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December 3, 2016

Hipster cunts

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On a motorcycle forum that I sometimes frequent, a thread came up recently about the demise of decent quality magazines, I posted a comment echoing this and said the same thing happened to computer and electronics mags, they all got bought up by big publishing houses ISO profit and adverts and the art of storytelling was killed off.

Cue people talking about the new breed of bike magazine, shit like GKM (greasy kustom) and DICE, so me being me I toddle off and see what I can find out.

Really, just the same fucking shit, I LIVED THROUGH THIS SHIT, and even did it for a while (hardtail chops with 1.1 US gallon peanut tanks with no reserve) until I woke the fuck up, and hand built bikes artfully painted to look like they have been in a barn under a tarp for 40 years until you found it yesterday, and not to mention the obligatory beards and fully body tats…

Back in the day “lifestyle” meant just that, that was how you lived your life, but it wasn’t some insulated make believe that only worked as long as there was free credit and chinese sweatshops kind of lifestyle, it was the raw and unforgiving one where “money” was cash and you got paid weekly and when you ran out you ran out so good luck trying to buy *anything*… unless you could borrow a 5 or a 10 from someone.

A guy building a bitsa rat bike out of the bits he had because those were the bits he had, is a fucking world away from some retro-hipster type trying to artfully create something in 2016 with a panhead bottom end and shovel heads and a BSA frame and no front brakes.

The whole “clean and lean” no front brake thing came about because of poverty and lack of engineering skill, brakes on motorcycles then were shoe, twin shoe if you were lucky, so it was cable operated, and most people couldn’t make cables (a surprising number of bike mechanic shops couldn’t make cables) or to be accurate could not make them so the cable did not pull out… so any non standard front end was potentially an issue, especially when you altered the rake and extended it, turned out things got really wobbly really quick (teles in those days were still fairly new, and fairly spindly) and combine that with grabby shoe brakes and experimenters soon discovered the only cheap solution was to make the unsprung weight at the front end as low as possible, so skinny wheel + skinny tyre + no brake shoes or hub + 40 spokes or less… suddenly a “style” was born, and now 45 fucking years later cunts are trying to copy the style where there is not one single valid reason to do so, it would be like trying to build an MP3 player that looked like an old horn 74 RPM player.

I could go through most of the things that became style factors, and invariably the reasons for them were mundane and technical or financial, NO FUCKING WAY we would have dismissed modern technologies if they were available or affordable.

Cutting a frame, usually a damaged or rusted frame, and welding on a hardtail was cheaper than any other option to get you back on the road, simple as.

In the early 80’s I sold a ducati to a patch biker who cut the ass end off and hardtailed it and claimed it handled better, but then again when your access to technology consists of a mate who can weld, a mate who can paint, and a hacksaw, and for whatever reasons you think it is gonna damage your street cred to be seen on a factory standard bike, that’s the shit you do.

He thought he was cool, I thought he was a cunt for doing that to a duke…

But CNC didn’t exist, the internet and fedexing a part you just bought online from the states didn’t exist, MiG didn’t exist (I dunno when it actually started but all you would ever actually find in a mechanic / garage was an old oxford oil bath AC stick welder and oxy-acetylene with some saffire brazing torches.) and for sure there were mills and lathes and surface grinders and all that around, but they were manually human operated by skilled men, chances are you weren’t one of them.

I always took great pains to make sure the brakes and steering on my bikes was as good as I could get it, so even if the rear end was a hardtail with a drum brake, the front end did not have too much rake and I’d have at least one disk brake up there, albeit a solid stainless rotor completely unlike modern brakes that you had to kiss with the pads to dry and warm it before using it, or you could just grab a handful and nothing would happen for a second and then it would lock up, but use it right and it vastly outperformed twin leading shoe BSA style and front wheels are 70% of your braking ability on a bike.

But my dad was an engineer and as a result I was for more mechanically minded and able than most, most couldn’t even do brake cables properly, so making up and bleeding a hydraulic front caliper and hoses was rocket science, literally, so the 4″ single shoe drum from a big dia skinny profile trail bike got used, and it wasn’t really used as a brake, and even if it was a decent cables were used it was impossible to lock up.

But no, today these cunts are looking at old photos and trying to re-create that shit, without ever having a clue that that shit was down to necessity, not choice, and that necessity more often than not was our ONLY mode of transport.

Back then people’s bikes were constantly evolving because bits were constantly either breaking or (literally) falling off… I shit you not, it had absolutely sweet fuck all to do with constantly customising towards some sort of goal or style.

Footpegs / gear selectors, brake levers, mudguards, chains, exhausts, silencers, fuel tanks, oil tanks, headlights, seats, engine mounting bolts, chain / primary cover bolts, I have had the lot fall off bikes while riding, welds boke, things rusted, things fatigued, nuts and fasteners worked loose, shit we used to make our own wire locking good end threaded bar for footpegs and drill through the nut are wire lock it, or hammer the end of the thread to mushroom it, and shit still fell off… and broke.

And yet, despite all the advances in technology, despite these new hipster retro bikes having (compared to us) a ton of money thrown at them, despite them (compared to us) doing fuck all miles and not being the sole means of transport, they still break down, but these cunts think it is funny or part of the charm.

Ain’t no humour or charm in your oil tank splitting the seams 50 miles from home on a sunday, when you need to get home, and ride it to work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday so you get paid and maybe fix it before the next thing breaks or falls off.

Ain’t no humour or charm in routinely getting wet and cold because you are wearing denim and patched leather and cotton, with maybe some dirty 40 weight lube oil smeared in for some water repellent ability, because you can’t afford Belstaff waterproof waxed cotton jackets and jeans and so on, because all your money goes on keeping the fucking bike running.

Now these cunts dress up the same, like these kids who pay good money for brand new jeans that look like they are worn out with cuts and holes everywhere.


So no, really, do NOT expect me to come over all “Hey Bro” fellow knight of the road when you come rolling down my way, or worse still when you look at me and my pretty clean, unless you really know what you are looking at can’t tell it isn’t exactly the way it came from the factory, fuck you I paid my dues, now I ride when I want to, when it’s warmer and drier and nicer, skinny old ass, and decide to look down your nose at me because you think you’re fucking hardcore on your retro hipster shovster with 60 miles range which is enough to get to half a dozen latte and tattoo parlours.

And if you think this rant is JUST about bikes and bikers you got another think comin’ at ya… that ain’t even scratching the surface bro.

Now git the fuck off my lawn.


And £30 fucking quid a year for six issues of your poxy hipster magazine so you can take more arty HDR photos of people like you and continue your fake lifestyle… go fuck yourself… that’s 28 litres of gas at todays prices, gas to take me out on roads where I’ll never see cunts like you… because there are no latte bars or artistic graffiti or hip clothing stores.

November 30, 2016

I feel like a wog

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So a couple of days ago here in the UK we were treated to a photo in the “news” of some skank walking out of downing street with a full page of hand written notes visible dealing with brexit, and this happens maybe 30 feet away from the press, who are all armed with *excellent* Canon and Nikon kit and lenses.

It is not possible to be in government at that level and not be aware of cameras and lenses, it simply is not possible, so everything you want to keep quiet will go in a zipped attaché case, end of.

If it doesn’t, and it is carried like that, you were meant to fucking see it, which means it’s fake news.

It’s like the USA and UK (and other places) coming up with a cash for clunkers car scrappage scheme at the same time, anything that can be sold as a good idea with few objections gets it, so all you have to do is take your real idea and wrap it in fakery until it can be sold as a good idea with few objections.

See, the monarchy ended for me in 1974, because here in the UK the monarchy has to sign every law into being, and in ’74 lizzie signed the helmet law into being, and for me that was the first time the state intervened in my life, or if you like the day my eyes were first opened.

I wrote to both the Daily Mail and the Express back then, and both letters were published, but by the time creative editing had been done all the facts had been removed and what was left was me apparently supporting the new law, when in fact I was vehemently against it, and that was the day the media died in my eyes.

Mr Clancy, my physics teacher, will forever remain a God in my memory, because he would answer any and every question, and he never ever resorted to “because it just is, OK, now stop asking”

Even questions that he could not answer, or to which the answer was not know, he would discuss.

It’s a dangerous rabbit hole to go down, once you start questioning, and stop accepting “because it just is, OK” as a reason, because before long you’ll find that at least 90% of life and laws and customs come in the “because it just is, OK” category.

At that time in the UK it was legal to fuck or join the army at 16, to get a driving licence or get married without consent at 17, to buy alcohol or vote at 18, and drive a truck at 21, I can’t honestly remember the age of homosexual consent because it didn’t affect me, it would have been 18 or 21 I guess.

The obvious inconsistencies in those ages or permissibility gave rise to a very good question, the question wasn’t where you could set the age of consent for sex, there were arguments for and against various ages, but you had to draw the line somewhere, the argument was, WHY do you have to draw the line somewhere?

Today if you are in any position of authority, the age of sexual consent is 18, which means that I could marry a girl who was my student and live platonically for a year and not consummate the marriage and not break any laws, but if I fuck my wife it would be illegal, because she was also my student, and I mean ANY student, could be driving student for all the law cares.

The shit doesn’t mean the lines are drawn in the wrong place, though that is ALWAYS what is said, the lines are in the wrong place, what it means is that shit should not exist in the first place.

You either have an age of majority or you do not, and if you do, that age applies to EVERY fucking thing, and if you are troubling yourself over questions like it being ok for johnny to join the army and get his ass shot off at 17, but he should be allowed to get his ass reamed until he is 18, then the problem is you, you do not get the principle of majority.

If you are NOT in the majority, then you should be protected, and if you are going to be protected, you should be protected from everything, no good saying porn is bad for 10 year old girls, but tampax and beauty marketing is good for 10 year old girls, if they are minors you do not get to market ANYTHING to them.

Back in the day the Meccano #6 set was not marketed to small boys like me, it was marketed to dads like mine, who might want to consider buying such an educational and fun present for their son.

I remember when Google / android / smartphones came out, I remember a smart but paranoid guy saying to me that target market wasn’t adults like us, long term the target market was 5 year olds an up, and he was right.

What an amazing device to put into the hands of young children, in the same society where we are taught that the evils of child indoctrination by the Nazis were the pinnacle of devilry, when the reality is ceebeebies and peppa pig alone blow away anything the hitler youth managed in terms of mind shaping.

It is very easy to say “everything you read in the MSM is a lie”, it’s a factual statement, but it’s not helpful, the hard bit comes when you start collating and documenting all the lies, hoping to infer the truth by inference from all the negatives, the suspect does not have red hair, or frizzy hair, does not have brown eyes, does not go by the name of Fred, does not like baseball or any ball sports, does not live in a house.

Ah yes, clearly we are talking about the late and not lamented (because nobody is talking about it) Julian Assange, least of all the non-compromised wikileaks.

Meanwhile in the states everyone is talking about possible back room deals and you scratch my back swamp dwellers being behind Carrier deciding not to outsource 1000 manufacturing jobs to mexico, whereas all the donald had to do was pick up the phone BEFORE he won the election and tell the board of carrier that if those jobs go, ALL carriers guvvmint tit contracts would go along with them, the donald wins, carrier execs run around like headless chickens for a week or two arguing over who is going to be sacrificed at board level, and the announcement is made, the jobs are staying.

The donald is going to hire hitlary as secretary of state, well the MSM says so, but those “in the know” say no, the donald says fuck the MSM, the donald makes all his announcements via twatter…

That’s great, except the donald does not control twatter, so those who do have ultimate control over what he says..

Erdogan is doing a deal with Putin, Erdogan is invading Syria and declaring war on Putin by proxy, in a world of lies, nobody knows the truth, we just know what the lies are, which is basically everything we are told, from how to think to how to act to how to behave.

I have long said, YOU should not care if |I do not steal from you because it would be wrong, or because I don’t want to go to prison, to YOU, the outcome is the same, it is only ME who should care why I do not steal from you.

You should only care if you wish to associate with me, and I will use the same metric to judge you, and that is all old school human interaction 1-on-1 stuff that cannot be digitised or automated or signed or certificated.

You should care which sort or person has power over you though… don’t vote for anyone you don’t know personally.

Can’t run a democracy like that? Too bad, you were asking the wrong question, that line did not need to be drawn at all.

SOCIETY will run itself.

The age of consent should be decided by he whom is responsible for the body in question, so in the case of the young girl it is either her call, or her father’s call, nobody else’s business.

Standards based shit like driving, you either make the standard or you do not, who gives a shit if you are 14 or 40.

November 25, 2016


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I had a convo with someone regarding the recent push by the EU, sans a Hitlary prezzident-elect, to say fuck it, we’ll start a war with Russia without the Yanks help…

Suffice it to say we had a difference of opinion, my opinion was rendering themselves unelectable wasn’t their (Eg our glorious EU leaders from mutti merkel on down) concern, their concern was swinging from lamp-posts, and that was likely to follow being unelectable and someone draining the swamp and digging up the dead bodies and pointing fingers… so the only way to prevent it all is to head em off at the pass end herd everyone over the cliff to war.

His opinion was that nobody was that fucking crazy, nobody would choose all the perils of war over the perils of a swamp draining a guillotine party, because there would be no guillotine party, maybe a little suspended jail time.

Now, I can’t say I have known intimately any paedos or serial killers, but I did know very well indeed someone who today would be called a crazy stalker.

I knew both the stalker A, and the object of their attentions B, and one day B did something trivial for A (who had a few life issues anyway it had to be said) and within 24 hours A was flatly convinced that she and B were in forever love and were destined to be together forever.

B, for his part, felt none of this, and went from someone prepared to talk to her socially to someone who used to hide from her.

Me being me I took the opportunities as presented, B would ask me to keep A away from him, A would ask me to get her closer to B, I told A jealousy was the way to go so we’d have to have lots of kinky sex, it worked for a few weeks… from my perspective…

But, it was the talking to A, fucking delusional doesn’t cut it, on so many fucking levels, that she was a gorgeous person who B deserved to be with, because only that way could B be happy etc.

B basically skipped the country a few weeks later, went to Italy and made everyone promise not to tell A he had gone to the Canaries…lol.. me and two others knew he was actually going to Genoa.

Anyway, prior to meeting her, I would never have believed, that contrary to every single bit of evidence available, someone could believe a thing, and would go to any lengths to protect that belief.

About the time I bailed the penny dropped that to A the greatest evils in her life was anything and everything that challenged her beliefs, all those thousands of contrary facts? They were mere tests, only visible to those who were her enemies and who wished her to fail in her destiny.

That bitch would have started global thermonuclear war, not even to get her dream, but just for an evening in the same bar as B, so she could gaze at him like a starving hyena eyes a trapped baby goat.

So, when I see these freaks angling for an increase in tensions and a move closer to war with Russia, I *do* fucking believe it, and all I can see is that whatever their dark secrets and desires and beliefs are, they are strong enough that war with Russia is seen as a solution, not a problem.

You see, to these people, the problem is *not* having some huge distracting event, whereas Brexit / Trumpit / Grexit / Frexit / Italeave / etc *is* the worst of all possible worlds, and since they are the worst of all possible worlds, all actions to avert them are justified.

The difference between B and the brexiters who celebrated here and the trumpton-ites who celebrated in the states is B did not think that A was like him but a bit crazy, or that A was like him but a bit messed up, or that A was like him but a bit prone to do the odd bad thing, or that A was like him but was just misunderstood or confused.

B knew that A was fucking psycho, and if she ever got him alone and the mirror got cracked, she’d cut his fucking heart out, if she couldn’t have him, nobody could.

B knew that there was not one single redeeming feature in A, not one single thing to inspire mercy or understanding or help or compassion, kill it with fire, but since he could not do that without sacrificing his own life he made himself disappear.

B could do that, because A was just a lone psycho with no power.

As time goes by, I am staring to accept the proposition that humanity is indeed facing an r/K civil war, those in power will not relinquish it or allow a sea change, they’d rather burn it all down, to them it is the safer and saner option.

I cannot see any evidence to the contrary………… and I have been looking, because I have been wanting to dismiss the theory for some months now.

November 18, 2016

In God we trust, everyone else pays cash.

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I get it now and again in the business, I do not and will not have a card terminal, which stops everyone from paying me with plastic, which stops everyone who only has a credit card and no cash from paying me, and pay comes before play, but for all that it is still a largely electronic virtual fiat transaction.

Demonetisation day 9 in India, and of course it’s largely ignored in western media, when it really should be a top of the hour every hour story, because it is the story of what happens when the government decides that, in order to stop terrorism / black economy / donald-fucking-trump / drugs cartels / whatever, they just make all the higher denomination paper money bills invalid, if you hold any, you have to go to a bank and exchange them for the new replacement not so high denomination bills….

… in a country where a lot of the people don’t even have a bank account and where cash is king, you get paid in cash, you spend cash, there will probably be millions of indians whose nearest bank is far enough away that unless you want to spend 3 days walking there are 3 days walking back, the only way you’ll get there is to spend a bunch of money you can’t afford to get there and back, but most of the money you actually hold is now worthless, so you can’t spend it on a bus or train ride, because the bus and train companies won’t take it… because it’s now worthless until it is exchanged in a bank for the new notes, and that process is chaotic and slow.

If you have hundreds of millions of rupees in the bank down the road in a city you can of course easily enough do an electronic transfer to the Mercedes dealership to buy your new S class….

But make no mistake, the war on cash is already here in the west, and it is going to get bigger and badder and meaner because the move is to outlaw cash, like guns, only criminals have guns, so gun ownership is criminal, but an illegal gun fires bullets just as well as a legal gun, an illegal fiat currency is poor quality toilet paper at best.

We here in the UK used to have a cash economy, some time later after the introduction of fake paper substitutes like cheques and later still fake electronic substitutes like plastic and e-banking, there were still vestiges of the cash economy, but by then it was known as the black economy.

In the 2 years my business has been running I have seen a decline in the black economy, despite incentives of around a 20% discount on every bill, the amount of cash I take is decreasing steadily, with erstwhile regular cash customers now opting for paper invoices and cheque payments, and these are the old die hards who have bugger all “internet” and “e-banking” facilities / knowledge / inclination.

Bank branches are closing and those that are open are using machines instead of staff and fewer staff numbers, so it is increasingly a pain in the ass to go and draw cash to pay me or anyone else cash and get a cash discount, again, most of these regular customers are in a position to simply pass on the increased cost to their customers, and it saves them having to go to the bank and draw cash every time they give me an order.

“They” are creating a situation where the only people who will be using cash are those who are dealing in drugs and stolen goods, and those who cannot get a bank account and plastic debit card and have internet and e-banking, and ever here in the prosperous west, there are more of those than you would be comfortable believing exist… so many that there were initiatives to create an inclusive alternative for them in the shape of bank accounts lite with the Post Office, and even those some people can’t get.

Thus the initial premise that only the undesireables and criminals use cash becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, meanwhile billions at a time money launderers and criminals like HSBC et al continue to function perfectly because after all electronic virtual fiat currencies is their forte…

At this moment in time I do not have any outstanding bills, having drawn 200 quid in cash yesterday to hand to my local mechanic to ensure one of the vehicles in maintained in top condition, I have a whopping 100 quid left to last me until the end of the months, and a small cash in hand job to do tomorrow, and a not so small used to be cash but is now cheque (so takes 4 working days to clear” job, and about ten days until the next regular lump sum comes in, so basically I don’t have any financial problems, I have enough electronic virtual money to make the end of the month without any changes in lifestyle, and if push comes to shove I always have the zero balanced credit card with which I can draw or spend 500 quids worth of electronic virtual fiat, because basically I spend what I earn, I’d like to spend more, so I’d like to earn more, but in the meantime I live comfortably and can’t complain.

I have no fear of many of the things that others along side me in this electronic virtual fiat currency world should fear, I do not have any deposits to be annexed and bailed in, I do not have any deposits to be grabbed by law and exchanged at some ruinous rate for the new electronic virtual fiat currency, newquids, or noteuros, or jewbux, or anything else, nor do I have any loans of note other than a small overdraft facility to be used against me as leverage.

I have reason to suspect that I may be due to receive a small sum of capital from the estate of a dead relative, I do not know the amount, but it isn’t a huge pie to start with and it is being divided several ways plus legal fees, so it won’t be a life changing amount or even a significant one, but I do plan to spend all of it immediately on “stuff” , goods not services, because that turns it from a liability into an asset.

I have no clue what the future will bring, I am not a prophet, on the other hand, there are some things that I know to be facts.

Nobody who is behind the scenes working on this global push to outlaw cash and move to an electronic virtual fiat currency system has my interests at heart, they have THEIR interests at heart, and the mere disparity in power and influence between us suggests strongly that the two have little if any common ground.

Take a look at the Saudi’s, now they want to IPO the oil, what the fucking fuck, why would anyone float the golden goose, the tree of life, the cup of immortality??? If you could hold on to it you would, and you wouldn’t share, and they didn’t for 50 years, and now Hitlary has lost they decide to float it? give me a fucking break, and read some history, south sea bubbles and people investing in “great undertakings” that were guaranteed to make them a fortune but the workings of which were to remain secret from said “investors” because oh look over there at that distraction.. and it’s gone…

Course, world + dog’s pensions funds will be in there like gangbusters with promises of 25% year on year growth… and it’s gone… great way to dissolve already insolvent pensions schemes and bond markets and not actually shoulder any blame..    yeah we invested everything in Vulcan Pyro Futures and who coulda guessed, the whole fucking lot went up in flames the next Friday, there’s nothing left, not even the ground it sat on, there is just the huge molten magma pit.

You know the world is fucked by design when you compare Venezuela with Saudi, they both have similar volumes of commercially available hydrocarbon reserves, but Venezuela also has minerals and agri land, but guess which one has “minor royals” clogging the streets of downtown London and Manhattan with gold plated Bugattis and Hitlary donations wrapped around kilo bars of 99.999% pure gold plated titanium…

If you (India) wanted to do it right all you had to do was go to China, they managed to get rid of denominations higher than 100 yuan, so corrupt local politicos literally could not hide significant sums of paper money under the bed any more, you just put the mattress on the pile of paper money, and yet they also managed to build build build and become the world’s manufacturing giant.

But then as I have said before here and elsewhere, study history young man, China has over 2000 years of actual history of playing with fiat currencies…

Try and take your non chinese extended family to china and try and buy and open and run something as humble as a corner store or laundry or restaurant… not permitted.

This post starts with “In God we trust, all other pay cash” because the idea is that I don’t trust anyone else, but I trust the cash they hand me, what happens when I do not trust the cash they hand me, or they have no cash to hand me, just something else I distrust equally?

By luck or judgement or insight or fortune, you’ll end up with *some* fortunates like me, who quickly dispose of any positive positions that they have in that fiat in exchange for things like coffee and diesel and smokes, and who avoid like the plague any negative positions that they might have, in the form of any kind of debt whatsoever, or any possessions that can have a lieu or tax slapped on them, like land.



November 15, 2016

Coming of age

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Back around 1999 myself and another guy worked on this thing, remember this was an era when ADSL was just being launched, 512k down 128k up, and Windows was on the then greatest ever so far XP, basically the idea was we would build a website and a box and connect it to the net, the box had removable HDD’s and for your money you got one physical HDD to do with what you wished… should disaster strike you rang us, the HDD was pulled and handed to a motorcycle courier and was with you within a few hours.

We never got one single customer.

Due to the “actual physical HDD couriered to you within a few hours” it was superior to anything offered today, and basically much of what is offered today is the same thing, it’s called the cloud….

Now you can come up with lots of reasons why our names are not up there in lights as multi billionaires, we were assholes, we had no budget, we had no marketing, but mainly the world wasn’t ready for it yet.

5 years before that a guy I knew had set up an ISP, I was customer number (I forget the actual number but it was less than 20) to sign up, those days it cost 1p (UK£0.01) per minute for the phone call, and you probably got around 30k downstream, plus the ISP monthly fee, he did become a millionaire and a household name, I did not invest in him when I could have because I couldn’t see anyone except assholes like me paying 1p a minute to get data, so my visionary ability status cut both ways.

We like to chuck all this together as human beings and say it is an idea that has come of age, sure there were pioneers who came before, but we have forgotten all about them now, and all we remember are the ones who commercialised it and made a killing.

Interestingly a lot of those who made a killing also offered something that was considerably cut down compared to what the pioneers were trying to do.

But basically you get ideas that come of age, I’m old enough to remember the UK joining what was then called the common market, and the as yet incomplete exit from the same thing, Brexit, even though both things were different directions and different in about as many ways as you can get, they had an awful lot about them that felt the same, they were ideas that had come of age.

This is the thing nobody gets about, for example, Nazi Germany, historians and liberals like to make out that there was Adolf and his gang of jackbooted raycis thugs, and then there was the poor but good german people who didn’t agree with any of this, but what can individuals do against evil raycis thugs?

“Us first” came of age, that is all there was to it, make ameri^H^H^H germany great again, that is all there was to it, and enough people who self identified as german and not austrian or prussian or high elf or bavarian went for it… and a *lot* didn’t… hence the violent clashes.

But coming of age is a human individual thing too, and just for shits and giggles I am often heard to remark how funny it is that backward third world shithole kids who literally have less of everything (except lice) than our western kids are ready to work and marry and raise kids at 14, but our western kids aren’t even ready to leave educational safe spaces until they are in their twenties, and they are still worthless and weak, how is that?

Between the media and marketers and everyone else, we’ve have pretty much brought about a state of affairs where nobody believes anything the media says, which includes the intertubez, and far from this being some panacea where everyone is enlightened by their total distrust of the media, it is instead a place where if “everything you are told is lies” then there is no barrier whatsoever to believing what you choose, there is no reality check any more, so schism has come of age.

It’s easy to label what is happening in the USA now as trump vs not trump, but it isn’t. not really, it is a schism in society between peoples who only have one thing in common now, none of them believe a word the media says, so they have their own beliefs that are never verified for logic or fact, and they split in to two opposing camps.

Sure, trump may be the poster boy du jour for one camp, but that don’t mean shit.

Many years ago in spain I met a couple of guys, they were getting on in years, and one night over some beers they admitted to me that back in the day, they knew el Che back in the home country, and knew as in knew to talk to and el Che knew them too, and none of them could relate anything in their own personal memories to the accepted history, sadly I myself was too drunk to remember what they remembered, for all I know know the Che they remember might have liked Frank Sinatra songs, BSA motorcycles and Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes, but I do remember them saying he was a bit of a dweeb, not too smart, easily manipulated and easily offended.

I remember that night because only a week or so before I’d spent the night with some guys who had the same sort of connection to Franco, and they described him as just some guy who tried to do what he saw as the right thing, constantly surrounded by people who told him air was wet and water was dry one day, and the opposite the next day, a guy drowning in angst and indecision who now and again indulged in fits of rage because doing something was better than doing nothing or doing things in the dark for reasons that turned out not to be true.

We live in a world where girls are quite happy to enter into a sexual relationship with a man, AT THE TIME, until someone else changes their mind and convinces them that whatever they did back then was wrong, but it wasn’t their fault, because they are a victim, so the evil man must be punished, and it really doesn’t matter if you tell lies and invent stuff out of thin air and utterly re-write history, the new narrative is all that matters, and while we will decry specific examples of this, the fact is that everyone in western society, both male and female, has become those girls.

The rich irony for me is that no matter how brutal and ice cold and clinical I like to portray myself, without exception every single time I had the opportunity to fuck something really young or con someone really stupid or take from someone really weak or oppress someone really powerless, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

At those moments of action and potential I always found myself to be in contemplation and thought, fraught with empathy… don’t get me wrong, face me down and start screaming at me what a worthless cunt I am and I will slaughter you and everyone you even knew (for the crime of not killing you when they could have) and it will feed my soul to do so, because basically you didn’t just fucking ask for it, you dared me to do it, which is quite the different thing from stealing candy from a baby.

But such things are not permitted, I must either be Saint Stuffus, protector of young girls and babies and retards, or I must be El Feo, raper and killer of small babies, puppies and other cute furry animals.

Schism is coming of age, and if you thought racism or sexism or religious fanaticism was bad, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

November 11, 2016

It’s time for Trump-ton

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I was working on trumps boat before it was his, back when it was adnan’s….mmmm…

so for those of you who do not know, Trumpton was a children’s TV programme in the sixties http://trumpton3.homestead.com/pughpughbarneymcgrew.html

Here in the UK I was watching the Clinton News Network’s flash webpage of the results as they came in, and Florida was very telling, the entire state apart from Palm Beach and Miami was red, and yet the tally mysteriously got stuck at 91% of votes counted, because you see, Florida was one of those damn swing states that had lots of house seats (29) so nobody wanted to call it a Trump win early on in election night, even though the same map was showing blue states that when you clicked on them, 0% of the vote was in.

Between dirty tricks, propaganda, vote rigging, the media and everything else, the blue team were pretty much convinced that they could have run a garden gnome against trump and won… ironically a garden gnome might have gotten more votes than hitlary, but despite every trick in the bag being pulled it soon became obvious that this one blew up in their faces and the un-posssssibllle became fact.

So where does this leave us?

As a scientist I have to say that the answer is “No fucking idea”, I have no way of knowing if there is in fact any difference at all (apart from the logo on the packet of cereal) in substance between trump and hitlary, or if any such imagined difference carries any weight at all once you enter the white house and all that that entails.

As a scientist I’d have to wait 4 years and judge him by his actions, or lack thereof.

AS a human being, well, all my experience on this planet tells me one thing.

If you participate in a campaign against hitlary, and all the wikileaks come out, and you start talking about “you should be in prison” and “drain the swamp”… and then you WIN…  then you are looking at civil war / anarchy / social breakdown levels of disturbance if you don’t start delivering on that.

Trump isn’t a mealy-mouthed slimy political lawyer, he doesn’t have a lifetime of saying one thing that sounds like he was actually saying something completely different but when you go back and check it turns out that blah blah blah… so trump said stuff like build a wall, you should be in jail, drain the swamp, etc.

There won’t be any “I don’t recall” wriggle room for trump as/when/if he doesn’t deliver.

There will be about 75% of the unelected masses of government tit employees actively working against him and anything trump.

So now we enter the meat and potatoes of this post.

“Drain the swamp” as an engineer it’s no big deal, a few expected precautions against losing people to malaria or crocodiles or snakes or drowning etc, get the machinery in and get working, we won’t be having snakes sneaking in at night and putting valve grinding paste into the hydraulic oil reservoirs and crocs sneaking in and adding gallons of diesel to the sumps and mosquitos sneaking in and hacking the computer systems and so on.

This is a very important point.

The DC swamp ain’t like that, it ain’t like that at all, and not only are the crocs and snakes and mossies there protected from their own actions in fighting to maintain the status quo, everything that does happen, no matter what direction it takes, can be laid at the feet of the guy who is trying to drain the swamp.

Meanwhile trump has a mandate from 50+ million voters who kind of *expect* collateral damage, so napalm the swamp, if that doesn’t kill everything nuke it from orbit, and use the crater to stash all the lime covered fags and neoliberals and joos and mussies bodies.

If the bleeding hearts are screaming and bleeding, you’re kinda doing the right thing, but not really, because the cunts still have breath to scream with and excess blood to leak out…

Trump’s *easiest* by far choice is to become just like all the others, and in the process become the world’s first trillionaire (remember folks, you read it here first) because that is about a million times easier than standing by the shit that got him elected.

BUT… there is a very real possibility that the quislings in the machine make both of those options impossible for trump, which is what really happened with adolf back in the day (you really *should* have read a translation of Mein Kampf by now, and related that to what happened in the years to follow) and the only option left is a Kristalnacht, because those who voted won’t have it any other way, the cunts would not go quietly in handcuffs so let them go screaming in body bags.

Back in my youth on an acid and speed high I can (vaguely..lol) remember being at (semi crashed) an impromptu private beach party held by the local 1% outlaw patch biker club, and words were exchanged between myself and a couple of the prospects (who the fuck invited you / who the fuck asked your opinion asshole) and next thing you know I had my ass kicked, don’t really remember much about it at all, so I sat down with some of the older guys and proceeded to drink beer and smoke grass.

Got a ***LOT*** of kudos afterwards, didn’t matter who was right and who was wrong, it happened and you took it, and then stayed around and got on with the reason for being there, partying till sunrise, and didn’t mention it again.

One of said prospects got washed out for it, and two took a severe beating from the older crew (the club prez was my local drug dealer, sergeant at arms and enforcer were drinking companions and so on) for over stepping their authority.

Not a million miles from mafioso approach to life, and trump being in property in new yoik and las vegas and florida and so on sure as fuck has been dealing with the mafioso for 30 years.

Mafiosi, outlaw bike clubs, goldman sachs, salafist muslim radicals, they are all just businessmen really, it’s just that they all do business differently, and while a businessman like trump will do business with anyone if he can turn a profit, it is still true that some people are easier to do business with than others, some people will stand by business relationships longer than others, some people will have core values outside of business closer to ours than others.

However to most, the USA up until now was a “closed shop” when it came to making money, if you were on the team you made money, all you could want, if you were not on the team then you had to deal with the team, and give them the lion’s share.

Now is potentially a time of opportunity, so apart from the 50+ million who voted to “drain the swamp” there will be businessmen who see an opportunity to oust the old team, and be a part of the new team, it will be a turf war.

One “safe” bet for trump is *massive* infrastructure works (same as adolf, hey ho) because the infrastructure in the USA is on its last legs, and rebuilding it all and bringing it all kicking and screaming into the 21st century is not only something that will generate *huge* employment and manufacturing and revenues within the USA itself, it is also something that all 300 million citizens will be able to see and touch and use.

1/ resurface / rebuild *all* roads and associated structures such and bridges and tunnels.

2/ rebuild and improve the rail networks from the ground up and tie them in with the roads and ports.

3/ rebuild the energy distribution and generation networks (no more war on coal and nukes) and prvent enron esque blackouts for profit

4/ build a proper koren level brodband infrastructure nationwide.

There is enough there alone to take his maximum possible 2 terms in office achieve, and if he goes ganbuster at it now he is guaranteed re-election simply because of all the jobs and wealth he will create *nationwide* doing so. He doesn’t have to do anything else.

He doesn’t even have to drain the swamp to do it, just award a contract to build a mall and flyover and rail yard on the same land, you drain the swamp by starving the beast of the lifeblood dollar bills it needs.

All skills that the donald and far more importantly his property management team have built up over the past decades.

All things that would appease the 50 milion baying for blood, provides some blood is spilled.

Big media will just go to trump and take his money and sing his song, like a psycho skank ho who one day worships your cock and the next accuses it of raping her virginal holes of worship.

There is no more loyalty in the big banks, they’ll throw the entire DNC and clinton foundation and bush families onto the pyre if it gets them a seat at the new table and not too many questions asked.

Big / old money and influence won’t throw podesta / hitlary etc to the wolves for failing, though that is a sin, they will do it for throwing light on their backers, instead of keeping them hidden, that is the unforgivable sin.

They could just been smart or lucky and taken their licks at the campfire, justified or not, and kept quiet about it and partying on.

They didn’t, the tail started wagging the dog.

In theory trump will enter into ALL the same deals that hitlary would have, in practice trump won’t see himself as the kingpin, just one of the big cogs in the machine.

The Hitlary DNC campaign was like a rock group that conceded to play 6 big stadiums nationally seating 100,000 each where the tickets were 1000 bucks a piece and the chances are you’d be 1000 feet from the nearest jumbotron and 3000 feet from the stage.

Trump campaign was a rock group on the road playing 365 venues, one every single day, and none of them more than 70 miles from where you lived and none of them seated more than 500 people.

Hitlary’s final night was in a gargantuan glass and chrome greenhouse built on pork outside the city where there was nothing else, Trump’s final night was the downtown hilton, across the road from his own place, with paris sucking his cock.

But, the scientist says wait and watch and judge him by his actions.


November 8, 2016

Amazon Echo / Google Home / My Bitch

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So….  when Echo and Home can suck my cock and make me coffee and NOT report it in realtime to the cloud, they may be on to a winner, until then….

Which brings me to WHAT A PERSON IS, by and large 5+ decades on this planet has taught me one thing about people, and I’m not talking about the persona or fascade they put on, I’m talking about the real actual person, it is that absent a strong positive or negative modifier, they are what they are.

A strong positive modifier is me having something you want and you having to make me like you so you can get it, a strong negative modifier is me having something you really do *not* want any part of, and having to make sure I don’t have a reason to impose it on you.

So at a stroke we have both simplified and complicated matters, because we have explained how a gold digger works, and how someone not breaking the murder laws work, but we are left with the lower level stuff where the modifiers are NOT strong enough to change what the person is by way of actions in the large scale, but in the small scale.

I know a guy who is with a girl, has to be said, both of them are very happy, it’s one of those male / female relationshits that actually seems to work sufficiently to form the basis of what people point at when they shout NAWALT at you.

Only problem is, now she is with him, she is all loved up and in mother / wife mode, which he doesn’t have a problem with, but before they met, she was a slut, which he doesn’t have a problem with either, what he has a problem with is there ain’t enough of the slut in what he sees, she’s up for it, just doesn’t know how to do it, absent those minor behaviour modifiers that were present before they met and she was looking for something but didn’t know what.

It’s been alternately expressed in the past about women being a chef in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom and not too long in the fucking bathroom…

Echo and Home now come back in to play, because neither one of them is purely what it says on the tin, inherent in what they are are built in strong personal modifiers to make you, the customer, like them, and the thing you look at when seeing Echo and Home is like gazing at a nipple, and forgetting it’s attached to the body of the psycho skank ho ex and all she did do and tried to do to destroy me.

I’ll have an Echo and a Home on one condition, I can put both of them together in a sound proofed box, teach each one that the voice of the other one is in fact my voice, and pipe in to the sound proofed box the odd bit of this

Thus far, it is not yet illegal to fuck with pre-pubescent algorithms and data miners, and make no mistake, it will be, so get your kicks while you can.



November 5, 2016

Finally, something worth reading.

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Most of what I write is shit, Top Gear was a hit mainly because Clarkson was anally obsessive about the words uttered, and managed to stand in front of a camera and make it all seem like ad libs, me on the other hand, I pay no heed to such things, and usually I don’t have anything very interesting to say either.

Today I came as close as I ever have to making a video blog, because Facerig has avatars for Hitlary….

… and then I could have made a clever reference to the film Simone, which is Sim One, a film about a virtual character that people believed was real, and then segue on into Jesusify this, a script that ran years ago that would take any URL and rewrite it live to make it more Jesus-y

Because I’ve talked before about the problems with google, try and find a you tube clip discussing the rather simple trick of deflating your car tyres to 10 psi to have vastly improved traction on snow and sand etc… it almost but not quite doesn’t exist.. I can give other examples that don’t exist, so you get the point where you start to question your own memory, afer all, what are the chances that google wouldn’t mention it if it were true?

In the 1980’s the BBC went to Mallorca to make a series of films about vice and corruption on the holiday island, all most people know is the Magalluf lager lout film, it was cutting room floor stuff because the good stuff got shitcanned and the project got killed real early.

The project got killed real early because the producers got lured into a little known club behind the Porrassa road (i’m not naming bars of people but I was there so this ain’t hearsay) slipped some mickey finn drug cocktails, and then the underage children and the VHS video cameras came out, and then they were sobered up and shown the films, and politely invited to fuck off and never return and never do anything to intervene in the revenue stream from 8 million stupid tourists per year.

One of those involved lamented at the fact that it was just a video and not an actual sober memory, si, no problem, you can have the ninos for a day or two until you fly to londres, we already have what we need.

It’s inconceivable that the same tactics (and  tendencies) aren’t evident at the level of people controlling countries and corporations and agencies and institutions.

At the same time I was told of Jewish doctors in miami who could procure any organ you wanted, even a heart and lungs, a matching donor would we found, consent wasn’t a concern or an issue, a million dollars changes hands and more importantly all concerned now have unbreakable MAD ties to each other.

So fast forwards 30 odd years and people are starting to talk about the clinton crime foundation icing people and using haitian children for sexual purposes and so on, well google ain’t talking about it, so it can’t be true.

Cos google is Jesusify, well, google and cisco and and bunch of alphabet agencies and so on, real time editing man in the middle style.

I have been using the internet since before there was an internet, only BBS’s, then we had news groups and for a while if you were anybody you had a compuserve account that you could access from anywhere in the world via local numbers, then finally in 95ish we had the baby world wide web, and it was pretty much all wild west run what ya brung shit, this blog alone today if transported back in time being more substantial than things like microsoft / ford / ibm websites back then.

Back then you had webrings, and you stumbled across all kinds of shit, yes including pornography, yes including animal pornography and child pornography… it was all out there somewhere, and you could probably find those places if your tried, and if you did it was usually the case that fucking ugly bitches was illegal in california but not in oregon, so ugly bitch fucking dot com was based in oregon and everyone in california got their credit card out and nobody gave a shit, it was all electrons anyway.

30 years of IT experience later and I can get the latest hollywood blockbuster 48 hours from it being released, I can get windows 12 or adobe acrobat 99 or elvis’s latest album or whatever else I want within a couple of hours thanks to the internet.

I dunno if I could find any actual kiddie porn, I suspect if I tried I’d find honeytraps, and shit I should know about this kind of thing because the porn industry in general made the web what it is, if you worked in the web industry in 1995/6/7 the only sites looking to do instant online credit card payments and electronic content delivery were porn sites, and by the time everyone else got on the bandwagon in 97/98/99 anyone with any experience got it doing pay per wank sites…

For a while there there were a few grey areas, buying donkey midget porn mags was illegal, working in the printers that made them wasn’t, sort of thing… so invariably the scene shifted gradually eastwards one state border at a time, and the associated scams went with them… according to google (sic) hungary finland romania and some 30 states in the USA bestiality is still legal, so that where the server and pay per wank websites will be based for that… I’m guessing any kiddie porn websites will be based in certain arab countries for the same reasons, there is no age of consent in saudi and there certainly ain’t one for white kids….

BUT, it ain’t the wild west anymore, the stranglehold that the media had over the printed press has been extended to the web, don’t take pissant little blogs like this as proof that it ain’t so, as soon as this blog started getting hits it would go, and it does have to go while the MSM controls 90% of the web content and due to dynamic filterings and jesusify type mad in the middle editing effectively controls the 10% that’s left too if they want to (and you thought all the typos and shit here were just a bad two finger poke and hope typist eh) it’s pretty much reality control.

Is Hitlary even a real person, I never met her in the flesh, she could be a Sim One, a facerig avatar, or even if she is a real person, what does that have to do with the reported persona? Nothing at all.

How you gonna organise a revolution if hitlery *apparently* wins the election with 57%?

You’re using THEIR technology to communicate, and jesusify can edit all your texts and emails on the fly, realtime.

How you gonna get a recount when THEIR technology is counting all the votes and controlling all the digital pipes that the voting machines used to talk to one another?

How you gonna get a voice when THEIR technology has such total control of all the channels that it can silence you, edit you in real time or simply impersonate you at will?

How you gonna function when THEIR technology records all the VIRTUAL FIAT (a million times worse than paper fiat) currency you rely on to live?

The so called civil war going on in the FBI now, trust me, I worked in IT at the backbone level, there has been civil war amongst all the competing factions for decades now, it’s like mogadishu on a friday night, a constant churn of competing warlords, now and again like mafia wars it escalates to the point where the man on the street becomes aware of it.

Welcome to the new boss, same as the old boss.


November 4, 2016

A charmed life

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What with all the complaining and whining and angst about the world, wimminz, the psycho skank ho ex and so on, you might be forgiven for thinking that I lead an unhappy and miserable life.

I do not, I lead what is in many ways a charmed life, it serves no actual purpose to go into explicit individual details here in this blog, but there are a lot of tick boxes that are ticked and that shit is down pat, chilled and frilled and good to go.

It is one of the hallmarks of a technologically advanced western civilisation that life is easy, and there is a certain element of can’t complain that the wimminz and niggerz have it easy because I have it easy and we all got our boats lifted on the same tide of modern western technological society.

What I have been attempting to do with this blog is to demarcate and differentiate, the wimminz and niggerz be like turds floating on that rising tide, they have no influence on it, and are 100% at the mercy of it, but because they float to the top of it they think this is a sign of merit.

Everyone else, thee and me dear reader, we should give thanks we’re still living on easy street, see the ways in which easy street could turn into hard street, and see the ways in which our actions can have effects on our future prospects.

I’m still floating on top of the rising tide with all the turds and used condoms, but on a home made raft, I can paddle around.

The great american west and the Colorado River Basic / Catchment area, is a great example of what happens when individuals get far more power than I have, and can build and control dams and sluice gates and boreholes and so on, it’s Mickey Mouse as the sorcerer’s apprentice controlling the furies, or so he thinks, just like any firebug with a box of matches when the fire is still small and vigorous and exciting.

You think you can control that shit.

Big time.

And out of the 4 billion year history of the planet you hold up the last 50 years as proof of that.

The giant farts in his sleep and suddenly you have a 100 year drought or some such, sustainable population drops from 1 million to 1 thousand.

Take away the massive irrigation projects and you turn old Libya into new Libya, or Arizona into Syria, in a thousand years it’s known as a poor place that has always been poor except for some ancient history mumbo jumbo about casinos, but today you’d go there to find olive trees, flies and ugly women.

In a hurriedly squashed story in the daily fail website, the (white) reporters went to a small yorkshire town that is now basically 99.9% muslim, and were told to leave as they did not belong and had no place there.

It’s the viewpoint that species differentiation and evolution itself is all wrong, and all we have to do is put them all in a big melting pot and force them to mingle by law, and we can then right that wrong, and the reality is that the whites want to live amongst whites, the black want to live amongst blacks and the muslims want to live amongst muslims etc, and suggesting that any of these can “change” even the muslims, is like suggesting that a fag can change into a straight man.

You can make homosexuality and buggery illegal and punishable by imprisonment or death, and at best what you do is suppress it, you have precisely zero chance of eradicating it.

Back a bit in European history we had the only thing that “worked” for values of worked that may vary depending on your perspective, if you are a Jew then you can stay and die or leave and live, it worked for a decade or so.

When lands were stolen from Palestine to give the Jews a “homeland” perhaps the thought was that Jews would go there, some did, and made everyone else unwelcome, meanwhile most of them stayed everywhere else.

I can look at the United Sates and it really does not matter if I am looking at the cast list of a Hollywierd film or the cast list of Congress, almost none of the names are white.

In Scotland there were Celtic and Rangers, Celtic were the catholic football club and Rangers were the protestant football club, and if you grew up in Glasgow after the war your name and your address told a potential employer which one you were, and whether you got the job or not…

Where I sit and type this we have a thousand years of distrusting and disliking city folk from Londinium, but in the past 50 years we have laws saying that is illegal, and it is especially illegal if those london folks are black or lesbian or muslim.

Speaking as a white man I am NOT going to sit here and say that white men are innately superior to all others, because that means every white man is superior to every black man, and that clearly isn’t the case, there is some world class white genetic trash around, but in the same way that men as a whole have a greater IQ spread than women as a whole, white men as a whole have a greater “player.level” (channeling video games memes) spread than other races as a whole, so it doesn’t really matter what we apply ourselves to as a race, we’ll do it better than anyone else, and history bears out this truth, time and time and time again, without exception.

And every blade cuts both ways, historically when it comes to weapons of war it was the white man who developed technological things, german rocket engineers or battleship builders for example, and it is no accident that these white men gravitated towards this sort of invention and away from the pure weapon sort of invention like the atom bomb and biological warfare, 22nd century white men will invent the gravity defying spaceship, 22nd century jewish men will invent the planet buster bombs dropped from it.

White men (and women and children) can and will remind the world that when it comes to plumbing the depths of depravity, they will do it with clinical excellence better than anyone else can even hope to do.

White men read the also suppressed story about Putin commenting on european courts that free rapefugees who rape white kids in swimming pools, saying that any country that cannot even protect it’s own children is toast, and we understand *exactly* what he is saying, and the utter contempt which he justifiably feels for us.

White men read about the ever widening ripples in the pool of shit that surround the Clintons and contrary to what 99% of the media, even the fringe internet media like ZH are saying, we are NOT asking what Clintons have to do to go to prison, we KNOW how corrupt and fucked the system is, and who infests it and why it is so.

We KNOW it cannot be fixed by any method that does not first involve madame guillotine.

Troops stationed at a border can move in two directions, they can advance on the russian “enemy” or they can execute some west point assholes and all the lesbians and lawyers in their midst and turn coat en masse and start marching west, ain’t gonna study war no more.

Memes spread in an army just as fast as they spread in a civilian population, they are all human, and the closer you push people to the limit the smaller the next push has to be before they say fuck it and do the thing their DNA says is right, as opposed to the thing their banker masters says is right.

THE USA has long held a policy of imprisoning and punishing whistleblowers while granting amnesty to those who did wrong, the end result is what we have today, one small step short of civil war within the FBI / NYPD etc etc etc… the FBI has more leaks than a sieve.



November 1, 2016

Science bitchez

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If I can read your description, go out an assemble the required stuff, and reproduce your experiement and reliably replicate your results, that is science.

Good sceince is when we measure the temperature of the water as it boils and try to infer variables such as atmospheric pressure and / or altitude from that, great science is the “that’s odd” moment when we did something wrong but still faithfully and accurately recorded the experiment and results, never mind the fact they weren’t the results we were expecting or hoping for.

By definition 99.9% of “climate change” studies are the least scientific thing you can get on the planet, because the moment you take the money and start looking for a specific result you’re not only no longer doing science, you’re doing anti-science.

You should, literally, be burned alive at the stake, along with your sponsors and all your so called “data”.

Which is why there was a piece in the paper yesterday about a POOR WOMAN who got fined 200 bucks because she literally only overstayed her parking permit by 2 seconds.

Hey I wasn’t drink driving judge, I was just 2 points over the blood alcohol limit, it’s the same with Hitlery, just running the home mail server alone *should* all by itself have been enough to get ALL her security clearances revoked for life (thus making her incapable of holding any office in the government) where people have no concept of basic scientific principle.

I’m about to get shitcanned in another forum because some asshole posted a link to the latest mommy’s boy di caprio / nat geo shit about global warming, claiming it’s one of the most important documentary films made recently…. no, it’s a steaming pile of propaganda shite.

It’s totally bereft of any scientific method, science, or factual content.

And THAT is what is a dwindling resource on the planet today, respect for scientific fact and scientific method, and disgust for everything else.

BY all means, cry and rage and scream when someone you love and care for is about to die of cancer, because there is no scientific method of curing it and allowing them to live.

But do not confuse your feelings of hurt with any right to have them kissed better.

At the risk of bordering on existentialism, one of the saddest things about WW2 in France was that roaches like Sartre and de Bouvoir were not exterminated by the Nazis, but survives when millions more worthy did not.

It’s one of the great hilarious facts about humanity (Twain would approve) that I can sit here and classify hitlary as a roach and happily oversee a thousand like her boiled alive in oil in preference to killing one small puppy dog, while not fully realising that people like hitlary classify people like me as roaches, and would happily see  a thousand like me boiled alive in oil in preference to anything else she could think of.

Difference is, she is the one that has had that power and used it, we came, we saw, he died.

El Che was a brutal bloodthirsty killer because he got that simple fact, to defeat the roaches you have to be as callous about killing the opposition as they are, but he was known as a brutal bloodthirsty killer not because he was any different to them, but because he wasn’t backed by the media as they were.

AS zerohedge says

John Podesta’s Best Friend At The DOJ Will Be In Charge Of The DOJ’s Probe Into Huma Abedin Emails

At that point, apply the scientific method, it is now impossible for there to be a just and impartial investigation, and far from saying that the only possible scientific conclusion is the whole lot of them need to go to the gallows, which means all 113,543 DOJ employees, and start afresh, no, we will blame it all on one of two bad apples and non team players, you know, the ones who gave all the other good apples a bad name.


Frankly speaking anyone who states anything along the lines of bad apples giving all the good apples a bad name should be first to the guillotine, because you can’t have bad apples in the same place as you have good apples, you either elimiate the bad ones early with extreme prejudice, or the whole crop goes bad.


The bad apples were in there and weren’t eliminated with extreme prejudice, therefore the rest of the (insert descriptive here) are also bad apples, all the good ones already left in disgust.


King Canute was famous for sitting on the beach and commanding the tide to not come in, as a demonstration to his courtiers that his word as a monarch, his word as law, only had limited utility, and none at all when it went against common sense and common fact.


It was an attempt by him to prevent the courtiers from enacting such a system as they have now, where the mere existence of a private email server, nonody gives a fuck what emails are or are not on it, would have been more than sufficient to immediately and permanently bar hitlary from every having any security clearance ever again, and being unfit for any office as a result.


And while you are at it, do the same for EVERYONE who sent her an email (looking at you obama) and EVERYONE she sent an email to.


I’m just a fucking guy, know what I mean, and my real private personal email server is a whitelist only job, if you’re not on the whitelist you can’t email me and I can’t email you, and it is easy to get off the whitelist and real real real hard to get on it.

The FBI could sieze my shit now (hey, I have history of my shit being sezied, when the psycho skank ho ex said I had everything from kiddie porn on down on my stuff, got 100% of my kit back 18 months later, which should tell you something, and she was never prosecuted for that blatantly false allegation, which should tell you something else) and amongst all the usual mundane crap there are two or three big (100 gig plus) archives that I am holding for other people.

I don’t know whats in them and don’t want to know, my conditions were that I sat there and watched them use 256 bit AES to put all their shit into one solid chunk that I don’t know the password to, or the content of, or anything else, may never want it bro, but if I do I need to be able to get it…

Likelihood it’s exactly the same as what I have, disk image of the corporate laptop from the last gig, just in case some dweeb in 2017 or 2018 decided to pin the blame for something bad onto that guy that left the company two years ago that nobody will give a fuck about now… I’d rather face the fines for holding company data that technically I should not be, in preference to the jail time for being responsible for taking down Asda’s car payment systems nationwide (happened yesterday) which is exactly the sort of shit we worked on.

So for every site visit I kept photos and details and putty terminal session logs and emails and so on and so forth, all neatly organised into a directory of year > month > date > site/job and so on.

I suspect that what Weiner was doing and how he came to have 165,000 emails from clintons server. Not so much a get out of jail free card as a wasn’t me and I CAN fucking prove it card.

You DO get this MAD (mutually asured etc) shit in the corporate world, people with enough dirt to bury other people, 99.9% of the time it’s enough to ensure some sort of civility between frenemies.

Now and again some new broom comes along that doesn’t get it and starts upsetting the apple cart, I suspect there are a LOT of people in DC with such “don’t fuck me bro” archives stashed away, just in case, and should all of them pop it would be like all the MIRV ICBM’s on every side being launched at once, there’d be fuck all left but roaches.

I know *something* is filtering down to the street level because the often mentioned by me lowering of driving standards and increasing in impatience and road rage continues apace,  the “accidents” are getting more frequent and more severe, in the past week alone and locally alone we have had three large roads totally blocked for hours by serious / fatal accidents that happened in broad daylight on dry straight roads with perfect visibility and perfect driving conditions, and they turned into pileups…

My guess is the sheeple know things are not right and they are all acting nervous and afraid and agressive, they just are sure who or what the enemy is anymore.

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