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August 15, 2017

We have lost our direction

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I laughed, I had an email from a long time on off contact / friend, they now work fairly high up in a well known international company, and they just had a board meeting about this very subject.

The irony is “We have lost our direction” doesn’t help you one iota, nor does it eliminate much of note, am I talking about Apple, or Google, or HP, or IBM, or a political party, or a big chain high street retailer, or a game studio, or a nation?

Choices are always difficult things, there are the choices we can make easily with what we have, the choices that are harder because they involve risk, and the choices that simply aren’t available, and much of human effort seems to be devoted shifting risky choices into the mind set that they are either easy or unavailable.

The Charlotte “nazi” is a case in point, everyone had cameras out, there are drones and everything, so there should be a wide choice of video clips that run for a few minutes prior to the event leading right up to the event, there should be, but all we see are the final moments.

Meanwhile any forum you care to look at is inhabited by posters denouncing the white trash nazi scum, and an aching silence from the ever increasing numbers of people like me, who do not post, who do not know what happened because we weren’t there, but who have learned to distrust the media narrative to such an extent that we believe most of it is false, even if actual facts are reported, they are taken out of context and slanted with false narratives.

However there are a few who do post a contrary opinion, and whether it is the recent google emigre or Breivik, for every one who read the original letter / post / manifesto, there are 100,000 who do not need to, to know exactly what was said and abuse anyone who disagrees with their own extremist dialogue on the matter.

The google emigre actually made a lot of very good points in his letter, and they form a very good basis for a rational intellectual discussion, the problem is, nobody wants a rational intellectual discussion any more, they just want to belong to some sort of self appointed “moral majority” of “right thinking people” so that by definition if you ain’t with them, you are agin, them, and by definition an immoral minority that needs to be eradicated.

Many of us are rightly appalled if I start talking about average UK children of 11 and 12 and 13 years old who do not know *any* of their times tables, not even their two times table.

Yet that’s easy to do because none of us are 11 or 12 or 13, so we are talking about “others”

Attitudes change when I talk in the same way about adults who are unaware that compound interest is an exponential function, because most of us are adults and most adults have no idea what an exponential function, but they are pretty sure I’m trying to make them look stupid.

I shrug, ignorance can be cured, stupidity cannot, choose your hat and wear it well.

I can’t help you with your choices, I only make the easy ones with what I have before me, and by definition what I have before me is not what you have before you.

The risky choices I always tried to avoid, because the danger that they posed to altering the content of “what I have before me” for the future.

The non available choices never troubled me greatly.

Without exception, whenever I meet someone who tells me I am “lucky” it is someone who habitually made choices that involved risk, the risk of detection, the risk of plans not coming to fruition, the risk of not being able to meet a commitment or undertaking, and almost invariably it is never their fault, it is the fault of whoever advised them.

So while the msm and world & dog get on the bandwagon to denounce nazis based on the alleged actions of one white supremacist, I observe that no real white supremacist would have been anywhere near that shit, in other words, it’s all smoke and fury, signifying nothing, because these are not the droids you are looking for… the real white supremacists have not spoken yet.

They’re still invisible in the background noise, and will remain so until they are forced to, given no easy choices any more.

August 12, 2017

Driven by demons

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After getting on for sixty years of life I have come to realise something.

Some people (me for example) aren’t really driven to any great extent by anything internal (for which I am grateful) there is some stuff there but it is all fairly low level.

Some people are, and it varies from person to person what that thing is, it could be sex, it could be booze, it could be drugs, it could be body modification, it could be making money, it could be being famous, it could be a cause, it could be risky behaviour, it could be almost anything.

There is enough evidence of behaviour modifiers, TG in cat piss for example, whether they be parasitic or chemical or physical or other, that it isn’t a big leap to stand me next to Bill Gates and say that an important difference isn’t the billions in the bank, it’s how they came to be, Bill was obsessive and driven from puberty onwards, I wasn’t.

Thankfully for Bill and many others his obsession was fairly benign, he wasn’t driven to be a Madoff for example.

Of course being driven to do a thing doesn’t mean you are any fucking good at it, it just means you can’t leave it alone… I know someone who has spent the last thirty years (we’ll call him Joe Smith) throwing all his spare time and money at Joe Smith Racing, and the truth is he is as fucking useless today as he was when he started 30 years ago, he came 4th, once, years ago when the rest of the field has a massive pile up and there were only 5 finishers, #5 has a broken track rod and finished on a rim and sparks.

Yes, Joe is driven to compete and to try to win, and 30 years of abject failure hasn’t dampened that one bit, none of it holds a candle to the prospect of not racing any more while he is still physically able to, that’s what scares the crap out of Joe.

I know other people who were driven the same way to the poker table, others who were driven the same way to fucking, others to owning clothes, and to be fair to Joe 30 years of winning wouldn’t have helped him any, he can’t resist the game, the winning or losing isn’t the issue, the being a player or a spectator is.

The Joe’s of this world, and there are a fuckton of them out there, are automatons, the only darwinian aspect to them is there is such variety in the demons that drive them, all the racing drivers will get killed by the tsunami, all the microlight pilots will survive it, but individually they are incapable of adapting and learning and overcoming.

Genetically speaking it is the males of the species, XY, that are responsible for genetic evolution, the wimminz, XX, not so much, so it’s no wonder we can easily identify the driven in the wimminz so much easier.

The males like Paul stand out because being males they will channel Spinal Tap and turn that amp up to 11, because they can, so it’s the males that have the vinyl LP and 70’s stereo equipment emporiums, the comic emporiums, the workshop full of obscure machinery, the collections of every game cartridge ever made for the 2600, the model railways, and so on.

Guy I know, just a working stiff, he’s into RC planes, but his RC planes run jet turbines, each one costs more than his old car, and each one needs a major and expensive rebuild every 3-500 hours, he laughs, he knows it’s insane, but he doesn’t care.

Then there’s me and machinery and tools, they are all toys to me, I’m still 7 years old really, it’s fucking great…lol

But me and many others, it’s not an obsession on the side that dominates our lives, I play with my toys enough to earn enough money so I don’t have to get a proper bring job.

Joe has a proper boring job he works all hours at so he can afford his obsession.

Bill Gates had a job that was his obsession, and against all the odds he didn’t burn himself out and die of a heart attack at 30, so even if he hadn’t founded Microsoft, BG would have been a very rich man, because his obsession was really business and making deals… he just happened to be a fairly talented hacker too.

I was fortunate in many ways that sex was never an obsession for me, I could want it as much as the next guy, but I could be distracted from that want by something interesting, and I could ignore that want and push it into the background if it just wasn’t possible (sailing oceans on small boats on your lonesome or with one other guy who wasn’t a fag either..)

I was unfortunate in many ways because riding motorcycles was an obsession for me, caused me a lot of trouble, and took 20 years for it to work its way through my system, I’ve got a mint harley outside I haven’t swung a leg over in 4 weeks, it calls to me every day, but other shit takes precedence, which would never have happened 20 years ago.

I could say the same about drinking or doing drugs, at one point I was a fucking demon for it, but I got it out of my system, so I don’t think I can class myself along side the like of Joe, who it just never gets old for.

2017 I learned something new about myself, I accidentally dosed myself up with a drug that had side effects I wasn’t aware of.


Bottom line I used to wake up with a partial stiffy every day, but I haven’t had a “hammer a nail into a board” stiffy for six months since I started taking it… I stopped taking it a month ago, and there are gradual signs of a return to normality so I guess that shit is fat soluble too.

Here’s the funny thing, I’m not sure I actually miss it that much, the closest example I can give is something else I have mentioned here before, years ago, pissed off with dentists ass raping my wallet, I elected to have a full dental clearance, it took years for my brain to adapt, I knew where they all used to be and it felt odd they were no longer there, and that’s about as close as I can explain the loss of libido.

I met another guy who had the same symptoms, it was incredible, he’s popping Viagra like M&M’s and is on testosterone patches too, the loss of his throbbing erect manhood is a direct affront to his whole idea of self.

Of course in my own case, I have a scientific mind, sure, the meds were a contributing factor, but the fact is there are a bunch of other environmental things (got a new air filter coming for some of the machinery, up till now been breathing that shit in.. plus COFFEE!!!) , and there are a bunch of mental social things (bitchez be getting unfuckable) so it’s hard to find a smoking gun, and I’m always a bit leery of side effects, testosterone patches can promote asshole cancer in men etc etc.

Taken as a part of the whole scheme of things and general health and wellbeing, I can’t say the loss of libido troubles me much, gawd knows my cock has gotten me in enough trouble fucking psycho skanks I’d have been better off avoiding, so to sum up this is why I say I was never driven by demons

I’m not the Led Zep tribute band that can only play stairway and black dog.

But I do see around me so many automatons driven by demons, and not a single one of em has a fucking brain in their head, which makes sense, no point having a functioning brain if you are just gonna do the same shit all your life no matter what.

And of course when we talk about society and culture and civilisation and technology and war and collapse, we have to remember that we are talking about collections of individuals, most of whom are driven by some demon or another.

I actually know someone who when being presented with the possibility of the USA basically being wiped out by Yellowstone is looking at his collection of certified genuine touched / worn / used by the king himself elvis stuff as something that will vastly increase in significance, since by his reckoning 83% of that “important genuine artifact” stuff is in the USA, and it will all be destroyed, and yes, he is driven by the elvis demon.

I think, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, that some of the scrapes and some of the skanks I did get involved with, I would have avoided, had I considered the whole thing about being possessed from the perspective I currently hold.

An impossibility I know, but an interesting technical mental exercise.

August 11, 2017

Economy? What economy?

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I type this from the south west of England, that probably isn’t that significant, but I have known this area directly since the 1960’s and indirectly through family lore and photos since the 1930’s.

In that period the industry in the region was hard rock tin mining (cornwall) open cast china clay mining (cornwall) open cast ball clay mining (devon) fishing (devon and cornwall) agriculture (devon and cornwall) and associated supporting industries and trade… and a bit of tourism.

Since then, “when I were a lad, all this used to be fields” can be said of pretty much anywhere..

https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@49.9697912,-5.2010104,661m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en is the southernmost town on the mainland british isles, there is nothing even remotely near it, yet it is now literally 5 to 7 times the size it was in 1980, and the same is true of almost literally everywhere down here.

The mining has long gone, the fishing fleets have long gone, agriculture has long gone and what’s left has been *utterly* decimated employment wise by mechanisation, and of course all the supporting industries (Holman being just one example, 3,500 employees to none) are long gone.


You can’t drive anywhere and be very far away from a B&Q, a Aldi, a KFC, a Dunelm, a Tesco, a local council office, a local hospital, a Boots, a Pizza Hut, but ALL of these including the hospitals are fucking SERVICE INDUSTRIES, there is no wealth being generated, nothing is being made, nothing is being extracted, nothing is being improved, WHERE IS ALL THE FUCKING MONEY COMING FROM????

I am being 100% serious, I DO NOT FUCKING GET IT, where the fuck did the money come from to build and buy all these houses, what the fuck do all these people do, does anyone know anyone personally who actually fucking produces something?

I have been thinking about this on and off for a year or two, and I can’t come to any other conclusion, I can’t wrap my head around any other concept, I can’t grasp any shred of anything that I am missing, I can’t even come close to joining the dots or balancing the books, I can’t hold it in my head long enough for it to not just evaporate away long before I can begin to perceive it.

And as the saying goes, when you have eliminated everything else, what you are left with, however improbable or unpalatable, is what you are left with.

All I am left with is the whole thing being a monstrous ponzi scheme con on a scale so many orders of magnitude beyond anything else in human history that it borders on the human mind trying to work with and understand the distances between stars and galaxies, we basically can’t, none of us can, we don’t have the wetware.

And almost everything in every one of those shops, or used by one of those service providers, is not made here in the UK, precious little of it is even made in greater europe.

We are told by geniuses everywhere that the fucking chinese are the losers here, they have our worthless paper, and we have nothing to sell to them in exchange for it.

I have along side the usual mix of spanners and sockets in everything from metric to AF to whitworth etc etc etc, compressors, a small lathe (cnc’d by me) a small vertical mill (cnc’d by me) vacuum pump, grinders of various sorts, taps and dies of all varieties, a c02 laser, a fibre laser, a mig welder, hydraulic tools, flowmeter, die chasers, reamers, the list goes on and on and on.

I can have that and 14 squillion in digital fiat hargesian goat bollocks, and the 14 squilion can evaporate overnight weimar style but it’s all 0’s and 1’s so I can’t even burn it or wipe my ass with it, and I will still have all those tools and the capacity that they give me.

Europe can disappear up it’s own ass tomorrow and the chinese (to name but one) will still have all that engineering capacity.

This is where I part with all the illuminati / rothschild / joo world order stuff, because they are all here in europe, and they are as welcome in china as a nigger at a KKK barbecue, it doesn’t make sense.

Soros / Gates / Musk’s billions can get wiped out tomorrow, Weimar style, what do you have to offer the guy with the manufacturing tools?

The vast might of the US military industrial complex is in fact as fragile as old Adolf’s tanks as they blitzkrieg’d across europe, it was a race to the next fuel source and a race against breakdowns, and it could so easily have collapsed in total disarray at any point and pretty much ended the war early right there and then, and this was back in the day when all you needed was Krupp steel and nothing was higher tech than the odd thermionic valve, and they were so fragile nobody relied on them for anything vital… runners on motorcycles carrying paper orders in leather pouches won the day.

We do not live in those times any more.

I was in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the mid seventies, both were little more than smelly ports with a few more modern concrete buildings around and roads with pavements that went nowhere and lead to nothing.

Eggs were flown in, newspapers were flown in, anything that wasn’t fresh or time critical like toilet paper and doors and hinges and carpets and electrical wiring was shipped in.

FUCKING GASOLINE AND DIESEL AND LUBRICANTS were shipped in, fucking electric power plants were shipped in, to power the drilling rigs that were shipped in, which were manned by staff that were shipped in.

There was nothing there but sun and sand and salt waters and some resources below the ground, it wasn’t a “self starter” economy, it was all imported.

To this day Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the same, sun sand and salt water, nothing to make concrete from, no iron ores to dig up and refine, no farm land to grow anything on, no rich oceans to fish, they can’t even autonomously extract and refine their own oil… and it has oh so many parallels to this south west corner of England, the populations have exploded, housing is everywhere, service industries are everywhere, the only exception / difference is they are at least extracting and selling a valuable mineral resource in large volumes.

My grandfather rode a camel, and my grandson will ride a camel.

Because when the oil stops it’s game over.

Tourism is based on cheap oil for jet fuel, sand is worthless, and solar panels would have to be imported and they don’t last that long, and transmission of electrical power over *long* distances of 1,000 km or more is a lossy fucking business.

What else is there?

I could content myself, as could a modern arab born to the right family, by saying hell we still have fantastic arable land here, and so on and so forth… but it doesn’t survive even a moment’s analysis, it’s not whether the land or the sea can be made to produce more than they do today, it is what the fuck are all these useless cunts going to be doing in the meantime?

Apart from rioting to eat?

My take is the yanks took a long view on the norks, back in the 50’s china was all slanty eyed little fucks and paddy fields, russia was russia but so what, fuck the japs, they got nuked 5 years ago and are still glowing, and basically the entire korean peninsula and it’s righ mineral resources was a trust fund stashed away until it was needed 40 or 50 years in the future.

The south koreans are already extracting their bit, so the norks are going to get sliced up between them and the chinese and the russians, the yanks won’t even get the crumbs off the table.

Ok, well, there is still africa, well, not so much, the chinese have been going into africa for 20 years now, but we never hear about it because they never recruit white men in london and new york to go over there and run shit, it’s all chinese labour and management, the local niggers can carry shit on their backs if they like..

The arabs should have bought australia… or at least the western half of it.

UK / France / Portugal / Germany should never have let go of any of their colonies, wipe out the locals if necessary, but never let that shit go.

But we never got any of that, instead we got outsourcing, we get being white is to be rayciss and privileged, being male even more so, being financially conservative and prudent meant you lost out, being a tradesman or artisan or producer meant you were the lowest paid, we got endlessly kicking the can down the road, we got Tesco and Walmart and Amazon.

Now we are being told one of the last great battles will be between Walmart and Amazon, except, no, not really, and it certainly won’t be a Graf Spee and honour and dignity, it will be the shot that rings out in serbia/croatia as the archduke ferdinand falls, like the grand old duke of york, an anachronism that was dead from the neck up long before it became dead from the neck down, and then we will really start to party.

The Walmarts and Amazons and tesco all have to die, and inevitably take millions of worthless feeders with them, before the next thing.

The new wolfenstien game would have been so much better if they lost the crap german accents and swastikas and low brow IQ’s, and instead the invaders were the people’s republic army and engineers.


we rove your strawberry mirk shake gwailo“, it says in the game trailer / teaser, before blaskowitz the jew bank clerk gets strung up from the nearest lamp post by the locals, hoping to be rewarded with a job greasing aibo’s assholes at the local factory / emporium / outlet / laundry and noodle house.

You’re a stupid, lazy, lying, fuck.

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Many many many years ago I was a fan of, and peripherally involved in, SPEWS.

SPEWS was a blacklist, it was easy to get on it, host annoying spam and ads, except SPEWS would block by IP range, so it blocked hosting providers.

The usual counter argument was I’m not a spammer, I just happen to be buying hosting from a spam host, well, tough shit… move.

Fast forwards to today and someone got referred to me, given my long experience in the field.

And let’s not forget the rules of spam, all spammers lie, all spammers define spam as that which they themselves do not do, etc etc

The problem, they tell me, isn’t that they want to make MONEY, they just want to cover COSTS, and they have tried EVERYTHING.

So I listen and dig a little deeper, and these websites, a handful of domains, cost them between £100 and £120 a fucking week.

My first response is what fucking sites are you running? fucking ford.com?

My local provider is Krystal…


I do not know *how* you can spend £6k a year on hosting? For a few fucking websites???

We dig a bit further down the rabbit hole and I rapidly lose patience, “I just wanna cover my costs” included his home broadband, Pc and running costs, and of course coffee and smokes.

We dig a bit further down and his fucking awesome websites are basically fucking dreck, my jaundiced take is he is trying to link farm enough clicks to position himself so he can get free gear to “review” and go from there.

But basically I’ve taken 50 quid from this tart to go over and see him and talk about his problems, so I say I get you don’t like me, anything I have to say, or anything else, but the fact is you have handed me fifty quid to give you advice, advice that is worth a thousand if I was consulting at commercial rates, now do you want it, or not?

He says yeah OK.

1/ making money out of websites is generally speaking one hell of a trick, *unless* you are selling a product or service that is in demand, then it is a piece of piss.

2/ going out and “finding” a product or service that will sell, and then setting up a website for it, is generally speaking one hell of a trick, and one hell of a lot of work.

3/ NOBODY, not even your customers if you have a product or service to sell, ASKED you to set up a website, that was YOUR choice.

4/ My current main website makes a fucking huge return on annual investment, ONE FUCKING SALE pays the entire annual cost, and I spend precisely fucking ZERO of dead tree printing / publishing / advertising, or staff wages for same, win, win, win, win, win.

5/ it doesn’t matter HOW important YOU think YOUR website is, nobody else is going to share that opinion, especially if you start charging for it.

6/ If you MUST do advertising on your website, ensure that ALL the following are true;

  • 100% of all ads are served from your own web server
  • 100% of all ads are either static text or static images AND NOTHING ELSE in their own bordered box with “advertisment” written in small font at the top and in the page source
  • 100% of all ads fit at most 2 standard size ad boxes
  • ads never consume more than 15% of screen area OR 30% of screen width, no matter where the browser is scrolled to.
  • ads should only have one clearly labelled hypertext link, that the user MUST click to activate.
  • ads should be screened by YOU, if they lead to a pupup link farm or other shit, delete them and blacklist the asshole who paid you to run them.
  • ZERO cookies on your site that are not YOURS from YOUR server and identified as such.

and buddy, lose all the fucking crap javascript content creation and delivery crap, lots of people run noscript and all they see is a blank fucking page or a page with nav links that don’t work

I tell him all this and he is all but but but if I do that I basically won’t get any ads!!!!

Tough fucking shit.

What you *will* get is a loyal readership who you never hear a single complaint from.

I’ve since heard from the bloke who referred him to me, apparently he was on the phone to him demanding that he repay him the 50 quid he “wasted” on me.

I constantly get complimemts from customers about my business website.

  • There are zero ads of any kind, 100% of all content comes from my own hosted server.
  • There is zero javascript, backend is a lean PHP / SQL CMS that just works and serves up compliant HTML
  • 99.99% of all questions a customer can ask short of an actual specific quote are answered on the website, eg it is clear and informative
  • it doesn’t aim for an art design award, the layout is simple and clear and traditional (nav on the left)
  • you do not have to register to view it or use any part of it
  • you do not have to pay to view or use any part of it
  • you do not need an Intel i9 CPU and 16 gigs of ram to view or use any part of it, it works on an android phone
  • you do not need any specific browser or screen resolution to view or use any part of it.
  • you do not need any specific OS or code library installed to view or use any part of it.
  • there is zero flash
  • there is zero javascript
  • there is no tracking beyond server stats like webaliser
  • there is no cost of any kind to view or use it, beyond your time and minimal bandwidth.

But then I’m not a lazy cunt, lying fuck, spamming asshole, marketer, PR guy, or anything else.

it’s broken, what a load of crap.

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That’s what a guest said when he saw me viewing a youtube vid on firefox with adblock, noscript, privacy badger and refcontrol plugins.

Just to humour him, I copied the link, opened chrome and clicked paste and go, now, you have to be aware that this was the first time I have ever gone on youtube with chrome.

“Fuck me” I said, “Now that is fucking broken… and fucking crap…” as the amazon pop up ad obscured the bottom quarter of the video frame we were trying to watch, and ads started auto playing in the top right corner of the browser window.

Barely had the words got out of my mouth when two interstitials pop up semi transparently over the rest of the video frame, and of course the excuse matey gives me is “all” I have to do is click the little X at the top right corner of these intrusive pieces of shit.

“I’ve got a better idea” I said, and closed chrome.

I literally had no idea how bad youtube had got, no wonder advertisers were running away in droves, and it has sweet fuck all to do with someone saying “fuck her in the pussy” somewhere in something they upload.

My own business I use a paid subscription to Vimeo, I create my own vids in H264 1080p and they get uploaded and played at 1080, no artifacts, no ads, no interstitials, nothing, you go on my “channel” and all you see is what I created and uploaded, and the only link anywhere to anything not created or uploaded by me is a small vimeo logo and link bar at the top of the screen, which is fair enough.

I literally have no idea at all why anyone would use youtube to upload to, except it’s fucking free.

But I can say pretty much the same thing about a lot of stuff people pay for… the old argument with the BBC TV here in the UK was you paid for it so you got no ads, ITV and then Channel 4 did not get revenue from the licence money, so they showed ads.

Now I see people *paying* for shit like netflix and BBC iplayer, and they are still treated like freeloaders who need to be marketed to in case their cock falls off.

All I can say is we appear to be moving into a time of insanity, which is a lot more dangerous than a time of oppression, because with oppression at least you know the bastards are out to get you, with insanity everyone around you is a fucking dangerous loon who can bring you down.

Google’s business model is insane, tesla’s business model is insane, apples business model is insane, amazon’s business model is insane, all the politicians from the local level on up are insane, all the policy makers, all the financiers, and all the fucking lawyers.

And of course all the fucking people.

My grandad lived through the thirties as an adult, one of the few things I can ever remeber him saying about it was it was a decade that got ever more manic and insane, and more and more crazy / taboo / risque things became if not commonplace, certainly easy to find and indulge in.

The once staid and respectable daily mail has full colour full feature pieces about dildos and vibrators next to stories of sexual deviancy and victimhood, asian sex gangs, 14 years olds dying of drug overdoses, thousands of under tens being reported for sexual crimes in school, babies of three and four being indulged in gender fluid fantasies, and all the rest of the fucking shit.

Increasing numbers of allegedly rational people are talking about shit like planet nbiru (sp?) is coming, or the latest wonder serum (probably just cat vomit and food colouring) or unearthed alien machinery.

The TV shows that people are watching are now so insane they make Buffy look like a fucking documentary, and I’m more than just mildly irked that coincidentally with my own waning sex drive (well, waning is a bit of an understatement, the flame isn’t out but the wick is burned right down and the flame is guttering) we are entering an era when fucking 9 year olds will have had at least four threesomes and one gang bang under their belts, though I can’t really complain.

It’s better than having the IQ of a bonobo monkey on acid, which just about sums up everything else out there.

Thank fuck I have my toys and my intellectual pursuits.

August 10, 2017

A farewell to arms

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One would have thought that Trump’s recent “shock and awe” statements towards lil Kim and the Norks would have firmly sealed the lid and buried the coffin that contained any hope that Trump was any different to anyone else.

Of course surveys says 60% of polled americans believe the norks are a direct threat to the continental USA…

In what may at first seem to be a totally irrelevant detour, the current and ongoing squeeze, still can’t fault the bitch, hasn’t even glanced in the wrong direction much less put a toe there or a foot there, and is doing a damn good impression of someone who thinks “there” is a toxic radioactive wasteland of pain and misery.

Me being me I was always the guy who would “loan” a loser a 20, sometimes you get surprised, 99% of the time you don’t, what you do get is proof absolute, and I like that, it’s the moral binary filter for me, it sits easy, and I’ll sit easy and drink my cocktail while you drown 6 feet away, no doubts, no qualms, no heartache.

So about a year ago, because sewing and mending is generally a good thing anyway, I bought a sewing machine.

Me being me I did my research, I figure if you’re going to buy one, buy the best, so a couple of weeks later a £950 Pfaff Ambition 2 arrives, then a bunch of extra feet and accessories, and scads of Gutermann threads and Schmetz needles and so on.

Yesterday she bought some fancy fluffy fleecy material, it’s got a name that I can’t remember, and all her research online tells her that this material is an absolute fucking bastard / nightmare to sew, literally hundreds of web sites and you tube sewing / crafting channels all say the same thing.

An hour later the item in question has been cut and sewn, properly, all the edges serged before the main assembly stitches etc, and her reaction?

Well, it isn’t a case of she doesn’t understand what all the negativity online was about, she doesn’t understand what any of it was about, it could have been bog standard polyester / cotton as far as she could tell, it was as simple as it could be, there couldn’t have been less problems or issues, because there were none.

Which makes it hard to understand the online echo chamber of universal negativity.

I was asked to explain, so I did.

You couldn’t sew, had basically never sewn, your mother suggested you buy a 120 quid singer machine, I said no, over ruled her, did some research and I bought a 950 quid pfaff… and a bunch of accessories and threads of similar quality.

You still couldn’t sew, you still basically had never sewn, but now you knew for a fact (or rather I did, and I told you) that all you had to learn was how to sew, you did not also have to learn how to accommodate the peculiarities and limitations of any particular machine or thread etc.

Since then there have been opportunities where I have said ok, make two, one with this thread that is 25% of the price of the gutermann, and one with the gutermann, do not ask me why, just do it, because this is the only explanation I will give you as to why the stuff that is four times cheaper to buy isn’t four times cheaper to use.

Two hours later she can explain to me better than I can explain to her what the differences were, doing it my way you are not fighting the machine and the thread and the materials and everything else to produce what you want, all those things disappear and you just concentrate on what you want.

Now, like I always was, she can’t walk into a shop and not look at the threads and seams and so on, and having looked, you can’t persuade her to buy, it’s all orders of magnitudes lower quality than what she can now do at home, and it doesn’t matter if you are in primark or marks and sparks, it’s all “down there” quality wise.

Now she understands why I can say “this towel is 40 years old, this pillow case 45, this tablecloth 50, this shirt 20” and it isn’t just because I care for them, it’s because they were made to last, and the sewing is a big part of that.

So, back to the echo chamber that said x material was a fucking nightmare to work with and sew….

Most people will draw a common split between those who have done something and those who have not, eg those who have never driven a lorry and those who have… A and B

Some people (me) will draw another split, between those who can *really* drive a wagon, and what they can do in a well designed and specced and maintained wagon, and everyone else. B1 and B2

So really it’s not A and B, and B1 and B2, it’s A and B1, and B1 and B2, and right away you can see how both earlier comparisons were fallacious, everyone was comparing the wrong things, so everyone was getting the wrong results, even those who were getting actual results of their own, as opposed to those who were just repeating what they had been told.

You can also see that only those with first hand knowledge of B2 even knew it existed.

And yet B2 is the gold standard that everything else should be measured by…

B2 knows that the USA has been at war with the norks for 60 years, and back then it was the USA that was the aggressor, and for their part when the USA packed their bags and went home, the norks refused to sign the peace agreement, why the fuck should they, we didn’t start it, it was these assholes from half a world away who came over here and started it.

I have had “arguments” in the past with people who did not know that;

  1. the three countries bordering north korea are south korea, china and russia
  2. to get from vietnam to north korea you basically have to drive north, and cover half of china, before getting to your destination.

Of course these are the same people who lack clue #1 about just how high tech south korea and china are, at best these places will be credited with making shitty copies of stuff to be sold for 4.99 in walmart.

Hell I know people in IT who both pride themselves on knowing such things and whose very job depends on knowing such things, why flatly disbelieved me when I told them the chinese fastest computer in the world was 100% home grown, cpu’s and all… they were convinced it had to be imported Sparc or x86 or something massively paralleled, so even if t was technically faster it would be inferior by some other metric and bigger and heavier and more power hungry than anything in the west.

But never mind, let’s rattle sabres with a country bordered by russia and china and south korea, because this despot in a country so advanced it is a big black blob when seen from orbit at night is a danger to all in the western world, and we know he is threatening us all with nuclear Armageddon because he said so himself, we are told.

You know, fucking ISIS were a shower of shit, they were supposed to terrorise the west until 2019 at least, and they fucked up and are becoming as relevant and mainstream as fucking Rin Tin Tin, so we need a new boogieman real quick.

Google street view works in Vladivostok and Seoul, not Pyongyang or Shenyang, which doesn’t align well with the alleged geopolitical situation, it should only not work in NK, or it should not work in both russia and china, but as we can see from the attached image, there are all sorts of places where google / CIA aren’t welcome, India, Pakistan, China, Burma, Kazakhstan and Vietnam, Cambodia and NK, and all sorts of places where it does, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Kyrgyzstan, Taiwan, South Korea, Philipines, Japan and Russia.

Yet there is no mention of this anywhere of note.

The closest thing I have read anywhere is the great firewall of china, everything else is just pop pieces about various backward countries that individually hate us for our freedoms and google access…. and even in the great firewall of china stories I never read anything about my ability to contact a manufacturer in china and order a CNC linear slide directly from them to be sent to me.

As I type this I’m tracking an item from china coming to me, via the dhl website, so despite the great and vaunted chinese firewall data and comms is in fact passing through it seamlessly and instantly.

So what *is* the great chinese firewall… nobody in tech does not know what a firewall is, and nobody in tech thinks a firewall is a bad thing, it’s a fucking essential thing, so why is it bad when *some* countries do it, but not others?

Being a *real* old hand at the whole It thing I can tell you this, the whole argument always boils down to;

“How dare you influence your users thought proceesses by deciding who can access your users, to influence their thought processes!”


My network, my rules!

And that’s 99.999% of all arguments I have ever heard in 37 years working with IT…

99.9% of sociopolitical ones too, come to that.

The real change is we are moving into an era where strife is being formented in high tech / manufacturing areas of the globe, and that was always the split between wars that were just police actions in bum fuck nowhere that didn’t affect life “back home”, and wars that affected stuff everywhere.

Hitlary, had she won, wouldn’t be doing any different.


August 8, 2017


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I’ll save you the link, basically Torquay council is on the way to borrowing 300 million quid, so that it can “invest” in commercial properties up to 100 miles away let to companies like Tesco.

Meanwhile the same council has a 5 million funding gap between income and expenditure, and the only other thing it can think of doing is raising council tax on residents and businesses.

Readers of ZH will be familiar with the plight of Detroit and other places, and might be tempted to think that this sort of thing is an american problem, but as the above shows, it isn’t.

The more money people have passing through their hands, the more they want to pass through their hands, because some of it always sticks, one way or another, and it doesn’t really matter to those in control, because no matter what happens, at no point are they personally going to be liable for the debt, they are literally spending other people’s money.

The fact is that such behaviour should not just be illegal, it should be subject to immediate arrest and imprisonment pending trial, and yet it is all perfectly legal and above board.

My own personal problem as a businessman / entrepreneur / employee is that I have never been “driven”, I just like playing with shit and if I can earn a living doing that, so much the better, but if it starts looking like actual work…. yeeeewwww…

So I’m tentatively looking at premises, and bottom line on the numbers is I can get 797 square feet of ideal / prime space for £212 a week all in, 26.6p per sq ft per wk.

Put simply, I don’t have that surplus now, so it’s down to whether the new equipment going into the already overcrowded workshop can generate that extra revenue, and then some.

It should but it might not and if things work out I’ll have a month with the new equipment before moving in to a new place to test the waters, and there lies one dilemma, the other one is I’m not really looking for the next stage of expansion so I can turn into a tech billionaire.

I want to earn more money so I have more free cash, but I also want an extra 800 square foot man cave to play in, hence having the extra free cash.

The difference between me and many others is I’m not prepared to borrow 1 penny to do it, why should I, when I already own everything I have outright, why would debt suddenly appeal to me, because unlike the local councillors, that debt will stick to me.

But, presently, I’m in that vacuum place, I can run the numbers all I want, and they can seem as reasonable and doable as I like, but the numbers and a buck will buy me a coffee, the numbers themselves are worthless, because they are all imaginary and projected.

If you look at my business model and invoices I issue, basically there are a whole range of items that I can put on the bill, but most of them are like the councillors, it is just money passing through my hands (materials, shipping and so on), basically what we would call turnover, with the exception of billable machine time, that’s the revenue source, what we would call profit or income.

The issue with “turnover” from the above example is there is basically no “profit” in it, it’s just a necessary evil that you have to do to be able to charge billable time, which is where the “profit” or income is.

I’m not saying I make a loss on the “turnover” items, but they aren’t a “profit centre”, and they do actually consume time to do.

Tesla for example makes a loss in every single department, *except* the US equivalent of “carbon credits” which is basically a state subsidy for eco-bullshit.

This is a *real* trick to pull off, not the making money on carbon credits thing, but the losing money in absolutely every single department thing, and not vanishing in a cloud of angry debtors wielding pitchforks… it’s the sort of trick usually reserved for the likes of Detroit and Torquay councils.

I’m sat here refusing to borrow money (assuming I could) and refusing all ideas about sharing my new man cave to cut costs, they are sat there borrowing millions to “invest” it in other areas.

This is a very real and very interesting dichotomy, to these people “business” and “finance” mean things that are utterly alien to me, and I’m sure my definitions are utterly alien to them.

And there is a simple tell tale, you won’t find Musk fucking around in the corner of a Tesla factory playing with high tech toys, and you won’t find Torbay councillors standing on property rented to Tescos walking around with a weed whacker and gardening tools.

Their tinkering is all done on computer screens, No Man’s Sky meets the Excel Spreadsheet as they grind their way through another multimillion dollar deal, all that phyzz shit lying around somewhere is just a necessary evil, it’s would be so much neater to play with Libor or Bitcoin.

But, I digress.

The real point here is that our entire monetary system is broken, in a sense I can see the point about wanting to move away to a cashless society, because the advent of electronic cash made old school cash just a subset of the electronic, much like my “turnover” items are a subset of the business as a whole, but the problem wasn’t the electronic cash per se, the problem was that there weren’t any controls on it worth speaking of.

Bitcoin is touted as being salvation for one reason only, it is controlled in the sense that there is a finite amount, in every other way it is as worthless as our current electronic fiat currency.

My problem is that I must live and do business in those worlds, using those bloody currencies, and as such they have an inordinate effect on my and my business.

My problem is that, in my own personal opinion, my distrust of them is such that I am entirely justified in avoiding every single debt instrument that I can, which limits me to electronic fiat cash.

To be honest with you I might as well be trading in 7 year old kids ready for fucking, instead of Pounds Sterling (electronic fiat version) because I have no interest in the medium itself, it’s just a lubricant for the machine that I call my life, and as I add to the complexity of that machinery and add another 800 sq ft man cave, I need more lubricant to pass through my hands and that machinery.

For those purposes widely accepted promissory notes for 7 year old anuses would work as well as £ symbols in ebanking, if they are accepted by all then they work for me, the actual promissory note itself holds no value for me.

Which in itself exposes another flaw in the system, money doesn’t “do” anything, it never did, not even when it was all phyzz silver or gold or pressed latinum you ferengi twat.

So nobody would ever work for it, unless they had to, because the baker and cobbler and butcher all only took gold…

Back in the mists of time the making of a small town was a charter or permission from the king to set up a market in town to trade shit, of course trading there meant paying a slice, and paying it in coin with the king’s head on it, so pretty much trading could only be done in the king’s coin… no market charter, no trading, enforced by force.

We are really no different now, some time ago I reached the point where my own off the books “Honest John” accounting system would no longer suffice, the threshold was passed where official scrutiny prevailed.

Sucks for the state, because I was honest enough and lazy enough that like everyone else I know when I am screwing the system, and when I am screwing myself, so I can always stay on the side of screwing myself, and its worth it, because I don’t have any hoops to jump through or paperwork to keep, and as long as I have a tenner in my pocket I am happy.

But when you get to that threshold you are no longer trusted, no matter what, and so you’re presumed guilty until found guilty (like the po po, they will never look for exculpatory evidence) and your only real option is to pay an accountant a thousand pounds a year.

Just like the po po when you demand a lawyer, the state boys hate you, because they missed their window of opportunity, anything issued by the accountant is accepted, and for my part since I’m paying for a fucking accountant all this shit that I never bothered claiming for is going into the mix.

Fuck you.

Of course now they are really out to get you (you are the prey, after all) and another layer of the pleasure that got you into running your own business is stripped away.

Now every where I go I have to ask for a fucking vat receipt, and it’s a pain in the ass, because NO automated machinery likes to print them… why not? well a VAT receipt has to contain the vat charged, the registered vat number of the business, the registered name of the business, and so on, and that makes the receipt physically longer, and when your company prints out 10,000 a day at one store that means its worth the saving….

Because it’s not *law* that you have to print a vat receipt if you charge vat, just that you have to record it internally.

Which brings us to “auditing”, tesco and the like print so many receipts it is physically impossible for human beings to audit every single one, so basically the systems are certified and the electronic records are just accepted (bit like the volkswagen emissions tests) and that’s that.

In many ways, even though I have no interest in the promissory note itself, trading promissory notes in 7 year old anuses would be preferable to pounds sterling, because money is evil.

When I am made God, the only valid currency will be phyzz, and it will be metal coin, and it will be doped with refined uranium and plutonium, nobody is going to want to hang on to it, and nobody is going to want to amass a horde of it, and at a single stroke money will do what it always should have done.

Of course it is possible to code a half life and a critical mass into electronic virtual fiat currencies too, oh deep joy… and usury would be a multiplier on the half life…. and of course critical mass is based on any physical system, not virtual accounts within a system

365 day half life

640k critical mass (should be enough for anyone…lol)

usury = half life / 1 + (10 x usury rate)

critical mass range / sphere 1 metre (no virtual accounts)

Failing that I’d pass a new law, anyone SIGNING or APPROVING a credit deal (both lender and borrower) is personally responsible for life for 1% of the total with interest in the case of default, and you get left with nothing, not even the shirt on your back, and any one or any thing giving you succour (yeah I’m bankrupt but the wifes 2nd cousins Chihuahua ain’t, and his trust fund owns this mansion) gets included automatically.


August 5, 2017

Easily persuaded

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People who can be easily persuaded en masse that they need a new car, can be easily persuaded that paedophilia is good / bad, that Trump is good / bad, that global warming is good / bad.

I have recently been in contact with the proverbial un-named source from the daily fail, who freely admits that over the years several of my pieces have formed the “seed” for a story they ran, yeah, call me scoop, well, maybe not, because we had quite the conversation about his job.

He likens his workplace to the national enquirer, run any story you like, as long as it grabs attention and sounds plausible, so while you can’t actually write that Elvis works in a chip shop up the road and sodomises chinese kiddie sex dolls, you can write about a guy who “claims” that Elvis etc etc etc, with the bulk of the piece going on the Elvis angle, and only a brief mention of the guy making the claim, which is just as well, as the guy may be fictitious.

He will look at you as if you have grown two heads is you suggest that there is an agenda, well, duh, of course there is a fucking agenda, even in the ancient good old days of investigative journalism there was an agenda, he will say, because human bias determines who you will investigate in the first fucking place.

He has a valid point.

I don’t think I have ever written a single word about baby strollers.

But at the base of it all is the knowledge that people can be easily persuaded, it’s just marketing after all, and confusion is good for marketing… nobody needed to read a review in 1954 to determine whether or not the Sears 16 oz claw hammer was any good or not… and so whether to buy it or not.

In fact, facts are the enemy of this, which, he explains, is why some of my stuff formed a “seed”, he laughs incoherently at the idea any of it could be actually *used*, can you imagine an article where we did a calculation on volume of free water in the oceans, calorific value of sea water, energy required to raise sea water by 0.1 degree, and limits of accuracy of the recording thermometers? More incoherent laughter.

Any marine engineer will tell you a cubic foot of seawater weighs 64 pounds, displacement baby, it’s not scientific accurate but it’s fag packet accurate and good enough for 99% of calculations, and once you learn it *properly* by application you can never unlearn it, or see anything about seawater and not have it floating around in the back of your head… that’s the death of marketing baby.

Here is a concrete example, and it follows on from the last two tesla crap things.

I’m at heart a marine / hydraulic / mechanical engineer, and I can’t forget any of that when it comes to buying a vehicle, so yesterday I’m talking to a young kid who is asking me about graphics cards, I tell him straight, #1 consideration is your budget, if you have £100 to spend it doesn’t matter a fuck how cool a Radeon vega with 4096 streams is, you can’t afford any RX580, you can’t afford any RX570, you can afford a mid range RX 560 or a mid to high range RX550, and that’s your choices, and being practical about it you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between the two, so concentrate on slots and ports for compatibility with your other hardware and then whittle it down, 4 gig 512 stream 550 or 2 gig 1024 stream 560…. and no, don’t ask me to choose for you, because you will blame me the first time to compare dick sizes to some other dweeb.

So when it comes to cars I bought an old volvo diesel last time I wanted a car, renault engine, mitsubishi body, 600 quid, everything works, sure, it’s 15 years old, like I give a fuck, the “everything works” is the only thing I give a fuck about.

I don’t cheap out, last mot amongst other things it got 4 brand new boots, and not the cheapest imported chinese ones I could find either, but not super performance top of the line crap either, just 4 bloody good tyres.

Of course at £600 there is no leasing or hire purchase or anything, you own it outright, which is where I start to part company from the majority, who must have a new (3 years old or less) car, to my mind, you haven’t bought a new car unless you paid cash for it, so at a stroke 99.9999999% of everyone who buys a new car isn’t buying a new car, because it’s NOT THEIR FUCKING CAR, I actually only personally know one person who regularly buys a new car every three years for cash, and that’s technically a case of the company he owns can either pay tax or buy a car, so he buys a car, depreciates it at 50% a year (compound 100% value goes to 50% value, goes to 25% value, goes to 12.5% value) and sells it on every three years, but then his company makes plenty of money.

everyone else is fucking delusional, like the kid with the graphics card, the differences are in their head, and that’s all that is real to them, the real differences are unreal to them.

Having put all this aside, I’m going to close on the Tesla.

Tesla don’t give a fuck about range either, or the environment, or anything else, because to an engineer it is BLATANTLY obvious that the tesla ain’t made right.

Which doesn’t matter, because everything is MARKETING, Tesla sell an IMAGE of an EV, they do not actually make or sell a great EV.

Much vaunted Tesla batteries aside, dig down and there is nothing there, it’s just bog standard 18650 li-on cells like you find in everything, but grown a bit bigger for some minor technical advantages, which is ok as 18650 was made for portable devices, not cars, they do not use big custom prismatic cells which they should, more like the big 12 volt lantern batteries you used to get.

Tesla electric motors, more “meh” there is nothing there you can’t find in any high end CNC kit, what they could and should have done would be to use some of that money to develop hub motors with all electric full regenerative braking , yes unsprung weight can be an issue if you care about performance, but if you are building an EV car you shouldn’t, 0-60 in 12 seconds is more than enough, to be honest 0-60 in 20 seconds is fine, you’ll still burn off any trucks and buses out there, you know, vehicles built for ECONOMY…

So basically it’s a bodyshell and interior and a fancy pants autopilot.

If the autopilot alone was good enough then that would be all Tesla ever needed to make, just licence it to Bosch to be fitted in cars worldwide, sit back and count the profits.

Same could be said for hub motors.

Same could be said for decent batteries, as in, banks of smaller ones, none of this shit about changing out a whole battery like it’s a wall clock.

Tellingly, none of these things are things tesla is doing, what tesla is doing is the opposite, making a “cool” EV that can beat a 500 bhp mustang in the 1/4 mile, and an autopilot that works well enough to fap before you crash and die.

Any IT “road warrior” will tell you, for years and years and years one of the tools of the trade was the IBM then the Lenovo stinkpad T series, it’s *the* business laptop for those who need to work and who need a solid reliable and fast mobile computing solution, which is why three sides of the case was always various ports.

Never ONCE saw a tech turn up with a macbook or acer or surface of anything else.

Can’t recall the last time I saw an advert for a stinkpad either, they’re a bit like the panasonic toughbooks, if you need one you already know all about them.

If you *need* an electric vehicle you know all about Smiths, who have been making EV’s continuously for 90 years (take that tesla) to englishmen who don’t know the name, you do know electric milk floats, and smiths were one of the biggest players.

Well, you would have done, because they moved to the USA in 2011, and have since ceased trading completely, quelle surpise.

And they won’t be coming back, because here is where the smart money is..


London congestion charge? No problem.

Commercial vehicle ideally suited to cities for similar money to a top of the range Tesla? No problem, except for tesla, who had to drop the prices of the X and S models before joe public became aware of the emergence of this stuff.

Commercial EV charging? No problem, you already have a fucking yard / compound, 3 phase electric on site, and everything else.

So that’s Mitsubishi (remember I mentioned they did the body on my volvo) and Kawasaki going into light trucks in EV, and doing it right.

six off 420 VDC 14 kwh battery packs per truck, 100 km range, 4,500 kg payload, no range anxiety, no refuel anxiety, no congestion charges, no mechanical issues, no waste oil or filters to dispose of, and the loudest thing will be the “attention, this vehicle is reversing” shit.

Merc make one now, guess what, it basically uses hub motors, and Merc / Daimler / Fuso / Mitsu / Kawa are all sharing spit at this level.





August 4, 2017

Tesla turbans

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I’m going to quote directly from half way down this page;


This is the UK specific official Tesla website., unedited quoted text below in red

Charging costs are approximate. Charging cost estimate assumes Supercharger cost of £0.20 per kilowatt hour. Fuel cost assumes 32.7 MPG at £1.14 per litre. Cost may vary depending on the vehicle location, configuration, battery age and condition, driving style and operation, and environmental and climate conditions.


£0.20 per kWh, well, it’s not an unreasonable sum for a company buying in bulk.

If a gallon of gasoline is 34 kWh equivalent (the exact number depends on the specific blend) then the cost per kWh is also easily reached.

We’ll take Tesla’s numbers of £1.14 per litre, 4.54 litres per gallon, equals £5.18 per gallon, divide by 34 kWh = £0.15 per kWh

32.7 mpg? well I just completed a 550 mile run at a mean speed (checks gps logs) of 72 mph, not a “auto makers max economy” speed, in a 15 year old diesel car, and my actual miles per gallon over that journey was 52.02 mpg

But wait, back to the tesla web page and graphic, what’s this £90 supercharger (small print AFTER a credit) cost v £238 fuel cost, and whats this, based on 1,500 miles driven.

Well based on my real world trip yesterday 1650 miles will cost me £180 in diesel, not £238, and given the 3:8 claimed ratio (after credits and rebates) tesla supercharger v pump gas, AFTER a credit / rebate the tesla supercharger would have cost me around £100

I didn’t have to sit around for 30 minutes a time either, I left at 5 am and I was back home just after 2 pm, not bad for a real world 550 mile trip on real roads in the UK, adding 2 x 1 hour breaks (supercharger 30 minute charge is only a partial charge) would kill that.

I didn’t have to pay £45,000 for a car to do it in either.

Implicit in all these calculations is the notion that 99.9% of the time you are going to charge your tesla at home, for free, just plug it into the wall, move on quickly and don’t look at the bills.

What is certain is YOU won’t be buying electricity any cheaper than tesla, and YOU won’t be getting any rebate from yourself either, so the claimed / calculated £100 tesla cost excluded the full charge you had to do at home to commence the journey, and the full charge you had to do at home after the journey to “refuel” the car ready for the next day.

However all of this is neatly glossed over, after all, the sole purpose of the tesla supercharger network is to persuade people that an all electric car can roam further afield than say 25% of claimed max range…

Buy a Toyota (or any other brand) vehicle and things are easier, right there in the specs is the fuel tank capacity in litres, and various number for litres/100 km equivalent for urban/city/motorway economies, the Mercedes has a much bigger fuel tank than the micra, but it drinks it faster too.

No IC vehicle manufacturer lists “range”, not even bloody motorcycle manufacturers, who perhaps should, the 2017 triumph bobber, a 1200 cc motorcycle with a 9.1 litre fuel tank and a visordown test where the tank went from F to E in 74 miles, and the dash claimed 41.6 mpg.

I’m not stupid, I have a 1700 cc harley but at least it has a 19 litre gas tank.

But with electric cars it’s not battery bank kwh capacity and kwh per km in various use cycles, oh no, it’s “range”

I absofuckinglutely guarantee that all the sophisticated electronics in any modern EV can give you three decimal place accurate numbers for kwh per km, but, I have *NEVER* seen this mentioned anywhere.

But, we’ll go back to the triumph bobber, 9.1 litres @ 7.48 kwh/litre = 68 kwh

41 mpg = 9 miles per litre, so 9 miles = 7.48 kwh so 0.83 kwh per mile, and this is for a naked motorcycle.

Interestingly this figure is for energy consumed, there is zero breakdown of any kind for things like mechanical efficiency, pumping losses, road resistance, wind resistance, so we don’t know exactly where the energy is going, but we know how much is going to do a specific job.

Do the same numbers for my 15 year old diesel volvo and we have mean speed of 72 mph over 550 miles and 50 litres of fuel, diesel is 11 kwh per litre so 550 miles @ 72 mph for (50 x 11) =550 kwh, so 1 kwh per mile as opposed to the motorcycle getting 0.83 kwh per mile.

All perfectly reasonable numbers to any mechanical engineer.

Tesla model 3, standard 50-55 kwh battery back, long range 70-75 kwh battery pack, standard range 220 miles, long range 310 miles, so standard is 220 / 50 = 4.4 amd 310 / 70 = 4.42 so tesla is claiming 0.25 kwh per mile.

If we say that an IC engine is a thermal engine with 33% efficiency at converting heat to motion is fairly normal then at a stroke the motorcycle becomes 0.83 / 3 = 0.276 kwh per mile and the old diesel volvo shed becomes 1.0 / 3 = 0.333 kwh per mile

Suddenly there are numbers that aren’t a million miles from the tesla, and, again, this is all extremely reasonable to any even remotely competent mechanical engineer.

The rolling efficiency of the tesla isn’t anything special, the ONE trick it has is no trick at all, electrical motors are more efficient than heat engines…

And then we are reminded *why* the early electric vehicles (and steam vehicles, my dad used to own and run one commercially as a young man) were killed stone dead by the IC engine, the efficiency of the motor unit is just one factor, just one of many that go to make the whole.

So in effect 100% of Tesla’s USP applies equally well to any other all EV vehicle out there, by eliminating the heat engine you eliminate inefficient processes.

Electricity at a purported £0.20 per kwh from a tesla supercharger isn’t a cheap energy source compared to gasoline at tesla’s reported £1.14 per litre, because a litre of gas is 7.48 kwh and 1.14 / 7.48 = £0.152 p per kwh (I have talked elsewhere extensively about how all energy when priced per kwh is more or less equal in cost)

Tesla supercharger £0.20 per kwh and tesla model 3 0.25 kwh/mile means a quid’s worth of “fuel” will get you 20 miles, presumably at 30 mph

A quid’s worth of “fuel” in my old diesel shed will get me 10 miles at 70 mph.

So cost per mile on “fuel” only is at best half of an old diesel car.

Got a fleet of 1000 cars each doing 20,000 miles a year, that’s a *lot* of money.

*if* that is the only significant factor at play, and it isn’t.

The average car forecourt fuel pump will transfer 1 litre in 1 second, so ballpark 10 kwh/second, so 5 seconds to fill a standard model 3 from E to F, and 7 seconds to fill a long range model 3 from E to F, well round both up to 10 seconds, so excluding customers walking around, paying, buying drinks, 1 gas pump can refuel 3600 / 10 = 360 “tesla battery quick top up charges” in the time it takes one tesla supercharger to top up quick charge one tesla battery. We’ll include the walking around and divide it by 10 for 36

So a 24 pump (with three fuel selections on each) forecourt will keep the same amount of vehicles on the road as 24 x 36 = 864 tesla superchargers.

Suddenly even with tesla supercharger advantages, you need literally the entire service station car park to be converted to tesla supercharger stations.

At 50 litres a refuel one 30,000 litre tanker carries fill ups for 600 cars like mine, so in effect the fuel tanks under the ground at the gas station are like massive energy supercapacitors.

at 600 kwh per minute or 36 megawatt/hours per hour, one single gas pump is a room temperature superconductor… one that routinely has an EEV (electric equivalent) rating of 36 megawatts, by definition a tesla supercharger is going to be 40 kilowatt, and the home stations are 11 and 22 kilowatt.

Even with “so cheap s to be effectively free” fusion power plants, which we will *never* have because profit, so best case scenario is £0.05 per kwh but how many terawatts do you want? We face massive problems without supercapacitors of energy density beyond anything we can even dream of today, and room temperature superconductors (and meters and switches) that can be made to be as utilitarian and safe and cheaply as the humble gas pump.

This then is the *TRUE* achilles heel of the EV revolution, Musk *claims* the plan was always to make a crazy EV, then make a high end EV, then make a consumer EV, which the model 3 claims to be, but ain’t, it’s at least 2.5 times the price it needs to be.

However, the EV itself is a thing that can only have any success at all as long as it is only used by a tiny minority.

This is equally true of the vociferous cycling cures all zealots that infect urban planning nowadays, it only works if only a tiny minority use it, as I said yesterday it falls flat on its face as soon as you attempt to make it mainstream.

I do not actually know how much a tesla 50 kwh battery costs, how much it weighs, how much volume it occupies, I do however know these numbers for 5 litres of diesel.

I also know the “C” rate for a fuel tank… hey dude, don’t fill your vette so fast, you may overheat it and the whole thing will explode.

Basically NO battery technology (internal heat generation during *rapid* charge / discharge cycles) that will fit in a car can cope with multi megawatt flow rates, some future supercap *might*, but we do not have one today or anywhere on the horizon.

Basically no electrical technology (internal heat generation etc) that will fit in a car (safely, alongside passengers etc) can cope with multi megawatt flow rates, some future superconductor (and associated superinsulator) might, but again, there is nothing even remotely on the horizon.

If we had commercial fusion, splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen and bottling the hydrogen and shipping that around the country would still beat EV into the dirt as a power distro method

AT BEST electric vehicles can rid us of the 2/3rd power losses to heat of heat engines, that’s *with* hard future SF supercaps and superconductors… imagine a supercap 40 feet long and 10 foot in diameter that can store 300 megawatt hours of power…. because that’s what a 30,000 litre fuel tanker carries…. imagine a superconductor you handle with bare skin and so light a small child can wield it that can carry 36 megawatts.

Lacking this encouraging EV uptake is like encouraging cycling uptake, you better pray it never gets beyond a tiny minority uptake.

Lacking this EV’s are like bicycles, they are an extreme niche case.

What *should* scare the crap out of you is the *very* possible future where in 2020 *anyone* can buy a chinese mass made EV with 100 miles range for US$10,000.

“Second vehicles”… you’re old enough to remember or you arent, most households that had a vehicle had one that did everything or served the main purpose, the plumber who had a work truck, not a car, and him and the mrs would ride the work truck to a picnic on a saturday.

A 100 mile $10k EV would become the new second car, left to charge overnight at 3 kw, left to trickle the rest of the time, 0-60 of 12 seconds is fine, and then we’d see the impact that alone would have on electrical infrastructure and urban planning, and it would be nothing less than fucking catastrophic, because all of a sudden all those 5 mile shopping trips and commutes to work will come in at 0.25 kwh per mile, or at tesla’s £0.20 per kwh around 5 pence per mile, which blows fucking urban bus fares out of the water, and being brutally honest with you kills the cyclist model too, 90% of them will abandon cycling for the convenience of an enclosed EV k car that costs 5 pence per mile once you have bought it for $10k

And then overnight baseload for the grid (habitually a time for maintenance and so on) is ramped right up so grid and gen plant maintenance goes for a shit, and there is fuck all solar being generated at night, so only the few wind farms will be doing anything for it in the green sense.

And buddy, if half the world is walking around worrying about being affected by microwaves and emf and other shit, you’re in for a shitshow when 75% of the cars on the road in town are 100% manual drive $10k EV shitboxes, good luck when they all start sporting wifi hotspots and so on.

Legislation mandated that all modern cars have to have ODB interfaces, just imagine the fun you can have with that on an all electric EV that is basically a PC/CNC controlled machine, yes ossifer, my ev shitbox absolutely does not have arduino based hacks that increase motor current by 30% and remove the rpm limiter, no ossifer, that absolutely is not siphoning kit (shitbox to shitbox electric stealing cable) , no ossifer, that’s not wardriving the wireless firmware man in the middle device there to reverse the drive motor direction and invert steering wheel output so left is right, hey, here is a generic iron utility key (taper square shank) why pay for power when I can park next to a lamp post, and the thing I steal is both invisible and impossible to identify once stolen….  yeah man, I pass the charge through a bentonite filter to remove the red electrons so the state doesn’t know I’m running argi duty electric in my private vehicle.

And you think stolen cars scrapped for parts is an issue now?

So, for EV’s to be a raging sucess and the sucessor to IC, we need, absofuckinglutely need, three things.

1/ massively increase electric generating and distribution capacity, effectively doubling anything we have today as a minimum.

2/ supercapacitors, real sci fi ones, not the crap we get now

3/ superconductors, room temp ones.

and all of  the above have to be commercially reliable and priced too.

Failing any of these, especially failing BOTH 2 and 3, means the EV isn’t anything more than a total fucking disaster waiting to happen.

Remember, the ONLY thing EV brings to the table over IC is efficiency, no thermal losses instead of 66% thermal losses, nothing else, so

Tesla gurrls

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Just been on a road trip up and down the length of the country, in motorways service station where there were between 3 and 6 electric car charging stations, there are rows at least 12 or 15 long of new tesla charging stations, resembling a dyson fan in red and white, being installed.

Does the Tesla take the same plug as other e-vehicles? Or is it Apple proprietary bullshit, and if it is, how is it helping to save the planet.. sorry sir, you’ll get the wrong shape electrons, quark, strangeness and charm.

I can’t think why, unless every tesla sold in the uk goes on a simultaneous road trip on the same route, maybe then they need 15 charging stations per service station.

I look forward to the cliché horror films where the murderer with chainsaw shuffles and closes the 100 foot gap to the victim in their tesla car at about 1 foot every ten seconds, and the tesla refuses to boot, or the dumb boyfriend cries that the batteries are flat…

Certainly given local highways planning departments and motoring standards in general, it won’t be hard for the tesla autopilots to be the best drivers on the road… but then stevie wonder on meth would be as good as some of the ones we actually have on the road, so it isn’t saying much.

Scores of drivers here took literally two hours to make two and three mile journeys, and of course all the “cycling first” assholes are proclaiming that the problem is cars, s’funny, nothing at all to do with pavements on some roads literally growing 30 feet in width, arbitrary one way systems, arbitrary pedestrianisation systems and so on, so roads that could take acrtics and two way traffic and car parking either side 30 years ago are now one way and barely wide enough for a VW golf .

That and a general “fuck you” attitude that sees people blocking junctions and turnings and ignoring lights and generally creating a gridlock where we *could* have had at least 5 to 10 mph traffic.

Still, it’s nothing a few more speed humps won’t cure.

I did see one electric car, a blue beemer i8, looking very superior as he cruised past my shitbox 600 quid volvo (that did a 550 mile round trip at a steady 70 mph for 50 quids worth of diesel) at 5 mph more than me, except in the time I had that thing in view it depreciated more than my car cost me, and I refueled (which is 800 miles range) in 5 minutes, which he cannot do.

I’m struggling to see intellect anywhere.

99% of everything I can see and touch and use and rely on was the result of the industry of white men, yet they have all gone, turned into retarded vain and stupid creatures that can only consume, not create.

The crew fed weapon was a direct response to the fact that the *problem* with individual weapons is the vast majority won’t use them to deliberately kill the opponent, but the crew fed weapon dilutes the responsibility to the point where all can participate, and shift the burden or morals to the others.

The exact same things is true of 99.99% of institutions in modern society, the “justice system” of po-po and lawyers and judges and advisors and counsellors and experts and so on are no more than cyphers in a crew fed weapon systems, and they all went rogue soon after they were created.

Love Trump or hate him, nobody with an IQ higher than room temperature in an igloo can be in any doubt at all that US politics has descended into balkanized anarchy, it’s not a coup or civil war, there are far too many competing factions for that, this is rats feeding on a corpse.

Let’s antagonise both Russia and China for the win…

Meanwhile everyone is talking about how the chinese economy is empty, it’s a potemkim village, it’s all fake…. how many full containers go from china to the yeww ess of aaa every week, and how many full containers go the other way, now tell me who was the fake economy.

All kidding aside, I actually think the tesla 3 *could* be a good car, it *won’t* be, because it is being built by tesla and it’s US$30k and nobody even knows if they can make 2,000 a week.

If it *is* any good by the end of 2018 the chinese will be making a knock off that’s 90% as good for 15k, and they will make 2,000 a day.

Because there’s the rub, modern cars have to be designed to be built largely by robots to be profitable, and the more components you have the greater the cost, and one of the best ways to reduce components is to go all electric….

And since we all willingly decimated our own local industry, the chinese are the only one left who can do it better than anyone else, they already build everything from an iphone though german cars to us passenger jet planes, a fucking electric car is a piece of piss.

And the UK’s new “only zero emissions by 2040” laws come in to force just 22 years in the future… my four vehicles are 16, 16 and 15 and the oldie is 36 years old, and to me they are all “modern”

In days gone by I owned and ran a 1961 BSA with magneto ignition, drum brakes and kick start only, 56 years old now…. the changes from that to a ducati diavel are unbelievable.

Since the old chairman and his little red book went away, china has basically been run by a panel of men who are either scientists or engineers, they have more in common with the old white men who built modern western society than anything we have alive today.

We in the west are rapidly approaching the status of wogs in the Congo jungle in 1870, and it is us doing it to ourselves, the chinese would rather we didn’t, because wogs have nothing to buy firewater or steam engines with, but if we do, it won’t take them down with us.

So my local city will look like Beijing in 1960, pushbikes everywhere, pushbikes pulling ploughs and harvesters, pushbikes pulling 40 foot containers, pushbikes sporting 120′ jib head cranes, pushbikes cleaning streets and carry away wastes, well, maybe not, just pushbikes and minimum wage subsistence jobs, so the pushbikes themselves will be old iron bone shakers, not a shimano or mag wheel or shred of lycra in sight.

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