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Mariella Frostrup

This is from http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2011/mar/20/mariella-frostrup-porn-sex-relationship

Quoted in full for journalistic purposes.

My comments and observations in red text.


THE DILEMMA I’ve been in a relationship for almost four years; we’re both in our early 40s. In the first year and a half we had sex about three times. I figured out that he was a heavy porn user. I explained it was hurtful. He stopped and our sex life got better. Then he became involved in online comment sites, spent all day flirting with strangers and we split up. I got back with him when he agreed to limit his time online. Now he uses porn again and our relationship is falling apart mainly because of my anger. Porn has robbed him of the capacity to find me attractive. At least I hope it’s the porn, I wonder if he ever found me attractive. Do we have a future?

MARIELLA REPLIES In short, no. More importantly neither will any other relationship you embark on until you learn to place a higher value on yourself. Where does what you want figure in all of this? It appears to be not just sex you’re short of but any sense of your own worth. Both of those virtues are essential ingredients for any long-term human coupling: if someone fails to value and respect you then you’re not having a proper relationship with them. There you are worrying about whether he ever found you attractive when what should really be concerning you is why you still fancy him. Why would you pursue a future with someone whose own needs are clearly far more of a priority than yours?

It seems that Mariella has a problem with reality, the man does not fancy the woman, at that point who cares what the woman thinks, it isn’t going to make her into an instant sex-kitten in this guy’s eyes. Game over.

The guy is a loser. He’s lost in cyberspace while the planet spins on. He’s not alone. Have you watched The Social Network? I was struck by the irony of social-networking addicts like Zuckerberg, whose real-world relationships dwindle at the same speed as their cyber life takes off.

Au contraire, the loser is the woman, we have already settled this fact, she has lost her sex appeal, and it is never coming back.

I’m intrigued at the swipe at Zuckerberg, a 5 second stream of his piss has a higher dollar value than Frostrup.

Despite what may sound like a negative attitude to technological advances I’ve recently upgraded my feelings toward to the whole tweeting, blogging world.

Yes, right around the time YOU started tweeting and blogging Mariella.

Like the printing press before it, the internet has incredible potential for the good of mankind, but not if all we ever use it for is surfing porn, swapping gossip and sharing holiday pictures.

No problem Mariella, back when the net (before the www) was the domain of technocrats, BEFORE FUCKING WIMMINZ WENT ONLINE AND POSTED NOTHING BUT FUCKING GOSSIP AND HOLIDAY SNAPS, things were good, so why don’t all you skank bitches just fuck off and leave the net for men.

While we continue to bumble along in our celebrity- and sex-obsessed torpor, the developing world is waking up to the positive benefits of instant global communication. Watching how these mediums have played such a powerful role in the pursuit of democracy in the Arab world only a fool would deny that at its best technology really can give “power (back) to the people”.

“OUR” celebrity and sex obsessed torpor, Frostrup’s entire fucking career is nothing BUT celebrity and sex obsessed torpor.

The recent mass demonstrations and peaceful overthrowing of non-elected governments using such social-networking facilities make your boyfriend look like a tragic dinosaur, sat there at his PC practising his web onanism. He’s like the Neanderthals who once thought emancipation meant more sex, less responsibility. And yet here you are all but apologising for not being more understanding of his predilection for watching strangers have sex and his inappropriate cyber relationships.

Fuck the shaming language you skank, two minutes ago Zuckerberg was a loser, then you backtrack and say social networking is OK, since you started using it, and now it has other uses, but when this man uses it he is a lonely wanker… and yet this bitch can’t even fucking compete against that….

Maybe she should have got on her knees while he was surfing and sucked down a load and increased her value that way.

Wake up, be angry. You’re not the one behaving badly. Before I start a tirade about real relationships requiring multi-dimensional participants of flesh and blood not the one-dimensional fictions we create online, let’s talk about porn.

HE isn’t behaving badly either, he merely does not find this bitch the least bit sexually attractive.

A great triumph of spin has occurred since the 70s, when feisty feminists briefly succeeded in sending pornography to the top shelf or under the mattress. These days if you speak out against pornography you’re so, like, 20th century! I realise it’s not cool to frown on sexualised images of (mainly) women, but I really do struggle to see what they have to offer my sex apart from mild titillation. Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for being turned on. But forced to chose between my own fleeting pleasure and the insidious impact of hardcore pornography on global attitudes to my sisters and there’s no contest.

Yeah skank, you’re all for being turned on, you just can’t handle it when your cunt is no longer enough to turn a man on, or any other ageing banged out cunt for that matter, roll up roll up, come and get yer lovely mouldy rotting strawberries here, only twice the price of inkjet ink per gram, BECAUSE I’M A FUCKING PRINCESS AND I WANT A FUCKING TIME MACHINE.

In a world where one in five of us will be raped in our lifetime and sexual violence continues to be a weapon of aggression in war and peace, just saying no to anything that might contribute to the continuing objectification of women seems the most sensible option.

Ah, the old 1-in-4 bullshit, or was it 1-in-5, or 1 in the cunt and 1 in the ass, or some other completely fictitious piece of misandry…

Look, a man finds a skank sexually unattractive, and in about 200 words this feminist skank Frostrup has spinned this into an excuse to roll out a monstrous fucking lie about the prevalence of rape (see other pages on this site for the FACTS based on official UK Home Office figures)

Most porn isn’t made with us in mind anyway judging by the endless pumping, grinding scenes of copulation where severe cystitis rather than an orgasm are the most likely outcome for the female of the species!

Yeah, you skanky wimminz usually prefer the gang rape and animal sex porn.

My advice is chuck the man while you still have your own teeth! It’s a cliché, but no less true for its ubiquity. You have one life. Don’t waste it on a relationship that fails to live up to acceptable standards.

Doh! Only a wimminz could make Homer look like Einstein.. how can you chuck a man who has no interest in fucking you and the only reason you are even around him in the first fucking place is because you are too stupid a cunt to GET THE FUCKING MESSAGE.

The situation you currently find yourself in is in no way a reflection of your physical attributes, but remaining with a guy who so clearly has his priorities skewed would suggest a serious malfunction with your mental faculties. You can have thousands of friends in cyberspace, but if you haven’t got a friend who’s in arm’s reach you’re a sad case. This man insults you with his reliance on porn, absents himself from the daily interaction a relationship requires and squanders his time on virtual strangers. Who’s the loser?

You are the loserz wimminz, all of you… have fun with your cats.


  1. I love the way she manages to spin this into being about rape. Gee, how can I explain this. Rape is usually when a man forces an unwilling woman to have sex. What we have here is a man who does not want to have sex with a woman who does. Kind of a different concept. You could call them polar opposites. 180 degrees removed. If anyone here should be profiled as a potential rapist, it is clearly the female letter-writer. She is preoccupied with wanting to have sex with a man who has no interest in her. That’s not what I call healthy! And who knows what desperate measures she will resort to if she cannot satisfy her depraved lust!

    Honestly, it doesn’t matter what the issue is, for feminists it is all about rape. You could have a discussion about the price of fish, and they would find a way of turning the subject to rape. Feminists are obsessed with rape partly because they know it is the ultimate shaming issue to beat men around the ears with, but also because it is a projection of their own preoccupation with sexually aggressive men and their narcissistic need to feel men are overcome with uncontrollable lust for them.

    Comment by Nick S — September 7, 2011 @ 5:23 am

    • GOLD!… AfoR owes you royalties, lol.

      Comment by DGAF in Miami — November 14, 2012 @ 5:04 pm

    • Superb mate

      Comment by Tim — January 20, 2014 @ 4:22 pm

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