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October 24, 2016

Politics and video games

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I know, it sound stupid, right? But they both involve PEOPLE, so it isn’t as stupid as it sounds, because selling a political idea to a person has to have some common ground with selling a video game idea to a person, which has to have some common ground with selling a hamburger to a person.

Being an autistic / engineer / scientific / asshole type, much as I enjoyed Star Wars when it came out in the seventies, I also hated it with a vengance, and the most obvious reason for hating it was that it was set in space, and space as we all know is a vacuum.

In a vacuum sound does not travel, you do not get shockwaves, and of course there are no aerodynamic maneouvers possible, Newtons first law of motion.

To *some* extent I could forgive this in the seventies to make a space opera film for the cinema, even though the very same film took advantage of the vacuum of space when it chose to.

However it is now late 2016, and even the self appointed cutting edge for realism space games STILL DO THIS FUCKING SHIT, and there can be only one reason.

If they did not, if they did proper vacuum physics, nobody would buy the fucking game.

People prefer the fantasy to the reality.

So, the donald is going to drain the swamp of DC corruption, corruption that has been fucking endemic for at least 100 years and at least epidemic since nixon / watergate, you simply cannot be alive and in business / politics today and not be aware of the sheer levels and pervasiveness of corruption and graft.

It’s like growing up the child of a psycho bunny boiler skank ho for 20 years and then marrying another one and living with her for another 30 years, when your eyes are opened you can be shell shocked and proclaim that you thought it was normal, and then revelation after revelation will pour out of your mouth while you mention shit that you thought was normal but maybe it wasn’t please validate this for me… what you CANNOT do is claim you did not see anything wrong or know anything was wrong, and if it was, *you* certainly weren’t involved in it, and all those nasty people must have deceived you.

The donald isn’t about to drain a swamp to turn it into a childrens play area for free and give it back to the people for free… if the donald drains the swamp it will be to build new high rise glass and chrome edifices.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing, or a worse thing that leaving all the parasites in the swamp, and to be fair to the donald, he isn’t promising to build a safe zone for kiddies, though it appears that nobody in the states is listening to what he is actually saying.

For lots of those inhabiting the swamp today, the donald’s new metropolis will offer them an upgrade, from 500 square feet of leech lounge at ground zero to 50,000 square feet of lizard lounge on the 99th floor.

The donald talking about workers making better consumers than the unemployed, the donald talking about the fruits of that production staying in the yew ess of aaaayyyy

The donald ain’t talking about a workers paradise of socialist collective here, the donald is talking about maximising yield and revenue, now the globalist agenda has bled the country dry, it’s time to seal up the borders and fatten the calf on protectionist policies, he is talking like a farmer talking about reinvigorating the land, increasing crop production and livestock production and taking all that to market and being able to sell it for a profit, he isn’t talking like a farmer who wants the corn and cows to go into business for themselves and start owning square yards of land at a time while the farmer sits back and benevolently presides over his own dissolution into irrelevance.

The donald may well be right, it may well be the best / most practical way forwards from the parasite ridden corpse that is the usa today…

But it is not the ONLY way forwards, and it may not be the best way in the long term, and it may not be best way for we the people, or for peace, or much else.

It will be the best way for the donald, he isn’t looking to make a couple of hundreds of millions like the clintons, and do so through parasitic deals and schemes, he’d looking to buy manhattan for a few handfuls of glass beads in over the counter above board deals that make him a couple of hundred billions, he could well be the worlds first trillionaire.

He *could* have run for office any time in the last 20 years.

He didn’t, it wasn’t enough of a sellers market, there were too many sellers and not enough starvation.

If that sounds a bit like the rockerfellas a century or so ago….

October 22, 2016

Business vs politics

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I can’t tell you the right way to generate sales and promotion for your business, but I can tell you all the wrong ways, I can’t tell you the right way to run or finance your business, but I can tell you all the wrong ways, and so on and so forth.

Being a mere human, when you come up with such a list you’ll find some of them that you do, provided you don’t do too many of them and provided you don’t take any individual ones of them too far, you should be good to go, assuming your business is actually viable, it may not be.

Other things you have to accept is that there are plenty things you can only accept, because you can’t change them, or if you can, the cost is too high, these things include the very viability of your business model.

There *are* ways to make a cup cake emporium work in Detroit, just give away a “free” Browning 9mm and 2x full clips with every cup cake, for values of ways that ignore the fact that you are no longer in the cup cake business, that’s just a front.

Much of my engineering apprenticeship was like this, sure, you got taught the right ways to do various things, but you also got taught all the wrong ways, and why they were wrong… an experienced and skilled engineer can bodge a car in ways that a cowboy mechanic can only dream of, I have seen bodges so good (and simultaneously so cheap) and so awful that you have to look about six times to realise it did not come from the factory like that, my personal favourite being a light truck converted from hydraulic clutch operation to cable clutch operation… it was so good that when it eventually went wrong I took the cable to the factors as a pattern to ask for a replacement, only to be met by blank stares and denial that said make / model of vehicle ever had a cable clutch.

And so it is that there are many things in this world that you do not have the answers for on how to do them right, but you do know how to do them wrong.

And if you look around you, you can see world and dog doing them wrong, inviting 28 year old rapefugee “children” into your country as asylum seekers, but refusing to check their ages via dental inspection or anything else, because that would violate their human rights.

Without wishing to insinuate that they are the only or worst offender, you can look at US politics and see across the board pretty much a clean sweep of everything possible being done in the worst possible way.

Produce your drivers licence and social security number to be allowed in to vote, and said vote is done on a paper ballot that is kept for 12 months, and said vote is for the actual president, none of this shit about presidential nominee to be ratified by the house etc.

That’s half way there, the other half to have “none of the above” on the ticket and for that to stand if that’s the way the vote goes, no president and no new laws or taxes for the next 4 years, believe it or not people and society would get along just fine.

4 years later none of the above would be returned in a landslide and that’s the reason the system isn’t run that way, it’s like the cup cake emporium that gives away Browning automatics but insists it is just a simple cup cake shop.

The USA today is proof positive that so called democracy is the weakest system of human government possible, it bakes in the seeds of its own destruction by having zero immune system, it is a host designed for parasites that seek power and wealth.

Europe today is what the USA would look like if the US were not united states under federal law, the USA today is what Europe would look like if all the countries were united under federal law.

I’ve known yanks and had good discussions with them about the relative merits of the original Constitution, the various amendments and the Bill of Rights, and alienated them all because they instantly start defending their beloved Constitution when I point out the complete lack of Rule 1.

Rule 1 would state that any individual or group that attempted in any way to increase the power, control, authority or influence in any way of the government over the individual be hung by the neck until dead… and that any individual unilaterally imposing that death sentence be absolved of all guilt or sanction.

Rule 1 part II would state that anyone seeking to alter or moderate rule 1 in any way be hung by the neck until dead, along with his entire immediate family, and all their assets be burned.

It really wouldn’t be hard to write something that made it damn near impossible to subvert this side of 1,000 years, but then you get the thing I have long called “The AfOR Problem”

“The AfOR Problem” is a universal symptom of human nature, if you personally are not involved in a thing, you personally have no interest in that thing.

Only paedophiles, victims of paedophilia, and those who seek to profit from paedophilia or fear of same, have any interest in paedophilia, to everyone else it is something they don’t do or have an interest in, and quite frankly I have enough on my plate at the moment, the electric and gas bills are due in, it’s Lucy’s birthday this week and Auntie Sue’s next week, the car needs two new tyres and track rods and brake pads, and I quite fancy a night out with the missus over the weekend.

So when the “interested parties” start banging on about paedophiles disguising themselves as traffic signals and hanging around on street corners near schools, the rest of us tend to be all WTF, Meh, do what you like, I have other fish to fry.

Fast forwards six weeks and a new law is passed banning traffic signals within 100 metres of schools or playgrounds, for the chiilldrruuuuun, and if you object it is because you must be a closet paedo…. even though by definition “The AfOR Problem” states that the only people who will object are those who do NOT have skin in the game.

I had a conversation with a particularly rabid and freaky “thing” that objected to the pronouns “He” and “She” and felt that not only was it their right to call themselves by whatever pronoun they liked, they should have the right of law to back them up and force me to agree, and I was speaking as a small business owner.

They were adamant that not only could they force me to accept them as a potential customer, if I was looking for an employee, I could force them to accept me as an employee.

“I’ll close the business before I deal with a worthless cunt like you, either as an employer or as a customer.” was my response.

outrage and shock, and statements that YOU CAN’T!!!!

Why not, who is going to stop me? Who is going to make me operate that business?

But but but what about your customers?

They’ll be fine, Acme 2016 Corp closes and Acme 2017 Corp opens, and the thing worthless cunts like you fail to realise is that the services of Acme 2017 Corp will be in demand, the services of worthless cunts like you won’t be.

The services of companies that cave in and cater to and serve and employ worthless cunts like you won’t be.

So I look are the furore over the US election charade, how dare Vladimir Trump, the commine pinko rapist, call into question the sanctity of the Soros / Diebold voting system.

And I feel “a great disturbance in the force” as a whole load of rats and parasites look around, because make no mistake, they will jump whatever ship it is before it sinks, and then they will be the loudest voices decrying the captaincy and crewing of the old ship, there will be NONE of the dignity shown by the accused at the Nuremberg trials where Nazis were processed and hung as rapidly as possible before they could utter any unpleasant truths.

It is not for nothing that the bloody French are universally derided as cheese eating surrender money whose women are hairy and smelly and unwashed, the French after all introduced Madame Guillotine to many parasite necks, and they were the only country in history so far to do so properly and eliminate the parasites en masse, entire families at a time.

I’d conservatively estimate that in most modern European countries such as the UK, Mme Guillotine would have to chop a million heads, in a larger country like the USA nearer 10 million heads.

The guillotine blade and the hangman’s noose are slow and deliberate, they are very very very specific and targeted, none of this shit about droning 99 people in an embassy and 27 outside because a dog that looked like Assange but was really a Russian/ISIS?CIA hacker was having a wedding somewhere nearby.

Turning “The AfOR Problem” on it’s head, and using it as a business tool, the only people who are going to object to my business plan are those that don’t have skin in the game as potential customers, every one else can tax me, inspect me, sell to me, sell to my potential customers, and so on, those who have no skin in the game and will never be potential customers are nowhere on the horizon.

So it becomes a lot simpler, “The AfOR Problem” says that everything that pops up on the radar has skin in the game of my business plan, and only a subset of those are potential customers, so back where we started with all those “unknown ways to do things right” vs “plenty of known ways to do things wrong” , all the ways of doing things wrong is going to overlap with all those who have skin in the game of my business plan, but who are *not* potential customers.

Every minute spent talking to banks about financing, the state about taxation, the local council about refuse and taxes, google about adwords, isn’t *just* a minute wasted not talking to potential customers.

Because those with skin in the game who are *not* potential customers, want to continue and expand upon those minutes of interaction… this is their *sole* ethos.

Before you know it you require full time employees who never deal with either a single customer or a single order.

Before you know it you have a beurocracy, WITHIN your own business, and their sole ethos is to expand their minutes of interaction with others of their ilk, none of them will ever deal with a customer or get a job out the door personally.

“The AfOR Problem” states that anything that does not exterminate those with skin in the game, just riles them up, and they don’t like being riled up, and the only way they know how to respond to being riled up is to extend and embrace their influence and extinguish any opposition.

Back when obummer was in the running I warned every yank who would listen, hope and change my fucking ass, you are looking to elect a Black Tony Blair, and a Black Blair is much worse than a White Blair, because dat’s rayciss innit.

Trump ain’t a saviour, he isn’t wielding a guillotine.

Hitlary ain’t a saviour, she wants guillotines behind secret walls, and she wants them fed daily with the blood of dissenters… see link at end

We had a saying here to do with banking etc, TBTF, Too Big To Fail, well, I got another TBTF for ya, Too Broke To Fix.

At best, Trump may be the blue touch paper, that’s at best, and that’s a big maybe, even if he is everything he says and not just another shill designed to root out the “ballot box, ammo box” dissenters.


October 18, 2016

Social security, welfare, capitalism, basic income

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Just been reading this shit.. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/10/18/basic_income_after_automation_thats_not_how_capitalism_works/

Oh look, it’s an article written by a wimminz in a university, by definition a recipient of “basic income”..

Ironically and tellingly, the best definition of “social security” or “dole” or “basic income” I ever heard was in a prison cell, it was security FOR society FROM those without work, here is enough money to live a basic life, thus removing your ability to claim that any criminal actions you take were just to survive or eat or have shoes on your feet.

Basically if you do not work in manufacturing, or in infrastructure, or in farming, then you are already one of the “basic income” parasites.

This wimminz talks about governments that are *thinking* about experimenting with basic income, apparently unaware that there are already third generation never had a job, never worked a day in their lives, never want a job, people already living in the UK, just get born with a cunt and spurt out some womb turds et voila, basic income for life.

Like it’s some sort of mass retirement home for those unemployed by automation, I don’t know what planet these cunts are from or what drugs they are taking, but retiring old bessie to live out her last days in the field now she is too old to haul the wagons is something that only ever happened on a rich farm, where old bessie was a vanishingly small proportion of the animal population….

Ain’t no fucker gonna keep fields of cattle in grass and vets bills and everything else while the steak-o-tron algae vats in the former wintering shed churn out primo kobe syntho-steak by the ton to pay for it all.

And as the old irish emigrees to the young yew ess of a will tell ya, you can’t grow subsistence crops on land that ain’t yours, and land ain’t yours unless you can defend it against all comers, including the state and armies.

In the aforementioned article, the bint says;

Imagine a worker in a shoe factory, who produces 100 pairs of shoes in an eight-hour workday. Now suppose that the machine she operates during these eight hours is exchanged for a new model which suddenly cuts production time in half: Our worker now produces 100 pairs of shoes in only four hours. In principle, the factory could keep shoe production constant, in which case the worker would have the rest of her day off.

Problem is (apart from the SHE operates…) is the reality is 10,000 shoes get made / sold / purchased / worn out a day, so instead of 10000/100 = 100 workers being required to meet demand, suddenly it’s 50, next week it’s 25, the week after it’s 5, and you now have 95 unemployed shoe makers with obsolete skills…

and  only 5 shoe makers still making the same money they were before, but the in town shops are all shut so there is only the out of town walmart.

Shoes still cost just as much, and the company turns over the same.

It’s the sort of logic and intellect I’d expect from a 5 year old, or someone who has never had a proper job their entire fucking life.

And those 5 shoe makers, why should they work to support 95 idle cunts?

So here I am with my high tech laser business that I bought and paid for and set up myself, no help from the state or banks or anyone else.

You gonna compulsory purchase that shit big mamma state?

May as well just pour gasoline over it and burn it to the ground and add me to those “earning” this “basic income” because you need the skills to operate and maintain it, and nobody on basic income either has the skills or the desperation / desire to acquire them, not that you can, just like that, it takes time and effort and a whole host of other basic core competencies.

The main PC I use for my design work etc for the laser died last week, the boot SSD died, the machine would not boot, next morning I went down to the local Maplin and bought a new 480 GB SSD, 3 hours later the machine was back up and running, IDENTICAL IN EVERY WAY, even placement of desktop icons, desktop wallpaper, shit stored in My Documents and so on, to the machine that died the night before, that’s another skill that was needed to run a laser business.

So these great masses of unemployed on basic income, what we gonna do?

Why we just increase the basic income and create McJobs and indentured servitude via free credit and have them all living beyond their means consuming shit the 5 shoe makers make.

Yeah, that works, for maybe a generation, and then the cancer / parasite that is basic income becomes so much larger than the host organism of 5 fuckers actually making something (and lets not forget the one shoe factory and it’s owners) that the factory owners say fuckit and convert the factory into a drop ship warehouse for imported shoes from the outsourced to china shoe factory.

There is now 1 person working in the drop ship warehouse, and they have lower skill levels than both the retrained 5 shoemakers and the 95 manual shoemakers that went before them.

The kicker is the one person working in the drop ship warehouse doesn’t make enough to live, so they get a top up to basic income levels, the 99 unemployed shoe makers on basic income think he is an asshole, he thinks the 99 have no pride whereas he is on the ladder working towards future improved opportunities.

I’ll go out on a limb here, because I REALLY HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA of the actual numbers, but I’ll lay LONG odds that you can go to schenzen in china and look at the numbers, and find that there are more people there, like me, setting up their own small business, starting a new business in one day than there is in the entire fucking UK in a whole fucking year.

You wanna know why they eat our lunch, that’s why.

There are only two possible ways out of the not working productively / basic income trap, one way is to reduce those numbers by small business startups and those startups employing staff in ones and twos, and by small business startups I mean MANUFACTURING of some sort, not the latest smartphone app or cup cake emporium.

The other is culling the herd.

This is why I say global thermonuclear war is unlikely, it’s indiscriminate, everyone in a town or city dies, not just 85% of the basic income cattle… you need a messy traditional land war / insurrection / civil war to do that.

Poison gases and chemical attacks and biological attacks and genetic attacks are still too crude, like the mushroom cloud, and will kill too many of the “wrong” people.

You can’t beat the pipe / hammer / axe / machete / firearm for that shit, it’s *easy* to ensure only the right kind of cattle die, 5,000 meters is enough to be in a safe zone, as opposed to a war zone, and after years of living on basic income playing fallout 4 and battlefield and all that shit, you just have to bus them to the non safe zone, or bus the rapefugees into your double secret future designated non safe zones.

October 17, 2016

Halt horny old criminal!

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In case you hadn’t guessed, the title is an anagram of hitlary’s full given name.

Just for shits and giggles, an anagram of William Jefferson Clinton is “Jail Mrs. Clinton, felon wife.

You couldn’t make this shit up….

Just because I’m an equal opportunity asshole, John Forbes Kerry – He’s born for jerky.

I can’t do Obummer’s cos kenyan chimps don’t have human names, and I suspect all these evil bastards don’t really have human names either, lizard shape-shifters all… fuck it, this one can see, and I’m all out of bubblegum.

Anagrams are of course amusing because the language before and after the shuffling is the same, in contrast to newspeak, in which the words remain unchanged, but it is the language before and after that is shuffled.

In some ways I am grateful to the psycho skank ho ex and the secret family courts for providing me with a much needed wake up call to the perversion of language with newspeak many moons ago, without it some much of what passes for news and politics today would be gibberish to me.

However the US election does remind me of the Brexit vote in one way, everyone was absolutely certain that on a good day if they had a tail wind and tripper over a four leaf clover, Brexit would only get around 20% of the vote, no doubt at all about that, especially with all the propaganda being pumped out to ensure the desired result, because the desired result was not just a Bremain vote, but a Bremain landslide.

Yes, TPTB were indeed that far out of touch, not only with the common man, but the deep schism within society between those who had had enough and wanted out, and those who were scared of the consequences and wanted to stay in.

Make no mistake, the politicos who now label themselves as Brexiteers, even our beloved cunt in charge PM Teresa May, don’t actually want a Brexit, they just can’t see a way of stonewalling it without losing their personal privilege.

It’s a lot like me and the psycho skank ho ex, there was a form of uneasy peace until the day she decided to throw my ass under the bus and declare war with some FRA’s as an opening salvo, once that card is played, the micron thick but onobtanium strong veneer of civility overlaying our relationshit evaporated into thin air, and all that is left is a seething caldera, where cutting your own nose off to spite your face is a perfectly reasonable thing, just so long as the other cunt is having a miserable time.

I feel that this is an exact parallel for what is going on in the united states now (and soon to happen in dear old germany, and italy, and spain, and so on…) the population is divided amongst those who want the clintons to hang from a gibbet, and those who are scared of the consequences of hitlary losing, and want a “devil we know” to be the next POTUS, it’s just another actor playing Dr Who after all, the show is just the same.

I suspect if Trump wins (officially that is, undoubtedly he would get most votes in a fair paper ballot election that only live citizen voters could partake in) it’s also going to be a lot like brexit, months pass and not a lot happens, for most folks the sky does not fall in, but nor do they see those behind the fear and awe campaign being tarred and feathered and run out of orifice, and so rather than being a catharsis, all that happened is more fuel got added to the fire, and the micron thin unobtanium veneer of civility stretches a little more.

I actually think WOPR global thermonuclear war is not a serious risk at this time, or at any time in the near future, I think the real risk is that when the balloon goes up, we’ll be in that “since records began, in 2014…” place, because you have to BOTH be a “credible” entity AND have more than mere snippets of data, to be taken seriously.

If google says you were not behind the collapse of the US$ in late 2016, then you weren’t, if google says you were, then you were, and the real facts are neither here nor there.

Which is a problem, when you have been busy doing to the credibility of the 4th estate what the feminazis have been doing to the credibility of the female of the species.

See, back in the day, the early internet, before big media or Assholes On Line got into to the act, in shades of 2001:Space Oddity, what you had was “My God, it’s full of memes” of which All Your Base was but one.

Now we have the collective manpower / wealth / might of the world’s MSM all over that shit, and not a meme in sight worthy of the name.

Nothing has any credibility, so all the memes that they continually TRY to create (look, and you will see them *everywhere* on the net) wither on the vine before they have a chance to flourish.

The “tragedy of the commons” has come back to haunt us, and this time it’s not a physical landscape but a mental and social and economic and political one, all rolled up together…

… and when that fucker blows, well, my bet is, it won’t blow, it will prolapse.

Course, they will be saying come and sniff this beautiful red rose….


October 13, 2016

Anal annie and the demon seed

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I face the same problem the CIA does, in a world awash with data and information, how do you pick out the factual and relevant, and discard the rest as mere distraction?

Certainly it’s easy enough to go online and convince yourself within a day or two that world war three, the thermonuclear edition, is just around the corner, and it might be, or might not be, the point is it is easy enough to find enough data to persuade yourself that it is.

It is also easy enough to find enough data to persuade yourself that Hitlery is the greatest person that ever lived and would make an ideal prezzident and commander in chief.

My own reasons for disgust with the clinton’s and bushes et al is simple enough, you can make a valid excuse for dynsatic structures in the firm your own grandaddy founded, but nowhere else, certainly *not* in the world of politics, it should not be a job for life, it should be a job for 4 years, and that includes the *entire* gubbmint structure, it should be as popular a passtime as the draft in the vietnam era.

Trouble is, shit isn’t what you think it is, cognitive dissonance and all that, we all deny reality all the time, and shit reminded me of an incident I witnessed yesterday.

Think of a small for her age and skinny 10 year old girl, looks more like 8, not just smallest in the class at school but smallest in the year, now think of the shock and horror associated with an adult male (for it is always an adult male innit) raping that child and forcing his huge penis into her, splitting her in two like a ripe melon.

This is the image everyone (mainly blokes) has and it is associated with the image that a huge baby cannot possibly come out of my girlfriend’s sweet tight cunt, I can barely get my cock in there, and somewhere in the background there is some knowledge of biology and growth, but it is very distant and vague and eventually the line gets drawn somewhere around anything below 175 cm tall and 60 kg in weight and 16 years in age is too small to fuck, and those numbers are pushing it innit.

So back to yesterday, and this teensy tiny little girl takes a dump and leaves a floater in the bog bowl, and me, I’m not exactly under endowed in the penis department, but this turd put my cock to shame, I said to her mother that your little girl TIUTA from mandingo, for which I got a (playful and outraged) slap but you can’t argue facts, and size matters, and size is empirical, to pass a turd like that the wee 10 year old girl must have an asshole that can take a fisting from a wee 10 year old hand, and if her ass is like that…..

And I was reminded by this skinny 10 year old girl with the mandingo floater of an earlier incident in my life, a skinny 10 year old black boy in the bush in africa, with his little pot belly squatting down and spraying out undigested millet and tapeworm segments, while cradling his ak47, and there were those who like the “she is way too small to fuck” example above thought this kid was way too small to be even holding this weapon, but there is no way he could fire it, no way he could actually aim it in someone’s general direction and pull the trigger, no way, it’s the same inbuilt cognitive rejection where you will reject a real factual phyiscal thing right before your own eyes, in favour of some belief that your find more palatable.

Of course, other people treat evidence in other ways, it no longer becomes merely evidence of some kind, it becomes an absolute proof, clearly mandingo girl has been TIUTA from monster cocks from the age of eight, so intervention time and the size of her asshole is all the proof you need to convict the perps, in this case I know the parents, and take it from me the only kind of abuse those kids get is being given ipads and phones and laptops and shit far too young, both parents worship the ground the kids walk on, but my knowledge of them would not get a look in once miz social services decides mandingo ass babe is a victim, so there must be a perp with a penis somewhere nearby, and daddy’s protest that he would not let anyone harm his kids or near his kids is just seen as an admission of personal guilt, hey, he just exonerated everyone else, right?

And this is the kind of pseudo religious feelgood mental short circuits that give you the Trump OR Hitlary thing.

I knew a blind guy years ago (100% blind, not just legally blind but can still drive etc) who did not give a fuck what he looked like physically, but who cared *hugely* about how he was seen by others, the result was someone who, had they not cared about how they were seen by others, would have been a very badly dressed version of me, and sartorially speaking that’s saying something, but he would have fitted right in at walmart, instead he ended up being the crazy blind freak, because everything was a percieved insult.

Knew a guy years ago who lost an arm, (how careless of him) he was telling me how outraged he was when his doctor said “on the other hand” in conversation with him, said to the guy get a fucking life, it’s just a phrase people use, and no, he shouldn’t have taken time out of his life and thought processes and profession just to analyse every single utterance and nuance, just in case it upset a one armed bandit.

It was shame because for quite a few years I used to hold this guy up as an example of how to ride over a problem in life and overcome it, but something eventually obviously got to him and he became a tosser just like all the others.

It’s the problem with electing a trump or a hitlary, it’s not even remotely like choosing a 50 gpm centrifugal pump to empty out a swimming pool, plug it in, walk away and let it work, but we treat it exactly like LED or Sodium for street lighting, cue huge arguments about lower power consumption vs monochromatic light that pierces fog and mist and gives better illumination coverage…

Little girl has a huge asshole, so either she TIUTA from mandingo or most/all little girls can pass floating turds that huge, and unless you are a child proctologist (if such a thing even exists) you won’t be speaking from experience or experimentation on this one, so you get to choose between two untested and unknown possibilities.

If the MSM reports in this blog post they’ll be talking about me suggesting grabbing that little girl by the cunt, alex jones will be talking about me saying ww3 will be triggered by a small black boy with an ak47 and tapeworm, max keiser will be talking about how I deliberately avoid talking about bitcoin and the bankers, and so on….

Meanwhile I can sit here and look out the window and still have no idea what the fuck the world will be like in one week, one month, one year, all I can do is do my best to survive day to day.

I cannot influence the masses, I can try to prevent them influencing me to be a good sheep, mix my metaphors and follow the rest of the lemmings over the cliff.

That may or may not be a wise choice on my part, the swift death of a drop onto the rocks below may be preferable to a lingering painful one in the radioactive aftermath, I don’t get to choose CONSEQUENCES, just choices and actions or inactions.

Some or many of those cheerleading for the apocalypse don’t want the consequences of an apocalypse, they just want enough advance warning so they can party like it’s 1999 and know that nobody is going to around long enough for them to serve 20 years to life in joliet.

I’ll give you a scenario, all males except me die, and all females over 16 years of age die, I’ll be in pussy heaven… err, no I won’t, with no infrastructure I’ll be doing my best to survive and I’ll *maybe* have enough surplus energy to keep 3 of those wimminz alive amongst all the rotting corpses and lack of infrastructure, and I’ll unlikely have much time for 4somes in satin sheets with barry white playing… and besides if you’re playing those sorts of odds you’ll get better odds expecting to win the lottery jackpot every week for a year.

When bombs start dropping and bullets start to fly and fire and dirt and disease abound and infrastructure collapses, the murderer and the banker and a paedophile and the priest are all united in their goal to survive long enough to see the next dawn, and pretty much nothing else matters to them.

War on white man’s soil *is* likely, simply because it’s been too long since we have had one and everyone has forgotten how awful it is, and meantime we have been importing non whites who only understand what it is like to be in a proxy war, which is *your* house buring down but the people who started the fires still have houses with working light and heat and water and internet and still more matches to burn other people’s houses.

Being in a *real* war where there are no rich neighbours with working infrastructure close enough to help you survive and rebuild is a whole different scenario.

Ain’t nobody alive anywhere who remembers what that is like. Not trump, not hitlary, not obummer, nor anyone in the offices of civil servants and government both state and local, nor anyone in the utilities or anything else.

Irrespective of anything else, I know the TIUTA from mandingo girl and her family, she is a happy little girl, who feels safe and secure and loved in her own home with her own family, you may well be able to point fingers here and there and find “faults”, but the reality is her life is as good as it is going to get, and given a choice she would not change it.

An outsider deciding that her anus should have a maximum diameter of 3mm and then deciding that since it is not, what is needed is some regime change and a new daddy and mummy and maybe different or no brothers and sisters because someone must be fisting her ass because no little girls ass should be bigger than 3 mm, is exactly what we are doing in the world.

We are doing it to *other* families.

Nobody is taking calipers and measuring their own children’s assholes and invoking regime change at home in our own family.

Nobody is even asking if 3mm is the correct diamater for a little girl’s anus, or will it lead to a rapid and painful death by constipation.

Fucking with your shit is me externalising myself on the world, and if it doesn’t work out the way I planned, well obviously that is your fault.

My intentions were good.

Brexit didn’t scare you ungrateful little cunts, maybe the threat of nuclear armageddon will, hell, it worked 40 years ago.

October 3, 2016

Let’s talk WTC 1,2 & 7 as an example.

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So I am going to walk away from discussions about free fall, conservation of energy and momentum, eyewitess reports, fakes plane videos, and all the rest.

Bottom line here is you either buy the official story for WTC 1,2,7 + Pentagon + the other flight, or you do not.

Let’s say you do not for the sake of argument.

Where does this leave you?

It’s a bit like your wife telling you she stayed at her (girl) friends house and nothing happened, and you know that is a lie, what you do not know is what she was actually doing, or why.

It’s a powerful argument, whether it be applied to 9/11 or your wife pulling a train, “Why would I do that?” and of course your speculation does not count, because it is not “factual” it is just speculation, but the story they are presenting is “factual”.

So you’re left there trying to come up with answers, Hymie Goldputz who owned the building re-insured it and did not turn up to a party on the top floor, so he gets paid off by the insurance company for wiping out all his competitors and those who have skin on him at the party.

Which doesn’t explain the pentagon or the other plane, so your explanation is shot down in flames, and the official story junkie tells you why can’t you just accept I stayed over at Julie’s for the night?? what’s wrong with you?

But there is actually an explanation, it’s just too big to accept.

I’ve hesitated for 15 years to say it in writing, but there is enough other truther shit out there, including mystery secret scifi directed energy weapon shit, and this is a miniscule and trivial enough blog, what the fuck, and for the record I’m not suicidal, don’t own a nail gun, or fly, ever.

It’s the girl saying lets you and him fight over me.

In the same way that there are no “moderate” muslim / islamic terrorists / peace loving citizens, cut the terror head off and the body dies and then decomposes, there are no “moderate” jews / zionists.

If the fucking muzzies stayed in bumfuckistan, nobody in the west would give a shit about them, so if you want the west to eradicate the muslim / islam hordes, you have to make them want to, and the only way to do that is import them into the west in such numbers and with such indoctrination that sooner or later there will be a night of the long knives and molotovs.

I’ve lived in Saudi, those people have more money than god, and they know how to buy stuff with that money, cunt, gold plated roller, your local shops, no problem, just open the wallet.

But, they are still sand niggers, unbelievably wealthy sand niggers, but sand niggers all the same, they just do not have what it takes to be behind 9/11 or anything else… so 28 pages are realeased and now some wimminz is suing the saudis.. it’s all fucking smoke and mirrors.

The sand niggers are not SMART or CUNNING or CUTTHROAT enough to defend against it.

Let’s you and him fight over me, and when you beat him down, I’ll fuck you over too bro…

No coincidence that the jew/zionist controlled western media has such a hard on bitchslapping those countries that have effectively zero jew / zionist parasitic infections, the russkies, the chinks, the norks.

Nor any coincidence that for example those within germany (or elsewhere in europe) who are prepared to stand up and be counted for my country first are branded Nazis, you know, the same nazis that exterminated so many jews that 1 in 2 people who died, both civilian and military, in WW2, died in a few small concentration camps.

The jewish bodies, like the 9/11 airframes and passengers etc, poof, all vanish in to thin air.

My psycho skank ho ex, looking back at her history, I was perhaps the 4th or 5th guy I know who got that treatment, it was the same playbook every single time, but each iteration was refined and improved based on the last one.

The jew / zionist playbook is the same, we’re due another USS liberty, and again the finger will be pointed at some fucking raghead.

And should the day ever come to pass where the gentiles have eradicated the muslims at the behest of the jews, guess who is next on the menu, divide and conquer.

Dear Vlad, please invade all the nice tropical places, like the entire med and southern usa, kill everything that is not white and aryan, and then I can go live there and ride my motorcycle in the sun all year around.

Yours, not a golem.

ps if we are going to have a breeding programme please don’t forget big tits small waists and thigh gaps for all the girls.

pps might be an idea in the meantime to make sure there are no jews working in gene/bio labs, we wouldn’t want any tailored race specific pandemics “accidentally” mutating and getting out would we.

ppps nuke em from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure…

October 2, 2016

Dead in the water

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Railway lines are different to roads, the analogy is an electricity carrying cable vs a data carrying cable.

In data lines and roads you don’t physically connect and disconnect branches, they are always connected, the cars / packets have individual control, they know where they are going.

In railways and electrical systems (and pumping systems etc) you do physically disconnect and reconnect circuits in order to direct flow.

When I was a boy it was done manually, signalman and booking boy in every signal box, and an arcane system of levers and electrically operated bells for them to communicate with others.

Of course it required a skilled human being because it was a manually operated system, even if they were working from books of rules and schedules and so on, but it was a human hand that made every single change.

Which is why during wartime and so on it was still possible to make a crippled system work after a fashion, and why it was possible to bring new elements on stream as they became available / got rebuilt / whatever.

It was the same with mains, the worst thing you can do is just switch in another generator that is out of sync with the existing circuit, massive destructive currents will flow, but the way it works is if you have 5 x 500 kw gennies running in sync, and you add a 6th, they will all keep each other in sync, once synced up, if one drops engine power it will still stay in sync, the generator will just act as a motor and spin the dead engine, in practice a relay trips that unit out of the circuit, so you do your repairs, sync it up, and put it back on line.

I’ve done this myself on boats, and syncing was done with an ordinary filament bulb that bridged the two circuits, if they were out of sync current would flow and the bulb would illuminate, and like multi engine bombers you could not manually get them perfect (hydraulic governors of the day and so on) so what you’d get is a harmonic, with the bulb waxing and waning over a few second, so one eye on the bulb, one hand on the switch, and when the bulb went out you threw the switch and the new gen set was on line and in sync.

If the bulb waxing and waning happened too fast, eg it was less than a 4 second cycle, you had issues, and you go and check / adjust the governor on the offending gen set.

It didn’t matter if you were switching between port and starboard gen sets or a gen set and shore power, it all worked the same way.

It’s crude and inelegant and 100% human hand operated, but it works.

Fundamental to all of these systems, is that being human operated, you could start from a dead system and build it back up online.

The downside of course is there are no millisecond or less reaction times, then it went to semi automatic systems with synchroscopes and cosine meters, and then it went fully auto, with a “manual” backup that is really no more than a button wired into the same auto circuits to over-ride the output of the op-amps or FGPA or whatever they use now, it’s fly by wire when it is “manual”

There isn’t really any dead in the water cold start ability any more, unless you want to start it as an isolated unit, the design always assumes that sooner or sooner still as soon as that subsystem is running, it gets connected to a master system and takes its cues from there.

Much like the internet.

And then it gets worse, because once you take the human hand out of the system and you have the ability to tweak things at will at the microsecond or less level, that is exactly what you will do, in the name of “efficiency” or “profit” or “copyright” or “law”.

It should alse be said that the challenges of adding a 2 MW generator to the grid are not the same as the challenges of adding a 700 MW genny to the grid, one will just trip out and blow up if you get it wrong, the other will cascade crash the grid itself.

But yes, the tweaking starts, why not, no obselete human meat with multi second or even multi minute response times, and an internet that was built to route around damage, is now built to be damaged from the ground up, this is afterall what firewalls and routing tables and domains and so on are.

On a purely IP based system life would in many ways be easier, once you add, for example, that fucking dweeb in mom’s basement to your block list, his packets ain’t going anywhere, sure, you have to add white listed people too, and that takes too much time to do manually, and we fucked up the allocation of IPV4 (as we are doing with IPv6) such that and are not necessarily geographically near to each other.

Back in the day in the UK before STD (subscriber trunk dialling) our phone number was 811, there were plenty of unused numbers below that for that village, but the 800 to 988 block was assigned to the new housing estate that we lived in, and being down towards the bottom of it, we had 811, the guy across the road was 813…

In the old films Scotland Yard was always Whitehall 1212

So there have *always* been opportunities to do everything right, from an engineering perspective, but they are never done right, because some bean counter somewhere came up with a “better” way.

As I have mentioned before, a friend who worked in the UK National power grid confided in me that there were six locations that if attacked would *inevitably* cascade fail the entire grid, and nobody knew for sure *if* they could bring it back on line, like the internet, it’s never undergone a cold start since it was first started.

So now we have discussions about a new chinese / french nuke plant being built, and limp wristed motherfuckers who claim to be tech experts whining about all the “dirty diesel” back up plants dotted around the country, not realising that they are some of the cleanest running non nuke or hydro power sources anywhere, not realising that if we do have to either segregate or cold start the grid, these “dirty diesel” plants are the only way to do it.

They won’t generate an appreciable proportion of our power needs, that is not the fucking point, before you can have a grid you have to have a clock, everything in sync, and that’s 50 Hz here in europe and 60 Hz in the yewessa, and you can’t get that clock running without “dirty diesels” and only THEN can you think about bringing the bigger stations online and only THEN can you think about putting towns and cities and industries back on line.

Which brings us to another thing, the aforementioned mate sent me a graph, grid power usage when 9/11 happened, and everyone picked up the phone or went online, and the bad news is back then in 2001 fifteen fucking years ago that sucked up 10% of the UK’s generating capacity.

Back then you’d manage grid loads by running in brownout conditions, the frequency stayed the same, but you dropped the voltage, and by the time you dropped the 220 supply to 160 lost of shit just stopped working, which was the point, but filaments bulbs still glowed, albeit dimmer and a resistance heater still worked, albeit not nearly as powerful, so people still had light and heat, but everything else shut down by itself in an undervoltage condition.

Nowadays nearly eveything works on switch mode power supplies, you can cut that 220 back to 90 and that sucker will still work and still power the device it is connected to, except it will be drawing nearly three times the curent, so your brownout will trip current breakers and turn into a blackout.

Then it’s engineers going out and kicking back online the power, sub station by sub station, maybe even pole pig by pole pig…. your neighbourhood could well be 14 days without power.

My mum had a power cut last week, line under the street went and took about 30 houses offline, no electric means no gas central heating or hot water, no cordless phone, no lights, basically nothing.

Took the power company about 18 hours to get there with a gen set, dig up the road, access the cables, splice in the genny and put everyone back online.

My mum was the only one who had a portable gas burner to make hot drinks and portable LED lighting to see if need be, the gas burner had been sat in her cupboard for 18 years, waiting for the day.

But she is in her mid 90’s, came from a different world, all the younger folk around her could do was watch the dwindling battery charge on their mobile phones as they texted everyone about how awful it was, nothing worked, not even the TV.

Dead in the water.


September 30, 2016

Taking shit seriously.

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I forget where it was, I forget when it was, but *many* years ago there was this meme about a guy kicking back and smoking grass and not taking *anything* seriously, except moving, that was taken under great consideration for a loooong period of time. Should I move, or should I just lie here some more….

As others have said elsewhere, one burka wearing skank gets kicked off one beach in southern France and it is global news, young skanks wearing shorts and tank tops getting abused by muslims happens all the time, and nobody says shit.

You were all sat around MGTOW central what *they* were going to do next, after they split the family group and branded the penis evil and all things vaginal holy and pure and superior.

Thinking the pendulum would swing back mebbe…

Quoting Marx influences on Feminazism without actually reading Marx, or anything else.

A bit like Obama strutting around the board crapping everywhere and knocking pieces over thinking he is in control of the checkers board, but it’s really a chess board, and we are only a few moves in.

What killed america wasn’t laid in the seeds of slave labour per se, I got nothing against slaves, everyone should own at least one slave girl, the shit hits the fan when you have useless greedy bastards who own a hundred slaves, or a thousand slaves, or five thousand, and who think they are still in control, cos they live in the big house.

Being brutally honest with you, 99.9% of the population isn’t fit to do more than lick my asshole clean after I take a dump, and here’s why.

They are stupid, much, much, much, much more stupid that anyone with  a functioning brain would credit.

Let’s take islam and sharia law in the UK in the year 2040 when the bastards have taken over, well no problemo, I’ll just grow a beard and call myself Musa Isa and dig that koran babyyyyy, except no, because being a white boy all I will ever amount to in a nation of islam is the equivalent of a wooden kalashnikov in the hands of a boy soldier, sure, you carry that shit and you walk around like us, but you try and act like you equal boy, world of pain for you..

Before %ge of population who are black got too high / after it got too high

Before %ge of population who are immigrants got too high / after it got too high

Before %ge of population who are muslim got too high / after it got too high

People thinking like these are watershed events, I walk from here to the corner shop to buy some smokes, and single out the individual step across the threshold of my front door and talk about that like it is some important individual significant thing, and ignore the other 980 step to the shop, and back again.

Concentrate on individual steps and you’ll see feminazism, and another guy will see islamism, and another guy will see something else.

Look at *a* (not *the* but *a*) wider picture and feminazism was just one step on the marxist journey to the corner shop, immigration and importing islam are in there too, along with a bunch of others.

The “WE DIDN’T START THE FIRE, SO DON’T EXPECT US TO START ACTING LIKE FIREMEN WHEN YOUR HOUSE STARTS BURNING DOWN” feminazi payback pendulum is swinging, but it ain’t all those long suffering impoverished beta white boy MGTOW’s gettin’ it, it’s the fucking rapefugees gettin’ it… and they are just useful idiots too…

Like WTC7, Deutsche Bank will crash when someone calls “pull it” and that will be at a time best suited to them, not to all the useful idiots, just another step in the journey.

I’m old enough to remember all the bad taste jokes you see, “who let that woman drive?” and “NASA stands for Need Another Seven Astronauts” and all that, so when the Challenger comes in from orbital altitude and orbital velocity, and I mean literally, it’s going 30x as fast as any commercial jet, there are over 80,000 pieces recovered, there were many identifiable human body parts recovered, the fucking black box was recovered (intact and working) and they were able to lay all those 80,000+ pieces out on the ground in a big warehouse in the correct places on a big outline of a shuttle.

Unlike 9/11, when 100% of all the in flight mass of all FOUR aircraft, including passengers, simply “vapourised” and that is the official story to this day, two on twin towers, one in pentagon, one in a field, all totally “vapourised” (apart from the odd Iraqui passport, Challenger should have used jihadi passports for re-entry tiles) nothing to see here, move along.

You see that bit above where I say 99.9% of the population is too stupid to be allowed to do anything except lick my asshole clean when I take a shit, that’s the sort of thing I’m talking about.

But I do mean 99.9% across the board, it’s the same proportion in politics and military and banking and finance and commerce and industry, reams of newspaper articles telling me how fiercely intelligent the likes of merkel and obama and cameron and draghi and greenspan are do not convince me that they are more intelligent than the average dog or rapefugee.

fiercely intelligent people do fiercely intelligent things, and fiercely intelligent things do not include inventing an iron man suit or getting bitten by a mutant spider, and then going out to do battle with evil russians to protect mom’s apple pie and the star spangled banner.

What they do is look at others like them, like Galileo Galilei, who was right, and it was TPTB of the day who were wrong, despite being in charge of the world, they were wrong about just about everything you could be wrong about, but old Galileo was not *quite* smart enough to keep his fucking mouth shut, or was he, was Galileo just the mouthpiece, and the real genius is lost to history forever, just the way he wanted it.

If radical extreme sharia salafist islam took over the world tomorrow, those at the top are going to look at a technological world that they will need to keep running so that they can live like kings, and apart from the labels it will be just another class warfare structure the same as we have today.

The nigger in the woodpile of all of this is the white man.

Yup, I can sit here and talk about all the inventions and patents down to the white man, and use any and every metric in the book to demonstrate why the white man is best at everything.

But it ignores a crucial fundamental principle, there ain’t no such thing as a great potential for good, there is just greater or lesser potential, whether that gets channeled into good or evil, is another story.

The white man has the potential, a potential he demonstrated repeatedly through the entire human history from cro-magnon on to today, to be the most depraved evil degenerate violent ugly creature in existence.

It’s the real reason the Nazis were tigers amongst chihuahas and the reason they are still feared and reviled to this day, they drew upon that genetic and racial history, and instead of shouting allahu akhbar and making a target of yourself, they got cold blooded, why kill one when you can kill ten, why kill ten when you can kill a hundred.

Why fight on a level playing field.

Why fight on the enemy’s terms.

Why fight with sticks when you can use technology?

Wehrmacht, ask a German to translate it literally, then ask the same german (preferably an old school kraut and not one of the new PC wunderkind) to translate the meaning and ethos for you.

“war machine” is for my money (not a native german speaker) as good as any, and was the one used by some german who actually served under old adolf, back when I knew them back in the day in their retirement to the med.

Just one big efficient modern machine dedicated to making the enemy suck your cock, and tellingly it was not defeated as a war machine on the field, it was defeated from within.

THAT is why people to this day are scared of it and the Nazi legacy, it was like summoning an evil spirit to scare away your creepy neighbour, and finding out you had actually summoned the sorcerer’s apprentice, and next thing you know instead of producing 10 luxury motorcycles a day your factory is producing 500 beautiful and superbly engineered assault rifles, and the yodel delivery service next door that struggled to deliver 10 parcels to your neighbours doorstep within three days is now getting all 500 rifles plus ammo to every house in the street within 3 hours, and the beat goes on.

Put that bitch back in the bottle, if you can.

Hell, if *I* was a rapefugee I’d be partying like it was 1999 and raping everything that moved, might as well get it while it’s hot, because there is a storm coming…

But the white man is smiling, and looking forwards to it.

If there are only 1,000 people left alive and everything else is a nuclear wasteland, the irradiated 1,000 will be white, mostly, with some green glowing bits, then one of them will open a bar…

September 23, 2016

Chained by belief.

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At the risk of being branded a psycopath….

If you believe it is wrong to have sex with small children, start fires for fun, smash car windows to steal the ICE, drink and drive, etc, then the chances are you won’t be doing those things, or if you do do them, you’ll do them badly and in a way that gets detected as you are wrung by guilt and pangs of “cry for help”.

So belief’s are a pretty good way of controlling people, and as Vonnegut said, people project their beliefs upon a blank canvas, so you only have to look at the canvas to read the person.

I believe Hitlary should be the next Prezzident” is not merely a statemeant about Hitlary vs the other contenders, quite essentially it is also an implicit statement that the role of Prezzident is meaninful and capable of being a thing of good, a beacon of light and warmth.

By controlling the belief’s of the individual from an early age you can quite easily convince them that fucking adults is fine, that executing adults is fine, that stealing from adults is fine, that black adults are inferior to white adults, that female adults are inferior to male adults, that christian adults are inferior to muslim adults, thet Freddie Kruger was / is a real person, that lizards living in volcanoes control the world, that Gaddafi was a tyrant and that the USA is a democracy.

And once held beliefs are something that people will fight for long after their posessions have gone, I have no home / car / stereo / friends / prospects, but I BELIEVE I am a good person.

The whole purpose of junior school when I was a small boy was to instil a set of beliefs into me, in my particular case that did not take so well, because I started at 7 not 5, and because I had already travelled the world and seen much, so when presented with a “self evident belief” (self evident because all my peers believed it) I would ask “Why?”

I soon learned not to ask, because nobody can actually explain their beliefs logically, they all believe they can, but when they attempt it and you respond logically, they get angry at you.

I was told that on day 1 of creation god said let there be light, and that on day 4 of creation (after creating sky and water on day 2 and dry land and all life on day 3) he creates the heavenly bodies, including the sun and the moon, day 6 is adam and eve and day 7 is the rest day.

So I asked obvious question, where did the light created on day 1 go when god created the heavenly bodies, because now it gets dark at night, and did this mean the earth (as a barren dry dark husk) existed before day 1, because nowhere does it meantion the earth being created, presumably day 1 god turns a light on and sees earth, because day 2 he adds sky and water to an already existing earth, and come day 3 he creates land, which was by definition already there before day 2 and the creation of sky and water.

So I am then told it is an allegorical tale, not a factual tale meant to be taken literally.

So I say that what you are telling me is that it is just a story, it is not true at all, the world and everything else was not created in 7 days.

I am told it is true, and stop being such a naughty boy, DELIBERATELY misinterpreting and questioning what I am being taught.

Up until that point at the age of 7, I was quite happy to belive in God, because God made us all and everything else, and God liked people who did good things, and did not like people who did bad things, and that was about as complex as the story got…. it was so vague that you could not poke logical holes in it, nevertheless, it gave a map of how to behave, so that was good.

It pretty much coincided with things my mum and dad said, and it pretty much coincided with everything the Bhuddists and Muslims and Hindu and others around me said, albeit they had different names for God, like they had different names for people or for a watermelon, but we were all talking about the same thing.

Don’t think for a moment that when I talk about “belief” I mean just religion.

My life from then until the late eighties consisted of much of the same, no matter where I went in the world and what I did, you were basically not going from one country to another or region to another or anything else, you were going from a place where most people believed one thing, to a place where most people believed a slightly different thing, and the definition of a bad place to be was somewhere where they believed something very different to what you did, and in those places and time it was the power of violence or implied violence that kept the sides in check, until you left that place.

“Home” was England, where most people believed pretty much what I did, which made interaction easy, even if I did not go to one of the two main churches (catholic and protestant) every sunday, and even in Northern Ireland back in the day, it was never about religion, it just so happened that if you were a protestant then you’d believe a whole load of non religious things that clashed with someone else, and there was an extremely high probability that that person was a catholic, and vice versa.


See small boys going to preparatory school and being inculcated with beliefs.

And I say up until about the late eighties for a reason, because everything changed then.

Computers and CNC technologies came in, so instead of just being able to publish Personal Computer World, a magazine that covered all of personal computing and had specialist sections within for those that had say a BBC micro, suddenly one publishing house could publish 20 different personal computer magazines, you could buy an Amiga sepcialist magazine, a Sinclair specialist magazine, and Atari specialist magazine, a Commodore specialist magazine, and in doing so you went from being a small regular section in a telephone book to the entire magazine, and you also never got to see or read anything about anything else, if someone who owned an Amiga wrote into a Commodore magazine and asked why Commodores had such crap sound chips they got shouted down as an Amiga fanboy, by the resident Commodore fanboys.

We got both kinds of music, country AND western.

And then the advertisers woke up, snorted a few lines of coke, and surveyed all these new lands, it was like day 5 of creation all over again, and instead of just Adam and Eve, it was Jim the Amiga guy, Joe the Marlboro man, Steve the Heavy Metal guy, Frank the beach bug guy, Harry the sailboat guy, and then the advertisers went forth and procreated with their own offspring, Harry could also be the Rolex guy, Frank could also be the surfer dude, Steve could also be the Technics guy, Joe could also be the Jeep guy, and Jim could also be the penthouse pet of the week fanclub guy.

And it got ever more incestuous and iniquitous, and then the cunts discovered the naescent world wide web, and advertising to individuals got so cheap as to be effectively free, and fuck all the rules and gentleman’s agreements about truth in advertising, or at least some faint semblance of it.

Meanwhile human beings were going around doing what humans do, which is comparing memes and beliefs, and Darwinian forces were at work there too, and there was plenty of fallow soil eagerly awaiting the seeds, all those “torches of freedom” wimminz lighting up cigarettes in the 30’s and all those on the pill and all those feminist liberation types, and suddenly there were all those so cheap as to be effectively free new channels for sending memes and ideas and micro-belief soundbites to the masses.

Where once there was England with mere generational blips on the cultural radar like rock and roll and punk rock and standard trunk dialling, now the new memes were coming out every week, then every day, then every hour, every minute, every second…

Mass constant civil war and anarchy in a bad way down at the meme / belief level, people who are now feminazi members of the state who twenty years ago were affiliated with the paedofile information exchange, but that is all forgotten in the current chaotic white noise, and can’t happen again as it is drowned out before it can rise to prominence in the all pervasive white noise.

Not just nobody believes in anything, but everyone disbelives a whole separate slew of contantly changing things.

Hitlary can stand up in public and ask why, since she spent 150 millions dollars more than Trump on her campaign, why isn’t she 50 points ahead?

Because, chaos in beliefs…

Causal strings of relationships and dependencies dissolved away in the chatoic churning soup of disbelief.

And even if I fucking do believe in something for a day and vote for it, if twenty four fucking hours pass and I don’t get my fucking payola, fuck you I’ll stab you in the back for betraying me you cunt.

Trump or Hitlary winning makes no odds, neither of them can pay off sufficiently large and sufficiently rapidly to avoid an instant voter backlash.

Meanwhile back at the ranch marketing and propaganda has gotten so cheap and so instant that even the Daily Mail, I literally cannot look at a single front page on their website without almost immediately spotting a glaring typo or mistake.

Sure, this blog is fucking full to the brim of that shit, but this blog is not a massive multinational media system with tens of thousands of employees and staffers and *more* than enough headroom to ensure that every single article is prrofread before being posted, a delay of maybe 5 minutes to publication, which goes on 24/7 nowadays, no more of this of shit we missed the presses it will have to wait until tomorrow and we get scooped by the Times.

The rot has set in so far that typos and other errors are a continual daily occurence in arguably one of the top news media sites in the world… they no longer give a fuck.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

HFT has come to the media, being 5 seconds before anyone else means your story gets linked and syndicated, not theirs.

But in chaos comes the opportunity for Joe Bloggs to also reach a fairly wide audience for free, and you can look at youtube for videos in such diverse subjects and Union Carbide Bhopal, 9/11, Egyptian Spring, Ukraine, and find videos with tens of thousand of vews, hundreds of thousands of views, millions of views, some of them tens of millions of views.


Which leave us where?

In interesting and chaotic times, times where something that did not exist yesterday can become a force of nature by tomorrow, and things that are immense rocks today have diseappeared below the seething foam tomorrow.

It is not the best or most superior or most moral or most enlightened ideas that coalesce from chaos, merely the fittest to survive the chaos.

People who do not belive in anything get angry very quickly, and everywhere I go from on the roads to in shops to on the streets, people are getting angrier, faster, for less real reason, than I have ever seen before.

I contantly remind myself not to lead the pack, it would be unwise to be the first person to kill everyone in a silver car just because some cunt in a silver car cut you up at the lights.

Far better to bide your time and wait until they are all brawling in the intersections, then go do my own nefarious deeds elsewhere under cover of that.

September 16, 2016

Attractive for the wrong reasons.

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Make no mistake, one of the big reasons that ISIS et al find recruitment from the west so easy, is the attraction of a world where da wimminz get no say at all, of course, like everything else in the 21st century, ISIS and iPhone both have the shit marketed out of them, and the grim realities are more than somewhat different to the marketed image…

One of the big reasons ISIS fail (apart from leveraging an ancient religion to make power plays in a 21st century world) is that basically nobody is an actual man, even if they are all males.

Nu-man joins the terrorists to get away from nu-woman, and when he gets there he finds he isn’t a real man, and the wimminz he gets to lord it over aren’t worth the effort, because the nu-women killed all them off too.

You need time travel and history books to see what a world of men would look like, and it isn’t all bread and roses, you could not get jailed because an old wimminz decided to accuse you of raping her 30 years ago, but you could get your house burnt down, you could get your neck stretched, and you could starve to death or die of disease or injury, even though you did nothing to deserve any of them either.

It’s kinda like the “Bring on the reset / crash” thing, that is, bring it on provided my life is better after than before, plenty of hot chicks needing an engineer to provide potable water and so on… but reality ain’t like that.

It’s not so much that a true patriarchy would be a terrible world, it’s just that with a UK population of around 60 million, 40 million are irredeemable and need to die, and 19 million need some harsh on the job retraining, unless you are actually making or growing some *thing*, or maintaining some *thing*, or improving some *thing*, or caring for some *thing*, you got nothing to offer.

So for 5 million people who want to carry on doing 5 hours “work” a week in an office on the state tit, yes, it would be a terrible thing for them, just as it is when ISIS takes over a region and closes everything.

The danger is the youth who see THAT, or whatever else it is that is their trigger, and go off to sign up, thinking that is what it is about.


Yeah, I’ll be a jihadi bride to some rugged freedom fighter, then you get there and there is no soap, no toilet roll, no pubs, no shoe shops, no apple store, no credit, no buses, and the allure wears off PDQ… of course by then it’s too late, it is easier to travel TO the apocalypse than it is to travel AWAY from it.

Hotel California syndrome, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave your new future.

The more you know about a certain subject, the more leery you are of it, or the more contempt you show for it.

For example you could segregate IT guys along many lines, those who would / would not ever, various things, and there is very little in between.

Unless all the remote logins etc have changed (most unlikely) I could still take down 10% of the high street chains nationwide, or I could pass or sell that data to someone else, but I would never do either, I’m one of those who “just ain’t made that way”.

Just as I would never dare to type “under age girls getting fucked” into Google, not even on someone else’s PC without their knowledge, to me all these things are analagous to videotaping yourself killing someone random in cold blood, and then hiding the recording away somewhere like under the bed, and going through life thinking “No fucker will ever know…”

I’ve seen a lot longer odds come true time and time again, to the point where I treat odds as an interesting statistical sideshow that has precisely zero connection to how likely a given event actually is, something you can only quantify when it happens, and you open the box and find whether the cat is dead or alive.

Statistics and probabilities are talked about like flipping a coin, or rolling a dice, or playing russian roulette, but they never ever every talk about the fact that there is an army of twlve million monkeys doing nothing else all day every day but flip coins, roll dice, and pull triggers.

Over time, even cosmologically improbable events come to pass, like a planet forming with liquid water on the surface, amino acids building, life crawling out of the oceans, and my own pet theory is fuck the Higgs Boson, just as mass generates gravity and accretes more mass, so do improbable things happening, and the more improbable things happen, the more likely it is that even more improbable things will happen in that neighbourhood.

Because, after all, probability is based upon a belief in chaos, a belief that a coin has no preference which way up it lands, AND NEITHER DOES ANYTHING ELSE… I don’t buy it.

The probability that the iron curtain would fall, or ISIS would rise, or the twin towers would collapse, is utterly irellevant, because those things happened, just like the Titanic sank.

The probability of someone who GENUINELY 100% believed that there was precisely zero chance of them ever winning anything in the lottery would then go out and buy a lottery ticket is vanishingly small, and the probability that someone who believed they MIGHT win, because luck / destiny / chance / flying spaghetti monster, would then go out and buy a lottery ticket is quite high, and the probability that anyone who ever bought a WINNING lottery ticket fell into the second camp is very high indeed.

The “probability” that the things you think about will come to pass may actualy be low or high or anything else, but the facts are that many many many people give the idea credence, if the citizens believe the economy is about to crash, it will, if the customers believe the bank is about to crash, it will, if the individual thinks the other guy in a deal is about to screw them, they will.

I spend all day thinking about tight 16 year old virgins bouncing up and down on my cock.

Well, I get younger than I should and lower cock count than I should wimminz bouncing up and down on my cock.

It’s not the 200 million jackpot ticket that I think about, but it is a 10 or 25 or 50 win now and again… to go back to the lottery analogy.

Wimminz can be attractive for the wrong reasons, angels would have feared to tread there, and rightly so, but lucky old me, well, it was one willing dirty slut, and instead of pocketing the 10 bucks winnings and walking away to play another slot machine, I got stuck into that one and started putting all my money into it, till one day I lost my job and couldn’t pay my rent (all figuratively speaking) and jesus this fucking machine bankrupted me…

… and that was lucky too, because other wise I might still have been tied to it 8 / 9 / 10 …. 20 / 21 / etc years on, and then it’s game over man.

As it is I was free to play another day on other machines.

See, I used to say *I* was lucky, and in many ways I could still say that, but as I get older I think that I am a mere conduit for some of those probable improbability bosons, because other people get lucky in small ways around me.

I got a small business, and there too I can classify my customers into two groups, the ones that are lucky they have me, and the ones that just use me to get shit done that they want done.

The ones that are lucky, using me improves their products and sets them apart, which helps their business and sales, which makes THEM conduits for those probable improbability bosons… and the beat goes on.

Good / Evil.

Light side / Dark side

Would I like Hitlery’s money? yes. Would I like everything else that goes with it, including what is clearly terminal health issues, no fucking way.

Do I think Hitlery is a negative pole of the conduit for probable improbability bosons…. ayup…

Does it attract people who have a game plan that says everyone watches the presidential candidates, nobody gives a fuck about the veep, so get some “dead skank walking” in who won’t last in office 3 months without popping her clogs, or having them popped for her, and in comes the hand picked veep, all according to plan, 42 months left to do as you please.

Mutti Merkel is the same, bitch is a conduit for bad shit, ain’t fuck all she can do about it now, she chose the role as a youth and has been growing into it ever since… and 99.9% of the rest of them are just the same.

Religiosity that promises lottery wins in the afterlife is just the same, there has to be balance, so unless there is a hell in the afterlife at least as big as heaven, then hell will be in *this* life to balance the “heaven only” after death option, and one issue with Islam is that entry to heaven is easy to guarantee, and hell is for everyone who doesn’t believe in Allah.

It’s like having the death sentence for everything, one day your place in heaven is assured, and then you drive 33 in a 30, you may as well go home and rape the neighbours and then go on a killing spree, there is no redemption, no forgiviness, no way out, it’s a one operation non replaceable binary fuse.

Like female equality or joining ISIS or a liar loan or a skanky slut, it’s attractive for the wrong reasons, but once you step through the door, there is no way back, ever.

The greatest religious crime, by definition, that anyone can do in the Islamic faith is to leave and reject that faith, there are MILLIONS of muslims in the UK who have rejected that faith, they have smoked, drank beer, eaten a bacon double cheezeburger, fucked around, but none of them are targeted for death by ISIS.

Gaslighting, by any other name.

Attractive for the wrong reasons.

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