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July 26, 2016


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As the gold bugs know, on the one hand there is physical gold that you hold in your hand (or lose in a tragic boating accident) and on the other hand there is every other sort of gold, including “paper” gold.

So I was involved in a diatribe yesterday, with a UK “homeowner” who was absolutely adamant that despite having a mortgage, they were the legal owner of their home.

I tried to talk to them about “redeeming” the mortgage when the final payment is made, and finally owning the house, and we got on to the subject of Deeds, and I stated that 99% of UK homeowners don’t even know what a Deed looks like, only to be told I was an asshole, go to the Land Registry website and pay £3 and see the deeds online for your “owned property”….

Yeah, go down to the Ferrari garage and look at the 2016 Berlinetta through the window, it’s not the same as owning it.

I even used the analogy that a £600 car that you bought for cash you can sell for £1 and nobody gives a shit, try and sell a house or car subject to a finance agreement for £1 and see all the shit that lands on your head.

Sell a £300,000 house that you own for £1 and you might get a visit from the tax man for tax avoidance, but that’s about it.

Many of the things I said were simply flatly ignored, such as the fact that repeating interest on a loan is an exponential function in mathematics.

All this against the backdrop of the “owners vs renters” debate, where of course unless you own the freehold outright you are not a fucking “owner” and along with the house price bubble there has been an insidious rise in leasehold housing and a fall in freeholding.

Back in my folks day leaseholding was at least a 999 year lease, but it was still a lease, a pub that was a Free House was always a better pub than a Tied pub in a chain, more character.

If I look at new build properties for sale locally I can trawl through their websites and I can see all about the fantastic features, the rooms big enough to swing a cat in (if you have 6″ long arms) the gardens too small to put up a 2 man tent, the worthless (because the warranty company folds) 10 year warranty on workmanship that starts falling apart in 3, and on and on and on, but the subject of lease vs free hold is not even mentioned, so you can bet your ass they are leasehold, and the lease terms are dropping, 125 years is common, 100 is creeping in, and I have even seen 75 and 50 year leases.

And of course the Lease holder charges an annual fee, and of course the lease holder has the right to refuse you permission to make structural changes, such as erecting a greenhouse / conservatory / garage / workshop, and of course the leaseholder has the right to take you to court and take “your” property from you, if you do not pay their fees, however extortionate or ridiculous.

Even freehold, like phyzz gold, was only yours as long as the state permitted it, but it was very hard for the state to single out individual citizens for attention this way, not so with the current system, every single contract is an individual thing, so can be targeted individually.

Many years ago we used to talk about a worker and his tools, I have a workshop full of tools that I own outright, some of them were my father’s when he was a boy apprentice.

Today in 2016, it’s not so simple……

What if your “tool” requires some software to work, a dynojet dyno tuner is no good without the dynojet software, an Epilog or Trotec laser is no good without the software, a Mercedes Benz On Star diagnostic system is no good without the software, and the software is all sold under licence nowadays, by definition, you never own it.

Maybe software that you *think* you own won’t work in 20 years, simply because of some bug in the code that won’t work past a certain unix time, or because the OS it required is now so obsolete that even if you could get a copy of it, you can’t get any hardware that it will run on.

I’d be hard pressed to find a 64 bit MIPS processor based board today that I could put my Cobalt web server OS on and have it work, as for designing and building a suitable main board from scratch, forget it.


You can imagine a scenario that goes like this.

You have a lump of precious metal, say silver, that has a base metal value.

You have a coin operated machine that only works with certain silver coins.

You can’t get those coins any more, and you can’t modify the coin operated machine because it has checks throughout that depend on the *correct* coin mech and coins being used.

Well, you can physically devalue the precious metal, by pressing it into a coin of the appropriate form factor and design, and in doing so, you commit forgery / treason, of the same sort (because US “paper” money is all the same size) as making US$1.00 bills out of US$10.00 bills, it doesn’t matter that you are losing money to do it, and you are only doing it so the machine that only takes now obsolete $1 bills will work, you’ll get hammered just the same as if you tried to make a $1 bill a $1,000 bill.

Software is like gold, even if you hold the phyzz, there is nothing stopping “the man” from making it illegal for you to hold today what you held legally yesterday.

Scorpions Virgin Killer album cover was legal for me to buy in a shop many years ago, today it is child porn, for which there IS NO PERMISSIBLE LEGAL DEFENCE, which puts these new laws beyond even murder, which you can at least mount a defence against other than “it wasn’t me, you got the wrong guy guv”, for example self defence, mercy killing, accidental killing, negligent killing, and so on.

No I dunno about child porn but a family member does have some bestiality stuff, the fact that it is 400 year old eastern art is neither here nor there, a few years ago animal porn was legal in the UK, now it is not, so the relative is in the position of possibly having to justify what they own as being art, not porn, at some point in the future.

Basic shit like encryption protocols or the TCP stack or P2P or DXF file for a zip gun, basically anything they choose, can be made illegal tomorrow, even though it was legal for you to buy and sell yesterday.

And in this brave new world where so so so many “tools” are in fact “systems” that comprise many things, and which include software components, such as a Laser or CNC mill, 3D printer, Dynojet, or even high end multimeters…. what are you gonna do when one link in that chain gets broken?

Sitting on my NAS box in the corner is all manner of stuff, some of it dating back 17 years to copies of very early backup CD’s I made, early emails, websites, you name it.

In amongst that are some archives of various formats, and in amongst them, there are a handful that I cannot open, either because I have lost the password, or because the password is right but the archive is corrupted somehow.

One day, some years ago, it became potentially illegal for me to keep those files, if the NAS box is siezed by the po-po and they demand the passwords to everything, and I say “shit guys, I can’t remember, I just keep the file in case one day I work it out from a text reference or record in another file.. it’s not like they weigh anything or slow the NAS down” and they say “You’re lying” and I go to jail, not for refusing to divulge the passwords, but for FAILING to divulge them.

And I can stay in prison as long as the judge likes, years if necessary in HIS opinion, there is no concept of having served a sentence and the offence being expired.

The phyzz is a bastard.

Posession of the phyzz is a bigger bastard.

You see a while back I was handed a tool, it was a DVD with the Windows “WSUSoffline” updates on it, pretty cool tool, which I had a use for, a PC with limited 3g connectivity only, and inside :wsusoffline/client/bin there is an extra folder, and it contains some mp3’s, a crappy cam copy of the new star trek shite film, and some porn clips.

I did not know it was there.

Damn but is it ever getting easy to fit people up for crimes that they knew nothing about nowadays.


My C: drive on this PC currently has 232,258 files in 37,774 folders, this is *just* the C: drive in one machine.

I have three vehicles, in law there is no difference between me ensuring that three vehicles are all legal, and me ensuring that a quarter of a million files are all legal… and I could probably plant a handgun and some drugs in your car in such a way that YOU would never find it… give me 10 minutes…

…makes it real easy when you want a Erdogan style purge of everyone who doesn’t suck your cock.

But, you could mount a legal defence against the hand gun and dope, not mine yer honnor, never seen em before yer honnor, won’t have my prints on em yer honnor, microsoft and every website I visit has access to my car yer honnor… I just drive the fucker, within the speed limit, while sober, obeying lights and signs…

Jails, they’re still phyzz… funny that.

July 23, 2016

Beast of Burden

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A good stones song… for much of human history it’s the reason girls got married off at 12, not because everyone back then was a paedo, but because it costs money and work to support kids, and without credit of any kind, you cut your suit according to your cloth, end of story.

Nowadays we have the FSA or Free Shit Army, they don’t want to pay for it, so they don’t care who does, even if it is those people themselves, as long as the truth is masked from them.

I’ve often lamented that these crazed killers never seem to apply any engineering prowess, a counter example is the Nice incident, fuck guns, they are hard to get and practice with when illegal, just grab yourself a 19 ton GVW truck and start driving through a crowd of people, yer average malcontent is going to kill and injure far more people than they would with a gun, and up until the point of mis use, your weapon isn’t a weapon and isn’t illegal.

Take your typical 30,000 litre fuel tanker, top one up with 10,000 litres of regular gasoline and 20,000 litres of diesel and set the whole lot off in a city centre and you have a recipe that few fire brigades can deal with effectively, put two more guys out there at elevation with long guns to deter the fire crew from actually approaching the tanker until the surrounding buildings are well alight….  better still, fuck the city centre high street, run that shit into the nearest electricity distribution sub-station, then the city is dark, and everyone else will do the looting and fire starting for you.

This is how you know none of these people are “serious” in the military sense, and if you are talking about terrorism then the military sense is the only one you should be using.

1 man with a penis rapes 1 woman with a vagina, suddenly all men are evil rapists, give it time and no men will give a fuck what happens to wimminz.

I man with a koran shoots 1 man with a bible (but which came first, the chicken or the egg) and suddenly all men with a koran or all men from arabia are evil terrorists, give it time and no men will give a fuck what happens to arabs or muslims.

As MGTOW’s stated “we didn’t start the fire, so don’t expect us to act as firemen when shit starts burning down” you could say the same about the “silent majority” of law abiding western muslims who did not turn in their fellow muslim activists…. they didn’t start civil war in Syria so they could build a pipeline… so why should they help you putting the fires out…


It’s the wonderful thing about human beings, you can grab all the data you want, and it’s great for post mortem examinations of who the dead fanatic talked to and so on, but try to apply those factors to the rest of the population and you get so many false positives AND MISSED POSITIVES that the results are useless.

The only trick in the book is mass ethnic profiling, round up EVERYONE who isn’t white and put them on the Isle of wight, you’ll still miss *some* white muslims, and many of them may be the fanatical type (ex smokers are ten times worse than those who have never smoked) but by and large it will address the problem, and create several new ones, especially if you ever let any of those non whites or their children out of captivity and back on the mainland.

Green lives matter, oh what a surprise that in a world where demonstrably NOTHING is what it claims to be, some new movement comes along, and that movement is guess what, not what it claims to be… ho hum… the only WTF is the lack of a universal default “whatever it says on the tin, that’s the one thing it ain’t” attitude to all this.. the big WTF is the never ending universal gullibility.

Meanwhile we get all snarky laughing at the gullible muslim suicide bomber for believing he will get 60 virgins in the afterlife…. we wouldn’t fall for anything so patently absurd…

Of course the big problem is technology in general and the internet specifically, if you don’t know about crystals growing in saturated solutions read up now, but you basically have two methods, one is to laboriously select a single seed crystal and do it as a two stage process, the other is to let crystals form at random and then supersaturate the solution… one will give you one big beautiful gemstone like result, one will give you a more natural big random lump of rock salt crystals all fused together.

The more chaotic you want it, the more individual random seeds you want, the other way is the single enigmatic messianic leader method, so you can contrast and compare the campaign to elect Hitlary and the campaign to raise awareness that black lives matter.

It’s 2016 and people are walking around with portable computing devices (even if the telephony infrastructure collapsed tomorrow, the smartphone is a portable computing device still…) that everyone from 1970 backwards would die or kill for, not least the greats like Newton or Pythagoras, and what do we use it for, Pokemon Go.

If I could write an app that caused a phone to explode, blowing the head off the user, (not a technically or physically possible feat, but we can dream) I would, it would make me a terrorist, but it would be worth it, the problem would be mission creep.

To start with all the app would have to do is detect that facebook had been installed, OK, job done, explode next time owner makes a call.

To be sure Pokemon Go would be added, along with Twitter and Instagram and Angry Birds, anything with pop up advertising, any non rooted phone, any iDevice, and while we are at it any device detecting the word “Allah” being spoken or typed…. you see the problem…

the problem is it would get routed around, just as the internet tries to route around damage, what I would be doing would be seen as damage, and avoided.

On a macro scale there crazed shooters or truck drivers simply are not a problem, they don’t even feature on the radar, they self delete, and the collateral damage they do on a macro scale is so small as to be far far far less than insignificant… the UK alone has just about 2,000 births per day, Ok only half of those are white, so even 500 people per day dying to terrorist acts in the UK alone isn’t a problem.

In WW2 the total death count was some 56 million, approaching today’s UK population, yet you can’t go anywhere in europe and see ghost towns and vast unpopulated areas where there are insufficient people to go around and populate the place… and this was only a human lifetime ago…

All wars are banker wars

Yup, in the sense that bankers are drug dealers, nobody *made* you go on the game as a crack ho to support your habit.

the free shit army queued and clamoured to be next in line for that hit…

Religion is a cancer, it just so happens that Islam is a more agressive and deadly form of cancer than Christianity, but while the world is fighting for the rights to be hosts for testicular cancer on the left and bowel cancer on the right, the diseased population will spread and get culled, and all they will unite against is the elitist bastards who want to die of a heart attack at 90 while fucking 16 year old bisexual triplet sluts, after having lived an interesting and productive life.

Don’t matter what you do or who lives or dies or on what scale, DNA wins, everything else is just DNA’s way of making more and better DNA.

And what is DNA, well, it is a data system.

It is a system of information, it gave rise to many other information systems, avoirdupois with which we could measure things, language with which we could describe things, then computers and internet technology where we can make and alter things, the internet where we can share ever more data, which increases the churn rate for every single bit of DNA life on the planet.

In my local paper there are regular articles about people, almost universally men, who have been arrested and charged with historic sex crimes, crimes dating back to the 1980’s or 1970’s or even the 1960’s.

They have no possible hope of mounting a defence, all the evidence (I don’t just mean possible exculpatory evidence, but ALL the evidence)  is long gone, fucking house price records started in 1991 for fucks sake, so we have a he said / she said about events that allegedly took place 30 or 40 or 50 or more years ago, plenty of lawyers and judges and other state apparatchiks on the tit, taxpayers are the beast of burden, and the beat goes on.

Not a week in power as leader of the Tories and Theresa May is backing a revitalised Trident submarine programme.

WHO THE FUCK is a trident program useful against???

NOT the yanks, who hold the master keys, who else wants to nuke us, who can also be deterred by the threat of getting nuked in return.

The important phrase is “who can also be deterred”, if the stone age means nothing or their own demise means nothing, it ain’t a deterrent.

It’s just a fucking burden.

No, the *truth* is Nice and Munich and Paris and so on and so forth, these are just fucked up lost individuals seeking personal significance of some sort, and if at the cost of their own lives in the process, so be it.

They are not alone, the difference is in matters of degree, not in matters of substance.

The vast minority are those that have found personal significance of some sort, be it an Anders Breivik or a Julian Assange, still wanted by his own country for two alleged rapes that have long since been thoroughly debunked long before they ever went to court, meanwhile that same country studiously ignores the rapefugee crisis, because, well, crickets.

Still, apparently the bloody germans have the answer to rapefugees molesting our wimminz and mini skanks in the swimming pools, edjumakatin the rapefugees was out, so now they are going to train selected rapefugees as pool lifeguards.



July 9, 2016

Hard, deep, prolonged and painful anal pounding

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I read ZH, and I am now going to steal / copy / paste in entirely a post made by cheech_wizard.

They tried that with the bridge tolls leading into Silicon Valley. (liberal thinking that this would somehow get more people to car pool) From $1 to $5 in the space of 4 years, $1 increase per year for 4 years straight. (Unless you car-pooled, then it was free.)

By the end of the 4th year, everyone in the East Bay who commuted into Silicon Valley (Dumbarton/San Mateo-Hayward bridges) had decided that rather than pay $25/wk in tolls, they would drive south on 880, until it hit 101. Then drive north on 101 until you got to your place of employ. The drive across the bridges from west to east was free. That $25 you saved went into your gas tank or elsewhere.

Now’s here’s the real kicker. After realizing that the pattern of traffic had shifted so dramatically (and a subsequent loss of income), rather than lower the bridge toll, they re-classified the car-poolers as “high occupancy vehicles” and started charging them $2.50 for traveling across those bridges from east to west.

Standard Disclaimer: And people wonder why the exodus from California continues unabated. (Except for the terminally stupid who continue to work there and pay the exorbitant taxes heaped upon them by the State of California in addition to the Federal government.)

Everyone + dog can think of a similar example, the thing is people / institutions / corporations / governments have these things called “revenue models” whether they realise it or not, also known as a playbook, MO, etc.

We need to make this change in the world, and here is how we can make some money doing that thing.

Changes that cost money don’t get on the agenda of course, so that’s a wrap.

The idea becomes a “good thing” and anyone who resists it, like the motorists who were effectively “re-routing around the damage” become part of the problem, they are resisting a good thing, therefore they must be a bad thing.

So go on you tube, or out on the streets in a western society, and listen to blacks talk.

Where does that come from?

I mean apart from “not wanting to talk like a whitey” I’m being fucking serious, where the fuck does that come from?

It doesn’t come from any historical or cultural background, it doesn’t come from a regional background, it doesn’t come from a religious background.

No, it comes from an ideological background, the idea that it’s a way to separate yo’sel from whitey, “Black Lives Matter” just like “Women’s Rights” because both these ideas are vastly superior to All Lives Matter and Human Rights, because neither of these ideas give room for the new ideology, such as reducing automobile use, to take root.


The clip says “the ferry is no more” well the ferry is still going strong, thank ewe very much, it costs the same £1.50 for a car as the Tamar road bridge, which has tolls on the way out of Cornwall, but no tolls to cross in to Cornwall, like the Severn bridges, the tolls are one way only, going into Wales… but they are £6.50 for a car.

And like the internet routing around damage so do motorists, the ferry from Devon to Cornwall is relatively empty except for local traffic, as the bridge crossing a mile away is free in that direction…  if I am driving down to Cornwall I’ll do my best to avoid that crossing, even if it means a detour out of my way.

“Routing around damage” is a thing the internet is designed to do, and it does, with varying degrees of success, but it is also a thing that people do, though the algorithms in use are a lot more muddy and hard to model.

If you have been watching the Theranos scandal in the US you will see more of this kind of thinking, the one option that is not on the table is the option of doing whatever it takes to make the thing in question do exactly what it says on the tin.

Which brings us back yet again to the Dallas shootings, and other false flag (eg manufactured) events, human nature is to route around damage or indeed potential damage, all these false flag events have a couple of things in common, one of the notable and knowable in advance ones is that there will just happen to be some sort of “exercise” going on in close proximity at the same time.

Routing around damage and possible damage means nobody would plan to run a scheme on the same day that there was an “exercise” going on… nobody… forget hollywierd shit about using the exercise to mask the protagonists actions, none of these guys turn up in SWAT gear, they all turn up like extras from a B movie, they all die in a hail of bullets, it’s always a secret closed casket service (because of all the bullets y’all) and we never see the coroner / post mortem report, on unredacted enough versions to confirm that yes indeed this was M’waanaa Kllwhity and here look his passport was found next to the body so there is no doubt at all.

Course there is a lot of self delusional bullshit in the world, take these scenarios;

  1. 12 year old girl naked and spread for your use, nobody will ever know.
  2. $1 million in cash just lying there, asking to be taken.
  3. Gun gets pointed at you, your money or your life.
  4. Sitting on a rooftop at night .308 rifle with starlight scope and paraphones, trigger just asking to be caressed.

Course we can all *say* all sorts of shit about what we would or would not do, but the fact is, until and unless you find yourself in that actual situation, you never do know, not for real, not for sure… because we tend to route around damage, and potential damage.

Wars were “good” in this way and in this way only, you get to find out how you would behave in many situations, and if you get people who have been in those situations drunk, in vino veritas, most of them will admit they did not have any autonomous moral agency or choices of their own, they just went along with what everyone else in the peer group is doing.

If wogs are talking some strange made up dialect in preference to sounding like whitey, then they are doing it because other wogs are doing it, not because there was any conscious choice or thought or intellect, it’s yet another one of those “good things” and everyone agin it is obviously agin good things and for bad things, bad whitey.

Malcolm X himself managed to talk for 25 minutes in this clip (about a muslin nigga called Elijah Muhammed) without once sounding like a nigga, and whether you or I agree with what Malcolm X said and stood for, the idea that because he talked like whitey he was somehow betraying his black roots, an idea espoused by people who struggle to say much more intelligible than “dat’s raycis” and “black lives matter… motherfucker”  “uncle tom”ers is beyond parody.

What, of course, is not beyond parody is the suggestion that because of all the affirmative action and racial equality and racial hatred and other legislation, lets not forget the LGBT BLT TGIF FTW WTF pressure groups, we now have a society INCAPABLE of producing a black man of the capacity or potential of Malcolm X.

So a bit like the Silicon Valley bridges, people who relentlessly pushed a “good idea” no matter what, created a far worse situation than if they had stayed at home and eaten a bullet.

We *used* to have a segregated school system, and I don’t mean anything as simple as whites and blacks, I mean one school for people destined to be manual labourers, another school for those destined to be blue collar workers, and so on.

Some people, mistakenly, think we still have it in the UK, all the Eton toffs who just happen to end up in politics or law or media, but (as someone from the fringes of that process) the reality is Eton is the home of the well heeled idiot, putting Eton on your CV closes a lot more doors than it opens, or did you think the likes of Cameroon were educated or intelligent? Privileged / Delusional / Incompetent yes, educated and intelligent, a resounding no.

But in the social engineering that was the breakup of the educayshun system, because it was a “good idea” that talent was met with opportunity (neatly ignoring the fact that it *always* was, that’s what scholarships were all about, fully 10% of places would be scholarship places granted to students whose parents couldn’t hope to afford the uniform, much less the fees, scholarship places paid for by the surcharge on the 90% whose parents could pay, like mine) the system as it was had to be broken up, and the result was that it no longer mattered if you were black or white or yellow of a little green man, you had fuck all chance of actually getting any kind of worthwhile education.

While it is true to say that the black community is now incapable of producing another Malcolm X (or many others) it is equally true of the white community, no white schools are producing future William Jennings Bryans (41st US secretary of state) (I wonder how many american school kids have even heard of him, much less learn about him?)

Not saying Bryan was right on everything, (Darwinism for example) any more than Malcolm X was right on everything, but they both had *character* strength of, for the use of, etc.

And this is essentially what promoters of “good ideas” are, hard deep prolonged and painful anal pounding for anyone and anything that might actually attempt to address and fix the problems we face.

So lone Dallas kill whitey nigga with all this military experience gets himself a long gun (I have talked before here about how *I* would set about something, were “x” indeed my true goal) and a set of body armour and takes down a few cops… when a truck bomb outside Dallas PD HQ would have been at least 100x as effective at the stated goal…. and well within his experience and ability.

People route around damage or potential damage, including those running false flag operations.

It’s in the playbook, under “good ideas 1.01”


July 8, 2016

Dallas 1 p.m.

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So for years Amerika has been getting to be an ever more dangerous place to be as a citizen, at the hands of the po-lice, and now it seems that it may be getting an ever mor dangerous place to be as a po-po, at the hands of the citizens.

Sure it’s still 99.9999% one way and 0.00001% the other way, but maybe it’s just early days yet.

Please note that I am not advocating or condoning or encouraging in any way (I may well have private feelings, but they are not relevant here) but what I am doing is observing.

For years we outside of the US have seen how citizens react when stopped by the po-po, and even the ones who studied law and know their rights and stand on those rights, still kow tow with exceeding politeness and end every single sentence with a capitalised SIR! like the lawman is an acknowledged superior in every way.

Which he (or she) is, he carries a gun, and he can use it…

I’ve travelled the world enough (though never to the yew-ess-ay) to see similar things enough to know that deference based on self preservation and fear is not respect, it’s somewhere at the opposite end of the spectrum from respect, and the next thing you know you have people saying (about the po-po) that the only good one is a dead one, but never around or in earshot of said po-po.

Guy I was talking to locally is proof of the concept that once the po-po decide that they don’t like you, it takes a very long time of you not doing anything wrong before the stop actively harassing, you… they still don’t like you, and that will stay on file for many many many years, and our cops aren’t armed, so the harassment includes making up criminal accusations.

Now the guy in question is philosophical, yes, he does break the law, he does get caught now and again, he does pay his fines and he doesn’t drive while banned, but he doesn’t like the po-po and he is basically returning the favour.

It’s a moot but interesting question, would he break the law much less if the po-po did not regularly falsely accuse him of breaking the law when he has not?

Notably when I talked about po-po years ago, in the same situation they would stop you, talk to you, give you shit, check your vehicle was roadworthy and safe, then send you on your way, without a speeding ticket, as they had already in effect broken the flow of your speeding, so there was a fair chance you would proceed with more caution… whereas now it is ticket city, ker-ching, another crime “detected” and “solved”… n= n+1 in crimes per officer per year solved…. notably this guy was 100% on board with me, yeah, cops back then were OK, mainly ex services guys who’d seen the world, now they are all school > po-po college > uniform with no clue and plenty of attitude.

What is clear is that he as an individual is seen by the po-po both as individuals and as an organisation as a product / resource / revenue channel.

To be sure “Joe Public” on the street is also seen as a possible resource to be milked by WalMart and so on, but the Walmart employee of the month does not get handed a gun and the right to shoot you because he thinks his safety is threatened, while he rifles through your shit to see what additional “sales” he can make in your name.

Putting Hitlary above the law, which is what the FBI did by stating for a fact that Hitlary used a private server for official secret state business which is an absolute breach of US law, but also stating that she should not be prosecuted for it, is one of those unintended consequence things.

If we say that 25% of the US population would rather see Kim Jong in office as scotus with Mugabe as veep than Hitlary, then we have 25% of the population who will now think nothing at all of soft crimes, like lying to the state on tax forms and suchlike… and I mean lying their fucking asses off.

Why not, it’s good enough for Hitlary.

Which brings us to central american drug lords, to many of the people living in those villages, the local drug lord is not an evil monster, he is a local employer, a local force for good, thieves get short shrift, and all the citizens are asked for in return is to turn a blind eye to thing the state would classify as illegal.

“The Law” and the respect, not deference, respect that it had from the local populace was a very accurate barometer of the health of the society in question, just look at the history books.

The history book are pretty universal in warning us that when respect for the law starts to tail off, it gathers momentum, and in less than a generation it goes from the rule of law to the rule of power, and from there there is no way back except via blood in the gutters and flames from what were once roofs.

The other things the history books teach us is that those in power genuinely do not understand that the great unwashed masses actually hate them, much less understand WHY they are hated.

And we as a people saw the first public signs of this in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, with politicians on both sides from the remain camp complaining that those who voted for brexit were both poor and uneducated, a polite way of saying stupid and lazy, after all, they themselves are wealthy and voted the other way, so who ever voted in a different way was obviously very different as a person, stupid and lazy, to stupid and lazy to have any say in their own future or country.

Come war of course and those same stupid and lazy people are neither too stupid nor too lazy to be drafted and sent off to die to protect the ideals of the wealthy…

In fact the opposite is true, what else are they good for, except to be used as cannon fodder.

I’m lucky, in my mid fifties so I’ll be dodging every draft there is, and if we are on the “losing” side it’s easier for me to change my name to “Viktor” and learn russian or “Jiang” and learn chinese or “Ahmed” and marry a 12 year old that it is to mourn the passing of those who were wealthy and clever in their ivory towers.

Which only leaves me to ask one question.

The Dallas shootings, interesting, in that the alleged trigger events, civilians being killed by cops, did not happen in Dallas, so why did the shooting happen in Dallas, since it was not the trigger point?

False flag anyone?


July 5, 2016

Random acts of meh

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So the 3 billion cap value Standard Life has frozen trading for 28 days on worries that the property market is going to take a dive, because they are worried that if people cash in it will snowball and become a self fulfilling prophecy….

property funds are allowed to do this in law because the money has been spent on property, not shares, and property can be harder and slower to sell, it is true that if you want completion in 12 hours you’ll take a hit on the price, but still, surely those buying in is enough to pay off those cashing out, after all, you can never lose in property.. right..?

Land Securities have over recent years basically bought up 60% of the centre of my local city, which was all post war buildings after the centre got flattened in WW2 by the bombs, nothing over three stories high, most of it two, plenty of wide open spaces, and bulldozed the lot, and build a glass and concrete canyoned monstrosity that tries to be a mall outside and fails, and it’s all Apple and Next and Prada and River Island and other chains in there, nobody else could afford it.Princesshay 10.2.1992 E&E

It’s telling that since it was built three or four years ago I have been there more in my old job as a network engineer that I have been there as a local consumer.

Of course the main “fault” with the old scheme was the same “fault” with old housing estates, look at all that grass, we could build extra housing on that and make more money.

That’s the problem with old style whoring, one punter comes along and takes that whore off the street for 30 minutes, in the new modern way of doing things the punter only rents one hole for 30 minutes, creating two new available profit centres in the existing real estate, better still, get 10 year old girls as whores, the smaller bodies mean you can pack em in tighter and still have three holes for rent.

It’s like the problem with TV, back in the day in the UK there were 3 channels, and even then there were people who flatly refused to over tune their TV to one of them, nowadays there are probably 150, and the next stage is youtube with tens or hundreds of thousands of channels, and they are all totally fucking shit.

Just for shits and giggle for the last three months on and off I have been doing the “not interested” and telling them why, I’ve already seen it, I don’t like it, I don’t like the channel, I don’t like the recommendation based on something I have seen.

After 3 months, they should be getting it right, but it’s still videos with “all new 2016” in the title that have been there 6 years, videos that I have seen before, they just got renamed, “fai”l (sic) videos, “funny” videos, “karma” videos, “dashcam” videos, and “gamer”” videos, 9,732 different channels all about how to play Fallout 4, 988 of which deal with the new Contraptions workshop DLC, none of which go into any detail of why it is total crap, why it does not work, why it cannot be made to work, and so on.

Well, for values of “work” that include using it for actual production for a settlement / settlers / armies… it works perfectly if by work you mean creating some heath robinson device that looks a lot like you might imagine a factory will look, but which doesn’t actually do anything useful.

See, at it’s most basic, you create an infinite loop, a hopper, into which you transfer ALL you shit, which dumps onto a conveyor that feeds back into the hopper, so then you can create a branch off that loop to a maker of pork and beans, so when pork goes by it grabs it, and when beans go by it grabs it, and everything else goes around the loop.

You or settlers just regularly dump all your shit in the hopper, if you dump pork or beans the maker of pork and beans will grab them from the belt.

That’s how it SHOULD work, and I’m not going to go into the 99 reasons why it doesn’t, and why the control interface for the builders sucks, or anything else, this isn’t about Fallout 4, this is about how we have 9,732 channels dealing with Fallout 4 and 988 of those have specials on the contraptions dlc, and NOT FUCKING ONE OF THEM rips the shit out of it for being crap, when it could have been great.

You know, I get how a shitty home made pipe pistol with 18 damage may not down a super mutant or boss monster with one shot, I get that, I really do, but my .50 cal anti material rifle with 600 damage taking 4, 5 or 6 shots per fucking super mutant?? I’m playing on survival difficulty level.. not ludicrous difficultly level.

I guess it’s like property developers and whores, the whole thing is so good so lets cram more in in the name of the holy prophet, whereas before one headshot was good enough for a kill, now we need ten, so we sell ten bullets, great innit… all hail mammon.

What’s that? You want to sell your Mirelurk meat NOW before the market crashes? Fuck that lone survivor, you have to hold on another 28 days, at which time we tell you to hold on another 28 days, and so on.

So here is a pop quiz, which main UK political party is *not* going through a leadership crisis?

Pure, fucking, coincidence, I assure you… nothing to see here, move along, move along.

Sadly, or gladly, depending on your POV, I am not close enough to the inner working of these things to know if this is a case of rats fighting for survival on a sinking ship or not, and by rats I mean the politicos, not the behind the scenes movers and shakers who always seem to prefer the same type of people to end up as party leaders irrespective of what the common fucking man wants we are going to be offered Leadsom / May, two witches with banker / lawyer backgrounds who both pledge immediate resumption on turbo with steroids of the trident submarine programme…. again, pure, fucking, coincidence….

Brexit means as much to these people as a falling leaf in a forest.

What do the chilcot report and hitlary’s eff bee aye investigation have in common, neither one is going to say anything controversial before an election… thank you, I’ll be here all week.###

But the feeling on the streets (which the politico types are always too busy to sample) is “odd”.

“Dat’s RAYCIS!” is being labelled at the whole Brexit thing, since the vote we have all gone raycis, and the news is full of hate crimes against Polish people here and guys dropping off bags of rancid pork at mosques.

But, it goes much much much deeper than that, in this city there is a groundswell of activity and angst against the university students bringing their cars here are clogging up the streets and parking spaces, this is but one of *many* examples I could give.

The Spanish “estrangero” was often translated as “stranger” or “foreigner” but it actually meant “not from here” and the definition of “here” could be very very local indeed.

That is what I am seeing, not racism so much as y’all ain’t from round heahabouts, I know, because I am…

And it is a really really really easy test for a local to make,

The guy went from “You can’t park there buddy” to “here, put this resident/business sticker in your windscreen” in the space of 3 minutes, because I knew where there used to be two pubs and a chip shop in that street view…… sure, you might be able to guess one of the pubs from the architecture, but you won’t know it’s name, the landlord’s name, what sort of pub it was, or anything else.

It’s not a thing that can be googled or facebooked or automated by data mining or anything else, back in the war it was how spies were caught, and other spies were not caught, “fucking germans turned Claude’s patisserie into a social club?!!… not that Claude ever did any work, it was his wife who did that, he just talked to everyone…”

And just because “since records began in 1995” according to some database or other, doesn’t mean there aren’t people who know different,


Land Registry, all those other things, none of them can tell you what I can tell you for a fact about what you see in that picture, what it was bought / sold for in 1950’s, how much land came with it, wich of the buildings you see now were just shells, walls and no roof, which crops were grown, the name of the local farmer…

There are Foreigners living in that house, about the 4th set in a row, come from London, white english monied retired, *they* don’t know this shit.

Edgar Mitchell’s grandson is going to treat me better that he will treat you or anyone else, because old Edgar and my grandad didn’t like each other, which does not matter now, what matters is three generations of knowing of one another that we know about.

I can remember being broke and sat on a boat in the bay of Athens many years ago, met a small group of Poles, they were starting up poland’s first yachting magazine, since the depression of the seventies and eighties and Lech Valesa (sp?) of the Solidarity movement… now poland is a fairly prosperous country again, you think a turkish immigrant is going to fit in there any better than me today?

It’s the old “if it does not fit in a spreadsheet it does not exist” mindset at play, shades of Fallout 4, where the models have become so good, it is so easy to forget they have zero basis in reality, they are just models, so when your contraptions workshop dlc does not allow you to build a proper working factory that integrates into the rest of the world model, it doesn’t matter, it’s a heath robinson virtual potemkin village, you can have all sorts of fun playing with the model, and that is the sole purpose of the model…

Of course they are all PLAY models, not SERIOUS models like wot bankers use, like wot Standard Life use, like wot Bernie Madoff-with-all-da-munnay use, like wot the National Grid use, like wot NATO and the Pentagon use.

I always remember an old guy, again you won’t find it on google or anywhere else, go down the Halford river and you’ll find a couple of older local roots people who will remember someone talking about the fella I am talking about now.

He was a navy seaman in both world war one and two, and a merchantman in between (much like my own gramps) and had basically spent his entire life at sea working, he had an old 20 foot open working boat with a single lumg lister diesel inboard, and one day one of the gin palace (such as would actually fit in the Helford, which isn’t saying a lot) made some derogatory comment from the deck of his million pound sunseeker, something along the lines of when you want to stop playing at boats and come aboard a REAL SERIOUS yacht.

Old boy just squints at the tit in the tupperware palace and says, you’ll drown just as quick if you step off this boat as that one.,, mebbe quicker, as you’re a mite closer to the water on this one.




June 28, 2016

7hing5 r diff3r3n7

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Take a look at a map of Europe, google maps is good for this, pick any place in Europe (I mean Europe, not the EU) then pick any other place, then let Google plan the route.

Warsaw to Paris say, 989 road miles, that’s about two tanks of fuel on any modern diesel car, and 15 hours driving.

I currently have parked outside an example of such a “modern diesel car”, it is an old volvo estate that I paid 600 quid for…. carry 6 people easy.

If we look at this we can see that the German roads can reasonably flow 300 vehicles per lane per hour even in congested traffic, so we are at 6 x 300 x 24 = 43,000 people per lane per day, call it 100,000 people per day per two lane (in the same direction) road, so if we call the population of Poland 38 million the entire population can make the journey down any two lane road from Warsaw to Paris in 38,000,000 / 100,000 = 380 days or just about a year.

If the population of Paris is 2.2 million then in three weeks one two lane highway can double it.

And all it takes is for everyone to have an old diesel car and two tanks of fuel…. and ONE two lane highway that remains open.

The fact is that there are at least six roads from Warsaw that head west or south, all of which have more than our stated two lane capacity, so we have gone from 100,000 a day to 600,000 a day being conservative, and 1,000,000 a day if we want to push it, which is what we are talking about, people pushing it.

This is the bit none of the disaster movies get, they all show the populace fleeing the cities and getting stuck and dying on the freeways while still in sight of the cities they are fleeing, and this might have been true for much of human history, but not anymore.

What’s that? The roads are blocked by broken down and out of fuel cars you say?

Did you not see the bit about 100,000 people per day per 2 lane road, even if only 10% of them are adult males who are fit that is 10,000 people per day to simply lift and move cars off the highway, it is a trivial issue.

Nor do they have to stop every five miles to raid a supermarket or farm and rape and pillage a local village, even ONE tank of fuel is enough for 500 miles, and 500 miles is the next country along on your journey.

None of the rapefugees flowing around Europe are getting where they are getting by walking, they are being bussed and trained there, just be thankful they are NOT turning up in cars… the numbers would be *wildly* different.

I want to go back to my £600 diesel car, we are talking the same money as a modern smartphone people, such a vehicle is not a rare item in Europe, and only 1 in 6 people need to possess one to transport all 6 people 1,000 miles across Europe in 18 hours.

THESE are the numbers that TPTB are crunching, when they are looking at the implications of an economic collapse.

The Mediterrenean islands are islands that you want to be getting OFF, the Biscay islands (and the UK) and the islands that you want to be getting ON.

The bottleneck provided by things like water barriers are the only thing that can stem the flow, short of field nuclear weapons.

Dunkirk took 8 days and the help of a flotilla of little ships to evacuate 360,000 across the channel, so around 45,000 a DAY, and one 2 lane road and old diesel cars can move 100,000 a day, drawfing what was a herculean all out effort by everyone with anything that floated along 500 miles of English coasline and ports.

So you NEED bottlenecks, especially if you are France or Germany etc, there is a good one at Istanbul, just two bridges, so then you are looking at a scenario where your ultimate borders are dependent on Spain and Italy and the Balkan states, oh, and Russia.

Or a Scenario where none of the above are either on your side, or able to do anything effective on your behalf because you are not on speaking terms with them.

One old diesel car with one tank full of fuel, which is easy enough to “prep” and squirrel away in man portable 25 litre containers, jerry cans in other words.

I know a couple of guys many years ago, they bought an old london black cab with the BMC 2.2 diesel engine, thing did about 30 mpg on a run at 50 mph, in the large passenger luggage space behind the drivers seat they fitted a 55 gallon drum, 55 x 30 = 1,650 mile range, they drove to Athens and back, and had to buy fuel in Riems, 220 miles short of the ferry back to the UK.

It’s not the same world that it was in 1939, some things really are different this time.

Generals always fight the last war, as the saying goes, I’m quite sure that the exact same thing applies within the continental United States, whether it be civil war or another great depression, but everyone will be an Okie with a pickup, and those bastards have some roads that are six lanes wide and even more, so take both sides of the central reservation (eg eastbound and westbound, 6 + 6 = 12 lanes) and you’re looking at 600,000 people per day travelling up to 1,000 miles from where they started, San Diego to Dallas, 1,300 miles, or 20 hours driving. so 2 days and Dallas population could double, and that 1.2 million moto-immigrants only need to carry water and shit by the side of the road to get from A to B.

It won’t be like the movies.

It won’t be like the past.

These are the numbers the powers that be are crunching, they are not wrong to be terrified, the modern motor vehicle and a tank of fuel means there aren’t any safe havens any more.

I’m picturing some prepper in Oregon with a year’s worth of beans and water purifying tablets and 10,000 rounds of ammo, and 10,000 people per minute moving up the nearest interstate, even FEMA’s 60 million rounds of hollowpoint isn’t gonna be enough.

June 27, 2016

OMFG the sky is falling

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Take ten random people, teach them the rudiments of poker, give them each 100 bucks every monday and have them play poker 8 hours a day monday to friday every week.

You know where this is going, you’re going to get 8 guys every week who are broke by monday night, one who is broke by mid morning monday, and one or two guys splitting the pot of 1000 bucks a week.

And it’s always going to be the same guys.


Nothing changes except the guys now meet virtually through the computer screen, and the table and cards and chips are now virtual.

Pretty much the same guys are going to be winners and losers every week… there will be *some* variation based on the lack of face to face “tell” and gesture reading.

Big change is the guys won’t be talking about cars / boats / bikes / wimminz / beer / music / while playing, the *game* *itself* won’t change a lot.


Take all the guys outta the game and replace them with bots.

Game starts at 09:00 hrs Monday, by 09:15 8 bots are  broke and the remaining 2 and duking it out.


In an attempt to fix phase 3 you put in artificial breaks when one playerbot puts 10% of it’s stake in the pot and loses it, this helps some to prolong the match, but it needs a lot more work.


The guys programming the bots and the virtual environment start demanding a cut of every pot.


A side game starts up where the playerbots can bet on other playerbots instead of / as well as their own hands.


Yet another side game starts up where the playerbots can bet futures long / short on other playerbots stakes going up or down with each hand played.


Yet another side game starts up when in a bid to cure the stagnation the rules are extended so that playerbots can routinely fold, or routinely bet and never have to expose their cards, and other playerbots can place side bets on the futures of these plays being long or short.


$1,000 a week seed capital for each playerbot is seen as the stumbling block, so the phase 5 guys starts injecting capital back into the game, but strategically, not with the best or worst players, bit with the cases that inject most variance into the game.


Nobody knows exactly how they got from 10 guys playing poker in a room to where they are now, nobody knows exactly what rules are currently active or dead code in the playerbots, the code is not a random number generator, but it has become arcane and complex enough that predicting the next outcome is becoming unreasonably difficult, poker is abandoned in favour of this new game, poker 2.0

I’ve mentioned it before, or you can google it, the Hargesian Goat Bubble, it’s a more eloquent description of the above.

Nobody can explain why a Brexit is tanking the asian markets, nobody can explain why a Brexit is causing german auto makers to plead with everyone (including the UK) to continue buying german autos (presumably this includes assembled in the UK BMW/Minis..) as usual, nobody can explain why a weak pound equalling a better export market for the UK and better foreign tourism market for the UK is bad, nobody can explain why they voted Brexit or Remain, nobody can explain why Enoch Powell’s statements about the then “Common Market” (EU) and immigration in the late sixties and mid seventies now seem little short of prophetically prescient and detailed and accurate, nobody can explain what a Brexit actually does or does not mean for the UK, or anyone else, nobody can explain why Hitlery is still in the running and on course to be #45, nobody can explain how this affects the shambolic (Npower) utility company that I buy my gas and electric from, given they are owned by the Germans, and the beat goes on.

The one thing that everyone is sure about, is that no matter who you are and how you voted (Brexit or Remain) you’re a fucking clueless twat because only a clueless twat could have voted the way you did (the obverse being if you voted the way they did you are a conscientious and intelligent adult) and now look at the fucking mess you have gotten us all in to…

Glad we sorted THAT one out…

About the only real factual intelligent responsible adult data that we have to go on is this;

  1. the “markets” fucking hate uncertainty and “irrationality”.
  2. the market can stay irrational a lot longer than you can stay solvent

So 8 more countries are looking at exiting the EU, the Tories are in turmoil, Labour is the same, Juncker / Merkel is the same, so one thing we can be fairly sure off is that this is not a “Lehman event” in the sense that on the Monday it is a what the holy fuck, and by Friday the ashes are settling where they may.

Nor are we yet in a state of systemic collapse, that’s what you had in the 1930’s where individual people were so scarred by what happened that 50 years later those who lived through it would *still* never trust a bank with their money or borrow money from anyone.

No, what we are in is a Kalifornia fault zone moment, where the earth shook out of nowhere with no warning, and people are looking at the buildings and flyovers and damns and power plants fearfully, looking for the signal that it is “safe” to go back inside and get on with quaffing the moccha latte’s.

Meanwhile the fault zone is still rumbling, and they aren’t aftershocks, so maybe it will all calm down, maybe this is the big one.

If the big one does come it is game over as we know it.

If it doesn’t, expect lots more legislation to protect the assets / infrastructure, none of which will have the slightest effect on when the big one does come.

Meanwhile the sun’s solar cycle (and nowadays we only talk about the 11 year cycle, he wonders of google search dumbing down science… which is like talking about biorhythms while discounting 2 of the 3 cycles that make it up) has conspired with ISIS / Brexiteers / The Donald / whatever to give us another cue ball / no sunspot activity local star.

Interesting times for sure.

Not regretting not being invested in the ponzi schemes of the stock markets / pensions / property asset bubbles and so on.


June 24, 2016

Brexit bitchez….

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So, we are on the way out, and Cameroon is history…


The problem is, and always was going to be, people vote with their wallets.

Scotland and Ireland are both places that have been vastly subsidsed by the EU, I saw this in Brittany, in the seventies it was pastoral and run down and quiet and you could buy some run down place anywhere you liked for reasonable money, plenty of quiet Tabacs, go back now and it’s all refurbished buildings and done up streets and gastro latte houses, and it was all EU money that was poured in to do it.

It does not matter that some people, eg the salt of the earth locals, always got shafted in these deals, there were enough people who made enough money and enough new people moved in to new houses and made money, that the original locals were marginalised and sidelined.

So if *enough* people make *enough* money they will always carry the vote, as happened in Northern Ireland, Scotland, London and the “M5 corridor” and in the case of the latter two, big enough populations there to sway things for the whole country.

And of course those “in charge” are soooo out of touch, on this morning BBC with Frost there is some stupid conservative bint talking about how she is in touch with the streets, and in the next breath talks about the brexit vote being all white male Labour voting types who have never even seen a refugee.

In case you couldn’t tell from the map above, yellow was remain and blue was brexit, the couple of grey ones hadn’t got the results when the print screen was done, they have now, also blue for brexit.

Wales was a bit of a funny one, on the one hand the welsh are stupid when it comes to matters of welsh identity, on the other hand it is also largely a region that lives off the fat and largesse of other regions, so I’m not surprised to see the west coast firmly in the remain camp, but I am suprised the south coast is so firmly brexit.

Apart from that, pretty much as expected, although anyone who was honest would always have said that the result was going to be too close to call.

So anyway, we voted, now what?

Now we have Article 50, which gives everyone involved basically two year to either manage the transition out, or deliberately fuck everything up for everyone, depending on how things play out.

And that little detail may be the killer, the germans are already talking about how they will not permit this brexit to be the domino that topples the dutch and french and so on exits, even though both those countries just came out and said they want a referendum on exiting the EU, so, interesting times ahead.

We would also be remiss to omit the fact that NATO and the EU have a lot in common, with the EU itself having been built that way from day one, so exiting the EU does have implications for NATO… it’s like the growth rings in a computer simulation of life, where the western founding nations die off and the newer eastern nations pop up so as a whole it looks like the whole creature is moving east.

Really we should dig up and re-animate Mark Twain, people are fucking stupid, we can see that every single day in every single way and how we got where we are now, on the other hand, people are not that fucking stupid that they don’t know they are being shafted, and when you are being shafted, you do the opposite of what you are told to do.

So Cameroon et all coming out and promising the end of the world is nigh if they vote for brexit, all they see is defying whatever Cameroon and the other establishment types tell them to do…

So if you want them to vote against brexit, tell them to vote out or the world will end….

The City of London is of course now poised to once again be *the* western clearing house for all things financial, especially nice when Russia and China are busy making trade deals, and especially nice if you are betting on the end of the US$ as global reserve currency, because after all the one thing the UK did not do in 40 years of EU membership was surrender its currency, so no changes to be made there from UK in the EU to UK out of the EU, we will still be buying and selling in UK Pounds Sterling… for now at least.

Of course the yellow zones on the map above could also be argued as the majority, who like nothing more than to sit down to some tender roast lamb and mint sauce, voting for the sheep farmer to stay as King, meanwhile the monied minority who own the shops that buy the sheep from the farmer and sell them to the majority have decided that the fucking farmer is getting too big for his fucking boots, time to get some new farmers in.

And it’s also good, in some ways, to have such a close to 50/50 split, and such clear demarkation lines, so the Scots now want another referendum and to leave the union, well, bye, and take NI with you, all sorts of potential there for mischief and strife.

Perhaps we can employ Trump Border Walls Inc to rebuild Hadrian’s wall, if they aren’t already fully occupied with the Mexican Wall and the California Wall, but then we could always ask the Chinese, they have a lot (2000 + years) of experience of walls, and fiat currencies too come to that…

We could build another one around Londinium, and flood it, turn it into waterworld, with a small floating megalopolis in the centre called THE CITY, it won’t need any other name, Amex Black needed as ID just to be a drone worker cleaning the toilets.

Ancient chinese curse… may you live in interesting times.

June 18, 2016

Donald fucking Trump

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I can’t say I ever met the man personally, closest I can claim is to have met the guy he bought one of his boats from, a certain Adnan Khashoggi and the Nabila as she was then known.

But sometimes you get a resonance, and this time it was something the Donald said…. he was speaking of Obummer

“Something is going on. He doesn’t get it, or he gets it better than anybody understands. It’s one or the other.”

… and my instant thought was what I said about the secret family court judge in my own FRA and child exclusion case, I said “The Judge (and by extension everyone else involved) is either incredibly incompetent at their stated jobs, or incredibly corrupt, and I find it hard to believe that so many people can be so incompetent” and used the example of going to a shop every day for a year and always getting the wrong change, if it is just incompetence then over the year you’ll get short changed and over changed in about equal proportions, if it is corruptions you’ll get short changed 365 times, which is what happened to me (and many, many, many others)

Contrast this with a certain Euro politician (mentioned in the last post) who said “We know how to fix it, we just don’t know how to get re-elected if we do…

It’s a funny old world.

The Donald could just be a mega me, someone who sees the total incompetence and circle jerk all around him “running amerika” and thinks to himself, if you are going to asset strip this bitch and fuck everyone over royally, move aside and let ME show you how it’s fucking done… by the time I’m done with you they’ll be talking about ME in the history books a thousand years from now.

If you gave *me* the task of making amerika (or anywhere else) great, the first and biggest problem is the free shit citizenry, dat’s raycis, I wan my free obamafone.

So, unlike the Donald, I will set out my manifesto in plain english.

  1. https://youtu.be/Mt4xRTafwaM

June 17, 2016

It was ever thus

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Take yourself back in time to 1984, a younger relative who I considered to be an asshole creeping little shit (an early opinion that has had nothing but reinforcement in the intervening 32 years) had managed to convince the parental units that he was a genius at computing, and needed a Sinclair Spectrum to be purchased for him, at the tender age of 15.

When I asked this kid to write a BASIC program to find every prime number between 0 and 100, he looked at me like I was fucking insane, of course, this was because his genius extended only so far as loading games, which he probably convinced them that he was responsible for the computer running…

BASIC was an excellent language, as a wildly dyslexic engineer type who just saw shimmering fields of garbage when looking at “proper” programming languages, BASIC had that “almost English” and “makes sense” instruction set

FOR X=0 to X=100
GOSUB blah blah
GOTO blah blah

etc… sure, it wasn’t necessarily elegant or compact or fast or able to exploit all the resources and hardware calls, but in its ability to create something that actually worked, a debug something that didn’t, it was unparalleled.

HTM was the same, back in the day when creating a web page meant opening up a text editor like Notepad, oh the cries of woe and anguish when Netscape Gold 3.0 came out and you could WYSIWYG create an HTM page (HTML wasn’t really out properly back then) and it was true, some buggy things could only be debugged by using Notepad.

I once spent an afternoon with someone who was on the team charged with creating the original VisualBASIC, now evolved into Vb scripts and so on, and they were quite adamant that the original utility of BASIC was what they were aiming at, and it was constantly made even more distant from the original goal by having more and more things patched onto it to provide new and amazing “features”… I dunno, I could never get on with VB.

It wasn’t the end of a era for everyone, just dyslexic assholes like me, I half turned into the asshole relative, it’s easier to let someone else write that shit and just load / run as needed myself.

Besides, I was never the creeping shit that claimed to be doing something that I was not, actually writing that shit, I was the engineer shit who observed that the Gigabyte mobo (BE6 I think from memory) for the Slot 1 intel Pentium would crash winders as soon as you installed Epson inkjet printers and software, I did not know *why* but I could reproduce it across different hardware, and in my own small way had a part in forcing Gigybyte to give me (and others) my money back… I guess they couldn’t fix the bug either.

What can I say, I’m typing this on a PC that I specced and built myself, looking at a NAS box I specced and built myself, and they both just work, I don’t get glitches or crashes or slowdowns or unexplained anything, they are both basically invisible, insofar as when I want to run a program I just do, and it just works.

I must be doing a lot of somethings right.

The biggest one is no asshole ever gets on the network or gets to touch any of the devices on the network.

Back when I was doing IT it was one of my most politically incorrect statements, and one that I was always expecting to get me fired, I’d walk into a place and say “I hear you have an asshole problem” in the same way the exterminator would say “I hear you have a rat problem

But I *meant* it, 99% of problems are created by people.

In shades of the same thing, many people have been asking me about BREXIT, should be stay or should we go, my response is always the same, in or out isn’t going to make any difference to a lot of things that we really should be changing, as it is, as a country that is currently in, mainly the EU shit that we have enforced locally is the shit we should not have, and the EU shit that we have NOT enforced locally is the shit we should have, and neither of those has anything to do with the EU, and everything to do with those who will remain in the same positions of power and influence whether we are in or out…

People talk about “us” retaining “our” control of “our” borders, nobody every asked me if I wanted any wogs or poles here, and that is the one thing that won’t change, nobody is going to ask me, so who is this “us” and “our” that you speak of, because it sure as fuck ain’t ever going to include me.

By now it is a famous quote, I don’t even need to name the person who said ” we know how to fix it, we don’t know how to get re-elected if we do”

And the point everyone misses, there it is absolute proof that the system is so broken that it rewards continued failure and punishes any sign of success or competence.

Broken by design or broken by default, aye, there is a subject that we can discuss at leisure, if you’re brave enough.

We’ll get back to this in a mo, but first, the dutch.

You know the dutch are fucked up when they have one single word to describe some fucked up shit, we say “guy who blows donkeys” and they have one word, we say “guy who stands on a bucket to fuck cows” and they have one word, but some of their one words are very good for all this, milineuker (sp?) is one of them, literally it means “ant fucker” but practically it means someone who obsesses over the tiniest details.

YOU *NEVER* see a guy who goes out and builds an engine from scratch, eg making a radial engine out of an old vee dub jugs etc, get into ant fucking, it is *ALWAYS* the guys who bought a bunch of over the counter parts and assembled them, and ant fucking is the only way to make your mark.

So, back to broken by design or broken by default.

Ant fucking will break any system, everyone making teeny tiny personalisations and so on, and it is cumulative, like rot.

Secret illuminati lizard overlords are not required, basic DNA will inevitably lead to ant fucking, and ant fucking will do the same job as secret illuminati lizard overlords, but oh so much better, there is no secret cabal to expose, there is no dragon to behead, there is no horde to be decimated, it’s inevitable creeping death by billions of independent replicating nano machines, compared to the scale of the whole.

Despotic leaders like Kim in NK, know this, fuck, they guy was educated in the west, he is NOT stupid, he *knows* his hand coded BASIC routines are cack, but he also knows if he lets anyone else start ant fucking, the whole system is doomed.

I’m not claiming that the NK culture is anything to revere and preserve, but really, what do we have to supplant it with?

Kardashians, Taylor Swift, Duck Pate that is mainly by weight pork fat? Coca cola? Hitlary? Cameroon? Draghi?

And as for the current ongoing gun crisis in the good old yew ess of aay, the Norks have a very large standing army, all of whom have assault rifles, so guns themselves do not make you “free”

We are regularly told how you are not free in NK, all the things you cannot do or say or think, yet here in the free and liberated west we are told that the Orlando shooter killed 49 and injured another 53, and depending on who you listened to, shot some people up to 12 times, and expended just about 1,000 rounds of ammo, and according to other people, fired only 212 rounds including those used for the police shootout at the end.

So if he fired 212 including the police shootout, killed or injured 102, he was doing pretty fucking good, special ops good, especially as this will involve one handed magazine changes while holding everyone off with the pistol in his other hand.

If he fired off 1000 rounds, he was carry 40 lbs of ammo around himself, assuming 45 round extended mags, at least 20 of the bastards, and that is getting comical when it comes to getting out the next mag, ejecting the old one, inserting the new.

But even so, if the stated claim is to kill the fucking perverts and fags, given there were 320 people in the club, 15% dead and 15% injured is a piss poor effort.

I myself as a lone wolf could guarantee a 100% fatality rate, I just need one rental vehicle to block each entrance, something you could do remarkably easily, then dump 50 gallons of gasoline into the club, throw in a zippo, and sit back with a beer and a cigar waiting for the news crews to arrive so you can state your manifesto, or waiting for swat to pop a cap in your ass, either way it is much more efficient.

All the pro NRA types could have armed concealed carry citizens in the club able and ready to defend themselves, it would save me wasting a perfectly good zippo to ignite the gas

You get the point here, it is trivially obvious to anyone who gives it a moment’s thought, and any student of history will agree, pub bombings and sarin gas attacks in subways, a gun is one of the least effective ways of committing mass slaughter.

So why do these “shooters” who always die at the scene from Lee Harvey onward, so they can’t testify, always go out and get long guns and kill a lot of people, but only a small fraction of the number they could have killed if they were serious?

How much is an assault rife and a handgun and a 1,000 rounds of ammo? I’m not asking an empirical question, I mean in comparison to 1,000 lbs of fertiliser and diesel?

There is a guy down under who uses 10 lbs of anfo to blow big tree stumps, ends up with holes where the stumps were big enough you jump down into them and can’t see the ground any more.

Doesn’t make sense, unless all these shooters are ant fucked by a committee into re-enacting a Rambo, that would make sense… a terrorist op planned by committee…


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