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Who is the enemy of Men?

Robert Heinlein wrote about (he didn’t invent the idea) a future society in which only those who had completed military service got the vote and counted as citizens.

Robert Heinlein, contrary to popular belief, was a pussy whipped, pussy worshipping mangina.

I take the opposite view to Heinlein, anyone who cedes total control over their own moral choices to the likes of Obama / Hitlary / Blair / et al is frankly the last person on the fucking planet who should be allowed to vote, ever.

Which brings us sort of sideways into asking the thorny question, “Who is the enemy of Men?

The answers can be surprising, and very unpleasant, and indeed it must be said that simply asking the question and working through the answers logically, however unpleasant and unpalatable those answers may be, is the mark of manhood, and so the question itself becomes an ideal way of separating Men from their enemies.

Let’s start with our legal system, which demonises and punishes men, simply for being men, at every turn from the divorce courts on down.

My own false rape accusation / separation / child custody battle, in stage one alone, took over two years, comprised innumerable court appearances, many full day hearings, untold hours with lawyers, you name it.

Now when you go into a shop and the shopkeeper makes the wrong change time after time after time, and it is always short change, then it isn’t a fucking mistake, it is policy.

Thus it is with the court system and the state, it isn’t a fucking mistake, it is fucking policy (if you want to educate yourself follow the Robert Whiston link on the right and read about Anna Freud etc) and at that point there is simply no alternative to shrugging, and accepting that if that is how the law and the state insists on acting, then it would be morally evil for you as an individual to do anything whatsoever to support it.

Anything that does support it is the enemy of  Men. So far it is all nice and simple and clinical and painless and pie in the sky talk.

Of course some of the most direct and immediate methods possible of supporting this system is to serve in the military, oops, or to serve in the police, oops, or to serve in the civil service, oops, or to pay taxes, oops.

The inverse is that you should be as big a drain as possible on the state, if the family court fucked you over, go back and file as often as the law allows (every six months in the UK) and clog the system up as much as possible… avoid taxes wherever possible, cease doing any work that in any way supports the state, from street sweeping on up.

Now the lying cunts will start talking about anarchy and rape and rioting and all the other fucking bullshit, but guess what, the citizens that live around here aren’t my fucking enemy, the fucking state is my enemy, not the citizens.

The local fuckwit drug gang of burglars and car thieves that are housed by the state, fed by the state and protected from summary justice by the state are not citizens, they don’t go within ten metres of me, or my family, or our homes, funny how these incapable drug addicts can tell the difference between the citizens who will deal out summary justice and the weak and defenceless with no relatives or friends, and get it right 100% when committing a burglary, yet when they get to court they don’t know what day of the week it is or which was is up and besides the prisons are overflowing (eg expensive) anyway so here is a smack on the wrist, back you go to your state provided housing and handouts, and your local prey.

Every year when the money is being doled out the fucking police start whining that “front line officers” (you know, the cunts who won’t turn up if your car is stolen, but who will fuck your life up if your lying skank ho bitch falsely accuses you of DV) will be the ones getting the axe, funny how it is never the new buildings, new luxury vehicles, extra managers, force helicopters, top brass fact finding tours to sunny places, new high tech quipment etc etc etc that never faces the chop…   just the stuff that will frighten the public most…

Funny how the local council offices that are also permanently broke and having to raise bills and taxes for everything never seem to be, like the police, short of money for new buildings and new equipment and junkets abroad for the management, and how the parasites that live off them such as wimminz DV shelters all start screaming at the same time, after parking the new mercedez-benz up and approving new iPads for all senior staff to play with.

I could go on, and on, and on, and frankly every single time you pay any taxes you are supporting these cunts and validating their behaviour.

Every time you take any action that supports these cunts you are validating their behaviour.

Paying taxes is child abuse, breaking up families, imprisoning Men.

I am NOT proposing that you take up arms against that state, that is exactly what they want you to do, because then they use that to validate every single lie that they have been telling about us…. I may understand what drove Raul Moat, but I do not condone it, he was a weak man. His actions hurt us all.

A strong man will shrug, Ghandi like, and just cease actively supporting the state, sure, it will have an impact on your standard of living, especially if you have to give up a state employment job, if you have to give up your kids (as I have done) by refusing to validate the corrupt family court system, if you have to live a more precarious hand to mouth existence.

But this is the point, this is what separates the men from the boys and wimminz and niggerz, men will sigh, shrug, and get down with it, and accept that there have to be personal sacrifices, this is what it means to be a Man.

And then a funny thing will happen.

You will discover that while your new life as a passive Man who refuses to support the state in any way is different, it isn’t actually any worse, and then you discover it is all actually a lot better, because none of that shit that you gave up defined you as a Man, it all actually detracted from your Manhood.

You will discover that there are plenty of other Men out there, doing their own thing, cutting back on their support of the state, being independent Men in their own right, and spending time in their company is very pleasurable, and there is no-longer anyone in your life to criticise your enjoyment of these times.

You will discover that there are plenty of wimminz to be fucked, who want nothing more than a real Man to fuck them.

You will discover the pleasure of chilling, or fishing, or reading, or writing, or working on your car, whatever floats your boat, when YOU please, while all the other state supporting cunts are locked up in their offices 9 to 5.

You will discover the pleasure of turning off, permanently, everything the Main Stream Media has to offer, and instead looking at the stuff that interests YOU, whether it be men’s rights or woodcarving, and you will discover dormant since childhood centres of your brain lighting up and going back to the mental gym and indulging in the pleasure of learning.

You will discover that you too are a Man, and that is enough for any Man to live a carefree and pleasant life.

You will also absolve yourself utterly of all guilt for all the evil and transgressions of the state.

Who is the enemy of Men?

Everyone who is not Men, everyone who is sheeple, who is cattle, who is wimminz, who is niggerz, who is military, who is police, who is state employee.

This is not red pill / blue pill make believe… dickless lovesick wimps like the keannu character need not apply.

This is the real deal, only real Men need apply.

The question is not whether or not you have the ability and strength within you to be Ghandi, all men do, the question is far simpler, it is not even a question of do you have any moral compass to focus and guide that strength, we all have it within us to be whatever it takes.

The question is “Are you a whore?

If you are, the price is irrelevant, a thousand dollar whore is no better than a two dollar whore, you can be bought, all we are negotiating is the price, and as time passes and more transactions are made, the price will fall.

Are you a whore? or a Man?

Well, maybe it is time you started to act like one.


  1. I generally agree, however you should make a clear distinction between a military created for the sole purpose of defending a population (as the original idea was) and a military controlled by neocommunists and feminists which is sent to fight wars abroad with the specific goal of spreading the decadent values of consumerism, mass democracy and feminism.
    Heinlein had obviously the former in mind. The latter is merely an organisation for armed brainwashed slaves who kill and oppress other slaves for money and food. The US military is currently the epitomy of that type of military, it resembles to a welfare state employeer with niggers, women and social rejects for employees.

    Comment by Maal dweb — April 23, 2011 @ 6:08 pm

    • I am not at all sure that Heinlein (obviously or otherwise) had that in mind, remember this is the man who wrote “Friday”.

      However I take your point, but would observe that it is in practice a distinction without a difference, since there are none of the former sort extant anywhere on the planet today, with the possible exception of the Swiss militia, which nobody counts as a military as such.

      Comment by wimminz — April 23, 2011 @ 8:17 pm

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