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February 20, 2014

The shit of it is…

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… nobody gets it, or wants to, which is much the same thing.

You meet a girl, you talk, you hang out for a bit, the option of a relationshit is on the cards, you offer “W” in exchange for “X” from her.

Yeah, it’s a contract, it always is, really…

She doesn’t take you up on the offer, time passes, invariably she shits in her own nest, and sits back down at the table.

Now, things are different, I’m no longer prepared to offer “W”, now my offer is “W-Y” and frankly, her offer of “X” no longer cuts it either, now I want “X+Z”

So the deal has shifted, by Y being taken off the table by me, and Z being added to the table by her, or there is no deal.

W2 < W and X2 > X, or there is no deal.

This is completely and utterly unacceptable to her, since there is no contrition, no acceptance that she fucked up and did wrong, not concept of the idea of consequences being attached to actions and choices previously made.

The bint in the previous bible for bitchez post, she has been back in touch, in the gospel according to her, somehow I am responsible for her computer not working, and I must divulge the seekrit key or password of whatever the fuck it is so that her computer magically works again.

I blocked her from that channel (whatsapp) of comms too, after telling her in no uncertain terms that 100% responsibility for her computer not working rests with her, not me, it’s not my problem, I don’t give a fuck, and if you persist in annoying me, I’ll use the wonderful harassment laws against you.

Could it get ugly? Well, it could for her, I have every sms and emails etc ever sent between us backed up to the cloud, she still has her property, and it’s not like I charged her for the “service” she did not allow me to complete.


20 Feb 13:44 – Skank Ho: I know I’ve pissed you off…i really do need my password. I have to find a new job, have no money to fix this and it came to you without a password. I have no idea what ans means as a hint. I know you hate me but please….
20 Feb 13:47 – Skank Ho: If i had known it would of pissed you off this much i wouldn’t of done it. I am sorry. I just knew i had to find another job and panicked this was never about you.
20 Feb 14:12 – AfOR: I told you never to contact me again.

I told you not to try to delete anything, you ignored me.

I told you that you had made the job ten times as difficult, you ignored me.

I told you it wasn’t done and would take two or three more hours, you ignored me.

I told you that if you take it now it won’t work. You ignored me.

Throughout you have treated me and my expertise with utter contempt.

I blocked your phone and SMS, and now this shit on here… You’re still ignoring me and treating me with contempt.

Bed. Made. Lie
20 Feb 14:13 – Skank Ho: I wouldn’t be contacting you if it wasn’t for you putting a password on and refusing to tell me what it is.
20 Feb 14:18 – AfOR: You still don’t fucking listen.

You insisted I interrupted the setup… You insisted.

It did not fucking complete

It need s to be reinstalled from scratch, but you know everything and ignore everything I say so you already know that

I’m amazed it is even asking for a pwd and not bsod on u

Not my fucking problem
20 Feb 14:19 – Skank Ho: In that case someone’s going to take it out of my hands, i really needed to get into it and because of you i cant.
20 Feb 14:23 – AfOR: No. Because of YOU

Because you don’t fucking listen

You still aren’t fucking listening

You interrupted the setup, it didn’t fucking finish, you wouldn’t fucking wait, I’m amazed it is asking for a pwd and not showing a bsod, I don’t know the password, I didn’t put one in, that’s what happens when you don’t listen and demand it back instantly
20 Feb 14:24 – AfOR: Now
20 Feb 14:24 – AfOR: I told you never to contact me again
20 Feb 14:24 – AfOR: In your job you know the consequences, police / harassment
20 Feb 14:25 – AfOR: Your call


The “contract” in this case was yeah I’ll sort your fucking laptop, drop it off some time and I’ll do it when I can, not treating you as a paying customer because you ain’t, but because of old times sake because we used to fuck, so you can have a freebie, it’s no big deal.

And because I’d forgotten why she was a fucking ex FWB and why we don’t fuck any more, the bitch can’t leave anything alone, and when you call her on her childish behaviour, toys out of the pram, then two days later she’s come crawling around apologising.

But there is being a stuck up little cunt when I am at least getting to empty my balls regular in you, and playing the same game when I’m not, and you’re getting a freebie for old times’ sake… which is why I saw red when she insisted pwincess needed her computer back NOW, if not sooner, and told her to take it and fuck off and never contact me again.


So here she is, fucked up what could have been and was a very useful male contact, sounds like she’s fucked up her life generally too, dunno the details, don’t want to know, don’t care….




… what’s shining through, and the reason I expose all this naked flesh of myself, is the total and complete lack and absence of anything even remotely related to “Oh Shit….. this is going to hurt….”

This is the flipside of the burning diver and rasputin the cunt from yesterday…

Makes them schitz” he would tell me, “They KNOW you’re talking shit, but they still act like they believe you, and they don’t really get angry at you, because they know you’re talking shit, but they still act like they believe you…

But this time it is

The KNOW they are talking shit, but they still act like you believe them, and they do get angry at you, because they know they are talking shit, but still act like you believe them…

Of course the emotional involvement that rasputin the cunt was talking about, in this instance, comes from them, not the audience.

W2 < W and X2 > X, or there is no deal.

The skank in question will willingly draw her last breath, in the gutter, rather than accept that…

September 15, 2013

I’ll buy that for a dollar….

Of course it’s the line from Robocop, I fucking dread to think what the reboot will be like, the old movies were very tongue in cheek and slightly anarchic, having seen the trailer for the new one, it seems to be little more than an cgi explosion orgasm, with no doubt a few strong leading wimminz thrown in.

The point is though, the bald guy with glasses with a skank ho on each arm uttering that line in the film, yup, at 50c each they were “worth it”.

Winter is coming and I just bought another quartz electric fire for the kitchen in the mornings, I put in on for 30/45 minutes when I get up and before I go to work,  I buy one every year because without fail at least one of the bars dies every year, and at around 20 bucks a pop they are essentially a disposable item, not something you would ever trust to leave on and walk away.

At 20 bucks a pop, they are “worth it”, same as the two skanks above, not because it is great value for money, but because it is cheap enough there is no hesitation or pain involved when it comes time to throw it in the trash.

Basically, there are three ways to meet wimminz;

  1. Directly in real life
  2. Virtually on-line
  3. Via the agency or actions of others

and each of those can be subdivided;

  1. Directly in real life
    1. Socially at a pub
    2. At work
    3. Randomly when shopping etc
  2. Virtually on-line
    1. pay per sites
    2. free sites
  3. Via the agency or actions of others
    1. set up dates by matchmaking friends
    2. invitations to events such as weddings

I have colour coded these, red text is never ever fucking do it, it always has the potential to cost you a LOT of money, purple is danger will robinson, your judgement is affected and you are spending money, green is I’ll buy that for a dollar.

Which brings us to several important points.

  • If you are looking for something, you may as well set your stall out and state exactly what you are looking for, and exactly what you offer in exchange.
  • If you treat making a sale, any sale, as a greater priority than making the exact sale you want, then, by definition, you are not going to be happy with the sale, so, by definition, you are deliberately setting yourself up for disappointment and dissatisfaction.
  • If you allow others to “haggle” you to a difference price, then you are in the same boat as above.
  • If you are quite content to sit there every day reading a book, and not making any sales or getting any kind of interest, you are golden.

Which brings us back to the various methods by which you can meet wimminz, the red text methods are all ways in which you are guaranteed to NOT be able to just set out your stall and sit back and chill.

The red text methods are all market trader methods, doing whatever it takes to make a sale.

Red Pill is a LIFESTYLE choice mother-fucker, if you are allowing mates to set you up on blind dates, if you are allowing wimminz at work to flirt with you, if you are paying agencies such as websites to get you in contact with wimminz, then you are not red pill, you are a blue pill niggerz.

Time to fucking man up bitch.

Stop investing ANYTHING of yourself or your time or your emotions or your money, over a dollar, on wimminz.

The purple text, well, it depends where you go, the pub I go to, when I go to a pub which isn’t that often any more (I used to practically live in the bastards, there at opening time and still there at chucking out, 7 days a week) is a red pill pub, chances are there will be not much more than a dozen guys there, all mature, all doing their own thing, no fucking wimminz, not even behind the bar. Red Pill.

If I went across the road to the student pub, which is heaving, it would be Blue Pill. Because I am making a conscious choice to occupy the same room as a bunch of skank ho entitlement pwincesses.


Sure, lots of the “buy that for a dollar” wimminz I talk to flake and fade away, and what have I lost? So I don’t get a fuck I was never going to get, or I do get a fuck with crazy, there is no mileage whatsoever in thinking maybe if I message her, if the bitch was into you she will message you, if she does not message you she is not into you, and you messaging her ain’t gonna change that.

What it WILL fucking change is you, it makes you a market trader, desperate for a sale, a pussy begging mangina niggerz mother-fucker…. because you just invested more than that thing was ever worth, and not a guaranteed buy and get, but to con yourself you are still in the game.

Back in the 70’s I knew a couple of guys who used to travel around all the pubs and hotels doing auctions, they would promo it for 24 hours prior, do the auction, and literally skit to the next town and start the 24 hour promo.

They sold pens, they used to buy them for 50 pence and sell then for 4 pounds and 50 pence, a 900% markup making 4 quid profit.

If you went to their auctions, you would never ever know or realise they were selling pens, because they had a bunch of quite good stuff, surplus stock, all going cheap, cheap because it was surplus and not much markup, and it consisted of anything they could get. So you get ghetto blasters and stuff brand new for 49 quid instead of 110 and shit like that…

You get 100 people at a pub auction, and maybe 20 high value items going cheap, you’ll sell maybe 10 or 12 of them.

The stick was, the auction starter, he would go into the sales spiel, describe some of the high value items coming up, all genuinely quite tempting stuff, and then he would hit them with it, so I know you are all genuine buyer I am offering these fine quality metal cartridge ball point pens each one worth 9.99 at just 4.50 a pop, and only those who can bid by waving  one of these pens at me can bid on these other luxury items and fantastic prices.

He’d sell 50 pens in the next 5 minutes…

He’d sell more pens in a day than a large stationers would sell in a week.

Bait and switch.

He’d never say he sold pens, or a bait and switch low ball cognitive dissonance merchant, he’d say he was an entrepreneur pulling in over a grand a week.

Same way blue bill mangina niggerz will never admit to being such a thing, they will tell you how many bitches they have on the go, and bear in mind, the pen guy was one of the few smart enough and hard working enough to actually pull it off.

Sure, he made a lot more than a dollar, but he invested a lot more than a dollar, way too much to walk away from with the casual disregard you will walk away from a half full dollar cup of coffee, and not give a second thought ever again to the half a cup of coffee left, or the 50c it cost you.

So the thing to do is avoid, completely, like the plague, all those things in red text, just don’t turn up for it, enforce it with your total absence from the game.

And the green text stuff, if it involves anything of any value from you, don’t do it.

How the fuck can you sit home alone in your man cave you fucking techno hermit, is the response, because the blue pill says alone = lonely and saddo, and the blue pill says you have to go out and meet wimminz to get any cunt, and the blue pill says a lot of other shit.

And it is like the punters at the pen sellers auction, they all think they are being smart and clever and are watching out for all the expected tricks on the high value items coming up, and none of them notices that every single one of them just got taken.

Shop like a man, whether it is groceries or cunt, go in with a list stating exactly what you want, look at and for nothing else, put that and nothing else in the trolley, and accept no substitutions or BOGOF deals of any kind, pay up, GTFO.

I go to one wal mart sized outlet near me, I buy the packs of 24 bog rolls if the price is right, and I buy the 1 Kg instant coffee tubs if the price is right, and I buy the proper coffee packets if the price is right, so sometimes I’ll buy one of those things, or two, or all three… sometimes I’ll walk out empty, and I never buy anything else…. I don’t go there very often, I don’t have to, I am a single man and I have 2 x 24 sealed packs of bog rolls stashed in the bathroom… cos they were a deal at 50c a roll.

I’ll buy that for a dollar.

July 20, 2013

OK Wimminz, here is the truth

Because so many of you have been asking for it lately.

But before I get into that, this is why you won’t understand.

You dint ax me if he wuz racis

Yeah, we all know who and what I am talking about, the 400lb fridge gorilla cum star persecution witness in the Zimmerman trial. You just know doritos packets are easy to open because if it required an IQ in double digits to stuff your face that bitch would be thinner than a fucking fishing line.

But we are treated to this bitch who cannot even speak her own native tongue with the fluency of a 4 year old, axplanin’ to y’all the differences between nigga and nigger, and cracka and bein racis…

Sure, my shit here is full of typoes and spoonewisms and autokorrect erros and a million other glitches, cos I don’t proof read, I am a two finger poke and hope typist who has to look at the keyboard to type, and once that shit is typed I ain’t about to go over it like I was writing the fucking Constitution.

Nevertheless, I can speak and comprehend the English language with a very high degree of familiarity and competency and fluency.

I know the difference between an analogy and an adequate explanation.

Pointing out that used cars with their best 20+ years long gone in the rear view mirror do not command 4 digit sale prices, even thought that same car cost 49k when it was new, and that was when 49k would buy you a fucking house, and then making an analogy between this and virgin teen cunt vs skank ho used cunt 20+ years later is just that, an analogy.

By definition it leaves out more than it includes.

To wimminz, who do not understand language, or the importance of words or meaning or communication, who do not see them as the binocular vision and upright bipedal stance and opposable thumbs of nature, it is the end of the line, all change.

Fresh teen virgin cunt, and I know of what I speak, having first hand experience of deflowering intact hymens that could barely pass a little finger prior to my arrival, vs skank ho cock carousel cunt, if you try to run that car analogy in reverse it falls flat on it’s face.2003-08-10 our_factory

A car with 2 previous owners and 50k on the clock is not twice as valuable as the same car with 4 previous owners and 100k on the clock…. a *huge* fucking chunk of the depreciation happened when the first owner first turned the key, even just six months later with the same owner and only 5k on the clock, essentially all the original value has been lost.

But even then, even in the showroom with no previous owners and 4.7 miles on the clock, not all new cars are the same, because the factory and workers and model are analogous (there we go with analogies again) to the family and home that raised the young teen virgin debutante.

Obama is right, he coulda fucking been Trayvon, and that car would be a backstreet no name “welcome to our factory” car, 5 cents and you can buy the whole week’s worth of production…. and you would still have lost out on the deal.


But politicians / wimminz / niggerz are all unable to master language, so like all bad tradesmen they use the tools they have to do the job, adjustable wrenches and mole grips instead of spanners and sockets, and lo and behold you get rounded nuts that are never torqued correctly ever again, which leads to damaged threads, etc etc etc

And so telling wimminz the truth is like pearls before swine.

On fucking sites (not just an expletive, I am referring to websites where people hook up and fuck) da wimminz just love all those verifications and testimonies, so do I, if anywhere in these extensive lists is someone I consider unfuckable, then since you fucked them I consider you unfuckable too .. I have mentioned this previously, there being sub groups or classes of people within the scene, search for “sperm brothers”

it is simple male logic.

  1. “X” is a worthless cunt
  2. you associate with X
  3. ergo, you are also a worthless cunt
  4. I don’t want X anywhere near my life, therefore I don’t want you anywhere near my life either
  5. check please…

Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

But, since this blog is for men, and those rare wimminz with an intellect, the following 1,000 words are those truths for wimminz, but translated BACK into English, so that men may see it, and understand the wimminz perspective somewhat better.












July 6, 2013

Joss smoke

I find a kind of pleasant symmetry in the fact that a world full of wimminz searching for the impossible man has begat a world full of men searching for the impossible traditional wimminz.

But, as I see from the MSM, the cracks are starting to show, (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2357072/SELENA-GRAY-Nick-Clegg-visit-streets-fatherless-kids-I-grew-up.html and http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2357192/Divorce-The-terrible-toll-making-divorce-easier-Children-likely-violent-drugs-underage-sex.html) but, as usual, what is concerning everyone is the thought of men who are not under the yoke, though of course this is never admitted directly.

For many alienated fathers with traditional views, the thought of their sons growing up without them is a thing of shame and a thing of tragedy, pity the poor boy child missing out of daddy’s love and nurturing influence.refund

In short, pity my son for lacking the sort of childhood that moulded me into the man I am today.


As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for, are you SURE you would raise your son in your own image, if so he would be as unsuited to life today as you and I are.

Shades of the ancient Chinese tradition of binding feet, so let us take a practical look at what happens to the boys who grow up without dad, without the moulding (because as we all know, skank ho single mommy can’t mould or control junior) influence of daddy or the traditional family unit.

Boys who, in short, are left to adapt in their own way to the environment they find themselves in.

Well, no respect for anything or anyone, wimminz, skank ho mommy, skank slut sisters, girlz, the state, authoritah, *higher* beliefs such as long term goals, etc etc.

They are likely to riot, to steal, to do drugs, to get wrecked on booze, to be violent, etc etc.

In short, none of the things we as Dad’s would have wished for.

But, it has to be said, ideally suited and adapted to the world they were actually fucking born into, not the world dad wishes they were born in to.

When they become adults, provided they do not try to fuck me over, which ain’t likely, my attitude is there is no “crime” that my boys can commit that I will vilify them for, there is nothing they can do to wimminz or the state that I will turn my back on them for, on the contrary, my job is to help them be Teflon, so none of what they do sticks to them, so that they have a chance to go on and be dads themselves.

That does NOT involve burdening them with a whole bunch of obsolete hokey about wimminz and the state and family life that *I* grew up burdened with, you wanna fuck your skanky slut half sister and burgle your skank ho mommy, any hole is a goal boy… just make sure your ass is covered.

Trying to teach my boys traditional family values is as outmoded as trying to teach them a trade as a buggy whip maker or oil lamp wick trimmer.

This isn’t fucking 1940 or 1950 any more, which is the shit I was taught in 1960 and 1970, and it was no fucking use at all to me, thankfully, because I did not grow up in the village and county and country I was born in, I got exposed to a bunch of other shit, that, at the least, opened my eyes to the possibility that there were other ways.

99.999% of all the trouble I got into in my life was down to me acting as though my mental model of how things were ™ had much connection to how things actually were, and not even considering the possibility that how things actually were wasn’t a fixed thing, but an evolving and changing thing in a state of flux.

Look at a 1985 ford car that has been dodging the scrap yard for the last 20 years, does it bear any relation to the gleaming jewel in the showroom with 3 miles on the odometer?

Look at a 55 year old skank ho granny slut with kids by four different men who has no idea how many cocks she has ridden, does it bear any relation to the cute and innocent apple of her daddies eye little girl she was at 5?

Look at Zimbabwe in 2013 as a place for a white man to ex-pat or emigrate to, does it bear any relationship to when it was Rhodesia (or Zambia, when it was Northern Rhodesia) in the 60’s?

This is all shit that fits comfortably and considerably within the average adult lifespan of any man.workingwithassholes

I wouldn’t dream, in 2013, of trying to teach my sons how to emigrate to Zimbabwe today, or to buy the scrapheap challenge ford for 20k on hire purchase, so what the fuck are we doing trying to teach them about little girls being sugar and spice and all things nice and marriage and family and family homes and mortgages and having a trade and being a pillar of the community?

Seriously, answer me that fucking question.

Do you WANT to cripple your own kids, do you WANT to fuck up beyond all recognition whatever chances they have, do you WANT to make your son’s lives as big a misery as yours?

I could teach my sons everything there is to know about being a white man in Zimbabwe back in the day, when you could get so shit-faced in a bar in Salisbury (Harare) you staggered out without your wallet, and you went back there the next day and it was handed to you, not one fucking penny missing… and how would this benefit them if they went there today, and a black man who had never even owned a bicycle in their life pointed at my sons and accused them of stealing their bike, and they got arrested and given the option of emptying the wallet and fucking off out the country or rotting in a cell.?

Back along when you worked abroad in these places, everyone, without fucking exception, had three things;

  1. a second / duplicate passport (say the original was lost and apply for a dupe)
  2. a Rolex oyster. (preferably plain and in stainless)
  3. a small number of solid gold coins, didn’t matter what currency, but genuine minted solid gold. (unlike the oyster, which you carried with you at all times, these were stashed with the spare passport and other essential documents)

When the SHTF you could simply trade items 2 and 3 to get you to the nearest international airport and a ticket on the first plane out *anywhere* using item 1, with the clothes you were stood up in.

The dumb fucks took contracts paid in local currency and into a local bank, and left it there thinking all would be well… you might get out, your money never would…

It was thus a mark of the man who was smart and cautious that he still had the original Rolex he bought, the original Zippo, and the original Buck knife.

So instead of teaching my sons how to survive in Zimbabwe back in the day, teach them about how to get the fuck out of Zimbabwe, or anywhere else, at 60 seconds notice, no packing, no grab this and that, no thinking or planning because you already did that with the rolex and passport and coins and zippo/buck, just GET. THE. FUCK. OUT. NOW.

Get the fuck out doesn’t have to be a physical movement from one location on the globe to another, it can just as easily be “get the fuck out from under” as “get the fuck out

I would *love* to show my sons Africa back in the day, or Asia back in the day, just as I would love them to see wimminz back in the day or family/marriage back in the day, but all those things are history.

Some people didn’t make it back then. They got fucked up.

I light a joss that I was fortunate enough to, and may be, in the fullness of time, around and able to pass some shit on to my boys that they can actually use in *their* lives.

June 9, 2013

“my son’s cock” & sperm brothers

as subject, it’s not a conversation I can *ever* recall a man starting with me, ever, not even in passing reference, wimminz on the other hand, they all have some variation / combination of summer shorts / sitting down / towel slipping / whatever, to explain why they ended up looking at their teenage son’s cock… and it is a subject that most if not all wimminz with teenage sons have managed to inject into a conversation with me at some point.

wimminz will also of course have loud noisy kinky sex with you so their kids and neighbours can hear it, or rather, can not possibly not hear it.

quite why wimminz apparently feel no boundaries on their sexuality between themselves and their kids is something beyond the scope of my intellect, certainly beyond rocket science, or else, it is really very simple, wimminz will fuck anything if they can tell a convincing lie and deny it and get away with it.

So Layla who is 51 becomes Linda who is 41 on the dating/swinging site, and dude if she told you she would do “anything” in bed, you can bet your ass she said that to the absolute minimum 100+ guys before you, and you can bet your ass enough of those guys said “anything huh… okaaay” that anything becomes everything, she has done everything, including a lot of shit that probably would not occur to you or appeal to you, but, she has done it.

And Layla ain’t that fucking dumb either, she knows that skank ho Susie, who has finally realised all she can offer you is booty call, so offers it, is a real fucking dampener on Layla’s plans, and how much she can inflate the value of access to her cunt, and the pleasure of her com-pan-eee… so convincing you to cut yourself off from Susie becomes a real priority for Layla, and she’ll buy you your favourite beer, and say fuck all about habits of yours that boil her piss, because she is on the hunt… and you are on the menu.

Layla has the same opinion of me as many wimminz, I am too fucking “aggressive” and by aggressive what she actually means is Code Rainbow, this rude boy ain’t buying ANY of my bullshit, nor is he backing down at my usual tactics.

The only play she has left is to take her ball and exclude me from the game.

I just been banned for life from yet another forum on yet another sex site, the initial charge was that I breached the T&C, I challenged this, stating that I had not, in any way, broken the T&C, and if they could show that I had I would not only back down and apologise, I would send then a cheque for 100 notes to be given to the charity of their choice.

I got an answer, that I was way too aggressive for the forums, meaning I don’t back down when faced with wimminz bullshit, fair enough, their site, their rules, but even then they cannot be honest about this, “attitude” isn’t covered in the T&C, so the initial reason given was bullshit, no worries, I will keep my 100 notes.

You could sit there and say Layla was a dumb fuck, all that do anything in the bedroom was 60% of the trick, buying me my favourite beer and shit was another 30% of the trick, the remaining 10% was to not try to fucking manipulate me.

But the fact is Layla, and wimminz, don’t work like that, kinky sex isn’t something they do because they enjoy it, which is why I, as a man, do it.

Kinky sex is something they do because it is a way, usually, of achieving control and power and influence over a man, and that is what they enjoy.

Take away the idea that they can ever actually attain that power, or worse still, actually grant that power, and the kinky sex is removed, after all, it was never done for its own sake.

Take away the idea, as I did to Layla, and I am a nasty manipulative and aggressive man, and she is damn grateful she sussed me out before I sucker her in too deep, and she is as pissed as fuck that she wasted 3 months of her life on me, and that’s the 51 year old life, not the 41 year old profile life that is still ten years away from the menopause… lol

Grant that power and you are a pathetic loser of a man.

When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything gets treated like a nail and pounded flat.

When the only tool you have is a cunt…..

It’s a uniquely male trait to look at Layla and think “what a waste“, just as it is a uniquely male trait to look at an old but once great vehicle or piece of machinery and think “what a waste

But, unlike an old vehicle that has seen better days, Layla is the architect of her own fall, and if you were foolish enough to tamper, she would resist and fight you all the way.

This is why all other late forties onwards feminazi wimminz are so fucking bitter and man hating, they know two things for a fact;

  1. They themselves are 100% responsible for the situation they find themselves in.
  2. They have hit the wall and can no longer delude themselves that their own personal history is a story of steady decline and fall, under their own captaincy.

If you think under 40’s wimminz can be batshit crazy, you ain’t seen nothing, wait until they can see that wall coming in their nightmares, or worse still, after they have hit it… they are as good a definition of insanity as you are likely to find.

Einstein defined insanity as repeating the same actions over and over, hoping for a different outcome.

Older wimminz like Layla, they don’t just repeat the same actions, they fucking double down on the bet every time.

The 3 months she “wasted” on me ain’t more than a chunk of change out of a 41 year H^H^H^ 51 year life, subtract 14 for 37 sexually active years.

The 3 months she “wasted” on me is however a fucking huge bite out of any imagined sexually active years remaining, and Layla is one of these progressive/desperate bitches that goes to the fucking gym every day to try to keep in shape, and has potions and lotions to try to make her skin feel and smell like it did 30 years ago, and all the rest of the finery and drapery and shit.

There was a (white) south african thing about “sperm brothers”, two guys who had fucked the same skank, and only realised it later, over a beer.

Thanks to the internet and technology and sex sites, after a period of time you start to see something, something entirely expected, but nevertheless something deeply warming and pleasant to see.

You start to see that the sperm brothers come in groups, and generally speaking so do the skanks / cum buckets, and individuals tend not to stray out of these groups.

The feral feminazi skank ho’s are one group of cum buckets, and there is an associated group of sperm brothers, but the chances that any of these guys have been anywhere near Layla is slim indeed, for she is in the group of feral the-wall-is-approaching-but-I-only-have-an-accelerator-pedal group of cum buckets, and that has a separate but associated group of sperm brothers.

And then there is the roving “band of raiders” sperm brothers, of which I am one, and we look like a group to those outside, but we only come across one another when some wimminz gets a case of mistaken identity, or assumes we are a crew and drops one name to another, we nomads dip into the various groups of skank ho cumbuckets, like ghosts in the machine.

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Bitch it’s me

June 1, 2013

the silence of the marketplace

As y’all know by now, I frequent several on-line poontang places, swingers / hookup sites etc, as well as PoF and all that jazz.

Here is the thing, to a wimminz;

  • in their face “you’re fucking delusional, bitch” = micropenis living in mum’s basement woman hating rapist and paedo
  • silence / non participation = agreement
  • nice ass = agreement
  • nice tits = agreement
  • fancy a fuck = agreement
  • etc = agreement

You get the idea.article-2286848-1861D1C2000005DC-223_308x367

So, on one of these sites, some skank ho starts a thread about what feminism has done for us wimminz, not thinking for one moment that all the single guys on there have been through the wringer, and most of the guys in couples have been through the wringer, and many of the younger guys have been brought up by heroic single mums so they have been through the wringer.

So the usual, few, and getting fewer as the herd senses which way the wind is blowing in society, wimminz join in with this wimminz in their praise of feminism.

And there is this lone voice, me, pointing out a couple of salient facts.

  1. guys are here to fuck, NSA (no strings attached)
  2. guys see little mileage in speaking out against, it might reduce the chance of a fuck
  3. any guy who speaks out in favour (and there was literally one), is clearly begging for some cunt, and will never get any

The most salient fact was this, on a site all about free NSA cunt, the very LACK of an avalanche of white knights roaring their approval SHOULD have been something that sent shudders of fear rippling through them from head to toe.

The party is over, nobody got up to go home yet is all, you freaks prancing about on the stage after the band and roadies left are not the main act.

And then a queer thing happened.

The skanks responses to me were not the usual micropenis stuff, no, they weren’t even replies, no misandry, no shaming language, no insults, more funny haha but we are being serious here and turn away to continue talking to the other grrrls.

A couple of years ago all you would have seen on these sorts of sites is limp dick mofos leaving verifications for these skanks along the lines of oomigod, this lady’s pussy is so sweet and juicy and warm and wet, you guys all need to treat this one with respect yadda yadda yadda, and if I had written what I wrote back then, I would have been drowned in a sea of jihadi white knights

Failing to worship the cunt is apostasy.

Then another funny thing happened, or rather, something usually expected to happen failed to happen, I didn’t get the usual 7 day forums ban for hate speech…

There is a simple formula, where T is the enjoyment of the time I spend with a wimminz, not fucking, and F is the enjoyment of the time I spend with her fucking, and the moment
F – T < 0
is the moment your skanky ass hits the kerb.

It’s a formula the silent masses of men on that forum were all aware of, perhaps only subconsciously, but it is there…


Back in a previous life in the dotcom era I used to try to help people getting on the “our business needs a website” bandwagon.

There were some simple truths, the website should answer all the potential customer’s questions, the website will expose all your failings, so you should have shit in place to address what to do when things go wrong instead of making all your plans for when things go right, the medium itself should be as close to invisible as possible, definitely not intrusive to the user.. and the killer..

The killer was this.

Imagine your website is a virtual shop, I can pull statistics on almost anything you like out of that once it has been running a while, how many single geeky women living in Madrid accessed the site…

The ONE SINGLE THING I cannot tell you is the thing that is the most important by far, who took one look at your web-shop and went “nah, not for me, and walked on by, taking their wallet with them, and why did they walk on by

Because this is the thing that decides whether you become fuckedcompany.com, or not.

Feminzism, like all memes, is basically a web-shop, it’s a virtual space for the mind, blogs didn’t exist in 1995, but websites did, and a wesbites devoted to men’s issues in 1995 would have made the average Geocities home page about the contents of your desk drawer look like AltaVista when it came to hits.

The early sex sites came in two categories, those that existed solely to extract your credit card details, and the minority that actually catered to the hook up culture, this hasn’t changed.

What has changed is back then the latter group were all the church of the most holy and wonderful vagina, cunt worship central.

As Dylan sang, the times they are a changin’

The thread I posted to, and the utter and complete lack of all white knightism, would have been frankly mind blowing in it’s impossibility.

You see the “F” in that equation above had been inflated out of all connection with reality just like the Dow Jones or AAPL stocks… whereas the “T” was undervalued to the point of being a junk bond… it was like putting your pension on Moller skycars…

I dunno that there is a causal relationship between the economy/society and feminazism, but there sure as hell is a lot of correlation, and as one falls apart the other falls on stony ground and hard times.

I have just, for the first time ever in my life, been dumped by a wimminz who came right out and said that I was too mean with money for her, why, I had the audacity to let/make her take her turn to pay for shit.. and went on to list all the times it was her turn to pay… lmfao

  • hey, *many* will have had this as a reason, but she is the first to actually SAY it to me.
  • I am *not* the kind of guy you say that shit to, it’s like cussing a bear for his fur coat when you’re both naked in alaska
  • the force wasn’t strong in this one, but the fear was.

See, it was a case of a wimminz getting on in years, looking ahead and seeing the stark reality of the wall, cats, piss, and financial ruin, so she put it all (sexually) on a plate for me, nothing held back, nothing out of bounds.

The clock is ticking.

And she used up a portion of that little remaining and ever diminishing time trying to snare me into her trap.

THAT is why she was pissed at me and dumped my ass.

*I* was applying F – T < 0

*she* was playing bait and switch.

But, she was playing it for real, like the silent white knights in that thread, like the quiet feminist skank ho’s in that thread, more and more people every day are waking up to the fact that the party is over.

Security has not yet turned up to evict everyone from the venue / marketplace after the main event is over and all the acts / stalls are gone, but we all know they are coming.

July 10, 2012

Udder sizes

I have literally no idea how many wimminz tits I have seen, sucked, bitten, squeezed, etc.

Being a man, I will be the first to admit that wimminz dress sizes mean nothing to me, a fact not helped by the typically wimminz thing where any given dress size is actually a variable, so what hangs on a rack in a shop today with a Size 12 label could well have been called a Size 14 or more only a decade or so ago.

Being a man, one thing I do understand is 36-24-36, and C cup.

That shit all makes perfect sense to me and I can picture it accurately…

Something else I know is that all wimminz know a good set of udders is always a plus point in the SMV (Sexual Market Value) stakes.

Which is why, all wimminz, without fucking exception, lie about the size of their udders.

You know when you go into a shop to buy a paper, and the shopkeeper gives you the wrong change… well, that shit can happen, but when every time you go into a shop, and every shop you go into all give you the wrong change, and that wrong change is ALWAYS in their favour, then it is no longer carelessness or stupidity… it is policy.

Now I myself may not be a horse, but I am reasonably well endowed, and like all men I have taken a tape measure to it and know how long it is on average and how thick it is, and so I went though a period where I was basically asking wimminz prior to fucking them and at around about the exchanging dirty pics by MS stage, what size cocks they had had in the past.

Then I would meet / meat these wimminz in the flesh, and they would generally (not all) make some comment about my size, such as “you’re bigger than my ex and he had eight inches

So I’d look at mine and imagine something smaller and wonder how her ex arrived at a length of eight inches, did the guy measure from his asshole forwards or what???

And then as you do eventually you start meeting one or two of your fellow sperm  brothers who have pumped and dumped the same skank ho’s, some before you, some after, and sooner or later the conversation goes around to this very subject.

Now, prior to this point, I just assumed guys were lying to get laid, in the same way that wimminz lied about their udder sizes, and why not…

But when you start to have the conversations, all I found was guys being very candid and honest, with a mean/median number of anglo saxon white guys stating that their cock was between 5.5 and 6 inches in length, which ties in EXACTLY with every physical study ever made (ps these same studies show that anglo saxon males have the biggest cocks on the planet ON AVERAGE, bigger than wogs, bigger than anyone else) and all of them flatly denied lying to the wimminz to get laid.

Then I met one, then another, who had pumped and dumped two different sluts right after me, and sure enough, they were told that her last “beau”, me, had a monster cock… now I KNOW I didn’t fucking lie to the bitches.

I then started talking to these sperm brothers and thinking about wimminz and their cunts, and they all claimed to have small neat and tight cunts, including those wimminz who had had a string of womb turds and whom I could fist with no lube, and how they were all shocked and disbelieving when I told them that no, men did not all want tight virginal twats, most of us were quite happy to play with a large cunt that could take a horse quite easily… provided she was kinky and obedient and didn’t yap.

It all seemed very counter intuitive, as a man you would suspect the wimminz would all claim that the (very few.. lol) previous cocks they had had were pencil dicked mofos, and of my god what a cock you real man you… but no…

So then I started talking to a couple of wimminz I know, who are pretty grounded in reality and pretty honest (yeah, I know, but they are both unfuckable…) and they both said the exact same thing.

To a wimminz, fucking a guy who “only” had a very slightly below average five inch cock was a direct reflection upon her own worth, when it came to talking to other wimminz, and this is where the penny dropped, the wimminz on the wine with the other wimminz comparing slut stories was behind all this, and none of them would willingly admit to being fucked by a “mere” five inch cock.

Hence, “Yeah, vince is going bald and has a beer gut and drives a citroen and has a loser job as something in IT, but he has a nine inch cock and can breathe through his ears”

At which I perked up, and the next night back with the sperm brother shooting the shit, I remembered this comment during all the “Yeah, Suzy, did you ass to mouth her dude?” contrast and compare stories, and said wait a minute, I have a question for y’all.

Can we come up, between us, with 50 unique individual wimminz that we have between us fucked in the past year or so… yes, lets each of us hold the memory of those wimminz in our heads for a moment, now the question, which is in two parts.

1/ How many of them did you go down on (cunnilingus) at all?

2 How many of them did you go down on PROPERLY till they came?

Now, see previously, according to the wimminz it was all of us, and I always assumed I was a bit weird because I have only ever done it to perhaps 4 wimminz in my entire life, only once each, and when I was *much* younger, but at the time I knew a couple of guys who claimed to be totally fucking apeshit for eating cunt.. but they were both Marines… lol

NONE of these guys went down on any of the wimminz they had been with in the past year, not even for one second. Every single one of them had a “eww fucking yuk” expression, I may as well have come back from the toilet with my kaks around my ankles and said there was no toilet paper, would they lick my ass clean.

By then one of the aforementioned wimminz had joined us, and dropped a bombshell, and then another far bigger one.

First she said that you know all this shit about how all men lie to all wimminz all the time, well the truth is all wimminz lie to all other wimminz all the fucking time, ESPECIALLY about men/sex with men.

Well, no prizes or surprises there.

Then she said why the fuck do you guys think some wimminz become lesbians, and no not lesbians generally, but butch / on top / dominant lesbians….

To get someone to lick their cunt on demand, because lets face it, the “feminine” lesbian parter is a wimminz, and all she has heard is lies from other wimminz on how men eat cunt for a passtime…. so she is just doing what she has been told all men do… and the only way she will ever find out different is by fucking a series of men.

“Oh fuck” I said, because I just then connected the dots, the wimminz who had been saying this, the wimminz who as I said previously was unfuckable but reasonably well grounded and reasonably honest, the wimminz who basically hated all other wimminz, was an ex fucking lesbian “bottom”….

Lesbian “tops” are the ones who get the surgically enhanced breasts… lol


April 23, 2012

Notches on the bedpost

A mixed bag this week, one skank ho who openly admits that she cheated on her husband throughout her marriage wonders why I treat EVERYTHING she says, as though it is possibly / probably false… duh

And another for whom the bell finally tolls and the penny finally drops, you’re not just notches on a bedpost, it is that after three fucks most wimminz are unfuckable, my cock will not co-operate any further, so I must of necessity move on to the next skank ho.

Think about it bitches, all I am interested in is dumping my cum into your holes, for free, and even so THE BEST OF YOU  still can’t hold my attention or interest past three fucks.

Bitches have been drinking their own kool aid for so long and lying to themselves about what they really are for so long that there is no longer any signal left when talking with wimminz, it is all noise, and incidentally proof that 12 million monkeys will never type so much as one sonnet, much less the complete works of Shakespeare.

Whether it is secret family courts or wimminz rights or evil male sexual predators, bitches cannot and will not see that it is NEVER coincidental that those towns that are known for the worst excesses of secret family courts, social services and child welfare types are also the towns where the worst child abuse goes on and the highest profile paedophile cases come from, they just routinely put the cart before the horse and point at the excesses of the headline paedophile case as reason for their own existence, when in fact it has been the past decade plus of their own existence of complete power on the local scale that has bred the ideal hunting grounds for these evil predatory paedophiles, and has also bred the next generation of them.

Just as in the Vanessa George case, the skank ho who actually did all the physical sexual abuse, George herself, was given second billing to the guy who lives 200+ miles away who never touched a single child in the flesh, but who George was in electronic communication with.

Back in the day it was Fred and Rose West, again Fred got all the bad publicity, but they lived in Cromwell St, well known locally as the place to find whores and drugs, and less well known as the place where the local council routinely housed all their kids that had been seized from families and taken into care, when those kids reach 16 and ceased to be a source of revenue for said children’s services departments.

What could possibly go wrong?

What (address) could possibly express more cynicism and disdain for the now 16 year old kids?

What y’all have to watch out for is the only trick left in the bag is doubling down, and as times get harder they will keep doubling down.

You think you have your ass covered by signing up to Fetlife and finding that 22 year old submissive, you know, FROM HER FUCKING ADVERT FOR AN OLDER MAN, and hooking up with her?

When they double down and broaden consent to something that can be RETROACTIVELY RETRACTED BY A PANEL OF WIMMINZ AND NIGGERZ, you are as fucked as fucked can be, and jumping up and down in the dock trying to get her Fetlife advert admitted as evidence of your innocence, as opposed to being evidence of her vulnerability and proof of your evil predatory nature will only get your sentences increased for contempt of court.

No, far better that you talk to a local, and go down to the areas of town where the local social services dump all the kids as soon as they become 16 and cease being a source of revenue, with the whores and the dealers, and cruise for some young flesh… the young flesh in question has no illusions whatsoever about their status… your only problem is in fucking hand me downs from the same social services / child care services / family courts, because NONE of these 16 year olds are virgins, not even close, haven’t been for years, many years in some cases… just needs a fall guy, like you maybe, to take the rap and thus close the book on previous indiscretions… knowworrimean..

Seems you aren’t the only one who was out to carve a few notches on your bedpost… but you just sleepwalked into playing the game with the genuine feral article, and the real predators.

Doubling down, doubling down.

Vanessa George, Rose West, “Baby P“, they all represent mission and budget creep for the symbiont’s, and expansion of the incestuous and iniquitous pools of slime and corruption, far from being human tragedies, they are brand leading success stories.

The most chilling tales of all come from the mouths of hollow young people, the young girl who despite being 16 and a bit and fully physically a woman and with many of the tick boxes for attractiveness, a wagon load of viagra and a gallon on liquid nitrogen could not have gotten me hard for, not once they have uttered “You know that film Aliens, you know the bit about in space nobody can hear you scream, and the bit about they come at night, mostly, and the bit about game over man, yeah well that is what growing up in “care” is all about….

There are monsters, and they are human, and they are the ones who have been given and taken total power and control over our children and families.

Edit – and the fact that most of those involved in this system as a career are wimminz, and yet wimminz are supposed to be the protectors of youth / children / innocence… it is THIS role that the wimminz abandoned most eagerly, and NONE of them speak up to denounce their sisters, the total renunciation of all maternal and nurturing capacity, it is for this reason, more than any other, that I am done with treating wimminz as civilised and moral creatures… I am as slow and as dense as fuck, but even I can eventually learn a lesson if it is rammed into my head daily for decades.

February 25, 2012

I have a confession to make…

…it is a dirty little secret, it is something the wimminz and the secret family courts will not accept.

it is the lesson that men learn, or more accurately, what we become when we learn the lessons that the feminazis teach us, that our children are not our own, that our homes are not our own if we cohabit, that our wages are not our own if we marry, etcetera.

The dirty little secret is this;

  • I don’t give a fuck about my female kids, they will inevitably grow up to be skank ho’s, AWALT
  • I don’t, under the circumstances ***, give a fuck about my male kids, they can however come see me when they get to 16

*** = the circumstances where the secret family courts have intervened, and I am offered all the bills and all the shit end of the parental alienation stick, in exchange for a a couple of hours a month with the fruit of my loins.

When people ask me now if I am going to get married again I tell them straight, why should I look after another man’s daughter?

Fact is, my psycho skank ho ex and the feminazi secret family courts have given me something I could never have taken for myself, out of a sense of duty to my kids, despite what a cunt their mother is, and the thing they have given me is a total and complete break from them all.

So the dirty little secret is the cunts have all done me the greatest service that they could have possibly given me, in the current society, with the current feminazi laws and attitudes.

They have not just given me an education and hit me with a clue by four about the state of society, because I was in some danger of losing my cynicism and getting all rosy eyed when dealing with the kids, they have not just given me my freedom from burden and obligation 24/7 and my freedom from all financial obligations, when I was in danger of sucking it all down and spending what it took at least until the youngest hit 16, and probably beyond, they have not just given me unlimited free access to guilt free skank ho cunt, by removing their cock-blocking selves from my life, they have not just given me back my freedom of expression, by removing their disapproving attitudes and presence from my life, they have given me back my sense of FUN, by fucking off out of my life and taking every last fucking thing associated with them out of my life too.

When daughters start sucking cock at 12 and coming home to skank ho mommy pregnant at 14, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.

When sons start ruling the roost at 12 and treating skank ho sisters like the filthy sluts they are, and mommy as the bitch that does the laundry etc, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.

When skank ho mommy tries to get some replacement cock and has to contend with the fact that she has kids at home and any man stupid enough to take her on knows she is already basically past it at late 40’s and a minimum of 10 more years to go before the youngest is out of her hair, home and purse, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.

While the youngest has the next ten years to forget who his daddy is before he comes to a place where he can choose to find his daddy and go see him, that knife cuts bot ways too, I have another ten years to forget who my boys are, and hell it has already been three, and yeah it fades…. and already I don’t give a fuck, because nobody gave me a choice (and I suspect that is how the kids will feel)

So I’m going to skip all the torn another pair of school trousers / fighting with your sister again / stole money from mums purse / sucked on the neighbour girls titties shit, and go straight to the “Wanna grab a beer, son?” stage… I already done all the bowel movements and first steps and first “dada” and all that shit, so I don’t give a fuck about what I am “missing”, I won’t be there.

When my skank ho ex’s freaky broke mother and freaky emigrated father finally kick the bucket and its crocodile tears and funeral time, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.

When the skank ho ex’s body collapses they way wimminz in general do, and the way hers will (see a woman in 20 years, look at her mum now, and her mum looked *fucking* rough 12 years ago) and things dry up and stop working and so on, I don’t give  fuck, I won’t be there.

When the economy crashes and times get hard, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.

When psycho skank ho ex has to walk or get the bus or train everywhere, which she does now, all weathers, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.
(I’ll be cruising by in my luxury German auto, laughing my fucking ass off at you peasants standing at the bus stop, like I did today…)

When the grass needs cutting, the leaking radiator needs fixing, the rubbish needs taken out, I don’t give a fuck, I won’t be there.

Let’s be honest and face it, if you hadn’t thrown all this shit at me, I would have been so busy doing all that other shit that I wouldn’t have had much if any *real* quality time with my kids, being around you would have poisoned all that.

Your attempts to “punish” me by taking your cunt, and everything that came out of it, out of my life, has basically been the greatest favour you could have done me, you have set me free…

…that, is my confession, my dirty little secret.

Comparing what I have now, with some FANTASY IDEAL RELATIONSHIP WITH MY SONS THAT I WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN PERMITTED TO HAVE, not as long as you were around, is not a valid yardstick.

Comparing what I have now with what I would have ACTUALLY been allowed to have if you were still around, that’s the key, and frankly I have had all the good years, as mentioned above, seen the first steps, first potty, first dada, I can miss that interim shit and wait for the first beer together.

That’s my dirty little secret, my confession, and trust me on this, if I had let the cunts even suspect that this was my attitude before all the dust settled and all the court cases were done and false accusations and shit had faded away…. well I wouldn’t be here, they would have done far worse, and I would be dead or inside prison for many years to come.

It was soooooooooooo fucking gratifying when it was finally done and dusted, to be able to let my locked in facial expression go and laugh out loud in their faces, because I could see from the facial expression of my psycho skank ho ex, she still thinks she is the catch, and she is punishing me by separating me from her cunt, and everything that came out of it….  social services, the court, they all think they have put one over on me and put me in my place…

  • NO alimony
  • NO child support payments
  • NO injunctions prohibiting me for certain streets etc
  • NO attachment of earnings
  • NO reporting or disclosing of any of my finances or affairs or business
  • NO monies or assets to be handed over

The home we shared was rented, and I put all MY shit in storage, and called the house clearance people to take EVERYTHING else (except her clothes and some papers, two 4 cubic foot tea chests of stuff that was hers) away.

I don’t see that I came off worst here…. lol

February 21, 2012

Feminist financial markets

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I know some of you are smart enough and tuned in enough to keep one eye on sites like ZeroHedge and a couple of the ones in the right navbar area.

I was also reminded of this while fucking last night’s PoF skank ho over her kitchen table, as a thing or two said earlier in the evening clicked into place, and something else fell out of that….

A development that I have noted on PoF is that the wimminz are starting to compare and share notes and gossip about the men, so you start chatting to completely new to you wimminz on PoF, who nevertheless let slip that they have heard all about you… and this can get quite funny when they get your user name wrong or confused with someone else, and PoF has got popular enough that you can pick “Flash Gordon” as a user name and it will come back saying it is taken, do you wanna be Flash Gordon 97 or 98… so the wimminz then confuse you with Flash Gordon 79 or 89, which doesn’t really matter because as it turns out both those guys are “bastards” too, e.g. pump and dump merchants just like you.

What clicked over the kitchen table was the BBC news coming on in the background, yet another episode in the apparently never ending Greek Debt Crisis©

So we finish fucking and I gesture at the TV and ask “are you following this shit?” and before she even answers you can just tell I might as well have asked her if she is following the price of tampons in Guatemala

Now I am famous and almost unemployable in my daytime gig, because quite often when presented with a piece of corporate mind numbing fuckwittery I can and do genuinely point at the wimminz involved in or leading said fuckwittery, and point out that “What the fuck do you expect when you give a bunch of wimmiz a job, except a WI coffee morning / fashion show / fuckup?

Without fucking exception, every time this happens, I see 75% of the men, and their skulls turn entirely transparent and the only thought in their heads is OMG HE ACTUALLY SAID THAT OUT LOUD OH FUCK DID I SMILE OR NOD NO NO NO I MUST HAVE IMAGINED IT HE CAN’T POSSIBLY…etc

90% the wimminz present are of course YOU’RE DEAD, MOTHERFUCKER

Which is why I end up ***almost*** unemployable, the wimminz won’t have it, if they get a say.

However as all men know, there are areas in every industry that the wimminz do not want, areas where there is actual physical work to be done, areas without potted plants and a coffee machine… and it is in there places that I am still marginally employable… it suits me because I do not have to cater to the sensibilities of wimminz while at work, and can curse and swear at recalcitrant equipment etc.

So getting back to the plot, it doesn’t exactly surprise me when I ask this skank ho (with my cum dripping down her legs and onto the kitchen floor) if she is following the greek debt crisis horse and pony show, and she looks at me like I just turned into a donkey… let’s face it, wimminz are not generally known (any more) for their ability to balance a chequebook, and the fact is her own finances are is a pretty precarious state, but on the fridge calendar there are fortnightly appointments for the nail technician, tanning salon, and hair salon, and that’s gotta be fifty quid a week right there down the toilet.

So I tell her to make me a coffee (make me a sammich, bitch) and decide, for shit and giggles, to give her the short version, just to see what she will make of it… and so having gone into the background briefly, got to the point where I have explained that it is a bit like pass the parcel in Belfast pub in that it doesn’t really matter who is left holding the parcel when the music stops, if you are in the pub when it goes off it is going to maim or kill you, which is the situation with our economies and debt in general, and Greece in particular as the first domino to fall / sacrificial lamb for the US$ and Obama’s re-election, depending on your perspective.

Which is why the reaction of the markets, everything imaginable “up” is interesting, didn’t she think.

Her reaction was priceless………… and pure wimminz….

To her, it made no difference if all the other players in the market are delusional, as long as there are other people prepared to play the game itself, then the game itself was worth playing, because “… after all, everyone needs something to do, you know, to make money..

Not to make STUFF, e.g. actually increasing value and generating wealth, but to make that imaginary thing, “fiat money”, and in true wimminz style, what happens OUTSIDE those markets does not matter, because what matters is being INSIDE them, and playing the game, and fitting in, and being a part of the herd mentality.

In a sense the whole idea that financial markets are feminist in nature, and had to be tightly controlled and regulated in order to prevent them from causing chaos and global destruction, is, as far as I know, only new in the application of the “feminist” label to them.

The markets hate being controlled, markets go out of control, Glass-Steagall is introduced, markets hate that, Glass-Steagall is reformed, markets are less controlled and go out of control again…. sounds just like a wimminz without the strong and authoritative hand of a man to rein her in.

So a man, Dominique Strauss Khan, is fitted up for a False Rape Accusation, and then a wimminz, Christine Lagarde, is stuck in as head of the IMF and only then is the EU sovereign debt crisis express ready to roll, and what happens?

I mean, here we have world shaking, world war starting, scale financial and institutional and constitutional events, and they are being run in effect by the same mindless fucks you can find in any middle management meeting room anywhere in the western world, with a high percentage of wimminz who have successfully neutered the few niggerz present just by being wimminz and able to whine about anything they like being sexist or violent or abusive or controlling or some such shit…..

…. and like the stupid skank ho with my cum running down her leg onto her kitchen floor, they don’t see their job on that committee as being solving the fucking problem that the committee was formed to address or remedy, oh no, their job as they see it is to participate in the fucking committee… that’s it.

What could possibly go fucking wrong?

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