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January 27, 2012

An invitation to treat.

IN legal terms an “invitation to treat” is what a shopkeeper does when he puts an object in his shop window for sale, it is not an “offer” in law, it is an “invitation to treat“.

You, when you go into the shop, make the “offer“, the shopkeeper accepts (or not, as the case may be), and you exchange the offered and agreed amount of money in exchange for the item on sale, and a “contract” is made.

Wimminz advertising themselves on PoF should therefore be thought of as an “invitation to treat“.

This is an important point that not only all men who have been falsely accused of rape will understand, but in fact all men who have been stood in Family Court will understand.

You know the score, when times were better, you and her indulged in all sorts of things, and it never occurred to you that months or years or even decades later those same things would be dragged out, re-written to make her sound like the innocent non consenting virgin, and you like the filthy disgusting violent and dangerous sexual predator and pervert, and there is sweet fuck all you can do to prove things were different to people who have a financial interest in treating all men thus

If only I had been able to say that my FRA psycho skank ho ex got together because I responded to an advert she placed for herself on the internet… being able to demonstrate that from the first second we met, ours was not a relationship in which she was weak and vulnerable and I was the evil predator, but a relationship in which she was very pro-actively marketing her wares on the open market, and in which she CHOSE to accept the offer that I made in response to her invitation to treat in the form of her advert on PoF or wherever….

It would have been even better than that, because just like the shop transaction that forms a contract and starts a chain of records / evidence, any relationship that starts on a dating site over the internet is going to also leave a chain of records / evidence that support the true nature of the invitation to treat / offer / acceptance / exchange that forms the contract. (esp true if you follow all my advice on here)

It’s a tough call to accuse a guy of burgling your shop and stealing all your stuff and taking a crap in the till when VISA has a record of the transaction, the guy’s bank has a record, his GPS shows him at the vicinity of the shop at the time of this transaction, and the subsequent evidence trail shows you acting like a shopkeeper happy with the transaction, not someone being violently raped and abused every day for ten years, which you never thought to report until you decided it was a great way to win in Family Court.

Of course this is instinctively why all the wimminz and mangina niggerz know that internet dating is sad and for losers and people who are so ugly they can’t get anyone any other way….

Of course the wimminz and niggerz also instinctively know that once you are in a relationship, continuing to use technology to communicate is sad and for losers and people who are so ugly etc…

This is the point you need to get, to these fuckers this is like garlic to a vampire, it doesn’t matter how low the IQ of the vampire is, this reaction is instinctual, and so it is with the wimminz and niggerz, it doesn’t matter how low their IQ, they have an instinctive aversion to anything that threatens, challenges or questions their existence and actions.

They can be as dumb as a sackful of chickens, and still instinctively be aware that anything that creates any kind of record at all is their enemy, just as the dumbest burglar of the planet is smart enough to avoid and hate the house bathed in lights from PIR detectors and with approaches covered by CCTV cameras.

The trouble is, many years down the line, these sackfuls of chickens get access to an essentially unlimited supply of state sponsored and paid for lawyers, shrinks, court workers, social workers and of course police and judges, all ready to tell those poor little dumb chickens that they have the right to be treated like soaring eagles, and everyone who ever eat one of those eggs so willingly laid and given away, is gonna fucking pay, certainly with their souls, equally certainly with some extent of money and earning power, and perhaps even with liberty and life.

And these lawyers and chickens get the police to abuse you and drag you into Court, because they are INSTINCTIVELY secure in the knowledge (because they would fucking remember it) that nowhere in the past with you were there any invitation to treat, nor PIR floodlights, nor CCTV cameras, there is just your word and theirs, and lots of people have entire careers that are based exclusively on their wimminz word being law.

And so, ten years after that first meeting, that invitation to treat, you’ll be in a much stronger position if there is some sort of independent record, such as you will get with online dating, than if you met the skank ho in a pub somewhere, or through work, or through friends, or at the bus stop.

You’ll be in a much better position, because even ten years later, burglars can remember which object in their house they bought legitimately in a shop with a credit card, and which object they stole from some house long forgotten many years ago, and rest assured the skank ho wimminz can all recall with stunning clarity which interactions with men were covered by contract law and records and history, and which ones are open to he said / she said historical revision to her advantage.


  1. So the young folk who are mad about texting may be inadvertantly protecting themselves?

    They have met at a party or through friends, but if their first act is to exchange numbers and start texting before there’s any “alone time” then there may well be recorded evidence that suggests she knew exactly what she wanted before she went to his place.

    If a guy texts “Booty Call?” and she sends back “LOL!” with a saucy pic, it’s kind of hard to play innocent later, right?

    Assuming the girl is over 18 and nobody gets in trouble for receiving the picture.

    Comment by ThousandMileMargin — January 28, 2012 @ 12:51 am

    • Quite so, which is why it is again instinctively regarded as sad and loserish by the wimminz and niggerz for a guy to indulge in this sort of behaviour….

      Comment by wimminz — January 28, 2012 @ 10:34 am

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