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“That which we are not / do not do”

That which we are not“, it’s a common refrain, spammers use it to redefine the actions of spammers as being different to the actions they themselves do, abusers use it to redefine abuse as being different to that which they themselves do, and of course the corrupt use it to redefine what corruption is so as to exclude themselves…

The corrupt secret family court parasite psychologist charging 200 an hour to maximise the long term involvement of the secret family court, parasites like themselves, parasites like social services, etc, will define corruption as passing brown envelopes of unmarked non sequentially numbered cash under the table, and thus since they do not do that, they are not corrupt.

You don’t have to go very far to find a lawyer with an apparent shred of human decency who will privately admit that all these hangers on and the system itself is a trough filled by the public purse at which these parasites can sup at will and gorge themselves, nor to admit that far from the welfare of the child being the first and sole priority, court is paid to the skank ho mummy, because it is her signature that is needed to open access to the trough of cash, the kids are minors and can’t sign shit.

Yet for these apparently decent lawyers humanity is just a veneer, nary a whistle blower amongst them, after all they have to work within the system themselves, and they all have an eye on the path of advancement from lawyer through barrister to judge, and the fact that such advancement only comes when you get the approval of those above you…. it all starts to sound very reminiscent of the guards at Auschwitz, reassuring all and sundry that they themselves never worked in the ovens or shower, nein, but vot can you do nein?

Such an attitude, frankly, didn’t wash in 1950, but then we as a race were more adult then…

Of course the lawyers will just point at politicians and say “we are not as corrupt as them“, and the politicians will just point at theĀ  unelected government that is the civil service, and say “we are not as corrupt as them“, and they will point at the MSM and say “we are not as corrupt as them“, and the whole lot of them will point at johnny foreigner and say “we are not as corrupt as them“.

Specifically, they will all also go to great lengths to stress that corruption itself is something that they themselves are not, and do not do…

I have travelled much of the world and lived in many foreign countries and cultures, I know all about kumshaw and 20 dollar bills in your driving licence and gifts and parties given to those potentially awarding contracts, and frankly it is all a lot more healthy, and above board, and open, than the form of corruption that is not really corruption that we have here in the western world.

If you complain about corruption in the other areas of the globe those who you are trying to corrupt simply ignore you, non kumshaw = no trading permit, no 20 dollar bill in the driving licence = trip down to the station and a ticket for speeding, no gift and parties to tender = no contract.

Here in the west they attack you and do their damndest to destroy you, how fucking dare you suggest that I am corrupt, you filthy scum, I will now phone my equally incorruptible peers in the secret family courts and lo and behold you will find yourself cut off from Legal Aid, cut off from access to the legal system by being hit with a S91(14) injunction barring you from filing any further actions in your case, threatened with imprisonment for “contempt of court” for “lying under oath” where lying = telling a different story from the one approved by the skank ho ex and all the court parasites anxious to get their noses into the trough.

And not one of the cunts can actually look you in the eye and hold your gaze, funny that…

At this point I wish to quote Kurt Vonnegut, another old man, much older than me, who has learned from experience in the school of hard knocks…

It occurs to me that the man and his religion are one and the same thing.
The unknown exists.
Each man projects on the blankness the shape of his own particular world-view.
He endows his creation with his personal volitions and attitudes.
The religious man stating his case is in essence explaining himself.
When a fanatic is contradicted he feels a threat to his own existence; he reacts violently

It is the last line that explains the essential difference, in other parts of the world the corruption is open, here in the west it is denied at every opportunity, and anyone daring to question the status quo in any way (“How the FUCK did you arrive at that conclusion yer honner? Given all these facts that you have studiously ignored, including expert Police testimony that not only did I NOT do this thing, but that I COULD NOT HAVE DONE this thing? And the only people claiming I did are my skank ho ex and the parasites eager to get their noses into the trough, and they have precisely zero evidence of any kind whatsoever?”) is treated as a threat to their existence and treated violently.

And you know what? They are fucking right.

Because people like me who ask questions and expect straight, logical and consistent answers ARE a threat to their existence, and from their perspective we simply cannot be tolerated, or allowed to spawn others, or allowed to congregate, or allowed to illuminate the darkness.

And it was ever thus, before the fall of every single great civilisation in human history.

People, younger people, ask me “So you think the UK is collapsing in power?” and I laugh at them, and tell them that when I was a boy in short trousers, not in prehistory, but in my own human lifetime, half of the fucking globe was pink, (traditionally in the UK atlases and globes used the colour pink to denote UK and commonwealth territories) and we had already lost the USA and Australia, and that when I was a young man, in almost any corner of the planet, even bum-fuck-nowhere states, simply producing your dark blue UK passport was instant guarantee of being treated with respect and dignity.

And I tell them, the UK has already collapsed, the collapse is ongoing around our ears, it has not yet reached bottom, you cannot see this because you live in the woods and have never ventured outside, and you cannot see the wood for the trees, or see it dying.


  1. christ and odin, it’s hard to think of how far we’ve fallen. Mark Stryn’s new book says Europe is moving downhill at a rate expected in his last book. It is we, in USA, that have accelorated our decline tremendously. I hope the 2012 elections can turn things around, but since the Repubs suck so hard, I doubt it.

    Oh, I’ve played cards with those people in the picture. Don’t do it yourself, they cheat.

    Comment by Legion — August 13, 2011 @ 6:08 pm

    • we have further to fall my friend, it is always darkest before dawn, but this is still early evening…..

      Comment by wimminz — August 13, 2011 @ 6:10 pm

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