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Are Skank Ho’s all trailer park trash?

To put it another way, these skank ho’s that I am picking up and porking, are they all fucking losers, fat, ugly, living on State benefits?

This is more or less what you might expect if you don’t understand women.

You would expect me to be talking about the bottom of the barrel.

You would expect me to be fucking them only because no other man has such little respect for his own cock.

You would expect this, and you would be wrong.

Now, I don’t want to give the impression that I am banging a bunch of 9.5’s who are members of the board of fortune 500 companies.

A goodly portion of what I am banging are 4’s and 5’s on the looks scale, and work at jobs in Nursing and stuff like that.

But, the cream of the crop are the kinky and submissive ones, and these are 6’s and sometimes nearly 7’s, and most importantly, have far more impressive jobs, they are MD’s, board members, and so on, well spoken, well educated, on the surface, quite classy, and yet when it comes to sex they out skank the cheapest skank ho by a wide margin.

The wimminz on dating sites who are NOT (apparently) skank ho’s are the real scum, they don’t fuck, but they do have a list of demands and entitlements longer than your dick.

Now, before I delve into this skankyness, despite this blog only having been up a couple of days, I have had three messages from guys asking me “WTF are you doing? You have been Falsely Accused of Rape, you are playing with fire!!!

Actually, no, because these skank ho’s send me texts telling me, in explicit detail, what they want me to do to them sexually, they send me pictures of their cunts, they arrange the meetings and hook ups via SMS, and most of all they *love* being videoed acting like a skank ho.

They also have a hell of a lot to lose from the intrigue and publicity of a False Rape Accusation, and are about the last wimminz on the planet, due to their status, who can claim subnormal intelligence etc.

Put that together with all the stuff they have been begging me to do to them, if they made a False Rape Accusation, they would be opening a whole can of worms and whup-ass on themselves… while handing me all the evidence I need to beat any FRA.

As to why I do it, well, after being Falsely Accused of Rape, who wants a fucking relationship with any woman?

But, back to the central theme of skankyness, and the statement that if you don’t understand women you would think my pursuit of skanks means I end up with the left overs.

The fact is, if I tried to date any of these bitches in the traditional manner, I wouldn’t even get a response to my first overture.

Approach them with even the slightest shred of respect or interest in them either as individuals or as women, and you will get a complete and utter fail at the first hurdle.

This is because outwardly they aren’t skanks, they are upper middle to lower upper class women, the sort who do work, but who think nothing of taking a couple of weeks in the Maldives in spring, and a month cruising up the Nile, Agatha Christie style, in the autumn.

Outwardly it is like a Hollywood star dating a truck driver, it happens, but not very bloody often.

Outwardly these women are looking for someone on their own social, cultural and most importantly financial level. Having renounced the State that fucked me over and abducted my kids, and determined not to support it financially, I have placed myself at a severe disadvantage to them socially. I have placed myself well below their minimum threshold.

In computing terms we have a thing called a buffer overflow, if a system is expecting a string 5 characters long, say “ABC12“, and if it is not protected against badly formed strings, then instead of sending a lower value string such as “00223” and being rejected, I can send an unexpected 12 character long string such as “Suck my cock“, cause a buffer overflow, and get a positive response…

The hilarious thing about this is that if we reverse the roles and posit a lower status female who will offer to do anything sexually to gain the company of a higher status male, then it is not only something that everyone can imagine, it is also something that a large proportion of the population will consider to be the sexual exploitation of the lower status person by the higher status person.

Swap the sexes over but have the same dynamic and these wimminz will swap the definition over, the sexual exploitation of the higher status female by the lower status male, even though it is the supposedly higher status female who is the one sending all the text messages begging for permission to gag on my cock.

The salient point here, from the Man’s perspective (and let’s face it, after a century of feminism, who gives a fuck about any other perspective) is that the best way to guarantee that the only pussy you get is the stuff literally no-one else wants to be seen in public with, is to listen to anything the wimminz say, is to treat the wimminz with even a shred of respect, is to treat any of them as anything other than skank ho’s that will fuck anything.

If you want the reasonably good to quite good pussy, the stuff you have no problem at all being seen in public with, even the stuff you would take home to your mum, treat all women as skank ho’s.

The ones who are NOT skank ho’s, who are the wimminz, who are trailer park trash, who are wannabe princesses, who are fucking fugly, who are the feminazis, are all the ones who go fucking ballistic and instantly block your dating site profile for life.

Talk about win-win…

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