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January 28, 2012

Archiving your alibi

I have spoken at some length in the Internet Dating series of articles, and in other posts, about the importance in this society of creating your own alibi in advance by archiving your every interaction with the wimminz.

This is like wearing a parachute when flying, you may look like an asshole 99.99% of the time, but that remaining 0.01% of the time you are not going to give a flying fuck how you look, suddenly wearing a parachute will give you other options than putting your head between your legs and kissing your ass goodbye.

What you probably will not be aware of is the sheer volume of potentially life saving exculpatory evidence you can build up in one year with nothing more than an Android smartphone and Google services.

How does 32,475 SMS messages, 307 separate people you have spoken to on the phone, and couple of thousand emails grab you? Plus all the goodness of Latitude tracking you via the GPS in your phone…

I’m 50+ years old, and that is the sort of volumes of data that I am generating every single year, I imagine a texting mad teen could quadruple that without even breaking a sweat.

Frankly it is a *fascinating* exercise to go through the last year’s data come January, and shortly I will get to discussing some numbers, but first I want to make the point that even with my new life without wimminz in my home life to distract me, even though it is only one year ago and not the many years mentioned in false accusations by skank ho ex’s, this archive is chock full of things that I had simply forgotten.

The following is unedited from an SMS sent to me by some skank ho a year ago;

“In love you and I want to fuck outside somewhere. I do need you to fuck me and good and hard and sort me out. Need a real man to get me used to having big cock on regular base.”

What is interesting is not that it was a year ago, nor the fact that I did not in the end fuck her, which as you know is no defence, what is interesting is that SMS was around 24 hours before I discovered that the chick in question is a part time cop, and full time fucking liar and fruitcake…. in short she is in a perfect position to fuck some man over totally, even months or years after the alleged event, and the man she works over could be so totally innocent that even one year after the alleged event he has forgotten all about her… lets face it, the reason I forgot about this skank ho is BECAUSE NOTHING HAPPENED memorable or otherwise, and that is while relaxed and sat at home.

Traumatise me by arresting me and telling me I am an evil rapist to who going to prison for a very long time, and my chances of remembering what happened last fucking week are almost zero, and I say that from actual experience, and it takes MONTHS for your full faculties to come back and you can trust me on that too.

However I am now in the situation where I only have to remember one thing.


That’s it, that will pop into my head soon enough, no matter how messed up and upset I am, that will pop into my head, probably even before “I want a lawyer

So, back to the archive, like I said, I don’t try real hard, just make sure that all my transactions with wimminz are recorded to the cloud thanks to my Android smartphone and google services, and yet I build up 30,000+ SMS messages, talk to 300 people / wimminz on the phone and have a couple thousand emails, don’t forget, that 30,000 SMS messages in one year is what I have sent the wimminz, and what the wimminz have sent me, complete with any cunt shot pictures etc.

Where this gets really interesting is the “everyone is 6 steps removed from everyone else” scenario, in 2011 past year I have SMSed maybe 1,000 wimminz, spoken on the phone to 200 ( I could give you EXACT numbers thanks to my archives, but you get the idea) and fucked 37.

If we assume that these wimminz  are the same as me in numbers terms, which is reasonable and rational, that means each of these wimminz has SMSed 1,000 men, spoken on the phone to 200, and fucked 40, in 2011.

Already we are up to 1,000 x 1,000 = 1,000,000 individuals in the SMS network, 40,000 in the phone network, and 1,600 in the swapped bodily fluids network.

If each one of those has done the same we are up t0 64,000 actual sex partners only two steps away from me, 16 million phone partners and a billion SMS partners, so clearly there is a lot of non unique individuals here, and a lot more “cross pollination” than the pure math would imply.

In short, everyone is indeed fucking everyone else, and a LOT more than they will admit.

However, we are already at a place where these actual electronic records, and buddy, they exist, whether you decide to sign up and embrace it like I did, or whether you reject it, they exist, but we are already at a place where these actual electronic records are cross reference-able, it is just a computational problem to plot the connections between people, for example any SMS between two people of a sexual nature, or with a picture attachment, and the plot the connections between any two people via these intermediary relationships.

We are already at the point where it is computationally trivial for any single personal computer to go through a years worth of records for one individual, my laptop can do this as quick as I can type a search query, so searching for correlations between the records of two people, or incompatibilities, is trivial.

An Intel Core i5 can analyse and correlate and index that volume of data well enough to permit full text keyword searching in under 5 minutes.

What this means, is that there is already enough data out there, not just to determine who is talking to who, who is fucking who, but also who is lying about who fucked them, who beat them, who raped them…. the data already exists, the data has already been indexed, but just not with that purpose in mind.

What it does mean is that there is opportunity to crowd source or open source this, if you look at the numbers above, you come to a very interesting conclusion.

The population of my region of the country is around 5 million.

Say 2.5 million females, exclude the under 20 and over 50 and we have around a million plus wimminz, and trust me, they are all fucking and available to fuck.

Fact is they will all be within 6 fucks of me, and the more local they are the more likely it will be five or four or even three or just two fucks away.

So statistically speaking, each extra step is an extra order of magnitude of probability, the root of a million is a thousand, the root of a thousand is 31, and 31 different sexual partners in one year is not unusual in this internet generation. To be specific, the 31 would be wimminz, the thousand males, the million wimminz.

So I am two fucks away from a million women, let’s look at the numbers.

Lets say there are 10 guys like me in this region who archive everything as I do… there is a 10 in 1,000, which equals 1 in 100, which equals a 1% chance that one of the wimminz I fucked in the last year, is within two fucks of one these ten guys in the last year.

Stop and think about that, it only takes ten other guys to be doing my shit with archiving everything, before there is a 0.01% chance that one of the wimminz I fucked in the last year also fucked one of them, or there is a 1% chance one of the wimminz I fucked last year fucked some guy who fucked some other wimminz who fucked them…..

Flip that on it’s head by the way when it comes to wimminz with a Cluster B personality disorder, which by may reckonings is 10% of all wimminz, what are the chances you are one step removed AT MOST from one of these psycho skank ho’s?

But, back to my side of it, there is a 0.01% chance that one of the wimminz I fucked last year also fucked one of the ten theoretical guys who archive shit like me, and a 1% chance that one of the wimminz I fucked last year fucked a guy, who fucked a wimminz, who fucked one of the ten theoretical guys who archive shit like me.

SO already there is a 0.01% chance that MY OWN PERSONAL ARCHIVE ALONE has a bearing on what any one of those wimminz was actually doing in the last year when she accused MrX of beating / raping her, and a 1% chance that my own personal archive has some data on one of the one further step removed wimminz and men she is associated with.

The flip side is, if I could get 32,000 men to archive and track everything to the extent that I do, then every wimminz in the region, all one million plus of them, would feature somewhere in the records of one of those men…. 32,000 men out of a similarly aged sexually active population of a million plus men in the region is chicken feed.

Fuck, we aren’t even talking a google level of market penetration, or a VISA level, or a Coke level, we are talking small regional on-line newspaper, or small regional on-line dating agency, or small regional employment agency.

The technology is here, we just need to be aware of it, and start embracing it.

Yes, there is a 100% chance that the megacorporations and the state will use the technology to track you for THEIR ends, but dudes, they are doing that ANYWAY, what we are talking about here is a chance to turn the tables, as it stands there is a 100% chance that you have fucked an undiagnosed Cluster B psycho skank ho, or that you know a guy who has / is, and as it is there is a 100% chance that between google and Vodaphone etc the evidence to PROVE that those false accusations of domestic violence and sexual abuse are total made up bullshit, and a 0.01% chance the psycho skank ho in question is one step removed from my own archive, and a 0% chance you will either be aware of that or have access to it.

So, back to the archive, and as promised keywords, where “fisting” is different from “fisted” and fisting shows up one skank ho that I did fuck, who sent me an SMS saying

You could force me to take a whole wine bottle up my cunt. Then followed by you fisting me!

Which as we all know, is a billion miles from how she will, and did, portray herself when she screwed her ex over in family court, and what she told police when she got him arrested, and how she will behave in future with some other unfortunate.

Wouldn’t YOU like to be able to take advantage of MY data on that skank, I am sure her ex would, whoever he is, wherever he is….. he’d have loved to have been able to produce that SMS, indeed that series of messages etc, in his family court case where he got nailed as a sexual predator and a violent man with vile and disgusting sexual tastes.


by way of an edit, some of the math…

Assuming 40 sexual partners each, 1,000,000 / 40 = 25,000, so 25,000 men could fuck a million wimminz in a year, and vice versa.

25,000 / 40 = 625

625 / 40 = 15 and a bit


  1. Won’t courts simply exclude any SMS evidence of kinky sexual behaviour on the part of an alleged “victim” on the grounds that past sexual history is not relevant? (We know it IS relevant, but that’s what they will say).

    If you happen to have an SMS sent to some random guy the day after the alleged rape in which she says she’s way horny and needs to be fucked now, then that’s different as it implies the rape never happened.

    I guess you are saying that if enough men pooled their SMS archives you could search for any communication from the alleged victim around the time of the alleged crime which might indicate that she was right back on POF the day after being supposedly violated, looking for another lover.

    Comment by ThousandMileMargin — January 29, 2012 @ 12:09 am

    • Your third para nailed it

      Comment by wimminz — January 29, 2012 @ 12:23 am

  2. Pity that Orwell´s bastard children(GPS tracking & the fucking cloud) are now the only line of defense against the wimminz and their niggerz.
    Well apart from outright cutting all contact with both parties. But that´s of course not yet an issue in the west, unlike in Japan with it´s “herbs”.

    The boy-kiddies are slowly waking up to the realities.
    Still too brainwashed into their white-knighthood, but it´s getting there.

    Comment by hans — January 30, 2012 @ 10:11 am

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