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Rape, the truth.

As is repeatedly pointed out at the excellent False Rape Society (link on the right) blog time and again, rape is unique in the legal lexicon because it is outwardly identical to an act that we all do and derive great pleasure from hundreds of times per year.

The current definition (because the definition is a moving target) of rape is the putative rapist (e.g. the man.. sic) must believe in his head that the woman (cos men never get raped… sic) does not want sex… if the man genuinely believes she does, EVEN IF SHE DOESN’T, it isn’t rape.

If she doesn’t want sex she says or indicates “No” and at that point no jury will believe that the man genuinely believed etc.

The problem is, a whole load of shit that isn’t rape has latterly been included in the definition of rape, and this has been done deliberately because those who are deliberately shifting this definition know that you can grab any man off the street, show him a piece of paper with the word “rape” written on it, and what is going through his head is a scene of physical violence, a women dragged into the bushes by force, a knife shoved into her throat, piercing the skin, threats made to be quiet or die, and a violent rape ensues… that is what your average man in the street will think.

This is rape.

As the picture says, you can expect a bit of it, in the sense that you can expect a bit of murder.

Speaking as someone who has been falsely accused of rape in the UK, I have to tell you something.

Yes, the Police automatically believe the woman who makes the accusation, no matter how nuts it seems. Yes, the Police look for evidence to convict you, not for evidence to determine what actually happened. Yes, the Police have essentially an unlimited budget for sex crime, since they are such a hot topic politically, so expect thorough forensic examination of all your computers, all your paper records, all your bedding and clothing, all your DNA and biometric data, and expect your life since birth to be put under the microscope, and examined for things than can be used to convict you.

The thing I have to tell you is this. Speaking as someone who has been through this, as much as I hate the bastards for their attitude and approach, I have to admit one thing, I cannot conceive of any way in which their attempt to find evidence against me, while studiously ignoring the ever increasing mountain of exculpatory evidence, (like your accuser losing track of how many different rape accusations she has made, I shit you not…) could have been more thorough.

I am speaking as a man who has gone through it, and I simply cannot imagine any way in which a genuine rapist could slip through this investigation.

I simply do not find it even remotely credible.

Ocean’s Eleven (the film) could not plan a perfect rape that would beat the investigation I went through, and this is a hypothetical scenario where the crime is planned in minute detail to ridiculous levels with ridiculous amounts of technology and insider knowledge AND AN INSIDER, in advance.

If you rape someone in the UK, even if it is a historical allegation and the semen is long gone, there is still enough evidence there to charge you and convict you.

And all these bastards are gung-ho to nail you, because this is their job, it is what they specialise in and are paid to do 24/7, and having been through it let me tell you, they are all misandrist women or manginas. Follow the fucking money.

These fucking idiots genuinely believe, partly because they are paid to do so, partly because they drank the kool-aid, that rape is fucking rampant, more common than automobile accidents and all forms of cancer combined, and of course it is their well paid job to continue to believe it… follow the fucking money.

Combine this with a society where False Rape Accusers are only ever prosecuted in the most egregious cases where they are dumb enough to admit to making a false accusation, and a society where the coffers of Legal Aid are (since 2011) only opened when a woman screams Domestic Violence and / or Rape, in her bid to seize both the assets and children of a partnership / marriage and have the man ejected and kept away by the Gestapo, and you can see that with all the inevitability of gaming a system, while genuine Rape, as a man imagines it to be, does indeed happen, a bit, in our society, the vast majority of reported rapes are complete and utter bullshit.

My friends over at the False Rape Society are scrupulously and scientifically correct when they say that due to the nature of he said / she said, behind closed doors, and the fact that sex and rape are basically the same act, it is impossible to know how many rape accusations are false.

They are scrupulously correct, but they do not factor in the CSI like power of a Police rape squad forensic investigative department, when you factor that in, the picture shifts more than somewhat.

The reality is that Mr statistically average male is FAR more likely to be the victim of a False Rape Accusation, than Mrs statistically average female is to be the victim of an actual rape.

So, let’s look at what rape actually is.

Rape is assault, with some sex thrown in.

A violent rape at knife-point, the picture all men have when you say the word “rape”, is actually a lot less traumatic for the victim than a violent beating at knife-point, this is self evident, you are unable to get up and walk away and into the Police station after a violent beating.

To suggest that wimminz having a penis forcibly shoved inside them causes such special female only deep psychological horrors that it outweighs being beaten to the point you think you are going to die is complete and utter fucking bullshit, thinking you are going to die leaves indelible mental scars, fucking indelible.

Speaking as a False Rape Accused, I can tell you, I’d rather be raped in the ass every fucking day than see what my own False Rape Accusation did, and is doing as an ongoing process, to my friends and family and children, no matter how much it hurts physically and degrades me mentally, I would prefer it to seeing all these innocents suffer because of the fallout of the False Rape Accusation made by my ex for no purpose other than to get all my shit and my kids. that hurts more.

So where does all this rape shit come from, since men as a whole*** naturally picture rape as a violent and horrible crime, quite alien to their makeup?

(*** excepting exceptional circumstances such as warfare, where people return to less civilised, more animalistic behaviour, and even so, it is still a small minority, likely to be shot by their comrades on the spot if discovered)

It comes from the fucking wimminz of course, who all have fantasies about being raped, I should know, two of my current skank ho’s have sent me text messages begging me to tie them up and abuse them and make them feel pain and rape them in all their holes… they DO NOT FUCKING WELL WANT ME TO BE A CARING AND CONSIDERATE LOVER.

I shit you not.

I’ll tell you something else, I tell all these skank ho’s, without exception, that I have been Falsely Accused of Rape, it doesn’t drive them away, it turns the bitches on, and they all say, without exception, “No way you are a fucking rapist.”

I reply “I could be, how would you know?” and they answer, “No, no fucking way, you like women too much to hurt them.” which is 100% true and spot on… I’m a lover, not a fighter.

So, you dig down a little deeper, and push, and ask them, how come you know I’m not a rapist, but you have all these rape fantasies, and there is all this rape hysteria?

As I have said elsewhere, these skank ho’s are not trailer park trash, they are very successful and intelligent women, many of them 6’s and 7’s, and you know what answer they all give?

They are ashamed of their desires.

They are not afraid of me, or of my Evil Penis (great blog) nope, not in the least.

They are afraid of their own cunt, and what it drives them to desire and do.

They don’t actually want the violent rape that men think of when they hear the word rape, they want the submissive, ceding all control over their cunt, fantasy rape from a man who they are NOT afraid of.

But they are too ashamed to admit it, even amongst themselves, and too afraid of letting their cunt have control, so they are stuck between a rock and a hard place intellectually and emotionally.

Nota Bene; these are the skank ho’s, the wimminz in general, such as those who exclusively form the staff of Police sexual assault squads and social services and family lawyers and so on, are living a lie, they are not open to themselves like the skank ho’s, which is why me, my lawyer, and my female rape squad policeperson were sat in the police station watching a video of my False Rape Accusing ex deep throating me, a video dated after her historical rape accusation, a video that we all sat and watched all the way though, while the misandrist female rape squad policeperson is licking her lips and hating me because I have a shit eating grin, I know what the fuck is going on, so does my lawyer, with his eyebrow raised 1 millimetre.

The wimminz KNOW that the vast majority of rape accusations are false.

They just don’t say a damn thing about that in public, and subscribe to the rape epidemic in public, because they live in fear of doing or saying anything else, because they know for a fact all the other wimminz will instantly attack them, but not with false allegation, but with true allegation that they cannot defend against, that they are all living in fear of being ruled by their cunts, and living in frustration and having to fight their cunts for control, and all dream of a man who they can hand cunt control over to.

face” is everything to wimminz.

Wimminz would rather be violently gang raped every day for a month, than lose face with the wimminz sistahood.

So, back to the beginning, the truth about rape.

Rape does happen, a bit.

The rest of it is all projection by the wimminz, a bit like the story of the emperor who had no clothes.

“Rape culture” does not actually exist, from a man’s perspective.

“Rape fantasy culture” is endemic and hard wired into the wimminz at cunt and hormone level.

Fuck it, the truth is I can’t even rape a woman in fantasy sex play when she is begging for it and offering me the world to do it, that little male voice sitting on my shoulder that associates rape with violence keeps getting in the way, and NO MAN OUT THERE doesn’t get what I am saying… so I have to substitute another, non violent fantasy, like a porn movie, easy excuse to film everything, to allow me to perform, and allow the skank to have her rape fantasy.

In real life I probably have more chance of flying by flapping my arms, than being able to commit a rape.

If you think real, male understanding and description of, violent rape is the worst thing you can do to a woman, I have news for you brother…

The worst thing you can do to a woman is cause her to view herself as having lost face with the other wimminz.

Admitting desiring anything salacious is the best way for a woman to lose face… if a woman says “I like fucking donkeys” all the wimminz will attack her and distance themselves from her, if she says “he made me fuck a donkey and I hated it (even though I had an orgasm or ten)” then all the wimminz will rally around to hate the accused man in question.

THIS is the reason sites like the False Rape Society (link on the right) are either treated with hate filled venom, or studiously utterly ignored, by the wimminz.

THIS is the reason the whole subject of False Rape Accusations is either venomously attacked, or studiously ignored, by the wimminz.

THIS is the reason that for example other subjects such as female orgasm during childbirth are so very taboo… just like rape.


  1. That was beautiful.

    Comment by Jeffrey of Troy — March 24, 2011 @ 12:10 am

    • If it helps only one man, you, it was well worth it my friend.

      Comment by wimminz — March 24, 2011 @ 12:17 am

      • Make that 2, i needed to hear this, the fact that it comes from someone that felt it in his skin and beat it (immense kudos in how you did it btw) makes it even more compeling.

        Comment by DaDude — April 3, 2011 @ 4:19 pm

        • So now it was doubly worth it… many thanks

          Comment by wimminz — April 3, 2011 @ 4:20 pm

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