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April 22, 2017

Things you can’t unsee

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Given the post title many people’s first thoughts will turn to stuff like seeing your parents fuck or seeing that obese chick naked, and to be sure such things can have a lasting effect on people, but these are not the things I speak of.

This is more about things like father christmas (santa claus is trademark coca cola company) not being real, you can’t ever go back to the worldview you had before, or see things the way you saw them before… once the veil is lifted, you can’t go back.

On a personal note I once opened a cardboard box containing various “rubbery” sex toys, it hadn’t been opened for a few years as they had been sat in storage, and it was the chemical smell that first caught the sense, and then you see them there, and they are all distorted and damaged by proximity and contact with other toys of different chemical composition… I haven’t been able to see one since and not be reminded of that.

On another personal note there is that first moment a wimminz makes an FRA against you and accuses you of everything else that is deviant on the planet to boot, you simply can’t ever go back to seeing any wimminz the same either, or any po-po, or any judges or lawyers.

Here is one for you “Jest got ate of the pool ur you free tomro” and “fery funey“, perhaps with some prompting you can work out that those two are “Just got out of the pool are you free tomorrow” and “very funny“… and leaving aside utterly the whole question of portable computing devices that have spell checking built in and mobile dictionary and thesaurus apps for free download, these are actual sentences taken from an actual ongoing conversation between two peers, and they *are* representative of the whole, not just off glitches like my many many many typos on this blog with my 1 finger poke and hope autistic / dyslexic typing and no real proofing, just type and hit publish.

If I’d *just* shown you pictures of the individuals having this sms conversation, you’d see they were female, and pubescent, and you’d think to yourself I’d hit that in a couple of years if I was 16 again, but when you attach the conversations to the individuals it transforms your perception of the individuals, my grandfather was two years older than them at 14 when he ran away to sea and joined the navy to fight in world war one…

Now I know there are people out there whose idea of the perfect sexual partner is a living doll or a female that never speaks or a female that is unconscious throughout, and leaving aside entirely the question of legality, I’m not one of those people, I, and I strongly suspect most males, find “sexy” to be something that is at best 50% physical, and the rest is the whole personality thing… so for people like me I can look at these two individuals and say yes, if all you ever saw were still photographs, I can see how in a few years a photo of these girls will make you go PHWOOOAR I’d hit that, the problem is I have seen the intellect, as have you in a small way with those text excerpts, and while the body may change sufficiently in a couple of years, there is zero hope of the mind advancing to the same level.

They’re basically unfuckable, and I do not have any daughters (thank god) but I guess it is a similar thing at work that a dad can see that his daughter has turned into a sexy young woman but to him she is eternally unfuckable and sexless.

We can’t unsee Trump going from “you should be in jail” to “the clintons are good people” and I really don’t give a fuck about being in office or playing sun tzu or anything else, if you can’t be polite be silent, do not under any circumstances turn into a bullshit merchant and start saying things that are patently false, not to fucking please anyone.

We FRA victims know this shit, we faced the very real prospect of 10 to 20 years behind bars, and at that point it doesn’t make a fucking bit of difference if you did it or not, you’re still behind bars, but we didn’t eat shit and say our ex’s were basically nice people and we wish them all the best.

So Adam Johnson (the footballer) is in prison of 6 years for a rape he denies against a groupie, a rape that a *lot* of people have serious issues wondering how it even got to trial, much less how he got convicted, and in the Daily Fail they are running a story, someone with an illegal phone in a prison recorded the guy chatting to fellow inmates (the Daily Fail is still branding him a disgusting rapist at every opportunity and if they could call for the death penalty they would) in which the guy says, IN FUCKING PRISON MIND YOU, I wish I had raped the bitch, I got fucking six years for it.

“I’ve done the time, I might as well have done the crime…”

This is not a guilty man


You can’t unsee it.

Nor can you uneee the facts of everyone else who has seen it and still goes on and on and on about what a disgusting vile perverted rapist he is.

And all this without the “special knowledge” that you get if you are, like me, and ex con.

This video was filmed in what in the prison system is called the general population, rapists and child molesters and grasses do not go into the general population, they are held in segregation under Rule 43, for their own protection from the general population, and this video could not have been made.

Clearly, shock horror, Johnson isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, he was just an urban kid with some talent with a football who got elevated to celebrity status and paid a lot of money and put a big target on his back.

I didn’t even get my cock out for fucks sake” is not the sort of language someone denying a truthful fact would use, not even an intelligent and educated liar, much less a thick footballer, in fact it is the sort of phrase that his highly paid lawyers will have told him for god’s sake don’t use language like that in court, when in fact it is exactly the sort of language he should have used in court.

In shades of The Winslow Boy even in that informal setting Johnson didn’t lie and put all the blame on the girl or make an excuse, he said she was always there after practice, but not with her tits out, always begging for signatures etc, eventually after six months of this she asked for a signed shirt, and he admits he kissed her….

Most telling of all for an ex con is the fact that he is in general population and as you can clearly see and hear from the comments of others in the clip, everyone there does not just accept his version of events, they also accept the whole concept of such gross and vile miscarriages of justice, nobody is shocked or outraged that such an obviously innocent man is doing six years for a crime he did not commit, moreover, a crime he clearly had ample opportunity to commit, and repeatedly passed up on.

Alan Johnson is not a sexual predator of any kind, if anything he is the nice naive wimp cuck kind of guy who gets fucked over in the divorce courts by the skanky wife after a few years of marriage.

Arguably, and I say this as an FRA accused and as a (for separate things, eg motoring crimes) ex con, his current fate is preferable to that other fate that might have happened in his future.

“I wish I had” isn’t even the statement of a man who has done the time so thinks he may as well go out and be hung for a sheep as a lamb, even this appalling travesty of justice has not made Adam Johnson a bad man.

I say this as someone who hates football, doesn’t even know what team he played for, thinks modern footballers are spoiled brats, and so on.

I see this as someone who also notes that the football illuminati from Saint David Beckham on down have sweet fuck all to say about this man’s plight… fucking worthless cunts one and all.

You can’t unsee shit.


April 21, 2017

Money money money money money

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It’s easy to talk shit about what you earn / spend / are worth on the internet, and many do, there was an old saying here in the 80’s “two cars in the driveway and fuck all in the fridge” regarding people who lived on credit.

Today there are a plethora of people trying either to make a living or to support their income on the internet, and a big bunch of that is people with monetized YouTube channels, the perfect apex fallacy.

When people like Dave over at the EEVblog are making 50-60k US$ per annum you know that most are making fuck all, and that’s the truth.

Apart from a fairly small overdraft facility and a single credit card with a £500 limit I don’t have any credit / debt, as a mid to late fifties guy that pretty much means I’m never going to be able to borrow money, even if I wanted to, so things like mortgages etc are non starters, as are things like auto finance, even if I wanted it I would be declined.

Rent costs me 550 quid a month, if I moved out of here I have exactly zero hope of getting anything else for that kind of money, maybe a one room studio, and that is just a maybe, really I’d be looking at 750 a month minimum to rent anything livable.

Council tax costs 1,000 a year, utility energy is running around 0.18 per kWh, I say living here costs me 2 quid a day electric, 1 quid a day gas and 1 quid a day water…. so 4 quid a day for utilities…diesel is 1.30 and because of my age and shit vehicle insurance and road tax and shit runs around £1 a day per vehicles and I have 4, 3 of them on the road, vehicle maintenance you can allow 500 per year so ex fuel you can say a car costs 1,000 a year and that is if you are running reliable 15 year old cars with a capital value of less than 1000.

Put the housing together and you have 550 x 12 = 6,600 + 4 x 365 = 1,460 = 8,060 +1,000 = 9,060, plus 3 vehicles excluding fuel 11,500 add in fuel say 30 a week for local commuting 1500 a year, add in food and bog roll and so on 50 a week = 2500 a year, add in smoking 40 a week = 2000 a year, we are up to £17,500 per annum in expenses to live, and it’s not exactly a profligate high end lifestyle, there is no going out to eat and drink or go to cinema or anything else in there.

The flipside is what is described ain’t bad either, own front door, hot and cold running water, food in the fridge, clothes on your back, vehicle out front that is legal and reliable, no shitting yourself when there is a knock on the door.

The “you really are taking the fucking piss” cisco kid job paid 17.5 k plus car, and the reality of that is the car cost me 2k per year in extra taxes, after tax and everything else it was enough to live here (no other vehicles kept legal and on the road, didn’t need em, company car) and pay the bills and a bit left over, but not much, every month… I could live with it because I probably only got 3 or 4 call outs a week initially and I had my own sideline doing PC stuff and I have to admit there was always something nice about knowing that 1,300 quid after tax would hit your bank last friday every month, you knew when and where your next income was coming from, be it ever so humble.

Full time city bus driving here pays up to 18.5k if you do all the hours you can, so however paltry it sounds in exchange for the skills and experience, the reality was 17.5k p.a. wasn’t a bad wage compared to the job market as a whole in this region, put it this way, while I could go out and find wimminz working on the state tit working to protect battered wimminz earning 35k, I could also find plenty of people just trying to make ends meet who would have jumped at the chance of 17.5k and a company car…

Bear in mind this is all “single guy who doesn’t have any debt to service” numbers, and while it is true that for many things “two can live as cheaply as one” this specifically excludes any scenarios where children are involved.

But the numbers don’t lie and they are all good, if you are a single male and do nothing but live and don’t smoke or run a vehicle or get public transport or go out socialising or anything else you can just about slide by on £13k per annum, thanks to free healthcare should you need it.

If you are a wimminz and have kids then the state has a duty to house you, so the state gives you money in one hand and takes it away with the other to justify their own finances, houses that I’d have to pay 750 a month for the skanks “pay” 280 for which is subsidised by the state, or if it is privately rented the housing benefit covers it all, and of course there are all the child (financial) benefits and should skanky work 16 hours a week or more she will get working tax credits (more payouts) and so on…. I know of one very rare man who has custody of his three children and he works full time as one of the aforementioned bus drivers and even so the state benefits match his salary.

When it comes to people “owning” their own homes if the people in question are less than 50 years old the sheer number / proportion on interest only mortgages will make your eyes bleed, bear in mind at the end of the term you have paid £0 of the capital cost of the house off and you hold £0 equity in the house, it’s like renting a place but being able to repaint it at will and put a conservatory up etc and not having to ask the landlord’s permission, but you’re also liable for all repairs.

I know people 15 years into this shit with 10 to go and not a thought enters their head about what they are going to do in 10 years time.

But anyway, back to money.

The car is an old volvo estate, really the body is a mitsubishi and the engine is a renault turbo diesel lump, 5 speed manual, it’s pretty economical but even so I rarely see 2k rpm in town and longer journeys I cruise at 65/70 which is just under 2.5k rpm in top, I’m paying for my fuel and it makes enough of a difference over a year that it is worth it to me to drive with a light right foot, when I was in the company car and not paying for fuel I’d often be doing 85/95 mph and I’d rev that engine all the way to get there.

I go to the farm shop and buy a 56 lb sack of spuds for 7 quid, I go to the supermarket to buy the 2 x 4 litre bottles of milk for £2 deal, my smoking and my coffee is my only regular weekly “extravagance” as it were.

I’ve got a good main PC and NAS box (talked about both on here before when they were built) and I’m mindful that at some point they are going to need updating.

I don’t have a job and an employer any more, just a small business, but I don’t treat it like so many do and start in with the directors drawings and salary and company car and so on, it would have ceased trading already if I had done that, in effect it is a separate entity financially, when I make enough profit to draw some money to live I do, when I don’t I live off the fat in the existing accounts and in the cupboards and so on, all the while trying to build up as much capital as possible for reinvestment and new equipment.

I jumped from the cisco job at a time of my own choosing, rather than hanging on until it progressed to the point where we got laid off or I turned around one day and told someone to stick their job up their fucking ass, because that reality is the same, the job market is such that I’d be scrabbling around 4 or 5 different agencies doing temp stuff while trying to find something else that paid 17.5 k as opposed to the 14 or 15 k most are offering for full time work, that’s if you get past the “competitive salary” or “great rates” or “earn up to 23k” (like your broadband is up to 20 meg, but usually around 4…) …

… it’s basically not a pleasant experience, all of the recruiters and agencies will complain about people with an attitude, but do it for three months and you’ll have an attitude too, and jobs like the old cisco kid one where you never visit the office and you are your own man out on the road start looking like the holy grail….

But the purpose of this post, as said, was to discuss real numbers here in the UK in 2017, and you have them, you can just about survive on 12.5k and you can live quite quietly and happily on 17.5k as either a single individual or a joined at the hip couple, but you won’t be taking any foreign holidays or buying vehicles on hire purchase or getting a mortgage.

the very few “starter” government supported mortgage deals now are basically shoe boxes on soon to be sink estates where the state owns the freehold and much of the equity and you’ll never get the option to obtain those two things in your name, so it’s a bad deal, land is running to crazy prices and good luck getting any kind of permission to live on it, and good luck living there without permission.

You can buy a decent (move in tomorrow quality) used 12 x 40 caravan for around 15k but where to put it, an acre or two of land is another 20k even if it is totally unsuitable for ever getting panning permission even for a horse stable, if there is even a remote chance it could at some future point get planning permission for housing it’s running nearer 200k, if it has outline permission it’s already being sold in handkerchief sizes plots for 100k a plot.

So it’s *possible* to live within your means, in 2017 UK, but as far as social mobility goes fucking forget it, and speaking as a small business owner the challenges of making your small business grow and survive are on a par with any social mobility aspirations, “build it and they will come” is the least of your worries.

So anyway, I have been asked a few times and I wanted to put it out there, these are real on the ground numbers for this region of the UK (it’s worse in big cities where rents are so much higher) of the sort of thing you yourself could expect to find if you travel here tomorrow and try to make a living.

What orks and rapefugees are going to bring to this party is anyone’s guess, if things are tight with little or no social mobility for law abiding 50 somethings who are multi skilled and experienced, you can work out for yourself how things are for everyone else, and of course that lowest common denominator shit is why so many real jobs pay such shit wages.

The bus driver I mentioned earlier is a good example, for all his faults he is a nice guy, and a good bus driver, I hear stories (bear in mind all equivalent make and model buses on a route / depot are physically identical) that he drives through tight areas in town due to one asshole parking badly, and all the other drivers phone in that they can’t get though, and he never touches anything with his bus or damages it in any way… they all have bus licences, but he is one of the old school type that always wanted to be a bus driver.

There are drivers and then there are drivers, know what I mean…. but they all get paid the fucking same.

I can remember as a lad a man doing that job could keep a stay at home wife 1.0 and buy a decent house on a mortgage and have a holiday every year, if the missus worked on the buses too they were pretty well off and could have two cars and two holidays per year.

Now he has his wages matched by state handouts for three kids and an interest only mortgage that is half what my rent is and while he is paying all his bills, he couldn’t find 2k without borrowing it from family or selling a kidney.

I’m in the minority as someone who doesn’t get any handouts of any kind from the state and doesn’t have any debts or credit, most people cannot say both of those things, so things get complicated when you talk about the economy or employment, what are you really talking about?

As stated, people like myself living purely on earned income and expenditure are the rarity nowadays, so we are the smallest part of the economy overall, however we are also the purest source… the ones who are 100% self sufficient economically and still staying afloat by selling our labour on the open market.

It’s not a rosy picture for the economy as a whole.

I cannot relate anything in my day to day economic existence with the shit put out by the media and the state, there simply is not any correlation, anywhere.

Anyway, that’s it, it’s only one data point but it is a true and factual one and while it does indeed omit a whole host of detail (broadband, mobiles, running harleys, 250 quid coffee machines, etc), if you moved here tomorrow and made plans based on those numbers you’d find that the reality was very very close, in effect the model and the reality would closely match.


April 20, 2017

Spread Betting

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Lots of ZH posters are a lot dumber than LeCarre, why would Assad sarin his own people a few days after Trump went soft on him.. ok maybe the sarin was a false flag because trump went soft on him, none went one step further and asked if trump going soft on him was a deliberate set up to perpetrate the false flag to.. and down the rabbit hole we go in plot lines beloved in Le Carre novels.

LeCarre himself wasn’t a complete idiot and based a lot of his stuff on real world ish scenarios, but, LeCarre was a novelist, not a scientific documentarian, his main interest was telling a compelling story.

Meanwhile back in the real world the rich and powerful and successful, and by success I mean those who have kept the plates in the air for decades as a minimum and generations as a norm, it ain’t like that, nobody who is on the ball bets everything on 13 black.

7 different factions at play in what used to be Ukraine?

No problem, that’s at least 14 different bets you can play, and a winning bet is one that lets you stay in the game and a losing bet is one that puts you out of play.

Spread betting in these scenarios is not betting against yourself, so a theoretical NSA in afdiggastan vs CIA in afdiggastan makes perfect sense if you consider that no matter who the victor is in afdiggastan, at least one USA three letter agency is still a player in afdiggastan.

Of course you also have to consider that all “losing” scenarios involve locals or incumbents having a seat and a voice at that table, and this goes all the way from geopolitics in distant lands to your own local council / planning committee / police oversight committee / etc.

By definition the vested interests of locals is always going to oppose the vested interests of everyone else, and you can’t allow that to get in the way of planning permission for a new out of town megastore that rapes the shit out of whatever is left of the local business community… it just isn’t good business.

Perhaps it is just my autistic engineer brain, but I have always struggled to differentiate morally between these sorts of shenanigans and grooming pre-pubescent kids for sexual exploitation or becoming drug addicts.

I suspect my difficulties with this moral compass are not unique either, which is why there will never be a shortage of people willing to engage in such things, and of course them using the “excuse” that everyone else is corrupt anyway will be met with horror, outrage and scorn.

How dare I suggest that paedophiles justify their actions because Tesco got to build a new out of town superstore. What kind of lunatic fucking moron are you?

But I never said that, I said wrong doing sees other wrong doing as excuse for its own behaviour, and wrong doing pretty much does not make value judgements about other wrong doing… gee, I better not break into cars and steal stereos because the only real crime in town is drink / drugs / violence, or I’d better not sell drugs outside the school because the only real crime in town is home burglary and graffiti…

The knifepoint mugger really doesn’t see the crooked banker as a different kind of animal, the same goes in reverse too, the crooked banker just sees the knifepoint mugger as a very inferior version of themselves.

Spread betting has long since descended the social scales too, the unemployed skank ho single mom with 3 kids by 3 different fathers is covering a lot of the bases, add in one “disabled” kid and one “challenged” kid and add in lesbian status and you just spread bet even more, doesn’t matter what goes down on what changes take place or what court she finds herself in, she’ll have cards in play, y’all can’t send me to prison because of my kids, of course the kids never get a say, even though everything is done in their name to protect them…  sound familiar?

Spread betting is how you change society, you start by giving wimminz the vote and then you bring in immigrants and rapefugees and since simple male and female isn’t enough you bring in the whole LGBTQ+ ever expanding spectrum, you bring in islam and all the other religions, you bring in gay rights and child rights and animal rights and safe spaces and everything else, the lone patriarchal male voice gets ever smaller and it really doesn’t matter where it all ends up because you have people on every single fucking committee out there.

Politics is of course itself a very early form of spread betting, take away the direct power of the king and put in ever more layers of ever more people, and before long it doesn’t matter who you vote for, even in legitimate elections, because government always wins, you as an individual aren’t on any of the committees.

Even 20 years ago here in the UK you could walk into the courts as a litigant in person and take on those who you felt had wronged you, and if your case was valid you stood a fair chance.

It’s all gone now… sure, in *theory* it is still there, but I can personally introduce you to people who have tried to put that theory into practice, only to find it no longer exists, illegal judgements being made in their absence, then what are you going to do, appeal one judge’s decision to other judges? Oh, and by the way, the “purely administrative” fees for everything have magically risen to the point where no individual can easily afford them any more.

In THEORY I as a citizen am free to run for a seat in parliament, in practice I need to raise a fairly significant sum of money up front to be paid as a deposit before I can even run, and unless I get a significant proportion of the votes, I lose my deposit.

Of course it was all done to stop Tarquin Fin Tin Tin Tin Wimb Bimb Limb Ftang Ftang Ole Bisuit Barrel Smith (Independent, Torquay) from standing for election and bringing the whole thing into disrepute.

“Anyone can run for parliament” you just have to change the definition of anyone, or anything, or everything, to permit spread betting, then you just have to sit back and wait, the outcome is inevitable.

Before you know it there will be 999 committees, and you’ll have people on every single one of them, and none of them will have private individual people on them, or listen to them, or be accountable to them.

You then have an echo chamber of committees, if the european railways cmmttee wants to know about railways in donbass, just talk to the donbass railway cmmttee, why would they talk to donbass residents who use the railways? Stupid idea.

You have US “intelligence” committees saying “our only sources of information inside north korea are satellites, regional experts and defectors” so your only sources that are worth 2 cents are satellites, and a lot of that soon becomes supposition because a simple photograph needs no interpretation, it shows what it shows, it contains precisely zero data about the significance of or interpretation of anything that it shows.

Was Kim Jong a blood crazed twat who decided on a whim to execute several senior military leaders, or was the western educated Kim Jong just executing those who plotted treason by dealing with foreign powers, and is it the cutting off of these serpents heads and the information (true or otherwise) that they funneled back the reason for the recent resurgence in the anti nork rhetoric.

I do know one thing for a fact, and it may seem to be entirely unrelated to all of the above, but it isn’t.

I grew up in the discrete transistor and thermionic valve age, we had things like lathes for making one off’s and things like copy lathes for making many off, so I saw and lived through the introduction of the computer and digital ages.

The fact that I will give you is this, not myself, or anyone I knew, could have predicted that the outcome would be that we have ever more disinformation and ever less fact as time went on, in fact, this was the exact opposite outcome of everything we thought back then.

And so the seeds of bloody revolution and conflict are sown, and the committees of the world are aware of it, and seek to suppress and control and steer it.

It does not matter who you are or where in the world you are, true individuality and intellect are the enemy of the state, better to be a failed tenth rate jihadi, at least you will have *some* camaraderie and peers.

Burn baby burn.



April 17, 2017


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Trump appears to have now gone full retard, The Pentagon has been let off the leash and granted semi autonomy, about the only thing missing now is to send Angelina Jolie on a peace keeping mission to the Norks…

Meanwhile back here at home I am feeling more than somewhat conflicted and lethargic, I’ve had these periods before so I’m not worried about it, it’s just one of those can’t be fucked to give a fuck phases that cuts a little too deep and stops you doing the things you should be doing as well as the things you shouldn’t be doing..lol

A commenter in a previous post asks if I am seeing a rise in “scum” people, and a simple yes or no answer will do, he got an emphatic YES, and that in itself is symptomatic of things nowadays, there is no need or desire to go into reams of discussion regarding the minutiae of what does or does not constitute scumminess, environmental factors, and so on…

Meanwhile back in Nork land go pro action figure Mike Pence turns up for his photoshoot like a lost child on his first day in kindergarten, with his name sewn on to the front of his jacket in case he forgets who he is or gets lost on the way home to mommy MIC.

To his left are a politically correct black and white minstrel show, between them they look like they could just about muster enough brain power to tie their own boot laces, and to his right the re-animated and long presumed missing and dead Burt Kwouk / Kato, choosing his moment to loose an unexpected attack on Clouseau…

“Not now Kim Jong, you filthy yellow swine, can’t you see I’m on the telephone to the UN weapons Inspector?”

This was always my objection to the local amateur dramatic society, a bunch of fags and assholes putting on fourth rate productions of shit that is frankly old hat and well past its sell by date, but it’s now become the pinnacle of achievement for the MSM.

The MSM themselves are now not a million miles away from being one of Kim Jung’s PR flacks, not only does nobody have any idea what lies they are supposed to be telling this hour, they aren’t even sure what lies they are *not* supposed to be telling this hour, and trying to stick your tongue up your masters ass when he wants to sit down and get a blow job isn’t going to get you in his good books.

*THAT* is the big change I’ve seen since Trump got elected, and now it’s on like donkey kong, the MSM is running around like headless chickens, won’t someone please just tell them what lies to print, and stick with it, not change it every 15 minutes…

Shades of Sum Ting Wong and Wi Tu Lo, take another look at that fucking Mike Penis photo, if ever there was a guy prepared to sign off on a US$4 billion black ops / aid mission to Kekistan this is him… nothing at all to do with the yuuge light sweet crude reserves discovered off the coast of kekistan or the untapped uranium lying under the foothills of the Aligee mountain range…

You great unwashed, you lawyers, you judges, you local council employees, you politicians, you bankers, you media types, you all think you participate in and preside over some arcane secret club that nobody who is not both an insider and a believer can ever penetrate or understand, you utterly fail to grasp that to many of us we see the child whose face is covered in chocolate who denies eating it, the child holding the black marker who denies the scribbling on their brother, the child holding the scissors who denies giving the dog a haircut, and we just nod and say OK and turn our eyes to other things, because life is too short to pull out a blade and slit you from ear to ear for being a worthless lying cunt.

People who cannot swim attempting to demonstrate their mastery of all things by progressively destroying the ship we all float on.

You think you are a threat to me, or more powerful than me? You are, as long as the ship stays afloat, so all I have to do is nothing to contest your claims of being officers and crew, nod politely at the craptain should his gaze befall us, for we are not worthy to speak in his presence, much less be invited to dine at the craptain’s table, nor are we gravid and mercenary enough to take MBA management positions in the kitchens or keeping the shitters unblocked, content to carry out the “trash”, one sack of sealed empty HDPE perrier bottles is an island, and because it is *trash* none of you will want it until it is far far far too late.

In fifty years I have gone from a toddler in short pants and fuck all else into an adult that can no longer even begin to explain to the vast majority just how much basic “make and mend” knowledge that I have that they are not even aware of, much less the implications of same.

In SHTF post apocalyptic mad max worlds, which being brutally honest aren’t that different to any warzone from WW2 onwards, the last of the supercharged vee eight interceptors will make you a nice coffin and ensure your early death, the humble honda c90 will be the object of survival and desire, as well as the few tools and most importantly the skills required to maintain it.

The next level down is the humble pushbike, and it’s still a jetliner or spaceship compared to the Mk1 leg and foot, and even that here in this western utopia they either get maintained by one of the five local pushbike shops and fitters, or they go to landfill, because basically nobody can even maintain or fix a fucking pushbike.

I know of one of the last genuine honda c90’s bought new in this country, nobody knows how to maintain it or fix it, nor can they be bothered to take it to a dealer for service, so it’s dying, destined for the scrapyard in the sky, because while it runs nobody will sell it for anything less than 3x what it is worth, nor will they spend 0.05 times what it is worth and maintain the cunt, so it sits in a shed, dying slowly, because the 13 year old son wants it when he gets older, ignoring the facts that when he gets older he wouldn’t be seen dead on it, not cool enough, and in another 3 years or zero maintenance it will be that much closer to landfill status anyway.

I sit here and tell people it is in many ways vastly superior to my 1,700 cc hardly ableson, and at best they smile and thing the incredibly cool and delusional harley twat is just being polite, not that he would ever be seen dead on one in real life, completely missing the fact that the c90 is the one that stands the best chance of me not being seen dead, 90 miles from a gallon of any old gas and a steady 45/50 mph up hill and down dale from something light enough to push for 5 miles and quiet enough not to wake the neighbours at 3 am, but to them it is a piece of shit.

My 2002 harley twin cam is a big girl’s blouse, yeah, sure it is all kinds of fun and cool, but that shit only flies when everything is rosy in the garden, the humble honda c90 is a finely crafted utility / survival tool in an entirely different league.

Even fucking honda can’t sell c90’s any more, which is why they stopped selling them here years ago, “scooters” are no longer utilitarian reliable easy to fix cheap to run vehicles, in fact a lot of the 2017 models have as standard features that I could only dream of on my 2002 HD such as ABS and heated grips.

I suppose in a world where nobody is even capable or servicing their own pushbikes any longer, it’s no big deal to make scooters that are dealer only CANBUS controlled mobile computing devices, ain’t no fucker going to be running it in 20 years because not a one of them will be running in 20 years.

I know of one local-ish independent motorcycle mechanic, who like truck drivers and everyone else, is not “retiring”, he is just quitting the industry, fuck it, I’m outta here, the straw that broke the camel’s back for him was the diagnostic tablet computers plus adapter cables plus software updates for this years makes and models finally would have cost him more than this year’s rent on his workshop / premises. Game over man.

We literally have no way to go now but “moar” and forwards, and that is utterly dependent on effectively free fiat money and outsourced cheap disposable manufacturing in places one short missile hop away from NK.

We are flirting with the very thing I have warned about here time and time and time again, that the various levels of technology are like stall speed in an aircraft, get 0.0000001 mph below it and it transforms from an aircraft to a brick, there is no soft or gradual transition.

It’s all very well having the bread / milk / meat basket of the country around here with all the fields lying fallow in the belief that the “capacity” is there to reinstate that production, it’s another thing entirely to try and do it, especially when you are looking at 4/6/12 month lead times, and ain’t nobody gonna pull the trigger without guaranteed sales and guaranteed prices down the line, that’s assuming it only takes a signed contract to make it so, and not skilled workers and working equipment and infrastructure and so on…

… assuming you can go on fleabay and buy a herd of cattle for milk or meat, now is a bit late to be planning next winter’s feed and housing and so on for them, you can’t get a plane into the air one piece at at time, either the whole shebang goes v1, v2 rotate or nothing.. for values of nothing that include a smoking ruin at the end of the runway that just ate all your capital expenditure…

Never mind, here come the nice people from the guvvmint / MIC, and they are here to help….

April 15, 2017

it’s a sickness I tell you.

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One thing the internet didn’t change was physical proximity, sure, with the advent of the internet I could virtually meet and interact with people I would never have met otherwise, and at times some of those meetings turned into long lasting friendships or sexual relationships, but until and unless one or both of you moved, the physical real world distance between you did not change.

I’m going to use The Register as an example because I have known it since the days it was a weekly electronic newsletter, and boy has it ever changed over the years…. gone is the irreverent intelligent inquiring techy insider groove, nowadays it’s unreadable unbearable achingly politically correct LGBTQ+ rights pap that looks and feels and sounds like siblings of jalponik or huffington or wired.

London, or lahndahn depending on your accent, was once all cockney jive and blitz spirit and the gezzer in the camel hair coat has got the hump with me and you’re having a fucking laugh mate.

London now is unbearably achingly politically correct LGBTQ+ gender unified toilet bowl with a broken flush handle.

I and others talked years ago about the rise of the meme, but this goes way way way beyond that, and it opens intellectual doors into subjects such as the spread of religion and groupthink and common identities.

You don’t have to go far to find traditional salt of the earth / pain in the ass original dyed in the wool 100% genuine cockney types, they’ve moved out of cockneyland, didn’t feel like it was home or they were welcome, so now they inhabit the home counties and south coast like shell shocked displaced refugees.

Their place taken by yet more right on achingly politically correct types.

In case I am not being sufficiently clear, I’m talking about positive feedback loops and reinforcements and correlations between physical locations and general mindsets and attitudes…

Nobody at The Register would even begin to comprehend what I am talking about when I say the every single article now is dripping with hip anti male anti tradition anti fact anti intellect politically correct hipster vibe, and if it was presented to them well I’m clearly just a retarded misogynistic dinosaur and thank fuck I don’t live near them, or their children…

Because nobody at The Register can go outside their doors and meet anyone different to themselves, ditto the Guardian and the Times and the BBC and so on, and on larger scales ditto Londonistan or Sweden or DC…

When I grew up regional differences were proprietary and affectionate, Kiwis and Oztralians could rip the shit out of their slightly retarded neighbours and tell jokes about each other and hey her father shook my hand when I brought her back, most of the other blokes left her in the tree eh… but you come in as an outsider, even an ethnically and culturally similar outsider like a Pom, and start taking the piss out of one side in front of the other and it’s all hey mate, sit your ass down and shuttup and have a beer and chill, you’re not part of this.

Yanks and Canucks, English and French, Norwegians and Finns, the beat went on, because the ironic thing was that while you could stand outside any of these regions and cultures, and point at their obvious characteristics and so on (the oztralians are all sheep shagging ex convicts, as opposed to the kiwis who were all just sheep shaggers..) the minute you actually crossed the borders INTO those countries it was like the difference between being in a boat looking down at the sea and being underwater looking up at the sky, everything changed.

Suddenly the stereotype was nowhere to be seen, and what you were presented with on the ground was a vast rainbow array of individual thoughts and beliefs and attitudes and likes and dislikes, the irony of irony was that what we had back then was true multiculturalism and rainbox hued attitudes, all within the microcosmos of each country and people.

Culture shock was when you noticed jarring differences between one culture and another, BECAUSE SO MUCH ELSE WAS SO SIMILAR, there is a really rich tapestry of people and such variety and such vibracy and then SCREEECH you go from the bar to the toilets in the French bar and find there is one unisex toilet with men and women using it together and washing their hands together at the sinks.

Now, now it’s all gone, in the age of “multiculturalism” it’s like that rich rainbow tapestry has been destroyed, think swirling vibrant coloured liquids in a jar, and now someone has come along and drop by drop added some reagent and that beautiful swirls has separated out into disparate layers that no longer mix, like oil and water, even when you try to stir them up together you just get a dirty emulsion, that over time will separate again into separate mutually toxic layers.

THIS is the meme mental illness that has befallen us all.

Gone, *utterly* is the affectionate regard for the “whingeing pom” who emigrated in 20 years ago being told to wind his fucking neck in, the guys on the east side of the river and the guys on the west side of the river have been doing this rivalry since their great great grandparents landed and planted the first fruit trees, so grab a beer and siddown and keep your nose out of it.

Hey, at least he still lives *here* so he is a better breed of man than those whingeing bastards a thousand miles south in Sidney eh, give him another twenty years here and I may even buy the bastard a beer… laughs all around.

So we had the National Front and then we had the English Defence league, and so on and so on and so on, and we have the bulk of ordinary working whites who voted for Trump, and every time they all get betrayed, because, you know those people are all fucking deplorable, and the distillation and separation process proceeds, now we are belling white kids in a white country who feel like second class citizens and foreigners in their own country.

I have mentioned here before in this blog, if you want to have you mind fucking blown go out and do what it takes for a group of local 14 year old kids / boys to talk to you openly and tell you about wimminz.

If you want it really blown talk to the same kids about the non whites and muslims and so on in our midst.

I’ve talked to them and tried to explain that skin colour similarities aside, the lone sikh whose dad runs the grocery shop, he has more in common and more history in common with traditional english culture than all of the others put together.

Fuck him, he ain’t one of us.

But he ain’t one of them either.

Don’t give a fuck, he ain’t one of us, so he’s a fucking animal same as them.

We’ve got there, 200 miles away in Londonistan we have a politically correct hell hole, and down here we have the next generation expressing well held beliefs that if you’re not white you’re subhuman.

Thanks to piss poor education they know nothing but a little skewed propaganda about Hitler, propaganda that was supposed to make Hitler revolting, these kids lap it up, whites first, fuck yeah, this Hitler dude knew what the fuck he was doing.

Tell them about eugenics and social darwinism and the rockerfeller foundation funding all this shit in the 1930’s and the smartphones come out and they start googling it.

Fuck yeah.

So, the premise of this piece, those who live geographically close to each other share a common set of mental delusions, which may or may not be more or less valid than those held by people living in another region, the important point is the separation and stratification and distilling of differences.

From there, the end result is inevitable… it will be guerilla war, one whole class of people without any central command or organization or nervous system saying fuck it and flipping from one state to another, and I can tell you now they will be all “well, the fucking muslims started it, and the so called fucking peaceful muslims didn’t fucking stop it” and everyone who objects is going to be non white or a quisling collaborator and fuck you all you’re all subhuman anyway.

And it won’t be Bosnia where Raytheon corp and others can play games and demo weapons and contain everything, when any northern eurpoean country goes, they all go.

I don’t give a fuck, I’m white.

When it comes to sheer brutality and violence when unleashed the white man is the T14 tank with his mates the T90 you see me rollin’ bruv….. everyone else on the planet, fucking trabants and datsun sunny’s and teslas.

The last thing anyone should ever do is wake up that monster that sleeps within the breast of the white man.

Its definition of “win” is not the same as yours, and it will win at *any* cost, because the greater the cost the greater the fervour and enjoyment and positive feedback.

The old real multicultural rainbow societies we had kept it comatose, the new stratified and segmented meme park we have now are just setting the stage for it to wake up.


PS. I don’t give a fuck if the donald is all white power gung ho might is right bomb everything fuck yeah… IF HE COULD WALK THE WALK and IF the US MIC machine could walk the walk.

It can’t and he can’t, it’s not a walk done with crew served weapons, it’s a walk done door to door, hedge to hedge, wall to wall, and maim then torture then kill everything that isn’t “me/us”… nukes may kill everything, but they won’t satiate the beast.

75 years ago the Japanese feared that all they had done was wake the sleeping beast (not the US, the round eye) , they didn’t, it never got that far.

Contrary to what many will say, I do not think the real danger here is an exchange of nuclear weapons on a small scale, I think the real danger is traditional land warfare, that’s what will wake the beast.

April 14, 2017

Might makes right.

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I could grab three or four 5 year olds and do anything I like to or with them, in the words of the Borg, resistance would be futile.

Or I could grab three or four five year olds and lie to and deceive and manipulate them at every turn, as a means to an end of doing the exact same things to and with them as in the first scenario.

The abuses perpetrated against the children are identical, the only difference is one abuser does it openly, fuck you, and the other does it deviously, fuck you.

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump have a lot in common, as do the above two scenarios, and no prizes for guessing which is which, but the point here is which one is powerful and honest, and which one is powerful and deceitful, and which is worse.

Stating openly that I intend to kill every child under ten born on a saturday or sunday and then doing it is honest, and it is an important point, honesty is truth, and there is no connection whatsoever between honesty and good…

Neither of the scenarios above are good, but one of them is at least honest, so we have a choice between honest evil and deceitful evil.

Which is worse?

A young girl was recently sterilised, this was necessary because of cancer, so she had a hysterectomy, in shades of dark greek humour this doesn’t mean she had her hysteria removed, it means, depending on the type of hysterectomy, she had her uterus removed, all the way up to having everything removed, in her case it was everything.

Life saving.

Cancer removing.

You’ll never have kids, but then again without it, you’ll die so you’ll never have kids.

Sounds all honest and good doesn’t it.

And so it was, until some potential rapist born with a penis knows nothing about wimminz anatomy male relative of the girl started asking questions, educating himself, he soon came up with two significant questions.

The first question he asked was were the ovaries like the testes, and the source of hormones, and if so did the fact that they have been removed mean the girl now needs to be given hormones so her mind and body and so on can continue to develop normally.

At this point the doctors and clinicians and patient managers are all still on board with this guy, you’ll forgive me for saying that this is because his questions coincide with ongoing treatment of the patient, which means ongoing revenue.

And then he asked his second question.

What happened to her eggs?

Because unlike males who produce millions of sperm for much of their lives, females are born with all the eggs they will ever have.

He didn’t trust the “medical waste is disposed of” and could not get an actual statement of fact guaranteeing that the definition of disposal did not involve more money changing hands, and instead meant fed into a furnace… so he got escorted off the premises in handcuffs by the po-po.

Now social services are wondering aloud whether his interest in the girl’s fertility is a pretext for sexual intercourse with zero possibility of getting caught via pregnancy etc, and moves are being made to exclude him, on pain of jail time, from being within 100 metres of the girl.

You see the parallels to the two scenarios that started this post…

Honest evil vs deceitful evil, which is worse?

And which is *truly* powerful within their own domain?

London is further away from me than all the high tech industrial capacity of south korea is from the norks, and Scotland is further away from me than all the high tech industrial capacity of Japan, or come to that Hebei / Shandong / Jianxu provinces of China, ditto the high tech manufacturing thing.

Walk about this room I am sitting in and say that, and that, and that, and that, and that, and that, and that, and that, and so on for several more lines, all shit manufactured in one of these three places.

What a great place to start a conventional war, much less a nuclear one, what possible consequences could it have back home here in the west?

Trump is like those doctors, hey, bigly praise me for saving your beautiful blonde baby girls life, and when you question what happened to her eggs, then you’re just another fucking Kim Jung to be called a potential child rapist and nuked.

I said at the beginning, who knows, wait and see and judge the man by his actions, well, I waited, I have seen enough, for me nothing can excuse or atone for or adequately explain his actions to date.

Meet the new MIC boss, same as the old MIC boss.

I’m officially offering sanctuary to up to a dozen hot nork females between the ages of 16 and 20, get it while your homeland ain’t radioactive hot.


April 11, 2017

PC problems as symptomatic of wider issues.

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I was going to do something about the film Simone (2002) and how people believe what they see without critical analysis (unprotected doctors handling “sarin victims” in Syria recently) so if you have the technology even if you never went near any ten year old kids you could be shown a film of you fucking ten year old kids, now do this, or it gets released…

But… PC’s….


This group of people run PC’s daily, they are leery of websites and executables, leery of accepting or opening or running other people’s files, even if the other people in question claim to be Microsoft or Lloyds Bank or Sony (even if they *are*..lol) leery of letting anyone else access or use their computers, and as/ when / if things go wrong they have backup and recovery solutions in place so the worst that happens is they lose a day’s worth of productivity or data.


This group of people pride themselves on knowing more than most other people, and they often spend a lot of their time “fixing” other people’s computers, and a lot of time trying to make their own computers do what they want them to do, with varying levels of success, and so on.


This group of people see the computer as a tool, nothing more, and since it is a solid state device and doesn’t have any moving parts, like a brick, it should be as reliable as a brick, they don’t know much about what goes on inside, nor do they need to, the job of the OS is to ensure they can do what they want without learning everything.


This group of people see the computer as an essential, but also a fashion accessory, it is very important that the peer group approve of the purchase, if many of your friends own a PS$, you won’t be considering an Xbox.


The infernal device, this group of people see the computer as some sort of infernal device that they have no choice but to use, but a device that seems designed to thwart or make as difficult as possible everything they try to do.


This group of people is the IT Professional, they actually earn money from the day job maintaining and fixing PC’s, of course it is like painting the Forth Bridge, a never ending job.

So, six categories, and you can make the valid argument that the categories themselves are rubbish, nevertheless you can put almost everyone into at least one of the six categories.

So what?

Category 1 is people like me, it’s no coincidence we also drive 700 quid cars and can’t remember the last time we broke down, it’s no coincidence we routinely fix things in the home rather than throwing them away, and it’s no coincidence that when we see “doctors” with bare skin handling people who have just been dosed with sarin that we know for a scientific fact that the video is fake.

Category 2 is proof that in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king, category 1 people know that category 2 people can fuck up a computer worse than anyone else, and when they do it won’t be their fault, it will be russian hackers installing a rootkit, or crappy microsoft programmers or stupid lusers.

Category 3 is the bulk of people, often customers of category 2, it’s just a tool they use, whether it is at work or to skype the grandkids, they have no more interest in it than they do in the TV, it should just work and when it doesn’t it is because it is crap.

Category 4 virtue signal, I have an iPhone x because it is the best device on the market bar none, and the best people use them, and if there is anything that it can’t do then that just gets ratified away as a symptom of the superiority of the device.

Category 5 is the small but significant group of people who manage to break everything, but do so in ways that shouldn’t break anything, after all, all they did was click yes on a dialogue box or delete a folder that they simply did not need or use (C:/windows) to free up disk space, or fail to understand why word is the wrong tool to edit a jpeg.

Category 6 is the small but significant group of people who deal with all the others, and in shades of it being hard to get a man to see something that his salary depends upon him not seeing, *effective* education and training is nowhere on the agenda, rather they are a people who have learned the company song and mantra, and after all, they do this for a living… natch.

You can see where I’m going with this, category 1 is the only one that should be allowed to vote, category 2 is local and national government and bankers and so on, category 3 is your average voter / citizen… the beat goes on.

The thing is, it’s not about PC’s, back in the days of the horse and cart these same people would be in the same categories having the same issues.

It’s one of the reasons I got out of the PC business (I used to own and run a small but successful PC business, before that I was a small but successful ISP) , category 2 were the worst customers, the laptop died and the thesis has to be printed and submitted in 24 hours and I don’t expect to pay more than 20 quid for this, category 3 never understood what had gone wrong, and didn’t want to know, and didn’t want to pay, category 4 I refused to even entertain as customers, they’d never be happy, so go back to Apple / Sony / whatever…  category 5 always thought the bill was too high, after all, they didn’t do anything to break anything, so what if they handed you a brick, category 6 could be good customers, once you identified their own personal belief structures and conformed to them… category 1 was what you lived for, they were often just too busy, and while you’re in there upgrade everything or build me a new whatever, here’s the money, great job, thanks.

But these categories hold true across boundaries no matter what trade or business you are in, you see, it occurs to me that my earlier attempt to categorise the wimminz by appearance, eg;

dyed red hair – run away
asymmetric hair style – run away
big hoopy earrings – run away
tatts – run away

…doesn’t go far enough in 2017, I need something to categorise all peoples, all individuals, preferably at a distance, and a method that doesn’t give the game away that what I am doing is categorising them.

Category 5 – is this the right category for those who voted for Trump and believed everything and now feel betrayed? Or is there a bit of 3 and a bit of 6 in there too?

Trump hisself is cat 2 or cat 6, the jury is out, his jew boy son in law and useless daughter are both cat 2, no doubt about that… perhaps the act of going in to politics itself is a signal of moving from cat 6 to cat 2…

All my real life personal friends are cat 1, no doubt at all about that.

The psycho skank ho ex’s, cat 2

The current squeeze’s ex, cat 3, their kids, cat 4 (most kids nowadays are cat 4)

Rapefugees and all religious fundies, cat 5, destined to break so much stuff along they way the only certainty is they will never even approach their stated goals, nor address that disparity.

It’s a thought experiment / work in progress.

r/K isn’t fine grained enough for my tastes.


April 10, 2017

Driverless vehicles

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In pursuance of a couple of comments and the post over at ZH http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-09/second-order-consequences-self-driving-vehicles

If this is an example of an educated and intelligent article, I’d sure hate to have to read a dumb one.

Invoking Sagan again, one of the problems is that people commenting and making laws know nothing about vehicles, holding a driving licence doesn’t make you an expert, even if you can quote top gear style specs and numbers about why one car is “better” than another.

IN the 21st century one of the ways you monetise things is to make them unique, and not standard, which is why the new Triumph Bobber has a new and unique rear tyre size, which is why just about every car on the road has a unique tyre size, which is why newly released models often have brand new unique tyre sizes.

From the engineering perspective there is precisely zero justification, one 12″ rim size, one 14″ rim size, one 16″ rim size and one 18″ rim size would cover 99.9% of automobiles, yes, just 4 universal tyre sizes would cover 99.9% of automobiles, and to stop this post being 30,000 words long just let me say that if you dispute this then you lack the engineering background to have a valid opinion.

Within each of these 4 tyre sizes you could have some variations, the 16″ Kumho for the budget minded, the 16″ Metzeler for the performance minded, the 16″ Dunlop for light vans and so on.

Maserati would ship alloy wheels, Ford would ship steel wheels…

Of course all of these standard wheels would also have standard stud sizes and placement, fuck it, it’s good enough for light bulbs and spark plugs and tyre inflators and CD sizes and mains plugs and screw threads and everything else on the planet designed to be interoperable, as opposed to everything on the planet designed to not be interoperable.

Just recently I waited until the MOT to decide to buy four new tyres for the old Volvo estate car I own, because they won’t fit the Kia estate car that I own, so if I purchased them before and the car failed the MOT badly I’m the owner of 4 brand new tyres on a scrap car.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have an issue with the “freedom” we have in which manufacturers can create artificial scarcity in this way and sell it as individuality, I’m merely making a point.

Because it leads nicely into the point that driverless cars (and all the tesla autopilot youtube vids) all talk about exactly the same thing, one human being on a commute to work.

Sure, lots of people do that, *lots* of people, but the fact remains none of them know anything about other road users, so they see everyone else as a “driver” just like them, and every other driving task as a commute just like theirs.

Go ahead, get rid of the fucking monkey in the truck cab, I dare you to be the first or second or tenth company to do it, because you’ll cease trading, and shortly after you’ll discover that the actual driving was the least of the jobs the fucking monkey did… if you doubt me go find a trucker on a break, buy him a coffee and ask him to list the things a computer behind the wheel cannot do that he has to do… his break will end before he has even gotten started.

That robot going to ratchet strap down the load? Going to couple and uncouple the trailer? Going to fuel the vehicle and do tyre and chassis checks? Going to close and seal the curtainsides? Going to connect and disconnect the hoses for tankers? Going to load and unload a bulk tipper? Going to eyeball the ground and see where to drive and see where to place the hiab pads for construction?

Sure, there are technological solutions for all of these, and by the time you’ve implemented them your 250,000 buck rig has turned into a 2.5 million buck rig, with a zillion more things to go wrong, and who is going to pay for it?

You going to have robots changing flats beside the road?

You going to have robots driving recovery vehicles and loading other robot cars when they break down?

You going to have a robot driving a police car? or a Fire engine? or an ambulance? You going to have robots driving cash and bullion around? You going to have robots securing the load of VSOP brandy and 80″ TV’s from thieves?

Until you perfect that the robots running driverless commuter cars have to deal with all of the above…. and there is the problem.

It’s shades of the old joke about the irish deciding to switch to driving on the right to be in line with the rest of europe, next week all the cars will start driving on the right, and if that works then a couple of weeks later the buses and lorries will drive on the right too.

Without in any way whatsoever wishing to minimise the technical achievements of Tesla and their autopilot, you only have to look at computer security to know that collision avoidance is one of the simpler challenges, onstar and other systems have already been remotely hacked live on video and instructions sent to brakes and steering and ECU, and this is still in the realms of child’s play, even when it comes to remote assassination, it’s still child’s play.

Many years ago I saw a demonstration of hypnosis, it was very interesting, it involved three chairs in a line, and the subject being told that only the outer two existed, which they agreed with, there were only two chairs in the room, yet when told to go from one chair to another they detoured around the non-existent chair rather than walk into it and trip over, the really interesting part was the explanations for the detour when asked, everything from outright denial that there was a detour, to “I just didn’t feel like walking in a straight line, my bum is sore”

A computer however will intimately believe anything it is told, and it will totally disregard any input that says differently, today we have CNC machines that cost more than new trucks, and guess what the operators main job is?

To prevent “machine crashes” which is one part of the machine moving in a way that interferes or intersects with something else in ways that things break or get bent and twisted.

Put all autonomous vehicles on the road and it will be a matter of weeks before griefers set up cameras to catch the twelve johnnycabs all trying to park in the same space, or to drive down the causeway when then tide is in, or to endlessly circle a roundabout and block all other traffic from entering it, or to drive line abreast down a motorway at 7 mph, the possibilities are endless, and you don’t even need to be in the same country to do it.

STUXNET anyone?

Truck BGD54FD6 you are not travelling at 90 mph down the motorway, you are talking to forklift JUG%&$$ so open curtainsides and use motorised floor to deploy palettes in bays 3 5 9 and 10 sideways 1 metre.

Keyboard not detected, please press F1 to continue.

Yesterday I updated both the main PC and the headless NAS box from Win10 to the latest Win10 insider, it went Ok on the main PC, reboots three times then asks me to click a bunch of shit and login, the headless NAS box just sits there, so I have to connect a keyboard and monitor and click through until I can RDP and deploy O&O’s OOSU10.exe to disable all the telemetry and tracking.

When it comes to vehicles code and firmware is something that is locked down, you can’t just update it yourself to fix bugs and create new ones, it’s factory tech only stuff, so like John Deere (very very very close to autonomous vehicles at the high end of the product scale) you get a situation where the vehicle stops working until you get the factory tech out, because your 12 month software licence has expired, and it’s only tens of thousands of dollars to get a tech out to approve you changing the headlamp bulb or oil yourself, so what happens, everyone is buying dodgy software from the east for a few hundred bucks that bypasses the factory shit and resets stuff any way you like.

A “tuner” nowadays is someone who looks at a spreadsheet and alters individual cells and then re-uploads it.

People routinely game the systems they have now to get 5 bhp more or make the courtesy lights flash or stay on 10 seconds longer etc.

You think they aren’t going to game the systems on autonomous cars to make them accelerate 0.01 seconds after the light goes green, or to put the hammer down if they are within 100 metres of a light that goes red, or disable the subroutine that looks for double yellow lines and no parking signs so that the car will stop where they want…

Let’s not forget who owns Tesla’s now, forget the whole early adopter thing, these aren’t people at the cutting edge, these are primarily people who are WEALTHY enough to not have to do basic TCO per mile travelled math.

I know there is an argument that what is new in todays S class Mercedes becomes standard in a Ford in 15 years time, and it is a valid argument as far as it goes, but the fact is that like living in London or DC and thinking you know about socio-econo-politico stuff country wide is a fallacy, it’s also a fallacy to assume that this drip down shit covers 99% of the population.

I drive a car I paid £600 for two years ago, it was old then but it does everything every other car on the road does, and it does it just as well.

Before that was an old W124 merc diesel I paid £700 for, before than was an old Renault diesel I paid £450 for, before than an old pug diesel I paid £375 for, and we are back about 15 years now.

I don’t have any huge love of diesels over petrol, but if a diesel starts easily and quietly cold there ain’t that much wrong with it, and all of these cars are of the type where the diesel is simpler than the petrol version, no HT systems, no plugs, no dizzy, not talking this modern common rail diesel crap.

My old volvo diesel doesn’t have adaptive cruise control, which is a toy that I do like, nevertheless I am able to maintain a constant speed on the roads (something few others seem capable of) and I can stay within my lane with out weaving (ditto) without lane assist and I can park (ditto) without park assist, and I can take away on a slope without hill assist, I can remember to turn the lights on when it gets dark and the wiper on when it gets wet.

I’ve been running “500 quid bangers” for twenty years, and never broken down, and yet I do an average amount of private mileage, and I know everyone claims they are a great driver, but I am smooth, smooth enough other drivers who can’t ever sleep in a car fall asleep in mine and wake up two hours later one mile from their destination, and as anyone who can actually drive knows, smooth is not slow.

I can drive because I understand the mechanical elements of a car, the clutch plate pressure determines the amount of torque being transmitted, not the engine rpm, and because I have never been so wealthy as to see a car as a disposable item like a bic lighter, and because to me a car that I cannot get in to in 2 minutes and drive 1000 miles if need be is fucking useless to me.

You see how I differ from the Tesla owner.

I used to run a blog years ago, it was a technical blog, it eventually died a death because nobody is technical and nobody wants to hear physical law and fact and science.

Back then I stated that (from memory) 25 kwh per person per diem was the *minimum* energy budget for civilisation, and when you looked at petrol and diesel and domestic mains gas and domestic electric and off peak electric used to charge lead acid batteries overnight that were inverted back to mains power for daytime consumption, it was all pretty much even, a kwh of energy cost you around 10p, and in fact it did not make any difference what form you bought it in, and that make perfect sense, if mains gas was 2p per kwh just buy a propane diesel gen set and sell electric back to the grid, or charge you batteries overnight at off peak rates and invert it and sell it back at daytime rates.

Don’t forget I gre up off grid with gas fridges and so on.

None of these proposals were break even.

Diesel is a shit way to power a radio, mains gas is a shit way to power a food mixer, mains electric is a shit way to etc etc etc.

I also went into some details about the essential differences between a fuel, and energy source, and an energy storage system.

Wood, coal and diesel are fuels.

Hydrogen and solar and energy sources.

Batteries capacitors flywheels and dams are energy storage systems.

If it’s a mechanical thing like a saw or a lathe, and it is static, electricity from the mains is a no brainer way to power it.

If it’s a mobile thing like a truck, then it needs to run either directly from a fuel or from an energy storage system that is as energy dense as fuel, clue, there aren’t any.

NOTHING in an autonomous vehicle is inherently going to make it more energy efficient than a traditional vehicle like my 15 year old volvo diesel.

NOTHING in an autonomous vehicle system is inherently going to make it a safer or a better driver than me.

NOTHING in an autonomous vehicle system is inherently open to influence from personal injury, personal financial losses, or personal liberty losses.

NOTHING in an autonomous vehicle system is inherently open to self improvement, experience based learning, training or situational awareness adaptation (fuck me that truck driver is on the pavement mowing down peds)

Railways are a case in point, at a stroke they remove 99% of the issues that face a vehicle that never leaves tarmac, there is no steering wheel, no merging, no random last minute opportunistic journeys to the beach or the shop for more mile before it closes, so when the railways are 100% autonomous you may have somewhere to go, but they will be like the CNC machine for airplanes, they will have SKILLED, TRAINED, SPECIALIST operators.

WITHOUT EXCEPTION, every single “problem” facing road traffic today could be cured before the end of 2017, the modern GPS linked tacho in every vehicle, download it once a week or face a fine of 50,000 dollars and licence suspension, the downloaded data is analysed, you did 38 mph in a 20, instant fine and points, sorry buddy, your smartcard licence isn’t being renewed this week, so NO vehicle will start for you.

Note *EXTREMELY* well that without exception autonomous CARS are being marketed, not autonomous driving robots that you can pull like a cartridge from one vehicle and plug into any other vehicle.

This is tyres all over again.


So, as always (same as Trumps latest shit in Syria) if you want to know what is going down look at ACTIONS and FOLLOW THE FUCKING MONEY, own a Tesla, only Tesla can work on it, and you “own” it the same way you “own” an iPhone, eg you don’t, you have a licence that the actual owner can revoke on a whim, and meantime your ass just got monetised.

Monetary streams DO get mandated in law to protect and support them, look at obummercare for a great example, or simple taxation to feed the state, here in the UK we have fuel duty and vehicle excise duty and road tax and parking permits and all the rest of it, and insurance (why would anyone need insurance for an autonomous car, they aren’t the fucking driver, and if it is under licence like Tesla, they aren’t the fucking owner either) none of which gets spent on the fucking roads…

So places like Londonistan with it’s congestion zones and relative wealth is ideal autonomous car territory, you can tax the fuck out of everyone else to make them seem more economically viable, hell, the world’s older by several decades 100% pure electric vehicle makes, Smiths, does a roaring trade in London supplying electric 3.5 and 7.5 tonne commercial vehicles to people like the post office and supermarkets.

Out here in bum fuck nowhere “here be dragons” rural areas 200 miles from the crapital, not so much.

Don’t think of autonomous vehicles like the digital revolution superseding the analogue and making the old stuff literally obsolete, not saying that such is not technically feasible, but today in 2017 when people talk about autonomous vehicles they are talking about johnnycab and the autonomous rich bastard’s tesla or s-class, not the proles, not the multi drop curtainsider, not the bulk tanker or bulk tipper, not the fire engines, not the recovery vehicles, not the old shit.

Make the Londonsitan congestion zone autonomous only or chauffeur driven only, you got a commercial market right there.

Then you’ll get what you had back in the day, fish, meat, vegetables and everything else gets delivered and distributed overnight by scum manual labour workers, never to be seen past 7 am by the suited and bowler hatted.

A proper driving test and proper driver training and ongoing in cab monitoring (it’s here today with trucks and electronic tachos plus that even monitor axle weights, engine temps and fuel consumption) is the CHEAPEST solution, because that driver can get in ANY low tech vehicle.

Look at what UPS do, routes planned so you don’t turn across traffic, etc etc etc. Just a screen and a voice and a 3g connection to manage control and instruct the meat robot, minute by minute, through the day.

Go back and read the four red paras above, autonomous vehicles are no more than smartphones creating a new market for themselves.

WE should be having Nokia 33x’s being made today that blow away anything made back then, so we should be seeing 120 days standby and 5 days talk time and voice activation and yes you can text as well as do voice.

Why not?

It would kill the smartphone market, same way landlords would rather have empty properties rather than mark to market meaning they have to reduce rents for the rest of the tenants.

Ain’t nothing today to do as I do, a buy a 700 quid car that you can get 100k miles out of for next to nothing and that does everything any other car does, *that* is what the autonomous car thing is all about, creating scarcity where none exists.

Like “Patriot Act” and “Homeland Security” and so on, the thing it says on the tin is the very last thing it is all about.

How the FUCK is a tesla or a s-class or a john deere “autonomous” if it’s tied by a digital umbilical cord to the fucking mothership?

Hello F35.

An AK47, now that’s autonomous motherfucker, in itself it works just as well in the hands of a ten year old black kid as the hands on an elite marine… and ain’t no way to shut it down.

You know, I *love* the Saturn V, but you really have to hand it to the Sea Dragon, bigger, better, badder, cheaper, low tech.

No money there for the Raytheons and Boeings of this world though.

April 8, 2017

For those in peril on the sea

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For most of my life, I would happily say that the only charity I would give any money to was the RNLI / lifeboats, and I’d give regularly, always small amounts, but very very regularly “put the change in the lifeboat” sort of stuff.

I stopped some years ago when they started allowing and encouraging wimminz to be lifeboat crews, I really don’t give a fuck if they are in the office or behind the scenes but the cunts have no place at the cutting edge of sea rescue, they don’t have the strength or stamina… bear in mind 99.9% of the male crew do manual labour so they are all about twice as fit and strong as you’d expect from the average guy of the same age.

Now this.


So some worthless empire building pen pushing cunt in an office decides to discipline an unpaid volunteer with 20 years service because said volunteer broke a couple of pathetic rules made by said pencil necked worthless cunts in offices and took an inflatable rib out single handed to help a guy with engine difficulties and give him a tow, in calm weather it has to be said.

So instead of making a drama out of nothing much and instead of getting a few of his volunteer unpaid mates to drop tools at their job he just goes out and does it himself, with just him and his 20 years of volunteer service to make that judgement call.

So some worthless cunt in an office decides to discipline an unpaid volunteer, and the entire station crew of 25 other unpaid volunteers react to this by saying FUCK YOU! to the RNLI and walk out en masse… he was their coxswain, the man in charge of the boat and their lives every time they went out as unpaid volunteers.

I could see it coming, back a bit in my then day job as the cisco kid one of the many venues I used to call at were the lifeboat stations, and it was always upgrading the comms.

A system that worked perfectly well for 100 years with technology like a single phone line to the station and a single siren in the station to call the volunteers (with the volunteers themselves working out their own rotas so there was always a full crew plus 3 in earshot of the siren) went all high tech a 10 or 100 mbit fibre connection, and the story was all about increasing efficiency and so on, and then you see all the VPN tunnels going in to remotely monitor CCTV cameras and doors opening and RFID tagging of everything from the boats on down, and you just don’t buy one iota of it, and you are just reassured that your years earlier decision to stop giving to the bastards when they put wimminz on the front line crews and in the stations was 100% correct.

For the past 15 to 20 years lifeboat crews were treated exactly like fathers in secret family courts, it was only the dignity and good nature and masculine provider / carer instincts that kept people coming back for more and more and more and doing the job because it needed to be done and simply doing the job itself was reward enough (it wasn’t for many, I knew lifeboatmen, they all paid a heavy emotional price for doing the job, for values of job that equal unpaid volunteers) but like the family courts these cunts keep pushing and keep pushing, now you have an entire fucking station crew walking out, something that has never happened since the service was founded in 1824.

A volunteer service life the lifeboats in an offshore island like St Helier isn’t *a* canary in a coal mine, it’s the last cananry alive anywhere, and it just fell off its perch.

If you think there is no connection between this and Trump bombing Assad, you aren’t paying attention, it’s all part of the same continuum and ethos that passes for culture now.

Trust me, when an entire station full of hardy and utterly selfless volunteers walks out in support of a colleague they feel has been unfairly dismissed, things are as serious as they can get.

Not only the salaried pencil necked office cunt, but EVERYONE in that salaried office and EVERYONE in the salaried command chain all the way to and including the top would have to fall on their swords go tomorrow to fix this, and we all know the chances of that happening are zero.

So long lifeboatmen (for it was always always always the crew that *made* the service) it’s been good knowing you, and the buggy whip, and all that… from one ex sailor, I salute you.

It’s complicated.

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I’ve always refused to have a fuckbook account myself, but I was reminded today that many years ago I created one for work, and it was associated with a “throwaway” email address that I still happen to use… as in I checked it today as I was wondering if I still had an email address for someone in that account…

… only to see a notification from fuckbook that three people has apparently accepted my friends request, good because I haven’t signed into that account for at least five years, and bad because two of them are ex fucks…

So I fire up a clean session in a limited browser and sign in, and while I am there I decide to go through my old conquests lists, or at least those for whom I had a genuine first and last name.

Bear in mind some of these go back, seven, eight, nine, ten years.

Yup, they ALL have fucking fuckbook profiles, and while a couple are “minimal” so you actually can’t tell much, the rest are pretty much all “it’s complicated”.

Now, while I will be the first to admit that I am no spring chicken, and while I may make all sorts of claims about ageing well, the fact is I am mid / late fifties, not some eternally young and good looking and able to fuck anything stud.

However, these were all wimminz that at one time I saw fit to empty my balls into, and some of them regularly, and the intervening period has been exactly, to the fucking picosecond, as long for them as it has for me.

Talk about Aleppo after the bombs have fallen, fuck me, the homely dirty fuck me sexy ones look like they have aged 30 years, the big titted ones look like they have melted in the heat and are sagging all over, the housewife next door ones now look like the granny next door, and the fucking teeny ones now look like they should be in madame tussauds, slutty skank with a beer belly section.

I’m not talking I wouldn’t want to fuck them now, I’m not talking maybe my rose tinted glasses betray me, I’m talking I have pictures of these skanks from back in the day and I’m sitting here wondering how it is possible for *all* of these wimminz to have aged so dramatically and so badly in such a few intervening years.

Having only lived this life I have no idea if what I am seeing and feeling is a thing common to all men of a certain age, but I’m minded of the old CRT TV’s where when you turned the power off the picture shrank to a horizontal line that then shrank to a dot that faded out, and I’m finding the same thing with wimminz, the range that I find sexually attractive is rapidly diminishing, with the given exception of pretty much anything that’s sweet sixteen as the song goes, the definition of hot is narrowing rapidly.

Like I say, I have no way of knowing if this is a function of my own advancing years and biology, or if there is a change in the wimminz on such a scale, or maybe a bit of both.

Google image search and looking at photos taken in the seventies and eighties would strongly suggest to me that at best it is a bit of both, and at worst only party a function of my advancing years.

Go on, do a google image search for “girls in 1970”.. I’m scrolling way way way down the page before finding anything I would not hit today…. there isn’t a lardass to be seen anywhere.

Do the same for 1980 and some of the hair got totally fucked up but pretty much fuckable across the board and nary a land whale to be seen.

Do the same for 1990 and it’s all change, some of them look like someone just stuck a cactus up their ass, it’s all open mouthed pouting and posturing, waistlines have pretty much disappeared, and of course all the facial expressions have morphed into the “I wanna be a meth head” crazed shit we now accept as the normal resting facial expression of the skanky wimminz.

Do the same for 2000 and they all look like refugees from a Wham pop video, and it’s anyone’s guess what’s under the clothes, chicks with dicks anyone?

Do the same for 2010 and it’s wall to wall “not hot enough for a bang bros porno” sluts, most of whom look like someone with moderately good photoshop skillz has transplanted the head from a completely different body on to them.

2020 is anyone’s guess, depending on what our glorious leaders and movers and shakers and influence peddlers do, as a younger man I’d look at friends and relatives daughters and sometimes say, as we all nice, and in a nice complimentary and innocent way, she will grow up to break a few hearts, because the kid was pretty and sweet and innocent and you could see how time could turn that into pretty and sweet and sexy, nowadays I look at the modern version of the same thing striking poses and pouting selfies into their smartphones at nine years old and I wonder not so much how short the window will be where they are sexually desirable for their purity and innocence, but whether there is any hope at all of even a shred of it lasting until they become vamp/goth/troll sluts by 13 having already started on the cock carousel.

I will leave it for others to do a parallel post about motor cars or motorcycles or jet fighters or houses or pretty much anything else you like, and realise that it is all part of the same continuum and commonality of our headlong rush into reset.



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