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Wimminz morality, or lack of.

There is an excellent post over at the False Rape Society discussing the almost ignored subject of demographic profiling of actual rapists, as opposed to the wimminz screeching that all men are rapists. Go and read it.

Basically your actual rapist is most likely to have been created by wimminz in a household that had no male influence or presence.

Wimminz raise rapists and thugs. Not Men.

Which leads neatly into the subject of today, dealing as it does with wimminz claims of morality, while in actual fact being singularly amoral at best.

The pic on the right leads on nicely from yesterday’s “beaten by his wife in a burkha” cartoon, these are sharia cops, give wimminz guns and a uniform and a job to specifically go out and police morality… what the fuck could possibly go wrong.

Have we always been this fucking clueless?

Well, here and there you come across websites that really do not just live up to, but exemplify all the ideals that “the internet” was held up as having the potential for, back in the early nineties, and one such website is a one man effort to document everything about the history of his home town.

This website is a FUCKING REMARKABLE effort, (no wimminz would have created this) and is clearly a passion for the guy who created it and runs it.

It deals with the history of a town/city by the name of Exeter, in the County of Devon, in the UK, and if at this point you are thinking “meh, I don’t live there and don’t know anyone who does either.” then you are missing the point, this is all about HISTORY and what it can teach us.

This truly excellent website has amongst is many fascinating other materials, a page that lists every single person who has been executed in the town/city throughout history.

The first reported execution is one Alured de Porta, executed on 29th December 1285 for his part in a murder, Alured was Mayor. So we are looking at every capital crime in one area for some 750 years.

Thing is, over the years, plenty of wimminz were executed along with the men.


Agnes Prest was burned at the stake 15th August 1557 for heresy.

Thomasine Swanson was executed on 29th August 1614 for murder

Thomasin Turner was hung on 7th August 1671

Mary Trembles, Temperance Lloyd and Susannah Edwards were all executed on 25th August 1682 for witchcraft (olde speak for being wimminz, bearing false witness against men, etc)

Alice Molland was hung in 1685 for witchcraft

Mary Warren 8th May 1735 for the murder of her male bastard child

Mary Dulen 29th August 1735 for the murder of her male bastard child (these two are about illegitimacy and inheritance fraud, not because the kids were boys, illegitimate female kids were rarely killed)

Johanna Bryant and Dinah Turner and Ann Cummins, 11th April 1740, as above

Martha Allen 29th August 1740 stealing a horse

Alice Stribling, 15th April 1743 for murdering her apprentice, one Elizabeth Tossle

Mary Wadland murdering her child

Elizabeth Packard poisoning her husband

Susan Philips murdering her child

Agnes Collier murder

Elizabeth Staddon arson

Ann Windsor murdering her child

Frances Hallson murdering her child

Frances Wilkinson horse theft

Alice Bishop, murder of her infant daughter

Alice Twisden burglary

Elizabeth Waldron murdering her child

Rebecca Downing poisoning

Elizabeth Rumbelow sheep stealing

Joan Pierce murdering her female bastard child

Joan Stone arson

Mary Ann Martin, poisoned Margaret Palmer

Betty Limpany arson

Betsy Hulee murdered her husband

Jane Cox poisoning

Mary Woodman poisoning (her husband with arsenic)

Kezia Westcombe as above

Mary Kellaway murdering her child

Mary Ann Ashford poisoning

Annie Tooke murdered and dismembered 6 month old Reginald Hyde

Charlotte Bryant poisoning

and the list finally ends with one Gordon Trenoweth, hung 6th April 1943 for the murder of Albert Bateman


Three things should leap out at you, MURDERING THEIR OWN FUCKING CHILDREN, and poisoning, and arson.

Sound familiar?

Now, I do not want to distract you from thoughts of “no wonder wimminz are so pro abortion“, you can muse over that whole subject at your leisure, I want to address another point first.

Here we have a historical record of all capital crimes committed in a 750 year period in one area.

What happens when we look for rape?


Rev Peter Vine 5th October 1743 for the rape of Elizabeth Dark

Patrick Butler and John Watson 19th April 1759 for the rape of Mary Baker

William Downey, James Fox, Thomas Mercer and Dennis Kenny 31st July 1761 for highway robbery and rape

John Stiles, James Oliver and John Owen 2nd May 1768 for the rape of Ann Tucker


and… ummm, that’s it.

and it has to be said that in any event the 1700’s were a pretty lawless time in the country as a whole, footpads and highwaymen were running amok, but even so you will note that there were 4 rape “cases”, three of them being gang rape, in 750 years.

You also have to figure in population density over the 750 years in question, any place with 1,000 residents in the 1200’s was A FUCKING MAJOR METROPOLIS. (several English towns have been considerably larger than London in population terms throughout history until the 17/1800’s)

NOW, now we can go back to the shocking prevalence of women murdering their own children, and poisoning both other women, other children, and their husbands, and deal with it again.

And, since this is the full list of all capital crime executions in one area for over 750 years, let us ponder one more thought.

How many men in this one area in 750 years murdered their own children?

sit back, relax, look at the list linked to above on the original site, smoke em of you got em, and ponder that for five fucking minutes.

Done, now go back and see how many men in this one area in 750 years murdered someone else’s children.

Then see how many men murdered women of any kind, wives or not.

I’m not even going to address the fucking inanity of the wimminz “waaaah, booo hooo, whaddabout all the unreported rapes” because we are dealing with historical fact, not bullshit speculation, you want to play that game and I can simply accuse every woman in history of murdering at least two bastard children, but in cases which weren’t reported, so there you go..

This important historical data is incredibly clear, and basic human nature has not altered one jot in 750 years, while individuals will commit crimes against other individuals, and it is truly horrific to be the victim, when taken statistically for society as a whole, WHICH USED TO BE THE FUCKING BASIS FOR OUR LAWS, the picture is very, very, very clear.

  • Actual rape, as men have always understood it from time immemorial, is exceedingly fucking rare.
  • As Pierce/Archivist noted in the FRS article linked above, this historical record shows that 90% of the exceedingly rare rapes that do occur are perpetrated by otherwise violent criminals.
  • Men almost never kill their own children. Come to that, men almost never kill any children.

There were extremely fucking good reasons that for most of human history, the word of a wimminz was completely fucking worthless, dust in the fucking wind.

Butler Patrick 1759 19th April Rape of Mary Baker


  1. Apart from the obscenities: Brilliant. It reveals exactly what an unbiased guess would suggest, yet bears no resemblance to the fantasies put about by the Press, The Government and The Feminists (i.e. ugly fat women). Good work.

    Comment by Opus — April 6, 2011 @ 1:25 pm

    • The true obscenities are the lies about the nature of Men that have been foisted upon us all.

      The wimminz object to a bit of anglo saxon expletive, which is reason enough for me.

      Comment by wimminz — April 6, 2011 @ 1:34 pm

  2. Bloody hell… how much cocaine and alcohol were our grandfathers ingesting when they decided to buck the tide of all of human history, the example of every successful civilization, and grant the vote (and right to hold office) to fookin’ wimminz!?!? Lunacy.

    Comment by Ian Sinclair — November 7, 2011 @ 2:47 am

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