Wimminz – celebrating skank ho's everywhere

Are all wimminz sluts?

The simple answer is of course, “Yes, they are.

But the more complex and accurate answer has to do with how the male brain processes information.

A guy can be perfectly happy with a particular wimminz, then one day he gains one piece of data, for example she cuckolded him, and suddenly he is very unhappy with that particular wimminz.

The wimminz in question has not changed one iota, no matter how closely or minutely you examine her, SHE has not changed.

All that has changed is the man has a single new piece of data about that particular wimminz, and that single piece of data has changed him forever.

He can never erase that piece of data, he can never restore his mind to a previous state, he can never go back to what he once was.

That one single piece of data has changed him, just as surely as being told that a particular bridge he used to walk across every day is in fact a deathtrap waiting to collapse, he will forever alter his route.

Most small boys play with knives, they ignore warnings that the blade is sharp and will cut them and hurt them, and keep testing the blade by running it across their hand… then one day they pick up a sharp knife, and open up their hand and blood starts pouring out.

From that day forward that boy treats ALL knives as potentially sharp, and also starts heeding advice about cutting away from yourself, not towards yourself.

Such is the nature of knowledge.

And so it is with the knowledge that all wimminz are sluts, one you gain the knowledge you treat ALL women the same.

However, unlike knives, all wimminz ARE fucking sluts… ask me how I know.

OK, pop quiz time, what proportion of women that you have shagged have admitted to having had at least a threesome at least once in their life?

The answer will depend not upon the facts, so much as YOUR nature… if you are a “bad boy” such as me, you will get an answer nearer to the truth, if you are a nice guy, you will get an answer closer to your white knight tendencies.

I would conservatively estimate that at least 90% of the large number of wimminz that I have shagged have admitted having at least one threesome, and these were usually MMF (Male + Male + Female) “spit-roast” types rather than MFF.

I would conservatively estimate that at least 50% have admitted foursome/moresome and / or regular threesomes as part of the swinging scene.

I would conservatively estimate that at least 25% have admitted to having had one (not at least, just the one) gangbang

I would conservatively estimate that at least 5% want nothing more than to be owned and used and treated like a slut/whore and regularly gangbanged.

I would also state that 100% of these wimminz chief concern was that the man in question would dump them after indulging in these activities

There is a direct correlation between this last paragraph and the one before it, the 5% who want to be a complete slut, under the control of a man who will not dump her for being a complete slut.

You can see from this that they don’t care who is the main penis / semen supplier, as long as he doesn’t discard her, and they also don’t care who or how many other penises / semen suppliers are involved, as long as the main one does not discard her.

These 5% of wimminz also don’t mind in the least sharing their main man with another wimminz, as long he the main man doesn’t dump her for the other wimminz.

In my experience, the difference between these 5% of wimminz and all the others, is that this 5% have a more “fuck it” realistic approach to their own sexuality and desires than the others… they are not so much in denial.

This still leaves the 10% or so of wimminz who I have been with who have never admitted anything more than a succession of one-on-one serial monogamy lovers, and they could well be telling the truth, but even for them there is still time for them to indulge in their true nature, particularly as they get older and closer to empty nest syndrome.

All of which sort of brings us to the related question, how many sexual partners do they cough to admit having had?

For women between 40 and 50, the numbers seem to range from 25 for those who have been serial monogamists, eg the quiet ones, to the wimminz equivalent of me, those who simply have no idea.

You should not think that a virgin wimminz is any different in nature to the gangbang skank ho, their nature is not defined by the number of cocks they have had, whereas the number of cocks they have had is apparently mainly down to opportunity, and keeping that information from the men in their life.

As I have said elsewhere, while all wimminz are women, not all women are wimminz, but being a Man, differentiating between the two is not my fucking problem.

What I will say that any Man in pursuit of a woman may as well be in pursuit of the Holy Grail, as the older I get the more is revealed about wimminz that I thought I knew, including the prim and proper elderly ones spouting victorian values and pining for the loss of chaperones and virginity on the wedding night.

Your sweet sister, your favourite aunt, even your own mum, have almost certainly had at least one threesome, and THAT is a kicker when you discover it…. ask me how I fucking know…

The temptation is to mourn the loss of morality, but the reality is that there was no loss of morality, wimminz amorality was always out there, all you have lost is your innocence, when you suddenly gain a new piece of information.

Throughout history there are innumerable examples of ascetic men, everyone has met them, but ascetic women have always been rare, and have always closeted themselves behind high stone walls, never venturing into society as a whole like the ascetic men.

Why is this, except these ascetic wimminz also know wimminz true nature, and the only way they can prevent themselves from becoming skank ho’s is to imprison themselves behind walls away from the world.

So the problem here isn’t Men, or wimminz, the problem is Men believing wimminz and niggerz preachings that NAWALT, and that most wimminz are actually just misunderstood and under-appreciated ladies….

… and then being smacked around INSIDE the head with a clue-by-4 when they suddenly gain a new piece of information, and the NAWALT machine and programming swings into action.

Fidelity was important throughout history, because fidelity assured paternity.

Nowadays a 200 buck DNA test can assure paternity, so stop worrying about fidelity… it was always an illusion anyway….

…and it was this illusion that gave rise to the fantasy that a loyal cunt is nicer to fuck than a skank ho cunt, when the reverse is usually actually the truth (practice makes perfect) which is another but of clue-by-4.

Old man “You ever poke a hole in the ground with a stick?

Young man “Yeah

Old man “You ever see that hole wear out?

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