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December 16, 2013

Black Box

You’ve probably heard the talk, you can take it from me it is true, have seen it with my own eyes, the unbranded unlabelled unidentified yes they really are black, boxes, sitting right there on the backbone for at least three of the major backbone / network providers.

These boxes can potentially tap into anything and everything they are connected to, which essentially means they can for all practical purposes tap into 100% of network traffic, irrespective of source, destination or protocol.

I had this discussion with someone, they were saying GCHQ is in reality no different to, for example, Google, in their ability to slurp data.

I conceded the point, even though it isn’t factually correct, for the sake of argument, and countered with this;

Yeah buddy, give me a call when Google operate their own police force, courts, prisons and control all the laws in the country I reside in….

And that really is the point.

Google are not going to make a case on incomplete data, because the fact is these boxes and what they are connected to CANNOT store everything that passes by for a number of years, that is like building a fucking great lake on a river, what they are is a bridge across the river that you can drop nets or buckets anywhere you like, or sluice gates to divert flow, so chances are the data is incomplete, in effect, call records, you sent 2 emails to Mr X, and Mr X sent two emails to you, we no longer have the content, or the greater context in which they were sent, and since WE now know Mr X is a crazed raghead paedo terr’rist, 2 + 2 = 22, so you muct be one toooooo… haul his ass off to jail, via court and a “fair” trial… har de har…

Today BT, who are one of the telco’s hosting these black boxes, changed their system, if you want to access, for example, a perfectly legal swinging site, you must call them and ask for the adult filters to be turned off.

You just made the first prong of the case against you, you DELIBERATELY sought access to whatever it was at some point in the future, say, Mr X’s blog.

I proved this point some years ago to some stuck up assholes, they were convinced that only those who have something to hide etc.

I created a small web page, in that page I embedded photo… this is it.


It is the album cover from Scorpions, Virgin Killer, I bought this when it came out in a record shop in London, in fact it was the first Virgin Megastore.

Now, strictly according to the letter of the law, this is an obscene image of child pornography, but then so are the pics of my kids naked at bath-time etc, given that this was an actual album cover on sale in the UK and legally bought, and given that the purpose of putting it here is for example, not sexual gratification, you’re actually pretty safe.

The point was, when you loaded this particular blog page, you click a link, you don’t know the actual content BEFORE you click the link.

However, in law, just because of the way your computer and the internet works, you just “made” another copy, stay on this page with the firefox reload page plugin set to 6 seconds and you are, in law, “making” 10 kiddie porn images an minute, or 600 an hour, and that is all the newspaper headlines will read.


But, things being what they are, at least you can see the fucking image, even if you got tricked into downloading it, so you can flush your temporary internet files after navigating away from this blog page, and you should be safe enough. (except for GCHQ knowing you visited this page 600 times an hour)

But, what I did in the example I am talking about was not displaying an image with an original size of for example 1024 x 768 at a page size of 512 x 380, no, what I did was take an original image that was 800 x 600 pixels, and displayed it at 1 x 1 in the page.

It looked like this.

The “this” being, specifically, “.” the period / full stop that came after “this”

In that scenario, nobody knew they had download the image, nevertheless, they had, therefore, legally, they had “made” it also.

They only knew when I published the full size image, and told them to look in their browser cache / temporary internet files for it by name… then they found it…. then they got seriously pissed off… at ME…

Go figure.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Of course, any seekrit black box sitting on the backbone that can dip into absolutely any traffic and look and see what is there, can also dip into traffic and alter it, either by simply re-routing it as in last weeks major BGP routing hack that sent a bunch of USA guvvmint traffic on a long trip via Iceland before going back to the USA mainland, or, by altering it or injecting content into it.

Is this gonna be your defence, Mr Nobody? That you did not do X, that you are in fact innocent, so it must have been done by the black boxes, that legally do not exist, in an effort to frame you…?

January 15, 2013

Do Androids dream of eclectic sheeple

I have banged on loads, and with reason, in the right sidebar about the vast benefits of equipping yourself with a smart-phone and a google account and tracking everything.

In response to *many* emails and messages, this is my 101.

As previously discussed;

  1. Get an Android smartphone
  2. Sign up for a google gmail account
  3. Set the gmail account in the smart-phone and set everything to sync

Now, the details.porno

Android is great, but it is the apps that bring it all alive.

I have already discussed Google Latitude providing you with a historical record of WHERE you were at any given time or day, now let’s boost it.

Once you have done steps 1 to 3 above, you can sit down at any computer with a web browser and point it at https://play.google.com/ and login with your gmail address and password, it will log you in to the play store, and identify the phone you created the account on in step 3 above.

Now you can use the search function to search for apps, and even install them to the phone automagically from this browser window, get all these and install them.

  1. SMS Backup +

    Jan Berkel

    This app creates two new folder in your gmail account, “call log” and “sms” (you can rename them) and will either manually or automatically back up all call logs and sms / mms messages to these folders, it will also restore if required… in addition, it will also add the call log records (incoming and outgoing) to your google calendar.

  2. Barcode Scanner

    ZXing Team

    This is a barcode reader that reads all sorts of barcodes, including QR codes, you can do all sorts of neat stuff like share phone numbers, full contact info, map locations, wifi accounts, it is “just” a utility app, but so useful you should grab it and use it.

  3. AirDroid


    AirDroid starts a service on the phone, over wifi, that allows any computer to type a URL such as into a web browser and see an interface to the phone… this URL, along with the required password, is displayed on the phone screen. From the computer browser you can then send and receive SMS, up / download photos, browse files, listen to music, etc etc etc… very handy tool

  4. Dropbox

    Dropbox, Inc.

    Cloud storage, if you grab an app called Sandisk Memory Zone it will do an online backup to cloud storage of selected directories on your phone, eg DCIM / camera.

  5. Titanium Backup PRO Key ★ root

    Titanium Track

    Titanium is pretty much the Android backup tool for backing up installed apps and user data, but it is pretty pointless unless you back it up to a removeable miniSD card in the phone, and NOT to the phone internal memory, because anything that wipes the phones internal memory will wipe your backups too, and many tools like Odin etc are capable of wiping and moving partition tables on your phone’s internal memory.

  6. Cheetah Sync for Files/Folders


    Wifi File Explorer is the tool to use if you want to browse the file structure of your phone from a web browser on your computer, and while it is good for moving single files to and fro, it doesn’t work for quantities of files, enter Cheetah sync, which can sync from phone to PC, or PC to phone, or both ways, just select the folder on the phone, the folder on the PC, give that sync job a name (you can store many different sync jobs) and whenever you feel like it, run it… I have one job that syncs my entire 32 GB miniSD card in the phone to a directory in my laptop

There are others, SeekDroid is handy for locating a lost phone, or remotely wiping it, Qik is an app that uploads a photo to a web-server as soon as you take it (handy to defeat po-lice instructions to wipe / delete), WhatsApp is a handy way to send pictures without incurring a charge as you would as MMS, Magnify turns your phone into a handy magnifying glass, Brightest Flashlight is self explanatory, there is a WordPress app to allow you to post to blogs like this, and one for Drupal if you host yourself, the beat goes on …

The point is, you are walking around with a technological marvel in your pocket that would have utterly blown away not only the entire moon landing effort, but also anything that ran the first “modern” version of Windows, 95a, aka Chicago, WITH ALL THE PERIPHERALS INCLUDED.

Most people only use 1% of the functionality.

All I suggest you do is use 5% of the functionality, you are getting tracked and traced and recorded anyway, this way you and your legal representatives get access to that data too.

There is NO EXCUSE for a man to get convicted of a false accusation of DV or sexual abuse.

The only downside is other extreme laws, and this article would not be complete without mentioning them, this especially applies to all you men out there with kids who have a smartphone.

  1. In many places, such as the UK, extreme and child pornography is an “absolute” offence, and the “absolute” means that in Law, no defence can be made. You ARE guilty.
  2. In many places, such as the UK, “possession” is defined as being in a position of responsibility, if your kid comes to visit on your one weekend in the month, and this kid has illegal shit on their phone, it is in your house, they are a minor, you are the responsible legal adult, you will be deemed to be in “possession” in Law.
  3. In many places, such as the UK, “making” is defined as what your web browser already did when it displayed the image above.

To sum up, if that image above was of a girl who was, or WHO APPEARED TO BE, less than 16 years old, it WOULD be classed as child pornography, to which no legal defence is possible, you own the device it is displayed on, or the property in which the device it is displayed on is sat, so it WOULD be classed as possession, and of course as per point three you WOULD in Law have been making that image.

Making and possession of child pornography, no defence possible, guilty, sex offenders register, probably prison time too.

These are not possible or probable outcomes, they are absolutely guaranteed as certain as death cancer and taxes outcomes.

Being in the company of a child is now far less dangerous legally than being in the company of the smart-phone in the child’s pocket.



It is one option, you can encrypt your phone, and your PC, and sooner or later the word privacy will be mentioned, but you don’t have any privacy, all this data I am talking about making available to yourself above is already being collected anyway, that is how the technology works, so there is no privacy, and once you realise that then encryption ceases to be a tool to protect your privacy, and starts to be a tool that law enforcement see as a sign of guilt…

Sure, the fuckers have access to all that data anyway, they just tell your cell provider to pony up and grab your computers and smartphone, but the key phrase with law enforcement is the thing they say to you when they arrest you.

“Anything you say may me taken down and used in evidence against you.”

Doesn’t say shit about anything you say may be taken down and used as evidence to exculpate you and eliminate you from enquiries.

Standard procedure is in fact to simply ignore anything that might show your innocence, all they are looking for is stuff that makes you look guilty… encryption makes you look guilty, and doesn’t prevent them getting cell data anyway.

A citizen under arrest and caution is the last motherfucker on the planet who should be arguing about civil liberties.


December 29, 2012

The rise of the internet.

I was an early adopter, fidonet / bbs’s and all that good shit.

Back then we knew the MSM (main stream media) was all “push” bullshit, and we thought we were at the cutting edge of the revolution and the new way forward.

Then all the “me too” AOL‘ers came online and fucked everything up for everyone, and what followed was useful evils like google and pernicious evils like facebook and linkedin, the dream was dead.

And then… well… then a funny thing happened, the sheer mass of people online exceeded the ability of the corporates to steer and control it.

It is a literal truth to state that certain news items come to my attention via discussions on swinging sites long before I ever encounter them on a MSM news site.

Then, as stated here, (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2012-12-28/what-america-really-thinks) there is the growing awareness that it doesn’t really matter who “they” are, “we” the great unwashed public, just don’t believe anything “they” say, or try to tell us, or try to inform us of, or try to educate us about, or try to sell us etc.

It’s not how we early adopters predicted things would turn out, not by any means, but this mass jaded apathy and cynicism is no bad thing.

“They” can no longer run any kind of article about divorce or the family courts or domestic violence and have a comment section that is not over-run with men saying it is all bollocks.

In typical bolting the stable door weeks after the horse has bolted fashion, the powers that be are trying to impose curbs and filters and controls on the bits of this new network that so far remain in their control, to whit, the internet connection from your house to the backbone and back.

But they watch what happened in north Africa and shit themselves, nearly three years ago now I bought a Samsung Galaxy S1 smartphone, I didn’t need no stinking internet, I didn’t even need no stinking 2/3g connection.

I didn’t need those things because I was carrying around a device the size of a packet of cigarettes with Star Trek capabilities, that would charge from any USB source, that would on demand operate as its own wifi hotspot and share files between similar devices, no need for swapping SD cards or bluetooth transfers, any fucking thing with wifi.

Three years later I have the third iteration of that device.

What I have, basically, is what we used to call sneakernet.

It was an old saying, never under estimate the bandwidth of a holdall full of backup tapes, and in actual fact it is as true today as it was in the dawn of the digital age.

Never under estimate the bandwidth of millions of people walking around with hand held devices that can exchange files trivially between themselves once they are within a few metres of each other…. sure, the latency and ping times are a bastard, but latency and ping times don’t mean a fucking thing when it comes to text based discussion and information sharing.

We knew that back in the fidonet / BBS days.

I was reminded of this by something my mother said a couple of days ago, my bro is literally on the other side of the planet, so he sends me an SMS message, and it gets to me in a couple of minutes.

When I was a lad a letter used to take two weeks to do that journey, par avion, (fuck it, it used to take three days to fly from London to Singapore, and we thought that was fast… it took 28 days by fast liner) and if that wasn’t good enough you could send a very similar message to an SMS, but it was called a telegram, and it cost a lot of money, and it still often took a day or two, or sometimes even more…. I was in Africa when a family member died, it was this time of year, by the time I got the telegram the family member had already been buried.

The last big fuckup we had in Europe was Yugoslavia, but as recent as it was, it was before the smartphone revolution, before Windows95, before “the internet” as the AOL’ers knew it.

Fast forwards to Egypt and Libya and even those populations with minimal smartphone market penetration and the revolution is utterly transformed by the ability of these devices to form ad hoc mesh sneakernet networks…

The gap between Yugoslavia and Libya is far far far smaller, technologically, than the gap between Libya and your average western school-yard today.

The genie is well and truly out of the bottle, you could literally pull the plug on ALL internet and 3G systems in the UK and while it would cause uproar, data would still flow, and while ping and latency would be atrocious, I’d say 8 hours tops for anything meme-worthy to transit from one end of the country to the other.

You can’t un-ring a bell, and you can’t put this technology away again once Pandora opens her box.

Samsung, for example, may have intended “bump to share” as a fun little feature to drive sales by allowing people at a social event to take and share pictures etc on the spot, but then again the internet was intended to route around damage in traditional switched networks in the event of a nuclear war, and we see how that turned out.

November 20, 2012

Pause for effect.

I don’t have a job getting paid to be a talking head, this blog was put here because in the Blues sense “it was in there, and it had to come out”

Early on I split it into two sections, the pages which all have links on the right, and the posts which don’t, you have to search or go through the archives.

I did that because the pages were what I needed to say to warn others, and the posts were what I wanted to say to warn others… if you have needs, go straight to the links on the right, if you have time and interest, read through the archive.

But, at the end of the day I am only one man, and there is a severe danger of sounding like a stuck record, I have made all the points I want to make, there are other things that interest me, some of them are even related to the topic of this blog, but they are far enough away from the topic of this blog that they do not have a place here.

For example I have a motorcycle to build a new wiring loom for and to put back on the road, I haven’t ridden it for too many years now, so I can either get up in the morning and fire up the laptop and check out the manosphere and MSM and get fired up and type sit here… or I can get up in the morning and ignore the laptop and the manosphere and MSM and go ghost and fix my bike up.

One thing I have seen is far too many guys, for whatever reason, get a “fuck this” moment with their blog, and not merely walk away, but delete the bastard, which strikes me as very strange and smacks of burning bridges.

What happens if the need to blog raises its head again a few months later?


I am going to take a leave of absence, FROM THIS BLOG, as / if / when I feel the need, I will return.

However, this place will stay here, this was the express reason I chose a word press blog account, it does not require any ongoing actions from me to keep it on-line, may it last as long as geocities… lol



August 21, 2012



You’ll read about lots of guys who get depressed with dating sites, how the wimminz string you along, how the wimminz all think they are a 10, how the wimminz….. you get the idea.

I’ve even read about guys who put up fake wimminz profiles to “prove” that wimminz have to do nothing to get 14 million replies.

Thing is, wimminz are like chemical ali, they will happily deny shit way past the very end of things, and never ever ever admit it, not even to themselves.

So what the fuck is the truth?

Now, I have been hitting PoF hard for two to three years now, and frankly 2 years isn’t enough time to make much difference in any individual wimminz looks, fuckability or SMV (sexual market value)… it’s not like any of these wimminz were beautiful 18 year old virgins to start with…

IN my region, this means there are lots of wimminz who have been on PoF the same amount of time, either solidly or swinging in and out like a pendulum, you get to recognise faces, profiles and even writing styles, in the case of those repeat new profile pendulum types.

It’s a meat marketplace and you get to recognise many of the other regular attendees.

So, given that MY status on PoF hasn’t changed much in the past 2/3 years, how about the wimminz, because according to the common knowledge they are all in denial, which they get away with because they are constantly bombarded with interest from thousands of niggerz, so they won’t have changed much either.




I could sit down here with you and show you wimminz after wimminz that I met and fucked off PoF, thanks to Google and the cloud, and the trends and facts are absolutely indisputable.

When I first met and fucked them their PoF profile said they were looking for long term, or dating, or friends, and even those three categories are a progression, in that order, downwards… can’t tell you how many profiles I have seen that say “long term” so I send a quick message saying “FWB?” and 50% of the time I get a reply saying “yeah why not

But now it has gotten to the point where almost every page of results for “intimate encounter” contains one wimminz that I have fucked, back when she was looking for long term, and then dating, and then friends… as her SMV declined.

Their looks haven’t changed, because the psycho skank ho’s are using the same fucking profile pics and profiles as they were using two years ago.. you know, they can only access PoF via their smart-phone, but they have no way to take an up to date pic…. lol

So with the influx of downgraded “long term” relationship seekers to “intimate encounter” section, who come in along with their profile and profile photos, a funny thing happens, all the no public photo profiles on intimate encounter start sprouting photos to keep up.

Some of these are frankly fucking hideous, you’d almost think they profiles were made by a bunch of drunken MRA’s having a fucking laugh, first, we kidnap an orang utan, then we shave the fucker, then we dress it in walmart clothing and take a pic and use that for the profile photo….

Some of them are not bad looking early twenties whores, will fuck for cash.

But the rest of them are, you guessed it, wimminz who fell off the radar in the long term, dating and friends categories, went away, and came back with a new profile looking for intimate encounters, and then thanks to the influx mentioned previously start getting zero actions, so they have to out themselves with a public profile pic, and it is aha, it’s YOU, I remember you on here before….

So, if all the statements about how easy wimminz have it on dating sites are TRUE, how do you explain this race to the bottom, public profile pic, intimate encounter section, from wimminz who were looking for long term only with a list of other entitlements only a year or two ago?

Simply, you cannot, ergo the statements about how easy wimminz have it on dating sites ARE NOT TRUE, like chemical ali, the wimminz will never admit this… those that do realise this simply delete their PoF profile and stay at home with their cats.

You guys have to realise one thing, every wimminz out there who is the wrong side of 30, and most of the rest, send you a pic privately or via MMS, and they are expecting you to send a compliment back, ooh sexy baby, when you DON’T, because lets face it that shit is reserved for the teen flesh that ain’t ridden the cock carousel to the horizon and back, they fucking flake and drop out and seek another man who will pay them a compliment.

And then the shoe drops, I wasn’t the first fucker they tried, so lots of other guys out there seeing mutton dressed up as lamb and telling it like it is, and then the other shoe drops, the only guys giving any compliments at all are those saying “I’d love to fuck that” and that is all they are after, pump and dump.

Wimminz do projections, we all know this, so when they accuse guys of only wanting to pump and dump, it is projection…. but if you give a dog a bad name… so nowadays guys are saying fuck it, and only wanting pump and dump.

I have lost track of the sheer numbers of wimminz, basically >95% of them, whose first five messages include some comment to the effect that they are expecting me to be like all the other men on PoF, either only after pump and dump, or won’t even show up at a date.

When I say yeah, Mr Pump and Dump here, they are relieved, and often thank me for not being abusive, or insulting, or calling them names.

It doesn’t matter if they are 21 or 51, and I have done that range on PoF, the universal truth for all wimminz on all dating sites is the one thing that actually scares the living shit out of them, and which they will instinctively run away from, and that is anything that threatens to force them to confront their REAL SMV, which is approaching zero….. unfuckable… unless you ice the cake by saying no commitments no rules and I will be your dirty slut for the night and do anything you ask.

The Spearhead et al have it all wrong, wimminz are NOT reading 50 shades because they hope to find a young buck with a huge cock and a billion in the bank to waft them away in a learjet.

Wimminz be reading 50 shades because it is “How to get laid in 2012 for dummies and skanks

This is the shit you have to offer all men, in order to raise your SMV above zero… unfortunately being herd creatures all the other wimminz be reading it too… ain’t competition wunnerful…. lol

Apropos of nothing

Yesterday I was talking to a deadbeat dad, we got around to talking about what we do with our time, he leaned towards me and confided, that for 30 minutes a day he logs on to OKCupid, he isn’t after a wimminz or a penfriend or anything else, all he does for 30 minutes every day it sit there at the ratings page rating every single wimminz as 1 star, click, click, click, not even looking at the fucking profiles or pictures.

Meanwhile my long term FWB #1 is also seeing the writing on the wall for wimminz, joking with me about the floosies and hussies I am probably fucking when she ain’t here, and protesting undying love for me and the ground my cum drips upon.

And a whole new clutch of wimminz in my area join PoF, as they find that the traditional venues, real life bars and clubs, are turning into stony ground when it comes to finding some decent quality cock…. like Cheech & Chong said, Things Are Tough All Over.


April 2, 2012

Children of our age

There is an interesting thread over at the spearhead about a drawing one of Bill’s kids did.

I won’t reproduce it here, go over there and read the thread and have a look.

What is interesting is this, I looked at the kids drawing and my immediate reaction was why draw a passenger jet?

You see, as soon as I saw a kids drawing of an aeroplane, I was taken back to another kid, me, drawing aeroplanes, and myself and the kids at my school used to draw Spitfire vs ME109 things, and yes, by then I had flown commercial.

So I pop on to Google images to search for the type of drawing / scribble that we used to do, big fat zero… so nothing left but for me to attempt to emulate a 1960’s era kids drawing, and you get interesting results if you save that drawing on the right, and drag and drop into google image search.

So, anyway, back to the plot.

So why was I, and every other boy kid,  drawing Spitfire vs ME109 in the mid to late 1960’s, after all the war had been over for over a decade before we were even born, so it is not like we grew up seeing the planes duelling in the sky overhead, and those who DID live through the war didn’t fucking talk about it much, even then…

I think for the same reason we all wanted to be train drivers and cowboys and progressed through pop/cork guns through cap guns to gat guns and eventually air pistols.

I have a documentary, from 1978, talking about the new computer revolution, you can find it on youtube etc, “Horizon – When the chips are down” a sad and prophetic tale of yet another scientific lead that the English (not the fucking British, the English) were way way way ahead of the world in, and as usual we pissed it all away and as usual the guvvmint of the day lacked clue #1

But it ___IS___ interesting, as it prophecies the commercial word processor, and what that will do to one of the HUGE employers of wimminz in the day, that of being a typist in the typing pool.

(Incidentally we owe the QWERTY keyboard layout to the mechanical typewriter manufacturers as a way of slowing down the wimminz typing so that the individual hammers that contained each letter did not meet and jam in the print head slot)

You see the 1960’s when I and every other boy was drawing Spitfire vs ME109 was a world in which the pussifying of all small boys had yet to start… and speaking quite honestly, none of you born since can even imagine what that was like.

It was a universal truth that all girls, without exception, were sissy and pathetic and stupid, and only puberty would change this opinion.

This was as obvious a truth as the fact that it was better to be a cowboy than an indian, and the Lancaster was better than the Flying Fortress, and catapults were better than penknives as presents to be received for your birthday.

I still have time for my aged mum, a nonagenarian almost, because she still lives in that era, no modern feminist equality rubbish for her, don’t forget this era of Euro women grew up in a land war literally on the front doorstep, and whatever the reasons for a war by the time it gets down and dirty and grinding and things like the fire-bombing of Dresden or the Mustard gassing of men in the trenches is going down there is no room for the excess baggage of PC bullshit and “feewings” and shite.

She is however of the last generation of women who actually had it tough, who knew shit from shinola, and even some of her contemporaries who stayed at home, or went off in the land army or who partied with all the servicemen on leave and all the yanks based here, still to this day have markedly different attitudes.

My own boy children, the youngest of an age in the 2010’s that I was in the 1960’s, growing up in what might as well be a foreign planet compared to the world I grew up in, even though geographically less than 20 miles covers the difference, it’s a time machine, and that first step is a doozy.

He won’t be playing cowboys and indians, or indeed anything involving guns, and please don’t start me off about Call of Duty of some video game du jour…. even throwing a rotten tomato at another running boy taught you more about ballistics in 5 minutes, literally, that you will learn in a life time of playing fucking video games.

So since there are no cowboys and indians, there is no need to go into the woods and build tree houses and forts, or get dirty, and besides he will already be grounded for not playing nicely with the girls when they want to be all inclusive and set up a shop in the gateway for Fort Deathskull or some stupid inane shit.

God forbid Bill’s kid does draw a fighter plane, even one will a black will smith in it shooting an alien mothership and saving all the wimminz on planet earth from extreme tentacle sex and insemination, because it will be taken as a sign that the kid needs medication and therapy, and that Bill needs to be kept away…

January 28, 2012

Archiving your alibi

I have spoken at some length in the Internet Dating series of articles, and in other posts, about the importance in this society of creating your own alibi in advance by archiving your every interaction with the wimminz.

This is like wearing a parachute when flying, you may look like an asshole 99.99% of the time, but that remaining 0.01% of the time you are not going to give a flying fuck how you look, suddenly wearing a parachute will give you other options than putting your head between your legs and kissing your ass goodbye.

What you probably will not be aware of is the sheer volume of potentially life saving exculpatory evidence you can build up in one year with nothing more than an Android smartphone and Google services.

How does 32,475 SMS messages, 307 separate people you have spoken to on the phone, and couple of thousand emails grab you? Plus all the goodness of Latitude tracking you via the GPS in your phone…

I’m 50+ years old, and that is the sort of volumes of data that I am generating every single year, I imagine a texting mad teen could quadruple that without even breaking a sweat.

Frankly it is a *fascinating* exercise to go through the last year’s data come January, and shortly I will get to discussing some numbers, but first I want to make the point that even with my new life without wimminz in my home life to distract me, even though it is only one year ago and not the many years mentioned in false accusations by skank ho ex’s, this archive is chock full of things that I had simply forgotten.

The following is unedited from an SMS sent to me by some skank ho a year ago;

“In love you and I want to fuck outside somewhere. I do need you to fuck me and good and hard and sort me out. Need a real man to get me used to having big cock on regular base.”

What is interesting is not that it was a year ago, nor the fact that I did not in the end fuck her, which as you know is no defence, what is interesting is that SMS was around 24 hours before I discovered that the chick in question is a part time cop, and full time fucking liar and fruitcake…. in short she is in a perfect position to fuck some man over totally, even months or years after the alleged event, and the man she works over could be so totally innocent that even one year after the alleged event he has forgotten all about her… lets face it, the reason I forgot about this skank ho is BECAUSE NOTHING HAPPENED memorable or otherwise, and that is while relaxed and sat at home.

Traumatise me by arresting me and telling me I am an evil rapist to who going to prison for a very long time, and my chances of remembering what happened last fucking week are almost zero, and I say that from actual experience, and it takes MONTHS for your full faculties to come back and you can trust me on that too.

However I am now in the situation where I only have to remember one thing.


That’s it, that will pop into my head soon enough, no matter how messed up and upset I am, that will pop into my head, probably even before “I want a lawyer

So, back to the archive, like I said, I don’t try real hard, just make sure that all my transactions with wimminz are recorded to the cloud thanks to my Android smartphone and google services, and yet I build up 30,000+ SMS messages, talk to 300 people / wimminz on the phone and have a couple thousand emails, don’t forget, that 30,000 SMS messages in one year is what I have sent the wimminz, and what the wimminz have sent me, complete with any cunt shot pictures etc.

Where this gets really interesting is the “everyone is 6 steps removed from everyone else” scenario, in 2011 past year I have SMSed maybe 1,000 wimminz, spoken on the phone to 200 ( I could give you EXACT numbers thanks to my archives, but you get the idea) and fucked 37.

If we assume that these wimminz  are the same as me in numbers terms, which is reasonable and rational, that means each of these wimminz has SMSed 1,000 men, spoken on the phone to 200, and fucked 40, in 2011.

Already we are up to 1,000 x 1,000 = 1,000,000 individuals in the SMS network, 40,000 in the phone network, and 1,600 in the swapped bodily fluids network.

If each one of those has done the same we are up t0 64,000 actual sex partners only two steps away from me, 16 million phone partners and a billion SMS partners, so clearly there is a lot of non unique individuals here, and a lot more “cross pollination” than the pure math would imply.

In short, everyone is indeed fucking everyone else, and a LOT more than they will admit.

However, we are already at a place where these actual electronic records, and buddy, they exist, whether you decide to sign up and embrace it like I did, or whether you reject it, they exist, but we are already at a place where these actual electronic records are cross reference-able, it is just a computational problem to plot the connections between people, for example any SMS between two people of a sexual nature, or with a picture attachment, and the plot the connections between any two people via these intermediary relationships.

We are already at the point where it is computationally trivial for any single personal computer to go through a years worth of records for one individual, my laptop can do this as quick as I can type a search query, so searching for correlations between the records of two people, or incompatibilities, is trivial.

An Intel Core i5 can analyse and correlate and index that volume of data well enough to permit full text keyword searching in under 5 minutes.

What this means, is that there is already enough data out there, not just to determine who is talking to who, who is fucking who, but also who is lying about who fucked them, who beat them, who raped them…. the data already exists, the data has already been indexed, but just not with that purpose in mind.

What it does mean is that there is opportunity to crowd source or open source this, if you look at the numbers above, you come to a very interesting conclusion.

The population of my region of the country is around 5 million.

Say 2.5 million females, exclude the under 20 and over 50 and we have around a million plus wimminz, and trust me, they are all fucking and available to fuck.

Fact is they will all be within 6 fucks of me, and the more local they are the more likely it will be five or four or even three or just two fucks away.

So statistically speaking, each extra step is an extra order of magnitude of probability, the root of a million is a thousand, the root of a thousand is 31, and 31 different sexual partners in one year is not unusual in this internet generation. To be specific, the 31 would be wimminz, the thousand males, the million wimminz.

So I am two fucks away from a million women, let’s look at the numbers.

Lets say there are 10 guys like me in this region who archive everything as I do… there is a 10 in 1,000, which equals 1 in 100, which equals a 1% chance that one of the wimminz I fucked in the last year, is within two fucks of one these ten guys in the last year.

Stop and think about that, it only takes ten other guys to be doing my shit with archiving everything, before there is a 0.01% chance that one of the wimminz I fucked in the last year also fucked one of them, or there is a 1% chance one of the wimminz I fucked last year fucked some guy who fucked some other wimminz who fucked them…..

Flip that on it’s head by the way when it comes to wimminz with a Cluster B personality disorder, which by may reckonings is 10% of all wimminz, what are the chances you are one step removed AT MOST from one of these psycho skank ho’s?

But, back to my side of it, there is a 0.01% chance that one of the wimminz I fucked last year also fucked one of the ten theoretical guys who archive shit like me, and a 1% chance that one of the wimminz I fucked last year fucked a guy, who fucked a wimminz, who fucked one of the ten theoretical guys who archive shit like me.

SO already there is a 0.01% chance that MY OWN PERSONAL ARCHIVE ALONE has a bearing on what any one of those wimminz was actually doing in the last year when she accused MrX of beating / raping her, and a 1% chance that my own personal archive has some data on one of the one further step removed wimminz and men she is associated with.

The flip side is, if I could get 32,000 men to archive and track everything to the extent that I do, then every wimminz in the region, all one million plus of them, would feature somewhere in the records of one of those men…. 32,000 men out of a similarly aged sexually active population of a million plus men in the region is chicken feed.

Fuck, we aren’t even talking a google level of market penetration, or a VISA level, or a Coke level, we are talking small regional on-line newspaper, or small regional on-line dating agency, or small regional employment agency.

The technology is here, we just need to be aware of it, and start embracing it.

Yes, there is a 100% chance that the megacorporations and the state will use the technology to track you for THEIR ends, but dudes, they are doing that ANYWAY, what we are talking about here is a chance to turn the tables, as it stands there is a 100% chance that you have fucked an undiagnosed Cluster B psycho skank ho, or that you know a guy who has / is, and as it is there is a 100% chance that between google and Vodaphone etc the evidence to PROVE that those false accusations of domestic violence and sexual abuse are total made up bullshit, and a 0.01% chance the psycho skank ho in question is one step removed from my own archive, and a 0% chance you will either be aware of that or have access to it.

So, back to the archive, and as promised keywords, where “fisting” is different from “fisted” and fisting shows up one skank ho that I did fuck, who sent me an SMS saying

You could force me to take a whole wine bottle up my cunt. Then followed by you fisting me!

Which as we all know, is a billion miles from how she will, and did, portray herself when she screwed her ex over in family court, and what she told police when she got him arrested, and how she will behave in future with some other unfortunate.

Wouldn’t YOU like to be able to take advantage of MY data on that skank, I am sure her ex would, whoever he is, wherever he is….. he’d have loved to have been able to produce that SMS, indeed that series of messages etc, in his family court case where he got nailed as a sexual predator and a violent man with vile and disgusting sexual tastes.


by way of an edit, some of the math…

Assuming 40 sexual partners each, 1,000,000 / 40 = 25,000, so 25,000 men could fuck a million wimminz in a year, and vice versa.

25,000 / 40 = 625

625 / 40 = 15 and a bit

January 7, 2012

New category

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Called Android, which will allow me to post nuggets as and when they occur, as opposed to forgetting them.

Mmm.. ice cream sandwich

make me a sammich, bitch… lol

October 4, 2011

Internet dating in 2011 for advanced users.

Further to a conversation with a friend a couple of days ago…

…I thought it was time to talk about some of the more advanced aspects of internet dating.

The fact is that even if you are a hermit, typing your real name, your nickname/ handle, your email address, your mobile phone number, your street address, etc, into Google will bring up results.

Those results aren’t always “good”, particularly if you are a Man with a capital M who never indulged in politically correct crap.

You may have forgotten about the lunatic (literally) who believes that the illuminati are attempting to control his mind by way of secret signals embedded in television pictures, who you one day quite correctly on some obscure forum somewhere branded a kook, and you may have forgotten that he responded by calling you a paedophile, or you may not even have noticed because you filtered / blocked all his posts…

But Google didn’t forget.

So there you are merrily internet dating and doing very well thank you and you exchange email addresses to take things to MSN and suddenly the skank you were talking to ignores you, and you are wondering why.

Why is because she just typed your email address into Google and it came up with the kook in 2003 who accused you of being a paedophile / axe murderer / serial bigamist / whatever.

Having a rare name like Xerxes LaPlante just means that every google return sounds very very credible, having a common name like John Smith just means that every google return lumps you in with every other John Smith who ever annoyed a kook on the internet, and there are a lot of them.

So what do you do?

Well, the absolute worst fucking thing you can possibly do is to attempt to cover your tracks, because then every subsequent contact with any skank ho’s on dating sites is going to be seen in a bad light, here is the evil predator attempting to hide his history (the prosecutor will not give a fuck if said history is true or mere slander) suddenly you have fulfilled two of the three criteria necessary for you to be convicted, namely;

  1. Be stood in the dock as the accused.
  2. Be caught out in a lie or attempting to conceal something.
  3. Be unable to provide a cast iron alibi.

Specifically you just provided item #2 on the list.

Specifically in my case as you all know I was the victim of a False Rape Accusation as the opening salvo in my psycho skank ho ex’s separation / custody battle with me, and if you think rumours about that do not get on to the internet unless you are arrested and named in the Press, you need to wake up, your psycho skank ho ex will make sure those rumours are spread around the internet, just not in her name… all she has to do is anonymously email the kook you insulted in 2003…

So given that you cannot have no history, given that these cunts only ever look for material that paints you in a bad light, given that there is always going to be material that paints you in a bad light, what do you do?

You say “Fuck everyone stupid enough to believe everything they read on the internet.” and you take that attitude and you shove it in everyone’s face, and let it also be archived on the internet.

What you have then is “boy with a bad rep” who is quite happy to play the part, and frankly nobody who goes anywhere near you, employs you, fucks you, or anything else can claim innocence or victimhood.

Yes, you will get a significant proportion of skank ho’s suddenly disappearing on you, but you will not get less pussy, you are playing a numbers game and once you get to “enough” any missed pussy is not missed opportunity.

There is also the aspect to consider that any skank ho who does buy such internet gossip is probably exactly the kind of skank ho you want to avoid at all costs, so it has a positive benefit as a freak filter.

The one thing I do want to warn you about though are the groupies, the ones who read the internet gossip and who still want to know you, or worse still become fascinated by the whole thing and your devil may care, I don’t attitude to the whole thing. These groupie skank ho’s can be the kinkiest and best fucks out there, but frankly they are also kooky, so beware… be especially aware if they live within 40 miles of your own psycho skank ho ex, sure you can all spell “entrapment” so once again be especially careful to have IM / SMS / MMS / Email all archived to the cloud and no exceptions.

Do not fall into the trap of complacency either, just because your google results seem fairly safe today, google is like rust, it never sleeps, and things may be different in a week, and of course google is not the only player here, facebook etc all go into the mix and most of these sites are incestual and just index each other, yadda yadda.

You also have to watch out for emerging technologies that take a fresh look at existing data.

For instance any face pic uploaded to the internet in 2000 is probably still there, and a decade later this comes along


August 22, 2011

Google+ and outing myself

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Scott McNealy, then CEO of Sun, the people who put the dot in dot com, famously said 12 years ago on 1999, “You have no privacy, get over it.

Currently, at the time of writing, I am using the handle “Wimminz” to write this blog, anonymity of a sort, but not of the sort that can withstand any determined effort, or scrutiny from the State.

For various reasons, such as waiting for certain legal processes to run their course, I am not yet ready to come out of the closet, but that time is approaching.

When that time comes, you, dear reader, will notice two things;

  1. OMG, that’s who it is, after Googling my name, and putting many pieces together, stretching back to Scott McNealy’s pronouncement in 1999, someone who more than once has had his 15 minutes of fame, or infamy, in the small and iniquitous world of the online community.
  2. Now I get why this guy said fuck it, amd embraced all these tracking and tracing technologies, such as using an Android phone to sync location, SMS, call records, emails, etc etc to his Google account.

You will see that I am no stranger to online controvery, and having my real name published, you will understand that many times over the years friends have said to me “Dude, how about putting all that shit behind you and changing your name by deed poll?“, you will see that each time someone says something bad about you, and it gets published online and indexed for future retrieval by Google, it makes you that much more vulnerable to the next malicious person.

You will see that it simply is not possible to defend against such attacks, although it is indeed possible to keep your head below the parapet, and avoid arguably making matters worse by challenging each and every iniquity lodged against you, and refusing to back down.

You will see that since there is no defence to the “You have no privacy, get over it” world in which we live, once people throw stones at you, one possible reaction is to invite those people to share the spotlight with you. There is an element of Mutually Assured Destruction about this, but once the first stones have been thrown, your only real alternative is to take it up the ass, and keep taking it up the ass every time someone googles your name.

I wrote many months ago on this blog about a woman who met a man on an internet dating site, had two dates with him, had sex with him, THEN googles his name, find something bad written about him, THEN decides to claim that he raped her, then decides to sue the internet dating site for not screening its members and exluding guys who have been accused of shit in the past.

Since writing that two skanks that I have picked up and fucked googled me, and then messaged me saying they found what was written worrying.

I messaged them back to say “Read it ALL you stupid bitch, not just the first stone thrown” and both of them had to apologise, and I could take this attitude because as I caution all you men out there in the internet dating articles, I keep electronic records of EVERYTHING regarding my sexual liasons, allinstant messages, SMS, phone calls, GPS tracked locations, and it is all stored in many places, and backed up and indexed in Google’s cloud.

Yes, that is right, every single electronic conversation you had with me, where you are begging me to tie you up and fuck all your holes and use you like the dirty slut you are, archived and indexed by Google.

Sure, I DELIBERATELY set out to have all this data archived and accessible to me or my lawyers anywhere on the planet 24/7, but that deliberate effort is the only difference between me and everyone else on the planet, this shit is all archived and stored anyway, whether it is you telco or the state, it is all already being archived and stored in perpetuity, all I am doing is making sure I have access to it as well as the state, should I ever need to.

Simply because never again am I going to get into a situation where some psycho skank ho like my ex can make all kinds of ridiculous allegations, up to an including false rape allegations and allegations that I want to fuck my own kids up the ass, and all the state and secret family courts do is wring their hands and mutter “no smoke without fire” (when there is no smoke, no fire, all the physical evidence present goes against the allegations, there is nothing but the allegations, and those making the allegations make mutually exclusive and impossible allegations on oath, in fact there is nothing but the psycho skank ho ex screaming “FIRE!” and of course profiting from doing so) and submit £200 per hour bills to Legal Aid.

Where I “fucked up” previously is in just letting certain things stand as proof on their own, whereas what I should have done was put up a few static pages under a domain name, telling the story, naming all the names, and sit back and let Google continue to index that page, year after year.

The trouble is, you can’t do that shit once a process starts, you can only do it once a process has finished, (unless you want to court prison time for contempt of court from breaching rules on sub judice) and frankly when such a process is finished most people’s natural reaction is “Fuck it”, life’s too short, and get on with life and put it behind you.

But the fact is you can’t put shit behind you when you share a planet with a bunch of useless cunts who do not have the brains they were born with, and who have no interest in doing anything beyond googling “Fred Smith” and looking at the first page of results and putting 2 and 2 together to make 22.

You can’t put that shit behind you when everyone from a possible future employer, a possible future date, a possible future encounter with the police, a judge in secret family court, or a possible future encounter with a Cluster B BPD psycho skank ho false rape accuser, only has to type “Fred Smith” into google to instantly gain what they see as instant power and advantage over you.

Due to the distributed and interlinked nature of the internet, you can’t sue everyone and get the record straightened up either, not even if you are a rich, powerful and connected man like Dominique Strauss Kahn, and if he can’t get the record expunged, what chance does Fred Smith of Swindon, self employed electrician, have?

So what options are open?

You can put your head down and hide, or run, you can change your name by deed poll, which will be used against you as proof you were trying to conceal your past, or you can say “Fuck It” and invite everyone who was so quick to play games with your life for their own ends to join you in the spotlight.

But if you are going to do that, do it properly, make sure the content once published is distributed across national and legal and technical borders and boundaries, and via cut out methods so that even if you wanted to, you could not remove it. For example posting it (your story) as many separate chapters / text files across Usenet… and reposting it automatically every week until served with an injunction to cease and desist… it then cannot be unpublished, deleted or removed from the various indexes.

Because you are going to piss people off, and if you do the job properly some of them will have the power to curtail your freedom and liberty…. but that will be temporary, and that will pass.

So instead of googling “Fred Smith” and reading all about what a cunt he is for beating up his girlfriend and raping her (shades of the Hosfra boys, etc etc etc) you google Fred Smith and start reading about Jane Jones, who made all sorts of allegations against Fred, none of which stood up to scrutiny, many of which were mutually exclusive or simply so improbable as to be complete lunatic ravings, and as part and parcel of an otherwise unwinnable child custody case, and start reading about Detective Frank Drebben of the rape squad, who ignored all reason and justice, like the prison guards at Auchwitz, in his zeal to pin the alleged crime on you, but that did not stop him spending £75,000 of taxpayer money trying, and hell, the overtime paid the deposit on the new Merc anyway, and Bleedem & Leech, the family law solictors who basically walked into secret family court with an innocent man as a client, precisely zero evidence against him, what evidence there was supported him, and managed to lose the case spectacularly, but still managed to pad the legal aid bill out to £25,000, and Fishona Byke, court appointed psychologist, who knew which side or her bread was buttered and sucked up to the paymaster, up to and including making up shit out of whole cloth, seeing as there was no actual basis in fact for any kind of negative report on dad, and reams of stuff including self harming and suicide bids etc etc to scare the crap out of you about mum, and not forgetting Judge Dredd, referred to by many secret family court barristers as being a law unto themselves, as opposed to being an upholder of the Law and Justice, you know, their fucking JOB.

And google sits and indexes and indexes, and after a few years links have grown between that original story and many, many, many similar stories, many of which feature the same players, Judge Dredd, Fishona Byke, Bleedem & Leech and of course Detective Drebben.

If the psycho skank ho is prolific enough, there may even be links to other guys she has fucked over.


This sort of “you can spin, but you can’t hide” exposure is already being given to CEO’s like Bob Diamond, “Fred the Shred”, politicians like Tony Blair, David Cameron, Rupert Murdoch, the “Bullingdon Club” H^H^H^ “The Cabinet” (sic) and all the links in between and betwixt.

It is about time it filtered down the the modern day equivalents of the guards at Auchwitz, and the Quislings, and the people who “Just sold butane” to run the ovens, and these are the tools to to that with.

We are all monkeys in a cage, being peered at by google and the state, it is about time more of us starting flinging our shit around to ensure that everyone has a nice even, fair and equitable coating.

In the meantime, embrace and extend all that data collection and archival, and like me ensure that you, or anyone you nominate, can access it from the cloud at a moment’s notice, anywhere on the planet.


Just for shits and giggles, I just typed “fred smith rape” into google, and on the very first page of returned links found a “hit”…be afraid, be very afraid…

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