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September 12, 2013

It hurts, being a soldier, behind enemy lines.

In the postbag, stuff from guys toughing it out and swallowing red pills like ludes at a dead concert, yeah we know we are doing the right thing for our own survival, but why does it hurt so much?

In brief, it hurts because you are down behind enemy lines, on your own, it sucks, but it is better than being in the trenches outside Damascus.

It hurts, because not only the ones you correctly identified as your enemies are out to get you, but also those you formerly incorrectly identified as allies and colleagues.

It hurts, because it is lonely, you don’t have the faux comradeship and faux companionship you had before.

It hurts, because it is supposed to….

As for Damascus itself….

Well, in my day job, I turn up on site, after a bunch or resellers of resellers of resellers have resold a product, and outsourced parts of that product to four different suppliers at the end of four different reseller chains, of which I am but one.

The customer, the site, it is a major high street brand with over a thousand outlets in mainland England alone, you know the name, hell, you’ve probably spent money there yourself.

Fact is I could pull a couple of other equally large or larger jobs out of last weeks diary, the only reason I don’t is I couldn’t give *any* clues about who they are or what they do, or you would immediately know exactly who they were, but, the story is *exactly* the same.

So 5 site visits in a row to 5 different sites, and in every one, I cannot do the job I was there to do, and the reason I cannot do it is not;

  • that someone else forgot to tell anyone to do x
  • that someone wasn’t told by someone else to do x
  • that x itself wasn’t documented and planned up the wazoo

you get the picture.

No, the problem in every case is that everyone prior to me in the process has played their part, but the process itself is specifically designed so that no one person has any knowledge or interest in what those following on are supposed to do.

So one guy will come alone and install a new cabinet over there next to the spare power sockets, and another guy will come along and install the dsl/pstn lines over there next to the existing phone sockets, and the distance between the two “there’s” exceeds the length of the RJ11 cable supplied to connect the two together.

And nobody has done anything wrong, and everyone, even me, who doesn’t do the job he turned up to do, can get his paperwork signed, and everyone goes home happy, except the customer.

When things *do* work out, it isn’t because everyone is working to IS0/BS/six sigma or any of that crap, or because everyone is a certified nintendo developer, or because the whole project is managed and documented so well.

It is because there are enough people in the system like me, with a spread of knowledge and experience much broader than my job description calls for, who can go the extra mile in some cases, and use their fucking brain in others, so that the next guy in the chain can do his bit and forge another link in the chain.

Not *because* of the system, but *despite* the system.

If you think the fields of politics or economics or war are any different, you’re in for a rude surprise…. especially if you find yourself in a trench outside Damascus.

So, enough time has passed I can tell you a true story.

Anyone who has been in the armed forces knows it moves on bullshit paperwork, just like the jobs I describe above, with the added pleasure of you yourself being a thing with a number, not an intelligent free agent like I am at work.

So, let’s call him Pete.

Pete is an army driver, he is given orders and papers, go to the motor pool, draw a truck and 30,000 litre trailer, go here and fill the truck with diesel, then go here and deliver that 30,000 litres of diesel, then bring the truck and trailer back.

So, all goes well until Pete gets to his destination with 30k litres of diesel, and he is told we got no room, the bunkers are full, go away.

Pete goes back to the fuel depot, told to go way, no paperwork for no 30k litre delivery.

Pete goes back to his base and the motor pool, told to go away, no paperwork for a truck and FULL 30k tanker trailer.

Pete goes to a pub down the road to ponder his dilemma, everyone has been scrupulous in doing their job, nobody has done anything wrong, in fact to fix this problem, someone would have to exceed their authority and do something wrong.

Pete sinks a couple more beers, pondering all this, and a friendly local farmer offer to solve his problem, he will buy the 30k litres of diesel, at a discounted price, of course.

Pete sells the farmer the diesel, returns to base with an empty truck, waved straight through, job done, paperwork filled, away you go brother.

Of course, sooner or later the missing 30k litres was flagged and Pete got dishonourably discharged, which in reality didn’t bother him a bit, saved him 5 more years in the green.

Ok, we all know Pete did the wrong thing, but the situation he found himself in was not one of his own making, and if he hadn’t had that exact same sort of shit every other day of his life, he might have done the right thing that day.


But things become slightly more likely to escalate out of control in totally unplanned directions that have no stop, pause or rewind buttons, when you are playing around in potential war zones.

And if excuse like “but I did everything my job sheet said, and I got it signed off” or “but I was unable through the actions of someone else to complete my job sheet, but it clearly wasn’t my fault, so I got it signed off” become ever so slightly more annoying when we are not talking about a customer whose site is hard down with no net connection, but when we are talking about a village and 5,000 inhabitants turned into grit and brown paint.

So, brothers, it may be unpleasant to find yourself down alone behind enemy lines, but it will get several orders of magnitude more unpleasant if you are dumb enough to stick your head up outta your foxhole and ask where the pussy has gone.


September 11, 2013

Michael Evil (sic)


So, after spending a year dishing dirt on the guy, the meedja now want to know what’s wrong with the fucking system… any old lies to sell more copies and ad impressions eh.

One the one hand, no evidence of any kind is sufficient to drag him into court, but no evidence of any kind is suddenly insufficient to drag his false rape accuser into court, funny that…

and now I want

to say something


fucking important.

Every single fucking time this happens, some cunt trots out the platitude that at the end of the day there are only two people who really know what happened, the accuser and the accused.

Speaking as one of the accused, allow me to clear that point up, the accused knows he didn’t fucking do it, or anything even remotely like it, but let me assure you of one thing, one of the truest and most profound things you can say about any many falsely accused of rape is not that he is one of two people on the planet who know what really happened, he is in fact the one person on the planet most in the dark and confused about what happened.

To this fucking day;

  • I do not know what happened.
  • I was one of the last to hear that the po-lice were not going to charge me
  • I was only given sight of my lying psycho skank ho ex FRA’s actual testimony in court, in my case a seekrit family court, in mike evil’s case a criminal court
  • I (like mike evil) was not permitted to see my accuser in court, the cunt hid behind a screen, everyone else could see her
  • I was the one person on the planet not allowed to contact my accuser, or anyone who knew her, to ask WTF was going on
  • etc
  • you get the picture

I really do wish the guy all the best, as I say that as someone who couldn’t stand the soap he was in, or his character in it, or his acting, and on any other day I would have said he deserved 20 years for it, but that was all a bit tongue in cheek, what he went through was real, and it isn’t over.

On the contrary, the news is now filled with stories of the soap directors offering him a quarter of a million quid a year, so there is 250,000 reasons for more false accusations to come out of the woodwork.

He is however slightly better off than the other celebutards charged but awaiting trial, as his trial was such a fuck up there will be vastly increased pressure to get a conviction on one of them.


September 5, 2013

Politicians, managers, wimminz…

They all appear to have one thing in common.

They all have an idea, a plan, an agenda, that they are pushing forwards, and reality on the ground and anything and everything else contradicting this is simply dismissed as not being relevant, or representative, or important, or real.

This is why Syria is just the latest in a series of geopolitical events to trouble me.

Cameron doesn’t know anything about the reality on the ground in various parts of London, much less say rural Dorset, yet they are pontificating about a completely different country with a completely foreign culture and history and geography.

And yes, I get the whole they are just puppets and figureheads thing, but that is just an excuse, the same could be said for Assad or Putin or anyone else.

It is all shades of claiming that Jim Carrey was actually a wuuuunderful thespian, and so he should have no personal blame attached whatsoever for being Ace Ventura etc. Bollocks, he took the fucking money, so suck it down.

You kill something by cutting off the head, if it is just a figurehead and the creature still lives, you achieved two things, you killed the whore acting as figurehead, and you revealed the nature of the creature that employed it.

The internet achieved that decapitation process, not as well as it could have, but more effectively than everything that went before put together.

Just one lifetime ago Goebbels and his peers knew that all you had to do was tell the pubic that X is an enemy and means us immediate harm, and up until that point that had been true for the entirety of human history.

True, satellite TV broadcasting and so called media groups that control television, newspapers, radio, film and music all under one roof are a pestilence, but they aren’t the only game in town.

I know *lots* of intelligent people who publicly subscribe to all sorts of off the wall cults, the more ludicrous the better, and they don’t actually believe one iota of it, it is just camouflage and an opportunity to party and meet in the flesh, and in reality they are hip to what is going on, and mercilessly cynical and sceptical of *everything* spoon fed by the MSM.

Are they paranoid?

Well, it is only paranoia if the other guy isn’t out to fuck you over, and by any actual metric you care to use, the greatest threat facing any individual western citizen at the moment is his own state, and his fellow sheeple.

If person X is able to make decisions that adversely affect my life, which in a modern technological society means there are a *lot* of person X’s out there, do I really care if their MOTIVE for that bad decision was because they thought they knew it all, or they had an agenda to push, or they were pre-occupied with the latest episode of Draghi Boo Boo or Syria’s Got Talent or I’m a Shi-ite, Get Me Out Of Here or Scud Factor?

Back in the days when we fought actual dirty on the ground wars with infantry, it was well known that a friendly bullet would kill you just as dead as an enemy bullet.

Ideas and beliefs and agendas are the same as bullets, a friendly one will fuck you up just as much as an enemy one, there isn’t one iota of difference to you.

Don’t kid yourself, it is amateur night out there, a bonfire of the vanities, and these are the people both pulling the strings and acting as willing puppets.

September 3, 2013

Despicable me

It is a thing few men grasp, and no wimminz will admit, and that thing is just how much they despise themselves.

Wimminz *know* their shit is self destructive, but unless you come along and wescue da pwincess, at gunpoint, against her will, then clearly you don’t care about her enough, and she will continue to drink battery acid, and either way, it’s all your fucking fault.

There is an old argument about nurture vs nature, but like so many things it like it doesn’t have to be either, it can be both.

You can have a pre-disposition to get lung cancer, and you can live in an environment that has lots of things that are carcinogenic.

The presence of both of these does not mean YOU as an individual is guaranteed to get cancer.

The absence of both of these does not mean YOU as an individual is guaranteed to not get cancer.

It’s a fucking lottery, some things make the odds longer, some make the odds shorter, but part of the game is you can never know your own odds.

Having said that, there are things you can take about 10,000 steps back from, climb a hill, look down from a different perspective at statistically significant numbers, and start seeing real trends.

I saw one (trend) when the iphone came out, a wimminz friendly feature phone that got the internet, suddenly wimminz had a portable cock finding tool, and hooking up with random wimminz for sex got dramatically easier.

Like the cancer shtick, you can’t pick an individual wimminz with an iphone and say for a fact she is using it to find cock, but, statistically speaking, you’d be a fool to bet otherwise.

Change the environment, change the behaviour…. sure, there has to be some pre-disposition, but the fool argues over nurture vs nature, the wise man simply observes and accepts.

Add sex / dating / swinging / fucking sites to the internet, you change the environment, and so you change the behaviour.

Add no fault divorce and award of the kids / house / car / alimony to the wimminz, you change the environment, you change the behaviour.

“Where have all the good men gone?”

Same place all the mammoths and dinosaurs went, environmental change / hunting to extinction / global warming / asteroid impact / choose your poison, doesn’t matter what is on the label, if it changes the environment that’s all there is.

When I was a young man in my twenties, it was only types like itinerant carpenters and carnies and spivs who would fuck borderline legal or not legal yet girls, and sit there with a shit eating grin when anyone said anything about cradle snatchers.

Nowadays I see whole rafts of niggerz, and wimminz, on fucking sites targeting skank ho single mommies with young teen kids, and yes folks, it is for the purpose of fucking said teen kids…. that shit has got a *lot* more common, despite the fact that the laws against it and punishments for it have apparently gotten much stiffer.

The reasons I have heard for this behaviour are new, 30 years ago it was “because they are too young to know I am a pervert, I tell em all women take it up the ass“… nowadays it is “because she is less of a cunt than her mother, so far…

But when you change the environment and start dressing pre-pubescent girls in hooker garb, and shame everything that was anything of “traditional” male-hood, then what you got left is mini skank ho’s in training and no good men left.

Give a skank ho single mommy (and by definition, unless she is a fucking widow woman, she is a skank ho single mommy) a boy child and she will turn him into a mini beta niggerz, give her a girl child and she will turn her into a mini skank ho.

There are NO exceptions to this, there might be as individuals, but statistically speaking AWALT, so you’re a cunt if you think you will ever meet one.

I have had deep meaningful and honest talks, one on one, with *many* wimminz, all of whom agree privately with me 100% that they are on a self destructive terminal slide into the gutter, and every single one of them will have some crack ho type bullshit excuse for why they can’t quit the self harming behaviour.

Captain save a ho doesn’t realise the depths of depravity and despicable acts that she has already sunk to, she *knows* nobody worth a fuck would give a flying fuck about her, so anyone who professes to is truly suspicious, or stupid… same think to skank ho’s

Two numbers, A and B

A is the average number of men the average wimminz claims to have fucked, when speaking to a new man.

B is the number of these average skank ho single mommies who have made it clear to me that if I want to get all kinky with their pre-pubescent daughters, that is OK with them. (to be clear this is kerb time)

A is of course a lie, and low balled. You’ll often hear shit like 12 or 15, often less, it is a complete crock of shit of course, but nevertheless, A is what they claim, usually.

B is not a lie, it is direct personal experience.

B is not zero

B is not, from memory, double digits, it could be, but this is outright offers made to a man who was clearly already walking, in order to keep him / entice him to stay, god alone knows what it would have been if I was the pro-active one.

When I have these deep meaningful talks mano-a-mano with these wimminz, if they have boy kids I say that simp is gonna move out and never come back as soon as he can, and they look at me like I cooked and ate their pet hamster, but you can see all over their face they see the truth in my prediction….. and if they have a girl child I ask them when they are going to pimp her out, and they look like I wrapped their pet hamster in cling-film (so it didn’t burst) and fucked it to death, before cooking and eating it, but you can see all over their face they don’t wanna get into that with me, cos they know they are raising a mini slut… skank monkey see, skank monkey do.

Which brings us right back to the beginning, and the subject in question.

Because of the ever present blue pill wish in 100% of all men that they had found “the one” and lived happily ever after.

You don’t find penguins in the Sahara.

You *used* to be able to find hippos in the River Thames, but, you know, the environment changed, the glaciers moved, now you just find condoms and turds.

Thinking otherwise is like coming from a long line of men who died of lung cancer, and having an 80 a day habit, and sparking up another one off the embers of the last.

This bitch you just met, you just don’t know enough about her yet, the only important fact is she lives in the same fucking environment as all the other lying skank ho sluts, do you feel lucky, punk, well do ya?


August 29, 2013

Ya got to have fucking intuition mate…

Further to a chat with a mate about a recent skank ho of mine.

So he says to me, you not bonking skanky this weekend, I told him no, that one has run its course.

Damn he says, she showed promise, had a lot going for her, what happened?

Quelle fucking surprise I told him, she fucking lied to me.

Ah he says, I knew you said a couple of weeks ago you suspected it.

Yeah, didn’t have any fucking proof until a couple of days ago, but had that gut feeling summat wasn’t right, and when it comes to wimminz I always trust my gut feelings, no matter how fucking vague.

Of course, being a wimminz, as soon as you call them on their bullshit their fucking attitude instantly shifts forever, but like the lass upstairs who waited all of three days of mourning for her boyfriend who was carted of by po-lice in handcuffs, before literally moving in a new guy, but as she said to him as the po-lice hauled him away, she wasn’t cheating on him, no sir.

As I said to my mate, and to the skank in question, it’s not the fact she fucked someone else that bothers me, she has had so many cocks and cunts another one doesn’t make the slightest difference, her value was already zero.

It’s not even just the fucking lying, although that is a big part of it, no, what really gets me is a/ thinking she could bullshit me, and b/ acting like a spoilt child when she gets caught, and revving up the hamster wheel in order to avoid having to face the reality and consequences of HER choices and HER actions.

How the fuck am I supposed to respect *anything* about a spoiled three year old who has ridden a thousand cocks?

One fucking day, just fucking maybe, I will meet a woman, and by definition this would be a woman and not a wimminz, familiar with the concepts;

  • Ignoring the future consequences of your current actions does not in any way negate those consequences.
  • every single choice you make today has repercussions for your entire future life
  • once you break something, like trust or your word or not having told a lie to an individual, you can’t *ever* go back to the way things were
  • once you change the way things were in one area, you change the way things were in all areas

The last one is the doozy, once you lie, or otherwise change the playing field by your actions, there is no more “mates rates” if I sell you something, there is no more pay me back that 50 as and when you can, no rush, there is no more sure, grab a coffee, pull up a chair and tell me your troubles, I no longer give a fuck.

And you gotta remember, I am the least likely guy to indulge in any of the nicey nicey shit and buy you a drink to chat you up or flowers or crap, sure, if you are here and sucking my cock all night I’m happy to feed you coffee and mebbe some vittlins, if I am eating too, usually zero financial expenditure of any kind on my part (apart from anything else, doing something dumb like buying the bitch some flowers for her birthday = instant loss of respect for ya) and even so, you still gotta trust your fucking intuition when something ain’t right, and that means INSTANTLY start thinking and acting like it is game over, even if you might get another fuck or two out of the skank.

So he says to me, basically you just don’t trust *any* wimminz do ya bro.

I tell him, no I don’t, and so far I have been proven right 100% of the time.

And you know how men fuck up, they apply LOGIC and REASON, two utterly alien concepts to the situation, and thus come to the conclusion that she can’t be doing x, because there is no possible fucking upside for her in doing x, and nothing but a multitude of downsides reverberating down the path of her future.

So he grins at me and says hey, it could be worse, we could be living in Damascus.



August 23, 2013

You just didn’t spot it yet

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Years ago I knew this guy, he had a set phrase that he used to trot out to people who came up with engineering designs, because invariably they would come to him and tell him they had ironed all the bugs and flaws out and it was now ready for EP1

(Back in those days you did design work, then made Engineering Prototype 1, (EP1) and EP2, then Production Prototype 1 (PP1) and PP2, then Production Design 1 etc… EP1 could look like a dogs dinner, it just proved the principles, did the thing do what it was supposed to, PP1 had to encompass those things in a consumer ready package, and PD1 is what was actually sent to the shop floor for the initial pilot production run…)

He’d tell them, it’s got fucking flaws, you just didn’t spot them yet.

Every time someone, or indeed myself, entertains the NAWALT thought for a fleeting moment, that phrase pops into my head, the bitch is AWALT, you just haven’t spotted the flaw that removes the N from the front yet.

There is a secondary reason.

That old guy reckoned that you could sum up the issue in 99.999% of cases by stating that the undiscovered flaw would eventually be characterised as the thing not doing what it claimed to do, at some point or in some area of the spec.

In pretty much 99.999% of cases of the NAWALT being revealed to be AWALT, it has been the same thing, something she actually did, or failed to do, or something about her, did not live up to what she said was the case.

The guys trying to bring the design to life through mockups, EP1, EP2, PP1 etc basically spent all their time trying to make this thing fit the specs.

They weren’t stupid, but this was their focus, to work through the specs making this thing fit them all one by one.

The old guy was great at finding flaws, because he would go through the spec and deduce logical scenarios where the specs would give rise to situations with parameters that the basic design didn’t even address.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you are making a machine tool, the thing is 1 metre long, and it is made of just one material, steel, and lets say it has to work to a repeatable precision of 100 microns, or 0.1 mm.

Let’s say steel has a coefficient of thermal expansion of 0.000013 per degree.

1 metre = 1,000 mm = 1,000,000 microns, so raise the temperature 1 degree and that bed will expand by 13 microns, raise it 10 degrees and it will expand by 130 microns, you just exceeded your repeatable precision of 100 microns, even before you added anything else to that bed.

So he would look for the systems put in place, not specifically listed in the spec, but nevertheless required to meet the spec, that would measure the temperature and therefore thermal expansion of this bed at regular intervals along it, together with some system of calibration and reference… and then another system to take these corrections and feed them back into the system.

Sometimes the flaw was purely technical like this, or the design was fine but as soon as you actually used the mounting points to torque it down that process twisted something out of alignment, or to reach one control you had to put your hand through the work envelope, or if you were using this control you couldn’t see that part of the system, and you needed to, etc etc etc.


it’s a thing young engineers do, they will design some doodad that involves part a moving against part b, and the moving against bit will cost 250 bucks a pop to manufacture.

more experienced engineers will know the design has to involve a part a moving against a part b and reach for the bearing catalogue, select a suitable 25 buck bearing and incorporate it into the design process.

The old guy KNEW there were flaws, dozens or hundreds of them, even when it gets to mass production, AWALT, but, some flaws you could manage and live with, provided you fucking knew they were there and what they were.


The wimminz who reminded me of this lesson yesterday, well, I don’t for one nanosecond want to give the impression that I was thinking she was a NAWALT, not at all.

She had and has flaws up the wazoo, but knowing them I did not personally have an issue with them, my error was I wasn’t actively monitoring for further flaws, thankfully I am red pill enough my normal modus operandi (my way or highway, no accommodations or allowances or flexibility or adjustments) caught this extra flaw and highlighted it as soon as it surfaced.

This extra flaw was caught by the wimminz not doing something she said / claimed / promised she would do.

Thankfully “people do what they wanna do” (AfORisms) so I hadn’t built any castles in the sky on the assumption that this wimminz was as good as her word in all areas and all things and at all times, so it was more of a
windows has failed to do x,
abort / pause / retry / skip?

dialogue box that pops up.

But it is still a shitter, no matter how fucking smart and experienced and cynical and red pill mother-fucker you are, eternal vigilance is impossible, and the odd NAWALT will sneak past your defences, so you better have systems in place that will catch that shit on the fucking drawing board, long before anything gets anywhere near the production line…

August 22, 2013

Conversations about wimminz

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in Conversations with wimminz a few days ago I glossed over one subject, a far more interesting subject is talking about wimminz with other wimminz.

Never, of course, do this with any other wimminz in earshot, you will get an entirely different wimminz if you do that, but, if your red pill fu is strong enough, talking to one wimminz about other wimminz can be enlightening for those tainted with the blue pill.elementwoman

But, before I get into that, NAWALT / scorpion & frog / etc etc etc, you really, really, really do need to *get* this point, to do otherwise is to get angry at steel for rusting, wood for burning or water for evaporating on a summers day.

You just can’t treat wimminz as equal adult human beings, you have to treat them as rather stupid and naughty children, or a dog that is a few tins short of a six pack.

This isn’t sexism or misogyny or patriarchy or anything else, it is materials handling, health and safety, and good working practices.

So, conversations about wimminz (b), with wimminz (a).

If your Fu is strong enough, you will hear NOTHING BUT a ringing endorsement of all the above, about wimminz b, from wimminz a, in fact, if your Fu is strong enough, wimminz a will treat is as a test of her knowledge of her fellow wimminz, and clue you in on a lot of attitudes you would not have guessed.

Just as many things that are overtly sexual are merely funny or merely boring to children, who are by definition innocent, a feeling we can all relate to, watching something as an adult that we watched as children, and realising just how much of it went over our heads (cf Swallows and Amazons with Roger the ships boy, and Titty, etc) the further realisation comes that you can’t actually explain this stuff to a pre-pubescent child… it’s like trying to explain colour to a blind man.

Similarly, as a man, trying to get you to actually understand and empathise with what goes on in the biochemical cauldron that passes for a wimminz mind, is like trying to explain the 16 million colours of the RGB gamut to that blind man.

But, just as you need a course of study in chemistry to understand how and why steel rusts, wood burns and water evaporates, you need nothing more than a room temperature IQ and a functioning pair of eyes to observe these phenomenon and come to expect them as a natural occurrence.

I have yet to meet anyone mentally retarded enough to express surprise that hot food put on a plate is stone cold an hour later.

And so it is with wimminz.

So when you hear, independently, from wimminz a, who you have fucked, and wimminz b, who you have not, about a proposed threesome with you and wimminz a and wimminz b (these two wimminz have had them before) and the ensuing catfight, and then witness the actual dynamic going on….. stop refusing to believe your fucking ears, stop refusing to believe that *all* wimminz “think” and operate this way, stop being such a fucking dumbass.

wimminz a is a fat slob fuckup with womb turds and a job on the state tit, wimminz b is a slob psycho fuckup who was unable to have kids or otherwise suckle on the state tit, so wimminz b keeps wimminz a as her pet toy to torture and abuse, trying to make someone not quite as unfuckable as she is into something below her own level.

Arranging and participating in the rape of wimminz a, arranging and participating in threesomes with wimminz a and her current cock, and thus fucking up the potential relationship between wimminz a and said cock, fucking wimminz a’s husband and calling wimminz a from the bedroom, claiming it was just done to prove to wimminz a that her husband didn’t really love her, not like wimminz b loves her, turning up or calling at all hours in dire need and distress, and the beat goes on, and on, and on.

And wimminz b rationalises this as her being in love with wimminz a, who is the kindest person on the planet.

And wimminz a rationalises this as her being bestest friends with wimminz b, who just is unlucky somehow, but they have been through so much together.

I shit you not, this is not just a case of I could introduce you to these “people”, I could prove to you, beyond all your worst nightmares, that AWALT.

They just will not EVER admit to it except in a 1 to 1 private conversation.

You ever wondered *why* team vagina existed?

If it didn’t, within 5 years wimminz would be reduced to the status of domestic animals, and they fucking know it.

You can handle wimminz, with the appropriate precautions, and that is what the red pill is, but you can never ever ever perform alchemy and transmute lead into gold.

First of all you have to find a wimminz that WANTS the level of handling required, and that’s tough jack, it’s especially tough if you are looking for gold and the only things on offer is some old iron ore (sic)

And a part of that handling is when you refine that iron ore into some low grade steel to cast a piss poor copy of the thing you really wanted in gold, you have better make the point, brutally, every day, that she better shut the fuck up and sit still for the wipe down with an oily rag, because the absolute worst thing you or anyone else can do to her, ever, is for you to simply walk away, and she will turn into rust, not even back into low grade ore.

And she better believe that with every fibre of her being, so much so she is grateful every day for that wipe down with the oily rag.

Every other option on the table is like that rather hurtful if true and amusing poster about the mong winning the race, he may have won the race, against other mongs, but he is still a fucking mong.

Is winning and fitting in really that fucking important to you?

Is anyone else’s opinion on the low quality of your low grade steel knock-off of the finely engraved and inlaid solid gold spoon really worth a fuck.

Is having one eye really such a disability in the land of those who have two eyes, and mock you for your one, but who nevertheless may as well be blind, because they cannot see, and worse still, do not think they are blind…

Did you *really* buy all that shit about poor impoverished families killing off their girl babies simply because they could not afford a dowry a decade and a half later when it came time to marry them off? And for no other reason at all?

August 15, 2013

The Poisoned Chalice

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If it is fucking hard, fucking dangerous, or takes a fucking long time before you see any pay-off, wimminz won’t do it, which means they will do everything else, which means everything else is fucked up.

Sometimes, I’m am not possessed by an urge to attempt a manned landing on Mars, sometimes I’m possessed by much more tranquil and mundane things, like kicking back and reading some science fiction.

Unfortunately there isn’t any that is less than 20 or 30 years old, everything newer either is written by a wimminz or features a strong empowered wimminz or 90 in the storyline, and it is just fucked up and pointless.

Repeat ad nauseam and ad infinitum for everything else a man used to do to chill.

So what do men want, wimminz who see the imminent economic collapse ask me.

I tell them, I have no fucking idea, but I *can* tell you what *I* want, and the terms *I* will accept.

Some of them are dumb enough to ask, some of them are smart and optimistic enough to start talking about Saudi.

Fuck that I say, the Saudi regime vis a vis wimminz is ridiculously lax, y’all should be property, chattels in the truest sense, no rights of any kind whatsoever.

When one of the herd says something dumb like “I wanna drive a car” well then you have a clear case of mad cow disease, and you shoot the bitch to prevent the infection spreading to the rest of the herd, and then you put the asshole who owed that particular cloven crotched beast on trial, for the purpose of determining his suitability to own chattels, because frankly speaking he just demonstrated his inability.

Blank scared looks.

fuck you all bitches, the REALITY on the ground is that it is SEVERAL ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE easier for a man to be dispossessed of his own children than it is to be deemed unfit to keep an animal.Bubblegum-Husky

Nowadays you have to dress up as Bubblegum Husky (right) and fuck a cat, repeatedly, to get the cat taken away and get jail time.

But you don’t have to do ANYTHING, in fact you can be a really great dad, and have your kids taken away from you under threat of jail time, or get actual jail time if cup cakes false rape accusation was credible enough.


Be slightly less outlandish and weird and at least feed the fuckers your leftovers and they will never separate a man and his animals, hell, if the man has problems paying for a vet he can get help with that too.


And if that don’t beat all and tell you how fucked up shit is ALREADY….

I can’t think of a single thing, occupation, activity or pastime or institution that would not be instantly immeasurably improved by taking ALL wimminz out of it overnight and making them chattels.

what’s that you say? fucking?

No, that and cooking and cleaning and otherwise taking care of shit and chores is exactly what they are good for, with the proviso that you can keep as many as you can feed and keep in line.

This has been a public service announcement to all those wimminz who see hard times ahead, and think all they have to do is play nicer for a change and all the men will come along and rescue them from the gutter.

The cunts you are depending on for rescue are all niggerz, already emasculated and made worthless by y’all, they can’t even fucking save themselves.

August 13, 2013

Response time

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There are two comments to the I lol’ed post that I want to respond to.

Hans, who was basically saying he just doesn’t get it, and doesn’t really want to either, and Just Sayin, who says it is important not to know the cuckold.

Well, for starters there is the question of what is the difference between;

  • A wimminz cuckolding her man
  • A wimminz in an open relationshit
  • A wimminz

The wimminz in my story is the middle one, the difference between that and the first one is she is honest with him, and she doesn’t mind him going out and fucking someone else too.

99% of the rest of my wimminz are the bottom one, which just means that *I* don’t fucking know who else they are fucking… more fool me if I am dumb enough to believe I am the only one… even for periods where you may indeed be the only one, it is a temporary state…

So the truth is instead of those three, I could just have said;

  • A wimminz
  • A wimminz
  • A wimminz

And indeed you just conflate that down to “a wimminz” cos, you know bro, AWALT innit.

So to those who feel like Hans I say hey bro, more power to you, but AWALT, so even if you are ascetic and have given up wimminz for sex, you still inhabit the same planet and it is behooving you to know their nature.

Just Sayin more or less sums up my perspective, AWALT, so I draw the line at or between, AWALT wimminz where I know the other guy she is fucking, and the rest or the wimminz, yeah, it’s largely an illusory thing, but it is a method of not seeing the abyss that Hans mentions, so you can be like Wil E Coyote and never actually look down, so gravity never gets you… what, you think nothing happened to him when he was standing on solid ground??? lol

As for the cuckolding thing, I have talked about this before, the human penis is designed to remove sperm on the out stroke, there is no point in this if the only sperm there is yours, so cuckolding is basically a biologically hard-wired substitute for viagra, it is a way of getting hard and wanting to fuck a wimminz who otherwise you would have problems with.

You want to have head fucks trying to understand cuckolds, THAT is what you should be having head fucks about, not cuckolding, but that they spend the rest of their lives when they are not fucking with wimminz who they can’t get it up for.


While I am here shouting out to commenter’s I also want to say something to DMJ, I read your blog and dig it, I don’t watch the vids cos life is too short, but the reading is good, and I keep meaning to give you a link or something but never seem to get around to it, nor indeed many of the other sites / blogs that end up sending links my way… what can I say, I’m a lazy bastard… doesn’t mean I don’t dig what y’all are doing.

On a related note, some people talk, and it is just talk, no harm in it, about differences in style, for example I’m a lazy fucker that types and swears a lot, DMJ is someone who videos a lot and doesn’t swear much, and? The red pill planet has more than enough room for all the variations, not only is it not for me to say anything about how anyone else does their thang, I actually celebrate the fact that we are all different in how we choose to express ourselves, how we choose to dress, how we choose to look (to a certain extent, eg hair styles and facial hair etc) how we choose to speak and how we choose to express our own perspective on the red pill.

The only time I have something to say is when those boundaries are overstepped, as I did on here before most re Paul Elam and his attitudes, and The Spearhead constantly panhandling, since I have mentioned DMJ already here I will use him as an example rather than picking on someone new…lol

DMJ may well be promoting his book on his site, so what, it’s his site, he can do what he pleases, but what he is NOT doing is going after revenue by pan-handling or turning into a clik-thru ad farm.

He ain’t doing it (the blog / website) for the money, and no disrespect to the guy but unless you are a Hammond Innes being a writer is a good way to not earn money, so it comes across more as someone on a soapbox, someone who is saying shit for no reason other than he can’t keep it in.

This is *completely* different to someone trying to run MGTOW central as a way of making a living, I haven’t got a fucking clue what DMJ does to put bread on the table, but it ain’t his blog or videos, whereas Bill seems to think that he should be pulling in a few thousand a year in subs, because HIS TIME IS WORTH MONEY.

This is EXACTLY my argument against all the fucking wimminz agencies on the state purse, the cunts aren’t doing it for any reason other than it puts bread on their tables, if the state purse was taken away all the fucking wimminz aid programmes and abused wimminz centres would be crickets and tumbleweed… the wimminz would vanish overnight.

In the UK the magistrates courts were run like this, you got paid fuck all, and yes, you got your proportion of busybodies with fuck all else to do lusting after power, and I know myself they got it wrong at least as often as they got it right, but then again, they are being “advised” by people who *are* paid to be there.

When it comes to the crown courts, where *everyone* is paid to be there, is the quality of justice any better?

No, actually, in my experience, and nor does having access to people who “know” the law mean you get justice, indeed I even question the whole idea of legal precedent, everyone does actually know the difference between right and wrong, and every case should be tried on individual merits.

Get yourself in trouble at sea around the UK coastline and will you really give a fuck that every single man on board that lifeboat is an unpaid volunteer, and speaking of the RNLI, the *one* charity that I used to give money to, I no longer do, fuckem, wimminz have no fucking place on a lifeboat, none, ever, under any circumstances, even if, as fucking usual, it is all the lightweight inshore only RIB (rigid inflatable) stuff that the wimminz want, they aren’t interested in answering a shout to a listing cargo ship off the fastnet when it is blowing force 9 and wind over tide…. cunts…

The purpose of money, and exchanging money, is to get fred to keep *your* car on the road, not just his, or whatever the thing/service is you are buying.

Wherever the fuck the idea came from that simply because you are paying, or they are being paid, you get a better quality of service, I have no fucking idea.

Like I said, I haven’t watched DMJ’s videos more than a few seconds here and there, but if we take this idea and run with it, they *cannot* be any “good” because they aren’t made and produced by professionals, like Fucks News, and the flipside is if DMJ starts doing pay per view, suddenly they will get “better”, I dunno how, maybe he will do them in the nude, or suddenly start talking about different subjects or in greater depth, but somehow because money is involved, they will be “better” somehow.

It’s the whole “amateur” thing, with the connotations that go with it, mainly not as good as the professionals, e.g. the ones who are paid to do it.

I can’t fuck as well as Ron Jeremy, because he made a living being paid to fuck…. really? So a two dollar whore is a better fuck than every wimminz who gave it to me for free then huh?

Of course in most walks of life, it is illegal to put this to the test, amateur electricians, plumbers, pilots, drivers, etc etc etc etc.

it’s a Guild, by any other name, just like the wimminz guilds, the lawyers guilds, the police guilds, the doctors guilds.

It’s a part of the red pill, if the cunts are being paid to fucking do it, then they are doing it for the fucking money, not the love of it, or belief in it, or because they cannot keep it in.

If they are NOT being paid to do it, then they never face a choice between money and throwing YOU under the fucking bus…

Bill banned me from commenting at the spearhead, and censored many of the things I did try to say, at least if (not that I have commented there) DMJ or one of the others shitcans one of my comments I know it is because they didn’t like it, same as I do here for wimminz and niggerz who try to comment.

Not because it hay hurt my click though or page impressions to do otherwise… I don’t give a fuck about either, I don’t care if I have NO visitors, this is fucking therapy, and a record / diary for my sons.

post script, please do not attempt to apply this logic to wimminz.

August 10, 2013

The state of IT, the state of the world

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This my friends is the straight shit.

Walk into any modern supermarket, everything, and I mean everything, every single process you can identify, has a link in the chain that absolutely relies on a working internet connection.

Where “working” means the bandwidth is sufficiently high, ping and latency and dropped packets, sufficiently low, and a whole bunch of stuff like DNS and VPN and so on just basically work.

  1. chip and pin for sales / transactions
  2. store loyalty cards
  3. barcode readers in guns and tills to update store stock and ordering
  4. staff clock in and out and hours and wages
  5. live and updating prices, offers, BOGOF etc
  6. CCTV and security systems including lighting
  7. VOIP and telephony
  8. canned muzak and in store radio stations
  9. dumps of data for the local “you shop we drop” delivery vans
  10. etc etc etc

This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Here in the UK, when you buy connectivity, doesn’t matter who you buy it off, you get the following choices… and I am talking about what you actually see on a rack etc

  1. xDSL or Cable, (but almost never cable in business environments), so basically a modem/router
  2. ISDN / kilostream, it’s already digital so router/switch
  3. EFM which is just a bunch of ISDN circuits all going into one RAD box with RJ45 out to router/switch
  4. ADVA/21cn fibre, so RJ45 out to router/switch

You’ll tend to progress through these as your size and needs grow, and for failover / redundancy, this is usually just another xDSL line, even if your primary circuit is 20/20 mbit fibre, the failover is usually going to be xDSL.

If you were going to start from scratch and rack that shit…

  1. ADVA fibre box
  2. main router, probably a Cisco, connected to 1and 4
  3. backup router, probably a Cisco, connected to xDSL and 4
  4. main firewall, probably a Juniper
  5. IP data switch
  6. VOIP switch
  7. couple of spaces
  8. local rack-mount servers and NAS boxes
  9. UPS

You can picture this, but, in real life it ain’t gonna fucking look like that for long, in real life stuff is always being fucked with and messed around piecemeal, with no attention whatsoever paid to the larger picture or the longer term view, and this is as true for symbolical things like lines of configuration or code, as it is for real physical things like boxes and cables.killingmesoftly

So, sooner or later this is what you are going to be presented with, the first challenge is FINDING the fucking box you are supposed to be pulling, from behind that waterfall of CAT5, then working out how to pull it and put in the new one, and oh yeah, this site is live 24/7 and can’t afford any downtime or service interruption.

At that point you rejoice that you are a fifty something don’t give a fuck red pill motherfucker, you just look at the cunt responsible for the above and say “I’ll unbox the new kit, I’ll liaise with the provider to bring it on line and test and sign off on it, YOU can install it, and YOU can patch it, if you can find space and cables

So of course the remaining spaces on top of the rack are consumed, and some more IEC and RJ45 is added to the waterfall.

This split between what could/should be, and what you actually find on the ground, pervades through out anything and everything to do with IT.

Heap big thing go, white man speak with forked tongue, eagles soar in canyons.

Honestly, I might as well just say this to 99.999% of people I interact with, either in my day job as a cisco bod or my evening and weekend job as a general IT go to guy for SME / SOHO types.

Sure, they will all sit there are read gibberish about “DHCP server not found” or whatever the error message of the day is, but the reality is the only thing the cunts actually UNDERSTAND is is the little green blinkenlight saying everything is OK on, or not.

Yesterday I’m stood in front of a rack of new kit comissioning a 50/50 meg fibre service on an AVDA/21cn box and a couple of rather expensive 2xxx series Cisco routers, with the company IT guy there, not the CIO MBA type, the one alleged BOFH sysadmin type, and we are discussing this install and the technology and how it differs from the EFM/DSL system they currently have, yadda yadda yadda, and you know 20130717_112456what impressed this guy the most, the bit where I point at the red CRITICAL LED on the ADVA/21cn box and tell him that as soon as the big Cisco boxes finish booting that light will go out and so we will know there is a connection between them.

We won’t know if it is a good connection data wise, if the right IP address range has been assigned or anything else, but we will know there is a physical electrical connection.

The last paragraph I might as well not have said, the guy stopped listening when I said the red light will go out.

He repeated this to me, so no red light means no problem with the fibre connection. With an unspoken question mark at the end of it.

I just look at him for a minute, think fuck it, and go yeah, that’s right.

And this is the guy everyone else in the company who uses any kind of computing or data device goes to for help.

I literally do not have the brain capacity to comprehend how completely dumb some of his users will be.


On the home front I have SME/SOHO customers who ask me to fix their kids computers, they are blue screening for a passtime.

Now these kids know enough to spec up water-cooled over-clocked up the fucking wazoo led fans abominations, and install every game known to man, and every gaming add-on, and most of the crack and bots and trainers.

These parents, even the ones whose day job is IT admin, are amazed at how leet and incredible with computers these kids are.

And yet these kids can’t simply type MSCONFIG in the start menu and uncheck all non Microsoft services and all startup apps, and instantly cure their system instability, so I charge their folks a hundred bucks to do this, and then run little Johnny’s machine for 24 hours to prove it no longer blue screens… ker-ching


Recently at work in my day job all the field staff got locked out of the company network for 36 hours, not good when you are a remote worker and ALL your data comes to you electronically, who the next job is with, what time they are expecting you, what you have to do.

All this because of a periodic policy that all passwords must be changed every six months, and passwords;

  1. can’t be anything you have used before
  2. can’t be similar (2 or 4 characters transposed) to anything you used before
  3. can’t be less than 8 characters long
  4. must contain at least one lowercase letter
  5. must contain at least one uppercase letter
  6. must contain at least one digit
  7. must contain at least one special character

For security, donchaknow, and the autistic super intelligent hyper qualified 30 something dweeb in charge of corporate security is gung-ho on this shit, so he was deeply upset when I sent him an email (not from my company email, as exchange was just one of the corporate systems I could no longer access) congratulating him on creating a system so secure even staff couldn’t log in, and proceeded to tell him a thing or two about rainbow tables and human nature and post it notes etc.

So deeply upset he cc’d my line manager in his reply, detailing his qualifications and experience and years at the very top of his field.

I thought about name dropping the dork, not so much a “I know Bill Gates” but a “Bill Gates knows me” but security related, I thought about telling him I was fucking around with “security” on fidonet/BBS and mainframes before he was even born, and common throughout was the keyboard input and human nature, I thought about pointing out that the first password issued to me when I joined the company, issued by his department no less, was “password”, then, much like the LED admin above, I thought fuck it, tell the cunt what he wants to hear, so I apologised unreservedly… and added his name to the list of people I will not go one step out of my way to help or cover up for, ever.


Which kinda brings us to PRISM / ECHELON etc, NSA/GCHQ spying and so on and so forth.

Sure, all these fuckers are slurping up everything they can, always have, always will, but, 99.999% of the staff in these places are as dumb as a bunch of rocks when it comes to it, and if there is something you should be worried about, it is not them spying on your secret communications with 1968Amy, the Huddersfield transsexual whose cock you secretly like to suck, but it’s OK, its a transsexual not a bloke, so you’re not a fag…

No, what you should be worried about is when some bad bit of coding takes 2 + 2 = 22 and not 4, and suddenly you are in the frame for something you never did, because their box of rocks technical inability to actually mine this vast pool of data for anything genuinely useful also means they are technically unable to determine that in your case it is just garbage data, that field, your terr’rist threat rating, should read 4, e.g. low / normal, and not 22, e.g. do a DeMenezes on you and see how many 9mm rounds can be fired into your head in 3 seconds.

Probabilistically speaking you should relish the massive data capture, because the more they capture, the more noise there is, and the less signal there is.

Here in the UK we have a thing, it is constantly evolving and changing its name, but it used to be CRB, or Enhanced CRB, it’s a check done on your background if you work anywhere even remotely connected to kids or wimminz, no matter how tenuous the connection… work in the basement of a company that sells life insurance, and build office PCs for a living, and you’ll need an enhanced CRB, because technically you could access some of the insurance company data on their customers, and some of those customer be wimminz with children, who, you know, you might just fancy raping and killing…

So mine runs to 8 pages of shit, but being a badass biker boy in my yoof it is all motoring related, nothing in there at all about raping and killing baby girls, so I pass…. the insanity begins when they do a check and it comes back empty, blank, nothing whatsoever, at that point they get suspicious. And yes before you ask, no mention anywhere of the allegations the ex made, or being arrested on suspicion of being any of the things she said to win in secret family court.

Not because you did all your baby raping and killing in Rwanda, that could apply to me too, so the lack of that proves nothing, what is suspicious is that you have been HERE for x years, and not left any tracks in the system of either any crimes committed, or any crimes you were suspected of or arrested for?

If there are 6 million people on the DNA database, why aren’t YOU on it? hmm? hmmm?

Getting back to the LED blinkenlights.

  1. My check, yeah, plenty of records, but nothing related to violence against wimminz or kidz, GREEN LED BLINKENLIGHT.
  2. Convicted rapists check, RED LED BLINKENLIGHT
  3. some other fucker’s check, NO LED BLINKENLIGHT

You see, #1 is the only thing anyone is looking for, same as the IT admin guy, they are looking for a simple binary choice, and if they do any checking, as he did with me, it was to query what he was supposed to think, depending on which LED’s were lit or unlit.

How do I know da po-lice and the courts and state security services all think exactly the same way as supermarket staff? Kevin Mitnick could tell you, they are all human, I could tell you, none of them make their own intertubez or routers or firewalls, they all have guys like me hired in by companies like Crapita who get the contracts on the national scale.

My security vetting? Well, it’s the same as the will-he-rape-a-baby vetting, or indeed a credit check, it just needs a green LED to light up next to my name, and that just needs to FIND records, and NOT FIND anything too nasty or relevant within those records.

I couldn’t borrow 5k from a bank to save my life, I have no history of paying back loans, no green blinkenlight.

That my friends is the real state of IT in the world today, for 99.999% of the populace a simple traffic light would suffice.


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