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December 12, 2017

The decision tree.

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One of the perennial double edged questions is;

“Why didn’t my dad tell me more?”
“Why don’t I tell my sons more?”

double edged because it isn’t two questions, it is just the one question, but seen from two different perspectives.

Back when I was a boy I was agonizing over which of three Japanese motorcycles to buy, I’d drawn up a checklist of relative merits, one of them had the then absolutely brand new self cancelling indicators, so this became a factor in the choice… my dad saw this and called me a fucking idiot.. he was right.. I never did buy any of those three new bikes.

It’s a thing I get asked a lot, because apparently I make a lot of good decisions, though they never look like that at the time, and for fair measure I make plenty of bad ones too, but the good ones interest people enough they often ask how I do it.

The answer is boringly simple, think, think, think again, think some more, think again, then repeat 10 times, all the while making very very very sure that all this thinking only ever leads to projected likely outcomes, you must never ever every let the projected outcome be tainted by how you would like things to turn out… castles in the sky and all that.

That’s it.

But there has to be more, they say, because we can all do that, and we have all done that, and it doesn’t work out… and my answer is always the same, it didn’t work out because you did NOT do that, you left your own goal seeking in there, willfully blind to it, you clearly did not think enough about yourself and your role in this.

Exit stage left in a huff, add another one to the list who thinks I am an arrogant bastard.

Here is what I am.

I was born with a brain, and I have used it ever since, and while that brain may work a bit better in some areas than other people’s, it works a bit less well in other areas, I’m more engineer / autistic than empathic etc.

So I may well have a 120 bhp brain whereas other have a 100 bhp brain, but that is never what set me apart, what set me apart was I’d run mine at 25% throttle most of the time, peaking at 30 bhp, whereas the would only periodically get a spike up to 10% throttle, 10 bhp.

That doesn’t make me 3x as smart as them, but it does EFFECTIVELY make me 3x as smart as them.

Add in 50 plus years of watching and observing and thinking, now you have 50 years of data for 30 bhp to chew on, so that’s 1,500 brain bhp years.

10 brain bhp x 10 years is 100 brain bhp years

I’ve met guys with 200 bhp brains who run at 50% throttle, it takes them 15 years to get where I am, problem is many of them seem to burn out after around 15 years and go crazy.

It’s a bit like that video going around of the one legged jarhead who just dead lifted 275 lbs, fucker is running pedal to the metal, the reason I can’t do it with two legs is I ain’t running pedal to the metal, I’m a middle aged lazy fart…lol

He isn’t anything special, biologically, he is just using all he got, and that’s the trick.

Now that I have elevated myself to this intellectual throne, which is really based on nothing more than 50 years of experience and data feeding a brain that is at least partially used every day, what do I see from up here?

What I see is that most of the *best* of those sections of society who are supposed to be far more intelligent than average, are actually about as dumb as a box of rocks.

When you see forms submitted to a fucking court of law from “top 5% in the country” lawyers and barristers and I can’t get past the second page of a quad spaced legal document before finding grammatical and spelling errors that were clearly autocorrected wrong, eg “way” and “weigh” you gotta wonder, it’s like a supposed fucking IT expert talking about megabites or an engineer talking about kilowatts when he should be talking about kilowatt-hours… it’s fucking unforgivable… this is supposed to be the thing you can make all mere mortals look like dribbling fucking idiots at, because of your specialist knowledge and experience.

It’s like Linus Torvalds not knowing the difference between a process and a processor, and if Linus were to drop such a huge bollock, the whole world 9who had a functioning brain themselves) would know he was not a genius, just a huge bullshitter.

Musk is a bullshitter, Ive is a bullshitter, our own dear prime minister May is a bullshitter, Trump is a bullshitter, Putin isn’t, Sagan wasn’t, Linus isn’t, the beat goes on.

Old school cops would tell you that crooks, by and large, were stupid, and in my opinion 99% of everyone involved in politics or lawyers or civil servants or those living on the state tit are stupid.

By Stupid I do not mean they were born with 30 bhp brains, I mean they were born with pretty much the same brains as the rest of us, but they were only infrequently used to satisfy their own goal seeking, and the experience data they pick up along the way is simply discarded unless it matches up with the goal of the day.

You can call this corruption and collusion and conspiracy and treason and anything else you like, in my opinion it is none of these, it is just stupid and greedy people goal seeking, in an age where that has not been fatal for far too long.

These people have power, make no mistake, for example my own corrupt secret family court episode with the psycho skank ho ex, corruption alone is not sufficient to explain what went down, nor is mere incompetence, the only thing that adequately explains it is both corruption and stupidity wrapped up in a nice big blanket of personal goal seeking, whether that goal was as many billable hours as possible at 250 bucks an hour, or fucking up as many men as possible, or just riding an ego trip power train of imagined superiority or respect.

I regularly meet so called intelligent and successful people who act like fucking spineless sheep when confronted by some other so called intelligent and successful person in a state job that somehow affects the first person.

Now and again I met supposedly less intelligent people who revved their motors and learned their shit, butt up against the same state job asshole in the same circumstance, and instead of folding like wet toilet paper they just dig in and say fuck you, because they know they are right and have confidence in their own knowledge.

I’ve had this argument so often with lawyers who like to produce pages of hereof whereunder thereto’s devoid of all punctuation or sensible meaning, who insist until they are blue in the face that this is all necessary normal legal language, and they get very upset with me when I get in their face and explain quite clearly that not only (this blog aside…lol) was English my native tongue, but I also benefited from an exceptionally good and unusually broad education, and in the decades since then and the many countries I have visited and languages I have dealt with, and legal authorities in those lands, and the result of this is I know bullshit when I see and hear it, and I know bullshit fluff pesudo legal drivel created for the sole purpose of giving lawyers more room to argue billable hours over the precise meanings of words and sentences in contracts and law when I see it, in fact the only problem with English or any other language is not that it is impossible to state any desired thing precisely and unequivocally and without any room for doubt, misunderstanding or confusion, the problem for shitty lawyers like you is that it is both possible and simple to do so, and that would cut your bullshit billable hours by around 95%, and your bullshit billable rate by around 90%.

About ten years ago I said this to a lawyer at a party full of lawyers, one of the old men, a long since retired senior founding partner of the very prestigious firm remarked to me afterwards why my utterances made an excellent argument why people like me should never be allowed to be judges, instead they should all be ex lawyers… he said it with a grin, while rubbing his fingers and thumb together.

You know, I made someone watch an episode of the original series of Dad’s Army a few years back, because they wanted an answer to a question… (click the link if you’re not familiar with it)

After the episode I asked if they noticed anything significant?

They guessed about a dozen time but didn’t see the point I was hoping they might, the captain was a puffed up local bank manager, his assistant in the bank was his 2ic in uniform, and the bank clerk Pike was the twat of the platoon.

Other platoon members were the grocer, butcher, undertaker etc, and they pretty much treated the “clerks” with contempt, despite the fact the “clerks” were allegedly superior to them both in civvy life and in uniform.

We never used to give a fuck about offending clerks and lawyers and civil servants, if they over stepped their position.

Nowadays everyone is running scared of everyone else, and compensating for it by running their own little power trips wherever they can.

This modern society them is the best possible example that I could ever hope to give anyone of how to do a decision tree wrong, time after time after time, and keep making bad choices, because on the one hand they are all too stupid to see their own hand on the scales, and on the other they are mainly interested in their own goal seeking.

Today I read at least 500 comments in a tech rag supposedly populated by some of the smartest people in the room, about the UK’s skills / education problem, most of them have their own kids, not one person in all 500 comments thought that the best way to educate their kids might just involve a little DIY, you know, YOUR fucking kid, YOU fucking teach it to think…. every single one involved outsourcing the whole fucking job to an institution or a state or something else.

And the double edged question that began this post… because the father has both the intelligence and experience to know that the son must undergo his own trials, and either learn and adapt and grow, or not… and the fact is that most will fail that trial, and that is nature’s way.


December 9, 2017

The truth about slavery and freedom.

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(I write from the UK, so UK laws apply, YMMV)

A couple of weeks ago I got into the rear seat of someone’s car, the front seats were both occupied, they turned around and told me to put my seat belt on, I told them to fuck off, they told me it was the law and I would be fined, I told them to to fuck, drive or I’ll walk / get out / etc.

The fact is I do not actually know what the law is on this in the UK, I know seat belts are now mandatory for front seats, I don’t like it but I comply, but I have no idea about back seats, so basically I reacted badly to being told what to do and being treated in my eyes like a 5 year old.

I could google it, but I do not care.

With my business head on there are similar controls, there are many many many things that I *must* do, and in certain ways only, because if I do not I am liable to all sorts of consequences up to and including imprisonment and having all my assets taken.

I’m at one of those sorts of places now, I have a big legal step to take, and I’m 99.999% likely to take it, but reading and re-reading and re-re-reading everything is a good way to programme yourself with all the new requirements, and you need to do this or you will fuck up, and it will be enforcement time again.

I try to explain this to people, especially young people, you are not allowed to make any choices about sex or alcohol or a million other things, you are treated as property of the state, which you are, arguing about whether your master is righteous or just or good is irrelevant, you are property, your arguments and thoughts and feelings are worthless.

If you are deluded you will think that milestones in your life such as 16 and 18 and 21 give you new freedoms and abilities, meh, for every supposed extra “freedom” you just got, you also got about a million other “obligations” and trust me, they more than outweigh any benefit you think you might get from the freedoms you think you got.

As a small local businessman, let me be blunt, unless you are also a small local business owner in the same jurisdiction, you have no fucking idea just how many rules and regulations and things I have to have and do and comply with, just to open the doors and hopefully get some custom…. you’d fucking shit yourself, and then ask me why, why do I bother, why is it worth it?

10,000 a year for the rent, 5,000 a year for the rates, 5,000 a year for the light and heat, 1000 a year for the accountant, 2,000 a year for the various insurances and licenses, 1,000 a year for the various inspections and certificates, 3,000 a year for general maintenance (fire extinguishers and first aid kits as much as paint) I’m missing loads but we are already up to 27,000 a year and you haven’t made any sales yet.

When you make sales you have to act as the state tax collector and state spy, you don’t get paid for it of course, and again if you get it wrong you guessed it, they can take all your shit, you can go to prison, etc etc etc.

Not that our courts of law are impartial or fair, but even if they were, none of the above gets heard in a court of law where you get to argue your case, it is all statutory legislation, and some government appointed drone with absolute authority will decide if your efforts comply or not.

People will ask me why I do it, the answer is simple, I actually have a bit more freedom than you do as a wage slave.

I have to fucking work for it though, because much of the advantage comes to exploiting the 0.03 incremental wriggle room in each law and regulation and adding it all together to come out ahead of the wage slave.

Why bother? If you are just a slave?

The truth is brutal, slavery is like communism, the equality for all is just theory, in practice there are differences, some slaves get culled for military draft when the shit hits the fan, some slaves get culled for extra taxation, some slaves get culled for just being slaves.

If I believed for one minute that the future for the remainder of my lifetime was likely to be all rosy and nice and fluffy and puppies with shades of the ideological american way where all you had to do was work a bit to stay afloat, I’d never have made the jump, I would have stayed on the side of flying under the radar and black economy and cash in hand and work where you can.

I don’t believe it, I see all sorts of chickens coming home to roost, and I know enough to know that as a wage slave, I’ll be fucked, maybe not as fucked as the next guy, but I will still be fucked.

As a small business owner I’m still a fucking slave, I might still be chained to a fucking oar, but I get to make my own chains and the oars are on deck, not down below.

As a small business owner I actually do have a small voice that gets some lip service from local authority, if your home gets burgled you’ll ring the police and they may or may not come around a few hours later to tell you there is nothing they can do, here is a crime number for your insurance claim, as a business owner they are there within the hour, with the scenes of crime / fingerprint guys, and when the crooks eventually get caught 18 months later it’s *your* break in they get prosecuted for, the 99 houses they robbed as well are “taken into consideration” to clean up the books.

The thing I said about about getting to make my own chains is it, it really is a good description, and my chains look really fucking good, but my main priority is comfort and ease of breaking, if you know how, while looking like solid 18 mm unobtanium to everyone else.

It *is* a gamble to do it, it *is* a big step into the dark / unknown / new territory, it does have real risks, there are none of the safety nets, as illusory as they may be, that you get being a wage slave, but the fact is if you aren’t prepared to take an educated gamble now and again, you might as well be dead.

There are also lots of peripheral advantages that you do not at first see, or, if you do, you do not really know what you are looking at.

Want to do the cambelt and brakes on your car, no problem, pull it into your industrial shed with all your tools and everything else, close the door and go for it, realize you also need a water pump and some brake lines making up, just pick up the phone to one of the motor factors on the same estate and get it delivered, want to take three days over it, so what, it is locked away secure in your own place, come rain / snow / shine it makes no odds.

As a private citizen I used to marvel at all the shit I would get through the letterbox, go on, have a free credit card, go on, have a free store credit card, well, that ain’t nothing, get yourself a proper business and a proper business unit on a proper industrial estate and suddenly it is the aforesaid motor factors and everyone else offering you accounts with Net30 and Net60 terms, Net90 for some of them.

*IF* I wanted to go the electric car route the problems I have at home are somewhere to park it while charging it, and charging it, after all all I can reasonably pull is single phase 230 VAC and 13 amperes, 40 amp breaker for the whole house… 40 x 230 = 10 kW at the industrial unit I can pull 3 phase, 50-60-70-80 kW no problem, and the electric is cheaper per kWh than anything I can get at home, and I will only run into issues if I pull big inductive loads like big motors starting up which will load the local grid… as for parking spaces I have six…

My “home” used to be my cave, I’d pull up the drawbridge, close the curtains and lock the front door and sit in my pit locked away from the world, but anyone could get in if they wanted to, in about 30 seconds with a pry-bar, nowadays my home is sparse and spartan, most of my shit is up the unit and I spend most of my time there.

My stereo which used to get occasional use for an hour or two every couple of week, quietly, because, you know, neighbours, gets used every day, sundays it’s cranked up, no neighbours.

Even the fucking broadband is better / faster / cheaper / lower contention at “work” than it is at home.

So yes, I am still a fucking slave, but there is a difference between being the cotton picking nigger at the bottom of the pile and the nigger in charge of the workshops.

And ultimately, when presented with the opportunity (which I had made and been working towards myself) the question you ask yourself is this, will I ever forgive myself if I do not take the chance, because if I don’t, I can see the future mapped out before me, and it’s all “meh”…

Not being the bottom of the ladder nigger slave gives me more freedom for whatever the future brings, and the more turmoil that future holds, the better I am able to weather it, the higher my slave status.

Having ten piss poor choices always beats having two that suck donkey balls big time.

I could give up my rented house and almost pay the rent on my work / industrial unit with the money I saved, like I said in a previous post, I reckon there are at least a dozen single guys on the industrial estate living under the radar in the industrial units they rent for their work.

I do not say this as an ooooh that sounds exciting I’d love to do that, but it sure as fuck beats being homeless, all you have to do is be real quiet about it.

It’s plan B, and plan C, and plan D, and having those “they may suck, but they suck less than not having them” alternatives… and that’s the difference between being the cotton pickin slave and the workshop head boy slave.

A US$ crash, massive forex changes, deflation, you name it, those things still concern me, but over the past two years I have managed to maneouver myself into a place where they concern me a lot less than they used to.

When things change you do not want those changes altering your blip on the radar profile from lost in background scatter to “oho, what’s this?”

Wimminz Work

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I have been asked questions by two readers in the past week, and both question sort of overlap, what do I think about wimminz in general in the past year and have I just walked away from the subject now that I have a steady bitch?

While it is true that there is a steady bitch who has yet to put a single foot wrong, and boy am I vigilant, it is also true that the last 12 months has seen a remarkable drop in my libido, and no, the two are only peripherally related, side effect of a medication that I took for a while, that appears to be body fat soluble because it is very very slow wearing off.

But, I still live in the real world, and actually at this point I should make a statement that is true for me, YMMV, namely that for me presently “libido” means both mental desire and the throbbing erect cock, I don’t know if those two are peas in a pod or chicken and egg, are they two sides of the same coin or is one cause and one effect, I have no idea, but I do sort of intellectually think about sex, but it’s like thinking about a big overlap cam on a v8 with zoommis, it doesn’t stimulate me to try the real thing right now…

I do not believe that this has altered my perceptions any, I still see the same shit.

So, wimminz, have there been any changes in the past year that I observe?

The only answer I can give is yes, by and large the whole lot of them have gotten significantly more bitchy, quicker to dig their heels in and get confrontational, quicker to take offense, quicker to give offense, quicker to drive aggressively and anecdotally and observationally quicker to get nasty after a first date / first fuck, if you do not start showing signs of commitment.

Friends in the motor trade tell me that the formerly fruitful market that was selling wimminz new cars on personal leasing deals has all but dried up, and I am hearing many many many stories of professional working wimminz in their thirties looking for single rooms / bedsits in shared homes to rent to live in, (presumably they can no longer afford their own flats) and I am seeing similar things on the high street, lots of wimminz accessory / bling shops closing their doors.

Perhaps most notably the wimminz are starting to appear with increasing regularity in the court pages of the local man bites dog rag, lots of drunks, lots of violence, lots of motoring shit, lots of theft and fraud, and in the past week two homeless bitches, and that takes some doing in the UK…. sentencing is still “male ultra light” but at least they are a rising statistic.

As previously mentioned, peter pecker hasn’t been up for playing much lately, so I can’t report on personal experiences with da wimminz, and while I might like to think that nothing has changed and I can still get laid on a whim, I actually have more than a sneaking suspicion that that is not the case.

Based on observations I reckon the prize is even lower quality than it was a couple of years ago, and the bat shit crazy you have to ignore to get to is is even worse than it was a couple of years ago.

I see huge moves towards “monetisation” in the dating / swinging / fucking game, as in unofficial part time prostitution lite, staying shy of actual pay to play as that is a hard sell for themselves to live with, but as close as the hamster can get without falling out of the wheel.

I can report for a fact that the whole “mediation / contact services” stuff for couples who hate each other but share a child has collapsed, they are closing wholesale, dads are just saying fuck it and walking away.

Like I have said before, in my late fifties and have never taken Viagra or cialis or anything else similar in my life, not even once, but there are guys in their twenties around here who are regular users…. I do NOT know what the fuck to make of that…

I also have plenty of friends who are still intact families, one way or another, so I’m “Uncle Buck” to a whole range of kids, male and female, from late teens down to primary school age, and it is getting freaky, if the boys got a PS4 for christmas then come their next birthday they “need” an xbox one x, or vice versa, they all “need” mobiles and none of them would be seen dead using a case, far better to have a smashed screen or destroyed phone, as for the girls, fuck me, it’s like some twilight zone horror show where they now and again do something normal so for a moment you think they are normal, then they revert to type, pseudo californian accents and mannerisms straight out of some disney crap, and both boys and girls are sexualised at ever younger ages, thanks in part to smartphones, in part to media, and in part to “everyone else is doing it” at school… but it’s a weird strip club / ‘B’ porn movie kind of sexualisation, it’s not at all “normal”… the only upside to it all is they are all “sharing” so much with each other than the “it was only ever a statistically tiny minority” of older adults who would abuse them sexually have basically zero chance of keeping it secret, and while it is an upside, it ain’t much of one, because the other kids they are fucking with are just as fucked up as them, eg 14 year old johnny is doing shit to 13 year of janey that I wouldn’t do to her until she was 18+ and already on the skank ho cock carousel list.

One of the 15 year old’s told me about a kid in their class that takes viagra now and again, I had to talk to them for a bit because I was convinced that they were misreporting the facts somehow and confused the story… nope… definitely viagra, stolen from dad’s bottle, little triangular blue pil, kids pulls out smartphone, looks just like this, pic of pill in other kid’s hand… WTF…

When I was 15 “contraband” at school was an old penthouse or a cigarette…

There is also an awful lot of “casual” violence these kids are exposed to, and I do not mean johnny’s alcoholic mum and dad fighting, this is other kids, and some of it is pretty vicious, knives and shanks sort of stuff.

There is also a huge awareness of “the illicit”, but in ways that are again all new to me, underage / inappropriate sexual contact, alcohol, drugs, these are all things that many of the kids are open to, because they are aware that this gives them leverage, and lots of them are looking for leverage against adults.. I shit you not.

Dad’s are all sort of thin lipped white faced silence about this shit, mums are all what can I do they all do it nowadays, grandparents just spoil the little shits and buy them stuff, but don’t babysit, ever…

So, bottom line, yes, I haven’t been partaking directly for the past year or two, but I have been observing, and being brutally honest, I’m starting to wonder if I’m going mental, because the changes are all so bloody obvious to me, but everyone else seems to be sticking their fingers in their ears and going la-la-la-la-la so they don’t have to notice it.

When someone you know who started fucking at 11 and having gangbangs at 16 and abortions every 18 months thereafter and who is a texbook defintion of the skanky ho at 30 and genuinely does not know who fathered which kid starts complaining that their 11 year old kid is a fucking crazy ungrateful little slut, on the one hand I’m singing inside and justice, on the other hand I’m like, if *she* is saying that then the kid must be doing everything to the max… when psycho skank ho mommy is talking about giving a 11 year old kid up for adoption because they can’t handle them, this means they are considering giving up 5 years of child benefits and everything else being worth it to get rid of the little shit.

*that’s* the bit that blows my mind, when the mercenary fuck you and all your shit just so long as I get my free shit army starts seriously considering giving up some of that free shit…  because the price is too high…  wow…

Bottom line is the wimminz ain’t even pretending properly any more, it’s like they all only have to live another 28 days because on the 29th day they are on an airplane outta here to a new start and a new life, so fuck you very much, or 29 days until the chemo starts, or 29 days until the plastic all bottoms out, or 29 days until repo day.

So I have nothing to add, except be even more careful and paranoid that you have been, be safe out there.


December 8, 2017

Machinist’s Mate

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I won’t bother with a link here, you can google it if interested, but the staple of the machine shop is the end mill, it comes in a variety of sizes and lengths and profiles and flute numbers.

Thing is for any given specific end mill, and any given specific material, there is an ideal chip load per flute per revolution, eg amount of material removed per flute per revolution.

If you want to remove material faster you pretty much need more spindle RPM for the end mill, which means more spindle HP, but even here there are upper limits, because of the material.

If you still want to remove material faster you have to go up in diameter or go to something completely different like a hogger wih inserts, but even here you still have effective ideal chip loads per pass.

That done, at its simplest you *can* use just the one end mill, and you do the job in two processes, you have your “roughing” passes which is removing the bulk of the unwanted material by volume, and then your finishing passes, when minimal volume of material is removed, you are going for the finer details and quality of finish.

It’s a machinist’s saying that the customer pays you for the finish cut, but the roughing (that no customer ever sees) is where you make your money.

All well and good, you have your CNC machine, you have your CAD design, how do you bridge the gap? Enter your CAM package, which basically computes the ideal toolpath based on material to be removed, end mill sizes, chip load, spindle rpm and a host of other things.

It’s that “ideal toolpath” thing that will get you, for my home hobby diy CNC converted metal milling machine I use Mach3 to run it as a CNC machine and a 300 buck CAM package to generate the toolpaths.

While my 300 buck CAM package is inordinately better than any free/ shareware / 50 buck package, it’s still basically total crap.

30-50k of CAM software will get you something that ensures that the machine spends most of it’s time with the spindle running at 100% power, which means most of the time with the same sorts of loadings on the end mill, which means most of the time with the same chip loads and material removal rates.

These differences between the low end shit and the high end shit are fucking *vast*, at the low end the toolpath looks like is was generated by a tetris robot, at the high end it is all sexy organic never ending curves that follow the same sorts of rules are railway track, eg curves should be fast and open, not short with low speeds and large deceleration and acceleration in and out.

It’s a thing that sounds easy to optimise, sounds easy to program for, sounds like it can’t make that much difference in the great scheme of things, but once you actually see it in the flesh you’ll spend about two weeks constantly going “wow” and re-evaluating the vastness of the gap between the high end pro stuff and everything else.

I suspect that “production rates” on my little hobby vertical mill could easily be made 500% better just by using better toolpaths generated by pro CAM software, of course this does not matter to me for my hobby use, but it matters to everyone else.

A modern production machine tool is a “thing” and that “thing” is composed of the hardware itself, and all the software that drives it, in much the same way that the modern vehicle is only a modern vehicle *with* all the ECU’s sensors actuators canbus and everything else… without them it is just scrap that won’t even start.

Going back to the machinist’s saying, if the roughing is where you make your money, then the toolpath is where you make your money, so this shit is the difference between staying in business and going to the wall.

The point here is that when you are in the game for real for for money, the metrics you use to measure shit are not what outsiders would assume, so machine shops will look at materials removal rates and kilowatts of electrical power used to do same, welders will use kilos of weld deposited over time and kilowatts of electrical power used to do the same.

You can get some very counter-intuitive answers this way, let’s say you have a car body painting line, if the newly painted part takes 30 minutes to dry instead of 2 hours to dry, then maybe you do not care that achieving this requires an entirely different kind of paint and application process, because at a given production line speed you just cut the size of the paint plant by a factor of 4.

There are of course “industries” where the opposite applies.

For my sins I am currently having to deal with commercial lawyers, and like bankers and teachers and everything else, they work another way.

If a landlord has 20 identical commercial units on an estate, and if there are 20 landlords in the same boat, then there are 400 pretty similar units up for rent, the lease agreement for one is going to be largely identical to the other 399, but to a commercial lawyer each one is billed as though it was a custom one off item, the same goes for bankers handling financial transactions and teachers doing class 3a’s 14th geography lesson of the year.

It’s the same old recycled shit with a few minor details edited or crossed out, and the reality is it is some junior clerk who will be doing 99% of the editing, but you get billed like Leonardo wrote the whole thing fresh by hand on vellum, and it kind of has to be like that, because if the even once do it properly and bill you 50 quid and take an hour, the whole game is up.

This same reason is why you will see industrial units and shops and even homes empty and to let or for sale, nobody drops the prices because then you would have to re-evaluate everything else in the row of units / shops / houses.

There are 147 numbered houses in my street, if they are all worth 200k then the whole street is worth 29.4 million, if the empty and repo’d by the bank one is allowed to be sold for 50k then you just wiped 22 million off the value of the whole street.

If the 1 million shares in the company are worth 100 bucks each then the company is worth 100 million, but if they start selling at a buck a pop then the company just had 99 million or 99% of its “value” wiped off.

Last night bitcoin was up to 19k, that was hours ago, so I haven’t even looked, so it could be 25k now or it could be 5k, who knows, it depends on how many are trying to buy and what they are willing to pay, and how many are willing to sell and what their minimum price is.

But again high end high speed algos make everything everyone else does look like home hobby amateur night.

To flip back to the CNC milling machine for a moment, your options are either changing the physical properties of the material, which is a non starter, or changing the physical properties of the cutting tools, which is a non starter, or getting even better toolpaths which at this point is incremental at best, or cutting the cost of electricity to run them, which is significant but there is also the capital cost of the equipment and tooling, which is huge, and maintenance and service and calibration, which is not insignificant.

In short, when you are dealing with real world physical shit, things don’t change that much that fast, because so many things are dependent on physical properties of materials, which do not change.

The new supersonic planes being mooted aren’t going to be very different from concorde, they are trying to do the same thing in the same medium so they are going to face the same challenges.

Less tangible stuff, not so much.

Two identical milling machine centres in two countries, you can drive from one to the other in 1 hour, on day one they are exactly equal, because country A works in dollars and country B works in roubles and the exchange rate is 1:1

Nothing else changes, but over night the exchange rate changes, 1 dollar is now worth 10 roubles.

If you like next door to the machine shop, nothing has changed, at first…. then you realise that 1 hour away the same shit is either 10x or 0.1x the price, all other things being equal.

At this point it is vital to remember that as far as the machinery goes, nothing has changed, it still takes the same amount of power and time to remove the same amount of material to make the same thing.

What has changed is everything *outside* the machine shop, it’s almost like one shop their toolpaths got 10x slower and so on, at least as far as competing commercially with the other shop.

It’s a “Game Over Man” moment, due to immutable physical law there is no way the higher exchange rate economy shop can compete with the lower exchange rate shop, it can’t be done.

Of course the reality is things are not so simple, our competition is now 1 hour away down a road with no transport costs and no border controls, exchange rates haven’t changes by a factor of ten at a stroke, and the rate at which lawyers / bankers / teachers etc recycle that same old shit and charge anew for it every time has only increased slowly and gradually.

But, anything and everything anchored in the physical world with physical laws has an analogue to aircraft stall speed, at X knots you are flying, at X-1 knots you are falling out of the sky, and the transition is immediate.

If you stall it, only two things will save you, a lot of luck, which in the real physical world means lots of overhead baked in, pilot skill, air-frame and engine over engineering etc, and lots of altitude, which in the real physical world means lots of essential assets.

Assets in this case does not mean accounting assets that appear on a balance sheet, 40 billion in assets on the airline balance sheet is no use to the plane 1 knot below stall speed, lots of altitude and lots of “luck” are the only ones that count.

Similarly, and importantly, 40 billion on the red doesn’t change anything either, at least not until the plane lands, then it won’t take off again…

Here at the tail end of 2017 we live in a world where 99% of people are basically unaware that such things as physical laws even exist.

Trump recognises Jerusalem as the crapital of Israel, well, seems to me any sovereign nation is the only body that decides where the capital is, if the UK wants to move the capital from London to say Bristol, it’s got fuck all to do with Trump.

If Trump / USA decided to leave their embassy in London, or move it to Hull, it doesn’t really affect anything, or does it, does it actually matter?

Does foreign approval and consent make a difference, because if it does it puts a whole new light on the russiagate bullshit.

But it doesn’t make any *physical* changes, Tel Aviv will still be where Tel Aviv is, Jerusalem ain’t moving, and nor is any of the history associated with the region.

Israel / Lebanon / Palestine, you can give it any name you like, it’s still the same geography with fuck all natural resources, the only way you can sustain the modern populations there is artificially, and we are right back to the physical world and physical laws all over again.

Move the goalposts in the non physical monetary / political world and you are like the machine shop that is suddenly 10x more expensive than their neighbour an hour away, it’s game over.

Apart from some software and cpu design and weapons, Israel doesn’t make anything, and what it does make is not unique, it’s like the machine shop, it’s very existence and survival depends on physical laws, and the ability to purchase raw materials and a Hass machining centre etc, and the neighbour down the road being 10x more expensive.

It has long been known here in the west that the Jewish nation is two countries, there is Israel, and there is the ex pat management and PR team firmly installed over in the USA running everything, and making sure Israel is artificially supported.

Nobody actually gives a crap if the capital of Israel is in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem or New York, for practical purposes for 99.9% of things it does not make a blind bit of difference.

It’s not about where the Israeli capital is located.

Jerusalem however is where three religions meet, and so for basically the past thousand years it’s been like a day care centre where mummy and daddy who hate each other and have multiple restraining orders against each other meet to hand over the kids every other Friday and Sunday.

It would have been a mistake to let either daddy or mummy buy it, but a far greater mistake to let an alliance of social workers, lawyers, courts and paedos buy it, and a far greater mistake still to let a bunch of human infant sacrifice types buy it.

The latter is what has effectively happened, perhaps in hubris, perhaps in a get in while we can before everything collapses so we can point back at this and call it legit, perhaps something else entirely, but the Jew managed USA and the state of Israel have finally crossed the Rubicon.

If you know that bit of history you know there is no going back, it’s too late, you’re in the same place as those machine shops, physical laws constrain your ability to adapt and survive and still stay in business, once you file for bankruptcy there is no going back.

EVERYONE involved in that company is now forced to make a new choice about their future, given the choices available, because the option to carry on as before has been taken off the table, and it ain’t coming back.

This is the reality of the situation with the USA / Israel / Jerusalem, it might not seem like it has anything to do with a machine shop or how lawyers and bankers and teachers work, but that is only because you aren’t looking closely enough.

Too many other parties will now be forced to make choices that they were not forced to make before, and they will also all be crossing the Rubicon sorts of choices.

But please, don’t pay any attention to any of that, look over there, shiny, norks, bitcoin, kardashians.


December 7, 2017

Dr Roboto.

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Let me be clear, if you spend circa US$100k you can get a cool six axis robot with around a meter of reach, 10/15 kilos of load capacity, 0.030 mm precision in any axis, a camera vision system and a suitable end tool / gripper.

At this point you are ready to “train” it to do one repetitive task, and pretty much, the task must come to the robot.

That “task” can be picking up shit from a container or palette on the left, placing it in front of another machine tool in front while something is done to that part, and then placing the finished part into a container or palette on the right.

You’ll need someone to place and remove the palettes, and set it all up and train everything.

Change the part but not the process, more training and possibly another gripper.

But, it will never get tired, never sue you for sexual harassment or discrimination, never go sick or get pregnant, never go home or work for someone else.

It will however have ongoing costs, wear and tear an calibration, an electric and air / vacuum feed, and so on.

So the bottom line is how does it compare to say a 10 buck an hour human?

Well, it’s 100,000 bucks, so the same as 10,000 human hours, and 40 hours a week for 50 weeks is 2,000 hours, so five years human wages.

In five years the robot is probably going to be obsolete or worn out or both.

At 20 bucks an hour you are comparing to 2.5 years of human labour, so the numbers get better.

If the parts being worked on cost 100 bucks each and robot wastage is 0.05% and human wastage is 0.5% then ruining 1000 is your purchase cost, and the human will ruin them 10 times as fast as the robot, so if you are doing 6 parts an hour that’s 6 x 40 x 50 = 12,000 per year, 0.5% wastage is 60 wasted by the human vs 6 wasted by the robot, so 5,400 bucks saved by the robot in one year.

chomp up to 60 parts an hour and you get 54,000 bucks saved by the robot over the human.

one small back injury and a couple weeks off work, at work, slipped on a floor,  can cost you 100k easy.

So the answers are complex, and the robot is still the domain of the repetitive process, ideally some process that is done at least 25,000 times before you even think about re training.

25,000 on a production run is a lot if you’re talking motorcycles, nothing if you are talking brochures.

And this is usually where the whole robotic / automation discussion ends, it’s for mass production or nothing.


While the retraining and new grippers for each job arguments are valid, they can be deceiving too.

You might be able to use the same gripper for every single job, because all it carries is a spray gun, and you might be able to re-use / reload old training files, because you only need one for VW beetle front nearside wings, one for VW beetle rear offside wings, etc etc.

It doesn’t have to be a spray gun, it could be a milling spindle, or a 3D extruder, or a laser, or a plasma cutter, or a mig welder, I know (anecdotally) of one such robot that pretty much does nothing but apply glue to composite laminates, it’s a process that has to be completed perfectly in between 120 and 240 seconds, so the glue can make the strongest bond possible, the robot allowed them to boost yield from 10/15% to 70+%

But even here, none of this shit matters, what matters is the robot that costs you 100k now will cost 75k next year, and 60k the year after, and 50k the year after, meanwhile the cost of employing the human will go up.

In principle 6 axis robots are simple enough, just servos and toothed gates style drive belts in housings with bearings to allow movement, the trick and the expense comes with the repeatable precision, and now you can buy robots that do not need a cage but which can share a working space with humans.

It’s called “collaborative robotic technology” and it’s basically a fucking game changer, like in that clip, if it senses the human finger in the way, it’s a piece of piss to sense something else wrong like insertion force, and you go down to 0.01 % wastage or less.

We are not there yet, but we are oh so fucking close to the point where you could tip a lego kit into a parts bin, train the robot once, and then have it assemble the parts into a working model, time after time after time, and by oh so fucking close I mean you could buy one for US$100k.

You could buy one today for a couple of million.

At that point you have a robot that can knit, or sew, or assemble a small IC engine, or any one of a million other boring repetitive tasks, and the only thing new need humans for is to bring up new parts bins, and remove completed parts bins, and that is something amazon is doing today with its warehouse robots.

And suddenly you can eliminate the human picker and packer at the automated amazon warehouse, and for an operation like that that runs 24/7 100k is chump change compared to the churn of agency staff.

For a very small high tech business like the one I own and run, the argument for the robot in preference to the human worker is not quite there yet, but an order for 50,000 identical parts would change that.

That fact alone should concern you, because it might serve to open your eyes to the true fact that my small business already employs robots, they just aren’t six axis so they do not look like robots, so the six axis collaborative high precision shit is just one new layer on a cake that is already there, and that makes it fucking inevitable.

I simply cannot imagine *anyone* buying a 100% manually operate mill or lathe today, with the *sole* exception of a single individual buying some old commercial machine at basically scrap prices, because it is old and rigid and fairly butch and still accurate enough for the hobby shit.

So if nobody is buying manual mills or lathes, nobody is looking to apprentice or train or employ old school turners.

The job is gone.

The job went when the machines that required it went, NOT the other way around.

Word processors did NOT come in to compensate for the lack of typists to fill the typing pool.

You do not see all that has gone, the humble laser printer eradicated the print and litho works down in the basement, email systems eradicated the mail room, word processors eradicated the typing pool, accounts systems eradicated the clerks departments, barcode scanners and inventory systems eradicated the stock managers and men, and the beat goes on.

I was alive when a computer was a multi million dollar thing that weighed tons and filled small rooms and that was as good as it got, within a dozen feet of me are two PC’s one laptop, 4 smartphones a couple of arduionos and some cnc kit, and I own it all myself.

Now we are at the border of precision human collaborative six axis motion, and it is already at the point where if you can employ a human you can just about afford it, so ten years at best before if you can afford it and it can do a particular job that a human does just as well, then you can’t afford to employ the human.

Men, particularly the type of men that read this blog, get all this instinctively, every single one of you without exception has tech tools and wants to buy more, as soon as they get better and more affordable.

The writing is on the wall

Sexual discrimination at work

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Let me speak plainly, if you are female and want to apply for a job at my company all of the following need to be true.

  • You need to be young
  • You need to be pretty
  • You need to have nice tits and ass
  • You need be prepared to work for fuck all while you learn the trade.

Needless to say, there are no female employees, but the truth is more subtle and more interesting.

1/ The filter list itself above isn’t what actually motivates me, but no other short 4 point list comes even remotely as close as that one does at excluding all the other potential and real problems., in much the same way that you can adopt 99 different strategies for dealing with water borne health problems, or you can state that all water must be filtered to the 5 micron level and also boiled, you are not actually after filtered and boiled water, but it addresses everything else.

2/ The filter list is itself is discriminatory.

Both of these points are equally important, unless my company is literally infinite in size and capitalisation, there are going to be limits on the number of vacancies, and if there are going to be limits, someone has to lose out, so unless you adopt a strategy where you have 5 vacancies and the first 5 to apply get them, you are going to indulge in discriminatory tactics to filter them out.

It is the discriminatory tactics that are the issue, how dare you make your hiring decision based on whether the applicant was born with a cunt or not, how dare you pay them based on whether they were born with a cunt or not.

The fact is nobody who has worked to create their own business would do such a thing, we are in it to make money or make cool products or whatever, and arbitrary hiring and payroll based PURELY on cunt or cock between legs is a great way to go to the wall.

Let me explain the reality.

My current squeeze does a job that in many ways is not to dissimilar to a job that I did 30 years ago, function and skill wise, but 30 years ago my “interview” consisted of me going out in a wagon with the owners son for an hour or so, we get back to the depot and I am offered the job, which technically I still have to learn over the next couple of weeks so very probationary, but nothing is signed, no paperwork is produced, that’s it.

Fast forwards 20 years to the current squeeze when she got her job 10 years ago, and she needed to produce at least 5 different licences and certificates to even get an interview, fast forwards to today and she reckons she wouldn’t even get an interview, because there are yet more certificates required.

People will ask me can I drive a forklift or a crane or a bucket loader or track laying vehicle etc, the answer is always yes, but not well, and I don’t have a licence…. because I come from an era when you climbed in the seat and someone pointed out the controls, nowadays there are probably 20 different certificates for fork lifts alone, and yet the overall skill level hasn’t gone up one iota.

Certification and licencing was the push back against the equality movement, and today we are at the state where the certification and licening is so expensive and onerous you have basically two options to obtain it.

  1. Be fairly well off with significant free time and disposable income to attend the course.
  2. Take it up the ass as an on the job trainee pretty much indentured for 12 months or more while you get your certs and experience.

Both men and women have “equal opportunity” now to become a bus driver or wagon driver or whatever, then there are all the additional licences and certificates required to actually do the job, so more on the job taking it up the ass exploitation.

So for example in the states if you aren’t a complete cunt you can do three years driving for Swift to go from news with a car licence to a trained and experienced trucker, no matter what your gender of the day.

Then you have to go looking for a real trucking job based on the fact that your only work experience for the past three years is taking it up the ass from Swift.

All *that* tells any future employer is that you are probably legal so THEY probably won’t take it up the ass from the state for violating some regulation or other.

Meanwhile all the compliance and other bullshit means there is less left in the pot for your actual wages.

Meanwhile all that “equality” did was fuck you up the ass.

And yet it is all presented as being a problem at “the point of sale” when you turn up and ask me for a job, when the truth is that as an employer no longer do I just have to consider you as an employee, I have to consider all this legal shit too, so the more legal shit that applies to the vacancy in question and you as an applicant, the less chance you have of getting the job.

If you are a wimminz and you get the job, the problems do not end there, they are only just beginning, pregnancy leave, sexual harassment, etc etc etc, which all eats into the bottom line, so even if in theory your production was exactly equal to the guy next to you, my profit margin is lower, so you’re gonna get paid less, or I’ll find some other arcane but legal reason to discriminate against you in favour of the guy born with a cock.

Because EVERY employer has two factors to consider in an employee.

1/ their ability to produce revenue

2/ the cost of employing them

Even if #1 is equal for males and females, and there is no reason to assume that, #2 is always going to be higher for the female, because the male has less protection and is this more open to exploitation and profit.

There should be an overpopulation problem in africa with “big game” but the fact is that with all the ever increasing protections put in place, numbers are falling.

Protection does not just not work, it is part of the fucking problem.

As an employer, a basic kuka / fanuc 6 axis robot is on my wish list, this is 100% no bullshit genuine truth, I can joke all I want about hiring some hot young girl with big tits to man the front desk and my cock and make me coffee, but a kuka / fanuc is only triple the price, and every other problem with the flesh and blood employee goes out the window.

A kuka / fanuc ain’t gonna make me hard or drain my balls, and, um, ok, running out of “downsides” to this employ a human side of the argument.

If I could roll the legal environment back 30 or 40 years, the fact is the flesh and blood potential employee would not have nearly so many impediments, and the fact is if the receptionist / secretary did not want to drain my balls, it wouldn’t matter, because that isn’t the only advantage she held over a robot back then… and all the things the robot could do, she could compete with.

Today in late 2017 / early 2018 the most honest message that I can give any potential employee is this, it is almost impossible for me to find any reason to employ you.

Even if you are young and female and hot and offer to drain my balls daily, in reality it’s a poisoned chalice where the potential downsides vastly outweigh the potential upsides, so (me being straight) being a bloke isn’t actually any greater impediment, your sex is just a light sprinkling of chocolate powder on the latte, the bulk of the latte is the problem, and that’s all legislative and equality and rights and duties and certification based.

Even a vision equipped 6 axis kuka / fanuc isn’t AI, any more than Outlook or calendar or office or Quickbooks is AI, but the push is on to make these things better and better, because everyone with a clue knows the flesh and blood employee is a thing of the past.

100 years ago here in the UK even at my current age I could legally fuck and marry a 12 year old girl, in the past 100 years nothing about biology has changes, it’s all laws that have changed, and the same thing applies to employing her 12 year old brother and sending him down a pit to mine coal, the biology has not changed, the laws have.

Talk of “the bad old days” is neither here nor there, the salient fact is the laws have made individuals far far far less able to offer themselves up for what we now class as illegal exploitation, we have not ended exploitation, there is plenty of legal exploitation available, but the scope is vastly reduced.

As a scientist with a scientific, analytical and logical mind, you can site there and observe that in 1875 I as a late 50’s man could fuck 12 year old Jane and send her 12 year old brother John down the mines, and it was perfectly legal and normal, and 100 years later in 1975 those “bad old days” were long gone, and then another 50 years pass, and while all these human being’s “rights” are still protected so that they cannot be “exploited” as they were in the bad old days, now there is competition from robots.

Now, scientifically, we have something we can “put to proof”, if an employer is a patriarchal misogynist pervert paedo, which the narrative insists that all are, until enlightened legislation ended the “bad old days” then said employer is going to be rabidly anti kuka / fanuc, you can’t fuck them and you can’t send them down mines as small autonomous diggers.

What we actually have are employers like me that are tech savvy, and cannot wait to earn / save enough money to get their first 6 axis vision controlled kuka / fanuc, and the less tech savvy will follow.

The ONLY bar to getting a kuka / fanuc is the capital cost, there is no sexual / gender equality or harassment issues, no working times directives, no workers canteen, toilets or health plan, no worker health and safety training, no environmental regulations, I can leave the heating and lights off, no pregnancy, no time off to take the kids to the dentist, no holidays or holiday pay, no breaks, no height or weight rules, no rules about me swearing around them or doing a weinstein and having a wank in front of them, they don’t get drunk or doped up, they don’t go home, and I own their ass in ways that I could never own 12 year old Jane or John, much less their 30 year old parents…

Hell, they are cheaper than hiring a security guard.

So, the future will be interesting, as it is the dice and the field are loaded against the flesh and blood employee, and even a mass movement of people begging to send me their 12 year old kids to empty my balls and go down my mines is at best going to make a tiny bump in the road.

Humans have many rights, robots have none, so which one can an employer exploit the most for maximum revenue?

Even if you take away the rights of the human, each robot will still work 24/7 with no breaks or sickness etc so the human wage will be at best 20% of the cost of the robot. (BTW that vid was the state of play nearly 4 years ago…. very early 2014)

And good luck trying to level the playing field by giving the robots “rights”, that is MY FUCKING PROPERTY you’re trying to mess with, and you’ll lose, because I’ll level the playing field by demanding 12 mm combo spanners count, and machine made clothes and shoes count, and tinned food, cars, TVs, PC’s, at which point you’ll either get iced by robot makers or offer me your 12 year old kids in exchange for some shares in the company.

You ALREADY made the western worker unemployable compared to the easier to exploit foreign worker, now the whole game is changing and it is the meat worker vs the robot worker, old pavel had it right, robot literally means worker.

My Quickbooks is literally a robot, it’s just not a 6 axis cnc one, but my business has no book keeper, it doesn’t need one, quickbooks works literally 24/7, you pay your bill at 03:47 am and quickbooks records it.

The CNC component of my machinery is literally robotic, just because it isn’t a six axis arm doesn’t make it any less a robot.

My very small business has already eliminated a minimum of 5 flesh and blood positions even before it employed the first employee, and they were all fairly skilled roles if they had to be done by a human.

In effect not employing humans is WHY my small business is making a profit and growing, albeit on the small but steady scale.

Thanks to the laws of the land, I can’t exploit humans enough to make a profit and continue trading.

Thanks to advances in science and cnc / automation / robotics, even if you delete all the laws of the land and all the “protections” human employees “enjoy”, it’s still borderline at best, eg there will be *some* humans with exceptionally hot bodies and oral skills that *might* make the cut, provided I do not look 5 years ahead and take an ever so slightly longer term view…. and anyone who even *considers* employing someone without looking at the implications for several years down the line is a fucking idiot.

So, the tagline, sexual discrimination at work, bit of a play on words, like rust at work, or rust never sleeps, and the bottom line is as soon as you play that card, you make everything that possesses those attributes that that card can be applied to, less attractive than something that does not possess those attributes…

You render it obsolete.

We’re still only scratching the surface of the subject, little 12 year old Jane and John, the “bad old days” when they could trade personal exploitation for food and shelter and gone, what are they going to trade for food and shelter in the future, now that the things they are permitted to trade are so limited?

You think their kuka / fanuc replacements are going to step in?

You think the person that was pretty much forced into “upgrading” to non human kuka / fanuc is going to step in?

We’re all too busy trying to survive and make a living, we constantly adapted to the changing environment, you didn’t.


December 5, 2017

I hesitate to post this

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As many of you know with my other non anonymised hat on I own and operate a legitimate business…. for many years / most of my life I have been the sort of person who had little use for the state, so on the one hand I was quite happy to work the black economy and do cash in hand jobs, on the other hand the state never even knew I existed, much less came to my aid or supported me in any way.

Of course in 1990 if you had a driving job that paid cash it is not the same as a driving job in 2018, not even fucking remotely similar.

I hesitate to say it not because with my other hat on and my small business I am as dodgy as fuck, because the fact is I am extremely careful to do everything 100% legal and even employ and pay people such as accountants etc to ensure that all required legal things are in order and done exactly as they should be.

An audit from the dreaded “Revenue Men” (now all harpy vindictive wimminz) is a pain in the ass that causes me to waste a morning with them and the accountant going through everything, it’s bullshit and a pain in the ass and it wastes my time and money and all that, but it doesn’t worry me, because there is no wrongdoing to find.

As many of you also know I have a strong background in IT and technology, and “digital life” filled me with the heebie jeebies from very very early on, so while it was inevitable that digital life would take over, it was also obvious to me that I had to sanitise it wherever possible, so for example I never signed up for fuckbook or any of the other social media sites, the closest I ever came was Napster.

I know this doesn’t fully protect me because everyone else signs up for social media sites, so you can’t stay off the radar, but I was not busy uploading photos of myself only to discover years later that facial recognition was now a thing and not a science fiction thing, or that cross database comparison and metadata was now a thing and not a science fiction thing.

Google location history and calls and sms backed up to the google cloud for google to trawl through I did sign up for, because I had first hand experience of scenarios where I was falsely accused of many evil things by the psycho skank ho ex, and I had no alibi as such…. my reasoning being that NOT signing up for it would NOT mean I was NOT tracked, again I was proven right time and again with revelation after revelation about these places tracking your every move… but signing up for it means I can access that history at will.

Like I said, I am 100% legal with my business hat on, and google location tracking allowed me to prove in about 30 seconds that a given expense being claimed against tax was genuine, yup, here I am at this expo, just as my expense claims said…. accurate to a few meters and yes I arrived at the venue at 8:30 am and left at 6:00 pm for both days.

No, the “hesitation” I feel, and the reason I cannot touch this with a bargepole on the business blog, is because I am one of the few.

I’ll point you back at previous posts about taxation and limited companies, I found out today that a local well known gentleman who is known in the media as a personality and who is a property owner of some note who leases several properties to other local businesses is as dodgy as fuck, as in he is not registered anywhere he needs to be by law for taxation and other purposes, neither has he taken for himself the legal protections available to him by company formation or anything else… don’t get me wrong, the guy probably is not doing the state out of anything, overall, or if he is it is small potatoes.

No, his error is in effect that he is not doing what I am doing by being 100% legal, he is not acting as an unpaid state tax collector and information producing drone, which is basically what being 100% legal in the digital age means.

I had to say to the guy I can’t work for you, or rather, I can, but if I do I’m going to be producing paperwork that will be used to hang you out to dry…. are you sure you want to go down this road?

The thing is, he isn’t alone, 99% of the time I have no idea about people’s private business or how they run their business, but, being local, a lot of the time I do, people talk…. understand…

And none of these people are actual crooks, they are just running off the books as it were, or with two sets of books to use the old expression.

They know it’s been a bad week if their wallet is empty.

But, being it is a digital age with interconnected databases and everything else, WHEN, and it will be WHEN the revenue man comes calling, they will all be treated as “fraudsters” and fraudsters with malice aforethought, the state revenue men will argue in state courts that the excuses these people are trying to give for their fraud are all bullshit, the law is the law, throw the book at them m’lud.

And of course legally “I wasn’t hurting anyone” and “I didn’t con anyone or steal anything” and “I am a welder and fabricator, what do I know about book keeping, look I make a living and drive a ten year old car, why am I being treated like Bernie Madoff?” all sounds the same to the courts, it sounds like “Guilty as charged”.

And because 99.9% of them are not crooks pulling a fast one, 99.9% of them won’t have a limited liability company to hide behind, so the revenue can take everything, home and contents, car and contents, tools of the trade, kids toys, bank accounts pensions you name it, literally everything except the clothes you are wearing in court.

And they will, it is what they do.

I can literally walk you down various rows of commercial or industrial units around here and point at them and say that one, that one, not that one, don’t know about that one, that one, don’t know about that one, and all the “that ones” are flying by night and wide open to this sort of future.

It’s actually worse than this, but I really cannot go into further detail as this blog isn’t anonymous as far as the state is concerned, and if I say much more you could put 2 and 2 together and identify actual people, and I have no wish to do the state’s dirty work for them.

No, this tale of woe is for people who do not understand what a Law firm or an Accountancy firm does, because a local guy let slip in passing something to his law firm.

The law firm already knew he was in breach of a couple of mandatory reporting laws, but didn’t do anything about it as they themselves were under no legal compunction to do so, but when he let slip that he had “passed on” a bill plus VAT to a customer of his, they had a legal duty to report him, because he wasn’t vat registered, so they did… turns out this incident was over a year ago, piece in the paper today about the auction where all his shit is up for grabs… including the two shops his great grandad built… that he inherited from his dad that he ran the way everyone always had, pay me rent and get on with your business.

The cynic in me says the law firm that grassed him up to the state can also act as his defence counsel against the state and be a primary creditor and rack up more fees and income to come from the auctioned estate… win / win.

The realist in me says maybe 20% of small local business (eg 5 or less total workers) is legal, which means 80% of local business could be taken to the cleaners by the state and literally wiped out.

Which instantly puts me in mind of an old mate who I ain’t seen for years who had a building business with 12 employees, full order books for the next 18 months and great prospects, but, an ongoing operating loan facility from the bank, who called him one one day in the last recession and called in the ticket, which instantly wiped him out, left customers with incomplete work and put 12 guys on the dole, as the bank said, we are pulling your ticket in because you can pay up.

I can see the state fucking over at least 75% of the 80% of local businesses that are non compliant for the same reason, they have assets that can be seized and sold off, and 60% of local small businesses is a *lot* of assets, especially if you “harvest” them carefully and don’t put the rest into panic mode.

I have now seen three such local businesses taken to the cleaners in the past 18 months, two of the proprietors got suspended sentences for their “fraud” in addition to basically losing all their shit.

The rich irony is that me running my business 100% legally may make the state a couple of k per annum as opposed to how things would be if I ran it black, because the fact is when you go 100% legal not only CAN you claim for all sorts of shit the fact is you MUST to offset the extra monies you are now paying to the state.

As a small high tech business in the black my IT costs might be 6k pa, as a small high tech business running 100% legal my IT costs are 5k plus 1k tax that I can claim back.

As a householder or sole trader working from home I would pay standard domestic rates for electricity of around 20/21 p per kWh, as a legit business in a proper business unit with a business supply I pay around 14/15p

If you are a small trader paying 7 quid plus vat per square foot and you have 1,000 square feet you’re paying 8400 pa ground rent, go legal and you can claim 1400 of that back.

It reminds me forcefully of the farce that the traditional family unit faces, they pay 8k a year in taxes but get 5k a year back in various credits and allowances, why not just streamline the whole fucking system and just tax them 3k?

Why not because it’s not about streamlining a system, it’s about fuckbook style building as many data points as possible, because that way there is no way to sneak anything off to the side.

I own my business and I own the company and I own the equipment and there aren’t any loans or debts or anything… and every penny that company has is money I worked for… yet, if my car dies and I want 1k to buy a new used one… it is illegal for me to use the company bank account to buy it, and it is illegal for me to write a cheque to myself to buy it.

To be sure there are ways, if the company owes me 50k that I invested setting it up, then the company can repay me 1k of that loan and I can go out and buy that car, but doing it one way will land you in jail with all your assets gone, doing it the other way is fine.

But to 99.9% of small businesses they do not see that, my business, I did all the work, I went without to buy tools and shit, so it’s my money, so whats the problem me buying myself a 1k car with my money?

The problem is small businesses do not understand what I understand with my 100% legal and above board business hat on, that there is no such thing as “my” money.

It’s like an iphone, you never bought it, you just bought the lease to use it in ways approved by crapple, fuck you very much.

The same is true of money, you never earned it, you do not own it, you are just licenced to use it in ways approved by the state, fuck you very much.

Me personally, I wimped out, I looked and that land and saw the way the wind was blowing and decided to go 100% legal and legit and above board…. insert pic of scots jerk with blue cross on his face running away as fast as he can, it’s called survival.

Hilariously I have a business account with Amazon, and getting vat receipts out of them is hit and miss at best, but again the way they do it is legal, they are like paypal, a bank that isn’t a bank, so they are a vendor that isn’t a vendor, so for their shitI have to do the math, I will be charged VAT but I’ll probably never be able to claim it back, so is the amazon product both equivalent and more than 30% cheaper than an alternative supplier who will give me a vat receipt?

Often the answer is no, but Amazon are not a small local business running under the radar, they are a huge business with hundreds of lawyers and lobbyists on the payroll, and they have forgotten more about tax avoidance than thee or me will ever know.

And NOBODY is going to be on side with the ever increasing number of small businesses taken to the cleaners and wiped out…. people who over all aren’t actually ripping the state off for much, but people who over all are largely responsible for the fact that we have any kind of local economy.

I suspect 2.5% of my effort and time at work have nothing to do with production or sales or anything else, it is what I call utterly wasted time spent ensuring that everything I do is 100% legal and compliant.

Nobody wins except big data and the state that hold it.

As you can probably tell from this article, I’m probably the last person in the world to grass anyone else up, your business is your business, but the fact is the system is set up so that the only way I can be legal is to collect data, data that can and will be used to mine those flying under the radar.

Gattaca and everything else got it utterly wrong, people who remember the Stasi got it right, everyone becomes an informant, whether they like it or not…. if you dislike it enough you can stand over there with the accused and wait your turn to get royally fucked over.

The three guys I mentioned, two of whom now have suspended prison sentences for fraud, all three of whom are now penniless and asset less, what changes are they going to make, who are they going to influence, who is going to listen to them?

One sold sub 1000 quid used cars, cheap and cheerful, plenty of faults but nothing you couldn’t live with or fix, they were sub 1k cars for fucks sake, what do you want, a new merc?

One was a general welder and fabricator, he’d do anything from put the hinge back on your garden gate to making a bracket to hold your tv aerial.

One was a fish and chip shop, everything cooked in dripping and local fish and local potatoes peeled and chipped in the shop, so it was bloody good grub.

They have all been fucked now, and the state is no better off, and the local economy is less vital.

But, that’s three more “dark data web” businesses eradicated, and that was the only point.

Be careful out there.

December 4, 2017

Hitler Parody

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Thing is, nobody is really under any illusions, nobody is in the same space as say a non cantonese / chinese speaker watching a chop socky film with english subtitles that you just know are a piss poor translation, but you follow them along anyway.

We all know the lip synch is broken not because it is a foreign language with a different structure and grammar and sounds, but because it isn’t what the person said.

We all know Hitler and XBox come from different eras, but that is what makes it a parody, that is what makes it funny.

One of the funniest ones is the Hitler actor being interviewed, and the subtitles talk about his wife saluting him and him putting the smackdown on the bitch, of course that isn’t anywhere even remotely close to what he was talking about, sure, a german speaker will know what he WAS talking about, but for the rest of us it doesn’t matter, in many ways it works better because we do not understand the audio channel.

For me what makes it one of the funniest ones is that most people who watch it get taken in at first, they think it is an actual interview with the Hitler actor on the subject of Hitler parodies on youtube, because the actor is playing himself, not Hitler.

This makes two assumptions;

  1. An actor playing himself is himself
  2. Hitler as we “know” him was the real Hitler

We actually have adequate evidence that neither of these are even remotely true, everyone has “personas” and the more high profile your public persona is the more it is divorced from the truth.

So the parodies now have another intellectual level, we do not just know the subtitles are all bullshit, we also know that the “characters” that make the subtitles funny are also all bullshit.

And in many ways the third and final “amusing level” is when parody meets satire, which we had in the UK in the late eighties / early nineties with Spitting Image and Drop the Dead Donkey on the TV, the televisual equivalent of Private Eye and Punch.

But even there where real events and real people were treated satirically, and real investigations and truths were hinted at, it was all a part of the gag, the court jester, the intention was to poke fun and let off steam, the intention was never to reveal or investigate the truth, in fact the intention was to never actually reveal or investigate the truth, just to use references to it as a seasoning on the joke of the moment.

Hitler was just seasoning on the joke of the moment, which at one point was XBox live, and later as mentioned above a self referential parody on the Hitler parodies themselves.

I think that this is a point that many miss, they think Mike Flex and Anna Dapter are the parody characters pointing fun at news anchors everywhere, I think they are more a parody on the Hitler parody, because everyone with a brain understands that news anchors everywhere are parodies.

“Fake News” is truth, all news is fake news, but “Fake News” is just a parody on Fake News, it’s not revealing anything or investigating anything, nor is it intended to, nor will it ever. Fake News is all there is.

In yesterday’s daily fail there is a story about some skank who claims she overheard a conversation on a train by a guy named Ben who was cheating on his partner, so she blabbed about it on fake news social media and it got reblabbed thousands of times and next thing you know as one commenter said, 50 guys called Ben got dumped.

It’s the birthday paradox writ large and used as a social experiment / social control mechanism.

Fuckerberg’s kike sister flies coach in canada and claims the man who sat next to her in seat 5C was a sexist bastard, no proof, just her story, fuck the evils of fuckbook, some man was allegedly sexist to some skank.

Musk is going to send a car to Mars, well that’s +1 roadster sales to Marvin the Martian, and fuck know tesla needs every sale it can get, what with he “afterthought of the product range” Chevy Bolt ouselling all tesla models on a 2:1 basis last year (and why not, it’s actually not a bad EV, go watch Doug deMuro’s jewtube video)

Meanwhile back home the press is full of adulation because some ginger half german pwinth is engaged to some 3/4 black divorcee skank from the states, does nobody remember Henry 8 and the dissolution of the monasteries and the split from the catholic church?

Merkel would be proud that the german british royal family is marrying a wog immigrant divorcee skank ho, shame she ain’t an aloha snackbar, a few bonus points missed there.

The first child will be called Bitcoin Mulatto Windsor… 5th in line to the throne one day.

President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho sent congratulations and 100 cases of Brawndo to the happy couple.



December 2, 2017


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I have had this argument time and time and time again, with people who do not get it, do not want to get it, and do not want to deal with the consequences of getting it.

Usually it’s with things like lasers, in a plotter machine mirrors can move but cannot rotate, so a mirror on a carriage on the X axis to deflect the beam 90 degrees downwards, a mirror on the end of the X axis to deflect the beam 90 degrees along the X axis, and a mirror at the end of the Y axis to deflect the beam 90 degrees along the Y axis.

Let’s say you are starting with a nice round number like 100 watts of beam power coming out of the tube, lets say all three mirrors are equally dirty and made of a material that is equally reflective, or not.

Scenario 1 each mirror is 95% efficient.

  • Beam power 100 watts
  • mirror 1 = 100 x 0.95 = 95 watts
  • mirror 2 = 95 x 0.95 = 90.25 watts
  • mirror 3 = 90.25 x 0.95 = 85.73 watts

Scenario 2 each mirror is 85% efficient.

  • Beam power 100 watts
  • mirror 1 = 100 x 0.85 = 85 watts
  • mirror 2 = 85 x 0.85 = 72.25 watts
  • mirror 3 = 72.25 x 0.85 =  61.41 watts

Just for shits and giggles, lets add 3 more mirrors to scenario 2

  • mirror 4 = 61.41 x 0.85 = 52.20 watts
  • mirror 5 = 52.2 x 0.85 = 44.37 watts
  • mirror 6 = 44.37 x 0.85 = 37.71 watts

The first problem is nobody understands that compound percentages are an exponential function, and exponential functions get very steep very fast as soon as you move more than a tiny distance from unity.

3 mirrors at 95% efficiency lose less power than one mirror at 85% efficiency…. One is “only” 5% from unity, the other is “only” three times as great…. but at 85% efficiency after six mirrors we are down to 37% of power, just over one third remaining.

I could delete laser and beam and power and replace it with electricity and battery and charge efficiency.

There are actually more than six steps between incoming mains voltage and tesla power wall and tesla car and travelling down the road, every voltage change is a step, as is every process within the system, putting power into a battery is a step, taking power out of a battery is a step.

Each step has a conversion efficiency.

With lasers I’d tell people it doesn’t matter what the optics cost, it’s one of the best possible places to spend money on a bang for buck basis, and you still see them trying to buy cheap optics or in some cases make their own from polished copper, and invariably these were the same fucking cunts that would refuse to do the math at the top of this page properly, I say refuse because any fucking retard with a pocket calculator or a pen and paper can do iterative “multiply by zero point eight seven” or whatever and get the right answers.

Long before Tesla became a thing I talk the same talk to people doing “off grid” living via some form of power harvesting or generation, inverters and lead acid batteries.

The smart ones who listened went out and bought new 2 VDC lead acid traction cells, most people “saved money” by using vast arrays of mis-matched old car and truck batteries strewn across a concrete floor.

Anyone with any electrical / electronics knowledge will know it isn’t just the charge and discharge efficiency you’ll have to take into consideration, plus “C” rates, but also total internal resistances, and this is all fucking lousy for a bunch of mismatched old car and truck batteries.

You can compound it further with home made alternators and home made water wheels or wind blades and so on, nothing operating at any sort of efficiency, old scrap conductors used.

ONE guy about 12 years ago asked me to spec a system and install it, for various reasons he wanted 12 VDC and not 24 so I got 2 sets of 6 traction cells, each one was something like 750 Ah and we put them in a proper box off the ground away from frost, one each side of the shed, for independent twin banks with isolators, at that point plans went wrong / changed and he went for a 24 volt inverter so we seriesed the two banks up, no big deal but these things happen…. and he started out with an inverter / charger / etc designed for twin banks and designed that you could module them together and they’d sync mains clock and also charging and so on, each one was rated at 7,000 VA continuous, it was all fairly expensive… outside the shed was a 1.2 kilowatt wind turbine (50 amperes) that worked when the wind blew and about 60 feet away was a very small stream that he dammed and made a fish pond and a small overshot wheel that would put out a steady 180 watts (7.5 amps) and the house was 60 feet the other way and fed 240 vac pure sine inverted… there was also a single phase 20 amp (4,400 watts) supply to the property that went to the shed and to the fancy inverter / charger / etc

Like I said it was all fairly expensive, we are talking small new car expensive.

So he had 4.4 kW available from the mains, it was just slightly unreliable and when it went out it was usually branches / trees / wind related and usually took a couple of days to fix, and usually a portion of the fix bill was handed to him, I do not know the details.

He had a steady 180 watts from the overshot hydro that pretty much ran 24/365

He had an intermittent up to 1,200 watts from the wind turbine, usually you’d see about 200 watts… average was around 250…

back then solar was ludicrous money.

7000 watts draw from 24 volt (with no losses and 100% efficiency) is 291 amperes, the reality is we expected peak surge currents up to around 400 amperes but that’s nothing exceptional to a traction cell.

24 volts at a 1500 Ah rate (150 amps for 10 hours) meant he had 36 kWh stashed away, and the 150 amps at 24 volts meant 3,600 watts at a 10 hour rate, as in 10 hour rate is no fucking big deal for the cells.

180 watt hours x 24 hours = 4.3 kWh per day from the mini hydro, day in day out.

250 watt hours x 24 hours = 6.0 kWh per day from the wind, day in day out.

WE fudged all the numbers to include efficiencies and losses by calling everything half to two thirds, so 36 kWh storage became 18, the 4.3 kWh per day from the mini hydro became 2.2 kWh etc.

The guy was a photographer, early into the whole digital thing, from memory large format more than regular DSLR stuff, so he absolutely had to have 24/7 perfect power for his bank of macintoshes and big storage arrays, and he was more than happy to sneakernet his files in and out (from memory his phone lines were alu and buried in the ground so even dsl 512k was a only when it’s dry proposition) to customers, and it meant he could carry on living where he was… he had a small honda genny for when the power went out for the house and they didn’t care about that much.

I can remember commenting about how much money we were spending doing this (he was throughout a do it right, don’t cut corners, ok, 50 x 25 mm copper bus bars..lol) because as I said it was new small / medium car money, and he said something along the lines of fuck it, I could spend this on a lens…

A couple of years ago I met someone who told me that guy is still there, he has retired, his wife died of something, and he lives a bit like a hermit, but a techo hermit, doesn’t want to meet anyone, the woman I met cleans the pond of leaves which now and again clog the hydro wheel a bit, cleans the house a bit, does shopping, the house is now all LED lighting, apparently a few years ago about when his wife died a winter storm took down the mains supply, and he never had it put back, but all that shit we put in around 2003-2004 is still in and working, I have no idea what %ge of the capacity of the traction cells has gone, I’d suspect fuck all, maybe 5%, but in any event the house is now all LED lighting so loads are way down, I remember even back when we put it in despite it being put in for his mac lab and digital camera work we discovered that the heaviest load every day was the oil fired boiler and circulation pump for the central heating, though to be fair his main concern was 24/7 clean and reliable power.

It was my marine experience that got me hired to do that, marine where there is no shore power, so it is not an option, and city/urban grade / reliability shore power wasn’t an option where he was either, and he wasn’t about to move.

So we cared about efficiency, you bought your power source whether it be solar or wind or hydro, and efficiency at each stage would make or break you, so a small / medium car for 12 years trouble free service and power even when you focus entirely on efficiency first still does not equal free power.

It just has to be still more expensive than good clean mains power, maybe not a lot, but it has to be more, but the thing is even then I can remember mumbling about a lister start-o-matic and a couple of small UPS’s for the mac stuff.

The “green” option would have been DC-DC PSU’s for the macs and a big bank of lead acid to power them, 750 Ah of 2 VDC traction cells up to 12 volts is 18 kWh, that would have run a few macs for days and if the power went out charge that from a genny.

In todays money I guess we spent 20k, maybe 25k doing that, but efficiency was the only driver, who gives a fuck if it is ugly and you have to build a 10 x 6 shed on a new slab to put it in.

I never *really* saw it running as I left when the job was done so basically 2 or 3 days making everything nice after it is all running, during that time the hydro and wind seemed to pretty much produce enough to run the house over 24 hours with the battery bank acting as a reservoir, maybe the mains supply was topping up a bit, but not much.

I could have done the job for 2k using scrap old parts, but efficiency would have been horrible, and total REAL output and capacity negligible…. nowhere near the 60% overall for the harvest > charge > discharge cycle we were working on, or 50% for our rule of thumb down the line.

And this was a guy with money, and this was only a dozen years or so ago, not 50, and we really couldn’t do much better.

I can’t remember what the traction cells weighed, muscle memory says I couldn’t lift one and it took two of us and an engine hoist to get them from the hiab dropped pallet into the cages in the shed, I can remember the conversation about we should have built the shed around the batteries where the wagon dumped them.

A tesla powerwall and car is like that, but using the battery power to pump water up to a big tank and then running another big hydro system off that, one that could generate 25 kW peak, not the few hundred watts we had, because that is all batteries are really, just holding tanks for energy.

My old lister is great because it is a static / stationary engine, put it in a vehicle and it would suck donkey balls, that old off grid install only worked as well as it did, even with 20-25k spent on efficiency, because everything was static.

A 1,200 lbs 75 kWh tesla li-on battery offers no advantages over what we did back then, like the 295 megawatt tesla battery install in Oz for the wind farm, it doesn’t make fucking sense.

The Oz wind farm is the same as matey’s wind turbine, it’s not base load and average real output was maybe 25% of rated power, so you need a reservoir or battery, and a reservoir adds extra efficiency losses, so you can get constant flows even when it aint being recharged or you can get peak flows greater than the charge rate, but you are not gaining on total energy, you are LOSING on total energy.

I can remember the mains electricity guy telling him to leave the fucking termination and meters where they were, and run his own mains cables 60 feet to the shed, and make sure they are 6 mm cables, and thank your luck starts your meter isn’t on the pole pig down the road, because the cables from the pole pig to your house are losing nearly 1.2% of the power, they have to be light enough to go on the poles… and to break and not take a pole down when a tree falls..

The Oz tesla battery may be next to the wind farm, but it is miles away from anything else.

The analogy is a bunch of wind powered pumps pumping water to a reservoir, not to drink, but to run a hydro system….

This guy actually had a small stream that ran 24/365 with about a fall of about 3 feet on his land, and he had a 1000 yard clear fetch up to the house from 300 degrees of the compass to his wind turbine, and he had the money to buy both and buy quality and efficiency, and he still never bothered with a grid tie / feeding energy back into the grid and getting paid for it, because he never generated a surplus, and this is a fairly well off guy with 2 or 3 acres of land, talk about low density.. him and his mrs were 1 person per acre, when she died it was 0.5 people per acre, and even with LED lighting I’ll lay money he still has heating oil trucked in once or twice a year.

He could probably get 3/4g up there now, that didn’t exist back then either.


Go back to that beginning bit, 6 mirrors at 85% efficiency get you 37% overall, that means that in FUEL terms a tesla is no more efficient than an internal combustion engine, even with the economies of scale of central power generation, plus THE EXTRA FUCKING INFRASTRUCTURE AND EXTRA FUCKING POINTS OF FAILURE, my god….


It is one thing, from an engineering perspective, so talk about putting a tesla power wall / local storage in every house, and how this could smooth out loads on the grid, it’s a valid argument, it could be done, but the cost is incredible…. I’ll come back to that.

It is quite another thing, from an engineering perspective, to talk about putting in a local storage in each house so that it can fill up at rate X, so when you come home and plug your EV in you can fill that at rate 20X from the local storage. These two things have nothing in common.

getting back to the local storage, it MUST be isolated from the mains (else you will kill the electrician out in the street working up the pole) but it also MUST synchronize with the mains perfectly, so what you end up with as the cheapest practical option is Mains > local storage > house with no connection at all between the mains and the house, so by definition the local storage must have a peak rating = or greater than peak demand for the house.

I have a 40 amp mains breaker here and at 240 VAC that means a shade under 10 kW, essentially in electronics terms you are talking about a 10 kilowatt high voltage mono hifi amplifier that plays one tone perfectly with lots of feedback and correction stuff, and it has to be able to do it 24/7 with zero faults, and if it does fault it has to fault safely to open circuit at the component level, no dead shorts…

You’re doing what a rich photographer did 12 years ago, and it cost him the price of a new car to do if efficiently, but it lasted 12 years that we know of… and he had plenty of land, eg his power shed took the space of another car.

I don’t know for a fact, but I doubt he got his money back in real terms.

I don’t know for a fact, but I suspect those big exides still have >90% of the capacity they had when new, there isn’t a li-on on the planet you can say that about.

Unless you drop a spanner across the terminals and refuse to vent them lead acid are safe, they won’t spontaneously combust like lithium.

Ford / Toyota / Honda / Renault etc etc etc are masters at saving money, if it saved them 5 cents per car every car would come with a li-on main battery, but they all come with lead acid.

Similarly if they could fit a 30 amp alternator instead of a 60 they would do it in a heartbeat, so they do not just care about loads, they care about charge cycles and power quality too, as well as charge retention and cold cranking amperages for at least three years from point of sale.

This is especially true for all modern cars with start stop engines.

This (economy) is why we are still on 12 VDC for autos and 24 VDC for wagons and many boats, 32 VDC for some yank boats, the old 110 VDC stuff has gone the way of the dinosaur.

I know of any number of people who have bought hugely expensive allegedly extreme quality li-on batteries for harleys (you wanna crank a high comp 1700 cc v twin from cold?) and I do not know of any except one who has stuck with them, they all failed…. maybe the vibes, maybe the parked leaning, maybe the usage cycles, who knows, everyone with a clue buys a Yuasa lead acid..

And this is when the “reservoir” is only an ancillary thing, not a prime power source.

Efficiency, I recently read a story, about a hunter and predator, and it made the point that by far the most deadly prey was the one that contained 100,000 kcal when you eat it, but which you expended 101,000 kcal to catch and kill.

The fat bastard creature you could feed on for a week was no problem.

Efficiency is a cumulative thing, so you always always always need to look at both individual processes and the over all picture, making 5 sub processes 86% efficient instead of 85% efficient is a dead loss if you have to introduce another process to make it happen, fewer less efficient steps are better overall.

The single combustion inefficiency of the IC engine can win overall.

The simple transmission losses of a grid and huge nuke plant can win overall

An electric tram running ob overhead cables will beat any and every “battery / local reservoir” EV, because everything else that you can do to the EV, you can do to the tram.

Diesel and petrol buses beat electric trams and buses economically, for one reason only, the cost of the power grid.

NO EV SUMS I have ever seen figure in the cost of the power grid.

I could say the same for wind and solar, neither one is base load so neither one counts, adding a reservoir to wind and solar doesn’t make them better, it makes them worse.

“Worse” works if you are at sea in a 200 foot hull and have no other options, in every other instance it will kill you stone dead, same as the lion trying to stay alive catching mice….


December 1, 2017

Bitcoin Banzai

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I suppose I should first state that I know nothing about bitcoin, sure, I am an intelligent guy with a background in IT and I am aware of the broad principles, crypto, mining, blockchain, etc.

But I don’t “get” it any more than I “get” some of the more zany apps / startups / kickstarters out there, for example I do not “get” Uber, I don’t see why anyone would choose an uber ride over a taxi or public transport or anything else, and I don’t see why anyone would put themselves and their vehicles up to be an uber taxi, as opposed to joining a local cab firm or starting your own private hire.

The current “exchange rates” for bitcoin <> fiat currency underline my issue perfectly, it’s like a bunch of weird role playing gamers at a convention saying that one fantasy world currency is worth 10,000 of another fantasy world currency, what’s next, would the Enterprise beat a Star Destroyer? Or is the ratio 2 to 1?

I can see some kind of sense in tying a currency to a barrel of oil, the barrel of oil has the same calorific value so it’s a way of measuring the currency vs kWh, yeah man, this illudium one zoltar coin is worth 100 kWh, you can sort of reach out and touch that.

But the whole bitcoin / crypto currency thing always left me feeling it was either a nerdy joke, or a complete fucking scam.

Let me explain. Paypal, it acted in many ways just like a bank, but it was extremely careful to always make sure that it was not a bank, in law, which meant it could do things that would be illegal for a bank to do.

Crypto-currencies have always stuck me the same way, they are not real fiat currencies (sic) and because they are not real fiat currencies it is not treason to print H^H^H^ “mine” them, (not the use of the meme mine, as in precious metal mining, for something that isn’t even remotely related to mining) because as far as I know it is treason in every country on the planet to print the state issued fiat currency…. consider yourself lucky you are *only* facing a counterfeiting charge and 25 years.

And yet here we are “exchanging” them for real fiat currency, but it’s OK because I can exchange the crops in my field for real fiat currency.

I don’t see that it takes X computational cycles to compute the next bitcoin (where X rises every time) as being any indicator of value, 13 is a prime number, here is bitcoin 13, nobody else can have bitcoin 13, there can be only one bitcoin 13, but it has the exact same value as bitcoin “ten millionth prime”, of which there can also be only one.

Apparently the great attraction is to create more you have to indulge in ever more lengthy computational effort, as opposed to just issuing more fiat, ok…. I don’t get how that is an improvement.

So… the limited edition yoda figurine is worth more than the ewok figurine because the yoda one is limited edition and the ewok ain’t… yes, I can see the point you’re trying to make, but I personally do not see the VALUE in either one, I wouldn’t trade anything of value for either one.

Sure, my nationally enforced legal currency is millennium falcons, but I don’t stockpile it, I don’t value it, I earn as much as I can so I can trade it as fast as possible for things of value, like tools and physical assets and premises and so on.

So your computationally mined on a GPU is limited edition same as a Dali painting, the scam is you basically created a new art form (I do not get why a rembrandt is worth millions, and a perfect print is worth 50 cents) and gained enough acceptance that people are going to trade it for fiat.

Shares in the south sea (bubble) company and tulip futures comes to mind, or rich twats “investing” in rare cars, or patek philippe watches that tell the time as well as a 10 dollar casio.

I DO NOT “GET” IT, and I do not accept that I do not get it because I have no soul or no wit or no vision, that is emperor’s clothes stuff, I’m an engineer, I’ve got more soul and vision than most people, you just see a stream at the bottom of your garden you can mebbe fish in, I see a source of hydro.

I DO however get the problem with crypto, and the problem is it gets real hard to defend fiat and dismiss crypto, because the fact is in 2017 AD they are both virtual electronic creations with no physical presence of any kind, except a fake one in the case of fiat, where the fake paper fiat is accepted as something that can be converted into digital fiat by the vendor when I walk into their shop and pay cash.. it’s fungible by nature.

I do not actually know for a fact if bitcoin / crypto differentiates between “prime coins” for identity purposes, I know they do not for value so they are essentially fungible.

And once shit like crypto makes you start to look, you can find all sorts of other similar methods of paypal still not a bank banking, and not a central bank fiat currency issuing, so it ain’t treason or counterfeiting, but you can trade it all for real virtual fiat so what’s the difference.

Bonds and stocks, everything bitcoin has going for it, apple shares have going for them, so bitcoin replacing the mighty dollah well, why not just trade the fucking apple shares directly, who needs the bitcoin or the dollar, just trade in AAPL.

Note I’m going going anywhere near capital gains tax or securities and exchanges or anything else, I’m talking medium of exchange, what can be made to work.

Can I walk into an Apple store with no money and just some apple shares, and walk out with no apple shares and a iphone x?

Officially the answer is probably no, but I’d bet my life I could do it in any apple store anywhere, nobody easier to trade an apple share to than a fanboi employee.

Nota Bene not saying I’d get a 1:1 on nominal dollar value of the share v iphone x list price, but I might, I might beat it.

And at that point the AAPL share is as valid as the dollah or the bitcoin.


Much has been said about Rothschilds and joo bankers and so on, control issuance of currency and you control the country, and I am sure that was 100% true and factual up until around 1960.

Now in late 2017 the virtual digital fiat US Dollar is a different beast, not because Nixon abandoned the gold standard and went fiat, (maybe that was the first line in the song, but that’s all) but because it went electronic and digital, because IT FUCKING HAD TO, because stock markets were already going digital and electronic, (BBC Horizon chips are down 1977) and so every national fiat currency everywhere had to jump on the same train or be utterly destroyed within a few years.

It was that or ban electronic trading of stocks and shares, and I don’t think anyone had the authority or power to do that.

As soon as you have created an electronic digital stocks and shares trading platform, you have just done the paypal like a bank but not a bank and bitcoin like a fiat currency but not a fiat currency thing, you have thing B that does the same thing as thing A, so the utility is there, but it is also legally different to thing A, so the legal constrictions are not there.

I can start a company tomorrow, for 100 bucks, fuck your bitcoin, on formation it only has 64 shares, that’s rare as shit right away, I could call it the tesla model 2020 roadster deposit handling and futures company and we could trade exclusively in holding and managing deposits on the tesla model 2020 roadster.


I think the truth is actually very simple, and very reasonable, because it’s easy to put yourself back in 1970 and be as expert as you like at anything, and accept that there was no way in hell for anyone to even predict 1% of what digital electronics had in store.

When you have the top man in the top computer company on the planet saying things like I can see a demand for as many as five computers worldwide in the next few years you can take one of two perspectives, either he was a fucking loser, or he wasn’t, and if he wasn’t, and that was the best prediction a man at the head of his field could come up with…. how would you have fared?

One world computer, multivac, like asimov?

I think the truth is that around 1975 fiat currencies went to digital electronic fiat currencies, and the digital electronic platforms that precipitated that move also opened up whole new vistas and territories in which you could play, and nobody was ready for it, and nobody understood it, and nobody can actually control it any more.

An incompetent or corrupt or joo world order controlled central banking system is hugely preferential for 99.999% of people to a central banking system that is the tail on the dog, a tail that has no ability to wag the dog, or influence it in any way.

A tail whose only purpose is PR.

I think the real danger in bitcoin and other crypto is not that it is not as valid as fiat, I think the real danger is it becomes just as valid as fiat to the man in the street….

“Two hamburgers please”

“That’ll be 4 bucks 75”

“How much is that in bitcoin?”

“we don’t take bitcoin mate, the fees for the machine are too high, but it’s one yoda and 75 ewoks if you wanna pay in forcecoin”

Because then the house of cards collapses, because effectively you are asking a guy to compare the 100 bucks he just withdrew from the hole in the wall machine with toy monopoly money, with the knowledge that the stores value both equally.

We have stories in the press of people selling assets, houses and cars, in bitcoin, only accepting bitcoin, and I have long been saying “how fucking much” when I see houses that should be and were 25k on the market for 295k, I see a bubble but the bubble, is it real or not, that people argue about is the bubble in the price of the HOUSE, they are not arguing about the value of the CURRENCY.

Once you start saying 295k or 59 bitcoin, you risk people arguing about the value of the CURRENCY.

And here is the issue.

1980 house is on market for 30k

2017 house is on the market for 295k,house was seen as a wise investment.

house next door goes on market for 60 bitcoin, houses, eg ASSETS start to be seen as a refuge and safe store of value from old currency, which devalues, because it has to, because nobody can see any difference between virtual electronic crypto and virtual electronic fiat.

value of fiat collapses

house is now on the market for 100 newbux, house next door is still on the market for 60 bitcoin

bitcoin collapses

house is on the market for 75 newbux, owner is desperate to sell because new robust virtual electronic fiat is valued and trusted and accepted, old fiat wiped out, so 200k mortgage in old money value of the old money is wiped out BUT DEBT REMAINS.

Debt is retroactively revalued in newbux by;

1/ person holding the debt

2/ person owing the debt

prace bets now.

Like I said, just an engineer, do not “get” crypto, but can’t see it as anything but a canary with a 20 a day habit and a zippo in a coalmine full of methane and oxygen, the mere fact that the canary exists should scare you.

When the smoking crater appears slowly out of the aftermath, the blame game starts, it’s not the coal, or the mine, or the methane, or the mine owners, or the workers, or anything else, it was the canary, and who could object to a canary in a coal mine, and who knew the bastard has a 20 a day habit, the canary never mentioned that, he was a yellow digital bird that detected oxygen loss contamination before human workers get affected, just a tiny little thing, who knew, who could know, and of course the fucker is dead now… conveniently…

It’s doesn’t even matter if “Marlboro Bird” was deliberately introduced to the coal mine, or if it was all just Half Life style unintended consequences, the end result is the same.

US$ is not wealth, it is just one way of measuring the value in an asset, provided you retain the asset, you retain the wealth.

If the fiat vanishes and you owed a debt based in it, you debt will not vanish, it will just be revalued in something else.

If the fiat vanishes and you are owed a debt based in it, the debt will not vanish, it will just be revalued in something else.

Two questions remain;

1/ who will preside over the revaluation?

2/ do you care? (you do not if you hold assets)

Suddenly remembering where you had a boating accident and “lost” several kilos of phyzz after such a revaluation won’t help you, because you won’t be in group 1, deciding on the value of your phyzz in terms of new bux

Final thoughts.

US$ market is not the big boy on the block, AAPL or tesla is just as big, stocks and bonds and futures are far far far bigger, forex dwarfs even that.

Forex is the head of the dog, 1 bitcoin = 10,000,000 US$ kills the US$, but stocks and bonds and futures are the guts of the dog, and if it eats too much grass or something poisonous, the tail which is the fed / US$ isn’t going to have any influence.

Crypto isn’t just a threat to US$.

There is a guy in the netherlands who has cashed out everything he has and moved into a tent on a campsite and he is 100% into bitcoin, he is either a genius or a lunatic, I don’t know which, and only time will tell, most likely the timing of when he cashes out of bitcoin and gets back into tangible assets.

Pricing a house as being worth either UK£295,000 OR 60 bitcoin, and having everyone from the state and the tax office onboard with how to do this and stay legal and pay capital gains etc, is not good for bitcoin or pounds sterling or housing.

All that is missing is a price in Yodas / Ewoks / Forecoin.

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