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August 23, 2016

It’s the message

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We live in a world that would be Machiavelli’s wet dream, where reality and facts are a mere illusion caused by lack of sufficiently targeted propaganda.

War crimes comitted a few years ago by the likes of Blair and Bush are simply ignored, war crimes committed last year in Ukraine are simply ignored, but in local news a man who was then 21 who had sex with a girl who was then two months under the legal age of consent, and we are talking about an alleged event THIRTY FUCKING YEARS AGO, has just been convicted and sentenced to jail as a rapist.

Because the bitch saw him in town this year and suddenly remembered everything that happened over 30 years ago but which hasn’t bothered her one iota for 30+ years.

We need a statute of limitations for alleged sex crimes, it should be 28 days, because beyond that the guy’s chances of recalling anything or mounting a defence rapidly approach zero.

So you fucked someone in May of 1984, you probably can’t even remember the event, unless pushed, and then maybe you’ll say summer of 84, or was it summer of 85, can’t remember, who cares, ancient history.

Until you get arrested, and charged, and convicted.

It’s nothing short of fucking insane, and fucking deliberate, *they* are still at work hell bent on destroying society.

Frankly speaking, who needs extremist muslim agitators stirring the shit, they are a tiny pimple on the bakside of the megalodon that is our cabal of home grown agitators and fifth columnists.

Meanwhile in Germany das volk have been told to stock up on two weeks worth of food and water, just in case y’know… in case of what, well, we’d have to kill you if we told you…. Mutti Merkel is planning to annexe the rapefugeeland, they are giving out temporary tattoos that say NEIN! to the rapefugees in the swimming pools, so any wimminz wot ain’t toting such a tat is clearly saying JA BITTE! to a bunch of rapefugees pulling a train on her.

But Putin is the enemy.

Of *course* he fukcing is, he is not “on topic” with the messages *he* is giving out, and that can never be allowed.

Mind Ewe, the powers that be clearly know where to draw the line, nobody is publishing photos in the gutter press of Putin’s daughters partying like it was 1999 and smoking dope…

smert dat bro, strontium pig sticking time.

People have asked me why this blog so often talks about under age sex / paedophilia, is it because I is a secret kiddie fiddler wot wants to fuck all the liddle babies, like my psycho skank ho ex claimed in the secret family courts?

I talk about it so often both because society / media talks about it so often, and because it is *the* touchstone of depravity in 2016.

The teacher who ran away with a willing and eager 15 year old schoolgirl who was then charged with statutory rape and abuduction, who got convicted of that and never should have, (yes he should have been sacked and banned from teaching for life, and maybe a couple of years suspended for the consensual underage sex) who went to prison, SERVED HIS FUCKING TIME, and got out, is in the press again, apparently the fucking dirty sick 33 year old paedo has a 29 year old girlfriend, I mean, she is practically young enough to be his grand-daughter….

But, funniest of all, da po-po have a new points rating system for crime…3771AD5400000578-3750986-image-a-1_1471734477468

It’s fucking genius…

According to their own points scale, raping a wimminz is TWICE as bad as causing death by dangerous driving, or sexual trafficing innit..

You can also sexually abuse FOUR whole children for the same severity as raping one wimminz, oh joy and yummies…

You can also assault and injure FIVE people for every child you sexually abuse.

It’s just wonderful, all you have to do is get in your car and mow down a line of kids waiting for the school bus, fuck them all up the ass (it’s OK, even the dead ones will still be warm) and then beat the living shit out of the ones who are still alive, and it is STILL less serious a crime than raping a wimminz….. win / win

I dunno about you, but I just can’t wait for next week’s propaganda.

August 20, 2016

I’m not gonna make it….

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… I know this because I have a busted wrist and a twisted ankle, I’m bleeding from several cuts and scrapes, and this fucking lion is stalking me for lunch…



So that I can continue to treat this jungle like a playground.

so… this…


What did they expect, only wimminz dared to come forward to any of the test subjects, and the boy test subject was totally ignored, well, what a fucking surprise.

Meanwhile concurrent with stories taking the piss out of all the doom and gloom merchants prior to the Brexit vote, the rag is littered with stories about Putin invading Ukraine and China moving in to Syria and god bless the renewal of the trident missile sub programme, and of course Trump, and of course not a mention anywhere of all the canaries dropping off their perches in various financial coalmines around the globe.

Meanwhile in unrelated news, bear with me here, this one is dear to my heart…

The US EPA & HD have done a deal, from next year onwards, making any changes to your bike mean it is no longer a certified legal for road use bike, so you can either pay for and go through your own individual certification (mega $$$) or you can stick with the very very very limited factory options.

For years the jap harley clones were referred to as Yamaharley, the whoriental hog, and suchlike, albeit that technically they were better motorcycles, they just weren’t a Harley, and that alone kept HD afloat, but it seems that from 2017 on it’s gonna be HD making Yamaha / Honda / Kawasaki V twin clones, and at that point you may just as well buy the real thing, which in this case will be the Yamaha / Honda / Kawasaki bikes.

Let me be clear, what is being taken off the market is software, because since these bikes went all EFI and ECU controlled, making any changes meant making changes to the onboard software, via “tuner” software apps.

These tuner software apps were like something from Adobe, the full version that does everything is a thousand bucks and tied to your specific ECU, then there is a deliberately crippled version for 500 bucks and then there is a deliberately hugely crippled version for 250 bucks, and now the EPA deal says only the hugely crippled version may be sold or used.

I was speaking about this very danger from day one of the shift to software controlled vehicles and equipment, because I’d already seen in on software itself and in software controlled CNC equipment, and lo and behold everyone involved acts like a complete cunt and screws the customer over in the name of profit.

What it means in practical terms is from 2017 on your ability to alter your HD is severely curtailed, and what ability you have is tied to buying products exclusively from HD.

To be specific, the change in exhausts is not legal unless it comes with the appropriate and matching change in software and they comes as a packaged item from HD.

Good luck to the guy who changes his exhausts without the software, or tries to sell the old exhaust and the non transferrable software patch required.

Course over in the states everyone is blaming the fucking EPA, but if you follow the money it’s HD who obviously think they are going to coin it like Microsoft, because suddenly the aftermarket parts market is exclusively theirs.

This is what happens when you take something intangible like software and try and make it a real thing like a brick, you can’t stop people selling each other bricks, but if you manage to make the software non transferrable by tying it to that unique brick AND to your purchase, you don’t just control the new brick market, you control the used brick market too.

It all works as long as you believe that monopolistic practices are good, and that people just can’t live without bricks.

It’s kinda what happend when certain US interests bought into certain south american water companies, and suddenly half the population could not afford piped water or sewerage.

I got a river flowing 100 yards from my house, it flows winter and summer, thousands of gallons per minute, and 100% of that flow goes out to sea, but if you think they won’t arrest me if I go down to that river every day with a bunch of jerry cans you got another think coming.

  1. Create software
  2. Integrate software control into everything
  3. Profit
  4. …… crickets

Back in the analogue phone days it was illegal to plug anything but a BT made and supplied phone into the network.

My Virgin broadband won’t work without the DOCSIS virgin supplied router, because the router at the local virgin hub won’t talk to anyting but a virgin supplied router.

Sure, I can and do put it into modem mode and disable all the router functionality and run my own Draytek router, but that virgin router can’t be taken out of the loop.

*allegedly* the new US fighter jets *require* an internet connection to phone home to authorise startup, just as the HD SE tuner software *requires* to connect to the mothership for updates before it will launch.

it’s a “licencing” world we are moving in to, where you do not own anything, you merely licence it, for prices that should assure ownership.

it won’t stop, until licencing fucks up big style and knocks several million users vehicles off the road for weeks until a patch can be pushed out.

August 16, 2016

You couldn’t make it up.

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WTF happened to us eh?


Rapefugees get a free pass, and an Austrian national gets ACTUAL prison time for posting a picture to fuckbook of his CAT doing a nazi salute…



August 13, 2016


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In the online world it’s easy to be stalked, so easy that it is safest to assume that anything you do post, anywhere, online, is going to be read by a stalker, the corollary is assume you do have a stalker, because you probably do, somewhere, somehow, somewhy.

I even know of cases where there is a sort of cold war arms race, someone’s skank ho ex posts something entirely fictitious on fuckbook, the some one then reads upon it and acts as though it were true, the skank ho ex then uses this against them in court, etc etc.

I always adopted a simpler policy, my own particular psycho skank ho ex essentially freed me from a life of misery the day the secret family court case ended, ain’t nothing in her life that interests me in the least, I don’t wanna know, and by the same token I don’t give a flying fuck one way or another what she now thinks of me, I know she will stalk me online, but there is literally nobody on the fucking planet whose opinion matters less to me, so fuck you skanky old psycho bitch, and the cock you rode in on.

But mine is an “end case” scenario, an individual who has already done their level best to fuck my life up, and who ended up blessing me immeasurably with their departure, as jimi said, they fired all their guns and exploded into space.

I had a heart to heat with a buddy last night, he has ex problems, and his ex has apparently updated her fuckbook page to reflect the idea that she is moving back “oop north” and by extension taking the kids that he doesn’t get to see anyway with her.

He came to me full of angst, what if it’s not a wind up designed to get him to react which will then be used against him, what if it’s real and yadda yadda yadda.

So… let me get this right, the skank ho is moving 250 miles away, which reduces the chances of you ever bumping into her in town from slim to absolute fucking zero, and this is anything other than a good thing how exactly?

Ah, he almost blubs, but the kids…

What, the kids you don’t see anyway, and won’t get to ever see anyway until they turn 16 and skank ho mummy and the courts no longer get a say, assuming the little shits have not been thoroughly brainwashed against you by then anyway.

If they wanna find you at 16, and it’s a big if, it’s YOU who should not move buddy, not them, doesn’t matter where they go, they will remember where they grew up first.

Feminazi thinking, believing that there is any connection between the kids and the psycho skank ho mommy, feminazi family unit, if you are gonna reject the feminazi thinking, reject the feminazi family unit, and treat every single one of them as individuals with zero connection of any kind to any other individual.

Peace lies that way my son.

This isn’t some fucked up mind control meme about being a responsible parent and keeping you shackled to guilt for the rest of your life, this is survival, dodged a fucking bullet there, pretty much, move on and move up.

Let it hurt.

Let it heal.

Let it go.

Pretty much none of the shit I have done (for values of “done” that include just chilling and doing sweet fuck all) or achieved or purchased or experienced since I split with my psycho skank ho ex would have been possible if she was still around, even peripherally with me having to be involved with her twice a week to spend quality time (sic) with the kids, the sic is there because as long as she is anywhere in the picture, she would make sure there was no quality time.

No, let the psycho bitch stalk you all she wants, provided you have no interest in any further interaction of any kind with her, who cares.

The stalkers you *should* be worried about are the ones in your employers HR department, the ones in the local Council offices, the ones in the po-po, the ones in the house three doors down that object to you going out for a 3 am ride, and so on.

It’s remarkably easy to build up data on people, even if they have almost blank fuckbook profiles, because they are interacting with other people on fuckbook, and *those* people, or even *other* people that *those* people interact with, aren’t so circumspect.

I’ve got a friend with an estranged family member who has a fuckbook profile that literally has no data apart from the name, and yet via these methods the friend has regular updates of information about what pets the estranged family member has, where they have been, photos of them at social events, photos of the kids at other kid’s parties, photos of their new car, photos of their new house, where they went on holiday, if they are still regularly in touch with Tom and Dick and Harry, and even via the Fuckbook tie in with Whatsapp, even the latest mobile number.

They haven’t *used* any of the info, but it is out there, and it is easy to find, even though the estranged individual in question only has a fuckbook page with their name on it, to prevent anyone else creating a fuckbook page with their name.

Kevin Mitnick would be cumming in his pants 24/7 if he was still into his old tricks today.

Thus, from the example above, you can see the *allure* of this social data mining from the State’s POV, the trouble is, what works on an individual scale, is very hard to make work on a collective scale.

It would be hard for my friend to determine their estranged family members’ political leanings, are they a rapefugee sympathiser, are they a closet paedo (why not, everyone else is apparently), are they dealing drugs, are they in possession of an illegal firearm, are they still addicted to red bull?

Because the state doesn’t care one iota what pets they have, if the kids ever see their dad, who they are fucking this week.

You can still find, if you look, within fuckbook, comments made four or more years ago, but long since “deleted” or “hidden” by the fuckbook user and which are nowhere to be found on their own profile, or linked from their own profile, but fuckbook never actually deletes anything, it just sorta hides it from easy view, there we go, swept under the carpet, all nice and tidy again.

And *this* form of stalking can become worth while to individuals, compulsive / obsessive types maybe, but, there are enough of them out there too, and like paedos gravitating to careers within the courts and social services, these people gravitate towards careers where they get paid to do this shit every day, by the po-po, by the council, by the HR dept, by the transgender fetus liberation army, by the political wing of the traffic cone manufacturers association, by the MSM.

I have a *fairly* (shades of very) rare given name, but once you start talking internet sized sample populations suddenly rare things give all sorts of false positives, whether it be facial recognition or DNA matching or given names, and the very initial rarity just gives those false positives even more credibility.

As everyone who does not understand statistics (which is almost everyone) will know, a false positive at 100,000:1 odds is much more certain to be true than a false positive at 10:1 odds…. puke…

One of the people out there who have my exact name (and many other similar enough to squint and be a typo details such as age etc) happens to live about 60 miles away from me, another one (checks google maps) mm, doesn’t give a mileage, but 15 hours flight time to TN, anyway, the guy in the states was done for DUI early on in this year, and the guy an hour down the road just got some recognition for his work riding a human blood delivery motorcycle, so this person I speak to maybe once every two years pops up and says it’s good I’m doing good charitable works delivering blood, but it doesn’t excuse being a drunk driver in the first place, and how come I got such a short ban or is there some special dispensation for driving blood around?


My initial response of, literally, what the fuck are you on about dude?

Was met with scorn, no point trying to hide it I was told, all information is available to those who know how to look and who have access to certain systems at certain levels etc.

Dude, I have no fucking clue what you are talking about, check the email address you are sending this to, or check an AV / rootkit scan, or something, because something somewhere is fuck up.

Was met with it was you who fucked up my friend, and links to the two aforementioned stories, which I admit were not *immediately* obvious it wasn’t me, certain details were not immediately apparent, and as the comments in this thread show (http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/08/12/on_call_intern_trapped/) coinkydinks do indeed happen, obviously *I* knew neither one was me, so I looked a little deeper and divined the actual truth.

Then I laughed.

Then I added that particular contact’s email address to the junk filter.

Life’s too short to be a stalker, or talk to one, or think about one.

If you have ever had a fuckbook account in your name, you deserve everything you may one day get.

August 11, 2016

A function of age.

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I’m in my fifties, inside, I often still feel about 14.

I’ve seen a lot, done a lot, experienced a lot, learned a lot, but some things, I don’t know if it is genetic / biological ageing, or experience ageing, or had-enough-of-this-shit-already ageing, but some of the things I find myself thinking and feeling now, well, I dunno I would have predicted that about myself in years past.

The kids I ain’t seen hide nor hair of for 8 years and change, well, put it this way, I won’t lose much sleep if I don’t ever see them again, essential bonds have had too long to wither on the vine, and no new bonds were formed.

Back when I was 20 something I met this chick, I already knew her dad, we’ll call him Chaz for the sake of this post.. which is how I met her, her mum and dad split when she was like two or something, come 18 she decides to go find him, and eventually does, and moves in and spends time, and 3 months later they spend a couple of weeks fucking.

Now at the time it made me feel sick, I mean physically sick, and some of the last words I ever spoke to the asshole were along the lines of how the fuck could you, your own fucking daughter man.

I still remember his reply, it boiled down to he didn’t know her, he didn’t know anything about her, last time he saw her she could barely walk, next thing he knows an adult woman walks into his life, she ain’t his daughter, not really.

Back then I didn’t get what he was saying, he was a sick fuck and that’s that (worth mentioning that it takes two to tango and she was as willing as him) so I don’t give a fuck what excuses you give me, fuck off and die.

Here and now, well, I’m glad I only have sons and aren’t a fag, because I’ll never have to worry about finding *that one* out about myself, because I suspect I now know exactly what he was saying about next thing you know an adult walks into your life, and it ain’t your kid.

It’s just an adult you don’t know, as for blood, well, that gives the kid a chance, and by that I mean a chance to make the effort to get to know his old man, and earn his respect and trust, because the old man ain’t gonna do the heavy lifting.

Ain’t the kid’s fault, ain’t the old man’s either, life sucks some times.

Had wimminz tell me what a wonderful father I would make, even had wimminz wanting to give me a child “so I could be that wonderful father” and I reckon one or two of them even meant it.

Could *not* explain to a single one of them, so they understood, that that ship has sailed… maybe it’s because they were younger than me and the biology hadn’t kicked in, but they all started off thinking I was rejecting it as a consolation prize to replace the original that was taken from me, when the reality, well, people change, and I’M NOT THAT FUCKER ANY MORE, and I don’t particularly wanna try and go back and be him, because too many years have passed, and the remaining number of years is finite, and probably significantly less than have already passed.

I have no urge to be in my early seventies and still have kids around the house, and I’m saying that in my mid fifties, by the time I’m early seventies I’d probably be so pissed at my former self I’d invent a time masheen just to go back and kick my own ass. Idiocracy it is.

DNA has been satisfied, I have procreated. End of story.

When I was in my twenties or even thirties I’d swing my leg over a Harley and ride out to places and get off, to hang out, see people, and be seen.

Now in my fifties I’ll swing my leg over a Harley and ride out and not stop anywhere unless it’s for gas or a smoke or some shit, people and places I avoid, I’ve turned into one of those antisocial grumpy old cunts on pans and knucks that I used to run into when I was a lad, whooda fucking thunk it…

A commenter on a previous post said that I seem to write about the elites milking everything, I responded that I thought I was writing about society and the human condition and the decline of industry, and I guess that is true, but there is another truth, or at least another question, that needs looking at.

Basically I’ve gotten a lot more bored with people in general, the populace,  than I was when I had thirty years less experience of them, young boys want to be heroes, older men want to be invisible.

But the question is this, is this because the ageing process does this shit to you, or is this because this stage of human society and culture is coming to an end (teh steam age, teh electric age, teh digital age etc) and I’m bored with the old system, or is it a mixture of both?

Positing questions about men fucking their long lost daughters, well, for most of human history the daughter would not have been long lost, so the only daddy / daughter fucking would have been two people who HAD known each other all their lives, so a time machine would be interesting to compile statistics on how the broken home and ending of the man as head of the house and home has skewed things.

Maybe “paedophilia” (in the press that means fucking anyone under 21) really is a lot more prevalent in the last decade, and maybe the rise of the broken homes and *vastly* increased numbers of Chaz’s in society is at the root of it.

Why shouldn’t I fuck it, I don’t know it, it’s a stranger to me…

And as for infantilism….

“Friend” of mine, I use the term loosely, has some pre teen daughters, and it’s an interesting mix, personality wise, physically they are approaching the age where the body changes to womanhood, first period, can get pregnant, all that good stuff, but mentally… well it’s a mix of barbie slut airhead princess and Ruprecht the monkey boy’s retarded sister.

In my mother’s day girls of their age would be taking on a significant portion of the household chores, raising the younger siblings, bathing feeding teaching, and fetchin’ dad’s pipe and slippers and so on when he came in from a hard day’s work….

This lot can make cup cakes and beans on toast, but can’t wash or dress themselves properly, and come home from school with heads crawling with nits every week.

It would be like meeting my kids next week, there simply is not enough time left before they reach adulthood for them to learn and absorb all the things they need to learn and experience, it is already too late, and it is already too late for these girls, maybe a year away from the first period, the budding breasts, the swelling hips, the hormones pumping.

Thing is, he asked me if I would look out for his girls if anything happened to him and his missus, and I’m turning into Chaz, because the first thoughts that *actually* went through my head were “if it lands on my plate in five years time at least I can fuck them and get something in return…” so what I actually said was “you need a plan B buddy, I’m barely keeping my own shit together, you need to pick someone you can rely on once you’re gone”

Only person who can rely on me is me.

Had a conversation with someone near and dear last week, told them, shit is coming down the line, the future and the past will not be the same, and what you got to get your head and heart and soul around is one simple fact.

When change comes, what worked yesterday will get you killed tomorrow, and vice versa, you better be hip to that, you better be ready for that, you better revise any ideas you have that you *know* me, the one trick ponies like the aforementioned friends daughters…. be like flying ants, one day the air is thick with them, next day they gone…

It’s a function of age, not the world and not no body or no thing in the world gives a fuck about you or your welfare or happiness… certainly not me.

I’m too old for that shit.


August 9, 2016

A la recherche du posts past

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Typically when I do a new post I read it, spot all the typos, think meh, and see what wordpress suggests as the bottom as three related posts and read them too.

In this way sooner or later I re-read the entire content, and it is a content that now spans some 5 plus years, which is a fair chunk out of anyone’s life, a fair enough chunk to see some changes in life and in the world.

Yet, I’m not reading any of the old stuff and seeing any needed changes in what was written, I’m not doing some manic depressive thing and reading it and thinking wow I was in a dark place back then thank fuck I am in the light now.

But I can see the changes in me, in life, in the world, in the intervening period, and none of them make me want to edit what was written, in fact, the opposite.

With stories of 5 year olds being arrested in kindergartens for “sex crimes” to stories of top police staying that there are so many paedos there isn’t room to jail them all so we need to go softer on sentencing, well, yes, when taking a piss in public can get you a sex crime conviction, it seems that the only errors the me of 2011 made were in my expectations of how far the doubling down and rot would set it before the pendulum started to slow down the swing.

If anything, it is still accelerating.

In other suitably anonymised news, someone at a large and well known german company obviously did a google search for laser companies, because I got an RFQ (request for quote) to cut some 40,000 parts from polycarbonate, so quite apart from the rubbing hands with glee and counting all the money that could be earned, I wrote back to them saying very sorry, but YOUR terms that you only pay 60 days after the month the bill lands in, and MY terms that you pay cash with order, are mutually exclusive.

Some one here commented that it was a shame, quarter of a million quid order, shame to just let it pass you by, my reply was yes, also a shame to see what we saw yesterday, another local-ish laser sign company who had to give their laser to the local plastic / acrylic / polycarbonate supplier, because they could not pay their bill.

Now, remind me, what can this huge german company or the other local-ish laser company can teach me about running a business or financial management?

Hmmmmmmm, was the response, yes, I take your point.

My point is what sort of moronic cunt is so desperate for work and turnover that they in effect decide to finance a multinational for 60 days? What sort of moronic cunt in the multinational’s finance office thinks imposing 60 day terms on suppliers is any way to do anything except get shafted by suppliers on quality and everything else?

Way way way back in time when I was working in IT and running a small web hosting business, I met one of the top dogs at Boo, they were burning through hundreds of thousands in cash and swigging pink gins and expensive London venues, meanwhile I was struggling with bandwidth costs, and this asswipe decides to talk down to me as “the little man playing at being an IT industry heavyweight” there was a lull in the conversation and a very annoyed me said “Maybe sunshine, but I’ll still be trading long after you’ve fucking gone bust” of course little did I know at that time just how prophetic my statement was.

I as a lightweight wannabe just could not see how their numbers added up in a business sense, it just did not make sense.

Nor did Freeserve come to that, and they went the way of the dinosaur too.

Ain’t nothing in the world for free, so if one party in a deal is getting 60+ days interest free credit from the other party, then the costs of that interest free credit deal do not vanish into thin air, *someone* is carrying the costs, and if you cannot quickly and easily see where that is, then the chances are it’s a well fucked up deal that you should be running away from.

“losing” a contract like this is like “losing” the pleasure of the company of my psycho skank ho ex, it ain’t a fucking bad thing.

So you see the obvious parallels between the fucking delusional psycho skank ho’s out there, and the fucking delusional management types out there, they both appear to think that dealing with their shit is an honour that people will be fucking queuing up for.

I don’t fucking think so.

And this company, well, if I asked you to write down the top 5 german industrial conglomerates, you’d be naming them, and if you are a german (or a turk or a rapefugee) living in any of the major german cities you will be able to look up and see these things everywhere incorporated into street furniture.

Because clearly a german company has to go to the brexit-land UK office / subsidiary to find such exotic things, nobody in germany can do laser cutting, or maybe nobody in germany wants to work for the bastards on 60+ days credit either…lol

By the way, from the documentation I can see this project is running a year late anyway.

So, I have taken great pains to talk about a thing in sufficient detail to make it meaningful, while adhering to both the spirit and the letter of the NDA that comes on the end of the RFQ, because it would be *wrong* to single out just this one huge german company or just this one contract, it is *every* fucking huge german company, every fucking huge company everywhere, they are all the fucking same.

And if we are going to lament at the dismal prospect of a future for families and children based upon the prevalence and attitudes of the modern western entitlement psycho skank ho, we *must* also lament at the dire prospects for any kind of western economic future based upon the prevalence of attitudes of the modern western huge companies.

We’re fucked.

I’m speaking as an engineer, and I reckon that despite the “cut every corner that is not specified to the tenth decimal place” attitudes and the whole economic question of outsourcing shit half a world away, I’d consider chinese companies long before I’d consider german companies to build a new nuclear power station, which is why…


… is so fucking hilarious.


Who the fuck else are you going to get to build it?



August 5, 2016

The Descent Into Fantasy

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650,000 women in the UK were raped or sexually abused as children in the UK, and this may be the tip of the iceberg.

Potential voters are leaving the Trump camp it droves as everyone gets behind Shitlary.

Black Lives Matter bring UK airports to a standstill.

It’s all fucking fantasy, there isn’t a single real fact in there anywhere, and god help you if you try to inject one, by, for example, saying if the police are too pussified to remove the Niggers Lives Matter human chains blocking roads, then send the fucking army in, or anyone with a heavy good vehicle, just drive over the worthless cunts.

Either way get the fucking job done within 15 minutes, if Niggers don’t want to die, do not lie down on the fucking highway, it’s not a beach, it’s a highway.

650,000+ wimminz raped or abused THAT WE KNOW ABOUT as children in the UK means we should fucking legalise it, because it’s pretty fucking obvious that I’m about the only cunt who is NOT doing it, the majority clearly are, so it should be fucking legal, if not compulsory, it will solve a whole load of problems to make it so.

Nobody gonna vote for Trump, all gonna vote for Shitlary, no point HAVING fucking elections then, just let the last prezzident nominate the next one, starting with Obummer, solves so many problems.

All we really need to do is split the population in two, every other day the ones living in odd numbered houses must take acid, and the ones living in even numbered houses must take every opportunity to scare the fucking crap out of them, then swap roles the next day, and so on.

Whatever you think is right, you are wrong, whatever you think is true, is false, whatever you think is safe, is not, we want you scared, confused, lost.

Welcome to the twilight zone.

August 2, 2016

The day she/he/they stopped pretending.

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  1. It starts off they pretend to everyone, including themselves.
  2. They stop pretending to themselves.
  3. They stop pretending to you.
  4. They stop pretending to a small select group of others.
  5. They stop pretending to a larger group of others.
  6. They stop pretending to all but a selected group(s) of others.
  7. They stop pretending, period.

And in between each stage there is a ratcheting down of the real or precieved consequences to the pretender, for dropping the act and letting the mask slip that bit more…. anyone who has lived with a Cluster B type wimminz knows this all too well.

So you get a situation for example where let’s face it, elections are rigged, and as time passes, they become less and less concerned with making it seem legitimate.

In the UK the secret family courts long since stopped pretending, but they are secret by law which makes it illegal to discuss cases in public, which effectively makes it illegal to discuss anything of substance.

The po-po and the criminal justice system is going the same way, the pretence extends only as far as a character on stage kicking the shit out of someone while also continuing a phone conversation with someone off stage, with whom they pretend to be all nice and civilised, the audience sees it all, but they are the audience, not the players.

So far in the states about the only creature who hasn’t yet come out and dissed Trump is Mickey Mouse, even the fucking simpsons are in on the act, and “act” is a very appropriate word when talking about pretence…

Meanwhile all the facts, or at least enough of them, are out there for those with eyes and the will to see re Shitlary (amongst others) and they aren’t even attempting to cover it up any more.

If Shitlary runs down and kills a pedestrian it will because Putin’s black hat hackers took over control over her vehicle’s can bus and made the wheel swerve right, fuck all to do with Jim Beam.

If you don’t buy it, you’re just one of the ones it no longer matters to pretend to…

When new PM May does not block *any* (never mind all) of ex PM Cameron’s outgoing honours list, you know she is not a new broom, when she puts her oar in the spokes of the Chinese nuke reactor contracts, you know she is not an new broom, just a different one newly arrived at the top table angling for her slice of the cake.

When (as is the case with a friend) the new manager is just as big of an incompetent asshole as the old manager, you know it’s company policy to hire that kind of guy, the kind of guy who will go along with a 15% reduction in workforce and a 20% increase in workload, and so what if the drivers start forging their tachometers, some of them are now making great overtime***, and the company’s goals are being met… no problems to see here, move along.

*** should be *impossible* to hide, and *automatically* start ringing *major* alarm bells, tacho rules say max 10 hours driving and max 11 hours duty per 24 hour day from midnight to midnight, so suddenly the tacho says the guy worked 10 hours and the wage slip says he worked 14……

This company is at step 6 in the aforementioned list, and this company is internationally known and works with governments and banks and high street businesses, so NO FUCKING WAY this is hidden off the books, by definition the tracks of this illegal behaviour are there for all to see… but nobody is going to prosecute the company, just the odd individual driver who gets thrown to the wolves as a sacrificial lamb now and again.

Everywhere I look I see both companies, and institutions of the state, at stage 5 or stage 6, look at the BHS and Sir Philip Green furore, I won’t call it a scandal, because nobody who counts is scandalised.

The transition from stage 6 to stage 7 is a doozy, because you get more and more evidnece of this sort of thing, where people are still willing to chant the newspeak slogans, but they don’t know what this week’s slogan is, and nobody is telling them, and they feel lost…

… which is what happens, as we progress through the 7 step scale more and more people get Niemollered.

You get Niemollered when you and your opinion no longer matters to those no longer doing the pretending to you.

And at the end of the 7 step plan, the gloves come off, we move into phase two, where the majority have to pretend to the minority, and it is YOU, dear citizen, who have to start pretending, and yes, your life and liberty does depend on it.

SOME OF US are way ahead of you, and have been pretending to be model little citizens for some years now, not very hard mind ewe, because phase 2 goes in reverse order to phase 1, and you end up like a character in 1984, at phase 2 step 1 where you pretend to everyone, including yourself… be careful Winston Smith.

Because the reality is we now have a technological society, phase 2 as it might of happened in the past, as it did happen in many places, can’t happen in our future, at least, not in remotely the same way.

Rightly or wrongly, that is what I percieve around me in the world today, we are moving through the latter stages of phase 1 pretence, and the masks are falling off, not so much because “they” know that they no longer need to pretend, as phase 2 is near and inevitable, but because in shades of delicious irony, they know phase 1 is nearing its end, but they have no idea what’s coming next, and despite all their efforts, it does not look like it is going to be recognisable as phase 2.

Shitlary for POTUS is the only path they can see to phase 2, but phase 2 is *not* Shitlary for POTUS, Trump for POTUS is chaos, and Shitlary for POTUS at lest gives some semblance of a possibility for control, a liferaft to a drowning man.

Phase 2 for the US is a quasi military coup and purge, all the faggots and sluts and non christians and non democrats get purged, Erdogan and Turkey is the model, and millisecond comms means you can’t have the latency of a 2 dollar skank ho like Shitlary as the mouthpiece, you need a real psycopath like J Edgar Hoover to do that, and all the US has now are cream cake psychopaths who will puke and run at the first sight of blood and brains on their shoes.

Instead, life may imitate art, again…


August 1, 2016

Does not compute

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So this chick says to me, “Yes, I saw your wife about this the other day.” so I replied “that’s not my wife” and she says “Oh, I thought you were married” and I say “No, she’s married, but not to me”

Buffering….. buffering….. lol

It’s a funny old fucking life.


Much Ado about Nothing

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Despite all the obvious problems with the world, and they are many and severe, for most, the world goes on, much as it always has.

What pink elephants? There are no pink elephants here! When was the last time you even *saw* a pink elephant? Why are you worried about pink elephants, you freak….

I must even admit to never having seen a rapefugee, raghead terrorist, raghead terririst atrocity, or, going back in time here in the UK, an IRA terrorist atrocity, or their aftermath, first hand and in person…

This, of course, does not mean that none of these things ever happened, it’s just the gobally connected media thing, and that is a sword that cuts both ways.

Despite not seeing any of this stuff here, globally connected media means I can link up with a terr’rist group and radicalise myself as easily as I could link up to an anime cosplay group and convince myself that I was just one amongst many of similar ilk, not the only freak in the village / county.

It’s not just us little people that are psychologically primed to over react in this way, the martians have landed radio play broadcast in the states decades ago proves the susceptibility, I have witnessed (personally) people in positions of power and influence suddenly start reacting as though a situation or threat was up close and personal, the moment the comms came through…

There are *very* few good hard SF writers that *properly* take into account the effect of light speed propagation delays in their writing, depending on orbits the delays to Jupiter are between 33 and 53 minutes, a global thermonuclear exchange could conceivably start and end before the residents in a Jupiter orbital colony even knew anything was wrong, and this is ONE WAY comms, double it for two way, an Alpha- Centauri colony you’re talking 5 years.

This is what we are used to, for most of human history news travelled as fast as a horse, slower, much slower, at sea…. the journey time from London to New York could be cut by two days just by getting a train to Plymouth or Falmouth and sailing for there instead.

Trump alluded to this in a recent speech, he was talking about security and hacking, Patton would send and recieve written orders via courier, more secure than via the internet, was the point Trump was trying to make.

Being “on the ground” meant something when you had communication delays, but nowadays in the 21st century, data links in a submarine cable UK – NZ you’re talking 0.07 second, less than human motor reaction time to blink an eyelid.

It fucks us up.

We are not used to it.

The world economy is now built on infrastructure where in High Frequency Trading (HFT) moving 250 miles closer to another computer, even at lightspeed propagation, makes enough of a difference you can complete a whole transaction before the other guy even knows there is a transaction available.

The infamous dead tesla driver whose autopilot did not “see” a semi tractor and trailer, lifetimes worth of CPU cycles passed in which the autopilot did nothing at all.

Faith and dependency in the systems has risen to such an extent, people mock the now deceased tesla driver, while living in blissful ignorance of the very similar MHz systems making decisions 24/7 that actually do have life or death consequences.

Please tell me why the guy who died in the tesla is an asshole, but anyone who buys a high end can or motorcycle in 2016 is not? When the high end car or motorcycle is “drive by wire”.

By “drive by wire” I mean there is no physical cable connecting the throttle to the carburretor or injection pump, the throttle is an electronic device connected by electrical wires that do not even send analogue DC voltages, but digital data signals, to the ECU, which in turn talks to the throttle body digitally and electronically.

NOTHING but programming to stop it going to WOT in 0.01 seconds, just like nothing but programming to stop the Tesla driving into a truck at 75 because it did not “see” it.

Buy a new Ducati for example, and WOT isn’t even WOT, you can open the twistgrip 100%, but depending on perceieved speed, gear selected, engine RPM, and so on and so forth, the actual throttle body is limited to 50% opening, a nightmare for dyno tuners, a nightmare for riders too I would have thought…

Human error is a bastard, roger your fire mission, 20 rounds of HE bearing 128.74 range 17.8 km downrange,fire for effect, no shit you bastards WE are 17.8 km downrange, the ENEMY is 18.7 km down range… but it all takes TIME at human speeds.

In the 21st century the systems work so fast that multiple programming loops and decisions are made before the first round has even left the barrel, roger that master control program, 20 rounds of crockett mini nukes fire for effect bearing 178 range 1.2874 km… WTF…

So the yanks have at least 20x 100 kt plus nukes in turkey and the turks have surrounded the base, in the time it takes the base commander to sip his coffee there is time for the US based systems to send 10,000 different orders and queries to various systems there, so “the man on the ground” isn’t, you don’t call the shots any more than the “manager” of a supermarket does, he gets 1000 orders a day from HQ (don’t forget I have literally seen this in my day job, defrost freezers number 3,  5  and 9 today, etc) so the man on the ground is eliminated in favour of the virtual man on the ground thousands of miles away, who *will* see things differently.

And so 20+ x 100 kiloton devices go off as a ground burst just north of Ankara…. or the south china seas, or Poland….



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