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The War Is Over — we lost.

It isn’t good enough to sit there and say “I am a Man because I have a brain, and I am better than wimminz because they are purely emotional children.

It isn’t good enough because the brain is like any other muscle or ability, it is useless and atrophies if you do not use it and exercise it.

If you have read everything else I have written on this site / blog, then maybe you are ready for the epitaph, because basically the purpose of this site / blog was not to become a daily outpouring of stream of conciousness.

I am only one man, there is only so much I can say, and I am getting near to that point… if all that I have said is not sufficient to make you think and re-examine your life, then nothing else I say will make a difference, and that is a waste of your time and mine.

But the fact is you are human, and it is only human nature to want to avoid bad news, shoot the messenger and ignore the message, because the message is ugly and however much life sucks at the moment, it is the devil you know.

This is why men think the MRM is an ongoing process, something they can participate in, changes can be made, the ship can be saved, disaster can be averted, victory can be snatched from the jaws of defeat.

You are wrong.

You are all wrong.

There may still be battles raging, but the War is over, and we lost.

I’m sitting here typing this in the UK, but it could equally be any other western economy, the fact is that over 50% of the GDP is the public purse, and in plain terms what that means is that for every dollar that is spent in the economy, over 50 cents comes from the State… less than 50 cents comes from the private sector.

Now it stands to reason, that every dollar that the State has in the first place, it got by taxing everything else, and what that means is that if the GDP is a 100 kilo Man, over 50 kilos of that weight is parasitic, cancerous, and infected tissue.

If you read historical documents from 2000+ years old to the present day, you will find many universal truths, one of these is that no State department ever created reduced its own size, manpower levels, or budget… this has never happened in recorded human history, what does always happen without exception is they grow themselves, and as they grow the ecological niches that they form grow, rinse and repeat.

Here in the UK the only way to avert disaster is to axe the equivalent of the NHS, or around 15,000,000,000 UK Pounds Sterling from the State every two years for the next ten years, these armies of State employees have to go.

The UK NHS directly and indirectly employs over a million people, making it the biggest employer on planet Earth, in a country with a total population of just over 60 million, ONE IN SIXTY works in the health service alone… when you figure it as total working age population of around 35 million, ONE IN THIRTY works in the health service, and most of them are working in clerical roles as managers and advisers and co-ordinators and other bullshit.

Bloated by bureaucracy, we could cut the NHS down to 250k employees, make it lean and mean and efficient, you want a gastric band you fat cunt? pay for it yourself out of pizza money… you want a boob job you slut? pay for it yourself out of handbag money…

But, it won’t happen, “too big to fail” and other euphemisms for we as a society have malignant tumours running rampant through the economy, and we ain’t got the guts to amputate, so we procrastinate, and it spreads, and now it is too late.

That is the reality, and all the wimminz and niggerz are screaming the loudest at any potential cuts, they are going to guarantee that everyone starves, as long as they have more state pork on their plates than anyone else, and fuck the consequences.

YOU COULD NOT GIVE ME the UK or the USA as a gift (like those companies traded for $1) because the liabilities vastly outweigh the assets, and the only way to turn them around into viable enterprises would lead to rioting in the streets, the tumour is larger and more powerful than the host organism.

You are supposed to be Men, beings that are realists and both have brains and use them, that being so, take a fucking look around, understand what you are seeing, and understand that the days of fixing it are long gone… the War is over.

There is a future, but it is not based on fixing what we have, it is about whatever rises from the ashes of what we have, and to that end to take the Titanic analogy again your duty is to ensure that all the fucking lifeboats are broken up for firewood.

Only those able to build a raft will survive, only those able to take direction in raft building will get a chance of a ride.

Those priviledged cunts with wimminz first reserved seats on the lifeboats, who also manage to tote their portable wealth in papers and gems, they have to go down with the sinking ship.

If they don’t, whatever rises from the ashes will already be infected with the cancer than killed this society, and in fact that is the true nature of the beast, that is what it hopes for, when a cancer / parasite weighs more than the host, then the host has become useless to it, it needs to press the reset button and start again, with a new host that is only 1% cancer / parasite.

Megadeaths and the collapse of a technological society does not matter one iota to cancer / parasites, the end game and the maintenance of the ideology above everything else is the sole goal.

Cancer and parasites care about cancer and parasites as a whole, not individuals cells or structures.

Once the public purse becomes more than 50% of GDP, and State Debt becomes so huge that it becomes a legacy for our children, then the war is over, the war is lost, and while battles still rage, fighting them is fighting for the enemy, because you are depleting your resources, and only 0.01% of the enemy has to survive to re-infect whatever rises from the ashes.

Start fighting the next war now, avoid any any all battles in this war, let the cancers turn on themselves, let the wimminz and niggerz fight amongst themselves for ever diminishing resources, and weaken each other.

Stop paying anything into the State, go black economy, and start draining everything you can from the State.

You personally might not survive to crawl out of the ashes, so fucking what, you’re doomed anyway you asshole, wake up and smell the coffee… but at least your life and your passing serves a purpose, if every 1% of host can take 1.5% of tumour / parasite with it it is win-win.


  1. Spending on the NHS now constitutes around 9.5% of GDP. To put that in some perspective. Basically, it means that almost one-tenth of all the economic output produced in the whole country is dragooned into funding one government department! That is before the government has even spent anything on schools, social security, police, defense, infrastructure, etc. etc. To call that unsustainable is to somewhat glibly understate the problem.

    Comment by Nick S — July 25, 2011 @ 5:59 am

  2. Add to the complex that ALL those moneys(&debts) are based on fictitious fiat money, that banks basically invent out of nothing (i.e. type into a computer),
    and it should become obvious how monumentally ridiculous the notion of a balanced state budget is.

    I may not like your “fukitol” attitude, but it is sadly the sanest way to act.

    Comment by hans — September 9, 2011 @ 5:23 pm

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