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Rainbow tables for wimminz

I made a comment elsewhere in response to another comment about brute force cracking of passwords.

My comment was to the effect that brute force cracking was not the only method, merely the slowest.

A much quicker and more practical method is the use of rainbow tables, which are essentially cheat tables, pre-computed hashes of all possible password hashes, so instead of iteratively checking every possible key in turn, you just compare hashes and look for a match.

(of course you can also use the CIA method and waterboard them until they give it up)

A quick and dirty (and inaccurate) example is this.

Password = “test”

t =20th letter of alphabet

e= 5th

s= 19th

t= 20th

20+5+19+20 = 64

so instead of working through aaaa, aaab, aaac etc, we just look in the precomputed tables for a hash of 64.

Like I said, quick, dirty and inaccurate example, but it gives you the basic idea.

It works because the computer doesn’t store the password, it stores the hash.

Of course the example above is lousy as a password and hash, because there are several combinations of letters that will add up to a hash of 64, and be accepted as a valid password.

Which is why it is such an good example of how wimminz “minds” work… think about it…

I have never yet met a wimminz who had one secure password to unlock, without exception they have all had several meaningless and random insecure passwords which all work, many of which (passwords) the wimminz themselves weren’t aware of.

Now if you look at this from a security perspective, you have one individual with a hash that will only accept one single exact password, that person is going to feel reasonably safe and secure and be quite calm about the whole subject of security.

It doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong in practice, only how they FEEL.

Contrast this to the individual who has a hash that will accept a large number of passwords, most of which the individual themselves are unaware of until they appear, that person is going to feel exposed and insecure and be quite antsy and flighty about the whole subject of security, and likely to project the problem onto the evil hackers.

Ringing any bells yet?

Yes, wimminz are the ones with piss poor hash tables, and this knowledge that many keys will work is what is often referred to as Game.

But this little observation also explains what passes for a personality in a wimminz, it’s isn’t their problem that their systems are fucked up and insecure, it is everyone else’s, those nasty evil hackers with penises, why can’t they read minds and emotions and know when they are welcome and when they aren’t?

Why can’t they tell the difference between flirting and a honeypot? Why can’t they tell I only wanted free beers for the night and a good pounding from an alpha male, not them, even though they were the only ones around and I asked them to buy me beers…

Why does the nasty evil male designed car accelerate when I stamp on the gas, when it should know that I MEANT to slow down, not drive into the fucking wall?

In exactly the same way as the computer user with zero clue about security, clicking “yes” on everything and getting infected with virus / trojan / malware and then complaining that it is everyone ELSE’S fault, and not theirs, that they are a complete fucking idiot and luser, the wimminz are like the AOL’ers, whining that nothing is ever their fault, when in fact the truth of the matter is that exactly like the luser computer user who clicks on everything, EVERYTHING is their fault.

The solution for us as men is to emulate the hacker, whether black or white hat, and simply ignore all the protestations about “I didn’t do anything I didn’t click anything I don’t know anything” and just treat them as fucking clueless, fucking DANGEROUS, fucking untrustworthy and just hack them.

What else can you do with irresponsible people who REFUSE to take responsibility for themselves and the consequences of their own actions?

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  1. Heh, I can´t get enough of your blog.

    Truth-o-meter is about to melt.

    Linked to you from our menarebetterthanwomen fora, hopefully more young men(and old) will start getting a clue.

    Comment by hans — September 9, 2011 @ 5:09 pm

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