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May 23, 2015

Tanks for the memories.

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I am, I suppose, in a way, a bit of a record keeper… this isn’t as hard as it sounds, in the digital age, you just need regular backups to some location or device.

So I was able to look at what I was paying to rent a 3 bedroom property 6 years ago, and a 2 bedroom property 8 years ago, and compare it to what I am paying today.

Which brings us to the definition of “property”… you can go to the rightmove website and browse to your heart’s content, and most of the housing stock consists of places with main rooms that are each 100 square feet or less and bedrooms that are much smaller, and if they have gardens they are what we used to call “the size of a postage stamp” or “too small to swing a cat”… basically, literally just enough room for one of those pop up rotary clothes line things that my mum used to call a “whirly”

Of garages and outbuildings and such like, there are none.

But then this is what happens when you start cramming 12 or 15 or 17 “houses” together per acre, minus roads, pavements and services.

There isn’t even enough room in them to live, much less enough room to DO anything that might earn you a living, or save you money, or give you space to adapt.

My current pad does not have a garden, or exterior courtyard, or much of anything outside, but, what I class as my workshop is by far the biggest room in the house.

The other thing the workshop has that none of the rest of the place, and no other houses have, is level and easy access with wide doors… I used to do furniture removals many years back during a quiet spell, and I look at 99.99% of housing today and thank god I am not the poor bastard who has to maneouver a 3 seater sofa and king size bed from the wagon to the appropriate interior rooms… there is a reason self assembly furniture is so fucking popular here.

There is now a sufficient level of disconnect between what people actually need to live in to make a house a home, and those that build and design and approve them, that nobody even knows what a proper family home is any more.

I cannot stress the sheer convenience of being able to walk from the lounge to my workshop in less than 60 seconds, quite apart from the extra expense and lack of security, having to rent a workshop space a ten minute drive away just kills all sorts of productivity and time management, jobs that now are no more complex than going into the kitchen to make a meal take on the complexity of going camping, and if you forget anything, you got another round trip back to home and back to get it.

I’m reminded of old Stan, I haven’t even thought of the guy for years, but back in the seventies Stan bought an old (steam) traction engine for 500 quid.

It didn’t run, and even back then it would have cost 20,000 to fix up, but it moved if you towed it. I saw Stan move house twice, and it was always a major problem finding a place with a shed big enough to take his old engine, Stan used to grin, much to his wife’s chagrin, saying that this was the whole fucking point, any house that did not have a shed big enough for his engine would also be inadequate in many other ways…

My dad used to build boats for a hobby, all sorts between 15 and 30 feet, looking back he fucked up on the 30 footer, because he didn’t have his own land big enough to build it on, and they *could* have afforded it, a third of an acre would have done, and they later bought places with that, but at the time they were in places that had the “old” standard building plot of an eighth of an acre per house.

Stan bought an old worn out traction engine because he couldn’t afford an army surplus tank, that’s what he really wanted, a WWII Tiger tank… there used to be a guy about 6 miles from here that had an old Sherman in his front yard.

Today we live in a world where a guy who builds a wooden tree house in his own tree in his own back garden gets taken to the cleaners for violating planning permission, because some neighbour complained that it somehow affected the value of their home, shades of American style community laws about what you must and must not do with your own fucking property… how dare you wish to paint your own fucking front door cardinal red…

Of course, like everything else in modern life, it isn’t one size fits all so much as whatever you do, there better be a fucking form for it that you can fill in, that way, whatever you do, it is fucking guaranteed to generate ongoing revenue and employment for some other fucker in the state apparatchik.

I semi-permanently moved to a foreign country some years ago, there was an higher supra national hierarchy rule in place, to do or be X, you had to have completed Form ABC123, of course, nobody, not even the locals, had any interest in anyone *officially* being X, if you wanted to do it, just do it, and as long as you kept your nose clean and formed part of the community, nobody gave a shit… so they figured out that you weren’t in violation of this rule that you *must* complete and submit Form ABC123 if nobody in the town hall had any copies of Form ABC123 to give you, and, there were no specific rules in places to say that the town hall always had to have on hand a sufficient number of Form ABC123, so what they did was order 1,000 printed, and accidentally left the whole two reams on the loading dock in the rain.

It worked for several years, then eventually the hierarchy came down on the town hall, and me and a lot of others upped sticks and left… to be replaced by people who DID complete Form ABC123, but who, having done so and thus obtained their legal status, felt no need whatsoever to be a part of the local community, or to spend any of their income in the local community, or employ them.

I’ve got relatives trying this shit now in eastern Europe, sadly my relatives are complete shits who see the current anarchic state as a way of making money by getting bits of paper entitling them to do X, via possession of Form ABC123, thus far, despite all the talk of “this time next year we will be millionaires” and despite driving around in fairly new Mercs and suchlike, they are thankfully getting stonewalled and fucked over by the very communities they were attempting to helicopter in and exploit for their own personal gain…

The bottom line is this, even if you choose to be a 9 to 5 wage slave, you really do need a “home” that has enough room, and freedom, should you so choose, to put a tank on the front lawn.

This goes ten times as strong should you wish to have any sort of second string to your bow, or run a business from your own home.

Sadly, 99.999% of current housing stock makes such things impossible, which is not just fatal for the economy and freedom and liberty, it also means that those of us who do not WANT to live in a fucking shoebox or rabbit hutch, have to work with the remaining 0.0001% of housing stock, because buying say 3 acres of land to redevelop for your own purposes is also pretty nigh on impossible, one because people are either only selling tenth of an acre plots with outline planning permission for two rabbit hutches for enough money to buy a new top of the range Ferrari, or they are selling 20 acres of rough pasture with no possibility of any change of use from the planning department.

All that is left is my way, choosing one of the crap 0.0001% of housing stock that nobody else wants, and running my own small business ventures off the fucking radar with kit that I own outright with no leasing or loans or HP, if I make 200 bucks this week I do, if I don’t I don’t, buy hey, at least I don’t fucking pay tax on it.

May 15, 2015

Trust me, I’m an expert.

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In my day job, or out of it, I’m a time served engineer, 4th generation at least, to my knowledge.

In simple terms what this means that unless you are also at the very least a qualified or experienced engineer, if you go up against me in an engineering scenario, you are going to lose.

You are going to lose in so many ways and on so many levels that you aren’t even going to be able to accurately gauge how badly and in what ways you are losing, hell, you may not even be aware that you are losing….

This is of course true for any skill-set you choose.

If you have spent your entire life working with numbers that represent “money” and “finance” and the name above the door on your business is Rothschild (amongst others) then it pretty much doesn’t matter who you go up against, even if they are an otherwise intelligent Harvard educated economist and accountant with many years of experience, you are going to win, and they are going to lose, they are going to lose so badly that they aren’t even going to be able to accurately gauge how badly and in what ways they are losing…

We have just had our faux elections here, meet the new boss, same as the old boss, and of course our new ministers for the economy are as outclassed as the old ones were when it comes to dealing with old money bankers.

I’m going to deviate from my usual form and talk specific personal shit now.

The new bitch, gotta admit, she is ticking all the boxes, but, of relevance to this post is a situation that actually happened here in real life a few weeks ago.

Essentially, I have no debt, no mortgage, no auto loans, no loans, no credit card debt, you get the pikcher…. she, on the other hand, despite earning 25% more than me, is drowning it debt.

She and her ex were up to the hilt on an insane interest only mortgage, multiple credit card debts up the wazoo, multiple bank loans, so the situation at the end of every month for her is once she has paid off all the repayments she has maybe 150 bucks left from her month’s salary. This is 150 bucks for everything by the way, food fuel, roof over her head the works, clearly it doesn’t compute, and the old “two can live as cheaply as one” comes into play, so in exchange for food and board and little else she works her ass off as domestic servant and sex slave… an arrangement we both find mutually pleasurable.. lol

So, in an entirely *sensible* bid to get this shit sorted, credit card debt is *expensive* so the thing to do is move it to a place where it is attracting lower interest, so the repayments go towards reducing the capital amount owed and not just making the interest.

So I sat here, almost lost for fucking words, bear in mind that purple text above showing the current state of her finances, she is basically up to the hilt and underwater, when she hits two websites, one for a large well known bank, and one for a large well known shopping chain, both of which are offering 0% interest on balance transfers for up to 36 months… and FUCKING LITERALLY 30 FUCKING MINUTES LATER she has been granted approval for one new credit card from each, adding a further 25 thousand bucks in credit availability.

Give the bitch her due, she shoved all her existing shit onto these cards which are now 75% full, at 0% interest for 36 months, cut up her old cards, and gave me these two new ones for safe keeping, and now her monies are going to balance reduction and not interest repayments.

But, it’s the “insanity” of lending someone who is already drowning in debt another 25k that I want to talk about, and notice I put “insanity” in quotation marks, lets go back to that YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE thing…

To the old money bankers, they aren’t going to lose, they have traded a bunch of 0’s and 1’s in computer files for an additional $25k / her hourly wage earning capacity, lets say for argument it’s $25 an hour, so 1,000 working hours, at 40 hours a week that is 1,000 / 40 = 25 weeks or 6 months of ADDITIONAL earning capacity, in addition to the 15 years or so she already owes them, this is assuming that she actually sticks to the theory and uses it solely as a balance transfer and debt repayment vehicle, not they way 99.9% of “customers” will see it, and weaken, and buy something new on the remaining capacity on the cards, which will turn it into a few extra years of earning capacity.

I want to put this into perspective.

Tuesday past, she got up at 5:30 am to get ready for the commute to work, which is now (as she is living with me) 90 minutes each way, she then does 10 hours at work, finishing at 6:30 pm, drives another 90 minutes home to me, she gets here at 8 pm, and then does the housework and cooks for me, by 11 pm she is in bed, but not asleep yet, as she spends 30 minutes blowing me and taking it up the ass, and then another 30 minutes scratching my nuts while I fall asleep smiling the smile of the innocent and satisfied.

I’m going to give the bitch her due, she laps it all up and loves it, and hates the fact that she is essentially sponging off me for food and board, but is grateful for the opportunity and my company and all that good stuff… but just look at the hours she is putting into all this, and it is all going to keep bankers fat in exchange for ski-ing holidays and other shit that is now no more than a dim and distant memory.

Yes, on the one hand, she does have the credit capacity to go out and buy me a harley, and I do not (neither one of us has the ready cash at the moment) but, IN EXCHANGE FOR WHAT?

In exchange for a few more years of her future earning capacity.

I, for my part, am NOT being offered (by the bankers) the “opportunity” to pledge a few years of my future earning capacity in exchange for a harley today.

From a purely personal perspective, I’m finding it hard to see how this is a bad deal for me, but, as I said before, it isn’t about my part, it’s about being on the losing side of a scenario where YOU are ALWAYS going to lose, because the OTHER GUY is the EXPERT and it is HIS LAWN.

Looked at this way, the other guy, the experts sitting on their own lawn, figure I’m good for a single credit card with a 750 buck limit, a limit that is NEVER going to be increased, because I don’t use that card every month, and when I do it’s usually the odd 100 buck purchase, and when I do, the balance is always cleared at the end of the month when I am paid my salary.

The experts who will ALWAYS win have decided that I am not a suitable person to play with, because they won’t win… and since there are so many suckers, large and small, out there, this doesn’t trouble them in the slightest, for every 1 of me there are 10,000 or more like the current bitch… and that’s where the winning plays (for them) are.

They aren’t going to lose ANY sleep over not getting a few years of my future earning capacity, when they have 10,000 other already owing decades of future earning capacity EACH, it’s like a cash millionaire missing out on getting one more buck from one more sucker, when there is a queue of thousands of suckers each trying to give them a twenty.

And really, who needs 10,000 suckers like my bitch, when you can get a government and an entire fucking country to play the same game, that’s where the *real* gig is at.. private banking is just icing on the fucking cake.

So our new chancellor, is the old chancellor, this guy.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Osborne and despite being privileged old money, the glaring omission is a lifetime as a time served banker, so he is going to lose, every time, and be unable to quantify how or in what ways he is losing to the bankers.

The only way to play and win, is to NOT play on their lawn, and that means not using their money, be it UK Pound Sterling,  US$, Bitcoin, or anything else that they issue or denominate, in your daily dealings with another human being.

You CANNOT play on their lawn and win.

It’s a bit like the old adage about a government policy that says it will do A, but what it actually does is B, all your comprehension problems disappear as soon as you accept that A was never anything more substantial that marketing bullshit, and B was always that actual goal of the policy.


April 28, 2015

Thin slices

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As mentioned previously, the current wimminz has become somewhat of a regular thing, and that can be interesting because regular things open doors onto perspectives that casual things do not.

As a regular thing she sees much much more of my daily life, all the boring daily humdrum stuff, and importantly, most of what she sees, she sees from conception through planning to execution and fruition.

And, she is constantly amazed that basically 99% of the time I can do 100% of it “in house” without having to consult or hire anyone else.

Yeah, she is significantly younger than me, but, it’s not down to her relative youth or relative inexperience, most of the people she has known, including her ex, were as much use as a fucking chocolate teapot.

This was in the back of my head when talking to a mate about his new-ish business and the struggles he faced, and then I found myself chatting to a guy on holiday who happens to be a CEO of a medium sized company, in a field not a million miles away from my day job, so, we started comparing notes.

The PROBLEM with my day job is the problem with every single trade or venture out there, every single job or task has been sliced into pieces so thin that almost anyone with two weeks training can do any single slice, but the slices themselves are so small that anyone who can actually do the job isn’t given enough scope or data to even begin.

As I was explaining to the CEO, it is the ethos that he and his ilk have brought about in the public’s mindset over the last 30 years that is the problem, and that isn’t going to get fixed quick.

He wanted an example, I gave him one.

The skank’s car is in need of some work, it’s still functioning OK and hasn’t broken down yet, but without immediate remedial works that state of affairs is about to end.

I told her take the car down to Joe’s Garage, a small independent one man band, run away like fuck from all the main dealers and every other garage in town, CEO man wants to know why, surely some of them will be cheaper than Joe’s garage with his £60 an hour labour charge, and more efficient in what they can do in an hour as they will have all the latest gear, and so on and so forth.

Yeah, I said, see, here’s the thing, I don’t take my cars to Joe because he is the cheapest guy in town, I take my cars to Joe because I NEVER EVER EVER go back for the same job, or anything closely related, or anything that he might have noticed on a nearby component…. I take my cars to Joe because when he swaps an old part out for a new one the old parts he removed are lined up against the wall for inspection and discussion…. I take my cars to Joe because he is a tradesman and not just a fucking spanner monkey, and he can actually fabricate and make and mend shit…. I take my cars to Joe because he will turn around and say you don’t have to pay me all in one go mate, give me some this week and some next (I have never taken advantage of this)… I take my cars to Joe because Joe used to be a racing driver, in a small way, and maintains his own small stable of classic exotica, the guy is a fucking enthusiast… I take my cars to Joe because the guy has 30+ years of experience…. I take my cars to Joe because Joe is INDEPENDENT and doesn’t need to spout anyone else’s marketing shit…

CEO says gee, I wish I had a local garage like that…

Thing is, HE FUCKING DID HAVE, we all did, and one by one we all drove them out of business, and now they are all gone, and there is no way to get them back.

Everything has been sliced too thin…. and once you make that cut, you can’t put it back together, you have to start from scratch.

April 5, 2015

Still kicking

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And in 99.99% of ways absolutely fuck all new to say.. lol

Differences between me and most of the political / financial / commercial / military world.

I design and create a widget, it’s fucking awesome, but, it doesn’t sell, even when I show it to people and they say it is awesome, they don’t buy…

Me, I accept there is a problem, and stop trying to pimp the widget, everyone else, well, you just gotta keep doubling down on pushing that fucker, maybe until people have no choice about buying.

What a ride man, what a ride…

I got an MD5 hash for life, you go away, you come back, you said ain’t no shit gone down, ain’t nobody done nothing wrong, ain’t nobody trying to fuck you over brother, I look at the MD5 hash for you when you left, and when you come back, and the two don’t match.

That, right there, is enough info, and I’ll sit back and chill, you either will or will not give me an explanation that adequately and completely explains that change.

Or, sometimes, you’ll come back and tell me the MD5 hash has changes, and I’ll look at it, and see no change, and I’ll sit back and chill, cos you are one of them up above trying to sell me your widget.

I get this shit at work, babe, they tell me, you need to be doing this and this and this check box filling so we can move your ass up a grade and pay you moar munnay.

Yeah, if you wanted to pay me more money, you’d pay me more money, hey babe, here is 5% to compensate for cost of living rises, 5% for sticking with us another year and being loyal and no fuckups, and 5% so you got a little extra to do the things you need to do to get these extra certs and shit.

Instead I get 3%, down from the 3.2% I got last year, that is what happens when you get the same number “pay rise” year on year.

Yeah, I should be grateful to have a fucking job, yadda yadda…. scuse me while I doff my cap.

So despite two plus years of sterling service with zero sick days and zero fuckups of any kind, I’m actually on less money in real buying power terms than I was when I started with the company as a cipher, and I’m now in receipt of the third email from my line manager telling me about this years “pay rise” cos, see, I haven’t responded to the first two, like the grateful little serf I should be.

I am well past half a century old, I’m not going to sit here and say I have no ambition left, but, within the subset of my life that is me working for these assholes, there is surely none, in fact it is all negative, every possible theoretical gain that is on the table is going to cost me a *lot* more fucking effort that said gains will ever give me back.

I’m in it for the fucking ride, geddit… bit like the current and ongoing skank that had many thinking I was doing a Bill, I’m in it for the fucking ride, as long as the ride is worth it I’ll stay on-board.

For a virtual hobo like me, that ole freight going clickety clack at 25 mph is a good enough ride.

I’m in a place now where I am down to ONE FUCKING PERSON on the entire fucking planet who is older than me and thus more likely to pop their clogs before me that I actually give a shit about…. and that shit is a game changer, when there is nobody else left on the planet who you give a shit about who remembers how it used to be, how it could be, how it should be.

That’s the problem with Dilbert and XKCD and all that shit, everyone starts drawing lines between this cartoon or character and that real person, and none of them talk about real persons who don’t feature in any of the cartoons as a regular character.

I talked here before, years ago, about Dick Osband (https://wimminz.wordpress.com/2014/04/05/the-personal-computer-part-two/) you never see fuckers like that in the cartoons, the dilberts, the simpsons, the xkcd, the rest of the shit.

He’s in it for the ride too.


February 28, 2015

Sporadic signs of life

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As promised / threatened, real life is taking more of a front seat (in a good way) and this is taking more of a back seat, also in a good way, as I have said most of what I have to say, and much of what is left is just oh look, yet more of the same shit, when will this shit end (I don’t know)

What I do know is it was getting time to team up with someone, in the business sense, as I just didn’t have the hours in the day on my lonesome, but the teaming up would have to be based on someone who saw shit the way I did, and who was amenable to following my lead where required and being taught by me when required (in case you’re wondering, I’m talking about the lasershit)

Judging from everything I have written here, you’d be forgiven for thinking, like me, that it was a no brainer that whoever this team up person was, it was going to be another dyed in the wool misogynistic MGTOW like me, so imagine my fucking surprise when out of nowhere comes the perfect candidate, except he has a cunt, tits and ass… so he is a she.

He is in fact in many ways me, but with a cunt, tits and ass, and god knows, I always said if I could clone myself I would give my clone a sex change so I could fuck myself, which would make a pleasant change from the rest of the world trying to fuck me over.

Red pill wise, he/she has basically none, there were a bunch of things where I saw stuff and leapt to the usual conclusions, yes folks, I have seen this movie a million times already, but out of fairness I did look deeper, and lo and behold, the actual facts were utterly different from the million re-runs, when she left her husband, because the marriage was dead and had been for years, contrary to the advice of all which was to kick him out and keep the kids, she left him with the kids and house, and continues to pay her half of the bills, as she says, this is the only right and fair thing to do, and yet this bitch actually fucking does it… she goes out and does work, and by work I mean a man’s job, as in she is the only wimminz in the workplace, the rest are all men, and then pays her own hard earned wages to her (ex) husband for the upkeep of the children and their home, and visits two or three days / evenings a week to keep a relationshit going with the kids, who still have their own home, same school, same friends, same local haunts to play in. Kudos where it is fucking due.

In a sense, none of that matters a fuck to me, but, the type of person who owns their own responsibilities like that while also eating the shit they were a part of, is exactly the type of person I need to team up with in business, because it is a person who actually does give a fuck about getting the best quality product out the door, because you really are only as good as your last job, and the kind of person that knows that you make your own luck, by working long and hard at something for months of even years for little or no reward, until the day comes that you turn the corner and start to get the payoffs, and everyone else says you were just “lucky” to make money at that shit, because, hey, “anyone” could do it.

What I have been saying here is that STATISTICALLY speaking, 99% of the population is wimminz and niggerz, and fucking useless as a result, and bro’s before ho’s, and there are fuck all bro’s about, so the proverbial “woman” was about as common as rocking horse shit, it’s fucking hard enough finding a guy with his own balls nowadays.

But, what she reminds me of is the fact that statistics and probabilities by definition have their fucking outliers, the proverbial lightning strikes on the tree in your garden.

She is a reject from the world of wimminz, and I don’t mean that in the way of a reject shoe from a shoe factory, I mean it in the way of an albino nigger, of which there is a bit in the news at the moment re them being cut up for witch doctor practices in Africa, as in, in every way functional and healthy, but just different enough in enough subtle ways that the herd rejects them as not being one of us…

Hey, I can fucking relate to that shit… lol

So this post is about that, not some skank that is emptying my balls or teaming up with me in business, but about the fact that encountering her has drawn my attention to something that I personally have for far too long overlooked, and that is the statistically insignificant outlier events.

They matter, and I have been ignoring them for far too fucking long, and gazing at the underbelly of the beast that is western society and economies in general, while not realising that me buying a fucking laser and starting a “proper” business that actually fucking makes something, is itself a statistical outlier.

99.9% of business started by individuals are service businesses, gardeners, mechanics, plumbers, hairdressers, accountants, PC repairs, none of them actually make any fucking new products by taking in raw materials and working on them.

And, as a result, I have been bumping into other similar outliers, and they are slowly becoming customers, and suppliers, and friends, and you know what, one or two of them are also born with cunt and tits and ass…

Shit has been under my nose in this very town / city the whole time, and I never met one of these people much less suspected their existence, prior to cementing my own status as an outlier by buying the fucking laser.


February 8, 2015

Humping the shark

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Now, you all know me.. or to be specific and accurate, with one or two exceptions none of you know me from Adam, but you have read enough of my stuff to form a picture of the type of guy I am.

While it may be interesting to sit back and listen to the various opinions of what that is (everything from misogynist dinosaur through asshole rapist to gawd knows what no doubt…lol) it is fairly safe to say that most of them are going to involve some sort of doesn’t give a fuck guy who sometimes plays the world’s smallest violin towards causes that the sheeple (wimminz and niggerz) hold dear.

And this post is an example of why that very anonymity, both of myself and the individuals I sometimes write about, is so so so important, not just for their privacy, but because stripping their individuality from the narrative leaves only the bare bones of what I am trying to say, making the deeply personal impersonal, and therefore making it applicable to all, and readable by all.

So, anyway, there I am, one day last week, my pet owned slut, who I will confess to feeling a great deal of affection for, who is still married and who is cuckolding her husband to the degree that he no longer has sexual access to or use of her, is skyping her husband from my house, to do this skype to the “husband that is, father that is and lover that was” she has gotten dressed, not just so the kids don’t see her in flagrante, but also so the husband doesn’t, it’s not “his” flesh any more.

Now, quite apart from being camera averse anyway, I really don’t want any part of such scenes, they are none of my business, I did not make any promises or vows to him, I don’t have any kind of relationship with him (it’s not a “triangle”, three dots connected by three lines, it’s three dots connected by two lines 0-0-0)and basically there is no upside to any of us for me to do this, I may well be her owner, but there are limits that the wise and experienced Dom will not cross, here be dragons.

However, I do not live in a 400 room palace, so it’s not like my slut can wander off to some room in the East wing of the property to skype her “ex” and kids, so, I inadvertently heard some of the convo.

It was the bit about their ex-sexual relationship, once the kids had vanished from his end of the connection (one of the things I approve of with this one, she isn’t in any way changing the kids lives vis-a-vis where they live etc, still in the same house with daddy, minimal disruption, well done that girl.) and I hear and see this guy (and yes, he and I have met face to face several times) refer to his own cock as “unemployed”, in a sad and forlorn way.

I mean, Jesus fucking H Christ, I don’t want to diss this guy in any way, I’m not some tosser who feels good because I have “won” another man’s woman from under his nose or any of that shit or any other shit, and my own opinion is their marriage has been the walking undead for several years at least before I came along, but basically, he is just a nice quiet guy, I don’t dislike him, I don’t disrespect him, I don’t feel no empathy for him, I don’t sneer at him, I don’t denigrate him, I don’t shame him, I don’t want to hurt him or damage his pride.

But, Jesus fucking H Christ, I can’t relate to the guy, I can’t envision ever referring to my own cock as unemployed just because some skank no longer wanted it, I’d be referring to her cunt as the thing that had passed its use by / best before date.

On the one hand, this is exactly WHY she can’t get enough of my cock and no longer has any interest in his, but the temptation to go down that path again leads us all away from the crucial factors here.cartoon3

I talked before on here about the mouse metropolis experiments and the “beautiful ones”, and I have talked before about the feminisation of men in western society, I have talked before about all the things that lead to this guy, and millions like him, not being a manly man, but being the kind of weak and insipid metro-sexual male that the feminazis were so keen to breed, and look where the fuck it gets you.

It gets you dumped by the one thing you wanted and adore.

I don’t blame him or look down on him, he is a good little robot that absorbed all his social engineering programming, I just don’t respect him.

And, as I said earlier, while I respect the slut in question, my slut, his sexual ex, for her decision to utterly ignore her social engineering programming and leave the kids where they are and where they belong, in their own home with their own dad, this doesn’t mean that she was any more immune to this social engineering programming than he was, she just happened to be a touch stronger than him, and resist one particular part in a way that I approve.

She is just as much a victim of this social engineering programming, because the fact is, as insipid and mild mannered and Milquetoast as this guy is, he is quite man enough for the challenge of living and working in 20/21st century western society, itself an insipid and mild mannered and Milquetoast society, in which no notable skills of any kind are required to stay alive and “prosper” and reproduce…

Which means that he makes a perfectly “adequate” 20/21st century husband / father / lover.

But the social engineering programming also entreats all females to aspire to the more than adequate, the more than they have, the much vaunted manosphere concept of hypergamy.

In any other age my bitch would have been more than happy with her lot, in this age… well…….

This is the age of the interest only mortgage, the most ludicrous financial concept imaginable, a concept so ludicrous even the feeble minded would sneer at it, or so you would think…

My bitch and her unemployed ex cock have one, quelle fucking surprise.

I haven’t yet explained to her what an interest only mortgage is… I pity her as much as him, and I see little upside to being around when she finally gets clued in, she won’t be happy.


Imagine a house or property, it doesn’t matter what it is, just picture one, and hold that PICTURE in your head.

Now, the vendor says they want X price for it.

You, you don’t have X.

Time was you could either walk away and rent, or step up to the plate and try to get a mortgage. Traditionally here in the UK these were limited to a multiplier on your annual salary, and it varied between 3.5 to 4.5 times your annual salary, eg if your job paid you 10,000 a year, the maximum mortgage you could get would be a 20 year 85/90% mortgage for between 35,000 and 45,000, that’s it. You would require a 10/15% CASH deposit, no if but or maybe.

So we went down the road of liar loans and self certification and 100% mortgages and then 110% mortgages and then 120% mortgages, and when the steam ran out of that bullshit we had to bring in something else to keep the ponzi scheme going.

Enter interest only mortgages, now, despite the name being “interest only mortgage” and featuring the word “mortgage” in there, these things are like “parental rights” when applied to anything with a penis calling itself a father in secret family courts, it is there in the name only… Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Patriot Act, you get the idea…

So, back to your PICTURED property.

Back to the vendor who says they want X for this property.

Back to the “Mortgage” Loan Company.

In the old days, the mortgage loan company loaned you the money, you bought the capital in the property, and the mortgage loan company held on to the deeds until you had paid off the mortgage, at which point (leasehold land aside) you owned the shit outright.

In the new days, you have your PICTURED property, the vendor who says they want X, and you go to the “interest free mortgage” loan company.

The loan company essentially goes out back and prints the money to buy the PICTURED house for X from the vendor (who won’t ever actually see the X, it’s just electronic data in a file), and THEN they come back down and sit at a table with you.

At that point, they indulge in an ENTIRELY SEPARATE CONTRACT AND DEAL WITH YOU.

And that deal is simple, the capital / asset / ownership / deeds of the place isn’t even on the table, the old vendor was paid X by your loan company, who now own the PICTURED property 100%.

The “deal” that IS on the table is this.

For around 50/70% of what a mortgage would have cost, this loan company will allow you to enter into a binding 20 year rental contract on THEIR property, and the only thing that is binding is that YOU can’t get out of it, THEY can change the terms, interest rates, or sell it on at will.

What you are doing is paying the loan company “back” the “money” that it printed into existence the moment IT bought that PICTURED property for X from the vendor.

Your name is not on the deeds. Your name is never going anywhere near the fucking deeds.

When you have finally paid back the “interest only” loan, well, you’re back where you fucking started, homeless and fucking broke, course, you could always negotiate another “loan” with the company.

And these same cunts tell me that they could not do what I do, which is rent, because renting is “more expensive and less secure”.

No shit, when my bathroom ceiling collapsed due to a water leak, my fucking landlord had to fix it and foot the bill, in your case you will be legally liable to pay to maintain the mortgage companies property.

Come time to move to something in a different area or with more room or nearer work or what the fuck ever, I give my landlord 30 days notice.

You, you have to find some schmuck like you to buy the 30k house that your mortgage company printed 220k to buy, only you have to find some schmuck willing to pay 220k to the mortgage company for their property so they will release you from your legal liability to them,and then where are you, sat right next to me on the street, with no capital from the sale of the asset that you never owned, no matter how much it “appreciated” in “value” while you were busy paying the loan company for the money they magicked into existence at zero cost or effort.


And if you think there is anything less than a FUNDAMENTAL and ELEMENTAL and VITAL connection between the type of guy I am, and me being the cuckold-er, he / they being the type of people that he / they are, and him being the cuckold-ed, and her being my slut, then you ain’t been paying fucking attention.

February 1, 2015

Army Surplus

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When I was a kid, there was a fucking ton of this stuff, and it’s all well and good, but it isn’t a sign of anything so much as that particular thing being in that Wil E Coyote moment after he has run off the edge of the cliff and before gravity takes hold.

In real life of course the two factors are not air and gravity, but production and demand.

Lots of these surplus things being re purposed, or lots of production set up to do A being shunted over to do B, is not a sign of health, it’s a sign of that Wil E moment.

On Ebay UK at the moment I can buy a cheap crap Chinese 40 watt laser tube and PSU brand new for 170 quid, these are the shit things put in all the blue K40 series lasers that also litter fleabay at the moment, and if you try to get 30 watts out of them you’ll be lucky to see 100 hours out of them…. even so……

You could get 10 watts out of one for a long time, so you’re looking at £17 per watt, and 10 watts in a 6 mm diameter beam is about a third of a watt per square millimetre, and noonday desert sun is about a kilowatt per square metre, which works out at a milliwatt per square millimetre, so the shit laser unfocused is 300x the power of the noonday desert sun over the small area of the unfocused beam.

You could do a lot of experimentation with that, or a lot of mischief.

But 1 watt laser diodes, nope, they are banned for sale by fleabay and amazon, as drones will soon be if they are not already….

At 100 yards, this totally invisible beam would not have diverged too much, I do know of a case of someone with a 100 watt tube set to half power igniting wood 100 metres away… but this isn’t about building your own death ray.

It’s about the “opportunity” to do so because of the temporary and transient phenomenon of oversupply.

While these opportunities are handy if, as in the above example, you always wanted to build your own death ray, but always for a 500 buck budget and not a 5,000 buck budget, this doesn’t mean they are good things overall, as by definition, nobody with a brain is going to make more at that price point, no matter how crap they are, and that means when the glut is over, there will be less production capacity than before.

Sure, it may be the crap producers that go to the wall, but production quality is one area where drip down technologies and push up competition actually works, what screwed this pooch wasn’t technology or competition, it was building for markets that did not appear when the products rolled off the end of the production line.

Baltic dry index anyone?

There is a similar thing going on in my town, while some office and retail spaces have effectively been empty for years, there are sites where new office and retail spaces are being built, when you are a property developer, or laser tube maker, when all you have is a hammer…

The differences between the small chinese laser tube factories making crap tubes and property developers and baltic shipping capacity is the small chinese factory will undercut the neighbouring factory, whereas the property developer would rather see empty units rather than have the rest of the portfolio “marked to market” as that is game over for them.

This is of course the essential difference between a small scale collapse and a large scale collapse, the large scale collapse happens because the small scale ones were not allowed to.

So, getting back to why being able to build my death ray gun for 500 bucks instead of 5,000 is not necessarily a good thing, it is a lot better thing than the alternative, which is not being able to build my death ray gun for 5,000 because first I have to build a factory for 500,000 bucks to make the tubes than no one else makes any more.

Of course, in the Chinese death ray gun thing, part of the reason it is now feasible to make such a thing for 500 bucks is not just the parts costs have plummeted, so has shipping, vis the Baltic dry.

So there are at least two separate “bad things” combining to make my temporary opportunity to make a death ray gun for 500 bucks possible.

Can you smell the coffee brewing yet?

If you want to live in a world where you can make long term plans or goals, owning a house, raising a child, starting a business you hope to grow, then these Wil E times, while representing “opportunity” for some, represent “opportunity cost” for many.

“Opportunity cost” is the concept that nothing in life is free, so simply having an opportunity comes with a cost, whether you take that opportunity or not.

One of the costs of these opportunities is that long term plans and goals are a bit wishful thinking at best, because long term plans require stability, and such Wil E opportunities are themselves indicators of instability.

As an amateur student of English industrial history, I see it replete with these times, when water wheel power shifted to steam power, when aircraft / wartime production shifted to general engineering and agricultural, in effect offering a surplus of low quality cheap laser tubes.

Lister being born may have been great news if you were living in the Gloucestershire valleys and wanted work, or lived in a farm in the outback of Australia and wanted a generator, but it sucked donkey cock if you were living in Cornwall running a small engineering works that up until then was good enough for the local demand.

It also sucked if you were in Cornwall and the local boys went out of business, and you had to order a Lister from far away Gloucestershire…. big bucks for a Lister… so lots of Cornish-men became “cousin jacks” and emigrated to find work, but at least there was work, and at least Lister was quality.

What do we have today?

Fuck all, engineering and manufacturing wise. What there is is some small businesses, and by small I mean anything from sole traders to small, less than 12 staff, and they are struggling, I know because they are both my customers and my suppliers, and the economic environment is being poisoned by those who are too big to allow mark to market, too big to fail, too big to admit mistakes and change direction, and now instead of Army Surplus “they” will plough that shit right into the ground rather than allowing anyone to make a 500 buck death ray.

95% of modern western economic “management” is based solely on such tricks, the gaming equivalent of the “infinite ammo” cheat, and as any gamer knows, that alone doesn’t just level the playing field, it makes what were impossible odds no more challenging that good fun and shits and grins all round.


January 30, 2015

When world’s collide

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Seems the lay-offs are very much in vogue prior to April 6th (tax year end here) with world + dog “rightsizing” and “resource allocating” soon to be ex-staff members out the door.

Meanwhile the hilarity and insanity continues wherever you look, our feminazi law makers are now postulating that men should be able to prove consent before sex, or it is rape, a far, far, far cry from the old definition, which was that one party had to genuinely believe the other party consented.

Hey I got raped by Virgin Media, I genuinely believed that when I paid them the money they asked for they would give me 150 mbit to teh intertubez…. I guess I shoulda gotten written consent from the mofos first eh.

So, as I ended the last piece I talked about how this piece would be about how people who treat an analogue world as binary are responsible for leading us into economic collapse and wars.

So I guess I should do dat ting, but, fuck it man, open your eyes and look around you, says it all more eloquently than anything I can write, and if you do that and can’t see, then nothing I can say will make you see.

Men Going Their Own Way has days to run before the initial year’s hosting and domain I paid up front is expired, I put it up for grabs weeks ago and nobody wants it, and that’s fine, I don’t expect anyone wants the plate of lasagne sitting in my fridge either, so it had its day and it can die a death, no biggie, but I see signs of life, or, to be more specific, signs of pond life, over at the spearhead as Bill attempts to resurrect something or other, good luck with that shit, fool me once, more foll me a second time, err, or something.

So out and about today I swing by a friend’s house, and he bemoans to me the sudden dearth of Class IV laser diodes available for sale, fleabay ain’t listing them, amazon ain’t listing them, nobody is, terr-rist weapons see, or not see, if they get shined into the eyes of black helicopter pilots, between that and drones being flown into airport traffic lanes, who needs the Greeks to stick two fingers up at the bankers to trigger papiren bitte at the point of a gun, I mean, fuck it, we are now eulogising Churchill, who was a sad sack, and talk trash about Russian bears encroaching our airspace, daring to fly within twelve miles of us, you know, in international airspace, like they are fucking allowed to do, unlike the fucking Belgrano, but that was an argie boat and not a fucking Russian plane, and Putin is a warmonger innit, and still no word on the cockpit tapes or black boxes from MH17, and have you seeeen the camel-toe on the youngest kardashian bitch, and anyway Gazprom has chlamydia…

Meanwhile I go to a couple of my local business friends, and they are doing it right, downsizing their premises back to what they used to be, sticking with a core of good staff, plenty of stock in stock, and cash off the books trading is king, sure it’s all a lot more cramped and cluttered and a lot less bling bling but … it’s fucking sustainable, and more to the point, when I walk in as a customer, I get as good or better a deal than I got before, win win, fuck the bling.

On the cunt front I got more than I can use, more than I want to use, which is a shame, as on the one hand I feel I should be making the effort to fuck them all, but on the other hand, I’m sad to say I feel that I should be focusing on one or two, as that is “enough” and it feels like it is going to get risky out there, bunny boiler wise,,,, as if the days of gratuitous free fucks from skanks are numbered….

WE are being primed by the media to hate everything from scroungers on social security through bloody foreigners to bloody foreigners living here to rah rah rah those good old days during the war when life was so much simpler…. and there can be only one purpose for this deliberate and sustained effort, but as I ended the last post and started this one, there are many unintended consequences when you treat the analogue world in such a binary fashion.

WE enter a blinding fog whenever what I want does not match up to what you think I should want, and this happens on every level from the interpersonal to the international, and of course none of it is aided by those who stand between thee and me and claim to tell us all what the other party really wants.

I don’t even know for a fact, scientifically speaking, that ISIS even exists, much less the MILF fighters (lol) as I have never met one, much less heard from their own lips what they actually want, stand for, believe in, etc.

Who is Keyser Soze

January 19, 2015


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I try to avoid personal anecdotes that are too personal, or involve others identifiably close to me, or which cross the line between an anecdote and a kiss and tell all.

I also try to avoid too much carping, or too much pride before a fall, and I am always aware of the danger of coming across as a one hymn choir preaching to the converted, there are always degrees of everything, nothing is quite black and white.

So it is with wimminz.

My current squeeze is looking to be a longer term thing, oh noes I hear you all cry, look what happened to Bill over and what used to the The Spearhead, all those subs and donations went for nothing…

Well, on paper this bitch is a bad bet, leaving her current husband and marriage to be with me, met on a swinging / fucking site, and all that jazz.

In reality I can’t claim that she is drop dead gorgeous model material stunner either, or that she has an amazing mind, or incredibly talented as a such and such.

But what she does have going for her hearkens back to a previous bitch, but even more so, she worships the ground I walk on and will do anything for me, in short, she makes it real easy to have her around, and exists mainly as an asset to her man.

Oh yes, I hear you cry, if that is so, you stupid cuntstruck fool, why wasn’t she such an asset to her previous man, you know, the one she kicked to the kerb to be with you… smartass.

Fact is, this is a bloody good question, and observation, and it deserves a bloody good answer… my problem is, there is one, but it doesn’t go into words very well, but, put it this way, he knows who I am, I’m the one who picks his wife up from their home on a friday and drops her back on a sunday when I have had my way with her…. yup, he is one of them niggerz.

She is the closest thing you can get to the “traditional” woman nowadays, despite the ironic hilarity of the swinging and cuckolding, in that she is a genuine sub who wants nothing more than to be owned, something the niggerz was incapable of.

So in a sense this is a post aimed at those who think MGTOW = celibate monk, it doesn’t have to be, there is a compromise, provided you can find a real sub and of course provided you yourself are a natural dom.

Which is the *real* point of this post.

The subs of the world are the fracked shale oil

Best way to fuck up this fracked shale resource is to act like Captain Save a Ho and try and turn it into artesian light sweet crude, for all their flaws and shortcomings, the modern sub is a beautiful thing when compared to other wimminz and skank ho’s, absolute worst fucking thing you can do is try to fix any of that shit and upgrade the bitch.

It’s like letting a dog sit at your table and eat of your plate, and sleep in your bed, you’re going to completely ruin the fucking dog, mainly because he will no longer know he is a dog and you are his master.

And now we are straying from the anecdotal to the personal, because there is this guy, and I have told and told and told him all this, and he keeps fucking up, gotta treat a skank ho like a skank ho, none of this My Fair Lady shit.

He himself has every excuse under the sun, but the one bit of advice I give him that he ignores, and I mean studiously ignores, and that one bit of advice is this, that you can only carry of the dom / sub thing to some sub slut if she is a genuine sub, and if you are a genuine dom.

And its the “look inside yourself and see if you are a genuine dom” bit in particular that counts, in the same sense that I might say look inside yourself and see if you are a genuine heterosexual… you can’t fake being something you are not, not for long, and not well.

I use these two things (Dom / Queer) deliberately, because there is nothing so unhappy and miserable as someone who is lamenting his homo / hetero sexual orientation, except perhaps someone lamenting his dominant / submissive sexual orientation, because none of these things is under their control, or the subject of a conscious choice.

You see, this guy is in denial about his sexuality in the dom / sub sense, and so blames his failure to find something similar to that which I periodically find, such as the current slut, on the types of skanks he is meeting… which is all very well, but when you apply a bit of substitution analysis, and ask if instead the guy was in denial about his sexuality in the hetero / homo sense, and blames his failure to find a suitable partner on the types of skanks he is meeting……

Just as this guy is no less of a man or person than me because he is more sub than dom himself, he would be no less of a man or person than me because he was more queer than straight, and yet both these groups face ridicule and oppression because of their perceived minority and supposedly deviant states.

Had to leave this and come back to it a day later, which is now, just re-read it quickly, and it does sorta give the impression that I am falling head over heels etc… nothing could be further from the truth, it’s just that I personally don’t really know how to tell a story without rambling a bit and including bits and pieces from all over.

I am at the same time severely handicapped by not being able to say a lot of things, and it is those things that would give proof to my statement above that I’m not losing it in pursuit of some cunt.

If anything, the opposite is the truth, the cunt is losing it in pursuit of me, and because it’s quite agreeable and making a major effort, I go with the flow for as long as that situation maintains.

And this, I guess, really is the crux of the matter.

The situation I am describing with the current squeeze is DYNAMIC, think of an analogue amplifier with two inputs and an output, whereas the situation I am describing with the guy above who keeps fucking up, is he treats it all as a more digital thing, on or off, and if it’s on, it’s on all the way, Spinal Tap, everything cranked up to 11 man….

Despite what all the feminazis and wimminz and niggerz will claim, sexploitation is really, really, really hard to achieve in a dynamic relationshit, but practically inevitable and guaranteed in a steady state digital relationshit.

As I write this, Paul Gadd, real name of Gary Glitter, is in court yet again, some skank is accusing him of getting into bed with her and trying to have sex with her when she was a child, FORTY FUCKING YEARS AGO.

There isn’t any evidence of course, by definition, it’s too fucking long ago, but the poor bastard has already been convicted twice of having illicit porn on a laptop here in the UK, and soliciting young boys for sex in the far east (him and 100,000 other western tourists) and the sad truth is that alone is likely to see him convicted.

Meanwhile watching television at a friend’s house, one of the pundits was talking on the BBC about house prices and mortgages, and came out with the line “since 1985, when records began




So Gary Glitter is accused or porking some young bint a whole fucking decade before records began for house prices and mortgages… pull the other one, it’s got fucking bells on.

Selective amnesia because of course that is when runaway house price inflation started, when liar loans and the max 3.5 annual income multiplier was abandoned.

Just like the selective amnesia of the alleged Glitter cock, who forgot all about it for forty fucking years, until his other convictions made her lies more likely to land her a cash bung from the guvvmint for being a victim…. and the selective amnesia of the jury, who will forget all the principles of English justice, no conviction without a FAIR trial, and that means EVIDENCE, not allegation.

Seeing the parallels to the digital vs analogue>?

That’s the problem with the dom/sub, hetero/homo thing, it treats it as binary finery, and the reality is that it is all very dynamic and analogue, even if it spends its while life wavering around a small area that would firmly be either a 1 or a 0 in digital.

This shit is how economies collapse and wars start, and more on that in a follow up piece shortly.


In the meantime, enjoy..


January 8, 2015

Camping snipers

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I want to start this one off with an image.Image1

It’s a WinDirStat screenshot of the Z drive on my main PC, which is itself just a mapped folder linking to my primary NAS box.

Number one, this is why the cloud is shit, I got all this stuff at the end of gigabit Ethernet on my LAN, and being on my LAN in the 192.168.x.x address range, it isn’t accessible to anyone not physically on my LAN, sure, there are ways of making it remotely available, but in a world where phones carry 64 gigs of storage, I just don’t see the benefits.

Number two, this is why it is weak, all it takes is a thief with a uniform and a warrant, and I no longer have access to any of that shit, which is why email / sms / kik / whatsapp backup to the cloud is still the order of the day… >;*)

Human beings are funny creatures, show most of them something like this, or a 2TB disk that is 80% full, and they have the urge to purge and delete files… they don’t know why, the 400 gigabytes that are still free on that disk are enough for anyone, they just seem to prefer it empty, like it weighed more, or ran slower, or used more juice, at 80% full as opposed to 50% full.

Then three months later they are looking for that file that they know they had, but can no longer find.

My policy is only delete shit you know for a fact you actively do not want anywhere on your system.

Meanwhile back in the real world everyone and their dog is starting to worry about money, big companies left right and centre and haemorrhaging staff and premises and ventures, and everyone is seeing it, it’s no longer possible to sweep it under the carpet or blame it on statistical outliers when for example the 5 biggest retailers in the country are in the shit and issuing profit warnings and laying off staff and closing stores.

When Tesco is closing 43 stores amid falling profits, you know it’s bad, with their purchasing power and economies of scale and accounting practices, if they can’t make money, no small business can.

Soft shoe shit about it being “only” the “smaller” “local” “convenience” stores that are closing is so much shit, and everyone knows it, the scalpels are out.

Meanwhile spam / cold calling / marketing has been ratcheted up, and a definite hint of desperation on the part of all those doing it, quotas to meet or your job is on the line if salaried, or fuck all in your pay packet if commission based.

Down at the street / gutter level, things are getting gnarly, and I don’t just mean in the financial sense, the wimminz on the dating / fucking scene are getting their game on, and betrayal of husbands is going to a new level, in your face motherfucker, and no you can’t divorce me cos I’ll take HALF OR MORE and keep the house and kids, and oh yeah, suck it up bitch, I may let you fuck me once a fortnight if you’re a good little boy.

Wimminz willingness to deliberately ignore being pump and dump material for some guy because basically life otherwise wasn’t too bad and they got some good sex is fading fast, it’s all about money and security and mortgages, you gotta have a j-o-b if you wanna be with me, ain’t nothing going on but the rent…. yeah, we heard that one before bitch, those of us with longer memories.

Meanwhile back in the other real world, my small coherent light business, one of my now regular customers, cash only, fuck the tax man, is out hunting, so he talks to me about a probable contract he has, and my part in it, we umm and ahh, I say prolly between 15 and 20 a pop depending on variables, he asks me can I do it for 15, as his budgeting for the whole job works a lot better if he only pays me 15 a pop, and 15 is more than 0, and the fact is I already purchased the machine outright so I got no ongoing extra costs, so ten seconds later we have a deal, it’s a man’s world and it’s fucking righteous and the true way to do business.

15 x 15 = 225 drinks vouchers I didn’t have before, for what might be two or three hours “work”, for values of work that include typing some shit and drinking coffee and loading fifteen pieces in the laser and hitting go.

it’s not even a small step on the road to world domination, but it is enough money to live for a week, and it’s another 225 off my outlay on the machine, and I’m already close to 10% of what I paid for it with these odd jobs and shit, and then you have the proverbial “means of production” free and clear in your own hands, unlike my day job, where the stroke of the accountants pen can change me from being employed on a salary to sweet fuck all.

It kinda reminds me of that feeling you get (or at least I do, because I have done this shit a lot) when you are sat in some guy’s kitchen drinking coffee, you’re collecting his wife to take away and fuck senseless for the weekend, and he knows it, and he is all sort of polite to you because he knows if he ain’t she will be pissed at him, and he has to live with the bitch, I don’t….

Don’t get me wrong, I never did the whole rubbing his nose in it thing, never saw the point, way too childish, and my ego ain’t that fragile I need to tread on a cuckold niggerz to get ma kicks, so he knows she is gonna do that shit anyway, thank fuck she is doing with me and not some hoser….

But that is the same as not being the sheep when two wolves and a sheep democratically decide what to have for lunch, owning your own means of production is like, a lot fucking closer to pwning some other niggerz wife, whereas not owning your own means of production is a lot fucking closer to being that cuckold niggerz, it’s your shit, and you get all the bills, but you don’t call the shots.

it’s a dog eat dog world…. rawr… lol

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