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Internet dating – all wimminz lie all the time

Now you are getting dates, you need to be aware of something, it does not just apply to internet dating by the way, it applies to all wimminz everywhere.

All wimminz lie all the time.

You guys out there who have been falsely accused of rape, domestic violence or abusing your own kids of course already know that wimminz will tell the most awful lies, but you still may be thinking only your wimminz tell such awful lies, and your wimminz only lied about those things.

You are wrong.

All wimminz lie all the time.

In our local rag there are regular stories about “awful” and “deceitful” and “dishonest” men “conning” wimminz, and getting sent to prison for these evil deeds.

Invariably, when you read these articles, these men never stole a single penny from any of the wimminz in question, all they did was lie to them, and the wimminz willingly of their own free will handed over cash to pay for the men’s ageing granny to be freed by the Somali pirates, or whatever line of bullshit it was.

S’funny, you never see a story about a skank ho wimminz imprisoned after a man has handed over tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds after the wimminz promises “…to have and to hold, to love honour and obey…“, and then fucks everything in the ghetto, and passes the thug’s kids off as the man’s… strange that.

All wimminz lie all the time.

It really is no wonder, when wimminz are protected by the law from men’s lies, and granted immunity by the law for their own lies.

Which brings us back to internet dating, and as discussed in a previous article, wimminz flaking.

(flaking is no-show or sudden withdrawal from the dating conversation)

Wimminz flake for all sorts of reasons, they do not even know themselves, except at the particular moment they flake, because wimminz lie all the time to themselves and to each other too.

When you start internet dating wimminz, you must get used to this, and expect this on a regular basis… in the past month alone I have heard;

  • My dad/mum/sister has had a heart attack and is in hospital (yes, all three from three different wimminz)
  • My family has a major crisis and I must go to the next county where they live
  • My cellphone roaming charges are crazy
  • I can’t get a dogsitter
  • I can’t get a childminder
  • My house had a fire
  • I have met someone else

Which is all hilarious, when you consider that every night when I sign in to the dating site to check my messages and respond to them, it shows that these skanky lying ho’s have all checked in some time in the last hour too…

So your mum is in ER, you can’t get a minder, your house has burned to the ground, and your new boyfriend is jealous, so naturally enough you sign in to a fucking internet dating site for an hour or five every night…

Yeah… right…

All wimminz lie all the time

It’s a bit like the old joke, “How do you tell if a politician is lying?” ……………….. “Their lips move.

Incidentally, the last excuse can be true, you don’t think you are the only one play the numbers game do you?

ALL wimminz play the numbers game all of the time, it is hard-wired into them.

The secret to success is in knowing that all wimminz lie all the time, so it doesn’t actually change anything as far as you are concerned, or as far as the wimminz are concerned, just let them roam free for a few weeks, and then hit them up again.

You will be astonished how well this works. You will be astonished because being a man, you do not really understand the implications of;

All wimminz lie all the time

In HER mind, since she last talked to you four weeks ago, until she flaked when her sister caught fire and the dog had a heart attack and the kitchen couldn’t get a babysitter and so on, she has told about a bajillion other lies, so she genuinely cannot remember what lies she told you when she flaked, so none of them matter anyway, and rinse and repeat.

Yes, there is still a reasonable chance this particular wimminz will flake again, so rinse and repeat, eventually every coin will turn up heads and you will get to park your cock in her cunt… what the fuck do you think she has been doing each time she flaked???

Getting cocks parked in her cunt.

All wimminz lie all the time

Back in the mists of time, Man (not wimminz) was the hunter, a man can’t run very far, or very fast, he can’t climb well, he can’t swim well, he can’t fly at all, he is fairly easy to injure, he doesn’t have any teeth or claws worthy of mention, and opposable thumbs are only so much use.

So how did pre stone age man become the greatest predator the planet has ever seen?

Man was a cursorial hunter, that means Man tracked and stalked his prey at 5 miles per hour walking speed, and walked the prey down, and this is where the brain and opposable thumbs came into their own, stalking something for a few days and outwitting it takes a LOT of cognitive processing, spatial awareness, focus, prey knowledge, and so on and so forth, the brain was also essential for selecting the time and place for the showdown, and particularly avoidance of becoming unsuspecting prey, never go up against the prey at a time and place of their choosing, you will always lose.

Wimminz never did this, you can spout equality and other bullshit until you are blue in the face, it doesn’t mean diddly squat when placed against the realities of evolution, this is WHY wimminz brains and bodies are still, to this day, wired different.

Black / Negro men make better athletes and runners, because their evolutionary heritage gave them higher bone density and therefore higher body density.

Black / Negro men make crap swimmers, and crap climbers, because their higher bone density and therefore higher body density works against them.

(which is quite ironic given many racial slurs about niggers swinging from the trees, it’s the white man who can and does climb trees and other objects for a pastime, and who became the greatest seafarers)

Internet dating is the domain of the cursorial hunter who uses his brain and plays the numbers, who is quite prepared to abandon one prey for a while if he stumbles across another, and the prey in this case is not some great beast, but wimminz.

The prey is still a dumb animal, comparatively speaking, so it is an exercise in futility and emotional upset to attempt to engage, model, or think of the wimminz as being your equal.

Wimminz are not your equal, wimminz are very very different.

For some strange reason we no longer say vive le difference and celebrate differences, we go to Cuba and expect to see Coke drinking bitches wearing Nike trainers and Walmart bikinis… all feminazi global marketing for sure.

Once you accept and realise that wimminz are genetically different throughout, there are no overlapping areas in the Venn diagrams of men and wimminz thought processes, your life in general and your internet dating life in particular will become far easier, and far more natural.

All wimminz lie all the time

Men don’t, lies and faulty information kills the cursorial hunter, and his DNA ends right there, Darwinian evolution at work.

Separate and competing hunters going after limited resources will deceive each other, but this is also Darwinian evolution at work.

What the hunters knew, and modern man has forgotten, is that there is no shortage of wimminz to fuck, or more accurately, to find, fuck, and forget.

Modern man has forgotten, because the feminazi marketing types have bullshitted them and corrupted society.

All wimminz lie all the time.

It doesn’t make a difference, so long as your remember you are the hunter, they are the prey.


  1. Thanks for the posts on internet dating. very straightforward. in your post on pof profiles you said to put down that you fuck on first dates. do you do this subtly or outright? what exactly have you put down?

    Comment by Rumor — April 25, 2011 @ 3:33 pm

    • “10 million profiles and I’m the only one who has sex on the first date?”

      or a variation on that theme, use it as your tagline.

      If you use the word FUCK some skank ho will complain and your account will be deleted…

      The above quoted tagline by the way makes it REAL hard for any wimminz to argue to the police or in a court that they went on a date with you to discuss the latest jerry springer episode

      Comment by wimminz — April 25, 2011 @ 3:39 pm

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