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December 7, 2013

The Necromoronicon

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As Peter Cook said, jokingly, wtf made anyone think whales were intelligent, when was the last time a whale produced a top 10 song.

It got me thinking, or what passes for thinking, about that which must never be mentioned by name… *s*n*t… and in particular alt.binaries.e-books

So, just for shits and giggles, I set newsleecher to download everything from the “dailies” for the last few days, which queued up a total of just over 2,000 e-books.

Once downloaded and imported into Calibre, it was time to clean up the dupes, a few of these were mirror dupes, mainly they were the same book in different formats, anyway, when done, 1,331 unique titles left.

Now go through and select every title with a wimminz author, calibre pops up the book cover so even if the title doesn’t give the content away the cover does, click remove from library.

Down to 358 books

Go through them and see from the cover which ones are clearly written by wimminz using androgynous nom’s de plume, or men’s names, delete

161 books left

delete all the warhammer and star trek crap

122 books left

Nota Bene, these are just BROAD filters, exclusion filters, excluding only wimminz authors, and 100% of their output in fantasy sex shit, utterly opposite from an inclusion filter, such as sci-fi only, ignore everything else.

In this 122 books there is a fairly broad range, tom clancy, feynmann, a little sci fi, a couple of westerns, a couple of crime/detective ones.

But the point is from my random sample of some 2,200+ titles, we are down to 122, which represents about one half of one per cent.

eg 99.5% is chick lit crap.

Now, I’m a reader, not a writer, but let’s take DMJ’s book.

I have not read his book. No particular reason, it falls into the cluster of things I do read, so why haven’t, why, so far, has Broken Roads been that one thing NO retailer can track, the sale that was not made, the lost sale? At least as far as me as a unique potential customer goes.

Number one is I dislike the price disparity, 11 bucks for a hardcopy paperback that is printed and bound and packed and shipped and lands at my door, but 7 bucks for an electronic version that DMJ could have produced himself with Calibre, and yes I understand the vast marketing reach of amazon and resellers margins, but really? 7 fucking bucks for something that has a unit cost of maybe 0.5 cents to process and deliver electronically?

Is DMJ getting the lion’s share of this 7 bucks? I doubt it.

Is the 7/11 bucks ebook/hardcopy price break indicative, eg it costs 0.5 cents to produce and distribute an ebook, and 4 bucks to produce and distribute a paperback? I doubt it.

Number two, again, speaking personally, I got no use for poxy proprietary file formats, nowt wrong with epub, Amazon can kiss my ass with their kindle lock-in, I will either read a ebook with Calibre on my main PC or Moon reader on my Samsung Note 10.1.

Number three, I have nothing against paying for shit that I consume, you can tell from the above that I know how to get pirate copies of anything I want, and yet my PC and Android devices are littered with software and apps and data that I have paid for.

The stuff I have NOT paid for is simply because either;

  1. the pirated shit simply worked better than the paid for shit
  2. the shit itself is worth max maybe 1% of what the seller is demanding
  3. I already paid for that shit five times over (eg music) and to this day you don’t offer that shit to me in a format I want to use
  4. I just wanted to look and play, not keep and use, but you don’t offer a working demo
  5. while I am happy to pay for the shit itself, your insistence that you will bundle it with a bunch of shit I do not want and not give me any option about installing it without that other shit made it a no sale
  6. I’m not prepared to buy your other proprietary device or service (kindle / xbox / ps4) just so I can use this shit.

But I cannot enter into any form of negotiations with you that I could if I was dealing with you face to face over a shop counter, not because electronic trading forbids such things, but because you simply are not interested in selling anything to anyone who does not want it your way, up the ass.

Number four, market dilution, see the above where >99.5% of literary output is wimminz writing shit that frankly, if I tore the pages out and wiped my ass with them, I’d have more shit on my ass than when I started… the ONLY way I know of DMJ’s book is because *******I******* fucking found him and it in my browsing and clicking, so tell me, why should I give one red fucking cent to your marketing machine Amazon? Why should DMJ, for such a putative sale?

In fact, it is the likes of Amazon and the other publishers who diluted the fucking market in the first fucking place…. I should be able to walk into a high street bookshop and ask where the science fiction section is, and when I get there I should be able to find the hard science fiction section…. good luck with that.

If I have to trip over piles of 50 shades on the way in the shop I am not fucking going in.

I don’t mind paying DMJ to read his shit, to me it is the same as buying some beers for the guy jamming down the pub or telling a story over a fire.

I don’t see why I should have to pay Amazon for something they have not done, marketing, as far as my individual potential purchase is concerned.

That is like being in the pub anyway because you were wandering down the street and fancied a pint and spotted a likely looking watering hole, so you walk in and there is this guy jamming with a guitar, and you go up to the barman to get a drink and maybe listen to the guitar guy to see if he is any good, and some cunt in a bow tie walks up and gets in your face and demands a 5 buck entry fee before I can hear any notes guitar guy plays, hey, bow tie cunt says, I’m his fucking agent, I promote his act, fucking pay me.

end of numbers

This ain’t about DMJ or his book, this is about media, distribution, business models, etc etc etc.

When the unit cost of publishing a single book from a single author is measured in cents, or fractions of a cent, and you seek to make money by making trillions of such micro transactions, that what fucks shit up.

It was EXACTLY the same in the early days of the internet, it used to take money and effort to get online, and sure you didn’t like everything you found, but you didn’t find crap because nobody had the resources to upload crap… even when it started to take off as enough of a mainstream thing that there was now a world wide web and a web browser, and therefore potential viewers, you spent a ***LOT*** of fucking time ensuring that NO page on the website was over 50 kilobytes, and the front page better be less than 25 kilobytes, and this was for EVERYTHING, including graphics, check everything for load times over a 9.6 or 11k modem connection, and load processes, ALL the text better load first, while the gfx downloaded line by line as the images appeared like a slowly lowered blind.

The came Assholes On Line and (in the UK) Freeserve, no more cost per minute for the modem connection, and just like the chick lit, it turned to crap, world + dog had websites, contents of my desk drawer in puke technicolor and BLINK and all 230 web safe colours.

It just devalued and buried everything else.


we live in a world where you decide to buy a coffee, si you go to starbucks / costa / wtf and who cares it all tastes like shit and the fucking cardboard cup is literally a greater cost to the shop than the coffee / milk / electric to make it.

you know how much the cost is of the chicken in a mcfuckits? 6p per portion, that’s about 10c american, eg it is the cheapest ingredient

you know what the so-called managers in high street retail food chain shops (I mean restaurants here, not walmart) spend most of their time doing? juggling staff and rotas to achieve the industry target of making wages never exceed 40% of the TOTAL costs of that particular outlet.

all of the above are factual by the way, so, back to tracking the sale that was not made for DMJ’s book, in my particular individual case, I’ll buy that fucker when TRUE values are represented, eg Amazon treats it like a loss leader, and go “Hey DMJ, we just sold another copy of your book to some guy called AfOR, here is the 5 bucks he gave us, and here is 6 bucks from us, making a total of 11 bucks for you.

Maybe then I won’t have to download 1,000 books to find 50 that I might possibly read, it’ll be like publishing used to be, you know, in the bad old days when you walked into a bookshop and found it full of Petersen how to books and the latest Larry Niven and Clarke and Dictionaries and Thesaurus and maybe even a Gazetteer or two.

Music is already there, so is video, only video I watch now is fly on the wall shit.

Turn your speakers up. And the sub-bass… To 11

November 25, 2013

People fucking….

Well, as discussed previously, bout August the couple upstairs have a blazing row, about her cheating, plod get called, he is carted off in cuffs, and within a few days the guy she wasn’t cheating on the arrested guy with moves in…

with me so far?

Now, in the weeks leading up to this, I could hear them fuck, but, most of what little noise there was came from him, and they didn’t fuck very often, maybe once a week, maybe once a fortnight.

As soon as the new guy moves in, they are fucking every night, making FAR more noise, and it is all HER making the noise… not just moaning, but verbals too.

Fast forwards a whole three fucking months to today, they are fucking maybe twice a week, maybe once a week, and it is back to both of them making the same amount of noise, eg not a lot……  it’s just grunts now, all the ohmygodfuckmebaby from her has ceased totally.

Now, three months isn’t long enough for her, or his, sexual tastes to have changed, it is long enough to get to know someone and how to press their buttons, so you’d think the sex would be getting better, not worse, but the audibility tells one story, and the frequency tells another, different, but related, story….

Another story is told by the fact that about two months in, after it was clearly wearing off, he went out and bought himself a console, and I can hear him playing GTA-V more and more every day.

Another story is told by the fact that the wild monkey sex mainly used to happen after they came in late from a night out on the town, and they aren’t doing that much lately either.

What DOES happen after three months living together is this…. if you are having a fake modern relationshit where everything is a facade and an act, then three months is more than enough time to explore and plumb the depths of the shallow relationship that is on offer, and of course, the flip-side of that coin is it is then far too LATE to decide to open up and really show the other person the real you.

This is the story that is never told when the other story is told about the nice reliable beta type guy being viciously kicked to the kerb and having his life ruined for the bad boy to get his shoes under the bed, because it calls into question the whole notion of beta provider and alpha bad boy.

It calls it into question because they are more often than not THE SAME FUCKING GUY, the only difference is temporal, at one time you are the new cock she has just discovered, and some time later you are the old cock that no longer makes the juices flow… or perhaps the old cock that has seen every ohmygodfuckme trick that you know, and the novelty is wearing off, for him, or her, or both.

I have never yet in my life met anyone who was 100% alpha, or 100% beta… I have seen guys who were *incredibly* “alpha” pull some unbelievably beta shit at other times with other people, and I have seen some through and through beta wimps get all alpha and won’t back down at other times with other people, and then both go straight back to being alpha or beta or whatever the fuck the label was that was supposed to define them.

I have also seen many *alpha* males fail utterly at banging some skank, and remaining utterly oblivious of the fact that the beta wimp they just dissed without so much as a conscious thought is the guy who is secretly banging the skank in question.

No-one who has gone anywhere near the kink scene is unaware of the class of people who have day jobs that are high powered or high skilled or high profile, and the secret fetish is being as submissive as fuck… yet no-one apparently tries to fit this class of people into the whole alpha / beta / gamma schtick.

Probably because it doesn’t fit, so rather than asking why it doesn’t fit, the whole thought and concept itself is simply discarded.

Easier to write off your next loss or win as “beta bucks, alpha fucks”

Easier than using the fucking brain and eyes god gave you anyway.

Nature, (with a capital N) I have observed in over half a century on this planet, abso-fucking-lutely abhors two things, and just two things, not one thing, not three things, but the number of things it abhors is two…

  1. A Vacuum
  2. A steady state

Rather like the beautiful simplicity of e=mc², these two things can and do explain 100% of everything in Nature, from evolution on up, or down, depending on your perspective…

Nature will not permit “the archetypal alpha male” to be anything more than a transient phenomenon, being pack leader has a shorter life expectancy than being pack cripple blind in one eye, nor will nature permit said alpha male to operate in “God mode”, the more powerful they are the more pronounced the Achilles heel.

Bunga Bunga Billionaire Berlusconi, can’t conceive of going 24 hours without some young cunt within arms reach, couldn’t go 30 days ghost if his fucking life literally depended on it.

Is this Alpha?

If it is, then the definition of Alpha as punted by everyone in the manosphere and pua community is wrong.

In my previous job I encountered some *seriously* wealthy and influential people, but not a one of them in their high profile public environment, I met them all in their private selves lives, and not a one of them carried any more personal aura than the help… the alpha everyone saw in public was as no more than a suit of clothes they put on to go out.

It’s wasn’t them, it was image…. to give one example, in private there was nothing more “beta” than their attitudes towards their child, who was blind, and they would have willingly handed me 200 billion US$ (and this was back in the day when that was a lot of money…lol) if I could have done a Jesus and given that child the gift of sight… the handicapped child was their Achilles heel.

So was this person alpha, because they could have bought bill gates out of petty cash, or beta, because of the Achilles heel for which they not only had no defences, but they literally exhibited a completely different personality and mind set.

The Krays loved their mum…

If the definition does not fit 100% accurately, then the definition is useless.

Less than useless, because the definition will prevent you from seeing and understanding what is actually going on.

What was actually going on with the neighbours and the old boyfriend and the new one isn’t anything to do with alpha or beta or anything else… it is all to do with people living their little lives in little walled gardens in their own castles in the sky, and the grass is always greener in the next chapter, even when it isn’t, because I know each one of these blades of grass individually, and, what is worse, they know me.

Hypergamy is something else you can throw in the bin with alpha and beta, if it isn’t a universal explanation then like alpha/beta it isn’t an explanation of any kind, just a label used by the lazy in preference to thinking.

When simple and humorous observational sayings like “If all brides are beautiful, where the fuck do ugly wives come from?” cannot be explained adequately and in every single instance without exception by your model, then your model is wrong, and just failed empirical analysis, so the simple observational saying has more worth.

January 15, 2013

Do Androids dream of eclectic sheeple

I have banged on loads, and with reason, in the right sidebar about the vast benefits of equipping yourself with a smart-phone and a google account and tracking everything.

In response to *many* emails and messages, this is my 101.

As previously discussed;

  1. Get an Android smartphone
  2. Sign up for a google gmail account
  3. Set the gmail account in the smart-phone and set everything to sync

Now, the details.porno

Android is great, but it is the apps that bring it all alive.

I have already discussed Google Latitude providing you with a historical record of WHERE you were at any given time or day, now let’s boost it.

Once you have done steps 1 to 3 above, you can sit down at any computer with a web browser and point it at https://play.google.com/ and login with your gmail address and password, it will log you in to the play store, and identify the phone you created the account on in step 3 above.

Now you can use the search function to search for apps, and even install them to the phone automagically from this browser window, get all these and install them.

  1. SMS Backup +

    Jan Berkel

    This app creates two new folder in your gmail account, “call log” and “sms” (you can rename them) and will either manually or automatically back up all call logs and sms / mms messages to these folders, it will also restore if required… in addition, it will also add the call log records (incoming and outgoing) to your google calendar.

  2. Barcode Scanner

    ZXing Team

    This is a barcode reader that reads all sorts of barcodes, including QR codes, you can do all sorts of neat stuff like share phone numbers, full contact info, map locations, wifi accounts, it is “just” a utility app, but so useful you should grab it and use it.

  3. AirDroid


    AirDroid starts a service on the phone, over wifi, that allows any computer to type a URL such as into a web browser and see an interface to the phone… this URL, along with the required password, is displayed on the phone screen. From the computer browser you can then send and receive SMS, up / download photos, browse files, listen to music, etc etc etc… very handy tool

  4. Dropbox

    Dropbox, Inc.

    Cloud storage, if you grab an app called Sandisk Memory Zone it will do an online backup to cloud storage of selected directories on your phone, eg DCIM / camera.

  5. Titanium Backup PRO Key ★ root

    Titanium Track

    Titanium is pretty much the Android backup tool for backing up installed apps and user data, but it is pretty pointless unless you back it up to a removeable miniSD card in the phone, and NOT to the phone internal memory, because anything that wipes the phones internal memory will wipe your backups too, and many tools like Odin etc are capable of wiping and moving partition tables on your phone’s internal memory.

  6. Cheetah Sync for Files/Folders


    Wifi File Explorer is the tool to use if you want to browse the file structure of your phone from a web browser on your computer, and while it is good for moving single files to and fro, it doesn’t work for quantities of files, enter Cheetah sync, which can sync from phone to PC, or PC to phone, or both ways, just select the folder on the phone, the folder on the PC, give that sync job a name (you can store many different sync jobs) and whenever you feel like it, run it… I have one job that syncs my entire 32 GB miniSD card in the phone to a directory in my laptop

There are others, SeekDroid is handy for locating a lost phone, or remotely wiping it, Qik is an app that uploads a photo to a web-server as soon as you take it (handy to defeat po-lice instructions to wipe / delete), WhatsApp is a handy way to send pictures without incurring a charge as you would as MMS, Magnify turns your phone into a handy magnifying glass, Brightest Flashlight is self explanatory, there is a WordPress app to allow you to post to blogs like this, and one for Drupal if you host yourself, the beat goes on …

The point is, you are walking around with a technological marvel in your pocket that would have utterly blown away not only the entire moon landing effort, but also anything that ran the first “modern” version of Windows, 95a, aka Chicago, WITH ALL THE PERIPHERALS INCLUDED.

Most people only use 1% of the functionality.

All I suggest you do is use 5% of the functionality, you are getting tracked and traced and recorded anyway, this way you and your legal representatives get access to that data too.

There is NO EXCUSE for a man to get convicted of a false accusation of DV or sexual abuse.

The only downside is other extreme laws, and this article would not be complete without mentioning them, this especially applies to all you men out there with kids who have a smartphone.

  1. In many places, such as the UK, extreme and child pornography is an “absolute” offence, and the “absolute” means that in Law, no defence can be made. You ARE guilty.
  2. In many places, such as the UK, “possession” is defined as being in a position of responsibility, if your kid comes to visit on your one weekend in the month, and this kid has illegal shit on their phone, it is in your house, they are a minor, you are the responsible legal adult, you will be deemed to be in “possession” in Law.
  3. In many places, such as the UK, “making” is defined as what your web browser already did when it displayed the image above.

To sum up, if that image above was of a girl who was, or WHO APPEARED TO BE, less than 16 years old, it WOULD be classed as child pornography, to which no legal defence is possible, you own the device it is displayed on, or the property in which the device it is displayed on is sat, so it WOULD be classed as possession, and of course as per point three you WOULD in Law have been making that image.

Making and possession of child pornography, no defence possible, guilty, sex offenders register, probably prison time too.

These are not possible or probable outcomes, they are absolutely guaranteed as certain as death cancer and taxes outcomes.

Being in the company of a child is now far less dangerous legally than being in the company of the smart-phone in the child’s pocket.



It is one option, you can encrypt your phone, and your PC, and sooner or later the word privacy will be mentioned, but you don’t have any privacy, all this data I am talking about making available to yourself above is already being collected anyway, that is how the technology works, so there is no privacy, and once you realise that then encryption ceases to be a tool to protect your privacy, and starts to be a tool that law enforcement see as a sign of guilt…

Sure, the fuckers have access to all that data anyway, they just tell your cell provider to pony up and grab your computers and smartphone, but the key phrase with law enforcement is the thing they say to you when they arrest you.

“Anything you say may me taken down and used in evidence against you.”

Doesn’t say shit about anything you say may be taken down and used as evidence to exculpate you and eliminate you from enquiries.

Standard procedure is in fact to simply ignore anything that might show your innocence, all they are looking for is stuff that makes you look guilty… encryption makes you look guilty, and doesn’t prevent them getting cell data anyway.

A citizen under arrest and caution is the last motherfucker on the planet who should be arguing about civil liberties.


May 1, 2012

By the river’s dark

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It’s a Cohen song


But the point, the point isn’t even the song, the lyrics, the fact that it is one of some 40,000 on the mp3 jukebox… don’t get me started on quality or audiophiles, nothing in less than 192kbit/sec, and my home is not an anechoic chamber, it sits on a main road opposite a major railway line and river all within 100 metres.

The fact is that I sit directly in front of my Giant flat screen TV / Media centre PC monitor, at just the right height.

To either side, again at just the right height, and just the right position left and right for the ideal stereo image. and on solid granite bespoke stands sit my old but trusty 1981 Technics speakers, fed by the trusty old 1980 Sony tuner, playing sounds that could date anywhere from the fifties through classical to current shit.

On the coffee table are two laptops (actually one, one is on my lap as I type this) and over to the side is my Android smart-phone on charge and running AirDroid so I can access it and control it through a web browser interface on my wifi LAN.

Sat next to me is a proper coffee made in my proper coffee machine, which sits in pride of place in my kitchen, which is incidentally clean as usual, all work surfaces wiped down and clear and clean, my coffee machine is sat where it is easiest and nicest to work with, not just shoved in a corner.

Next to my bed, on the side I generally prefer to sleep, is my lamp, and opposite is my clock, the kind I like e.g. a station clock with a large analogue face and a mechanism that makes a nice loud TICK sound.

Last night at one am I started to watch Robocop, just because I felt like it, and needed no by your leave from anyone else…. today I went to my barber as it has been a couple of weeks and had my usual #1 cut all over and the edges trimmed, while I am there my phone beeps and a skank ho is asking if she can see me and suck my cock before the weekend, I put her off because I have a prior with my fave.

Tomorrow I’m back in court, my psycho skank ho ex, the never ending issue of my boys getting unrestricted access to and contact with their family, and eventually their daddy, in which my psycho skank ho ex thinks she is punishing me, by keeping herself out of my fucking life.

The other job I did today was stop by my mum’s place and see she was ok, this is one thing she (my psycho skank ho ex) is guaranteeing she will not have in old age, boys who give a fuck about her.

The EU/economic/politicial/social situation is still sinking into the mire and getting worse, so I shall also be smiling at all the worthless cunts in the court from the judge on down, your days on the gravy train are numbered, assholes.

Times have to get bad indeed, before a smart and resourceful MGTOW feels even the slightest effects of the storm that is shaking everyone else’s trees.

Nero fiddling while Rome burned, it wasn’t the way the recent history books like to present it, just a man roasting his marshmallows over the flames of the burning society that richly deserved to fall from its own hubris.

My biggest problem in court is to not laugh, no bitches please stop, I can’t take any more of your “punishment”, please let me get back on my knees and earn my way back into your good books, so you can fuck me over again……

… and we are being played out with Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms…  lol

April 30, 2012

The snail and the tortoise.

First, in answer to a question for a reader, No, I never eat cunt, never never never, fact is I won’t even kiss a skank ho so why would I get down and lick some hole that has has more cock and cum deposited in it than……….  you get the picture.

Second, in answer to a question from a wimminz reader…

Wimminz fall into three main categories, the fuck once and leave, the fuck up to three times and leave, and the fuck more than three times.

In the more than three times / friends with benefits stage, which you can ONLY get to by fucking me well, there is an opening for what you ask for / about, there is an opening to turn that into something longer term / more solid.

Sadly for you wimminz this won’t work on those of us who have been falsely accused etc, that bit of us that you rely on winning over has been surgically removed, but it is the way to a man’s heart, and the fact is it always has been.

You do not have to be pretty, or slim, or great in bed, provided you are not ugly, or fat, or smell, or crap in bed etc.

What you have to do is sneak under the radar and defences by just being easy to be around, make sure I am fed and watered, make sure your place is CLEAN and comfortable and welcoming, make sure you don’t make any demands of me, or ask any prying questions of any kind about if I am seeing anyone else when I am not with you… don’t be loud, be quiet, but smile often and never take offence, life is too short for me to be having a go at you.

You will be surprised at how often such a wimminz can keep sneaking under the radar and you have to keep re-setting the perimeter defences, and a week later she has sneaked under them again, just by employing that seriously out of fashion female tactic…

… she is easy and pleasant to be around.

Simple as that jack, really nothing worthy of note in any of the single columns such as looks / legs / ass / etc, but an across the board lack of NEGATIVE marks is how this kind of woman keeps sneaking past your perimeter defences.

It is impossible to overstate this, “how to get a man” isn’t a list of things the modern wimminz has to do, but a list of things she has to STOP FUCKING DOING, such as STOP BEING SUCH A BITCH 24/7….  it didn’t impress us when JC did it in Dynasty in the 80’s and sweet fuck all has changed, except the marketability of JC’s cunt.

I have a regular who is overweight but dealing with it and quietly dieting, fuck all to look at, not one single part of her body you can point at and go “phwoar” and overall she is not a sex kitten, but she smells clean and fresh (not NOT of pine scented crap, just soap and water clean and fresh) all the time, her house is clean all the time, she will make me food or drink on request 24/7, nothing is too much trouble, if I mention something in passing on a Monday about a fucking parking ticket on the Thursday she will ask how I got on with the parking ticket.

We had one “shit test” moment when we first met, and she instantly learned that one.

I end up spending a lot of time in her company.

Will I ever give in and marry the bitch and live happily every after, go fuck yourself, what I am trying to explain here is that by being a “traditional woman”, this particular wimminz has made more progress with me than any other 50 wimminz put together, and she did not need to be 25, or 125 lbs, or great in bed, or drop dead pretty to do it.

She did it by simply being easy/nice to be around, by being pleasant company.

Shock horror, she is almost at the place where I could call her a friend, and yet the irony is that she is nothing like the “little wife” the feminazis hate, and has many of the empowered independent characteristics that they adore, so it isn’t even a fucking lifestyle thing, there is no connection whatsoever between being an arrogant ball busting bitch and a successful career woman

You could almost be forgiven for thinking that the too ugly and nasty to fuck feminazis decided to brainwash all the other wimminz so that they could have company, and wannabe lezbeens wimminz to fuck, by telling them a load of bollocks about men, and what men wanted, and how to get ahead in the world.

I know a company secretary / PA who is basically unsackable and basically runs the company as though it were her own, for a very good wage with none of the liabilities.

She does it by letting the boss’s pronouncements  and antics wash over her, and sitting there and quietly doing what needs to be done, often ignoring him, rarely consulting him before the fact, but she gets the job done, while allowing him to blow off steam.

It WORKS, it is a feminazi‘s nightmare, but they ignore that fact that it is HIS capital and HIS 50 years worth of connections in the industry that make the business viable.

AS a TEAM they work, and she is well compensated financially, and she is quietly building her own capital and 50 years worth of connections in the industry.

And so it is with my “fav #1” as it were, with whom I have to keep re-setting the perimeter defences, she acts as though her only aim in life is not to prove her superiority to me, but to work as a team with me, doing those things that she happens to be good at.

So the answer to the wimminz reader is this;

“Be a 1950’s housewife” with the proviso that you are no longer allowed to be, either by your fellow wimminz or the state itself, so all you can ever hope to do is approach that ideal.

Similarly you will no longer find a 1950’s husband, none of us are allowed to be that any more, either by the wimminz and their niggerz or the state, and we have been burned so often that most of us are mere cripples, so all you can ever do is approach that ideal.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

In the land of the feminazi wimminz and their niggerz, the clean, fresh, quiet and zero hassle wimminz is the queen, or the closest thing to it, in that we constantly have to keep resetting our perimeter defences.

It is in her nature, and the society we live in, to fuck me over, but provided you maintain the attitudes you went in with, and keep resetting those perimeter defences (and do it in front of her) she will keep herself in line.

if you don’t, she will revert to type and fuck you over, and you will have no-one but yourself to blame.

  • Never eat cunt
  • Never say those three little words
  • Never kiss em full on the mouth, suck a nipple if you must.

a wimminz will say “love you” at you 100 times a day if you let them, and you should let them, but treat it like a dog barking affectionately at you, it abso-fucking-lutely does NOT require a response from you…

… if you are asshole enough to respond in kind, go and kill yourself now, it is quicker and less painful than the future the wimminz and their niggerz have in store for you.

April 25, 2012

Dreams, you can’t bullshit em…

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I have long suspected that 99% of the dreams that I temporarily remember upon waking were only triggered by a pillow reducing blood flow to the brain and 5 seconds of what basically amounts to hallucination.

I don’t think you can categorise this as sleep apnoea as it is caused by pillows / quilts / whatever and not anything within my body itself.

Either way, dreams do not have an accessible script writer or editor, so maybe there is a link between finding a 2008 pic of my kids in the bottom of a box as I was tidying the workshop yesterday, and a dream about my ex still being a psycho skank ho some years in the future.

These “nocturnal dreams” are different from daydreams, I can daydream about all sorts of shit at will, but the nocturnal ones are directed and edited by something deeper.

Clearly finding that photo triggered some process that later manifested itself as a dream.

I’m finding sex is getting more and more like a night dream, or smoking, or, rather, not smoking..

Not smoking, also referred to as quitting, has many of these same qualities, up will pop some sketch in which you are smoking, shades of the dream in that you can’t direct it or deny it, but of course like a daydream you can dismiss it, and get on with whatever it was you are doing, and you have beaten another cigarette.

And that is true for smokes, drink, drugs, anything that you formed habit forming pathways in your brain for, the pathways are always there, and there will always be random shit that sends the odd dreamlike thing down the pathways, and you’ll get that urge again… all you have to do it tell it to stay buried and fuck off.

I am finding elements of sex in this.

I’d quite like a good [         ] now, the trouble is, while the fantasy [       ] is great, in reality it won’t be like that, and it will definitely have negative aspects, so do I actually want a [       ] right now, or am I just fucking bored? In which case I should get off my ass and do something productive and worthwhile and entertaining.

The [       ] of course being a blank where you fill in what you like, smoke, drink, fuck…

There is also the stated but often ignored “I’d quite like a GOOD [       ]…”  so ignored that you didn’t actually read that rider / proviso / word in the para above, and yet it was there.

A good [       ] is a good thing, but an average / mediocre [       ] is crap and a waste of fucking time and effort…. trouble is, we all know 99% of them are average / mediocre / crap, and chasing after that good one no longer has the magic allure / pull it used to.

Waking up next to a hot wimminz sounds good, in reality waking up alone, making my coffee, chilling, sitting here in my towel ready for my morning shower with my laptop on my lap and no fucker to nag me or get in my space is better.

I guess what really started this was talking to one of my skank ho sluts, because as you all know (if you don’t, you bloody well should have known this) all wimminz dream of a state wherein every man who has had them spends the rest of his life having no other wimminz but dreaming of and pining after them, and my throwaway comment that I could give up wimminz as easy as I gave up smoking.

What upset her was the follow on comment that since the pathways are there in your brain, you only have to give up one smoke at a time, or one slut at a time, and if you just stop and ignore the craving for even one second, and think instead how “good” that individual smoke / skank ho is likely to be, or not, not that good, not unique at all, not rare at all, not a grab it now or forever lose it opportunity, still available at the same cost in 10 minutes, suddenly it ain’t that hard to beat smoking… or skanks…

But, it is true, and the secret is a simple decision, do I control the pathways in my brain, or do I allow external forces such as nicotine or cunt to write pathways in my brain and THEN MANDATE THAT THEY ARE USED.

That’s the issue, whether it is cunt or nicotine or booze, once that pathway is written it becomes an autobahn, the easiest route, and every other route seems to have signs directing you to the autobahn, so it is oh so easy to give in.


So why, given that these pathways once written stay there, and once there are so easy to use, and given that dreams are so out of my control, but nevertheless triggered by real world events…..

… why do I never dream of having a smoke?

… why do I never dream of getting married?

… why do I never dream of having more kids?

…why do I never dream of banging some young incredibly hot chick who worships my ass?

No, instead I dream about my dad, and my number one son, and time and space and reality are all twisted so that we can all be “there” together, wherever “there” is, but apart from that it is pretty basic stuff, no flights of fancy, no impossibility, just doing ordinary stuff and having ordinary conversations, but conversations based upon a real awareness of the world, and wimminz, so for example we have my dad who is long since dead and my number one son who is far too young to have even heard of such things, discussing the PIIGS and the fall of the western economies and a world in which each one of us represents the very last of something, in my dad’s case the very last proper father, in my case the very last proper time served engineer, and in my sons case the very last born into the old western world.

February 19, 2012

it’s a funny old world…

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I was reminded this week of the importance of always treating your skank ho’s with the contempt they deserve.

One of the longer running skank’s who was only longer running in the first place because she was amenable to me dropping by, getting a blow-job, and leaving, is now on her way out… I have mentioned this skanky piece of meat before, she has a surprisingly good body and is a surprisingly good suck/fuck, but get too close and her personal life is a fucking disaster area.

The danger here of course is because the slut provided on demand good sex and nothing else, you start to think it is a bit of a good thing…

…which means that when she pulls the inevitable (AWALT) shit test on you, you may do something other than mutter “fuckit” and walk away and cross her off the list.

Fact is with 20/20 hindsight this particular skank slipped a couple of teensy tiny shit tests (sorry, not available to suck your cock tonight) past my defences, which I put down to her genuinely chaotic lifestyle, shrugged, paid it no attention and carried on because after all it ain’t like she was the only cocksucker in town…

So when this poked up on my radar at a concious level the solution is simple, the bitch is history.

But it raises a really good point, and related to that point is the fact that if my dad had told me this shit when I was younger, I would not have listened, you have to learn shit for yourself, BUT, and here is the important bit, when those self learning life events come along, it makes a hell of a difference is the “reference materials” are lying around to hand and kinda familiar… so even when dad is no longer around, I can replay in my head what dad did and did not do, how he acted, how he talked, and come up with a damn good idea what he would say, were he still around, now that I am ready to listen.

___THIS___ by the way is what psycho skank ho mommies steal from their male children when they exclude the father from that child’s life, the kid grows up without a good model of “what would dad do/say?” in his head.

So, anyway, back to the plot, and the advice my dad would have given me, were he still around.

That advice would have been that the very first sorry, not available to suck you cock tonight, even though the cock sucking was free, even though I lost nothing, even though I had other options, was a game over event.

A game over event, because pleasing me was not her top priority, and when pleasing you is not a wimminz top priority, they cease to have any purpose or function in your life…. I got better things to do with my life than come second best in the eyes of some skank ho who can’t even keep her sink clear of dishes….

Thing is, any salesman will tell you, when you lose a regular customer your “sales gaydar” goes into overdrive, and you pick up on an new sales outlet / opportunity, and you do that because you are acting and thinking in ways that you would not be, if you were living off the fat and getting your cock sucked on demand.

And so it goes, not back on PoF because you never left, but back with that extra smidgen of hunter’s relish, and because there are always Plenty of Fish in the sea, you soon replace the not available tonight skank ho with a better one.

And THAT, my friends, is the real point, you are in effect always trading up.

Even if the new skank ho isn’t empirically better than the just shit-canned skank ho, the fact that she is new, that she has not succumbed to the inevitable “familiarity breeds contempt” scene that all wimminz get, means she is a trade up from the one who got to that stage… “New Game” syndrome.

The other point that needs stressing here is no man is an island, it simply isn’t possible to have dealings with wimminz without it having some sort of feedback effect into your life… y’all KNOW this shit, this is the mechanism that traps you in a relationshit for years of misery…

It’s a lot easier to stop that wedge before the fucking thin end ever gets near you, and boy, sorry, not available to suck your cock tonight is the thin end of the wedge, it is the point at which the wimminz familiarity with you has started to breed contempt for you.

The lesson you YOU need to learn here is that being wimminz, this is NOT a fucking lesson they are CAPABLE of fucking learning, AWALT, remember, it is hard-wired into the bitches at DNA level.

As soon as it manifests itself ALL YOUR OTHER OPTIONS VANISH, you have a stark, binary, choice between allowing that thin end of the wedge into your life, and back to mangina niggerz land it is for you, or fucking it off entirely out of your life. Nothing in between.

The lessons my daddy would have taught me is I have to learn these lessons myself, as do you, but you need some shit like this article to be lying around within reach and conciousness when your moment of learning that particular lesson cometh, otherwise you end up feeling pain and hurt and confusion and all that good shit that is often branded as the price of “love” or some such shit.

This shit is a MAP, to help you navigate your way out of the trees that have become a wood while you were not looking or paying attention.

Sites / blogs like this are just a way of paying it forwards, I am legally excluded from directly being able to leave this shit lying around in my male kids consciousness, but paying it forwards is a way around the feminazi culture we live in today.

I have LEARNED enough that I take one look at a pic of a wimminz, click, my brain instantly picks out the clues, dark dark nail varnish, check next to the “submissive slut” check-box, and so on, I don’t even really consciously know I am making these judgement calls half the time, only afterwards do I realise, and I am right so much more often than I am wrong with each little check-box, and the overall picture I am so close it is uncanny, yes, AWALT, but there are variations, and it is within these variations that we must live our lives, ply our trades, and graze.

Just this week I had a PoF wimminz tell me that she was aware of the fact that I was exactly the kind of guy she liked being around, I made her laugh and feel alive, I was exactly the sort of company she wanted, but she really did not want to fuck me, because she knows I am all about the fucking and once I fuck her it is game over, and I had to remind her, I only agree to hang out with her on condition she introduced me to her slutty skank ho friends… I tell them all wimminz only want fried snow, and no man should ever pay any attention to a wimminz say what she wants, because wimminz do not know what is best for them… worst thing a man can ever do is listen to what a wimminz tells him she wants / likes / needs, and they fucking laugh, and another one of the skank ho’s is sacrificed to be impaled on my cock… win/win

See, the thing is, you just cannot ***know*** this shit at the age of 20.

God I wish I could go back in time, knowing what I know now, and all that good stuff, but not possible, not because time travel is impossible, but because it just takes X number of years of living in feminazi land to learn this shit down pat.

But you can get a “map” at 20, a “crib sheet”, a “walkthrough”, a “for dummies”.

Follow it to the letter, come back later and wonder about how and why that shit works.

Wimminz, cos God needed something to make cats looks dependable.

February 4, 2012

Wake up and smell the skank ho

Sometimes it is really, really, really hard to deal with guys who claim that they are ready for, and want to, take the red pill and embrace all that good shit, but when you attempt to give them the help they ask for, all you see is the previously hidden subconcious leviathan rise up from the depths of their personality…. and boy is it one dumb motherfucker.

So we are over at this guys’ place, let’s call him Steve for the purpose of this post,  and I’m showing him some tech stuff when the PoF app on my Android smartphone pops up notifying me of a message from some skank ho, which gets us into a discussion of PoF and how to use it, and thinking there is no substitute for the real thing, I whip out my laptop and fire up PoF and we start to look for some skank ho’s starting with the small coastal town where he lives.

We don’t have to search long before he says “Oh wow!” at one of the profiles, if you are interested you can go to PoF and search for the user profile bubblylol, meanwhile I am gagging, trying to understand what the fuck is up with this guy, and if he has heard one single word I have said.

So if you check out this profile, it had (this profile is constantly being edited) one profile pic with the skank ho in question wearing, and I shit you not, a Tiara…

As if this is not enough, I mention to the guy that a previous version of this profile stated that with pic was taken 5+ years ago, another skank ho with digital camera, webcam and smart phone camera that can’t supply a current pic.

So then we get to the profile, which is want want want, and then it gets worse, first date names a man with a profile on PoF and accuses him of being a “woman beater” so this is presumably her ex who she presumably slandered in family court with a wad of false accusations and victim status.

Then, just in case there is some vomit left in your body, there are THREE assholes on PoF who are on this skanks “favourites list“, e.g. she has been or is banging them, and these total fucking asswipe manginas and niggerz start talking about what a nice skank ho this is, and how she has had a real hard life, and just needs the “right” man to make her life better…


… and this is about when I realise that the leviathan from the deeps of this guys mind has really risen to the surface, because he starts defending this skank ho slut to me, completely oblivious to the fact that these three “testimonials” are nothing more than “cock I have had and controlled” look at me exhibitionism on her part on what is supposed to be a profile for “dating”.

This guy has bought it, all the lies, all the bullshit, based on nothing more than his need to feed the leviathan, and believe that this skank ho just needs a craptain save a ho like him to ride in and protect her, and in return he will have the dubious pleasure of joining the public list of ball less wonders who pandered to her professional victim-hood status…

I sigh, close the lid on my laptop, lean back, look “Steve” in the eye, and ask him straight, does he want my help / advice or not, because if he doesn’t, I have better things to do.

I’m asking “Steve” to murder the leviathan within, to kill the largest part of himself, he knows it, I know it, we also both know his answer…. I sigh some more, get up, pick up my shit and walk out.

You know who you are “Steve”, and we both know you will be reading this, so the point is I didn’t walk out on you dude, I just put the necessary distance between myself and the niggerz within you, because that niggerz within you is harmful to me health, wealth and liberty, and you chose not to offer me the choice to hang out with you, minus your leviathan niggerz within.

We also both know something “Steve”, your leviathan niggerz within fucking hates my guts… more than anything else on the whole planet.

January 30, 2012

Home truths

Here are some home truths, you may not like all of them, you may not have heard of them, you may not be old enough to have come across them, but the chances are that it is just a question of enough time having to pass before you find out for yourself.

  1. Your sense of smell, it is an amazing thing, you may not be a dog but it is far more sensitive than most humans give credit for, unfortunately if you are a smoker (I should know, I used to smoke) you are killing this sense, so there will be a whole raft of smells that you will be unaware of, here are some of them;
    1. Old cunt, by old cunt I mean no longer fertile, it has a definitive smell, like all smells, very hard to describe, but you non smoking guys that have fucked old cunt will know what I mean, it is a faintly unpleasant smell, and if you ignore this signal and fuck it the unpleasant “musk” smell gets far stronger, and in me at least is raises and instinctive need to vacate the premises, pronto, cue the Android app Fake Call Me…. it is nature’s way of telling you to stop wasting that sperm.
    2. Fertile cunt, at certain times of the month, there is some chemical trigger that smells identical to one of the chemicals given off by curing / drying silicone caulk as used by builders and glaziers, I don’t know what it is chemical wise, but if you have sniffed silicone and done it from behind you will have noted the same smell.
    3. Fecal fat slut breath, all obese bitches, their breath smells faintly, or not so faintly, of fecal matter, and the fatter they are the stronger the smell of shit from their breath.
  2. Reasons why she could only send you a tit or whatever pic, whatever reasons you are given, there is only ever one true reason, and that is that (in her opinion) the pics she has sent you show her off in a good light, and the pics she has not sent you will show her in a bad light, so you will get a pic of a very nice looking tit, and no pictures of the gut or ass or bladdered cunt below it.
  3. Wimminz are all delusional, both about their own attractiveness and their abilities, eg blowjob skills. I mean really, totally, utterly delusional, on the same scale as me claiming I had elite jet fighter pilot skills, and this is paired with #4 below, is no guy ever bothered to tell the skank ho the fucking truth, there is NO upside to telling a wimminz the truth about her skills or abilities or attractiveness, not unless you really desperately desire to experience being the target of a false accusation of rape first hand, so in a wimminz mind the lack of people calling on her constant claims of being an elite jet fighter pilot and blow-jobber equates to these things being true.
  4. Wimminz and their lies, it is complex, but sooner or later it will come to you, you are just the latest in a long series of guys who turned up, discovered that the reality did not match the advert, decided to pump and dump real fast, not even overnight, just pump and dump and GTFO, just like all the other guys she complained about who said all sorts and then pumped and dumped her, so I will be yet another of those guys that “lied to her about not wanting a pump and dump” while a total disconnect exists between this and the truth, which is that it was the vast chasm between the advertised goods and the actual goods that caused me to pump and dump and GTFO with Fake Call Me 15 minutes later, instead of staying the night.
  5. There are no sexually attractive 50+ year old wimminz, not when you actually get them naked and into bed, there is nothing there for your COCK, which is interested in REPRODUCTION, to get hard for, and so the only game in town is kinky sex, and even that is a limited game that only a few 50+ year olds can play, very very limited, one trick pony shit… but until you bang your first 50 year old, and it really doesn’t make any difference if she is smoking for FOR a 50 year old who looks after herself and on the street looks and acts and could pass for 38 and all the rest of it, actually fucking the wimminz is teh (sic) beauty equivalent of tipping a bucket of water over their heads, if you want to know how beautiful a wimminz really is, tip a bucket of water over her head, if you want to know how sexually attractive a wimminz really is, look at her 3 minutes after you just dumped a load into her cunt. No 50+ year old will make your cock throb all by itself…. this whole subject about the rapid collapse of female sexual attractiveness as soon as nature is through with their womb is something you just do not grasp until you see and start fucking the older wimminz….
  6. Cunt“, never fail to use this word when talking about cunt with wimminz, it is acceptable for wimminz to be shy when first conversing, and using words like pussy to talk about cunt, you should immediately show the wimminz your class by using the word cunt, thus allowing the wimminz to relax and call a cunt a cunt, or to demonstrate real early that as far as you are concerned she is psycho and totally unfuckable, ever, under any circumstances, because she objects to calling a cunt a cunt and objects to the word cunt…. this is the easiest, cheapest and fastest shit test you can give a wimminz, so give it to every wimminz you meet, real early on…. REAL early on…
  7. PoF and shit, “there are no decent / sexy / nice wimminz on PoF“, yeah, this is true, because there are no nice / sexy / decent wimminz any fucking where, AWALT, fucking penny dropping yet? …..what there is, is young firm flesh, and it comes with an attitude of its own, and problems, and all the usual crap….. now and again you will find a wimminz who has used up the young firm flesh, ain’t good looking at all, but knows it, and makes a realistic decision that any guy who doesn’t drink / gamble / whore / beat her to excess is as good as it is ever going to get, and if she can find one who is half decent then do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to hang on to him, because the alternative is a succession of pump and dump cock every weekend until she hits 50 and then it is cats and the true romance channel until she croaks.
  8. Lose your pride, that fugly slut skank you pumped and dumped and GTFO yesterday, don’t get upset when she texts you saying she don’t think you’re the right man for her, so so long and thanks for all the semen… don’t get that SHE dumped ME!!!! shit in your head, that is all so much bullshit….. the home truth you will learn is YOU JUST GOT THE PERFECT RESULT, an out, and a written proof against future allegations, and you never had to even lift a single finger to text.

January 7, 2012

New category

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Called Android, which will allow me to post nuggets as and when they occur, as opposed to forgetting them.

Mmm.. ice cream sandwich

make me a sammich, bitch… lol

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