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January 6, 2012

When Friday feels like Sunday.

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Very weird out there now, just got back from banging one of my skanks, which in this case means driving back through the entire breadth of one of the UK’s best known south coast seaside towns…

… and it is fucking DEAD out there, the streets are fucking empty of vehicles, the pavements are fucking empty of pedestrians, and the establishments that are open are empty of fucking customers…. and it is a FRIDAY, and reasonably early (but not too early) and unseasonably warm, and dry, and it feels like it should be 3 am on a Sunday, not fucking 8/9 pm on a Friday…

Part of the reason I was out, instead of fucking the skank again and staying for breakfast was that the skank obviously decided that our second fuck-date was an ideal time for the psycho skank ho shit test, she started telling me about what a violent and evil bastard her ex was… cue Fake Call Me, an excellent Android app that I got turned on to at work by a guy who uses it to get out of meetings (“What, there is a burning smell coming from the server room?”   lmfao) the pro version is excellent because it not only calls you, it will play an audio file that purports to be your caller, so you can take a call in a silent room or take a call on speakerphone, superb, so my response to this “my ex was a nasty violent man” shit test is to pretend to check my texts, and set Fake Call Me to call me in 5 minutes and play spike.mp3, which is a recording of Spike telling me there is a burning smell in the server room OMG panic panic come quick (I have done one for him too) and so on and so forth, exit stage left, nice and clean, no fuss, no arguments, no hassles.

So, wondering if it was just me, I took a look at http://www.webcamgalore.com/EN/United+Kingdom/countrycam-0.html and what do I find? A bunch of empty roads like the set from 28 Days, not what I expect from a Friday night, party night.

So I am left with this weird feeling like I used to get, back in the days when I used to go to the cinema, which was a long time ago, but the sort of weirdness you got after seeing 2001 A Space Odyssey or Tron and then walked out into daylight in your local town, zap, only this time I walked from a bedroom with a skank ho and her shit test, into a country and economy that appears to have flatlined while nobody was paying attention…

I mean we are only ONE FUCKING WEEK into 2012 and to all intents and appearances everyone is completely and utterly fucking broke, not even any wriggle room left on the plastic, and then I started hitting the smaller towns and villages on my way home, and noticed / remembered a funny thing.

The places we all used to congregate as kids, the places all the kids used to congregate in, the places are still there, but the kids ain’t, so they will be at home interacting with other kids via high tech virtual comms, so there is a parallel there, all the bars and pubs were empty, so no chance of picking up some skank there, but there is always the high tech virtual comms world of PoF and the like, and in fact the real streets turning into sets from 28 Days is only going to drive more eyeballs to the virtual world… and of course it was a virtual person that Fake Call Me used in order to give me a nice clean exit from a real world interaction with a skank ho, to the cocoon of my vehicle and eventually home here to my techo-hermit-crib…

Of course it makes perfect sense, if money is tight then comms in a virtual world provides so much more bang per buck than the real world, but similarly the virtual world is virtual… lots of shit just doesn’t fly…

Over the past couple of years I have become quite the expert at converting from the “cold sell” on PoF to the physical pump that cunt and dump, with minimal effort, virtual or real, and zero effective expenditure, and the wimminz really really really do not “get” it, compared to real life, which means all the advantages that wimminz tend to enjoy in real life just do not play out in the virtual world, there is no herd, there is no wingman, there is no toilet to dash into, no nose to powder, no drink to get someone else to buy, no “you and him” to “let’s you and him fight over me”, no nothing… not even the allure of actual flesh…

Suddenly it is a minefield for the wimminz, and one wrong move means “KTHXBYE” from the man, and with no other wimminz to commiserate with that means the wimminz are basically in the position of asking the man what they have to do, buy you a coffee, ask you back to theirs, give you all the kinky sex you want and no chat / shit / hassle…

Interestingly enough, this new paradigm, where “take no shit” virtual chatting up leads to take no shit fucking pump and dump, makes me even LESS interested in wimminz bullshit, shades of playing call of duty all day making me more callous and bloodthirsty when I enter a warzone, but in this case making me more impatient and jaded, pump and dump and as soon as they money shot has spurted fake call my ass outta there…. the next one? fuck, the supply is essentially unlimited, like the next zombie to shoot in some game, or the next car to steal in GTA, which brings me full circle, to the realization that the skanks that you DO see, for example walking out of the local university at lunchtime, all look like GTA hookers, they all smoke, and dress and walk and act like the sluts they are.

I guess this economic crash is going to be a lot more interesting that I had initially assumed, because the new factor in play is that the virtual world is going the play the role of the third world in manufacturing and service industries, our actual streets will be a ghost town, while the virtual resources are made to fit the outsourced and vastly cheaper new environment, and while girl with a dragon tattoo may be all the rage in broadcast holly-weird world, in the interactive virtual world the role models for the wimminz are more GTA whore / PoF slut / Fuckbook trout pout / etc

For the wimminz, “one cunt to rule them all” has turned into “game over man” while nobody was watching.


  1. I thought women on internet dating sites were getting 50-100 messages per day? Due the relative lack of active female members on these sites. Isn’t POF just an online sausage-fest? Won’t men be just as AFC in the virtual world as in the real world?

    Comment by ThousandMileMargin — January 8, 2012 @ 2:03 am

    • Ah, but no……

      First day they sign up, if the photo shows them to be fuckable, they will get 20 / 50 guys saying “want to fuck?” or “I’d like to ram my cock down your throat” and these the wimminz class as losers or weirdos.

      When they don’t respond to these the guys send another message, “WTF bitch, you are old and wrinkly, you think you can be picky?”

      So the wimminz on there, and trust me, there are more than enough wimminz on there, even discounting 99% of them as unfuckable for one reason or another, as discussed elsewhere in the Internet Dating articles, are NOT getting their egos massaged…. trust me on this, I have personally seen around 50 wimminz in-boxes (snark) this past year, and been able to read over their shoulders for weeks at a time.

      PoF, being free, is the bottom of the barrel, but you see in a race to the bottom, which is exactly what feminazism is, sooner or later all the wimminz find themselves (whether they admit it or not) at the bottom of the dating barrel, the local guys in the local bar have all already fucked her, the only place she can find fresh meat is on the internet, and thanks to the other wimminz on there and feminazism in general, cunt is worthless, so she joins a free site to place a free ad to try to give away her worthless cunt for free, and hopefully get some decent company in exchange, or at least a good fuck….

      The article “Testing” a few back, that was PoF cunt, offered and delivered all on the same day a couple of weeks back, never saw the skank ho before, haven’t seen her since, pump and dump wham bam thank you skank, not what you would call a symptom of a sellers market….

      Comment by wimminz — January 8, 2012 @ 2:39 am

  2. As some bloke on Roissy’s so eloquently put it:

    we will fuck the wimminz back to inequality…one skank at a time!”

    Cudos to you, sir.

    May you continue to excel at being the Hulk Hogan of slamming muff and the Indiana Jones of exploring crotch!

    Comment by umslopogaas — January 8, 2012 @ 10:09 am

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