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Horse sex and patriarchy

There is an interesting article on the BBC news site, which discusses how horses, mares akshully, who are sent off to stud, turn into sluts as soon as they are returned to their own stable in an attempt to disguise the paternity of the foal.

It further states that if these mares are kept separated from the stallions in their own stable, they spontaneously abort the foal, as it would be impossible to disguise the paternity of the foal. This self induced abortion is a well known syndrome, and it is known as the Bruce Effect.

It then says, and I quote, The strange sexual behaviour may have evolved because of the risk of infanticide – seen in many species that live in male-dominated social groups, where a male will kill offspring of other males in a struggle for dominance. unquote.

So basically, this is just the infamous patriarchy again huh…

But wait, we are talking about domesticated thoroughbred horses here, not fucking wild mustangs in the dawn of history, red in tooth and claw.

Pack leaders killing the pack offspring sired by the ex pack leader has as much to do with modern horses, of both sexes, as child murder and rapine in Viking days has to do with modern human society, e.g. sweet fuck all.

And yet, the mares act like fucking sluts as soon as they screw around away from home, and spontaneously abort the foal if they can’t screw around.

The stallions have absolutely fuck all to do with this HARDWIRED female behaviour.

My lying cunt skank ex has had TEN fucking abortions, and all of them were elective, and all of them because the pregnancy failed to trap the guy who was told he was the fucking father. In at least six of these cases that I know of, he wasn’t.

Because this same behaviour is also hard-wired into human women… the womb is the meal and status ticket, provided the male of the species can be made to believe that the foetus contains his DNA.

The cunts cannot help, prevent, or control this shit, it is hard wired into them at the fucking genetic level.

The thing is, for all the fucking skank feminist cunts bigging up themselves about what feminism has achieved for them, the truth is that there was one singular event that more than everything else put together gave modern women the world and the freedom that they now have.

That one fucking thing, invented by men by the way, was the oral contraceptive pill.

The pill gave women absolute control over their womb.

The hilarious and ridiculous fact is that the introduction of this power came hand in hand with the automatic right of women, and women alone, to kill any foetus in the procedure known as abortion, even though the contraceptive pill SHOULD have made abortion LESS needed or wanted than before.

Of course, what happened was analogous to fitting a car with a pile of safety equipment, the drivers just drive more dangerously to achieve the same comfort zone level of danger. Which in reality means more accidents, but because of the safety equipment, less deaths.

So when you give women “safety equipment” like the pill, they fuck around even more than the skank ho’s did prior to 1960, and they have more “accidents” and so the number of abortions goes through the fucking roof, while the number of children carried to term per average woman has dropped through the fucking floor.

NONE of this shit is controlled by the concious mind, this is deep cell level hard wired programming… same as the drivers and their preferred safety levels.

At around about the same time, two other men make an invention / discovery, and thanks to Watson and Crick, we have the science of DNA.

Now, since the womb was first invented in nature, the mother has ALWAYS KNOWN FOR A FACT that the offspring contained 50% of her DNA, they knew this before we even knew what DNA is, they knew this before the invention of the wheel and discovery of fire.

But now, in the past generation, it has become both practically and commercially viable for men to determine if they have DNA paternity.

You can probably see where this is going…

We are probably only ten years away from a hand-held mobile phone sized device, that can, for the cost of a mobile phone call today per operation, do a DNA match test on any two tissue samples…. at the moment DNA paternity tests only ever get invoked in nasty divorce proceedings, and even then, usually by women who are pretty sure that they know the answer… yeah, they were indeed screwing around, but not that particular week.

Once THAT shit (mobile phone sized DNA testing) becomes available, and doing a DNA test is as easy as taking a photo, it will of course be men using this shit, because women already know that what comes out of their cunt is theirs, that, my friends, is when the fucking wheels will fall off the feminist wagon, if they have not already due to global financial and energy markets.

I had a friend who used to do blood work in a very large regional hospital, and he told me that it was an open secret (this was circa 1990) that around 30% of children were not genetically related in any way to the men who thought they were the fathers. As he said, that is 30% based on blood types alone, which means the true number has to be higher.

When the “iDad?” (sic) comes out, I fully expect to see an absolute fucking minimum of 50% of kids tested not being a DNA match for the “dad” doing the testing, and if that “dad” has three kids to test, well, you can see where this is going too.

Oh, and you assholes out there who “know for a fact” your wife would never deceive you so, well you are the fuckers most likely to have been “cuckooed”, that’s not my opinion, that’s fact, ask my blood lab guy. It stands to reason, the more suspicious the man, the more careful the woman has to be…

But we started this with that excuse for female cuckoldry and infanticide known as “patriarchy”, and the fact is that there really isn’t any such thing as patriarchy, there is just hard wired female cuckoldry and infanticide, and in the past we were smart enough to acknowledge this and treat females appropriately, chaperones etc, now the skank ho gets to fuck guys like me when she told you she is having a girly night out / in, and that kid you think is yours…. well….. put your name down now for an iDad? dude.

patriarchy is just a bullshit umbrella excuse that the wimminz use so they can fuck everything, and have dumb shits like you care for them, raise their progeny, and elevate their status. In THAT sense patriarchy does indeed exist, and those who invoke it the loudest are the skank cunts cuckolding and infanticiding the most.

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  1. In THAT sense patriarchy does indeed exist, and those who invoke it the loudest are the skank cunts cuckolding and infanticiding the most.

    GOLD. Give that man a cute petite Chinese wimminz who will do ANYTHING to achieve Permanent Resident status (aka Green Card in USA).

    Comment by DGAF in Miami — May 29, 2014 @ 4:34 pm

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