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March 9, 2012

Life is but a game

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This post may well resemble lot of random thoughts thrown together

I find that *being* a single man, and by being I mean wearing it as my public persona, has suddenly become acceptable… in the last week alone I have had conversations with wimminz, in otherwise unrelated professional circumstances (e.g. the wimminz behind the counter at the local council tax office) who suddenly GET why I have chosen to live as a single man.

They GET the fact that no relationshit is worth sacrificing the sanctity of my own personal crib for.

They GET the fact that irrespective of justice wimminz are cleaning up in secret family courts, and men are getting wise to it, not just those who have been through it, but those that haven’t.

They GET the fact that 75% of the employees of the local council are wimminz, and that the economy is tanking.

They GET the fact that about the only conceivable inducement they can offer a man like me to take even the tiniest portion of their shit is if they can afford to pick up the tab for a playboy lifestyle for me, assuming I am for sale to the wimminz in question.

Sure, they don’t GET it like a man gets it, they don’t change the game plan, just today one wimminz who GOT that wimminz making false accusations have fucked it for all wimminz, and all police and solicitors, who had just had the benefit of me dumping my cum in her, nevertheless held out her empty coffee cup to me and asked me to refill it.

What did your last bitch die of?” was my response.

I waited a couple of heartbeats to let that one sink in and then announced that I was outta there, catch ya later alligator…

She has spent the rest of the evening texting me, anxious for me to pump her full of cum at my convenience.

Wimminz be fucking stupid in a very special way, evolution and therefore learning does not come easy to the herd bitches…

Men with that XY chromosomes are designed to be an experiment, to evolve, to learn, and to fail in numbers too.

Racially speaking, from the perspective of DNA, the whole 2oth century, feminism, pollution, drugs use, hormones, pthalates, its all just a fucking eyeblink, but I have to tell you this, MY generation is utterly different in outlook and attitudes than my grandparents, and my grand kids will be different again from mine.

The “youth” of today, those that are now 15, who were born when Windows 98se was out, who have never known a world without the internet and facebook and mobile phones with cameras and anime/hentai porn, let me tell you, when left to their own devices they are the fucking Hitler Youth when it comes to their attitudes to wimminz.

Their parent(s) have never known a world war, or a great depression, or a life outside the comfort of the welfare state.

They, the youth of today, have never seen the remnants of a bombed building, or a woman worthy of any respect.

Fact is, the youth of today, don’t respect much of anything, and before you say it was ever thus, there is a world of difference between the world in which I grew up, in which my circle of friends was limited to around a dozen kids, and any kids further than a walk or bike ride away was either a pen pal or unknown, and the world of today, where every kid from pre pubescence onwards walks around with a Star Trek communicator and has instance two ways comms with as many kids as they like or have time for.

Try and explain to a young kid today the whole concept of a wank mag like Hustler being a prized possession that was passed around a school, and you might as well be trying to explain the finer points of etiquette, it is fucking alien and incomprehensible to them… so incomprehensible that their minds are made so differently from ours that they will never GET it.

WTF u fossil..lulz

When I was young, Clockwork Orange was so frightening to the establishment it was banned wholesale, and where it wasn’t banned it was X rated adults over 18 only, and achieved instant underground cult status… to this day I know of a couple of guys who still refer to themselves as droogs

Show a kid born in 1998 a DVD of Clockwork Orange, seriously, do it, you will get one of two responses, one will be that it is lame and boring, the other is that it is lame but a comedy.

Even “the odd bit of ultraviolence” line / meme doesn’t stick to these little bastards, they grew up with video games that were indistinguishable from killing zone video feeds.

These are the little bastards who are going to be around when you need your bedpan emptying, and when your grand daughter needs food / roof / clothing…

The wimminz of today do not GET that bit of the future, they SAY they do, and then wring their hands and try and talk about how that future can be averted…… too fuckin’ late, bitches, those birds are all coming home to roost.

Me, I don’t give a fuck, I have my man skills and trades and my man only crib and my bitches to fuck.

Life is good, and the little bastards have respect for me, they are going around repeating little phrases I am handing out to them, like “Why should I look after another man’s daughter?” but not a single one of them asks me for any advice about wimminz, they have that down pat at just 15 years of age…

They are all sluts, especially our mums


  1. Godamn this fucking “pony herd” instinct. It´s supremely annoying and one of the many reasons I´ve stopped explaining anything to a female.
    Even to the closest relatives.
    And it´s not even an altruistic urge borne out of higher empathy like you may find in a man´s arguing.
    It´s pure selfish fear of: “If he thinks one wimminz has done something evil then he may believe I do too. Must abort this dangerous thinking!”

    And again spot on about the young-uns.
    I remember an old docu where a FBI trainer clearly pointed out that their gun training includes “desensitizing” of the natural kill inhibition.
    The standard Call of Duty game looks about 10 times more advanced and lifelike than anything those guys back then had trained on.

    That´s where us “old” grumpy bastards have to beat them with superior strategic and tactical thinking. Something they overwhelmingly suck at due to the missing mindlessly instinctual rote memory they can train so easily in those FPS and bastard “strategy” games like Starcraft.
    Thankfully there are still a few of those “old-school” games out there I would recommend to (compared to me) an even grumpier and older bastard like you. 🙂

    Comment by hans — March 9, 2012 @ 2:57 am

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  3. >> “Why should I look after another man’s daughter?”

    what’s missing in the dowry. More rational societies in history were such that a father paid a dowry to have his daughter married off. The implication being that daughters were generally a hassle and a liability to both father and a potential husband. These days we have reverse dowry, where a man who takes up with a wimminz incurs a mountain of legal liability, and usually has to give her a diamond as well. A dowry should be paid on an exponential curve relative to the age of a wimminz and any baggage she might have, along with a potential legal liability incurred.

    Comment by john — March 10, 2012 @ 9:24 am

  4. They only recognize that because of the way you talk, wimminz have a way of recognizing someone who doesn’t take their shit that’s nothing short of magical.
    It’s not that they deduce the truth or something

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y_5vxM8PYM Watch this, then think about what an economic crisis would do to my generation.
    We grew up fighting eachother, for shits and giggles. We fought from the schoolground to the pits at metal concerts, untill we all had broken ribs. And did it again the next day.
    What inhibition to kill?

    Comment by 20something — March 11, 2012 @ 10:49 pm

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