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Pink handcuffs

The pic on the right is from a story at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1375461/Susan-Brock-jailed-mother-daughter-sex-triangle-teenage-boy.html which details how a mother and daughter were both shagging a young man at the same time.

I was intrigued by the use of pink handcuffs, what the fuck is this? The new Barbie kinky sex accessory? Fluffy cuddly paedo-pink, because wimminz peados are some how still sugar and spice and all things nice?

While in this particular story, the young man was a child when the sexual relations started, making it an offence in Law, the whole thing about a mother and daughter both fucking the same guy at the same time, is far more common than most people would think.

So common in fact, that I have been there myself… the young guy in this case can think himself lucky, if he were ten years older, mother and daughter would have accused him of raping them both.. ask me how I know.

Now, before I get into this mum & daughter & some guy sex triangle, I want to briefly touch on another story.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1375638/Commuters-hid-papers-schoolgirl-15-assaulted-drunken-woman.html in which a Yvonne Maynard, 51, assaulted a May Rubery, 15 (article has a photo of May and mangina step dad) on a train for 8 minutes solid, and NOBODY INTERVENED, welcome to the world you created wimminz.

So, back to the plot, mother & daughter & some guy sex triangles.

I abso-fucking-lutely guarantee that despite anything they claim to the Police, and despite anything they claim to each other, they were both 100% aware that the other one was banging the same guy at the same time.

I could show you documentary affidavit evidence from my own case, written by my skank ho’s, that attest to this knowledge, though they at various other times tried to “spin” it and claim they were not aware and it can only have been abuse due to some mythical patriarchy power differential between wimminz and anything with a penis.

The fact is they knew, and everyone else knew, all my friends knew, neighbours knew, my relatives knew, (nota bene, I am not saying they all approved of it, but they figured it was my business, we were all adults, nobody was being hurt…) it was painfully bloody obvious to all concerned, I actually asked one friend when he knew, and how he knew, after spraying coffee through his nose, he just said “Doh!…” Homer Simpson style, “… dude, it was bloody OBVIOUS from the get go.

In fact as it turned out, there was ONLY ONE friend who did not know, and it has to be said he is kind of a high functioning autistic type. The ones who it was most blatantly obvious to were female neighbours, friends and relatives, and of course all the female work colleagues and friends of mum & daughter.

Kinda scuppers your claims that you didn’t know your mum / daughter was shagging the same guy as you, when you admit discussing this very subject with your own work colleagues and friends some years before, back when the triangle started.

See, wimminz are fucking liars, but wimminz are also fucking stupid.

So anyway, the “I banged a mum and daughter” club really isn’t that exclusive, and like some mysterious AA membership, once it becomes not just known, but public, that you are a member, well, the other ex-members come forwards and shake your hand and introduce themselves, and fuck me there are a few surprises there, not just who they are, and how long you have known them, but HOW FUCKING MANY OF THEM THERE ARE.

FOUR other guys outed themselves to me (and no, it wasn’t bullshit braggadocio, I got all the details, we ex-survivors do that) in the first 12 months, and 1 a few months after that, between these FIVE, three of us know of others that none of the others know of, if you know what I mean, bringing it to a total of NINE guys, FIVE that I know personally, plus another FOUR that is a friend of at least one of these five, plus of course myself.

Statistically speaking, what are the fucking chances of that?

Especially, if, you know, NAWALT etc.

See, mums and daughters do not see each other like dads and sons, the dad/son relationship is immutable, you can get to 70 years old and if your old man is alive he will still call you “boy“… “awwshit dad, I have grandchildren of my own…

Mums and daughter see each other as friends, and rivals, and there is no immutable gap, and so mother/daughter triangles (check) are, to them, no different to sister/sister triangle (check), twin sister triangles (to do), best friends triangles (check) and boss/junior triangles (to do).

But this, the true extent of this “sisterhood”, like female orgasm during birth, is the true forbidden knowledge, wimminz have been living in fear for thousands of years of this knowledge circulating amongst Men, and it is one of the incredibly few times you will see one wimminz throw another wimminz under the bus, and the other wimminz take it, quietly, in order to instinctually preserve this knowledge / secret as a wimminz only secret knowledge.

The sheer number of times you see one wimminz acting as surrogate mother for another, close relative, wimminz, if you think about it, this knowledge should be obvious to all Men, and yet we just don’t see it because we have always been successfully misdirected by the wimminz as to their true nature. Really think about the nature of surrogacy for a minute, then interject close relatives, a daughter carrying a baby for her mum or aunt, with step dad’s sperm or uncle fred’s sperm, in her own womb…

If you find yourself in a Police station or Court, having shagged a mother and daughter, who later claim, after the event, that it was not consensual, don’t even bother arguing with anyone, sit there with a shit eating grin (why not, all the wimminz and mangina cops will hate you anyway) and get your lawyer to lay out all the instances, neighbours testimony etc, that show that they both knew you were fucking them both the whole time, sit back, and relax, and grab some popcorn.

Because what you will then see are all the wimminz and manginas in the Police and Courts throwing one wimminz under the wagon to protect the nature of all wimminz.

Make no mistake, both wimminz will still be awarded “victim” status, after all, you have a penis, you must be an aggressor, but the younger wimminz, the daughter, with the greater reproductive potential, (<— this is how what passes for a wimminz mind works) will be the super victim, and the mum will be the negligent victim and partial abuser / neglecter of the super victim, and you of course will be the evil Man, but there is fuck all chance anyone is going to put YOU in the dock, where you get to expose the true nature of wimminz for all to see with your truthful and honest testimony of events.

Just as in the story above, mama is thrown under the truck, and she goes quietly, daughter is given some deferred bullshit saved for a busy news day, and the easier it can be glossed over the better, and the guy, who gives a fuck what he thinks, even if he was a child and the victim of two paedophile wimminz who also happen to be mother and daughter.


  1. and the guy, who gives a fuck what he thinks, even if he was a child and the victim of two paedophile wimminz who also happen to be mother and daughter.

    – Uh, men in the mrm do. And others are starting to. And will continue to do so as time goes by.

    Thank you for writing this piece. This is one method of several that will break the poisoned ‘feminist’ deadlock on Western culture. Shine a light on the foundations.

    For too long too many men have kept themselves silent over the issues you’ve written about here. Speaking publicly about females years ago was considered unmanly. Today speaking up may be about survival because of the silence. Stifling your experiences from the public keeps the artificiality of the ruse alive.

    When men start selectively providing females the commie ‘equality’ that contemporary feminuts want they’ll scurry back under the rocks and rotting flora again, like they always do.

    Comment by universe — April 11, 2011 @ 5:50 pm

    • Aye, the best possible defence to an accusation such as this is to be able to show that wimminz consensually do this shit all the time, it just isn’t rare.

      Failing that you have to contend with the “all wimminz are saints” bullshit and “why would wimminz lie” bullshit.


      Comment by wimminz — April 11, 2011 @ 5:57 pm

  2. Where were the victim’s parents while all this was unraveling???? Welcome to the femcunt world!

    Comment by Tim — September 18, 2011 @ 8:16 pm

  3. Was not aware of this but absolutely ready to be told.

    Thank you.

    Comment by Wake — July 5, 2013 @ 9:33 pm

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