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April 29, 2016

Water is wet, Elvis is dead…

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…. and other shocking news…

I’m not sure how else to describe those moments in your life when someone else asks you if you have heard the news, water is wet, elvis is dead, or as in this case, the Fed crashes the economy in the last month of an outgoing Prezzident’s final term…

Well yes, It’s been happening since Ronnie Ray Gun to my own personal knowledge and observation at least…

To be fair the vid they showed me laid it out quite nicely, presented it as a series of sucessive bubbles, and quoted some good numbers.

A US$ 550,000,000,000,000.00 bubble in this case, larger than the entire planet’s GDP for a year, much larger.

But there are two things about the vid that I disagree with.

1/ it calls these regular events “bubbles””

2/ it says this (bubble bursting event) one will be by far the biggest one the world has ever seen.

And in dealing with those two things in reverse order my responses are;

2/ “so far” / “until the next one”

1/ “bubble” makes it sound like some kids game, where a bunch of people get greedy, and take turns at the game pressing a pump that slightly inflates a toy balloon, and the loser is the one who gives it the pump stroke that bursts the balloon, kerplunk in reverse.

What it is in reality is a wealth transfer from the many to the very very few.

I suspect the *next* one, or maybe the one after that, is the one that ends the game for all the players, and turns the monster perpetual world series always on the winners table until that date into the biggest losers in human history, except few will notice, so much other shit will be going down.

I suspect *this* one is just to trigger the end of the so called petrodollar and the beginning of the end of the US$ as the world’s reserve currency.

You can turn McDonnel Douglas’s market cap from whatever the fuck it is into barely enough to buy a latte at starfucks, and it won’t affect one iota the amount of employees and machines and patents it holds, or it’s ability to turn out weapons of war.

It *will* make them much cheaper to buy on the open market though.

See, that is the other thing I observe in world history, things come in two forms, one is “where the fuck did that come from?” and the other one is the result of a plan by a group of people sitting around a table somewhere.

I have *never* see one of the latter that did not have a dry run, somewhere, somehow, sometime, first, so Greece is the dry run for Europe, Argentina is the dry run for the Americas, Iraq was the dry run for the Middle East, and so on.

And you know what comes after the dry run… version 1.1 with new and improved levels of bullshit and manipulation.

At heart I always have been and always will be an engineer, and an engineer sees things with spanners in his hands, and never before in my life have I seen so many things that are essential to modern life denied any kind of maintenance sufficient to prevent degrading, much less upgrades to prevent future obsolescence.

The single solitary thing that I can see that is getting constant upgrades and tweaking is the use of IT by the state to track and monitor people, to give them state handouts, to control their liberty, to manage the hordes and what they see and what they think.

Fuck the roads, fuck the power grid, fuck the water grid, fuck the phone system, fuck the mobile phone system, fuck the postal system, fuck the education system, fuck everything….

In the Daily Fail today is the news that Assad has bombed the shit out of a medicines without borders hospital in Syria, killing the last proctologist or something, oh, and some childruuun and wimminz.

Funny, because when it comes to bombing hospitals nobody has form like the USAF, TV stations too… and last I heard Assad was on the back foot and could barely get bullets to his troops, much less actually get a permit from those controlling syrian airspace to put up one of the ageing syrian jets.

But they did mention that the Jet shot down over Ukraine with all those passengers so long ago that everyone has forgotten anything about it except that that bastard putin did it, might have been shot down by a jet after all and not a missile..

… waits for countdown to it being a syrian jet, or a jihadi jet, or a north korean jet

April 26, 2016


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Back in the day, when talking about the African continent and the role of white men versus the blacks (I’m avoiding the words natives and aboriginals as only a vanishingly small proportion of the black inhabitants of southern africa are “native”… most of the blacks there today are from north africa, and turned up with the white man…) you could talk about the paramount importance of the black man “respecting” the white man, and by respect yes I am talking about immediate and severe reprisals for failing to do so.

You’d instantly be able to categorise everyone in earshot into three categories;

  1. Those who had lived there and got it
  2. Those who had lived there and had bleeding hearts
  3. Those who had not lived there

Everything that group #1 forewarned has come to pass, groups #2 and #3 are still blaming group #1 and everything else is a consequence of that.

Like black men, white men are not all the same.

Group #1 was notable because THEY FUCKING LIVED AND WORKED THERE, by lived I mean had homes and raised families and children, and by worked I mean not in the fucking military, but in agriculture or industry or business.

Group #1 knew that the respect that the white man demanded, and needed to make anything work, never mind to make everything work, was as substantial as tissue paper in the rain, the slightest mis step could destroy it.

So companies that worked there that looked to employ a white man in England to send out there vetted the bastard, and his fucking wife, to make sure that quite apart from the specific job skills, you toed the fucking line.

A senior manager’s wife, when the whites went a-recreatin, a day out dinghy racing for example, could and did, as part of her role, ensure that the junior wives all wore white linen gloves, hats, and suitable attire at all times, and did nt over indulge in the demon drink while in public… fail to obey and the senior manager’s wife has a work with the senior manager, who has a word with the junior wife’s husband, and informs him that unless his wife starts toeing the line, sharpish,  she will be sent back to the UK, and he can follow her if he likes, be a shame to lose you old boy, another drink?

This was the reality.

This reality accepted certain tenets of human nature, without making any comment about whether those tenets were good or bad, or any value judgements about whether they were desirable or undesirable… it was much more basic, it was very very very basic, it was what did and did not work.

Meanwhile back home in the UK, things were much slacker, but it was really just a matter of degree, not a sea change…. teachers, doctors, telephonists, nurses, priests, policemen, bank managers, they were set apart from the crowd, held to higher standards than the general public, fail to meet them, be a shame to lose you old boy, another drink?

When you *failed* those standards it was not like failing a driving test, just keep going back and trying again and again until you passed, it was like failing the test as a future wife or husband for a specific individual, you were obviously unsuited by nature, so barring some major life changing experience, you remained unsuited by nature for life, sorry to lose you old boy, no hard feelings.

You did not get another shot.

You probably did not even get a first shot.

“Our man in Addis Abbaba”

Because more often than not, that is exactly what it was, you sent a lone white man out there, and he might or might not take his wife along, and have a family and raise kids there.

He did not have the ability to call for a fire mission, or evac, or an ammo drop, or a medic, or rations, or anything else…. he did not have comradeship and companionship and a crowd of barracks mates to watch his back, he didn’t even have any barracks, save for those he found for himself.

For every Cecil Rhodes or Rajah Brooke or El Laurence there were ten thousand men whose names we will never know now, with smaller fields of responsibility, they had one mine, or one port or one plantation or one region to oversee, but they were all cut from the same cloth.

It is one thing to walk the hallways of power in DC or London or Brussels and talk about what should be done in bum-fuck-nowhere, or to cut orders to sent people there to make it happen.

It is another thing entirely to be the one man who goes out there alone and makes it happen, with nothing but what he can conjure himself out of thin air.

RESPECT was the name of the game, you abso-fucking-lutely had to be able to earn it, wherever you went, but respect was as substantial as tissue paper in the rain, you could lose it all, forever, in the blink of an eye.

If you cannot lose it, and everything else, including your home and your family and your life and everything you have been working towards, then you do not have respect, you have power, and the two have little in common.

Brunei was a colonial backwater in Borneo with nothing much to offer the world but jungle and primitive tribes, then oil came along and by the seventies it was known as the Shellfare State because of the vast wealth that Shell oil was pumping into the economy, the Sultan soon became one of the richest men in the world, now we have to two brothers, obscenely wealthy and rapidly turning the place into a Sharia hell hole from which it will never recover when the oil runs out, or gets taken away by China (most of the oil is offhsore… way offshore)

Substitute Saudi or Iraq or anywhere else oil flows, and you have power, not respect, it is almost the other extreme from respect.

Same goes for back here in the UK or EU, we now have power structures, not respect structures, because power can always trump respect, even one time niche power areas like feminism and liberalism and conservatism and democratism.

Power is a cancer, it eats everything it touches, and once it spreads to the black man, the brown man, the muslim man, the white man in the streets, then the black woman, the brown woman, then the black child, the brown child, there is no way back.

Respect cannot survive, by definition it has no defence against power, because by definition respect was transitory and ethereal in nature, it existed only in men’s heads, and after twenty years might make some inroads into men’s hearts, but it dies with them and does not infect the next generation.

Respect would *categorise* human beings, but the categories would all be human beings, the black would be the boy, even if he was a man, and the white would be the father, even if he was the boy.

Power dehumanises all living creatures, it does not describe the creature, just the relationship between them, if I have power over this creature, I can do as I please with it, feed it, fuck it, beat it, starve it, kill it, eat it.. and it can be any human, any sex, any age, any race.

If I have a goal, say to fuck 7 year old girls, respect as a vehicle does not give me any way to achieve that goal, power on the other hand gives me loads of ways to achieve that goal.

Power is a cancer because the only way that that 7 year old girl can defend herself against me is if she has more power than me, and in many ways in modern western society she does, even 40 years later she can see me imprisoned for something that I never actually did.

The best defence against power is more power.

Moar guns, moar munnay, moar resources, moar oil, moar subsidies, moar taxes, moar lawyers, moar bought and paid for officials, moar debts owed to me, moar indentures servitude, moar propaganda, moar lies.

Here in the UK today the junior doctors are all on strike, the news is full of sound bites from Hunt, the health secretary, and the junior doctors, and patients, and everyone knows it is all about money, apparently the poor bastards are on “low pay”

Nobody is actually talking about what their pay is…. so how do we know it is low? Low compared to what?


You can see that even as a junior junior doctor in training, add in a couple of the supplements that everyone gets and it is hard to pull down less than UK£30k per annum, graduate and make the grade and get a few years in service and you can pull down in excess of 100k.

When the fuck did 30k = “low pay”

Sure, the worthless skank that I fucked a while ago who worked with poor abused skank ho single mommies making sure they got adequate housing and support was pulling down 35k+, so compared to her and what she did, junior doctors are underpaid…. COMPARED TO HER.

Compared to nurses, not so much.

And, might I remind you, none of these cunts had a gun at their head when they chose their careers, and none of these cunts have manacles fitted to their ankles and writs to prevent them fucking off to LA and getting paid a squillion bucks a year if they are good enough once the state and taxpayer here has kindly paid for all the training that actually made them fucking doctors in the first fucking place.

Sure, you greedy little cunts, here is an extra 25k a year, and here is the 500,000 bill for your training, 4% APR interest, you can start paying it off now, and you cannot leave the country or the profession until you have paid it back in full.


See, it is easy to manipulate thoughts.

Tom Dick and Harry go to the restaurant for a meal, their waiter is Jose and the bill comes to £30 so Tom Dick and Harry each put a £10 note on the plate.

Jose takes the plate and money to the till and realises that the meal the eat was on a special, it should only be £25, so Jose takes 5 x £1 coins from the till, there is no smaller change in the till, only £1 coins, gives himself 2 as a tip for his honesty, and gives 1 each back to Tom Dick and Harry.

Tom Dick and Harry have now paid £9 each, and 3 x 9 = 27, and £27 plus the £2 Jose kept for himself = £29, so where did the other £1 of the original £30 go?

Of course the truth is that the anomaly only exists because of the language used to phrase the question, there is no missing £1, the question deliberately conflated two separate memes into one.

£30 went into the till and £5 was taken out, so the meal was £25.

The till balances

The diners paid £9 each so 3 x 9 = £27, which is £25 plus the £2 tip Jose gave himself.

The diners monies balance.

The math is good, no problem.

So manipulating thoughts is easy.

So manipulating thoughts for respect or power is equally easy, and it is equally easy to beat anyone who is manipulating thought to gain respect, just accuse them of doing it to gain power, for ulterior motives, you are only doing that so you can fuck 7 year old girls…

And suddenly talking about respect and power is like talking about how the white man used to treat blacks in africa…

  1. People who lived in a world based on respect who get it
  2. People who lived in a world based on respect who preferred power
  3. People who have never lived in a world based on respect, only a world based on power.

And there is no way outta that.

Which leaves us with interesting philosophical questions, is it better for the black man in africa to be ruled by the white man and be a second class citizen but at least to be safe and fed and housed and peaceful, or is it better for the black man in africa to be free of white rule, and be ruled by black men and be a third or fourth class citizen who is unsafe, not housed, not fed, and not peaceful, but at least free from the yoke of white supremacy?

But interesting philosophical questions are the realm of the human being with respect for his fellow humans, those who are interested in power dismiss them, of course it is better for blacks to run africa, end of discussion.


When the power structures themselves get to their end of life and start crumbling the very structures that allowed them to come into being, what happens then?

Well, we all have a ring side seat to that one.

I’m off to lube up some 7 year old flesh. I don’t wanna be sloppy tenth after all…

April 15, 2016

Riding bareback.

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As many of you know, I have been a member of the swinging scene for many years, both informally (serial dating on PoF) and formally (swinging / hookup websites)

For me at least it is true that I got more cunt on PoF than I did during the same time period via swinging, but then again I was looking for the same thing, 1 on 1 with a skank, if I was looking for 3/4/moresomes, then of course the numbers would be different.

What is different on swinging sites is all the “methinks the lady doth protest too much” regular comment about “safe sex” by which people mean wearing a condom for penetrative sex in the cunt or ass, but not for a blow job etc.

You get the usual and expected gamut, from single guys trying to get laid by expressing outrage and shock at a purported wimminz who asked to be fucked bareback, of course our hero refused, because he cares about his health, through similar stories from da wimminz, from couples, etc etc etc.

I posted a message on the swinging forums to the effect that it was interesting that my profile stated that I intended to fuck any potential meet in all three holes, and would not be using a condom, but would be dumping a load, that I had had loads of meets with “single” wimminz, that as far as I could recall every single one of them had a “no glove no love” thing on their profile, and that I could tell you for a fact the subject of condoms never ever arose at the meet itself.

Instant flame war and sooner than you can say “FUCK ME” the thread was locked and then deleted.

There are still a small proportion on there that advertise the fact that they prefer bareback, but by and large they are publicly shunned by everyone else, and privately, well, they get meets.

It was easy to mindfuck the safe sex advocates, if you believe the condom works to protect you, then it should not matter to you if I had bareback sex with 99 sluts a day for the last year, it doesn’t matter what I caught, because the condom will protect you, this is why you want the fucking condom, this is the psalm you sing.

Of course this doesn’t go down well either, because the truth is somewhat different, the truth is that it is couples and FB couples and those others in some form of MF relationshit, the purpose of the condom is to prevent any other M from depositing sperm in that particular F, so provided it doesn’t get made public and that particular M doesn’t get to hear about it, it’s all good.

So people like me are like walking into a secret paedo convention naked with a 6 year old impaled on my cock, the moral outrage and indignation is a thing to behold.

Guys mainly like condoms because they don’t trust wimminz for contraception.

Wimminz mainly like condoms because they can have their cake and eat it and claim the internal dumping of sperm is the special bonding thing we have going on bro… those other cocks are just cocks, *you* dump cum in me.

I also ride motorcycles, and particularly with northern latitude bikers, the full set of leathers and boots and gloves and helmet is the condom.

You’ll get english bikers riding down to spain in the summer and literally sweating their bollocks off inside their leathers, but hey, at least they are safe and protected, leather = safe riding just like condoms = safe sex.

I’ll hold my hand up here and say I have ridden harleys in sneakers, shorts, tee shirt and fuck all else, hell, I have ridden harleys wearing sneakers and a toga and fuck all else.

Here in the UK it’s usually cold enough or wet enough that I actively enjoy the added layers of leather and padding, pinkies wrapped up in sea boot woolen socks inside proper leather boots, hand snug in pukka gore tex gauntlets.

Come summer, fingerless gloves, jeans, sneakers, jacket only partially zipped, and all the bikers start taking the piss, it’s not safe sex dude, you’re a fucking idiot and an organ donor in waiting.

Yonks ago a car maker introduced a concept car at a motor show and branded it the safest car in the world, the bodywork was made of glass, and there was a large sharpened spike in the middle of the steering wheel pointing straight at the driver’s chest, a volvo with crumple zones and 99 airbags is of course safe sex H^H^H^ driving.

Leaving aside for a moment the hilarity of a 20 something guy in a bike spares shop taking the piss out of the organ donor customer wearing fingerless gloves and blue jeans, can anyone say customer relations?

Sure, I have fallen off motorcycles a time or two in my life, I think five times in total, I’m not sure, but I am still here all in one piece which should give some indication that said exit stage left’s were all at fairly low speeds, similarly I have caught the odd std from time to time, tricho, chlam and herpes simplex, once each, though of course herpes is here to stay, but again I caught them all at fairly low speeds, eg while in some sort of ongoing relationshit.

I’m not claiming for an instant that one guy done up with 2000 bucks worth of carbon fibre leather body armour is no more protected than a guy wearing jeans and sneakers when facing the same spill / accident / incident, clearly the dressed up guy is far more protected.

I am claiming that a guy in an open face helmet or no helmet and a tee shirt is not going to be doing 120 mph in the rain, whereas the kitted up biker can do it with impunity.

So you’re probably looking at the organ donor stupid biker having a 40 mph spill, but the kitted up road knight having a 70 mph spill, and suddenly things are not so clear cut any more.

With my no condom rule I did extremely well STD wise, because there were a lot of wimminz I just did not want to stick my cock into.

There also analogies to sex with a condom being like taking a bath with your clothes on, and riding a motorcycle in summer all kitted up being like taking a bath with your clothes on.

I have to resort, once or twice a year, to finding some very quiet out of the way place to ride up and down for a minute or two with no helmet on if I want to actually listen to all the mechanical noises coming from the bike to catch any early warning signs of wear etc.

Life is too short to tell you all the stories I know of bikers with full face helmets and earplugs under them or ipod choonz, and car drivers with the stereo blaring, who “suddenly” and “with no warning” break down and coast to the side of the road, and then face a 2k repair bill for all the stuff that has been blown to pieces because they never heard anything.

The trouble is, you cannot separate “protecting yourself” from “insulating yourself”, by definition the two are intertwined and cut from the same piece of cloth, put me in Fallout 4 and console in “tgm” and I’ll stroll into anything on survival mode and just keep plugging away until the baddies are all dead, hell, I may even nuke my own ground zero for shits and giggles, it don’t matter, I’m protected and insulated from the consequences, pop me into Mosul at night where there are no re-runs and game over is death and there are more ways of getting dead than there are of not, I’m firing up the fucking GPS to find the fastest way outta there in sneak mode.

It’s a problem we have with society, you cannot avoid risk without also insulating yourself away from life, and the more you insulate yourself away from life, the more out of touch with reality you get, and the more out of touch with reality you get, the worse the decisions you make.

motorways are by far the safest roads we have for one simple reason, 99% of the time there is no oncoming traffic and no turning traffic, you only have to watch the russian dash cam videos to see what a huge difference eliminating oncoming traffic makes to road safety.

Here in the UK we have “A” roads which may be anything from the road outside my house up to a dual lane carriageway with a central barrier or reservation, and B roads which are always single lane each way, but are sometimes so narrow as to have “passing places” where traffic in opposing directions can pass, to “unclassified” roads which are basically little more than tracks, in a van you will have grass growing in the middle of the road and both wing mirrors hitting the hedges… or urban streets

Most of the “pedestrian vs vehicle” fatalities happen on unclassified roads, most of the vehicle vs vehicle collisions are either “give way” lights or junctions or right turn across oncoming traffic, with a smattering of “lane discipline” ones where people cut across designated lanes to make an exit.

In town I will rarely get above 30 mph on a motorcycle, in traffic it is all first and second gear work, and low engine RPM at that, and frankly speaking those are not the “dangerous” speeds, sure, you can break bones and get fucked up, but there is a good chance everyone will limp away relatively unscathed.

Accidents *tend* to be of the sort where someone says ohfucknothecuntisn’tgoingtoOHSHITTHEY ARe BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE and you still hit each other, but you have shed much of the speed, so by definition of you’d been going slower you could have shed all the speed.

Not many are of the sort where you only manage to shed 10% of your speed, those are usually the fatalities.

This is a guy called David Holmes dying.

He was all kitted up, armoured leathers, gloves, boots, full face helmet.

He was also doing 100 mph across junctions, an A road, where the speed LIMIT is 60, and he was doing 97 when he hit, in a vehicle that we all know is only one third the size of a car and so one third as visible.


Yes, the car driver fucked up, yes, the car driver got prosecuted, and yes, David Holmes is still dead.

At 97 mph Mr Holmes would have needed around 400 feet to react and brake to a stop, at 40 mph, two thirds of the speed LIMIT, assuming he eased off for a junction, reaction and stopping distance is reduced to 100 feet.

Hell I’m a biker and I’m the first to admit that until a biker coming towards you is nearly upon you it is *real* hard to guess their oncoming speed from a quick momentary glance, which is all anyone doing a right turn (in a left side country) actually fucking does, because 99.99% of the time a momentary glance is all it takes.

Mr Holmes would not be any deader if he had the same accident in sneakers and jeans and a tee.

But, this isn’t always the case

It’s the twat riding with his legs spread a mile away from the pegs that eventually drops it, asshole still walks away from it though, no oncoming, no sudden bone breaking organ bursting deceleration.

I can remember my early riding years and a then old bike gave me some safety advice.

try not to hit anything”

I heard an old pilot give a young pilot similar advice, try not to hit the ground.

And of course this is what all the car manufacturers know, the volvo with all the safety features, and 99.9% of those safety features are about the vehicle hitting something.

If the biker in the last clip had hit a 6″ kerb at that speed it would be game over, or a road sign post, or a tree, the armour won’t make a difference, as Mr Holmes discovered the hard way.

The guy in the last clip wasn’t about insulating away risk and reality, they were on an adrenaline rush and looking for the intoxicating rush of risky reality, and they got it, and did not learn the lessons, because everyone walked away.

But the were on an adrenaline rush *because* in every other area of life risk and reality are all nicely insulated away, and that sucks man, that’s lame man, that’s boring man, so lets go out and have some fucking fun.

I can safely categorise every single one of my motorcycle spills as “something I was not expecting to happen happened, and I did not have enough time or space or reactions to catch it before it went south”

And I am still here in one piece because all those things happened at low speeds.

Mr Holmes and the punk above are examples of what happens when that happens at high speeds.

Beyond that, one of them hit something and died, one of them did not hit something and did not die, and being honest about it, that was the crucial factor, not the gear.. the punk in the last video would *probably* have had less road rash and blood lost, but equally he *might* have been worse injured, skin smears off, leathers might grip, next thing you flip wrong, brachial plexus lesion and an arm that will never work again, it’s a gamble.

One did 100 mph into oncoming traffic with a junction, one did 100 mph in same direction traffic with no junction.

Like my protestations in the swinging forum that I fucked loads of wimminz who all had safe sex only on their profile, and condoms were never even mentioned, saying this shit to bikers or cops or road traffic guys has the same effect.

You get shouted down real fucking quick.

You get then told about fred, who dies in circumstances that *prove* that what you just said about “don’t hit anything” are wrong, and the ranks close.

You get the same thing in society and finance, do not hit a fucking financial wall where your outgoings exceed your incomings, hard to do when you live on credit, you can cut back on smoking and drinking and heating, but you can’t cut back on interest payments.

I’m insulated from risk and reality with my insurance policies and my tracker loan and the emergency credit card tucked away in my sock drawer.

I have all the gear and wear it all religiously and do everything right, so I have protection and I am protected, unlike these crazy fucks who go around financially naked with no credit rating to their name.

Until you hit something, financially, and it’s the hitting that will fuck you up, anything above a very low speed impact and life changes as you know it, or ends as you know it.


April 9, 2016

A question of consent

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Consent – http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/consent

It is an interesting concept, especially in the light of sexual consent, or the video that is doing the rounds on fuckbook of the “pastor” repeatedly slapping a woman hard around the face to drive out the devil, while she and those around there just sit there and take it.

The argument that is always used is of course that the consent that the wimminz gave to fuck you was not “freely” given, it was “coerced” and therefore it was not consent.

Invoking the word/meme substitution test I discussed earlier, we can soon see that that is a total crock of shit, I “consent” to obeying the 40 mph speed limit on a totally empty, clear, dry sunny road, because I am fucking coerced into compliance with the law by way of the fines, endorsements, suspensions and ultimately imprisonments that will be meted out to me, should I fail to comply.

There are some scenarios where an individual is all gung ho to partake in something, but the reality is they are few and far between, the bulk of life falls somewhere on a sliding scale of expenditure vs rewards, which means we do things that we would not freely choose to do, were such an idealist and imaginary option ever available to us, instead we do these things because we choose to, and we CHOOSE to put up with whatever shit we have to along the way, life is a shit sandwich.

So we come to the fuckbook video of the “pastor” beating seven bells out of shit out of the woman, who does not raise her hands to protect herself, who does not stop him, who does not leave, who does not fight back, and nobody around her intervenes.

That is a CHOICE, sure, it may be a fucked up choice, but it is a choice nonetheless, and as adult reasoning creatures we should see it and accept it as such.

The bitch could leave the “church”, leave the “religion” leave her “peer group” and if those things are “too big an ask” then tough shit.

To do or say or think otherwise is to infantilise *everyone*, little johnny at 5 years old should not be allowed to play with thermonuclear weapons, he clearly cannot be trusted with them, especially after nuking the neighbour’s cats.

Which is OK if little johnny is given all the benefits of childhood, he is fed and clothed and housed for free, he is given no responsibilities and no burdens to carry….

Except… that is not the case, the laws have been suborned to such an extent that not only are adults infantilised and not trusted to make their own decisions and then endure the consequences of them, they are also given a huge load of responsibilities and burdens to carry, quite often for things beyond their own control or spheres of influence, heads I win, tails you lose.

Back during the early days of my successions of secret family court hearings in which the psycho skank ho ex and all the parasites decided to paint me as Fritzl’s mentor, I had an early hearing at which I was asked if I minded two law students sitting in for experience.

“Not at all” was my response, after all I knew which way the wind was going, and it gave me an opportunity to do a little litmus test and sanity check of my own.

So I leaned over to them and said pay heed, English Law is or was the greatest thing we ever created, for it is all that stands between civilisation and anarchy.

The law students mouths opened in wonder and shock, the qualified lawyers faces registered shock and amazement at my naiveté…


My words were not some stupid childlike faith in the existence of santa claus and the tooth fairy, my words were a eulogy spoken over the rotting corpse, a failed legal system means there is no means of redress, and from there on in there is nothing to rein in the oppressors, and from then on it is only a matter of time as an exponentially greater number of people over time say fuck it, may as well get hung for a sheep as a lamb, and all exponential curves look flat when you are stood on the earliest meadows of their slopes…

The slope is starting to build, the entire content of the Daily Mail, a hugely popular “news” website in 2016 would have been absolutely unthinkable in the Daily Mail of 2000, you would of had to go somewhere like the National inquirer…. I shit you not… todays top stories…

The father, the son and the holy DNA test surprise: Archbishop of Canterbury learns he is the illegitimate son of Winston Churchill’s aide (as his mother says it is an ‘ALMOST unbelievable shock’)

Husband and wife BBC duo dubbed ‘Richard and Judy of radio’ are charged with child sex offences against four boys aged between 11 and 15 during 90s

‘Every time I had sex with my wife, I imagined it was my mother I was kissing otherwise I couldn’t perform’: In love British mother, 51, and son plan to have BABY after she broke up his marriage 

You couldn’t fucking make it up, but the last months headlines no longer shock and outrage, so this months must be more extreme, which makes last month’s outrages closer to normal and acceptable, as we spiral the plug hole in the sewer that we have created out of our societies.

It’s getting to the point where even if you don’t find 13 year old girls sexually attractive, if you don’t fuck one up the ass while wearing a tea towel on your head and shouting IMSHALLAH you will be seen as somehow being abnormal and get targeted for it.

Please make sure mine doesn’t have HIV, no pubes so no crabs, and a dose of the clap I could deal with, but I’ll pass on the AIDS for now ta.

April 5, 2016

People smuggling

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Interesting article over at ZH


Interesting comment in there

In first-world countries, every woman thinks she’s God’s gift to mankind, even if she’s fat, over 30, and has three children by various fathers.

In third-world countries, you can buy a pretty 12-year-old virgin for $500 or less (sometimes much less) and use her any way you like.

Now that first-world women have voted to turn their own countries into third-world refugee camps, they’re about to discover something that won’t be good for their self-esteem.

and another one

When shit gets real, white knights who stick their noses in other people’s business will be among the first to die. The pimps won’t care who witnesses your death, because they’ll already have the cops on their payroll. Better stay alive and protect your own kids.

Second one was in response to the bleeding heart “I’d go over there and kick their sick asses” comments.

Her indoors has a fuckbook “friend” who is your typical fucked up skanky ho, we talked for a while jokingly about a threesome with her, but I’m done sticking my dick in crazy, anyway, this crazy bitch has just posted a fuck book update about her first year anniversary with her new man, love of her life, tons of kid pics everywhere, and talks about “their children”… well, they been together a year, and one of the kids is five, so it ain’t his kid so by definition not one of “theirs” and in any event as we all know when TSHTF neither of them will be his, he better get in line behind the rapefugees to sexually molest his own child, assuming that he was ever likely to do this, which is the last assumption you would come to, if you care about facts.

But it is an extremely good and accurate portrayal of modern society and its woes, especially if you follow this skanks’ timeline and realise that most of her other posts call the lie on the “first anniversary / madly in love / lived happily ever after” meme that she is trying to sell.

She’s fucking delusional, but no more delusional than those in power who demonstrate a similar ability to believe six mutually exclusive and impossible things before breakfast.

I’ve lived in Muslim countries, in Buddhist countries, and of course here in the west in Christian countries, the problem is not so much that the Muslims want to come here, but bring their own culture and subsume ours, their claim that our culture is toxic is valid, but you could put ANY of these cultures in sealed envelopes and on the outside write the claim that other cultures were toxic and it would still be valid.

The problem with these thought processes is that they are single bullets being fired from a gun, from one person at another, time starts just before the trigger is pulled, and time stops just after the trigger is pulled.

Open up the time line and you get “those who throw stones should live in a cairn” because that other person can fire that bullet back and it is just as valid, and in the gunsmoke and crossfire the REAL question is ignored.

What happened to the good / better culture that we used to have here?

Which leads to another question.

Who destroyed that culture that we had?

We did.

I met a guy years ago, he used to train army recruits, he retired in disgust. If you talked to him at length he would eventually open up, and he did to me, he asked me a very interesting question, what did I think the purpose of soldier training was?

Of course I ran through all the usual things, he just kept shaking his head, no no no no no and no again, you don’t get it.

The purpose, he said, was like metal refining, you hammered out all the individuality and difference and hammered in a sense of unity and one with the whole-ness zen thing, and the purpose of that was that there could be no internal divisions, and the purpose of that was that it made instinctual when the bullets were flying me / mine / ours vs not me / not mine / not ours.

You did not want someone on the front line who thought of himself as a father of a son and daughter, husband of a loving wife, who liked to go fishing in his spare time, looking down his sights at a man who thought of himself as a father of a daughter and a son, husband of a loving wife, who liked to go fishing in his spare time, especially if *his* fishing grounds here 50 miles away, and *yours* were 5000 miles away.

But they started to fuck with his intake, got all “inclusive” and gave him a mix of sufficient diversity that he could no longer do his job, so he quit.

You’ll get to a stage where all the homes for runaway kids are run by paedos, and not because the paedos gravitate to those professions, so much as an iterative filtering process where the first ones to quit the scene were those most suited, and so on and so forth until you get to the point where nobody but the paedos want the job, because they are the only ones for whom the job becomes worth it at that point.

I don’t got a problem with buying a young girl for 500 quid, or a 300 blackout and 500 rounds for 500 quid, or a grain alcohol still for 500 quid, I got a problem with being physically able to buy those things, but the actual purchasing of them making me a criminal.

It’s a world where it is legal for a woman to decide to sell sex, but illegal for a man to buy it from her.

Here in the UK it is illegal for me to have consensual sexual relations with a 16 year old if that 16 year old has any other connection to be that can be construed as a position of power, which is basically any connection at all, so I can’t fuck a wimminz and then fuck her daughter for example, but it is absolutely fine for the UK Armed forces to enlist that same “child” until they are 22, hand them a flak jacket and a gun, and tell them to fuck off to Aleppo and be cannon fodder.

Meanwhile 10 year olds are sexting each other.

So yes, western Christian culture is now all fucked up and worthless (not claiming it was ever anything special, just stating that it has gone downhill a long way from whatever peaks it once enjoyed) but you don’t do anything positive by importing equally fucked up and worthless Muslim cultures, knowing full well that the two do not mix, can not mix, will not mix.

There is no positive outcome.

I have long played a mental game with people who were adamant about a thing, and that game was the substitution game.

How it works is easy, if you can substitute certain words for certain equivalent words, and the whole meaning changes from your perspective, then the premise of the original statement is invalid.

Residents of the American city of Washington have been told to keep away from windows and avoid waving at President Erdogan when he visits later this month – incase they are shot by trigger-happy Turkish secret service agents.

And so you read the statement and pull the bones out of it and tally up what it makes you feel about whatever it says.

Then you substitute some words for equivalent words, and see if you feel exactly the same, and if you do not, then the original statement was not valid.

So by some substitution we get;

Residents of the German city of Hanover have been told to keep away from windows and avoid waving at President Obama when he visits later this month – incase they are shot by trigger-happy American secret service agents.

Except the second statement is the truthful one copied and pasted directly from today’s european press.

Women should be legally allowed to cause the death of their unborn child provided that fetus is less than 26 weeks old.

Men should be legally allowd to cause the death of their unborn child provided that fetus is less than 26 weeks old.

Sexually modifying surgery on the genitals of baby boys is called circumcision.

Sexually modifying surgery on the genitals of baby girls is called female genital mutilation.

So anyway we face a situation in Hanover where, potentially, a native aryan citizen literally cannot have friends visit unless he clears it with the Stasi a week before, becaue a schwartze is visiting town, and god forbid you or your white aryan children  go to your own fucking window to see what all the fuss is about down on the streets below or the schwartzes minion will gun you down…. but owning your own gun to protect yourself and your property from the muslim hordes will also be illegal.

But old Adolf and Heinrich and Joseph, they were the evil bad guys, right?

Word substitution, they did the same shit.

Nor can you argue by degree, you can’t say killing 1 is OK, but killing 1,000 is BAAAD, a thing is either good or evil in and of itself, and the degree does not matter except when it comes to sentencing.

If I do an armed mugging in the street and steal 10 bucks from you, then do the same and get 10,000 bucks from the next victim, the sentence should not vary much, because 99% of the sentencing is about the pointing a gun at you and threatening your life and stealing from you, and 1% is about the amount of cash.

If I launder 10,000 bucks or 10 million bucks through a bunch of panamanian nazi lawyers, the sentencing should reflect the deception and corruption, not the actual sums of money involved.

If I attempt to destabilise your government through a covert operation involving a few hundred CIA operatives, or if I send over 250,000 men and materiel and bomb the living shit out of everything, the sentencing should be for treason for meddling in a sovereign foreign state, not for how many bombs I actually dropped on civilian television stations.

Life is chock full of examples of people acting in haste, and repenting at leisure, becuase in the moment of haste well why fucking not, it’s a perfectly good idea and it’s no different to what that cunt did to me, and he got away with it, so sauce for the goose and all that.

Too many people in too many cosy rooms are trifling with that, on the assumption that the sanctity and peace of those cosy rooms is too far removed from the consequences of whatever they do to ever come back and bite them on the ass.

Many years ago I saw a guy take a knife to the stomach, one hit, and he lay there bleeding out on the ground, dying, and his face was a picture of confusion, why, why, why, sure, I was fucking with the other guy, but *he* deserved *that* because *he* was an asshole, but *I* did not deserve this, I’m dying, I can feel it, oh god someone help me.

What he didn’t figure on was the other guy, he was at the end of his rope, and the guy who decided to fuck with him did just enough to push him over the edge.

I see it on the roads every day now, people’s fuses are getting shorter and shorter, how dare you fucking filter on a motorcycle while I have to sit here in traffic, how dare you not let me out of a junction even though you have right of way, how dare you not give way to me when I am overtaking an obstruction on my side of the road and you have right of way, how dare you start braking for an amber light knowing it is going to change to red, how dare you take *my* parking space on the street.


April 1, 2016

Ignorance of physics.

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I was watching a video or two last night, documentary style stuff about peak oil etc, and I was watching it with the current squeeze.

Now, to get a perspective about me, you need to know a few things.

I guess I was fortunate enough to be born naturally intelligent and inquisitive, but then again, was I? Or was I just fortunate to be born to an engineer and go to a decent school and not have my natural “why why why” instincts shut down at an early age.

Good schooling or not, I left school at 17 and promptly found myself dabbling in drugs and motorcycles and rock and roll and the wrong side of the law, and pretty much everything I learned along the way since then I learned by myself.

The point I am trying to get across here is that I was not born to an academically gifted family with a silver spoon in my mouth and then spent my twenties in academia swotting up to become brane of brittan…

And yet….

And yet the gulf between my knowledge, and the knowledge of the current squeeze… well… vast does not even begin to cover it, to give a bad analogy it’s like I am a couple of Saturn V engines strapped to a tugboat, something is getting into orbit, even if it is only scrap metal by then, and there will be a decided lack of finesse or control, but what a ride, what a ride, whereas her indoors is like a 4 hp mariner outboard strapped to that same tugboat, it won’t even hold it against the wind or tide, anything more than a millpond and it is game over.

So the film about peak oil, she has never heard of it, never heard of ghawar, shale sands, brazilian ethanol, coal gas etc, distillation and cracking, water cut, has no idea just how many things oil is used for, vehicle fuel being the least of them, has no idea of the differences between an energy source like hydrogen and a fuel like coal, has never heard of power generating station base load, and has literally never even thought about the physical requirements of oil extraction, or coal extraction, etc etc, that you have to get more energy out than you are putting in, or it is game over.

And yet, she is not a stupid person, she does have a brain, it does work, when you present her with problems such as the above and explain them to her, she can understand the explanation and work out the consequences.

We will never run out of oil, in the sense that if you are prepared to pay enough, you will always be able to extract *some* for values of some that equate to inkjet printer ink prices, you just won’t be running *any* vehicle on it.

She is running around in an 03 Kia Rio, 1300 cc petrol 4 banger, I filled her fuel tank yesterday, 30 quid, it is an economical little vehicle, sure, it does not get the mpg of a modern diesel, but it doesn’t get the service and maintenance costs either.

I’m running around on a 1700 cc petrol 2 banger motorcycle, filling my tank takes 20 quid, and I get less mpg than she does, that’s what you get when you stage iv tune a big harley lump.

I was explaining to her that at $150 a barrel, it doesn’t matter what we drive, a vehicle that does 50 mpg is no more use than a vehicle that does 30 mpg, the only thing that makes a difference is getting 100 mpg out of a Honda C90, and then what happens when oil goes to £190 a barrel?

Nor can you change the production process, you have to blend your crudes and then fractionally distill them, and make lube oil, heavy oil, diesel, kerosene, gasoline, white spirit, etc etc etc, you have to make *all* the constituent components, and if there is no demand for any of them except for example diesel, then the cost of making all the others gets dumped on the diesel.

She laughed at the 40 mile range of plug in hybrids, my mate has a brand new mitsubishi one, what use is 40 miles range, she drives 100 miles to work, so electric vehicles are no good.

5 miles is walking range, as in, that is as far as you will walk to work and back, and if oil is $150 a barrel that will be the choice.

Then we watch a film about the credit bubble, and in todays news the Indian Tata owned Port Talbot steel plant in wales is set to close, it’s cheaper to import steel from China, so when there is no more manufacturing in walking distance, or c90 commute distance, what do you do for manufacturing when oil hits $150?

Amazon goes out of business overnight, so does Domino’s pizza delivery, so does Tesco delivery, so does Tesco itself.

What do you eat, what do you wear, what do you wash with, what do you do to earn these things?

Physics is what decides the answers, that and simple math and so on, and no, the answers do NOT have to include your feewings on the matter.

Fallout 4 apocalypse can happen, could happen this year, and all it takes to make it happen is physics.

You know, we cannot even roll out fucking broadband to everyone, and by broadband I mean proper broadband, fiber to the home or street cabinet in your street, how the fuck are we going to wire an electricity infrastructure capable of delivering 50 kWh per person per day to the home?

Where the fuck are we going to get that energy from, seeing as massive nuclear generation capacity is the only possible option, and I do NOT mean the current generation of uranium powered plants, they are only a stop gap for a century at best, just like oil was.

Physics denotes certain immutable facts, it is not Mad Max bartertown, that is fucking horseshit, to generate or produce higher levels of energy then of necessity you need bigger and more complex central installations and technology, you absofucking lutely *require* certain economies of scale, one man cannot build and operate an oil well and fractional distillation plant, mad max says 20 can do it, I call bullshit, and just out of camera shot you need an engineering community able to produce specialist steels, able to machine them to tolerances, able to do glassmaking, able to make gaskets, you need a synthetic materials production and machining facility, you need electronics manufacture, 5,000 people could maybe do it, if they had outside help to start up.

Tesla / Musk, basically everything is bought in, they do not go and mine ores and refine them and then make materials and then machine them and then have raw stock of aluminium which they then machine on cnc mills that they made themselves.

And yet even with a bottomless pit of money and no real need to make a profit, how unreal is that, Tesla motors still directly employs north of 12,000 people.

Just to make a fucking electric car for fucks sake, and they have only made 50,000 of them… and unlike the humble c90, the batteries are already going off like cream cakes left out.

Honda have made over 65 fucking MILLION c90’s

And they didn’t mine their own ore either.

Start a new car company in wales tomorrow and where are you going to buy your steel from? Not Port Talbot, so that will be importing from Poland or India or China then eh, what could possibly go wrong with your supply chain?

To be sure, like oil, you will always be able to buy steel, the question is, at what price?

There is a thread over on the harley tech forums now about mebbe it is time to sell stock in the company… you think?

Lots of commenters said HD jumped the shark when it cost more than US$25,000 to roll a new heavyweight cruiser off the lot, and they are right, but they are only right now, when interest rates are at 0%, I can remember being quoted 32% APR to buy a new motorcycle back in the late seventies, thankfully I walked away from that “deal”, at that rate over 3 years the $25k hog becomes a $55k hog and it don’t matter how Dennis Hopper I fancy myself, that is just too fucking much, so HD volume production will go down, and unit costs will go up, supply chain and materials costs will go up, $125k harley anyone?

It’s like £250k houses here, they aren’t selling, even on 0% interest only liar loans, you can still BUY a house, peak oil passim, there isn’t a shortage per se, I could buy a house with vacant tenancy within 5 miles today, I just can’t buy an affordable one that I could meet the payments on.

And like the harley, the fucking house ain’t gonna earn me any money (flipping aside) whereas the laser has at least earned me back every penny I paid for it, and then some… so I have a harley and a laser and a 48″ telly and Fallout 4 automatron and a rented 700 square feet pad / workshop in a shitty area of town and most importantly NO FUCKING DEBT.

Hell, the laser just paid for two new iridium spark plugs for the harley and last week new front calipers and disks for the Kia, a fucking 13 year old car, for which there is no such thing as a service kit for the calipers, so you cannot refurb and rebuild them, you must replace them and throw the old ones away.

Same shit with brake pads, the metal backing plates are perfect, it used to be a piece of piss to take off the old friction material and glue and rivet on new.

I found myself stuck down on on the peloponnisos peninsula of greece in the early / mid nineties with a harley shovel with a shot rear brake, at that time people were split there, some were “oh wow a fucking harley davidson” and others were “no fucking way that is a real harley davidson, it *must* be a fake” and yet I found a local small garage and they were able to take my old pads off, grind the fucking friction material off them and cut and shape some new pad material from stock and then glue and rivet that to my old pad backing plates, and my brakes were fixed for thousands of miles.

You see how *FAST* shit is going to shit. Twenty fucking years man, from being able to fix and repair and refurb basic stuff like brake pads, in bum fuck nowhere in Greece, to fuck it, chill your heels while someone ships the spares to you, may take a couple of days, may take a week.

If you cannot fucking REPAIR something as simple as fucking brake pads and shoes, what the fuck are you gonna do with complex shit like a steel plant or an oil refinery or a power station or suchlike?

In my old job as IT bod I used to go to various plants around here, places that were basically factories that processed and made foodstuffs, meats, poultry, breads, cheeses, sweets, you name it, big name companies like 2 sisters and kraft and heinz, and somewhere on site there was always an Eriks office, they did the onsite maintenance, couplings fittings wheels bearings you name it, if something broke or wore out onsite, the Eriks guys fixed it for the factory, which outsourced and subcontracted it out.

In one of my first jobs as sifter at the old Rank Hovis bakery, they had an in house maintenance department that could and did fix anything on site, from the production machinery to the plumbing in the staff toilets, and by “fix” I do not mean looked in a catalog and ordered part number 12345678990 and sat back waiting for it to arrive.

It’s why when I took the IT job I was happy with it, thinking to myself here is a recession proof job, some cunt is always going to need some cunt like me to physically go on site and do the actual work.

It was only after 3 years there that it dawned on me, I was also a part in a catalog, meanwhile the companies at the job kept outsourcing and acquiring and merging with each other, and my company starts hiring people on £13,000 + a company car to do my job, and the one thing nobody gave a fuck about was the differences between me and them which is why when I started one job every two weeks failed on the first visit, and by the time I left one job every two weeks was fixed on the first visit, and nobody gives a fuck.

My mistake was sure, *they* will always need *some* cunt to turn up on site and do the actual hands on repairs, but that some one does not have to be me, and the terms and conditions under which I took the job do not have to be immutable, *everything* can change, I was a fungible commodity.

There will always be *some* cunt willing to do it, some cunt will do it for £9,000 a year + a company car, and live in the fucking car if necessary… because they sure as fuck won’t be paying rent then.

Hell, times and places in my life, I’d have swapped places with a guy who could curl up in the back of a modern car in the cold and rain in winter and burn company fuel with the engine ticking over running the heater and sleep the night away.

Ain’t no good quoting “physics” and looking up at crumbling edifices and saying they are all gonna fall without also checking your own footing, and the footprint in which those edifices will fall.

It’s sobering.

Back when I was a lot younger, if not quite a boy any longer, there was a certain self apportioned smug mystique to being the bad boy on the monster (74 cu in / 1200 cc) harley bad boy’s motorsickle, I’m old enough to admit that shit now with a straight face and a small grin.

Now I’m in my mid fifties and I ain’t growed up a lick it seems, the bad boy is still on a harley, cept its 103 cubic inch now, and certainly don’t get 65 mpg on a run, mebbe half that… that’s what happens when you tune the shit out of something that was never meant to be tuned.. it’s the last blaze of glory, party heary while rome burns, I (and those like me) are the end of a fucking era, go get all nostalgic as you like about it, it’s all bullshit except the fact that it is the end of an era.

Cept there are lots of associated era’s that I am also the end of, we all are, essentially free (oil) energy and essentially free money is coming to an end, and in physics terms whenever you get large multiples back out of anything you put in you’re gettin’ free bud, let me tell ya…

cheap and free are incestuous cousins who fuck each other every night in every hole.

expensive is a distant relative that pops up on WAYN, you heard something about that distant side of the family, but you never actually met or spoke to the bastards.

Meanwhile I started a small laser business and bought a laser, thinking it’s all gonna be local dude, so I named it locally and thought about it locally and all that jazz, and I have a job to do now for a guy, also a small business, but he is 250 road miles away, and that centre of the world economy London is in between us, and I’ve had quite a few like that.

I guess if you can refurbish brake pads people will come to find you no matter where you are, and it makes me happy for myself and my immediate business prospects, but it also fills me with fear.

I’m getting enquiries from people asking me to do shit because their usual supplier has upped their MOQ (minimum order quantities/conditions) even though I quite clearly state that I do not do that particular thing.

I had a local company get a quote for 300 quid and then pass me by an dgive the job to someone 500 miles away in scotland, because I also quoted them 20 quid next day delivery, as in job done and delivered next day, or 10 quid for 3 day delivery.

Both of these are already feeling the squeeze, they both need to make X as a cut on the job, non negotiable, if X = 50 quid and my pricing makes X = 49 quid then they won’t go with me, they will keep looking anywhere to find someone who can give them their 50 quid cut, fuck the servive, fuck the quality, fuck the future.

But I can get what are basically 1 mm 304 stainless dog tags cut for 20p a pop inc materials locally, if I order 1,000 at a time, bitchez aren’t making any profit doing that, trust me.

Physics is a bitch, me being more flexible and adaptable that acme corp or their employees down the road, that ain’t all win-win for me, because I live in the same society as acme corp and they employees down the road, and when that edifice comes a tumblin down, well you didn’t see no hot dog vendors making a killing amongst the dust and debris of the twin towers collapse selling gritty dawgs with extra hot sauce and concrete dust topping.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sitting here saying I’m in my mid fifties so I don’t care too much any more, I still wanna live to be a thousand and be able to fuck hot young sluts and be a bad boy on my murdercycle and play Fallout 4, am saying thank fuck I’m in my mid fifties and not my teens, because at least I lived through those glory years when everything was effectively free, an era today’s teen can only dream about…

My kids will *never* know the glory of riding a harley across europe and spending the summer in greece drinking and partying.

Which means they will *never* have the memories of other good times to fall back on when things get tough, which they do ocassionally… no matter how tough things were, and at times they were, I had literally nothing but the clothes on my back and no future no friends no job and no place to go more than once, I can put my hand on my heart and tell you I never believed for a moment that at some point in the future things would not get better.

I hadn’t ridden my last harley, had my last great blowjob, smoked my last cigar, drunk my last beer, may not have known how or when the next one would come along, but never doubted the possibility was there, sometime in the future.

Which brings me, as I do, in a roundabout way to something apparently completely unconnected, to this;


well bitch, it’s not YOUR fucking body we are talking about here, it is the body of the unborn human being fetus that we are saying is NOT YOU and therefore NOT YOUR BODY and therefore you should NOT be allowed to KILL it as casually as you would cut your own hair.

You see the “physics” problem inherent here, albeit it is biology in this case, it is still SCIENCE and FACT, by definition, a fetus us a separate biological entity to the mammalian mother from the moment of conception onwards.. don’t like it, don’t get fucking pregnant.

Which neatly brings us to this story;


Well, shall I await the incarceration of all these skanks for a consipracy to commit assault and get 6 years hard time each, and for all the jeering (many mangina niggerz no doubt) onlookers to be similarly charged for inciting hatred and sexual abuse?

Won’t be holding my breath.


So really, this is what WIMMINZ be watching porn wise, it seems only the ukranian and russian chicks think I have anything to offer them.

Fine by me bitchez, “her indoors” is one of the few that woke up early, smelled the coffee, and decided 24/7 ownership (for the duration, I haven’t lost my fucking mind quite yet, hopefully dementia is many years away, hopefully coincident with the apocalypse so I am not aware of what the fuck is going down) by yours truly was the way to go and the way to survive the future.

She watches the peak oil and credit bubble films and asks me if I can cope and survive, and by extension keep her safe, I smile, the obedience and loyalty now isn’t just paying your dues and savings into that bank, it’s training too, and y’all can quit any time you like, because even though I *like* you being around as long as you stay my bitch, it is still an extra burden on me, an extra responsibility, one I can function quite well without, thank you very much.

Really, 99.9% of wimminz had the potential to be my bitch, just that somewhere between birth and now they stocked up on all that you go girl bullshit, and completely ignored all that real world shit like spending less than you earn and being loyal to those who you want to keep near.

My brother’s stepdaughter is now of an age to drive, so what does the little princess want, why, a new (BMW) mini cooper, and his argument against it is that the insurance would be too high, how about a regular new bmw mini instead?

I mean what the fucking fuck, I had to get TWO fucking jobs, one full time day job and one evening job working the bar, to convince my old man to go GUARANTOR on a fucking loan so I could buy a second hand motorcycle, with the serious and very fucking real warning that if he ever had to pay one red cent on that loan I was dead to him forever…. and he fucking meant it, and it was that more than anything else that convinced me not to take that 32% APR loan, and instead save up and buy for cash a series of steaming piles of shit that I had to learn to maintain and try and keep on the road and so on.

25 years since the old bastard died, and I am so fucking grateful that I *took* and *made* the opportunity to know him and work with him as a man, 25 years after he dies and shit he taught me is still helping me to keep my shit together and be an independent man.

He taught me physics and maths and not so much literally but you know what I mean, he taught me real world physical and mathematical shit, and I respect the old bastard *more* every day he is gone, not less.

I’m a dinosaur, a still (just about) living and breathing fossil, deal with it.

I don’t have any answers, just strategies that work for an old fart that has already done a shit load of living, I didn’t start this fire of free oil and free energy and free money, and while I may have lived off it for a while, as an engineer I still put in waaaaaay more than I ever fucking got out, so don’t expect me to act like a fireman and put it out now your free shit world is starting to burn down, I’m after saving *my* cute little ass, that’s it dude.


My legs were designed to carry one person, me.

March 27, 2016


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Bear with me on this…

Things that are fucked up in Fallout 4

  1. A laser weapon should have zero recoil.
  2. A laser weapon the time to target should be range / speed of light.
  3. A ballistic weapon the time to target should be range / speed of the projectile
  4. A ballistic weapon damage should be projectile weight x projectile speed
  5. Difficulty settings should be linear and sensible.

By far the most effective weapon is the 5.56 mm assault rifle, make it full auto, all the mods, add a silencer, tap the trigger and three hits with the puny 22 caliber round do more damage than the same shot at the same range with a 50 cal sniper.

The fully modded railway rifle is the only “proper” weapon, (broadsider excepted) that shows any bullet drop, which is fair enough, it is after all firing a railway spike, but a 50 cal does 128 damage and a railway spike should therefore, based on mass alone, do 1200 damage, it does not, it does barely more than the 50 cal.

Laser weapons should not have any recoil, ever, ever, ever.

A ballistic head shot should be a ballistic head shot, super mutants should not take 5 head shots with a 5.56 to put down on survival mode.

There should be more of the cunts (enemies) and they should be more aware and more skilled with weapons and maybe have a greater percentage of better weapons and maybe better sensor technology, that is what max difficulty SHOULD be, not just decreasing the damage a given bullet does to a given enemy.

Yeah yeah, I know, it’s all about the fucking game play, well I’m sorry, but these are simple simple simple little coding issues that should have been got right on day one.

Automatron *kinda* gets it right, you get swarmed with well armed bots, but it also gets is wrong, what, these bots don’t communicate with each other via wifi and share intelligence?

Everyone in the game, bots included, talk about “I’ll send the map co-ordinates to your pip boy” and indeed there are several radio stations in the game, and yet there is no mention or use a smart connected devices.

Codsworth and all the Mr Handy’s, they break reality the instant you see them, they balance on a jet exhaust, at the BOTTOM of the bot in the most unstable position possible, yet this vast energy expenditure does no damage to anything nearby, stand next to the robotic twat and you don’t get cooked, nor is there any explanation of the fuel source, maybe it is one of the fabled fusion cells that seem to run generators for hundreds of years, put one in a mobile suit of armour however and it only appears to last for a day or two.

Bethdesa went to a *LOT* of work to get all the hard things right, but it’s like Star Wars space craft performing aerobatic maneouvers in a vacuum, at the last minute someone decided that imposing even a teensy tiny bit of physical reality was too much trouble, until such point as they need to invoke something limiting in gameplay, at which point physical reality is magically introduced to that thing and that thing only.

Does not fucking compute.

I built a kick ass sentry robot for Jamaica Plains and sat back and watched it, within 5 minutes it was swarmed by 6 ferals, and they kicked it’s ass and only 2 of them died, when the sentry bot died, the only things I could salvage from it were the items I had traded with it 5 minutes before, kill any other bot and there are bits to salvage.

Does not fucking compute.

This shit isn’t new, back in the day with James T Kirk when the Enterprise was stuck because the dilithium crystals were “drained” Spock suggests pointing the phasers at the crystals and firing at them to recharge them, it might just fucking work, says Scotty, well it worked last week mother fuckker, and the week before, so maybe you should retrofit the fucking starship to run off phaser batteries and not fucking dilithium crystals.

I keep coming back so Sagan saying what do you think will happen in a world utterly dependent upon science and technology where nobody has a fucking clue about science and technology.

Maybe Bethseda game developers are also running the economy, international relations, the war / not war in Syria, ISIS, Cisco, you name it?

It sure fucking would explain a lot.

Sure I blew four guys in the alley behind the nightclub last night, but I didn’t *fuck* any of them, so it ain’t cheating.

We didn’t actually have *sex* y’know….

It seems that absolutely nothing is “what it says on the tin” anyone, in fact, it has gotten to the point that the most informative thing you can pull from whatever a thing is supposed to be is that that is one thing you can at least guarantee it is not.

Patriot Act passim..

Now even the nips and belgians are talking about the possibility of nuclear war, maybe they are all playing Fallout 4 too.

Maybe they are all thinking it ain’t that bad, just tidle down the console and type “tgm” (toggle god mode) and all is well, sucks if you’re playing on a PS4 of course, but then that’s for the proles…

Altruism only works in small communities, for definitions of community that may vary widely from what you expect, with my other small business owner hat on my customer base is a small community to me, and altruism works well there.

Altruism does not work in larger communities, in my previous role as cog in the IT channel partner company altruism = exploitation and you never get shit back except more opportunities to take it up the ass from the man.

Again the definition of community here is malleable.

I can sit here in the multicultural UK and see quite clearly and quite easily how we could have a backlash and make the muslims here feel like the jews did under Adolf, shut the fuck up and get in the showers bitchez.

It’s a thing in the 21st century, the richest pickings no longer centre around manufacturing or resources of innovations, the mother lode is now the masses of humanity themselves, harvest at will, exploit at will, just define them as “other” first and you’ll have no trouble at all.

It’s easy to know the states, banana republics, united fruit, guatemala, overturning a democratically elected guatemalan government because it went againt the business interests of a foreign national company, but we have all done it, look at the suez canal, something which incidentally has been around in one form or another for 3,000 years, but the modern deLesseps one, the UK had the world’s largest fleet and stood to gain the most from it, but it was a French idea so we were agin it, but we were happy to lend the money to the turkish boss man in Egypt, and then bankroll / bankrupt his son, and by the time the Egyptians have their own arab spring and elected Nasser back in the day the one country that did not even own one share in the suez canal running through Egypt was Egypt herself, so Nasser decides they need the Aswan high dam to feed the people, and again we refuse to lend him the money, next thing you know Nasser closes the suez, isralis french and british troops drop in, 6 days later a whole bunch of jordan and egypt ends up being israel, and 6 years later the original 99 year lease on the canal expires, so egypt owns it, and the aswan high dam, that was built with russian money.

Every week is fuck your neighbour over week, ain’t nothing new about it now, don’t matter what Trump really is or really stands for, because the grassy knoll and Dallas 1 p.m. and ballistic lead meets prezzident’s brain, don’t matter who da prezzident is.

Between the Mechanist and the Brotherhood of Steel and the Institute and the Gunners and so on, Fallout 4 is a fucked up world 200 years after the atomic war, and there are only five children in the whole game, one is a zombie boy in a fridge and one is a smart ass girl pimping pamphlets in a former baseball stadium, I’ll leave you to work out the others, so the population as a whole is fucked, ain’t nobody gonna be building nothing.

I was raised with tales of corrupt foreign climes where people were dragged up before the courts of charges they had no possible hope of defending against, pour encourager les autres.

Just last week some 80 year old guy locally was convicted of putting his hand down a girl’s pants during a game of hide and seek back in 1982.

I’ve played through Fallout 4 a few times now, every fucking time, without fail, I have killed my kidnapped son, fucking little turncoat shit.. the babe at Tenpines Bluff has a nice pair of tits… Fuck Yeah…

March 18, 2016

Fuckin’ abaht…

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During one of those quiet times while drinking coffee and surfing the net, come on with the fallout 4 DLC next week already…lol, I happened to check out my ex employers website, and happened to click on the blog.

Now this is a company that relies/relied 100% on guys like me at the sharp end to actually go out in the field and actually do the fucking work, and the penny pinching and cost cutting and lack of support and lack of any financial or other rewards just got too fucking much…. a few months prior to leaving I was training up a guy in his early 20’s who was given a company car and a staggering UK£14,000 annual salary, this is for the 40 hour basic week and you could easy do 1,000 – 1,500 miles in that week…

OK, the work is not physically hard, or even terribly challenging, but it’s easy to do anything from taking that site down to taking the entire network of 900+ UK retail sites in that chain down (just mistakenly configure the router, swap the site router IP address and the main UK HQ site router address) and by “site” I mean up to and including taking walmart down nationwide for the day.. and sorry, but 14k BEFORE TAX and a car isn’t a fucking living wage in the UK, not unless you live in a cheap hovel, don’t smoke or drink, don’t go out, don’t have cable TV or a landline phone, don’t have any hobbies, and live on rice and lentils, and never turn on the central heating…

But the point stands that the guys on the sharp end got paid peanuts and treated like shit, so it was with some mirth that I read on the blog page that da management had just been on a jolly to San Diego to the Cisco conference / expo, I guess that’s why we workers had to work for fuck all, so management could afford international travel to jollies worldwide.

OF Course management will tell you this is the only way to stay in business and stay competitive… these are the same sorts of cunts talking about Brexits and QE99 and the latest fucking Budget from the UK Guvvmint, like they know what the fuck they are talking about.

VOIP telephony and IP video conferencing and other emerging / converging technologies are of course only good enough for the peons, the management have to attend conferences in Bali face to face with other management types, it’s the only way to do business donchaknow…

At this point, and this is par for the course in IT in the UK, nobody has actually checked that as an ex employee I no longer hold copies of all the corporate data, and to be fair 99% of this, to be useful, you have to be sat physically in front of a Cisco box on site, but if you are you have the keys to that particular kingdom, and as Kevin Mitnick will attest to, should I have a mind to, it would be trivial for me to rock up unannounced, claim that I am there on behalf of BT / Talk talk / Virgin / Serco / et al and just wander in, and I’d get in, no question about it, and there is a bloody good chance it would never get back up the food chain that a guy attended a site where no attendance was booked.

And Cisco talk about, in very muted tones, the vulns in their hardware, again, citing Mitnick, the real vulns are on site, and if you can get physical access, you can get root, even if you do not walk in already knowing root logins and every other possible details of the config.

Insert three letter acronym secret service state within a state security operative here, if I can do it, they can do it, the difference is if they do it nobody is going to come along in a uniform and ask them awkward questions and arrest them.

As mentioned previously, there are indeed mysterious black boxes, and they are indeed black, in the networks hubs of this country that are plugged directly into the backbone and which can copy / intercept / adjust / alter any traffic they choose, up to a limit which I do not honestly know, but which I would guess simply by comparing the sheer number of racks of black boxes compared to the number of racks of Teir 1 kit, is very very high.

And as the latest UK state snooping bill comes around again to legitimise all this, everyone’s panties are in a mangle again, meanwhile ignoring the 9,000 lb gorilla in the room..

Fuckbook alone is more than adequate for tracking 90% of the population down to excruciating detail, and by excruciating details I mean knowing if you missus is preggers before you do, possibly even before she does…

… add in amazon and twatter and so on and you’re up to 95% of the population tracked to this level.

So in short all these black boxes and all these snooper’s charters are utterly pointless, you already have panopticon levels of surveillance and monitoring and profiling of the average guy on the street.

Ergo, it can’t be about the average guy on the street, and it just ain’t worth it for the other 5% of the population like me who you can’t track by inference from monitoring the fuckbook profiles of people with fuckbook, so it’s way too big a sledgehammer for way too small a nut.

The cunts already have backdoor access to all my phone records and all my SMS records, and even if you accept that whatsapp messages are encrypted, the sender and recipient is known my phone number, so there is still lots of data to mine there.

So the ONLY THING LEFT that can be monitored and profiled and recorded and mined is not personal data, which means the only thing left is business and financial data.

There is only one thing governments are truly afraid of now, and that thing is corporations and financial conglomerates, so this shit is not about being able to track who Joe Bloggs is fucking on the side that his wife does not know about, or what Syrians he knows, or when he bought some fertiliser and diesel, or why he hates the local whatever…

… this shit is about being able to dig from the other end, it’s the double secret invite only but you don’t even know you got invited and signed up for life fuckbook for companies and conglomerates and financial institutions.

Need to know for guvvmint includes heads up that walmart is going to close all the stores in Gotham, after they already drove the independents out of business, and Tata going to close the steel plant and car works in Gotham, and sudden disparities in the flows of capital for property / real estate purchases in Gotham, weeks or months before the folks of Gotham know.

Because, Detroit, you can buy a house on a double lot in nice condition with good sitting tenants paying 500 bucks a month rental in Detroit for 5,000 bucks, and it is NOT a good business proposition, because the old owner got grandfathered in low low city tax rates, and as the new owner you get the new tax rates, and the fucking rent won’t cover them, and trust me, the guvvmint of detroit and greater metro regional political areas want to know this shit *before* it filters down to the sad fucks who actually live there, or Gotham, or a town near you, or your town.

Trump, whatever else he is or is not or pretends to be or anything else, is one thing the system absolutely fucking hates, he is the wild card, the Adolf Hitler, the one the “experts” say is a joke who cannot possibly even get 5% of the protest vote, much less upset the apple cart, much less actually fucking win…

Trump represents change, but in the disruption sense, in the predictive models were wrong sense, in the we were not expecting that sense, and that is what these people are truly terrified of, because if they were not expecting it, they cannot plan for it, and make sure that whenever it actually happens, they are sufficiently distanced from it.

You *know* what the future holds if you vote for Hitlery, good or bad does not come into it, it is the knowing and fitting existing models that defines good or bad, not any intrinsic moral question, Kim Jong and North Korea is good, ISIS and jihad is good, Erdogan and Turkey is good, because they all fit into the models of the expected, and when they don’t. you can plug that back into the models.

Niven wrote about it, “Crazy Eddie” where the definition of “sane” is that things have always been thus and nothing can be done about it and nothing should be done about it, because this is the best of all possible scenarios, and only Crazy Eddie thinks there is another way, and Crazy Eddie always always always upsets the apple cart, which is therefore the definition of insanity, hence Crazy Eddie and not just Eddie.

It’s not that a Trump / Crazy Eddie will themselves make anything better, it is that they will destabilise things, and instead of sane and sensible voting for Hitlery and Erdogan and ISIS, you’ll get a whole bunch of other crazy fucks deciding to run for office, on tickets like “kill all the niggers” and “kill all the californians” and “kill all the lesbians and homos and single moms” and “fuck your taxes and your draft and your IRS”

And from that perspective, voting for Hitlary does seem sane, for values of sane that include no surprises here thank you very much, we will just have more of the same year on year boiling the frog, who knows, Darwin may step in and the frog will evolve to like boiling water, it’s the American Way, after all.

The founders of the company *deserve* to go on jollies to San Diego off the backs of the employees, and the employees *deserve* their subsistence wage jobs, after all, they did not found the company…

Shut the fuck up and eat your gruel.

Of course, it is also true that those eating the gruel are sick of the ever smaller gruel content, and every greater proportions of recycled sewer water and solyent green to bulk up the meal, Brawndo, it has electrolytes and everything.

So sooner or later they get so sick of it they decide it’s time for a change, noope, no idea what is behind the curtain, but I no longer care, I’m so sick of this that *any* change is good for me right now.

Again, it is entirely possible, even likely, that the vast majority of those who then get that change regret it, and wish they could go back to extra big ass fries and brawndo and the ‘tarded wife, but by then it is too late, and if Trump ain’t the one to upset the apple cart, he for sure is a harbinger of the one to come who will.

You can get ANYONE, or ANY GROUP of people, to do the most stupid lame ass bound to end in tears thing you like, all you have to do is make them so sick and tired of what they have NOW that ANY change seems like a good idea at the time.

“Here, hold my beer and watch this…”

At this point it doesn’t really matter what Trump really is or is not, what he does or does not stand for, whether he would be the best or worst prezzident of da yewwwnyted states ever, if he is in bed with goldman sachs or not…

All that matters is that he has gone Crazy Eddie, and to the genuine horror of every single part of every single state apparatchik in every “civilised” country, the fucking voters are lapping it up.

Back when obummer was running I warned all the yanks (here in this blog, so you can check on it) to be very very cautious, because if they voted him in all they would be doing is voting in a black Tony Blair, and what a cunt he was, but England being what it is we all saw sanity and sense and replaced him with jolly old Cameroon, old etonian, what what… god forbid that UKIP chappie had been taken seriously.

But no, you voted for obummer, and in many ways (Detroit passim etc) fuck yeah america was big enough to have some fairly extreme problems and some fairy extreme extremes between the have’s and have nots, so the sane and sensible path of replacing obummer with yet another Bush or a reanimated Raegan or another Clinton was just that bit more shaky.

Fuck yeah amerika is also big enough and diverse enough that it is more possible for those in DC to be more out of touch with the guy in Podunk than the inhabitants of Whitehall with respect to the guy in Devizes.

And god does nature ever abhor a vacuum.

March 12, 2016

Never forget the independent actors

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It’s a thing I frequently try to get across to her indoors, she is currently embroiled in a legal spat with her employers, bottom line is she suffered an injury at work.

She, like many people, has difficulty with the concept that her employers, Acme Corp, are staffed by Acme Corp employees, in the roles of managers and supervisors and so on.

While it may be true that Acme Corp has a vested interest in covering up what it can and not being found liable for her injury and not paying anything out or making any concessions, they are not so stupid as to *openly* break the law of the land in ways that cannot be defended against.

Enter the independent actors in the form of management of the depot, they may well be employees of Acme Corp, but they also have their own personal agendas, being that if they personally fucked up, they personally will attempt to paper over cracks, cover up, and do things that are openly against the law of the land such as deleting or falsifying evidence, in an attempt to cover their own asses and ongoing salary cheques.

With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight most of these independent actors will regret their actions, but at the time, they are just independent actors working within the corporate framework, and tons of shit gets lost behind the filing cabinet every day, and nobody notices or cares, so the temptation to do the same for her indoors is strong… what accident book? there isn’t one, we just write notes of pieces of paper and forward them to someone else higher up the food chain.. what tachos? oh I guess yours (and nobody else’s) got lost, etc etc.

It’s why my erstwhile line manager told me that my contract said I am liable for the mobile phone that the company shipped me just before xmas, that I never got, that I never even knew they had shipped until february.

My contract *actually* states that I am liable for loss or damage to any phones or other company equipment in my possession, so I told them if they deduct I will see the cunts in court.

It’s why Npower continue to hassle me for monies that I do not owe.

It’s why three years ago when I started at my erstwhile employer only one job every two weeks was failed to be remedied on the first visit, and at the end it was one job every two weeks being completed on the first visit.

All employees are also independent actors, and they act in their own very short term / immediate *perceived* self interest.

The job of management *used* to be to ensure that that did not happen, from 9 to 5 you were not a fucking independent actor buddy, you toe the fucking company line, and that make the COMPANY toe the fucking company line too, so they company never fucked you over either.

The place I worked was basically (as far as my own employment was concerned) split into two factions, one was Project Management, PMO, which dealt with scheduled works, and one was Service Desk, SD, which dealt with unscheduled stuff like call outs and breakdown and repairs.

Due to SLA’s and shit, SD had top dibs, unless I was actually on site on a PMO job, SD could ring me and tell me to forget the PMO job and go to the SD job.

1 week in 5 I was “on call” which meant 24/7 for that period, and because it was on call, PMO were not supposed to put anything in my diary at all, due to working time directives, if I have just done 8 hours for PMO and SD call me and tell me to go to a site 2.5 hours drive away I’d be over my hours and within my rights to tell them to fuck off, which I did, regularly, because PMO kept booking jobs out for me during my on call week.

I was reminded of this recently, Steve Jobs did the same thing at apple while Woz was away recuperating from his plane crash, he turned apple into Mac vs AppleII, and it really was vs, and when Woz got back he promptly walked out, never to return.

Jobs got kicked out and then came back and did the exact same thing, this time it was Mac vs iPhone, and then the miserable cunt died.

Sadly due to the vagaries of the various financial casinos the capitalisation of AAPL exceeds the GDP of many large countries, so what Jobs did was seen as successful, so schizo companies with internal departments permanently at war with each other became the norm.

Me, I never got it, SD and PMO hating each other, y’all work for the same bunch of cunts and y’all get the same name on the payee in the pay cheque, and the rot goes all the way up to manglement, with each one trying to make his or her own dept reign supreme… if fucking primary school playground childish.

We got it in the UK now at the national level, talking again about brexit, meaning the UK leaving the EU… for definitions of leaving that involve various legalese bullshit scribbles on paper.

And throughout it all we have a bunch of independent actors, and because we do not have a central command government like the chinese, who just say fuck it, we are going to build the three gorges hydro dam and you million peasants can move or drown, and we get to generate enough renewable electricity for greater london in one go, so you can independent act all you want buddy, so long as you always keep your toes behind this line and sing the company tune.

Independent actors have always been the bane of my fucking life, and I hate the cunts more than anything else for one simple reason, when they push you, if you push back hard, as you should, the slimy little cunts always slide back behind the shield of whatever corporate group they inhabit, suddenly you are no longer just telling some worthless asshole to take a fucking hike, the cunt suddenly becomes a police officer again, even though he was not one 30 second ago when he told you something that was not in fact legal… or the cunt suddenly becomes a lawyer again, or a bailiff again, or a council employee again, or a head teacher again, or whatever…

And that is the *real* fucking problem with independent actors, they aren’t actually independent actors full time, the cunts *never* have the balls to stand on their own 2 feet 24/7 and stand by their own words and deeds 24/365…

It’s like the small bike spares business and the small bike MOT business I mentioned a couple of days ago, they have to stand by what they say and do, no way out of it, no corporate skirts to hide behind.

Every fucking time, without exception, that I get a fucking problem in life it is because of an independent actor that wants to have their fucking cake and eat it, and when they choose to be they can be the big independent powerful do as I fucking say honcho, and when you push back the cunts hide behind the corporate skirts and re-write everything as me having a problem with authority.

I don’t. Put me in a tree sitting 30 feet above a bunch of hungry lions and I do not have any problem with authority at all, it is what it is, I may as well sit here for 36 hours until they get bored and go somewhere else to eat.

I have a problem with weak spineless little cunts who hide behind corporate skirts and resort to bullying tactics because the corporation is bigger than any individual and so the individual will always lose, and look at me, I’m on the inside so you better do what I say or things will go bad for you.

Go fuck yourself.

It doesn’t matter a damn whether we stay in the EU or get out, whether we let in rapefugees or don’t, whether the bankers do QE99 or don’t, whether we vote for Trump or Fritzl, it’s human nauture and culture at large that is dooming us, because that is what nature is in general and human nature is in particular.

People will take the easy path every time, it doesn’t matter if the whole herd marches off a cliff to its own doom, people will continue to take that easy path until it no longer becomes the easy path.

And *that* is what should fucking worry you, because by definition we are talking about and end to the land of milk and honey, where easy is no longer a viable survival strategy, where 95% of the population have to learn or adapt to something they have literally never known before, and between here and there there will be many many many easy paths to a quick end, but hell, they are the easy paths so they are preferable to all the other paths.

It all boils down to human nature, and I am a prime example, there are any number of things that I take the easy path in, by nature I am a fucking lazy cunt… I can achieve a lot, if motivated, but the motivation is what is often lacking.

I may have some personal discipline in some areas, but in others, not so much, so it is all very well to big myself up as not being one of the so called independent actors who hides behind the corporate skirts as soon as someone pushes back, but there are shades in there of saying that guy who mudered and ate 27 people last year was really good to his mum and a kind and considerate son, both things can be true simultaneously…

Just because I myself have no taste for the life of the independent actor hiding behind the corporate skirts, it does not mean that they and I both take the easy path, and the rest is just down to individuality.

Take away individuality and what you have left is social pressure, not freedom of choice, you have a new easy path that is very different to the easy path of old, very different indeed.

It’s easy to hate the Mac guys because you’re an AppleII guy, it’s easy to hate the AppleII guys because you’re a Mac guy, it’s easy to hate the infidels because you are one of the prophet’s chosen, it’s easy to hate the non aryans because you’re aryan, and now we have come down to the lowest common denominator where independent actors hide behind corporate skirts because I have hurt their pwecious feewings, the little darlings…

There is not a lot left, there is not much further that the absurdiam can be reduced, there are not many more splitters that can leave the Popular People’s Front of Judea before you have more divisions than you do individuals.

You get mass psychosis and mass schizophrenia, and that’s basically what we have now, mummies and daddies are fucking in the same houses and sometime in the same room as chiiillldruuuun, what am I supposed to feel, where do I draw the line, how offended am I supposed to be, and at what, precisely?

It’s a mass gaslighting, a mass walking on egshells, no matter what you do or say or think or feel, you are in the wrong somewhere and you have offended someone and you are in the shit with someone…

For my fucking sins, I trawled fuckbook yesterday, her indoors has an account which it must be said has zero personal photos and an average of 3 posts a year, and is mainly used to keep in touch with old friends in far flung areas of the globe…

… but some of her freinds, my god, it’s fucking awful, and so in whatever state I was in, put it down to quitting smoking again, I did that terrible thing, I did some online stalking, I typed in the name of my own personal psycho skank ho ex…

… I really do not know what I was expecting to see, but I know what I did see, and it quite probably says more about me than about her, in that my reactions to what I did see were very telling.

No pictures of the kids, gladness in my heart that the boys aren’t on fuckbook facial recognition before they are old enough to drink, gladness that there aren’t any photos of them to cause me pain, photos of the latest dogs, same as the old ones, and of course inspirational photos all about the usual shit psycho wimminz post inspirational photos about, photos of her “new” man, I dunno how many there were in between, or if she is still fucking around or not, or anything else, but there are a couple of photos of him, and a couple of her, and she looks as crazy as ever, and then a status post… her new man has an agressive smokers cancer.

I’ll be honest with you, I laughed out loud at that, dying of cancer is one way out of involvement with her, poor cunt, though all things considered I preferred mine… I would like to think that being involved with a guy who is dying of lung cancer will bring her unhappiness, but her being her it will just increase her poor widdwe old me perpetual victim shit, so natch on that one.

Still, it gives me one more reason to stay off the smokes, quite apart from the money saved, so fuck it.

Yes, I am a cruel cold heartless nasty bastard, so sue me.

You want to know the *really* interesting thing about that fuckbook search?

You can work out the dates we split and all from this very blog, it’s six years now going on seven, and when the idea came to me to fuckbook search the old skank, I had to sit here for three or four minutes, and I shit you not, this is 100% gospel truth, I had to sit here doing nothing with no distractions, fuckbook page open, cursor in the find friends box, wireless keyboard on my lap, coffee by my side, and think for three or four minutes, what is her first fucking name again????

That, my friends, is a totally unexpected victory by any standards.

Psycho skank ho ex and mother of my absent sons, separated less than seven years ago and I couldn’t even remember the worthless skank’s name.

March 11, 2016

Up In Smoke

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Originally of course it’s the title of the original and best Cheech & Chong film.

But the thing is that it will be reality for many, and I note that the meme for “systemic failure” is spreading apace…

Ongoing / incipient systemic failure was the real reason I quit the day job IT backbone fixin’, as I told everyone who would listen, when I joined this company three years ago, maybe one job every couple of weeks was not fixed on the first visit, nowadays maybe one job every two weeks is fixed on the first visit, the rest require one or more subsequent visits, and it’s doing my fucking head in…. because as the guy who trained me said, when you go on site to fix Cisco issues, you need three things;


  1. You need working Cisco kit – so unless the kit on site is *known* to be good you need a spare
  2. You need the *correct* IOS for that box and that site / application – each box has several different IOS’s, with different capabilities and licences etc
  3. You need the *correct* config for that box and that site.

If you lack any of these three, it’s no go, so when you get sent to a site with no spare box, no info as to the correct IOS, and no idea of the correct config, it’s pretty much a no brainer that you aren’t going to fix it.

You get sent to a site that they know has a dead Cisco box because the indian tech support guys talked to the polish employees and determined that despite being turned on at the wall, there are no LED’s illuminated and a faint smell of magic smoke, so they send you out with a new box and tell you to pull the correct IOS and config from the dead box.

After about the thirteenth attempt at explaining to my office why this is futile, you give up, and go to site anyway, hell, it uses up your day, and you know you will either a/ only be there for 5 minutes, which resets the SLA clock for the customer… fnaar fnaar, or you’ll be there hours, while someone tries to find an old file copy of the config to send to you, and you can start with a base IOS and see of that has enough bells and whistles to run the config…

Meanwhile over on the Harley tech forums there is a thread all about carburettors vs electronic fuel injection, it all falls on deaf ears when I try to explain that I have a 1981 Yamaha v twin with electronic ignition, and despite Yamaha still being in business, the CDI module is obsolete, so I have had to try to find an aftermarket custom job that will work, and that is still and watch this space work in progress, and so far I have spent 300 quid buying bits to replace a 30 year old bit of auto electronics, and 30 quid for a rebuild kit for he 30 year old Hitachi carbs fitted to the bitch.20160310_165641_001 (2)a

That would be why yours truly here (95 year old mum as well) is sitting on a 2002 bike retrofitted with a 1990’s carburettor, I just sold they Holley 2 bbl for £125 to some guy up north who is going to replace the CV40 on his 80″ evo lump, not if he has any sense, if he has any sense it will sit on a shelf for 9 months before he himself will attempt to sell it on.

Because even when it comes to purely mechanical things like carburettors, some are technically superior to others, and the original Harley branded Kelhin CV carb is a case in point.

It is a thoroughly excellent carb from a technical viewpoint, whilst also being a remarkably simple and elegant carb from a purely mechanical viewpoint, constant velocity carbs may not do *some* things quite as well as say a direct cable operated Mikuni HSR42 flat slide job, but they do do *every* thing very well indeed.

I’m now carb limited to about 100 BHP, which is *considerably* down from the 124 BHP / 129 ft/lb torque that the Holley 2bbl produced, but the bitch is docile in traffic, starts and idles better, gives better MPG and just yesterday ran up to 95 mph and still had fairly impressive “go” when I twisted the throttle wider, and really, if I want significantly more power than that why not go out and buy a Hayabusa… I could probably buy two very good used ones in exchange for the tractor… lol

Then we will get into discussions about the failings of the HD twin cam motor (2000 ish to present, so it’s due retirement) but I’ve been around long enough and I have literally never heard of a single make or model of motorcycle (or anything else) that you could not sit on for 5 minutes before someone would walk up and tell you all about the known weak points with that particular make and model.

Hell, I’m guilty of it myself, carbs fell off the CX500, wings has water pump problems, Honda 500 single had a weak cylinder head, and I haven’t even started on the single make from a single era, and everyone knows everyone who has suffered from these failings.

And nobody talks about the guys who did 350,000 miles before even pulling the heads off.

Hell, I myself am probably responsible for many of the tales of woe regarding late 70’s and early mid 80’s jap fours, simply because literally all I ever did was put petrol in them and thrash the living shit out of them… I honestly do not recall ever doing an oil or filter change… sure, I was much better when it came to BSA iron, but then that shit was already 20 years old by then and needed a bit of TLC.

But every time I found a bike with fucked up carburation and an owner who spent the next 3 years fucking with it before buying a brand new and different set of carbs to miraculously fix the problem, because returning the fitted carbs to factory new spec was a waste of time, after all, they are what is already on the bike, and it’s running like a piece of shit innit… I did at least find someone who did eventually fix the problem, as in make it go away until sufficient years and miles had passed on the new carbs to make them as bad as the pice of shit old carbs.

But with carbs at least you do not get a systemic failure, with EFI, or with CDI as I found to my cost with the 1981 Yam, when it goes wrong and when it is old / obsolete as well, well, you have big problems buddy.

There are all sorts of sane sensible and normal and expected reasons why a dead battery will equal no electrical spark to the spark plugs and no ignition of the fuel air mixture and no running vehicle.

To be sure, there are ways around that, everything from running magnetos to trail bike BSA singles with a zener diode to dump excess power from the charging circuit and no battery.

But it’s not quite so easy to explain away (remember, we are talking motorcycles, so the fuel tank is above the engine (unless it’s a gold wing etc) so simple gravity will get fuel *down* to the engine, and simple air flow over a venturi will atomise that fuel, and simply piston down stroke with inlet valve open will produce said air flow, so it is not quite so sane and sensible and expected to explain why a dead battery will stop fuel from getting into the engine.

Of course the EFI advocated will state, quite correctly, that the dead battery preventing fuel from getting to the motor isn’t really an issue, as the dead battery also means you don’t have a spark to ignite that fuel.

It’s a valid point, and not a million miles away from the earlier one in the seventies and eighties when the kickstarter went away to be replaced with the electric foot, if there is no power to run the starter there is no power for the spark.

Except, there were cases where a dying battery would provide enough oomph to give you a spark, if you bump started it, and then the alternator from the running engine would take over.

So what really happened was was counted as a “good enough” battery got tightened up considerably, and this happened again with CDI systems that had a cut off voltage below which they simply refused to even thing about running, and it has happened again with EFI, and all the other now standard electrical parasitic loads on the charging system and battery, to the point where what would be considered a dead battery in a 2015 harley would run a 1955 Harley for a few years, so bike batteries are no longer cheap items that you don’t worry about too much, just so long as they hold some sort of charge… hell, my old 1961 BSA A10 with Lucas K2F magneto and a dynamo, I know it *had* a battery, but I don’t believe I ever even *looked* at it, much less put a voltmeter on it to check how much charge it was holding, whereas modern bike and car owners are fitting new batteries every three years of necessity, even though the capacity of what is being fitted as standard now is ludicrously huge compared to what would have been considered standard 40 years ago.

This then is a rough and ready definition of systemic failure, I used to ride motorcycles where all sorts of individual systems could play up, cease working altogether or even literally fall off the bike, and the bike still ran well enough to get me home.

Now a days there are so many interconnected and interdependent systems that you can effectively be fine one minute or one hour or one day, and the next, nothing.

Hell, my current ride I carry around a little fob with a CR2032 coin cell in it, you really do not want to know how many HD riders get stuck in a gas station, because they pulled in for gas, and when they went to start up again they find the last gasp of the coin cell went on disabling the security so the bike would start 70 miles away back home earlier in the day.

Hell, I even know of guys who have had the whole bike towed to the stealership thinking there was a problem with the ECU or something, not even considering it was the coin cell in the fob… nowadays I have to carry two fobs, just in case one dies, and change the coin cells in both each year, just because the three year recommended replacement period is only OK if everything is optimal, and real life isn’t optimal, and the costs of that coin cell not doing its thing…

In the aforementioned thread on the harley tech forums, there are guys raving about EFI, they say it’s great, they do not even have to get their hands grease, just pick up at laptop and push a new map to the EFI module.

No more “can I borrow a screwdriver please mate” but can I borrow a laptop, oh, can you tether your phone so I have 3G access, oh, can I install some software on here, oh, I have my licence key somewhere, oh, amazon cloud isn’t responding and I can’t get my default map for the EFI, without which all that fancy electronics is just a paperweight.

On monday my lease car is going back, it isn’t being replaced, it is a 2013 1.6 golf bluemotion diesel, it has 70k miles on the clock, and it has been repaired at least 4 times, and each repair was one of the many very expensive ECU’s scattered around the car.

If it rains and the windows are open a smidge, because there are no gutters the rain falls down inside the door where all the handles and switches are, and since those switches no longer switch anything except microcurrents, they just talk to an ECU somewhere that talks to some relays somewhere that actually turn the current to the electric windows on and off, the passenger side window randomly goes down all by itself.. THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN FIXED ONCE, £500 for a new ECU, and then flash the main one to tell it to talk to the new sub one that runs the windows.

Meanwhile the common rail high pressure diesel injection system is playing up, it is not sounding happy or healthy, and despite it being a new car with less than 3 years of age, the diesel in my old 300D merc, which was all mechanical with an all mechanical in line injection pump, despite being 20 + years old, sounded as smooth as a 9 year old girl’s cunt, meanwhile the bluemotion sounds like 47 year old miss gang bang runner up of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 etc.

Systemic failure.

“Just in time” logistics… systemic failure

Monetary policy – systemic failure

Immigration policy – systemic failure

Hell, if we look at the whole wimminz thing, pre systemic failure if your woman was giving you grief, you swapped it out for another model, problem solved.

In systemic failure swapping your wimminz out for another one does not eliminate the problem, you have to eliminate the feminazi state and society.

In my new day job with the laser business, in which I am unique, as I was in the computer business before that, because I published my prices right there on the website, and I mean actual billing prices, not loss leader invitation to treat special offer but nobody ever actually gets to pay this little prices, I have just been told by a colleague in the same trade that a potential customer spoke to him, told him he knew of me, and I was “too expensive” because I publish my per minute and per hour of laser machine time rates.

I told the colleague fuck the potential customer, if my rates scared them away, then good riddance.

Hilariously I then got a hold of the spreadsheet used in that area of the signmaking industry to calculate costs, and it all works on letter sizes and how many letters you want, and when I put some number in what do I find, but that my prices are almost spot on 80% of the prices you will get quoted using this industry standard calculation.

Systemic failure, in the case an industry having people who do buying who cannot do basic math, or who cannot get three actual quotes from three different suppliers and compare apples to apples, instead they compare apples to oranges ( a per minute machine time billing regime vs a per item piecework billing regime) and choose oranges every time, and then wonder why one day they go bust.

My mum (you knew eventually there would be a reason to mention her way up there) has a large 5 foot tropical fish tank, recently she bought 6 fish from a local shop, 4 of them died in a week, and at least 12 other fish died too, we are currently treating the water with a fungicide, problem was the shop didn’t isolate and monitor the fish for a week before selling them, in on day and sold to my mum the next, complete with the fungal infection they arrived with.

In the local rag there is an article about this very shop, they are closing, and the owners blame the anti social behaviour of the drunks and homeless who hang out outside (I have never personally seen one outside the shop in question, though many of them do hang around that area of town as there are drop out centres there) and the cost of business rates and the problems of location not being quite on the high street and the economy in general.

The fact that they sell my mum £20 worth of fish which die and then kill £100 worth of fish, plus we have to go out and but £10 worth of water treatment and so on, doesn’t appear on the radar, and that again is systemic failure.

It’s systemic because there is no method in place to determine the single cause of failure, and swap out that single part / employee / process, and eliminate any possibility of it recurring.

The branch (one of three) will close, 3 staff will lose their jobs, another shop in town in boarded up, and everything else will continue as normal, the fish supplier will continue, the owners will continue, the other two outlets will continue, until one day the whole lot goes to the wall.

Meanwhile there is no room for an independent to start up, because they aren’t known, their pricing structures will be seen as being too expensive (sic) the competition will slag them off, and the beat will continue.

systemic failure does not just mean that Gotham City loses all its tropical fish shops, I have talked elsewhere about stall speed, as stall speed + 1 knot the aircraft is flying, at stall speed – 1 knot the aircraft is falling like a brick.

systemic failure and stall speed are two sides of the same coin, so you find that in early 2015 out of the 74 shops on the high street, 2 are boarded up, and in late 216 out of the 74 shops on the high street, 38 are boarded up, and at that point NOBODY but betting shops and indian takeaways and pawn shops will even consider moving in.

Game over man.

Lots of people talk about a great reset.

Just who the fuck is going to be doing this resetting?

It will NOT be the ork rapefugee immigrants, it won’t be the bankers who fuelled the crash and burn credit boom, it won’t be the multicorp walmarts who just shut up shop the first day the management models says the shop is not making a sufficient profit.

It isn’t going to be the next big thing internet startup of mobile raspberry pi dildo shop, nor will it be empowered skanky wimminz cup cake shops and nail salons.

It will be daft cunts like me who went without shit to save up cash and buy tools and equipment to set up as entrepreneurs and small businessmen.

And many of you will tell us we are too fucking expensive, well guess what buddy, YOUR ability to make a profit is none of my business or my concern, MINE is, so if you do not want to pay me what I want, I’ll be out on that bike enjoying myself, in preference to working for a cunt like you for nothing and perpetuating the systemic failure I see all around me.

Externalise that motherfucker.

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