Wimminz – celebrating skank ho's everywhere

Beating wimminz

As we all know, in the gospel according to wimminz, it is always wrong to hit a wimminz, no matter how much she deserves it… even if she is kicking the living shit out of you, you, being a niggerz / man are supposed to take it, and presumably mumble “thank you princess, may I have some more please

Well, some time ago I was a member of an online BDSM club, and I have to tell you right up front, 95% of BDSM I find either hilarious, or frankly scary, or totally pathetic.

There are quite a few “professional” (for money) dommes, most of whom are obese and who are at best a 2 or 3.

There are also, as stated, a lot of frankly fucking scary people, into things like cutting, piercings, asphyxiation, electrical torture, you name it.

There are people who like being caged, beaten, whipped, tortured with hot wax.

There are people who are into being hung, being beaten literally black and blue, and some even into having their bones broken.

So, into this scene enters yours truly, who being a Man is naturally dominant in the bedroom, who is looking for a bit of slap and tickle, enter stage left.

To this day, I do not know what provoked it, but one of the skank ho “professional” dommes took a dislike to me, or something I said, so naturally enough I told her to go fuck herself.

She insulted me back, I pointed out that anyone who does what she does in her home “medical” salon, dressed up as nurse ratchet in her rubber dress, drugging people, giving them saline injections, asphyxiating people, electrocuting people, things that trained anaesthetists and nurses run away in fear of, and her having zero medical training, it was only a matter of time before we read about her in a Sunday newpaper, on a charge of manslaughter or murder.

It escalated some more, and then she said she wished we didn’t live 250 miles apart, because if we lived in the same town she would smack me in the face.

So I replied, “Go ahead bitch, you’ll be needing a real fucking doctor after I punch you in the face.

And then, well, you see it never even occurred to me in the context of a BDSM forum that specialises in people indulging in some downright dangerous physical abuse of each other, that me offering to smack up some bitch, if she dared to lay a hand on me first, would be worthy of comment.

How fucking naive could I have been?

The fucking heavens open, multitudes of assholes complain to the admin, who being a mangina himself, decides to ban me from the site, which doesn’t actually upset me in the least, it’s not like I paid anything to join.

So sticking 10 inch long steel spikes through some skank bitches tits, beating them black and blue, and then tipping molten wax on their cunt is fine, because it is “consensual“, but when some skank cunt says she will strike me, non consensually, that is also, apparently, quite fine, but when I turn around and say “I’ll punch your fucking lights out if you do” the heavens open.

Go figure.

In the three day gap between me saying this to this skank bitch and me being kicked from the site, I was inundated with members asking me, with incredulity, “would you really hit a woman???!!” to which I replied “If she hits me first, fuckin’ A

Which was met with universal horror, disgust, and revulsion.

I haven’t said whether this was men or wimminz, because it cut right across all the boundaries, except for one.

This site had user / member profiles, with pictures, and without fucking exception all the people who took my side, and complained bitterly at the way I was being treated, were 7 to 9 on the scale, in short, all the attractive people.

All the fucking fuglies, losers, and manginas were unanimous in my condemnation.

As were all the merely average and below, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 & 0

Not even betas, but omegas.

So essentially, there is a simple test.

A woman hitting a man – if this does not outrage you, you are not a fucking Man.

A man hitting a woman – if this does fucking outrage you, you are not a fucking Man.

If you are not a fucking Man, you are either wimminz, or their subject species, niggerz.

Because as all Men know, a Man will never hit a wimminz without a damn good reason, whereas wimminz will hit their niggerz at a whim.


  1. Great post… one of your best yet methinks!

    Forget all of the hysteria about hitting women. Does anyone really know any men that would hit a woman without being pushed to the absolute limit? Every guy I met in prison for a domestic incident was adamant that it was the girl that had started it… I’ve often said that if men behaved to each other like women did then they would get into a fight nearly every time they left the house.

    The post also goes to show that normal sex is an act of violence, that can be ‘consented to’ in the same way as burning, torturing or stabbing someone.

    Making love anyone?

    Comment by Evil Penis — April 9, 2011 @ 12:16 pm

  2. Such a true post. The shit that pisses me off the most is people who decide that women shouldn’t be hit (even if they strike first), “because vagina”. So because they were born with a cunt, they can be one? I don’t know where their privileged asses get off thinking that if they strike someone they don’t deserve to be put down.

    Found this video the other day that will piss of anyone with their head on straight, that further emphasizes how the wimminz and niggerz are everywhere:

    Great post.

    Comment by Jeffrey — May 18, 2015 @ 7:05 am

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