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Internet dating, flakes, vampires, and parking spaces.

OK, you have read all my other articles about internet dating, and now you have got to the point where the wimminz are making actual calendar date appointments with you, whether these dates are a couple of days away, or more likely a few days to just over a week, or occasionally over two weeks in the future.

The first point to note is that the times aren’t significant, here in the UK we have school holidays now, so a lot of the skank ho’s have the kids home from school for two weeks, so no daytime kinky sex sessions.

The second point to note is that despite your manly prowess and alpha maleness and essentially mechanical playing of the numbers, all of which you have employed to date, you will still be presented with flakes (no show, last minute major family disaster) and vampires (I actually need to be validated by talking about a date, I don’t actually want one, so I have a developing major emotional disaster) because make no mistake, these two categories, roughly equally split, will still form 50% of your actual calendar dates made.

Generally speaking the end results are the same, which is why you NEVER spend the slightest amount of money, e.g. booking a hotel room, turning down a paying job, etc, it doesn’t matter what the wimminz promise, until you have your cock in them, they can flake, so never take it for granted or assume, and you will never be out of pocket one red cent.

_I_ get a 50% flake rate, so whatever you do, don’t take it personally, it is not in any way any kind of failing or weakness or inadequacy on your part, it is just the worthless and flawed nature of wimminz, and yet more proof, should it be needed, that what wimminz say and promise is as ephemeral as dust in the fucking wind… only a complete fucking idiot uses that dust to build the foundation for his very own castle in the sky, eg a “loving relationship / marriage

What you should not do is simply dismiss some wimminz because she flakes, if you have used the correct approach, a wimminz flaking will be like a particular space in a multi story car park being occupied at a particular time, something that barely registers on your concious mind, most certainly NOT something that registers so strongly you get upset over it.

All parking spaces are equally worthless, all wimminz too, and that’s all wimminz are, temporary cock parking.

So, like the parking space close to the pedestrian exit and ticket machine, if it flakes, so what, there are others, and NEXT TIME you go to that parking lot, you won’t refuse that space just because it was occupied last time, and this is EXACTLY the attitude you need to the wimminz, both those that flake, and those that do not flake.

I have in this week alone had two flakes and one vampire, one is a school holidays flake, fair enough, I have parked my cock in that space before, and it is indeed school holidays, and one is a “I couldn’t borrow the fuel money to drive over” flake, and the vampire was as expected basically a last minute shit test.

I don’t care as I have had two that delivered this week, so it really is no hardship to me, just parking spaces.

The school holiday flake probably will put out in two weeks time, and if I feel the need in two weeks time and have nothing better on offer that’ll be a go.

The no money for fuel flake goes into the pot with last weeks no babysitter flake, and left on the back burner, send them a quick and casual SMS in a week or two, preferably from some other skank ho’s bedroom, on average one of these two will try to relight my fire.

The vampire has spent this morning grovelling by SMS, we are back to where we started with our appointment (which I cancelled as soon as she went vampire) reinstated, but not as it was before, having made her vampire play shit test and failed there has been a transfer of power, but even so, it is just a parking space, on the appointed day and time it may or may not be available, or attractive.

Later that day, another previous flake returns from her foreign holiday, so rinse and repeat.

it is worth stressing / interjecting at this point, some 10% of wimminz suffer from a Personality Disorder, so NEVER EVER EVER delete your records of IM / MMS / SMS / email with them, ever, even if they are so flaky and vampire ridden that they fall into the “Dude, I wouldn’t park a stolen car there” category.

I have discussed elsewhere that thanks to Android devices and sync with cloud services such as Google and laptop sync you have ample free storage space for more wimminz than Silvio Berlusconi.

Which brings us neatly to your biggest problem, go look in a mirror, your biggest problem is you, you will be tempted to treat these skank ho wimminz as something more valuable and worthwhile than a car/cock parking space, and this temptation will come from the skank ho wimminz themselves as they attempt to snare you.

The only suitable defence is to park your car / cock in as many different places as possible, for then you will see these wimminz / parking spaces for what they are, worthless individually, in effectively limitless supply, all unique and with different attributes and drawbacks, but all cast from the same mould ultimately.

This has an additional fringe benefit, you will of necessity become the dominant male, in search of the submissive female car / cock parking space.

I have fucked unknown numbers of wimminz, including an unknown number who stated right from the get go that they were dominant wimminz who could never be submissive in the bedroom, and I laughed at all of them, and they all become submissive, and then submissive in the bedroom.

I don’t actually think there is such a thing as a non-submissive wimminz, and the more the individual wimminz fight their own submissive nature, the angrier as individuals they become.

I will tell these wimminz, after laughing at them, that if I date them, the very first time we have sex I am going to tie them to the bed and do anything I like, and I refuse to negotiate or move from that position, that’s what I want (I tell them, it doesn’t actually matter, we are just setting out ground rules) and I’m not negotiating, and invariably after the usual refusals, splutters, outrage and then jokes, they all cave, and all get submissive, and then quite remarkably, turn around and start complimenting me on my intelligence, my sense of humour, and my charm.

DO NOT try to figure out this last piece of fruity female logic, just shrug and accept it as your natural due.

The other thing these wimminz will all want to know is how many other wimminz you have picked up and banged from the dating site, NEVER, EVER, EVER answer this question, it is not only none of their fucking business, it is a validation check for them, and the best possible answer you can give them is a refusal to give any kind of answer, followed by a throwaway comment (comment, not question, never add a question mark) “does it matter” (it doesn’t to me) because then the wimminz will determine you are eminently fuckable.

A very few will balk and bail for good, well done, you just caught the sneaky and dangerous personality disorder types that slipped through the earlier filters. The ones who will do and promise anything, just to get that ring on their finger.

Are you dating anyone now?” is another question, from the cock / car parking space, as you muse whether or not to park there, so you answer truthfully, “You, maybe…

Are you dating anyone else?” is often a follow up question, “My profile says I am 100% free and single, and I am.” there is nothing at all to be gained from adding that you are going to remain that way, and nothing this particular skank ho wimminz / cock parking space has to offer is going to change that.

Don’t submit to any more questions such as these about your personal life, it is none of their fucking business, nor will it ever be, just deflect them all with a polite enquiry as to whether they want you to park your car / cock in their space, or not?

If they are not sure, tell them they need to make their mind up and let you know, you have “other things” you can be doing.

If they say yes, then move in for the kill, get the detailed proposed sexual antics sorted and recorded electronically, you are writing the sexual contract, so make sure you demand the all you can eat open table buffet, not the fixed menu, you can always choose the fixed menu on the day if she is truly skank and minging.

If they say no, then “kthxbye” and sign off, flake, she may well come back to you in the future.

If they say you are unbelievably arrogant and up your own arse, they are paying you a compliment, shrug and treat it as simple affirmation of fact, you are indeed a superior individual.

If they do or do not send you phone cam pics of their cunt and tits, treat it as more electronic record keeping data, do not assume that a cunt pic = definite sex, or that no cunt pic = definite flake, if there is a relationship it is loose at best…. what you have to watch out for is cunt  and tit pics are what attracts you, THAT’S WHY THE SKANK HO SENT IT, to have that effect on you, THAT is what you need to watch out for.

A car / cock parking space that sends you a pic of itself, is no better or worse as a car / cock parking space, than one that doesn’t.

You should also avoid like the plague car / cock parking spaces that have other vehicles encroaching over the demarcation lines, and other signs of neglect such as oil stains, and sub-standard features such as awkward support pillars.


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    Comment by Amarok — December 28, 2013 @ 4:46 am

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