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An open letter from an 85 year old mother of a falsely accused rapist.

When are we going to differentiate between RAPE and SEX?

If a woman or girl is pulled into the bushes and attacked, that is a crime. When a girl goes down an alley-way, gets in to the back seat of a car, goes to a hotel room, goes back to his or her house, what happens then is SEX not RAPE.

However it is as far as the Law is concerned, why in these circumstances is the word of the woman or girl immediately accepted and acted upon when she goes to the Police? Why is the man then arrested, his house ransacked, his goods taken for examination – just on the word of a female?

Why when SHE says, it is believed, when HE says, it is not?

The man is then in prison, she is free. He is named and pictured in the press, she is not!

For many years now it is not necessary to remain a virgin to be acceptable as a bride. From leaving school young people live together, have babies, change partners frequently, have what is known as “one night stands” on a reglar basis. When girls leave clubs in the early hours of the morning and they have “pulled” it is approved by their friends and expected that this will result in sex. But who says it was RAPE and not sex? She does when she feels like it.

Our teenagers are leaving school pregnant – because they are given a flat, allowances, furniture, everything they and baby needs, so much easier than getting a job. They can entertain, have live-in boyfriends and have more babies – 3 or more all with different fathers, often which is the father is unknown.

In the long distant past, sex before marriage was forbidden – so the woman could receive vast amounts of money – for losing her prospects of a good marriage. As that no longer applies, why are the women known as “victims” and are given a large sum of money (£10,000) whilst the man’s life is ruined – read any paper on a daily basis including the local rag, you will find at least 3 articles referring to the arrest of a man on charges of RAPE.

This crime should be in small letters not capitals as it is claimed more frequent than burglary – as I’ve said – no longer a major crime for most of these bringing the charges are women with no morals but also no respect for men – only see them as (suckers) who will buy things for them, pay their bar bills, baby sit while the mother goes out with her friends.

I refer only to females as I imagine males who are raped are reluctant to be in the news and do not report it. I believe women are trying to become the superiors to men. Who is responsible for the TV adverts children being abused (NSPCC) – always by men! We know again from the press that in many cases the WOMEN are responsible.

I also understand where children are to be assesed as to the suitability of a parent  – again it is a panel of WOMEN who are the assessors. Why are men excluded from this panel?

What does the Law do when the man is able to prove his innocence?

Does he get a public pardon?
Does he get all his goods returned and in good condition?
Does he get damages?

What does the Law do when the woman is the found guilty – of all the above to the man, to his loss of earnings, to the manpower involved in the arrest, interviews, ransacking of the house, seizing of property, Court time involving Police, solicitors?

Does she just walk away with a smile on her face, £10,000 in her pocket?


  1. Yep, that’s exactly what she does.

    Comment by Evil Penis — April 8, 2011 @ 3:37 pm

  2. “However it is as far as the Law is concerned, why in these circumstances is the word of the woman or girl immediately accepted and acted upon when she goes to the Police? Why is the man then arrested, his house ransacked, his goods taken for examination – just on the word of a female?”

    Two reasons in combination – In most cases, males are far physically superior and the male sex drive is considered much stronger. I agree with these two assessments. I also agree that “wimminz” utilize these ideas (among many others) to their fullest extent to further their selfish agendas.

    Comment by Zilchy — April 19, 2011 @ 1:07 pm

    • Physical strength is only an issue if it is deployed, and if it is deployed someone ends up in A&E/ER and bingo you have evidence.

      Male sex drive is not (on average) stronger than female sex drive, let me assure you of that fact.

      With respect, neither of your points address the simple fact that the man’s WORD is simply ignored, and the woman’s WORD is simply taken as gospel.

      Neither do your comments address that fact that the woman’s WORD is often taken as fact, despite contradictory physical evidence.

      There is, IMHO, only one reason, and it can best be summarised as “Men = bad, Wimminz = good”

      Comment by wimminz — April 19, 2011 @ 1:16 pm

      • It’s the potentiality of using physical strength. Women need to be protected. This is the mentality. In regard to male sex drive, I stated, ” Male sex drive is ‘CONSIDERED’ much stronger”. This may be popular folklore, it’s certainly not my scientific assessment. Would you agree that this idea is a reality, regardless of validity?

        My comments did address the reason why a woman’s WORD is often taken as fact. As a matter of fact, I believe my reasoning is the basis for all misandry. PHYSICAL MALE POWER and the resulting male actions that are possibly. In my opinion, all “western laws” which pertain to male-female social issues have one theme at the core. PROTECTION OF THE FEMALE. Human males are physically stronger than the females and this power spills over to the psychological. Men and women are far from equal! What a fantastic lie “equality” is!

        I do appreciate all the work you and many other men are doing in trying to restore a semblance of social order to the western world, but I’m afraid it may be too late. It would take an act of GOD to have all the social laws revamped in trying to obtain some level of true equality. It seems the best males can do, is put good solid information out there to educate and warn other males of the pitfalls.

        Comment by Zilchy — April 20, 2011 @ 12:26 am

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