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March 12, 2012

Don’t judge a book..

..by its cover..

At least, that is what the wimminz keep demanding in their dating adverts.

Which reminds me, I had a really interesting conversation with the skank ho I picked up yesterday on PoF, in between fucks, she laughed when I talked about wimminz adverts on PoF, to wimminz it is a “profile“, I just shrugged and said “Read a dictionary, not everything with a profile is available, if everything is available then it is an advert, not a profile…

But the point is these wimminz who state on their advert that we (men) “should not judge a book by it’s cover“, OK, dead give-away, this is going to be a fat and ugly, or fugly wimminz.

But like the advert/profile attempt, this is just yet another attempt by the wimminz to redefine the definition of whatever it is that is upsetting them, and trying to force everyone else to go along with it.

When I look at some fucking fugly bitch on PoF and instantly reject the skank ho as being totally unfuckable (and it must be said, being considered unfuckable by me is tough..) it is not because I am judging the book by the cover, it is because I am judging the book by the CONDITION of the cover, and the book in general.

While I cannot claim to treat my body as a temple, neither do I treat it as a vomitorium and open sewer, but these bitches want to do just exactly that, and not be called on it.

Tough shit.

This basically sums up 99.999999% of all wimminz behaviour, they want to act as they please without ever, ever, ever having to face the consequences or pay the piper.

A day or two a wimminz said to me I was an angry man, again she is in denial and trying to re-write reality to suit her own twisted ponies and unicorns and princesses and Mr Darcy fantasy world, I was in fact smiling and happy, while I was, with some relish, relating to her exactly how cold, soul-less, deep and unending was my emnity for all things wimminz.

I explained to her, quite calmly and quite clearly, that I pitied my psycho skank ho ex, because she is so fucked up in the head and wedded to her precious victim status that she has in effect totally emasculated (I chose that word deliberately) herself and rendered herself that very thing that she whined about, a creature at the total mercy of its environment, and not a creature able to control / influence / affect / mould its environment.

I then went on to explain, quite calmly and quite clearly, that while my ex was an object of pity and scorn for the self inflicted nature of her state, those who “feed” off her, the secret family court lawyers, child psychologists, counsellors, child services, secret family court clerks and judges, they are the true scum of the earth, quite literally in my book lower than a paedophile (who after all, cannot help themselves) because their sole motivation in money and starring in their own little operas as people of significance.

In my case alone, what should have been a simple separation (we were not even married) and default joint custody, which should have been a “rubber stamp” operation as complex and costly and registering a vehicle in a new name, it instead turned into a trough that cost the State in excess of £168,000 in Legal Aid bills ALONE to the above “professionals” ALONE, and the beat is ongoing and will remain so, as long as my psycho skank ho ex can be persuaded to carry on signing bits of paper to re-affirm her victim status and get her own Pavlovian / Skinner box all too transient “rewards“…

The day a group of paedophiles get paid to make a paedo porn film for money in exactly the same way that professional actors/actresses, camera guys, key grips, best boys etc are to make commercial pornography, and by that I mean quite brazenly and openly and in your face, then, and only then, will said paedophiles be as low, in my opinion, as secret family court judges and lawyers and child services etc etc.

An opinion that I expressed openly to all concerned in my own secret family court case BTW, I guess it is easy to see why all concerned hate me so much… lol

However, all of the above was said quite calmly and rationally and coldly, there was no anger there, I literally would not piss on any of these kinds of people if they were on fire, but that doesn’t mean I am to set them alight.

And this is where the wimminz and secret family court judges and lawyers everyone else falls down, and assume malice on my part, because they HAVE TO, because they CANNOT ALLOW themselves to see it from my perspective, without undoing what they themselves are and how they live.

My policy is a mixture of every dog has his day and let god sort em out.

I do not have to do ANYTHING to see all these people get their comeuppance and the temple burned down, on the contrary, I must do precisely NOTHING to ensure that all these people get their just desserts.

My policy is all your pigeons are going to come home to roost, and they will be plague ridden and hungry for the flesh of their creators when that time comes.

My policy is to be as socially and economically inactive as possible, while enjoying my own life and having a damn good time, and bring on the economic collapse, and when all the filthy parasites and wimminz are literally dying in the streets and begging for succour and prepared to offer me anything I want in exchange for something to eat and some shelter and indeed some protection from the hordes they themselves have created, far from being an angry man, as the wimminz insist on calling me, I will be as I am….

…a totally, utterly, implacably, indifferent man.

Indifferent to your suffering, indifferent to your plight, indifferent to your pleas, indifferent to your pain…. in this way, I repay you in exactly the same coin that you used on me, and on my boy children, whom I could have raised to be productive pillars of society.

Paybacks are a bitch, especially when they are self inflicted.


  1. if you were not married to the ex-, and you are not paying child support to the ex-, why all the angst? Just press on, and find a new wimminz. I prefer the angle put forth over at no-maam, “marriage is a fraud”. Without a marriage contract, a man has no claim on a wimminz or her children. With a marriage contract, he still doesn’t, which was the point of the article. But that doesn’t apply here.

    Comment by anonymous — March 14, 2012 @ 6:12 am

    • No angst, and pressed on like a motherfucker….. just sayin’ cos some shit isn’t said, ever, anywhere, and it needs to be said.

      Comment by wimminz — March 14, 2012 @ 7:46 am

  2. “secret family court lawyers, child psychologists, counsellors, child services, secret family court clerks and judges”

    I think she saw you as ANGRY because from womens point of view all these institutions are good and necessary and usefull, as they are almost entirely beneficial to women, whereas from a mans point of view they are almost entirely harmfull, hostile and destructive to men. In fact it can be said that almost the entireity of the state/goverment institutions is beneficial to women and serving womens interests and hostile to and destructive of mens interests. This why women cannot understand mens objections to these institutions as they look at it unsurprisingly from a womans perspective.

    I encounter the same phenomenon whenever a woman brings up the subject of marriage, i.e. am I going to? When I answer “No” they can’t understand why I would object to Marriage, because from a womans perspective Marriage is good, beneficial etc. Well, it is for Women as nearly all the benefits derived flow one way from Men to Women via the heavy hand of the state institutions, whereas for men its a SHIT sandwich.

    Comment by Will — March 15, 2012 @ 8:08 pm

    • that is actually a bloody good point……..

      Comment by wimminz — March 15, 2012 @ 10:03 pm

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