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April 1, 2012

Woke up this mo’nin Lord… hoooo yeah…

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I gots da blues, or more accurately I been diggin the blues this fine spring morning, in the solitude, security and tranquility of my “man cave“.. lol

I also note that my active targeting by the feminazis has escalated from being targeted by the mangina niggerz groupies to being targeted by the lower echelons of feminazi skank ho, but it is all grist to the mill and having mentioned it it is forgotten and water under the bridge.

Being a man cave, my pad is basically clean and tidy, only me to make a mess and if you pick something up when you mess it up you don’t get a mess, so there is no housework to do, there is no food shopping to do, because I eat once a day when hungry, so food lasts a loooong time, and so I have a few relaxing hours to kill before going to meet the latest PoF slut.

My time is my own, and so, being as my time is so much more productive than when I was running around after my psycho skank ho ex as dad’s free taxi (diesel has almost doubled in cost per litre, yet my weekly diesel expenditure is around the same…) and so perversely because I can get so much more done per hour, I am far more likely to just chill and relax and enjoy life.

I don’t have any sense of urgency, sure I have a long list of things to do, but I make progress through that list at a time and pace of my own choosing.

It’s a bit like the PoF skank I am meeting later, I have 10 minutes pencilled in for a coffee, but if she is fuckable and up for it since my days and my time are my own, I can spend and hour or two porking the bitch in all her holes and making her squeal with pleasure and passion, or I can come back here and chill or listen to music of spend some time on Skyrim… lol

Couple of days ago I was sat on the sofa with one of the regular sluts, she came over to blow me but we got talking, so she says do I want to get blown or not, and I say “Sure, or don’t, can’t say I’m worried either way...” and not only does she, but the “don’t care if you do” devaluation just made her all the more eager to please and suck down a load.

Which brings me to this morning, and a text from a mate, who asked me a simple question, and the simple question was this.

“Is anything wimminz say about themselves or their nature as wimminz true”

And being a man, and a thorough kind of guy, rather than just giving an off the cuff NO, I thought I would think about it for a bit, look for the exception the proves the rule and all that.

You know what, in the past 90 minutes sitting here and day dreaming and drinking coffee I have come up with a big fat zero.

More importantly, I am at a place where I see this “image problem” as something entirely of the wimminz and niggerz own creation.

Rather like the skank that commented on the last post, my opinion of her and other feminazi skank ho’s is not my problem, it is theirs…. if they wish to address it, they are at liberty to do so, BY CHANGING THEMSELVES AND ATONING FOR THEIR SINS.

Their redemption, or otherwise, is a matter for themselves, and a matter of no consequence whatsoever to me.

Trying to shame me or telling me I am a sad fucker with a small dick just doesn’t even feature on the radar of a guy getting more free cunt than you can shake a stick at on PoF, especially when even the lowest quality cunt I am getting is way, way, way to the nth degree more sexually attractive that the feminazi skank in question.

As I type, Plastic Bertrand, “ca plane pour moi” is playing, which is of course “this works for me”… lol



  1. something to be said for solitude, leisurely wake ups, and a low cash flow lifestyle. On the other hand, who will tend the single man when he is old and needs his diaper changed? In the western economies, the price of labour is very high.

    Comment by anonymous — April 1, 2012 @ 7:53 pm

    • Very high at the moment. Wait until the SHTF, which may not be too far off.

      Comment by Tim — April 2, 2012 @ 4:17 am

    • Indeed.
      Though the silence isn´t everybodies cup of tea.
      I´ve rediscovered Radio, Webradios or Podcasts discussing the stupidest shit are often a good filler too. 10x better than the inane prattling of any wimminz.

      As for the retirement plan, FUCK IT!
      You think the 3-4k€ retirement a good paying job nowadays will yield is going to be worth something when a loaf of bread is going to cost a wheelbarrow full of cash? If they will still allow cash.
      Though if the fucking NWO has succeeded that far than retirement is going to be the least of my problems.

      Some old broad WIMMINZ talked with mentioned pills. She´s on the right track IMHO.
      9mm is more like it though. Much more reliable than some shitty “look at me I-m-ah dyin´” pill.

      Comment by hans — April 3, 2012 @ 4:47 pm

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