU AREN’T, because they are all cunt-blockers as far as you are concerned.

You only want me for sex!

Sooner or later, they will throw this at you.

Any of the following replies, in a disinterested, sceptical, suprised and humorous tone, will be acceptable;

  • You mean you can cook too?
  • You mean you know how to wash and valet my car properly too?
  • You mean you have other, heretofore hidden, talents?
  • Duh!
  • Why are you still dressed?

Somewhere around about this point in the “relationship” (sic) the wimminz will also have little jobs around the place that you can do, in true Manly fashion you acknowledge that all these jobs are well within your skill set, and you will be pleased do any or all of them, at around twenty quid (forty bucks) an hour, but first you want a blowjob.

Do not EVER do ANYTHING for free, you are astonished and amazed at any suggestion that you would, if you fuck the garage guy does he work on your car for free? if you fuck the plumber does he work for free? if you fuck the electrician does he work for free? fuck no.

They will all give you discount bitch, which is what I have just fucking done by offering to do your shit for x an hour, instead of my usual hourly rates.

10% of wimminz heads will assplode, fuck it, plenty more fish in the sea.

80% of wimminz will nod, yeah, I can see that.

10% will pay you and ask you to do the work, which is why you have to set your hourly rate right.

Remember, wimminz are all controlled by their cunts.

Cunt control on your part is therefore an essential skill as a Man.


  1. You need to post some of this stuff on in mala fide and spearhead.

    Comment by marlon — April 23, 2011 @ 12:21 am

    • If others wish to, that is fine, if I do too much of that it smacks of self promotion and spamming.

      Comment by wimminz — April 23, 2011 @ 12:35 am

  2. Too true – so many ho’s think that having a pussy is the gold key to life. More so that most of them expect men to do everything for them for nothing. Not me. I have a strict policy of “What’s in it for me?”. That most women are more than happy to offer themselves up is justification for that. Married guys need to remember that their wives have almost certainly in the past (and most likely in the present) used sex to pay for whatever. Ask any tradie – he’ll tell you that women will happily exchange sex for service. All women are whores.

    Comment by Robert K — May 7, 2011 @ 5:47 am

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