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Conspiracy, or not, Bin Laden much?

Here in the UK, the state has a legal responsibility to house any woman with children who are under 16, and to a lesser extent any women, but the definition of “homelessness” for the purposes of being housed by the state excludes men.

If you are a man seeking social housing then all you will see is and endless queue of single mums jumping you in the queue and getting social housing.

This does not mean all those single mums are conspiring to do you out of your slice of the social housing cake.

For there to be a conspiracy, you would have to have all or most of those single mums working together in a concerted effort to do you out of social housing.

Fuck you Jack I’m all right, and gaming the system is not a conspiracy…. it is at worst amoral self-interest.

This is an important point because this is going to be the first in a series of articles that address the issue that the views expressed on this site are purely misogynistic, purely anger based, purely revenge, nothing could be further from the truth, the views expressed here are all quite simple and logical and impartial and free from emotion, the language used to express those views is however laden with emotion, simply because that is the best way to get the message across.

You can be a mangina or a feminazi or just an ordinary woman, but me saying “All women are filthy lying whores.” will get the message across to all of you, not the message that all women are filthy lying whores, because you will be in denial about that, but the message that you have fuck all to say that I am prepared to listen to, and that as far as I am concerned you are all scum, and I would not piss on you if you were on fire.

E.g. The gloves are off, I know you are my enemy, so I don’t see any point in indulging in any polite fictions with you or your ilk.

The purpose of these pages is to expose the reasoning behind this, and to show that said reasoning is a logical and fault free process that has been based upon correct observation and correct conclusion, not as you worthless cunts would have it, prejudice, you have not be pre-judged on a dearth of facts and a wealth of speculation, quite the opposite in fact.

So, back to the plot…. conspiracy… or lack of…

Feminism is often referred to as a conspiracy, it is not, a conspiracy is similar in many ways because it features many of the same motivations, e.g. treachery, but to be a conspiracy it must have several people or groups of people working together for a mutual, stated, and specific goal.

So we can conspire to murder the president, or we can conspire to defraud a bank out of a million, or we can conspire to hack and take down the police national computer.

However, unless there is a specific aim which we are all working on together, AND supporting each other in, AND which is our collective top priority, it is not a conspiracy, any more than all the junkies and muggers and burglars in a given city are conspiring to create a state of lawlessness…. think about that carefully, all it takes is each mugger and burglar and junkie to pursue their own end, and naturally enough associate with their own kind, to bring about a state of lawlessness.

The facts are that where there is a conspiracy, such as the infamous Krays in London, or the Mafiosi in Sicily, or the Communists in Malaysia, it is more organised than a random collective of like minded peoples, it is less harmful to the man in the street than a random collective of like minded individuals, and it is easier to take down than a random collective of like minded individuals.

There is no mafia “don” of feminazism, the chicken not only has no head to be cut off, it isn’t even a chicken, it is just a collective of like minded creatures flocking together, this makes it much harder to deal with, to kill, to control, to understand… if only feminazism were a conspiracy, if only the corrupt and incompetent secret family court system were a conspiracy, if only affirmative action in legislation were a conspiracy, because it would all be far easier to deal with, or simply live with and ignore, than that which it is, a collective of like minded creatures flocking together.

Now Bin Laden is dead it transpires, surprise surprise, that Al Qaeda has more in common with Manchester United Supporters Club than SPECTRE out of a bond film, it is just a bunch of people with a similar mindset about a particular issue flocking together.

Declaring “war”, under whatever guise you wish to describe war, against Al Qaeda makes as much sense as declaring war against feminazism or declaring war against ManU supporters club.

At best you are going to kick the hornets nest, the only safe option is to take off and nuke em from orbit, and accept massive collateral and material damage.

This also applies to the so called Men’s Rights Movement, the last thing it needs is a charismatic leader and a well defined power and communication structure, makes it far too easy to kill.

Is the MRM a conspiracy (of rape apologists or whatever the feminazi insult du jour is) ? Clearly not, it is a collective of like minded creatures flocking together.

Can the MRM overthrow Feminazism?

Can it fuck… if the US Military (which is a conspiracy, because it has fixed common goals etc) cannot wipe out Al Qaeda, how is Hartlepool FC fan club going to wipe out / neutralise / overthrow ManU supporters club?

The very question is so stupid as to fail to survive being asked.

So how do we beat feminazism? We can’t, it has to wither on the vine, ManU FC itself needs to go bankrupt and end up dropping to division three alongside Hartlepool FC, and the Man U supporters club will abandon it in droves.

For feminazism to wither on the vine we need to see the vine, in this case the public purse of state spending, to wither and dry up.

Yes, we are talking bankruptcy, not cutbacks, not freezes, not austerity, but bankruptcy, such as Greece is facing imminently when it defaults on its sovereign debt, to be followed in short order by Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and finally (thanks to the financial industry being here) good old Blighty.

The Weimar republic with hyper-inflation where the money was literally worth less than the paper it was printed on is a classic example, no spare cash there for affirmative action feminazi pork.

In the UK with a population of 60,000,000 there are perhaps 1,000,000 “people with a similar mindset” working for the public purse who between them constitute 99.999% of the activism and successes that feminazism has enjoyed in the past 40 years.

Since these are never “productive” or genuinely “wealth creating” posts, they will remain sacred cows only until the fucking money runs out and the lights go out and the rubbish stops being collected.

These 1 million will not be the first 1 million snouts cut from the public trough, they should be, but they won’t be, they will be the last million snouts cut from the public trough.

Shrugs, can you say “collateral damage” to the other 5 million who are actually more productive than this million, but which must get the axe first so we can get to the 1 million that will make the difference.

Yeah, I can, and that is where we need to get to, where the annual budget for, for example, the secret family courts system is £0. Irrespective of what you rename the family courts, £0…. because every £1 given to the family court means £1 taken from keeping the sewers running, and the lights on, and the roads open… all of which are needing to be cut back to skeleton staffing anyway, so which would your city rather have?

  • A just working sewerage and water system.
  • A just working power generation and distribution system.
  • A just working road and transport system.
  • A secret family court system and associated hangers on such as child welfare psychs and lawyers.

Choose any THREE.

And no, you can’t choose 75% staffing in each, because there will only be enough money to run three at the bare minimum levels required to prevent total collapse.

That is the only way to kill feminazism, and thankfully for the non conspiratorial MRM, it doesn’t have to do a fucking thing, just sit back and wait, because the financial Armageddon is coming.

I give it 5 years tops before the wheels fall off, no matter what further tricks are played with QE / printing money / deferring debt / kicking the can down the road.

And when that happens, single mummy being at the head of the queue for social housing is going to be no better off than the homeless guy at the end of the queue, because there won’t be any social housing available.


  1. I’m sympathetic to your argument – but it seems to me that in a debt deflation environment you can engage in a very extended period of QE before inflation eventually makes further QE politically impossible. A decade or two, perhaps. Like in Japan.

    Comment by ThousandMileMargin — August 12, 2011 @ 2:36 pm

    • I agree totally, and argue that we are already at least 15 years into this, just look at the house price bubble, and note that a rose, or QE, by any other name….

      Comment by wimminz — August 12, 2011 @ 2:37 pm

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