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February 24, 2017

Ongoing themes here at Wimminz

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One is edumakayshum, y’all are more than entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts, and some facts are really simple, because they are nothing more than really simple maths.

For example you can’t work from 25 to 50 years old in one job and expect to get a pension from 50 to 75 years old that matches your take home, unless you have been paying over half of your gross wages into that pension the first 25 years.. you can’t get a quart out of a pint pot.

Doesn’t stop people (almost exclusively state employees) complaining hard and loud when this is mentioned, “we were promised” they scream, yeah, and you should have been sacked for stupidity the instant you accepted that “promise” as anything but total bullshit back in year 1 of your employment.

“But Bill got it when he retired 20 years ago!!!”

yup, that’s the very definition of how Ponzi schemes work, the handful of early winners are bait for the hordes of later losers.

Had the same thing here with the still ongoing current squeeze, she’s on a dressmaking gig, and like her daughter who will draw a stick figure and then an cartoon of a dress on said stick figure and call herself a designer, this one just did not get what I was repeatedly saying to her.

“There is only one way to do this and make it work, and you are not doing it that way.”

So I got some paper and rolled it into a tube and handed her some scissors and said go cut me some pieces to make a right angle elbow.

It’s a thing from my engineering days, you can lay out your cuts on a marking table, and cut every piece at the exact same angle so all the edges to be welded are identical lengths, or you can fuck it up totally, and to everyone who would not listen I’d say OK, go for it, let’s see what you get.

Same thing goes for dressmaking, design criteria aside, if the length of the edges on the sleeve does not exactly match the length of the edges on the body, it’s going to look like shit.

So we had a conversation about it afterwards, and I explain, what pisses people like me off is NOT the fact that you do not know this shit, though frankly you should, it is basic geometry after all, what pisses people like me off is the fact that you thought you DID NOT NEED to know this shit to get the job done right.

By definition you don’t know enough to quantify just how ignorant you are on a given subject, but only a fucking idiot assumes they know as much as anyone else…

It’s a crushing blow to the ego, and she has been quite depressed at the implications, and just how much of her life to date she has clearly wasted pursuing doomed goals, and it is a crushing blow to realise that of all the (expert) people willing to teach her this shit, NONE of them even mentioned such basics, ergo they don’t actually know what they are doing either, which in itself calls into question every single other area of supposed competence of these people.

By definition, if you are actually very good at something that you studied long and hard to master, you are very unlikely to over-estimate your own competence at anything else, but, if you carry the reputation of being an expert by dint of your job title, but actually know fuck all, you will over estimate your competence at everything else too.

Suddenly she is thinking of people she knew, people who would never in a million years have claimed to be good at maths, but people who just do instant mental arithmetic that is beyond her, and lo and behold, one was a bricklayer, one was a glazier, one was a sawmill owner/operator… people who used basic maths all day every day or went bust..

You can’t knock her 10 year old kids for not knowing all the times tables by heart, because she doesn’t either, never learned a trade, never needed to learn them, despite working all her life in a man’s job, no idea at all about fractions, or percentages, or moving the decimal place left and right to multiply and divide by powers of ten…

Quelle surprise her and her ex eagerly signed up for an interest only mortgage and went on holiday on the credit card… ideal consumers H^H^H^ indentured servants…

As has been commented in the previous Growth post, usury is an evil thing, unless the rates are fixed forever at less than 1%, and unless the capital really is repaid in full as agreed, and unless the terms are 10 years or less, and unless there is state wide debt eradication (paid or not) every 50 years, which would make it really hard to borrow, as it used to be.

These innumerate youths of today can borrow more on a SINGLE credit card than I could borrow in total from all three banks that I bank with, even as an overdraft facility.

I have nephews who have never learned a practical skill or trade skill in their lives, they can barely wire a plug with instructions, and yet they are employed as managers of this that and the other…

The bitch is *constantly* amazed at the incredible variety of things I can fix or make work, 2 days ago it was dressmaking, today is was making shears work, she said they needed sharpening, they didn’t, just cheap shit that needed the blades bending to make a moving point of contact, they way they should have been made, so she thinks I am amazing, I think I know the bare minimum to survive, and pennies are dropping left right and centre.

Maybe I am not such a rude arrogant and ignorant cunt for the way I treat people who can’t do BASIC maths or geometry or trig or repairs or cooking or whatever, maybe I’m actually right, and maybe all these people are not merely unbelievably ignorant, but unbelievably privileged and arrogant as well..

.. check your privilege white boy, always uttered by someone that can’t wire a house or plumb a house or build a house or maintain any of the above themselves…

Essentially free credit and the past 50 years of economists wanking on about “growth” is *not* merely limited to a Ponzi scheme debt bubble that will crash democracy and liberty for all, that side effect isn’t even the icing on the cake.

The Morloch and Eloi do not have to be different species that diverged over time so they are enemies that can no longer interbreed or co-exist, you can do the same thing far more rapidly and thoroughly in a mere generation or two, by breeding and raising an entire class of people who are in fact totally fucking clueless about almost everything (quite the achievement) while simultaneously believing that they are hot shit at everything.

*THIS* is the real divide between the Brexiters and the Trumpers and all the rest to follow, “they” can’t survive without “us”, and “we” aren’t going to carry “them” any fucking longer.

In shades of my brother’s youngest sprog returning from university for the holidays, and the boy enquired “where are we going / what are we doing about holidays this year” only to be told “who the fuck is we….”

You’re on your own now boy.

And it going to get much worse much faster than anyone in “their” camp realises, because the absolute lowest possible value that any of “them” place on their asses is way above the highest value “we” place on them…  a no hold’s barred night of kinky fuckery with both your daughters?  Yeah, that’ll buy them a warm bed to get fucked in and maybe a cold breakfast.. maybe…

What they gonna do tomorrow?

Not my problem.

Plan on asking me for charity or assistance on their behalf next year? Better plan on them spending all this year being my hoochie coochies and saving up that credit you’re going to be drawing on next year.

The fiscal credit that “they” have been living large off the past 40 years is *nothing* compared to the moral and intellectual credit.

February 21, 2017


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It simply is not possible to talk to anyone even remotely involved in “economics” and to not talk about “growth”.

A “one” man business that has been handed down from father to son for four generations, say a butcher, who has sold exactly 1 cow 2 sheep and 3 pigs worth of meat every week for 100 years will be seen as a business with zero growth and therefore totally broken.

It gets even worse because “growth” is measured in percent, which is an exponential function when it is compounded, 1% annual growth for 100 years is 1.01 XY 100 = 2.704 so even at a measly and uselessly underperforming 1% annual growth the grandson has a bigger shop, 2 employees and 3x the meat sold.

At a barely acceptable economists 4% annual growth it gets insane real fast, 1.04 XY 100 = 50.505, the grandson has a chain of shops, 50 employees and sells 51x the meat.

Unless of course he is one of the 49 one man butcher businesses that has been eliminated by the guy who expanded at 4% per annum.

Even if those 49 all got jobs in the one that expanded, they will no longer be living rent free in the house over the shop, nor will they be earning the same money.

Nor are we talking about buggy whip makers here going the way of the dodo, we are talking about a business that is every bit as viable as it was in grandpa’s day, people still buy and eat meat.

I’m not even going anywhere near the fact that the big supermarkets are literally incapable of stocking anything even remotely approaching the quality stocked by my local farm shop and local butcher (who raises much of his own meat on the hoof) or pointing out inconsistencies such as the farm shop able to sell genuine succulent flavour explosion spanish oranges at 2.95 a kilo, and the local Morrison’s supermarket stocking water filled vaguely orange flavoured spanish oranges at 3.00 a kilo, a whole 5p a kilo more for the vastly inferior product…

Going back to our butcher, at 11% annual growth we get 1.11 XY 100 = 34,064.175, our one man butcher is now a small town, all by himself…

But, when all you have is a hammer, everything becomes a nail, and when all you have is an “economist”, everything becomes annual growth or contraction measured in percent, and anything below 5% annual growth is considered tragic.

When I was a boy a recession was defined as a contraction in the money supply, there was literally less money in free circulation, it was also referred to as deflation, as opposed to inflation.

Which brings us to the other side of things, how much is 1 kg of prime beef from our one man butcher?

If the value of money in circulation is inflated the price per kilo goes up, but the kilo of beef always remains the same.

If the value of money in circulation is deflated the price per kilo goes down, but the kilo of beef always remains the same.

Provided there is sufficient physical money to go around and facilitate transactions, and provided everyone has enough employment to earn some of that money, it’s all the same to the butcher.

The one thing that is important is that the price per kilo does not change significantly from week to week and month to month, before long the beef is worth more than the money and the money is worth less than it costs to print, and the beef makes a better currency.

The kilo of beef is still the kilo of beef.

Sadly, to continue the agricultural analogy, the foxes got into the hen house years ago, refinanced everything and built a huge hen farm cum chicken factory, nobody sees any chickens, just blister packs of white meat that is labelled as being chicken, only in this case it not chickens and foxes, it’s money and economists.

So if your eye is on the ball with other things we have talked about in the past on this blog, you still lose, because we are in the final stages of the push to eliminate money, and of course when I say money I mean cash (fiat) money as in the coins that used to be in your pocket and the notes that used to be in your wallet.

I remember as a child reading about the tower of babel, a bunch of people were co-operating to build this huge tower to reach up to heaven, god did not like it so smote them down with different languages so they could no longer communicate or co-operate.

It was never made clear to me to my satisfaction quite why building a fuck off great space elevator type tower up into the heavens was evil and needed punishing…

… but the message was clear, Peoples that can no longer communicate can no longer achieve anything of significance, and go their own ways to be nomadic subsistence wanderers.

The eradication of cash means I can no longer communicate directly to my local farm shop of butcher, there is a middleman, or a whole series of them, and without them no transaction is possible, and with them no transaction is private.

Inflation and deflation become something done in seconds at a keyboard, so money supply and therefore prices can be arbitrarily set and changed from moment to moment and region to region and even entity to entity, the only problem is that you and I will never be granted access to that keyboard.

In shades of the recent shit in India, I have a wallet with some notes in it, and I have other notes in a drawer, the difference is the notes in the drawer are no longer legal tender, they are just pretty pieces of linen paper…. but the notes in my wallet are still good.

You have to physically deprive me of the notes themselves to deprive me of my money, or the ability to spend it.

Not so with virtual electronic fiat currency.

With my business hat on yesterday I had a conversation with a new customer, specifically with the guy in purchasing, now this is a fairly large company, not a Ford or anything, but their annual turnover is millions and they sell 4 figure items europe wide, and he asked me about my terms, which are cash with order, and expressed surprise, because they were a large company, and I was the *only* supplier who did not offer “terms” eg pay at the end of the next month / 30 / 60 / 90 days etc.

I was polite and said it’s not our policy and left it at that.

He said Oh OK and sent a purchase order.

Last night I talked to another potential customer, a “working man” who makes wood stuff with his hands (and power tools) he had no difficulty understanding the concept, “I have to pay for my diesel when I buy it……”

Sure, all of the above is done is virtual electronic fiat currency, but at least it is done instantly and I can spend it instantly on Amazon.

So beware, be observant, do not be complacent, the foxes have taken up residence in the hen house and the war on cash is in it’s final stages, and the one thing you can be sure of is that it is of no benefit whatsoever to thee and me, it is all about taking personal control of our cash out of our hands, and it goes hand in hand with the last 30 years of policy of making everyone an indentured servant living on permanent credit.

Might be time to start up a one man business as a butcher shop.

February 20, 2017

Anticipation v reality

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The one pretty universal truth is that anticipation of an event or action, and the reality of said event or action, are rarely the same thing.

Sure, there may be some commonality, there may even be some initial overall congruence of feelings or attitudes, but the further down the time-line you go, the greater the disparity.

There are no consequences for anticipation, as it is purely fantasy.

Reality however always has consequences.

Consequences themselves can be broadly split into two categories, those that come about as a result of physical laws, and those that come about as a result of someone else’s feelings about your actions / inactions.

Within a time frame of say 60 minutes very few crimes have consequences, even the serious ones like rape or murder or arson, so we can invoke the phrase act in haste, repent at leisure, but even here you can’t really claim that the consequences were entirely unpredictable.

The only way consequences get avoided is if no fucker ever knows what you did.

Raping / fucking small kids isn’t some “well a butterfly flaps it’s wings in Madagascar and 3 days later there is a thunderstorm in Paris” sort of consequence, it’s more of a “go to the zoo and jump into the bear cage and try to fuck the bears” sort of consequence.

But to a lesser extent there is a lot of this sort of thing going on, the consequences are obvious, but people still do the thing.. why???

Well, sometimes consequences do not follow actions, perpetrators know that there is little likelihood of them being personally identified *and* made to suffer the consequences, and at that point it does not matter *why* that is, it only matters that it is, because this is all it takes to modify behaviour.

So if we go back to paris and look at all the anti/muslim/rapefugee rioting, the common denominator here is that nobody is facing any consequences for their law breaking, so they just double down on the law breaking.

Give every extreme radical white power type a gun and 1,000 rounds and the same immunity from consequences and within a month all the anti/muslim/rapefugee types that aren’t dead will already have crossed the borders of the country to pastures newer and safer.

They’ll be accompanied by all those who consorted with them and became collateral damage, and all those who spoke up against the social injustice and whateverism of the militia.

Speaking as a white northern european it does not actually matter one iota whether or not I personally want to fuck 10 year olds, smash and burn streets, smash windows and help myself to expensive goods, all that matters is that people who are not white northern Europeans can come here and do these things, and at worst get punished maybe 5% as seriously as I would.

That is all I care about.

The brutal truth is that provided the state doesn’t fuck too much with my day to day ability to just live my own life, the average citizen doesn’t care of they (those in power) get their kicks by fucking small children or by stealing wholesale or by corruption or anything else, because I’m quite happy to occupy my time making my own way in life.

When the state *does* fuck too much with my ability, and embarks of actions that appear designed to destroy everything about my own culture in my own home town and country, then we start caring and noticing and say I’m not ignoring this shit now, you need to fuck off along with the rapefugees and activists and all the rest of them, or die, either way I’m easy.

Because the very best way to get people to classify other people and decide that some are more or less worthy, more or less civilised, more or less human, than others, is to make it clear to those very people that other people get treated better than you, get treated as though they are above the law, get treated as though they are above you.

Trump isn’t Hitler v2.0

Hitler v2.0 is coming though, it’s inevitable, and then the world will learn once again that the european white man did not just make the best engineers the world had ever seen, or the best societies the world had ever seen, or the best civilisations the world had ever seen, he also made the best utterly amoral implacable cruel vicious and evil savage the world had ever seen.

Hitler v2.0 does not need to be a public figure or leader though.

Lots of people like to talk about technologies being “20 years away” and of course some of them remain 20 years away as every year passes, but some things are doable NOW, maybe not well, maybe only at a rudimentary level, but it can be done, and done NOW, and time and experimentation only leads to improvements.

The stuff I talk about is already all around us, to some extent it not only always has been, but it has even become a part of us… but most do not see it.

We even know from various types of records that it has happened many times in the past, the only difference being all those occurrences were natural, now we are at the point where we can alpha test that shit in the real world for real, and it will be entirely man made and entirely deliberate.

It is microscopic, and it kills you if you are black, or brown, or light brown, or have brown eyes.

Sure, there will be *lots* of collateral damage, but so what.

Go to Spain today and few realise the *true* Spaniard is green or blue eyed and light haired, all the dusky ones, which is most of the population, came about because of the moorish invasions of yesteryear and interbreeding and naturalisation.

Islamic “culture” essentially hasn’t moved on one iota since the Moors invaded Spain 1,300 years ago, arguably the Moors in 700 AD were more civilised than islamic state is in 20xx AD, so what survived this “superior” culture?

This alphabet that I am using now to write this is in some ways descended from it, there are some architectural styles, but 99.99999% of everything that was Islam just got binned.

Give “them” a few centuries to adopt as the Spaniards did, and then they said fuck it, and had 400 years of inquisition (jews and muslims got the thick end of that) but then the inquisition became radical catholic / christian, which is nearly as bad as radical anything, and the same breed of scum rose to power, and the rest as they say is history.

But now it’s the 21st century and we have tools and toys beyond even the wildest dreams of the Oppenheimer’s and Einstein’s of only 70 years ago, so as a northern European man in my mid fifties, I could *easily* live long enough to see a gene engineered phase designed to, for example, make everyone with brown skin bleed out and die in 72 hours.

Mix genetic engineering and the prisoner’s dilemma and things get real interesting.

Once the technology becomes feasible, the choices left are use it first or be the target for those who use it first.

Of course, if you were clever (and by definition technological races are only games played by the clever) you’d play it safe just in case of mutation or drift, you don’t want the “kill all wogs” virus to incubate in the wogs and wipe them out and then mutate into something even more powerful that kill all non wogs, no sir.

So you target things like fertility and intelligence and make it a binary thing that only goes active in the presence of other things in the host organism, for example, you could use pork as a binder that locked up and froze the process, or Starbucks as a binder that triggered the process.

Which brings us all the way back to consequences and anticipation v reality.

Mother Nature is working on this shit all the time, and at this point humanity is like MS Windows, it’s a target rich all pervasive feeding ground, so who is to know if it was momma N or some lab somewhere that started it?

Speaking as a scientist, some sort of culling of the herd is inevitable, momma nature *will* do the job sooner or later.

Beating her to the punch *may* avert the “natural” versions, but as I’ve talked before about the mouse metropolis and other things, basically the last 300 years has seen human populations explode, so suddenly we become a huge target for evolution, so evolution as a Darwinian process is pretty inevitable at this point, for values of this point that may be 20 years off, or 100, or 300, or 2…. or less.. it could already be out there, in alpha testing…


February 18, 2017


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I can’t get out of my head a private conversation I had with a middle eastern (not SA, not saying where, not saying his name or family name) gentleman and customer of mine of mega wealth circa 1988.

I can’t quote word for word but he said Miami was full of Jewish doctors who would sell you any organ you liked, heart, lungs, anything, the organ donors were neither dead nor willing to donate.

I’ve heard for decades stories about social services breaking up families and farming the kids out to politically connected paedo rings right here in the UK…. and not from whackjobs coming down from the latest high, but professional and steady people who couldn’t help stumble over it, and knew immediately to self censor and not blow any whistles.

Blackmail is the oldest game in the book.

No deed is vile when you are on the winning side, calling the shots and being protected, then it just becomes spicy.

The only time anyone important gets convicted and punished for a real crime (whether they did it or not) is *after* they have fallen from grace, power and influence.


February 6, 2017

Preacher Man

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“Preaching to the converted”, because the heathens DO NOT WANT to be converted…

Sadly or otherwise, that is a life lesson that bears an awful burden of truth, very very very few people are even open to an alternative opinion or viewpoint, even for the sake of debate.

At a stroke it defines 99.9% of the media as an obsolete circle jerk and I include such things as this tiny and irellevant blog in that category of “media”, even though at least one “second circle” Trump inner cadre person reads it (it’s their job to read the media and that includes a selection of fringe media) this still does not have any effect on the definition of any piece of media, whether it be circle jerk or worthwhile.

It’s not who reads it, it is whether or not it provokes any thought or discourse at any later time in any circle.

It is not whether or not it changes or reinforces previously held opinions, it is only whether or not it provokes any thought or discourse.

Increases in knowledge only come about as a result of, and after, provocation of thought and discourse.

For example you see a video of adding acetone to gasoline on youtube to increase MPG, you think about it, and try it, and because you are a skilled motor engineer with resources you are also able to analyse the results after stripping the motor 10,000 miles later, and maybe posting your own response video.. (which will get drowned out by either all the videos saying it is complete bollocks, or all the videos saying MPG went from 35 to 55 instantly….)

Either way you have had at best a miniscule forward influence on encouraging people to think and talk, because the vast majority already have their minds made up, so they prefer to talk and not think.

Yet, people’s minds and attitudes do change en masse over time, so to a certain extent it doesn’t matter if people voted for the Donals because they voted for the Donald, or if they voted Trump because he wasn’t Hitlary and a vote for Trump was a vote against Hitlary.

Such things determine the outcome of an election, but they do not determine the outcome of the “vox populi” post election, those who are opposed to Trump values remain opposed, except now those values are not a theoretical threat to their lifestyle, they are a real and present threat to their lifestyle.

A *lot* of people misunderstand the Donals, and a large part of that is because all they know is a TV show where he says “You’re fired” which was itself a franchise of the UK show featuring our own Alan Sugar of Amstrad infamy.

Business and deals aren’t like that, sitting around the boardroom table and signing the contract after a period of negotiation is not the end of the deal process, it is the beginning, and it is where all the hard work really starts.

Suddenly people are seeing that, perhaps 0.1% of what President Trump is doing in office (he’s only been in a couple of weeks) is made public, but that alone is such a volume of stuff it is blowing people’s minds, because the simple fact is they aren’t used to it, never having had a “mover and shaker” in office in living memory.

Again, this is not something that Trump will be unaware of, as a veteral of business deals this is literally old hat to him, and you can draw parallels between shareholder revolts and protesting voters, so that is old hat too.

Doing deals in places where the doing of those deals involves, of necessity, dealing with organised crime makes the rest of the realpolitik old hat too, though he may be more used to a scenario where “once a guy is bought, he stays bought” than the more mercenary world of politicking, or maybe not, I do not move in those circles, so I do not know.

So basically, quelle surprise, the Donald’s greatest problems are probably going to be social problems, and I say this despite the scale of the economic problems the US and US$ faces, but even here, it could well be a case of cometh the moment, cometh the man, and the election of someone like Trump was fairly inevitable, if not this current past election then certainly by the next in 4 years time.

In which case even the social problems will solve themselves, in 5 years time nobody will be a snowflake or social justice warrior or feminist, nor were they ever any of the above, nor did they ever know any of the above…

Certainly all of the preceding nicely explains the MSM and their inability to either move away from the existing narrative, nor grasp that the old narrative is a patient fading fast on an IV drip with malignant tumours raging through every organ.

Using Twitter for press releases starts to look like a meticulously laid out and executed plan, moreover, a plan which is uncannily in tune with the actual situation on the ground.

Which brings us back to the so called wisdom of St Francis, knowing the difference between what you can change and cannot, and having the courage to follow that knowledge.

It may be that it is not just the terminal ward MSM that has under-estimated the Donald, it may be the case that even those who voted for him because he was the Donald under-estimated him, in which case we really are in for a wild ride, and while the Brexit may have been the touchpaper that set the Donald off, the Donald may be the fire that spreads to all the other houses, Italexit, Frexit, Grexit, and a global collapse of the old order.

None but the incompetent and corrupt have anything to fear from this.

January 21, 2017

Who knew?

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It’s a matter of record on the intertubez that before the magic negro was elected 8 years ago I warned my american friends to be very very careful, because as far as I could see, Obama was nothing more than a black Tony Blair.

I was right, in spades.

I’ve mentioned the Donald a few times now, and hopefully this will be the last, he is in, done his short and very different inauguration speech, and now we get to see what he actually gets done.

I note two things about the Donald, despite a muck raking press looking for dirt on the dude, you just *know* all the trump employees from the lowest cleaners on up was approached, and yet, nothing… and I note that the guy has a history of remembering an insult, but not letting it get in the way of a profit.

The Donald doesn’t strike me as the vindictive type, he isn’t the sort to pursue the Clintons and make sure they end up ruined, that is time and energy that he could have used to further himself and his own profits and agendas, on the other hand, he is the type to let them drown in right in front of him, and when he reaches out his hand it isn’t for the phone to summon a lifeguard, but for the margarita…

I think the real danger is the donald is NOT a black Tony Blair, or a white Tony Blair, or an orange Tony Blair, and the resident “whoever you vote for, government wins” types only know how to deal with the magic niggers of this world, they don’t know how to deal with the donald’s of this world, because they have never had to.

It’s a real danger because lawd knows, the US needs a shit load of money spending on basic infrastructure, and he is talking about spending on the military, and all anyone knows is pork stuffing, bradley fiasco, you name it, and the donald does not strike me as the type to stand still for that shit.

In a globalist world Bosch don’t have to do shit, their fuel injection and engine management systems are knows as some of the best in the world, and they can make the components where they like and sell them where they like.

In a protectionist world, at the stroke of a pen the donald can create a market for a US only Bosch successor, by excluding Bosch EU/Deutschland from competing, at all….

In a protectionist world, the Donald can decree that 95% by parts count or by $ cost, whichever is greater, of every single thing “Made in the USA” must actually be manufactured in the 48 states, and by the way, big daddy government can only buy made in USA shit.

What happens then gets interesting, the globalists will want to punish the USA by turning it into Cuba, a technological backwater, and that might just back-fire spectacularly.

Americans, you see, have a habit of doing shit differently, just because they can, and sometimes their way is far superior to everyone else, and some times not.

A classic example is the modern HD motorcycle, a tractor by any other name, cue all the usual jokes, but there are things that the jokers aren’t aware of.

One each end of the handlebars there is a electrical switchgear pod, no big deal, this is common across 99.999% of motorcycles, but on the HD both left and right pods have an indicator button, you press the left one to indicate left, and the right one to indicate right, and again to cancel if you choose, press both to start hazards, etc etc.

Also, the switchgear itself is very very high quality.

Pretty much every other bike on the planet has one complex multiposition switch, confined to one bar pod, left *or* right, to do the indicators.

Now you can take the position that I do, that the HD system rocks, or you can take the position that it is stupid and sucks, but you will never sell an aftermarket multiposition indicator to the HD market, and right there we are talking markets.

And unlike the “whoever you vote for, government wins” encumbents that exist now, only the Donald knows that shit, which is why he could come out with comments he has, because not all of his business ventures flew, some crashed and burned spectacularly.

I’ve mentioned before glib statements like “the art of flying is to avoid hitting the ground” and they are all the sort of glib statements that actual qualified and experienced pilots will all give a rueful laugh to, because although true it is a simple statement that contains 99% of what flying is, yet it says absolutely nothing about flying.

I could make similar glib statements about running a business, it’s avoiding running out of cash flow, while keeping expenditure less than income, and again the Donald is the only person in US politics for 80 years with any personal experience of that.

My local council is one of many in the Uk considering changing the bin collection schedule, which is 1 general waste and 1 recycling waste per alternate week, so basically 26 rubbish collections per year.

The collection of council taxes to pay for everything is mandated by law, you cannot choose not to pay, but there is *some* feedback into the system, but the collection of refuse is also in effect a local council monopoly, via chosen business partners, so now they are mooting saving costs by only collecting rubbish once every 4 weeks.

That shit flies in places where nobody has even clue #1 about business, but it’s easy to cure.

1/ allow anyone to take their own rubbish to the dump, for a small and reasonable fee.

2/ allow anyone to take anyone else’s rubbish to the dump as a business.

3/ fine anyone who does not take their rubbish to the dump 10x the dump fees

4/ let the existing council / private enterprise refuse collectors compete with 1 & 2, while also being subject to the fines of #3 if they fail in any contracted collections.

Essentially I pay UK£1,000 per year to have 26 refuse collections and 26 recycling collections per year, yes I know the money goes on “other things” such as street lighting, street sweeping, housing benefit (payment of rent) council housing, shelters for battered wimminz and so on, but I don’t *need* ANY of those things.

Free enterprise would do my refuse collection for £200 a year. Tops.

Pop 118,000 call it 47,000 households, so call it £47,000,000 per year in taxes, which would be cut to £9,400,000 so nearly 40 million is waste and state mcjobs could be wiped out overnight.

I mentioned before about marriage and stuff, it seems the census data bears out my opinion, from 2001 to 2011 Single (never married or in same-sex civil partnership) up 17% Married or in registered same-sex civil partnership down 10% Separated (but still legally married or in civil partnership) down 6% Divorced down 2% Widowed down 21%

44% of adults in town have never been married

In 2001 94% of the local population was born in the UK, in 2011 it’s down to 89% but down here in the wild west 88.32% are white british, and the othe big shift from 2001 to 2011 is far less owning their home on a mortgage down 18% and private rented up 21%, and the final but one little data point in 2001 10% of employees were part time and 90% were full time, in 2011 that shifted to 33% part time and 67% full time and finally 12% (one in eight FFS) of those in work are in education, and 15% (one in six FFS) are in human health and social work activities.

It’s a clusterfuck by any other name, and this shit only compared 2001 to 2011, which was six fucking years away in the rear view mirror, so trust me when I say that the 2021 numbers are going to be much much more of the same, even with massaging…

Because the truth is that it is these 2021 numbers that the Donald and whoever we have here and in the EU will have to deal with, from 2001 to 2011 according to census data (which only records those who respond, not illegals etc) the population of “minority ethnic groups” ALONE increased in the UK by +3,345,467, again, that’s 5 year old out of date data, and there has been a *huge* push for mass rapefugee ork immigration since then.

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” policies can only work by making *patriotic* american citizens great again, and by patriotic I do not mean mouth breathing flag waving SJW’s, I mean the guy holding a 30 year old american made spanner because the new made in china snap on / craftsman / etc tools are shit, and he ain’t buying that shit on principle, which is why he is still driving his old International pickup, wearing old plus 4’s and trying to avoid paying taxes even if it means earning less and living lighter.

That’s doable, but there will be a cost to the “everyone else” as the pendulum swings back again.

The immigrant who kisses the ground on arrival and becomes more american than the native born yanks and who works to get ahead will be welcome.

The natural born citizen professional victim / leech won’t be.


It seems like yesterday
But it was long ago
Janey was lovely she was the queen of my nights
There in the darkness with the radio playing low
And the secrets that we shared
The mountains that we moved
Caught like a wildfire out of control
‘Til there was nothing left to burn and nothing left to prove
And I remember what she said to me
How she swore that it never would end
I remember how she held me oh so tight
Wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then

Against the wind
We were runnin’ against the wind
We were young and strong, we were runnin’
Against the wind
The years rolled slowly past
And I found myself alone
Surrounded by strangers I thought were my friends
I found myself further and further from my home
And I guess I lost my way
There were oh so many roads
I was living to run and running to live
Never worried about paying or even how much I owed
Moving eight miles a minute for months at a time
Breaking all of the rules that would bend
I began to find myself searching
Searching for shelter again and again

Against the wind
A little something against the wind
I found myself seeking shelter against the wind

Well those drifter’s days are past me now
I’ve got so much more to think about
Deadlines and commitments
What to leave in, what to leave out

Against the wind
I’m still runnin’ against the wind
I’m older now but still runnin’ against the wind
Well I’m older now and still runnin’
Against the wind
Against the wind
Against the wind

I’m still runnin’ against the wind
I’m still runnin’ against the wind (against the wind)
I’m still runnin’ (against the wind)
I’m still runnin’ against the wind (against the wind)
Still runnin’ (against the wind)
Running against the wind
Running against the wind (against the wind)
See the young man run (against the wind)
Watch the young man run (against the wind)
Watch the young man runnin’ (against the wind)
He’ll be runnin’ against the wind (against the wind)
Let the cowboys ride (against the wind)
Oh (against the wind)
Let the cowboys ride (against the wind)
They’ll be ridin’ against the wind (against the wind)
Against the wind (against the wind)
Ridin’ against the wind (against the wind)
Against the wind

January 14, 2017

The microcosm.

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It’s all too easy to focus on either the micro or the macro, and forget the other one exists.

Lately I’ve been talking a lot about the macro stuff, trumponomics, what’s happening with the deep state and so on, but that doesn’t mean that life doesn’t go on at the local micro level either.

Local life and macro life co-exist and feed into each other, and while you have to be careful that correlation != causation, it’s wrong to ignore the micro, there are always tell tales.

So, on to the micro.

The dating / swinging scene has evolved, there is a lot less of the strong independent wimminz, hear me roar, and a lot more of the wanting some sort of relationshit, as in, forget my history, the future is less sheer numbers of sexual partners as a goal, not more, per week / month / year.

Formal divorce rates are still trending down slowly, but you have to remember that the proportion of people who are married is also a lot lower, co-habitees don’t get divorced, they still split and invoke the secret family courts and child custody battles and alimony etc, but it doesn’t get included in the divorce numbers, these numbers are still very very high, as are the allegations of violence and / or sexual abuse, but it is almost absent from mainstream reporting or public consciousness, it’s all back on the back burner with cancer, eg if it happens to you it’s real and personal, if it happens to someone else it’s just background noise.

An interesting metric locally is rental house prices, they are stagnant or dropping, for the last few years where I have been is an absolute bargain, relatively speaking, and the jump to 2 and 3 bedroom properties you were looking at the thick end of a thousand a month, that has now come down, sure, there are still places going for that and more, but there are also places going for 750 or so, bear in mind 8 years ago I was paying 625 for a 3 bed place.

So it’s still very very high in terms of absolute cost, but the wheels have definitely come off from the old days of get a liar loan interest only mortgage and rent it out and make money, property isn’t such a hot thing to be in, and you can see this when you go to the local DIY stores the footfall just isn’t there, and a lot of the local retailers who supply to independents like electricians are consolidating and closing some outlets.

The vibe on the high street in town is similarly split, there is the world of the property developer who owns whole blocks of shops, and the world of the property developer knocking shit down and building whole blocks of student flats that hold 300 students at a time, and there is everything else, and everything else is hurting.

BHS closed it’s doors months ago now and the site is still vacant and nobody knows what’s happening to it, and being a BHS you know this was a prime city centre location, there are some homeless guys who have set up tents in the doorway…

Lots of the other shops, well lets say I have walked into two of the local independents recently looking to buy something, only to be told that those whole lines of goods are no longer being done by them, again not a good sign.

On the roads driving standards and road courtesy have taken another sharp dip downwards towards the road rage end of the scale, sure it’s anecdotal and personal observations but it is quite real and quite noticeable to me.

On the business front for me things aren’t looking too bad, starting the year with three different local businesses that previously went nationally to get shit done because it was cheaper, and now they are going locally with me simply because the cheaper national ones are not delivering on promises like they used to, and it’s a lot easier to deal with someone ten miles down the road.

Globalism / Brexit / whatever but local businesses in the manufacturing sector are seeing green shoots of growth, it’s not a lot but it is there, which makes it stand out from all the service stuff…

Basically there are small businesses working at making a living and making a profit and trying real hard to do so, and in shades of what’s wrong with the world there are large national businesses that don’t have a fucking clue… for example I have not had a gas or electric bill sent through the post for over a year, and this is after arguing with them for a year over “miscalculated” bills (I have the proof in the utility’s own actual printed bills with records of payments made by me, payments which were ignored when it came to the claimed balance owing, and since disputing this non existent “debt” the utility company has simply ignored me, and not responded to attempts to communicate) which is really very symptomatic of all big business and big government in this country.

The incompetence and levels of disconnect from reality is fucking mind blowing.

Globalism / Brexit / trumpton / fracturing of the EU etc seems as real and relevant to all of these big global level players are this blog post, eg they don’t even have a suitable radar for it to fly under, it literally doesn’t exist in their world.

I’m also seeing a surprising grassroots rise in activism and “lack of complacency” for want of a better way of putting it, increasing numbers of ordinary citizens who are saying things like “Am I being detained officer?” instead of just co-operating as they used to.

And it is not going un-noticed when there are headlines like “Three men in St Austell (a small ex kaolin/tin mining town in Cornwall) arrested for murder” and then it comes out that all three and their victim were ork rapefugees… the spin is to downplay and obfuscate this fact as much as possible, yet it is the fact that most people are talking about on the street.

The whole attitude towards the homeless in general and refugees is shifting towards automatic condemnation just on status alone, and I’m not saying this is right or wrong, it’s just an observation.

It’s also just an observation that the chuggers (charity muggers with collection boxes) have pretty much disappeared from the streets, and there is little goodwill on the ground for Big Issue sellers either.

Times are hard and people are struggling and hurting trying to pay their own way, and if you aren’t struggling and hurting and paying your own way too then you ain’t one of them.image1

On the micro level it’s not just the people making the noise you need to pay attention to, it’s the people who you just do not hear or see any more, and you used to.

Look at the local jobs listings above, half of these are shit and don’t exist or never did, just recruiters cv stuffing, and half of what’s left aren’t local at all, they are recruiting for 100 miles away.

but what’s left for a regional capital city of 118,000 pop and 664 registered unemployed, lets take a look at the 7 automotive jobs.

Mechanic in Tamworth which is 2 hours drive away
Parts sales in Stoke which is 3 hours drive away
Mechanic in Brentwood which is 4 hours drive away
Driver in Harlow which is 4 hours away
Mechanic in Lincoln which is 4 hours away
2 x good vehicle drivers which are local, 1 is an agency stuffing their books

I’m not saying you *can’t* get a job locally, if you work at it long and hard enough sooner or later you find something like a zero hours shelf stacker in Tesco on minimum wage, but the traditional mantra of you need a job to get a better job so you can springboard from that shelf stacking job at £7 per hour to a driving job at £8 per hour and so on up, meh, it doesn’t fucking exist.

Employers know it, which is why they all act like they are doing you a favour to give you a job, and you better not ever ask for a pay rise or balk at being asked to do something illegal or dangerous.image2

This is a set of 3 and 4 storey modern offices, I worked there for a while a few years ago for IBM who were subcontracted to a very large national insurance company, even then the site was two thirds empty, it’s been completely vacant (apart from security staff) for the past couple of years, as you can see from the car parks, and this is literally 400 yards off the M5 motorways main J30 Exeter junction.

570 people used to work there.

It’s dead.

It’s not even being offered for rent, if you look at the local commercial property rental / lease sites, it just doesn’t exist.

It’s micro level stuff but you really need to be aware of it, the roads around where my mum lives used to be owned by people that worked at that facility… one of them now has his DPD (parcel delivery) van parked outside, one works away all week in London, one does Kleeneze, one does photography on the quiet.

The road itself is potholed to fuck and has been getting steadily worse for ten years, they used to repair them properly, now some guys come by with  a van with some tar and grit and tamp some tar in the hole and pound it for a couple of minutes and move on.

2 out of every 3 streetlights are now turned off at 8 pm.

Every day I get enquiries from people who either want something done but don’t want to pay the going rate, because that way they can’t make a profit, or they want to pay at the end of the month or whenever because they don’t have the cash flow to do the production themselves… or both.

Every couple / few weeks I get some guy sending me his CV and asking for a job, has to be said, even if I was looking for a full time employee none of them would even remotely qualify, so no, no props for going out looking for work actively seeking and all that, when your CV is all about what responsibilities you’ve had and what roles you fulfilled, and sweet fuck all about actual hand on experience and work ethic.

Day comes for me to hire it’s going to be young, pretty, with big tits and plenty of “O” vertime from the boss… .;*)

Just answer the phone and make the coffee and sweep the floor bitch.

Being brutally realistic I don’t see a way for naturally growing this business to the point where there are a dozen employees and I’m making enough profit to buy a new merc and a big house or whatever it is you are in to, maybe 20 years out, yes there is growth but it is organic, and meantime rust never sleeps and bills have to be paid and so on.

And this position makes me *fortunate* compared to many out there at the micro scale, very fucking fortunate, so trust me, I’m not knocking it or complaining, but down here at the micro scale talk of “growth” and “business” and “economy” is mainly bollocks, sure I’m positioned to help other small businesses who need our services to grow, and grow myself, and so on, but it’s more like farming, no matter what you have to put *all* the work in or you’ll get *no* crops some months down the line, and when it comes to harvest time, you still have to sell that shit at a profit…

None of this magic nigger shit about telling some lies to a computer to get a virtual money loan that you give to someone else and they give you a virtual document to a property that you let to someone else for more than your repayments on the virtual money loan and then you go round telling everyone what a fucking financial genius you are.

Mostly it’s keeping the wolf from the door and not doing anything stupid that costs you money you can’t afford to lose.

At the micro scale there is no glamour or glitz, you go out and do what you can and earn what you can and cut your suit according to your cloth.

The exact opposite of everything at the macro scale, and the disconnect between the two is starting to wear real thin nowadays.


January 13, 2017

Cutting crew

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So in part two of the “No, I don’t want to fuck your daughter just because I have a rule that I can fuck anything that lives in my house” I’ll skip right past the self evident dichotomy that me (a male) fucking an underage girl is pervy, but fucking an underage boy is gross, sure they are both the same thing, but not from the sexuality of the speaker, one is more distant than the other, but I do think we often forget how much of us is just programmed response.

More importantly I also think we vastly under estimate the awareness that social scientist types have that much of us is just programmed response….

We’ve been pissing on the heterosexual male for 30 years, and the man as head of the family for 50, and I can see in my own lifetime how the programmed response of the average person in the street has shifted.

What they will spend money on is a good metric, especially when you apply it truly and fairly, I can pull my own childhood as an example, pocket money was a scarce resource, so what you spent it on spoke volumes.

Ice cream now and again, war comics now and again, “toys” that weren’t toys so much as things like bits of meccano or pocket knives or catapults or air pistols, pens and pencils and protractor / drawing sets were always popular too, but so were lengths of rope or twine and an axe and hammer and nails to build a fort in the woods or to build a swing to cross a river. (click on image for full size version where you can see the paedo hiding in the bushes…sic)img_1157

40/50 years later I walk those same paths past those same rivers, and there is not a single child or single group of children playing there.


The programmed response of the average child has been shifted so far in two short generations that it is now seen as a place to take your dog for a walk, you can take your kids too if you must, but keep them on a lead…. ain’t nobody out damming the river and building rope swings across it and forts and dens and hidey holes and falling in and getting near drowned.

It’s not something you can just wave your hands at and say ooh technology has changed, the brook/river you see here hasn’t, everything that was possible for a child in the 60’s is possible today, if anything the technology enables you to do it all better.

But all these forms of play are now verboten, if someone saw kids playing in the river they would call the police and their parents, what were they thinking of, the kids are at risk from the paedophile trolls living under the viaduct, or they could get injured, or dirty…

Instead kids today are spending all their money on mobile technology so they can stay immersed in social media and online gaming and chat, they are watching hardcore porn at 10 and taking sexy selfies (child porn to you and me citizen) at 11, and live streaming their own suicide at 12.

In the name of all the things that we used to do that were “harmful”, these new protected citizens routinely daily indulge in normalised behaviour that to us would have been seen as literally insanely criminally irresponsible to allow a child to partake in.

And this is of course the whole fucking point, and much as I often bang on about fucking underage children, the point is not necessarily to fuck them all, though it does make that more attainable should you be so inclined, but the fact is if you can sexualise the little shits, then everything else you get for free.

It’s the “everything else” that these social scientist types are after, really, how many under age girls can you fuck at once, and all you get out of it is sex, but you can market and mold and manipulate tens of thousands at a time, and monetize it for the next 40 years, and get them to help you do the same to the next 2 generations in “the new normal” and that is where it’s at jack.

The ISIS caliphate and all the rest are rank fucking amateurs at this shit on the best day they ever had, but these social scientist types are a thousand times more effective on the worst day they ever had.

In a long since vanished (thank fuck) dead tree missive of the 70’s I speculated in writing about the purpose of the government of the day employing tens of thousands of psychiatrists and social scientists, but none of them in a front line treatment role, all of them in back room policy roles, and 99% of them in areas that apparently have no connection whatsoever to mental health, such as electoral commission boundaries, local planning permissions, food regulation, and so on.

I say thank fuck because in the 70’s I wrote it in my own name and drew the obvious parallels to what was happening in education with the marxists poisoning everything and what was happening in employment with the fucking fag activists poisoning everything.

There was a lot of fringe shit back then and being brutally honest if 500 people read your shit you were doing spectacularly well, so as a threat to the society at large you were nowt.

Now we have 11 year old girls who use words like CUNT and FUCK and MOTHERFUCKER who talk about dildos and anal beads and they have > 650,000 subscribers on youtube.

You see, the danger has never so much been in what you do, because you can do all sorts of things on the quiet and out of the public eye, no, the danger was always in someone telling someone else what you did.

One the one hand this has not gotten asymmetric, fuck an underage girl in 1960 or in 2010 and they still go and tell one person, da policeman, and the ball rolls on from there, on the other hand it has, the aforementioned suicided 12 year old girl has been viewed literally many many millions of times, whereas in the 60’s there was maybe 50 people she could have badmouthed you to…. you could in theory have left town to escape it in the 60’s, in the new age nowhere on the planet is safe from the self appointed vigilates who will be busy tracking down and punishing the evil cunt who sexually abused the now dead by her own hand 12 year old girl.

No court trial has ever been held.

For all I know no actual police complaint was ever made.

Doesn’t stop the millions who accept at face value and condemn, and the tens of thousands who will attempt to track down and identify and punish whoever was “guilty” of this.

Of course it’s all really nasty if the subject of the slur is Trump fucking russian sluts in Odessa in a bed made from WMD’s in a sexed up dossier, or if Mutti Merkel gets death threats, or if Putin puts Russian borders near yet another NATO troop buildup…

But it all stems from sexualising children from as low an age as possible so they go from being weaned to being sexualised with no childhood at all in between, because once you achieve that, then you can achieve anything else your heart desires, because reality itself becomes fluid at that point.

99.999% of people who read or watched the phrase “Solyent Green is People!” didn’t get it, the problem wasn’t that is was 99% pure people, the problem wasn’t that it was incorrectly labelled, the problem was noboday gave a fuck even when you told them, except to shoot the messenger.

Nobody gives a fuck if 0.01% of the population is a latent paedo, or if 99.99% of the population is a latent paedo, the paedo tendencies or lack of them are not the issue, the issue is teaching 100% of people that they cannot even trust their own minds and souls and tendencies.

If 30% of the (presumably male) population is a potential paedo then frankly fucking underage kids should be legalised, because that is a bigger proportion of the population than is homosexual or muslim or conservative or anything else you can shake a stick at.

If 0.01% of the (presumably male) population is a potential paedo then frankly you should be treating the paedo risk somewhere along near the risk of an asteroid impact, and focusing on actual likely dangers to your kids, like motor vehicles and fuckbook exposure.

But no, we get the worst of both worlds, every (presumably male) one is a potential paedo, so nobody can trust anyone else and nobody can trust themselves, and reality especially.

Follow the fucking money. The text in blue above is the way to maximally monetise everything, and to keep that ball rolling like russian agression and hacking, you have to make sure there is as much childhood sexualisation as possible, because other wise it ain’t self sustaining.

I had this discussion with someone a few weeks ago, they know me well and saw my reaction in a certain set of circumstances and said (despite what the secret family court judge said) there was no way I was any kind of risk to kids, in fact there were few people on the planet they would rather their kids were left with if something happened to them.

My response was that that was gratifying to hear, but it’s a bit like what you would do if someone pointed a loaded gun at you, you don’t actually know what you would do until / unless it actually happened.

The social programming is so strong that they were absolutely adamant that there was no way I could sexually abuse a child.

I was all, yeah, whoosh, missed my point entirely, maybe you should be praying I did want to, and so form some sort of bond, because for all I know if you did pop your clogs and if you actually could leave your kids to me to raise who is to say I’d step up to the plate?

I might well be all oh no fuck this I’m not taking on that shit for the next ten years, give the little shits up for adoption.

I don’t know until / unless it happened.

That was the point.

The social programming simply cannot handle such uncertainty, there are only absolutes in the new fluid reality, and sure, those absolutes may flip from one state to another as time passes (and back again) but at no point is there a simple acceptance of uncertainty and not knowing.

You cannot have the simply acceptance of an uncertain situation “no reason to assume they are a paedophile”, you must have an absolute certainty, so they become “a possible paedophile that must be prevented from having any opportunities to bugger small children” because it is absolutely 100% certain that it is a possibility.

I can create and circulate a document that claims that Trump takes it up the ass from Belorussian shemales, and why not, it *might* be true, or have some shades of truth, or be close enough to something else to have some shades of truth, it’s not about him ACTUALLY getting his bunghole filled with shemale cum, it’s about it being possible that he might under certain circumstances like it, or allow it, or participate in it, or watch it on the internet…

Lord knows he could buy/rent it any time he wanted, and lord knows there are enough people out there who would offer it to swing a multimillion dollar deal with the guy…

One thing all the social scientist programmed populace agree upon, you simply cannot sit there are say “You know what, I have no fucking idea what The Donald’s sexual tastes are, and you know what else, I’m more than happy to go the rest of my life not knowing, or needing to know, or thinking I need to know, or trying to factor it into any decisions or opinions or thoughts about the guy…. I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!”

Do that shit out loud and you’ll WISH you were caught fucking underage kids.

January 9, 2017

The man in the low(brow) castle…

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So, I sez to da bitch;

No, it’s not that I want to fuck your daughters…..” and I pause to let that sentence sink in, “… it’s just that my rules are that if it lives in this house I get to fuck it whenever I please.

But…” she says, “.. that’s the same thing!

No.” I reply, “No, it’s not the same thing at all, because it is YOU who wants your daughters to live in this house with me, I don’t care if they do or don’t. But if they do, house rules apply…

In 2017 it’s become trendy to brand this as an r/K conflict or impasse, it’s nothing of the sort, it’s just old school gaslighting and playing the vagina entitlement card.

Note the bold blue text doesn’t specify female, it doesn’t even specify human, it’s just a blanket rule.

Yet along comes someone who wants something and who wants that thing to be an exception, so the blanket rule gets re-written to sound like I’m only interested in burying my cock in underage poon, which is unreasonable and disgusting, so by extension the entire blanket rule gets shitcanned as unreasonable and disgusting.

I’m not allowed a blanket rule, because princess has some womb turds that she wants to be exempted from the blanket rule.

Now long dead and buried and forgotten is the simple fact that it was the princess in the first place who had the idea of bringing her womb turds to live in my castle, it wasn’t my idea or offer or invitation, it was entirely her own idea.

Only in the annals of back street blogs like this does the man get to point out that not only all that, but if he was going to have some young bitches come stay under the blanket rule, he wouldn’t have chosen this princess’s womb turds, they are spoilt fat ugly and entitled, so even when the great healer that is time has passed in sufficient quantity that nobody could level any accusations of paedophilia, the skanks in question are still unfuckably fat and ugly and entitled.

Which was the original purpose of the blanket rule, anything unfuckable for any reason, and it matters not if that reason is juvenile age or juvenile intellect and entitlement attitude, is excluded from consideration, much less eligibility.

The bold blue text blanket rule is in effect nothing more than a condensed down to the minimum rule, sure, you could cover all the bases in other ways, and end up with a 144 page document full of sections and subsections and clauses, but to what purpose?

It’s telling that there have been three occasions in my life so far where wimminz have eventually come to accept the blanket rule for what it is, but still wanted the skanky little sprogs to come stay, and then proceeded to try to clarify the circumstances under which their progeny get rogered by yours truly at will.

It always comes down to the same reason, “actually they are better off having sex with you and learning things right that what I had and what they will likely have etc..” and so on… is the mother’s refrain.

ohhh-kaaaayyyyy… but it still doesn’t address the basic blanket rule does it….. because the last word of the is “please” (as in please me, not please and thank you) and if it don’t please me then it still won’t be passing the basic blanket rule will it…

How could it possibly not please me, it’s mini me cunt time, just like them, but younger and fresher and firmer and purer etc etc etc.

Bitch, just accept one thing, you do not get male sexuality.

Your sources are dubious at best, your best source is me, but you ain’t listening to me, when you claim to try to listen and understand you do so for 30 seconds before throwing your hands up and claiming you’ll never understand men, or me, cos I’m weird, not like other men.

Funny, cos I haven’t met many men at all who did not understand me perfectly when it came to my sexual desires, pretty much 99.9% of them knew exactly where I was coming from, their pretty little 7 year old daughter was as safe as houses, her 17 year old slutty sister I’d fuck the ass off in a heartbeat, if invited…

Never did yet meet a man who thought I might be tempted to rape his devoutly loyal wife / girlfriend the moment his back was turned, met thousands who didn’t trust their wife / girlfriend to not spread thei legs and fuck me the moment his back is turned, but who were also too scared to dare to say such a thing to the wife / GF in question, but they felt they could say it to me.. can I trust you with the missus bro?

Hell no. Not unless she is unfuckable, in which case it is hell yes.

You dissing my woman and saying she is fat and ugly and unfuckable bro?

Hell yes. Not unless she ain’t, in which case it is hell no.

You see, blanket rules don’t start and end at fucking anything with a pulse that lives under my roof…

Another blanket rule is the FRONT DOOR, it’s mine, I answer it if I choose to, use it if I choose to, and only what I choose to allow passes between the OUTSIDE and the INSIDE, and the front door is the checkpoint.

By “what” I don’t just mean people, or indeed items, I also mean information, ideas, beliefs, attitudes, lifestyles and so on.

At this point you could be forgiven for thinking that princess sees this second blanket rule as icing on the cake for the first, not only do I get to fuck the little sluts, but what happens in vegas stays in vegas and no tales get told out of school, because sure enough, you’re right.

The reality is another thing entirely, as my visitors discovered when they came over for christmas and asked to use the wi-fi, free wi-fi guest network is bandwidth limited at 256/256 k, and there are also a whole shit of firewall rules in place, plus you’re on your own little separate vlan away from the private wifi and wired lans.

I choose to block twitter and fuckbook and all that shit at the firewall, I choose to do so because it’s my shit that I pay for and I don’t want it in my house.

I don’t give a fuck if princess’s womb turds’ cervixes will fall out on the ground unless they are able to tether to fuckbook 24/7, I don’t use it so why should I enable or permit or assist anyone else to use it on my dime?

You ain’t getting netflix either, or BBC iplayer, or anything else, I don’t give a fuck how used to are to absorbing 6 hours of peppa pig and teletubbies per day, I won’t have that shit in my house.

There is (checks) on the NAS box on the lan a PDF library that runs to 30 gig and 5,500 + documents, everything book and magazine wise you can shake a stick at, there are 57,000+ mp3’s, there is a fuckton of stuff, of course it is all too boring to even consider looking at the index, when there is the latest box set of buffy to watch on netflix…

I am awaiting with much anticipation the day I walk into someone else’s house and they have the amazon echo running, yeah man, I’ll have a coffee, white and sweet please, and the minute they are in the kitchen I’ll be all…

“HEY ALEXA!  Buy a TSX Trojan Horse Black!”

Oh yeah, because that’s the shit that you deserve to have happen to you when you effectively invite big brother into your home.

Because I just *know* that when I do that, if alexa automagically orders your damn horse cock dildo from your amazon shopping account with your saved ebanking details and so on, it will somehow be *my* fucking fault, not yours.

Just like it’s my fault I don’t want to let your waifs in my house unless I get to fuck them regularly, because lets face it, nothing is ever ever ever your fault… so it must always be someone else’s fault, and if they dare to give you valid explanations why it ain’t so, and how they have basic blanket rules to protect their own homes and sanity, you just know they are full of shit, after all, you have alexa, if you have it, why should anyone else be paranoid about it??? unless they were afraid alexa will overhear them fucking your womb turds with monster horse cock dildos.

Alexahu Akbar.

January 7, 2017

Stop screaming (still)

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It was one of my favourite bits from the old shoot em up by raven / activision that went by the name of soldier of fortune, and it was a line of dialogue used by one of the bad guys, you first encountered it in a subway about the time you find another bad guy taking a piss and get to blow him away before he takes a different tool in hand and does the same for you.

So anyways I’ve basically been a week in and out of bed and not much else with this fucking winter flu / virus / bug / whatever it is doing the rounds, I seem to be unreasonably healthy generally, but every three of four years get hit with one of these things that takes me out for a few days.

Coming out the ass end of it now and weak as a kitten.

The interesting thing about such bouts of infection is how they fuck with your head and thought processes, if ever you needed proof that your brain was a biochemical computer nothing provides it so well as being on the inside looking out while said biochemical computer gets infected and fucked up.

Of course my name isn’t Princess Laidup so I haven’t been self medicating with Prozac for 40 years (just caffeine and nicotine) so the picture of her ashes in a giant prozac capsule for interment with her momma Debbie Remoulds was quite the WTF moment for me.

It’s easy for me to tell internally I ain’t well, because I could lie there and intellectually think all sorts of weird and wacky sexual things, but down in the trouser department nothing was stirring, not even first thing in the am, Roger the trouser snake wasn’t interested in much apart from draining piss from the bladder, and very drippily at that, he wasn’t even sulking at the loss of sexual function, he was more of a don’t give a fuck it’s gone and don’t give a fuck if it ever comes back either, so fuck you, now fuck off and leave me alone.

I’ve never been one to under-estimate how big an effect medication / diet / environment / etc not just “can” but does have on brain function, which means thought processes, which means personality.

Fred on Acid != Fred on Prozac != Fred on caffeine.

Not in a “fred ain’t acting himself” way, but in an all three are essentially different people way, I always used to say this to people who would come to me for advice about someone who was abusing heavily drink or drugs, the alcoholic/junkie Fred you are talking about helping is not the same person as the Fred you used to know, nothing applies the same any more.

I dallied for a few years at a time regularly daily dosing myself with grass and speed and acid, and then regularly daily dosing myself with alcohol, I know this to be true, I handled that shit like a pro, but the person I was then ain’t the person I am now, and between thee and me and the gatepost that’s all the reasons I have ever really needed to not go back on the booze or back on the dope, once I eventually discovered who I was, I feel no need to change that and go away from it.

Like Princess Fuckedup and every other celebutard you can name,  I was clearly self medicating to change who I was, not realising that perhaps who I was wasn’t the fucking problem, who I was pretending to be and who I was hanging out with and what fucking lifestyle I was trying to live were the problem.

The thing I never really got was that I was fundamentally changing myself, I knew all the catchphrases, it’s not booze, it’s anaesthetic, it’s not reality, it’s lack of drugs, like some dystopian fantasy world where you take the psychopath pill every day to go to work in a particular job, then take the anti-psychopath pill when you go home, so that when you are at home you will be “normal”… fat fucking chance.

The huge irony is that looking back on it all, at the time the whole rebel without a cause “what ya got” thing pissed me off because it was so fake and so many tried to constantly fake it so I consciously avoided that whole scene man, but the reality was I didn’t like what life had to offer and instead of going out and actively changing that I just passively rejected it, and actually became the rebel without a cause, what ya got?

And with the benefit of enough years and 20/20 hindsight I was Brando, and similarly admired and reviled by the wimminz and others, rebels without causes ain’t particularly dangerous y’see, and revolutions that are never intended to progress beyond my own biochemistry aren’t particularly threatening either.

What ya got meant I was against anything you cared to name, and being against it meant I didn’t partake in it, responsibility’s for the birds man.

Never made the slightest effort to work *against* the thing in question, the cause du jour, “not my scene” non participation in that shit while I spent my time doing some other shit instead.

Jimmy Dean was too angst ridden and involved, Marlon was all fuck it, I’ll pass on that shit, but they were all of course silver screen fantasies, and whatever personal fantasies (or vanities) I was indulging in it was very much real life.

Unlike the on screen Dean and Brando playing with knives and fighting, I always carried a knife (always Buck for me) but never once showed one in anger, for we knew that knives weren’t toys to impress, a knife is a killing tool, and it works best if the intended deceased don’t see it, and even if the intended deceased is carrying a firearm if you get within 10 feet he’s dead, you might be too, but he would be. *maybe* one person walked away from a knife “fight”.

Nevertheless like everything else the mere carrying was seen as symbolic and proof of danger and bad intent, contrary to all the empirical factual evidence, because, you know, some people got injured and killed with knives.

See, that’s the other way to fuck with your biochemistry, make the harmless things that you want to do illegal, so you either avoid doing them or do them and take your chances, but the stress free innocent option of doing them freely is gone along with the biochemistry you would have had.

So welcome to the brave new world of 2017, Trump takes office in 13 days, the Kenyan is still fucking with things as much as possible, as are the MSM and just about everyone else, because it appears that in the US and in the UK and EU, the population is split, and those who have held sway for 30 years simply aren’t prepared to endure the brain biochemistry changes required for regime change, while those who have endured for the past 30 years really don’t want another month, and both sides would rather the whole fucking edifice of modern society collapse, rather than give an inch… not that there is an inch to be given.

2017 is going to be either coming round from a long spell of illness / drunkeness / stoned stupor, and entering a new reality, or leaving a long spell of the old reality and entering a long spell of sickness / drunk / stoned and getting used to it.

Pretty is one thing it won’t be.

“Real” is another thing it won’t be, just a shift change in who is stoned and who is straight 24/7.

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