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Religious fervour.

Religion. It is not necessarily a belief in “God”, it is more true and accurate to say that it is a belief system, the subject or object of that belief is immaterial, as it is the belief system that lies at the heart of it.

Science is the exact opposite, science is about not believing anything at all, unless you can prove it, repeatedly, on demand, with no variation.

You cannot be both religious and scientific, you can kid yourself all you like, but you either apply the scientific method to everything, or you do not… and yet the fact is many people will define themselves as being both religious and scientific, or rational, because put simply most people do not understand either science or belief, both are hidden mysteries of the subconscious mind.

To give a sanitised and redacted example, I have been to secret family court, and I nearly ended up in open criminal court, after a False Rape Accusation made as in integral part of a child custody battle.

One of the several serious allegations made involved physical evidence, this physical evidence was subjected to very extensive scientific scrutiny, specifically Edmond Locard‘s forensic science, and the results of that very extensive scientific scrutiny, was that I was the one person on the planet who had been thoroughly and extensively tested as to whether I had ever had any kind of contact with said physical evidence, and found to have had none.

That leaves several billion people on the planet who have not been tested, including the person who told the police exactly what they would find and where to find it, e.g. the psycho skank ho ex.

Despite the fact that I am the only person on the planet whom it has been proven scientifically cannot possibly have had any contact of any kind with said evidence, the judge in secret family court decided that said evidence was inextricably associated with me, and was proof that all the other allegations made against me were also true, case closed, you are a sexual and psychological and physical danger to your own children, so you shall not have any contact whatsoever with them until they are 18 and adults, at which point they can make up their own minds, next please…

Now, I did see gross negligence and incompetence (which I shall write about shortly) exhibited by the judge in secret family court, but I did not see any conspiracy (which I have written about) so what exactly is going on?

Why and how is the judge in the secret family court behaving like the Red Queen and believing six impossible things before breakfast, and finding of fact?

Religious belief is the answer.

To a logical and scientific mind, since I am the only person on the planet totally excluded from having any connection or contact with said physical evidence, it must be someone else, and the logical place to begin that search for someone else is with my accuser, who told police what they would find and where they would find it, and whom according to Locard’s Principle, would inevitably have traces of said connection.

Should (I am being scientific here… lol, it might not have been her who planted the “evidence” and called police in order to win a child custody battle she would otherwise have drawn at very best) my lying psycho skank ho ex be connected with said evidence, then we have what I said on day one, a deliberate and premeditated campaign to Pervert the Course of Justice in order to win a child custody battle, and to frame an innocent man for a serious crime to boot.

Back in the real world as soon as the misandric rape squad police determined that the said physical evidence had no connection whatsoever to me, and more so could not scientifically or physically possibly have ever been handled or possessed or used in any way, shape or form, by me, instead of performing the same expensive and time consuming tests on my psycho skank ho ex, they destroyed said physical evidence.

So, in the real world, a scientific judge should have said “Mr Bastard, you have been proven to have no connection whatsoever with exhibit X, Mrs Bastard, exhibit X has been destroyed by Police, and so we cannot prove whether you did or did not plant it as evidence on Mr Bastard, and so you cannot be charged for that, however, Mr Bastard’s testimony and statement upon arrest is entirely consistent with the scientific factual record, and Mrs Bastard’s testimony and allegations before this court is entirely inconsistent with the scientific factual record…

A scientific judge would then be forced to conclude that the remainder of the allegations, all of which are he said / she said in nature, must be found as unproven against Mr Bastard, because the scientific forensic evidence specifically exculpates Mr Bastard, and proves Mrs Bastard’s testimony as regards to that allegation, and the allegation itself, as false.

A religious judge (again, religion as in belief systems, not belief in God) who believes that the wimminz be oppressed and the men are all patriarchal bastards, will not be free to take that view, because that view starts a chain reaction, and the judge’s own internal belief systems are always, without exception, held in higher regard than any mere externalities.

A religious judge must preserve their own internal belief systems first and foremost, so the man is evil and did it all, and he can never see his kids again, what a good days work that was saving poor innocent wimminz and kidz from another evil man…. and the judge will actually believe this to be true.

Just as Christians will believe that Jesus lived and died, and then rose from the dead… and he did this for all of us, individually, born thousands of years later.

Clarke said that any sufficiently advanced technology was indistinguishable from magic, certainly the laptop this is being typed on and the files it contain would have been nothing less than magic a mere century ago right here in England, much less 2,000 years go in the desert.

Scientifically speaking the most probable hypothesis for Jesus, assuming he actually existed and was not merely fictional, is that he was a humanoid alien visitor, certainly any space-faring technology capable of travel between star systems in non geological time would be sufficiently advanced to perform all the so called miracles ascribed to Jesus and God.

This would of course mean that both the devout and the scientific would be beating at path to NASA, the former to get closer to God, the latter to determine if he exists.

Now, the fact is that the idea of selling the scientific method to the secret family court judge who considered me a sexual, psychological and physical danger to my own children, is EXACTLY as difficult and equivalent a task as convincing a bishop or cardinal in the church that Jesus was really a grey, or perhaps green, or borg, but certainly alien, and THAT my friends is why the system cannot be changed, it can only be starved to death.

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