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February 9, 2016

it’s late / early so I really shouldn’t

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But I notice things.

On the business front it’s been as quiet as a grave for two weeks now… meanwhile on the street outside many of the cars parked literally haven’t moved for days or more either.


Who knows.

I shoulda been a messiah, a dictator, a despot, I’d have settled for fucking all your daughters, all the good looking ones anyway, it’s a better deal than anyone else is offering.

I’ve been looking back over this blog too, re-men-is-sing (sic) baby, funny how shit pans out, never did take the facerig / videoblogging thing up, dunno why, no real reason not to, just didn’t maintain the desire to to, as it were.

I’ve changed too, in the five years I’ve been typing this shit, it would be worrying if I had not, but I’ve got a lot more mellow about the whole FRA thing, I’ve just come to accept it now, in the sense that there are monsters in the jungle, and the fucker tried to make me lunch, and for a while there I took that threat as serious as cancer of the bunghole, but what don’t kill ya makes ya stronger, and yeah, I’m all of that.

That’s change too, good change.

“Character building” we used to call it, life seems to have a habit of doing that, throwing a few years of shit at you every couple of decades, just to toughen you up and make you appreciate the good shit in life, or to grind you down into the shit you are.

It also makes you a lot less likely to cut anyone else some slack.

Not all muslim immigrants are rapefugees, some come from genuine shit and will do anything for a fresh start, so the mantra goes.

Anything except be the strongest critics of the fucking rapefugees it seems, shades of the arguments about not all wimminz are etc.

Falls down when it comes to not all men are rapist though, them that ain’t are the hardest thing on them that are, given the chance, and the law turning the other way.

Like the non muslim refugee in germany that tore pages outta da koran and stuffed them down the toilet, instant riot with the other muslim rapefugees out for his blood, literally.

Still, the Daily Fail is reporting that known paedos are targeting the vulnerable kids in the refugee camps, if it’s true, fill yer boots paedos, is what I say, turnabout is fair play.

For those of you who haven’t travelled the world, yeah, you can’t tar everyone with the same brush, and islam/muslim is a religion not a race and all that jazz, but the acid test is what *sort* of muslim, is the guy sunni or shia.

Shia is fucked up like fundy xtians, sunni is fucked up like crackheads on krokodil, you can be neighbours with a fundy xtian, you may not like each other but they rarely want you dead.

Nowadays I don’t cut nobody no slack, I’m with the old Texan school of thought that says if it happened to you it’s your fault, I got no sympathy and I don’t believe your version of events.

If FRA’s are demons in the jungle for individual men, shit going down with banking and capitalism and resources and immigration is no more than demons in the jungle for old school white society and values, not that white society and values have always been something to write home about in a good way.

The white man was better than everyone else at everything, including wars and genocide and rape and pillage and everything else, and it was to counter that that we built most of what we called civilised society, handshakes and (in the uk) riding on the left, showed your armed hand was empty to others, southpaws were literally sinister.

The various colours of muslims and the rest forget that at their peril, white man is capable of wiping 100 million from the planet, and they won’t all be other white men, all you gotta do to make it happen is break down traditional societies and roles… oh… wait…

The Chinese I got time for, even if they had the same agenda, I got time for them, because they are industrious motherfuckers, it’s just business, nothing personal.

The rest of these worthless cunts, it purely personal, never business, because by and large they don’t have a business bone in their bodies, less it’s opening a takeaway, and unlike the kebab shop, the chinky will sell you peking duck or fish and chips or kebab or vindaloo or pretty much anything else that makes a profit.

See, you’d have thought that the fucking mafia would have kept the fucking wogs out of fucking sicily, but oh no, turns out the fucking mafia are bringing them in by the boat load from north africa, it pays well see, same as drugs and whoring…

We fuck each other over, it’s what we do, there is no illuminati master plan, it’s just darwinian forces at work in the absence of other predatory effects, no sabre toothed tigers to predate on man, so man has to predate on man, and on this note the nazis and the ragheads are way ahead of the politicos and bankers, they know it is gonna be a fight for survival.

At that point it gets to be like my FRA, the very first casualty is the question of whether I did or did not in fact rape the skanky psycho bitch for ten years straight or not, establishing that as being a fact or a fiction was abandoned very very early on, all that matters is will you survive the ordeal or not.

If you do, you will be different, if you do, I hope you make it like me, not just different, not just stronger, but happier and looking forwards to the future.


February 7, 2016

For Hans

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Poor girl, when she wakes up and realises that the men who would have saved her have already been demonised for 40 years, marxist / feminist playbook nearing the end game.

My dead father used to say “Hitler was right”

Lot’s of germans will be waking up to that, instead of apologising for it.


February 2, 2016

The fucking chinese

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I see this everywhere, the fucking chinese, you know, they are only good for producing crap and cheapo third rate crap at that, yadda yadda.

I have a “friend”, basically I know the guy, quite like him, you know the score, not BFF crap.

He imports lasers from china, good ones, and sells them here, in his own words, they spend a few days on each one making it legal, as as it comes outta the box from china, it ain’t legal, nota bene, it works just fine, it just isn’t legal, there is a legal difference, health and safety and all that.

They are managing to get a colour effect with laser engraving by playing with reflected light and diffraction patterns, it’s a bit like a butterfly’s wings, it’s not real colour, but it is *bloody* clever.

And they can ship one of those machines to me for under 8,000 US$

Someone please explain to me how this backwards crapola producing knock off cheap copy fucking chinese are doing that? With apparently no infrastructure to draw on, just a financial house of cards, no actual physical engineering supply chain infrastructure, and no innovation, just a cheap crapola copy, so that means this must be like something some western laser company was doing better in 2005… like…… ummm….. hang on a minute… I’m sure I’ll think of the  great and innovative and world leading western company that these fucking chinese are copying….  look I’ll get back to you on this…

I’m all kinds of a cunt, but not so big of a cunt I cannot see world LEADING innovation when I see it, this is an actual fucking product that can be shipped today for about a quarter of the price of a new VW Golf Diesel.


oh I am sure there is some cunt somewhere in an R&D lab somewhere here who can do better and talk about how they did this actual thing, or discussed it in theory, ten years ago.


That and a buck will buy you a coffee.


BRINGING A PRODUCT TO MARKET and having it ready to ship, that’s a whole different planet, I might like a Moller skycar or a Tesla or a Koeniggsegg, but I can go out and buy a Kia today, and another one next week, and another one next week, and another one next week, and right now they are working on the next model, that they will ship every week.

Wisely, like the vast majority of the other chinese laser manufacturers, are not true manufacturers, they are assemblers, buying in parts from other companies and making those parts work together and assembling them and shipping the finished product.

You could say the same thing about any modern euro car, if you know modern cars…

It’s not just lasers, it’s pretty much anything engineering or manufacturing related, the distance and shipping times and language barriers are a bitch, but the fact is I can get most anything I want in China.

Including cheap knock off exploding hoverboards, which I can buy so cheaply I can sell here for 70 quid a pop and still make a profit.


Meanwhile we are busy diluting our own culture and heritage with blacks and arabs and god fucking knows what, and yes I know the arabs gave us the alphabet and I know the great library at Alexandria and all that jazz, but fuck it man, it was never capitalised on, that took the white european man, steam, lathes, guns, railroads, planes, computers, electrical power, the list is fucking endless.

But what the fuck anything that ends up with a choice between a few white men is shit and not representative of other races or colours or creeds or sexes or genders (all 27 of em at last count) so fuck that shit white boy, sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up and let’s celebrate the great achievements of our black / brown / blue / green / lesbo / feminazi icons, such as…….. crickets…

The ONE FUCKING JOB wimminz have, that of maintaining racial purity, they can’t be trusted with, they want all that diversity cock, lets face it, and white cock is now mangina cock and not the least interesting to them, much better to be impaled by mandingo the centaur from Somalia who is actually 27 but claims to be a 14 year old orphan from Syria.

But there is hope.

Perhaps it is in the form of a head shrinking virus from Brazil, that started out a few years after we started experimenting with genetically modified mosquitos in that very area, we now have a mosquito borne virus that shrinks babies heads, it’s Ok wimminz, no need to panic, when they grow up their cocks will be full size.

What fun if it turns out to be a real pandemic.

What fun if it turns out to not affect white european genetic stock.

What fun if it turns out to be just another precursor to one of the really deadly phages that come along and cull the herd now and again.

Is it just me or does the baby on the right look like nothing so much as a modern Neanderthal…

maybe they are due a comeback, along with Cro-magnon and the morlock and eloi.

How much fucking brains do you actually need to watch X-fuckter and log on to fuckbook and work in an office on the state tit?

Is this actually a bad thing?

One aspect of Zika that nobody is talking about, as an adult man, it doesn’t affect me, I am not limited in my reproduction to one ovarian cycle a month and a nine month gestation and several years of rearing.

And I doubt Zika is doing any permanent GENETIC erasure, it will just be suppressing certain genetic traits and enhancing others, the entire genetic library will still be there, so they won’t necessarily breed true forever and a day.

Put that head on the body of the sex doll, big nuka cola bouffant hair do to conceal the small cranium, fuck it, I’d fuck that shit, and how much brains does it need to clean up around the place…

January 26, 2016

Buy the fucking dip

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I opened two new business bank accounts yesterday, and I did it from the comfort of my own home, over the telephone, in 45 minutes.

It took a friend of mine longer than that and two visits to the bank branch to open a personal account, need to see driving licence, utility bill, grandfather’s sperm sample and family tree going back to AD 1654.

It’s all to do with teroorismmms and drug dealers money laundering innit.

Contrast this with the UK Customs and Revenue VAT people, they closed all the local offices, so now ya gotta do it all online innit… http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/ cepts it’s always fucking up and you have to do a password reset and when you try to do that online that fucks up too, so you have to ring them and sit in a queue for 45 minutes to have a 4 minute conversation where they arrange to post you a new one snail mail, and allow 21 days for it to arrive.

If online banking worked like that nobody would be using online banking, and essentially that is exactly what it is, online banking/accounts.

Don’t get me started on online accounting software, and the phasing out of standalone offline accounting software, I just said fuck it and bought paper books and a pen.

But the economy is going great, never been fucking stronger, everyone is loaded and we’ve never had it so good, everything from banks to post offices to supermarkets are getting rid of staff and replacing them with self service robots, nobody has to do menial jobs any more, and robots aren’t programmed to deal with questions like “scuse me love, where are the fucking toilets?”

Next month I’m off to court, as the complainant, naming a very large power utility company and my former letting agents as defendants, see, thing is the utility are sending around bailiffs demanding the 2k I owe them, and the letting agents have been taking the money for the utilities for three years, but apparently it hasn’t been getting to the utility company, or maybe it has and the utility company has lost it.. who knows.. all I know is I always paid at source and can prove it and have emails from said letting agents agreeing to same, so off we go to a court for a judge to sort it out.

Next year, just like the supermarkets and banks and so on, the judge will be replaced with another self service robot, so good luck getting your shit sorted out then.

Of course the people “running” the various stock and bond and equity and share markets around the world are no more competent than the people running the local bank branches or supermarkets or anything else, and by the way, there has never been a better time to buy a house.

From america we are hearing that all those small towns that had a walmart express open up and push all the other small traders out of business, well, those walmart expresses are closing down even faster than they opened up, literally giving notice of closure on a wednesday and being locked up forever by the saturday next, and now there are no small traders and no walmart express in your small town, fuck off to the nearest larger town.

So *utterly* unpredictable and amazing and unbelievable, I mean, who could have guessed???

But the newspapers are full of house buying advice, news about the latest made up split / threesome between Blac China, Klit Kardashian and Lew Brush, the latest amazing tattoo to replace the belly button, and some inspirational fuck who nearly got molested 2 years ago at a party, or would have been if her tits were bigger, or she wasn’t so ugly, or if she had actually attended the party, or something.

The odd mention is creeping in about stocks and bonds and things, but it’s a footnote compared to world exclusive photos of Putin being seen in the same country at Fritzl, so they are obviously sick paedos together innit.

And all the really interesting stuff, like the 10% mortality rate for “california flu” which just happened to escape from a bio weapons research lab that just happens to be staffed by yanks and which just happens to be located in Ukraine, you know, no boots on the ground, civilian advisers only stuff…. weaponised H1N1 bird flu innit

Not a fucking mention.

And there is so *much* good stuff that gets not a fucking mention.

Meanwhile in an office not so far away from me there were three guys yesterday who were planning the shift rotas for today and tomorrow, and then one of the drivers rolls in this morning and says BTW assholes, I’ll be finishing at 3pm today, not my usual time of 6pm… and the three guys are all WTF why not??

And when the three assholes ask why, he says “working time directive” innit, you have me scheduled for a 3 am start tomorrow, and the law says I gotta have a 12 hour break.

IQ’s must be running around 60, I see it *everywhere* all the fucking time.

Not even the most basic fundamental and short term projection from choice and action to consequence and re-action.

Reminds me of jerk offs way way way back in the day when I used to install and service old electro-mechanical (literally, all mechanical cams and switches and relays, not a digital item in sight) slot machines, and some fuck in a pub would harp on about when you see two “BAR” come up and one “CHERRY” on the third reel that was the time to put more money in, but if you saw three BAR but none of them on the winning line that was the time to walk away.

(Dude, I can’t even find a fucking PICTURE of the insides of one of these on google….)

LITERALLY just a big ass transformer with multiple taps, a whole bunch of small geared electric motors driving banks of adjustable cams that each actuated a microswitch, and a board full of big ass relays, a relatively simple drum mechanism with actual wired contacts across the drum, depending on the various drum positions, coin mech, miles and miles of fucking multicoloured wire, hundreds of tiny filament bulbs, chipboard veneer wooden case, and some fancy painted glass panels.

That was it, 2 p for two goes, “Mr Cherry”, thing would draw about 450 watts…lol… getting obsolete in 1979 so I could buy them off the company for a fiver a pop and flog them out to mates for their rooms etc for twenty quid a pop.

Nevertheless, these fuckwits would ignore all that electro-mechanical analogue gubbins, and ascribe some arcane mystical and magical process to whatever went on inside, and yet STILL nurture a fucking belief that they could somehow read the system and game it and know when to play and not to play, or when to press hold and when not to, and come out ahead…

The *only* thing on the planet that is dumber than;

I am SMARTER than this slot machine.
I am SMARTER than this games console
I am SMARTER than this PC
I am SMARTER than this salesman
I am SMARTER than this mechanic
I am SMARTER than this dude on the internet


I am NOT AS SMART as Merkel
I am NOT AS SMART as Hitlery
I am NOT AS SMART as Cameroon
I am NOT AS SMART as Obummer


When the facts are the old 1975 vintage Mr Cherry 100% electromechanical analogue slot machine was smarter than all of them put together, because it was consistent, and consistently paid out only about 75% of what was put in.

When you work with the fucking things installing and repairing them you realise the only way to beat them is to not play them, at all, ever… then about six months later you realise the only way to really beat them is to own one, or more, and put them somewhere you can find dumb people, which is almost anywhere, but especially in pubs and clubs and arcades.

Buying my fucking laser is/was a gamble, buying a set of tools is a gamble, buying a breakdown recovery truck or a HIAB crane truck is a gamble, you are buying a tool to do a job, and gambling that there will be enough work given to you that you will show a profit.

Buying a shop is one step more removed a gamble, the shop itself doesn’t earn you money, it just provided a venue where you might be able to make money.

Buying a shop or house to rent out is one step further removed.

Buying intangibles like AAPL shares is one (large) step further removed.

I had a mate who once tried selling home heating oil, he bought a tanker and bought it cheap, and went to an area that had lots of nice homes and lots of people who played the stock market, both professionally and as keen amateur “investors”

He figured it would be an easy sell, after all the stock market is about something appreciating in value, and buying heating oil in June before the usual winter price hikes was a no brainer way to do it.

OH NO, he did not sell a drop, ended up supplying building sites and shit that needed it NOW, (it’s just diesel really) because all these stock market gamblers had *better* things to gamble their money on.

And typically they will wait until the first frost to order heating oil, and then wonder why they will have to wait a week for a delivery slot…

Buy the fucking dip doesn’t apply to fuel or toilet roll or rice y’see…


January 19, 2016

Re-writing history as we know it.

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The world *has* changed.

I have travelled at lot in my life, there is a rather anemic article in the daily fail today about a yank who was in Kabul in the 60’s, took a bunch of photos, oh what a difference to the talibanistan shithole it is today.

I don’t have photos, or those I do have I choose to keep private, but I wa floating around most of these places in that era as a small white boy.

To be fair, the perspective of a small white boy is not the same as the perspective of a middle aged white man, but, the point that the aforesaid anaemic article tries to make is valid, these places were a lot *more* peaceful and *more* civilised than they are today, note the use of the word more rather than absolutes.

There were tensions and issues and struggles, but by and large for most people, and for smal children, it was quite safe to go wandering about alone.

For some reason, people are accepting of tales I will tell such as this about how xxx used to be back in the day, they will nod sagely and agree and blame it all on x

When I tell them that also as a small boy, and we are talking 12 here, and I was never the tallest or largest in the class, you know, we had a guy in class who was shaving at 14 and was 5 foot 10 and another who was similar but a couple of inches shorter, but as a small boy I have made my own way to London to catch a plane (solo) to these places, and for whatever reasons end up with so much time between getting to London and having to check in at Heathrow that I literally wandered around the streets of London all night, and it was a great adventure….

… well, they react in fucking horror and disbelief.

To be fair, “Landahn” wasn’t as balkanised and radicalised back then,you didn’t have “muslim patrols” enforcing “sharia law” on English soil, even to this day you can go to predominantly black areas of london and go to a pub and be just about the only white face there, but if you can refrain from pulling out your kkk headgear and screaming “jungle monkeys” at everyone, you’ll find it is pretty much like a white pub, people are doing the same shit, talking the same shit, and certainly from my perspective I’m more at ease there than I would be in the bar in David Cameron’s local golf club.

The people in the mainly black pub may have the “wrong” skin colour, but they are more “local real people” than the chipping norton set, because irrespective of genetics and skin colour and ethnic origins, they have embraced the local culture.

In fact some of the older pakistani / indian / west indian immigrants are so pro-british it is almost painful to see, god save the queen and all that jazz.

I’m not even going to go there and say it just ain’t the same with these fucking islamic bastards, becase as I said at the beginning, I have been to the countries that these people came from, back in the day, and I can’t really see any connection between the two.

Their attitudes would have been just as unpopular in Tehran or Kabul or Damascus or Cairo or pretty much you name it in the 60’s as they are here today.

So if “they” did not come from “there” back then, where the fuck did they come from?

***THIS*** is the question that we need to ask, and answer, if we have any hope of dealing with the problem short of a bloody purge, or if we have any hope of killing the right assholes in a bloody purge and not just killing anything that ain’t “us”.

Nobody expects the spanish inquisition, but hey, look at the history, spain was half over run by the moors and various other north african and arab tribes, the fanatical religious push back was only to be expected.

I’ll go further, and venture that it wasn’t a rise in christianity or catholicism per se, so much as the fact that if you are going to look for a label that is mutually exclusive to the thing you are trying to rally against, christianity fits the bill, you can’t be a pork eating wine drinking christian and a muslim.

Suddenly there is a route to power and the way to get there is for me to be more christian than you, more radical than you… and the beat goes on.

And this is obviously what is happening with so called radical islam as opposed to traditional islam, the latter is just a religion held by individuals, the former is a power struggle held by groups.

As the aforementioned small white schoolboy, one of the things I truly detested about school was the uniform, it labeled and branded you, while on the one hand it meant that it was easy for a member of the public to identify the uniform of a schoolboy misbehaving and just ring up the headmaster, it also meant “east side” pupils could readily spot “west side” pupils, and 2 nanoseconds later the jeering and cat calls started.

In fact I will put doen my dislike of the uniform as being the primary reason I never went into the armed services, I didn’t want to wear a uniform as a small boy, why would I willingly don one as an adult?

The dictionary definition of the word uniform represents everything I hold against it, I am and always was an individual, albeit a flawed one.

As I got older I realised that most styles of dress comprised of a uniform of sorts, there were the obvious ones worn by doctors and nurses and policemen, but then you could always spot a city worker or a truck driver or a farmer too.

Punk in the early days had a lot that I identified with, but by 1977 that had descended into yet another uniform along with mods and rockers and teds and greasers and all the rest, commercialised up the wazoo.

The  hijab and niquab and dish dasha and all the rest of it, just uniforms, and those that most proudly wear the uniform are always the ones to watch out for, the snidey slimy asshole creepers, whose uniform was 100% compliant with the norm, but just that bit better than everyone else’s, so they made a statement about wearing the uniform itself…

This picture of Bowie at school, the guy on the left in the middle, that’s a guy I can relate to, sure, you GOT to wear the uniform, but, you can always fuck up the tie etc etc etc.

it’s a fun game to look at old school photos and imagine what that person became as an adult, so Bowie you’d have said poof or hairdresser, the guy to his right teddy boy who got his girlfriend pregnant at 15 and is now a mechanic for the bus company with 6 kids, guy above and to the right with glasses became a policeman, ended up murdering his wife because she kept shagging the guy to his left in the picture, and so on.

Mostly when you play these games the answers are hilariously wrong, however, just often enough they are chillingly prescient.

Third one in from the bottom right, with the teddy boy’s blazer badge perched at the top of his head, now there is a miserable resentful little shit, and god help anyone who comes under his authority later in life.

For those of you playing at home here is another interesting one, don’t read anything into the back rows having crossed arms, all school photos of that era in that region had the kids posed like that… so just a bunch of 10 year olds.

Top middle, that’s the one you’re looking for …

Yes, it’s adolf, rolling in his grave, over a decade since german politicians pledged to rid the soil of american nukes, there are more american nukes on german soild today than ever before.

It’s not just Afdiggastan that is an occupied US MIC country.

So Mein Kampf is being reprinted, assuming it is a literal reprint and not a revision, I suggest you go out and buy a copy and actually fucking read it.

Reading a book is not the same as a bareback gangbang in an HIV clinic, you cannot catch an infection, but by reading a book (I’ve read the bible cover to cover, read 80% of the koran, and mein kampf) you are at least qualified to have read it yourself and formed your own opinion, rather than merely being able to regurgitate someone else’s propaganda about what the book in question actually says.

The bible and the koran are both violent books, that doesn’t mean they should be revised to be more PC, do that and they are no longer what they once were.

It is possible to SELECTIVELY quote from either, just as it is possible to selective quote jew bashing from mein kampf, and give the reader the impression that that is all that book is about, and I have no interest in reading it.

if you can somehow force that person to then read that book, they will tell you afterwards that they did indeed come across those selective quotes, some of them at least, but many of them were edited, many were made up, and many were taken entirely out of context, this destroying their original meaning.

I, Robot

Out of context: “The machine knows all.”

In context: “I see that you instinctively follow that great error- that the machine knows all.”

Having read the bible and the koran, I find that I can relate to maybe 2% of it.

having read mein kampf, I find that I can relate to maybe 15% of it, and in that discontinuance between reading the man’s own words and thinking of what “Adolf Hitler” means today to the masses, like myself and modern middle eastern hellholes than were anything but hellholes back in the day, so where the fuck did these radical raghead assholes come from… you’ll be forced to re-analyse the situation.

Maybe, just maybe, the problem is that mein kampf was not re-written, but history was, the question then becomes, who did this?



‘Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past; for human events ever resemble those of preceding times. This arises from the fact that they are produced by men who ever have been, and ever shall be, animated by the same passions, and thus they necessarily have the same results.’ – Machiavelli

‘Whoever neglects learning in his youth loses the Past, and is dead to the Future.’ – Euripides (480 – 406 BC), Greek playwright

‘Who does not know that the first law of historical writing is the truth’. – Cicero

Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past – George Orwell

‘When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness’. – Alexis de Tocqueville

Until the lion has a historian of his own, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter. (African Proverb)

‘Tradition usually rests upon something which men did know; history is often the manufacture of the mere liar’. – Jefferson Davis

‘There is no history, only fictions of varying degrees of plausibility’. – Voltaire

‘The historian amputates reality’. – Gaetano Salvemini

The causes of events are ever more interesting than the events themselves – Cicero

Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest – Denis Diderot

‘It is the essence of the poor that they do not appear in history’. – Anonymous



January 16, 2016


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“Harley Davidson”


it’s a well enough known brand / name that you are already forming pictures in your mind, and depending on your own personal life experiences, those pictures may well vary considerably… you could be..

  1. someone who knows the name but is not a biker and has no real interest.
  2. someone who is a biker but has no real interest.
  3. someone who knows someone who owns one.
  4. someone who has ridden one once, or been on the back of one.
  5. someone who has owned one.
  6. someone who has owned and ridden them for 20 or 30 years.
  7. same as #6 but never factory, always modified.
  8. same as #7, but tuned so they are as different to factory stock as as harley is different to a honda
  9. same as #8 but at the cutting edge so your current harley sports a tuned 124″ motor (2 litre) putting out 140 BHP & 140 ft/lbs
  10. same as #9 but you race (competitively) them more than ride them.

As you progress through the numbers, your perspective shifts and the pictures you see in your head when someone says “Harley Davidson” changes.

For the record I’m a #8, Stage IV tuned 103″ softail night train twinkie motor, in effect a 1700 cc tuned motor that “comes on cam” when you open it up, scares the crap out of most harley owners and riders just seeing it, not that they’d get the chance, but if offered they’d be too scared to ride it.

Macho bullshit posturing aside, all of the above does make an excellent example that anyone can relate to, short of being an asshole with loads of money burning holes in their pockets, the only way to get to any number on that list is to progress sequentially through all the previous numbers, and as you do, your perceptions and perspectives will change with time and experience, and what YOU picture when someone says “Harley Davidson” will NOT be the same as what someone on a different number pictures, it will not even be similar.

There are a local bunch of self styles bad asses who fall around #6 and #7 on that list, they all fancy themselves as #8 or #9, but when I (#8 on the list) have had parts for sale, and mutual acquaintances have said oooooh, freddy would looove that shit for his harley, he is into speed and power, I’ll let him know you have that for sale… I never ever not even once had any contact at all from freddy or his mates.

See, that’s the other thing about these things, if you are number X, then it’s easy to bullshit anyone on number <X that you are really a badass on number >X

At this point we will leave Harleys alone entirely, the above example makes for an excellent way to explain what follows, but having served that purpose, put it out of your mind entirely.

There are many things in life that effectively have no barrier to entry, you don’t need a load of money or spare time or to be a spoilt yank or anything, these things come with being a living breathing human being.

Sex is one of them.

There is no barrier to entry, anyone can do it, but there is still the numbered progression, 1 to 10, and chances are statistically you are a 2 or 3 at most.

Same thing follows, anyone with a number higher than 3 can claim to be any number they like, and also claim that their definition of what counts for number 6 is the only true valid and correct definition, and being a number 2 or 3, you effectively have no way of knowing if they are correct or full of shit.

BTW the professional top of their game sex olympics / porn / prostitute isn’t the 10, any more than the sales droid in the HD dealership is a 10 in that scale.

The 10 is the person who doesn’t get blindsided or surprised by anything sexual, they have seen or done it all, and are more than just hip to the role of the reptilian brain and social conditioning and gender stereotyping and mathematical implications of sperm vs ovum etc etc etc.

Like the guy with a cupboard full of trophies from the drag strip, you probably haven’t even heard of him unless you move in those circles.

To most people, the drag strip is all about a standing 1/8th or 1/4 mile, with a big clock at the end giving you your terminal speed and elapsed time, and to most people 0.01 of a second is enough to make you a winner.

To the #10, they all talk about *exactly* the same thing, the first 60 feet off the line, it’s not that they do not care about the other 1,260 or 600 feet, it is just that they all know that that first 60 feet is an infallible prediction of the remaining distance, barring things like a tyre blowing or mechanical failure or getting a wobble and shutting down.

The launch is everything to #10, but #7 and below haven’t even heard of the concept… despite it being in effect the foundation upon which everything else is built for #10

Again, this is an important point, as you progress through the numbers, it isn’t just your experience that grows and your perspective that shifts, your very foundations shift as well.

You can not ever go back to the person you were at <n

I talked yesterday about Free Markets, well, when it comes to sex, most of it is like people talking in the pub about what their car is capable of performance wise, proportionally speaking effectively none of it is put to proof out on the strip where the rubber means the road, and torque gets separated from talk.

The sexual marketplace is not a free marketplace, it is also full of people doing the whole I’m a 7 on this sexual scale and you’re a 3, when they are actually a 3 or 4 at best on a good day, but the honest 3 just doesn’t have the experience to know different.

So they sit there feeling inadequate because their penis is “too small” or their vehicle is “too slow” compared to that person over there, or at least what that person over there is claiming.

I can distinctly remember a clique of japanese twin cam and rotary engine freaks, who all enjoyed at lot of friendly rivalry, turn into a bunch of nasty spiteful little jerks when a guy walked in having parked up a 441 big block with hot cams and twin 4 bbl holleys and the rest of the engine and drivetrain to match, and a pair of 14″ wide grabbers on the back.

It’s like the current squeeze, she is head and shoulders above 99.9% of the wimminz out there, but at the end of the day we met and hooked up via a swingers website, and I am not letting either one of us ever forget that, lifelong monogamy is not on the cards, see that progressing through the numbers thing at work again? Just because you personally are no longer at number 4, you can never revert to being number 4, and the current squeeze is head and shoulders above 99.9% of the wimminz because she has a realistic appreciation of her SMV and my SMV, it is not a mutually exclusive statement for me to say she is head and shoulders above 99.9% of the wimminz out there, and for her to say she is punching *wildly* above her weight to get me.

Sure, early days and anything can change and never take anything for granted, but you get the idea.

But the problems start when you have ( I am at risk here of confusing my 1 to 10 scale discussed above based on experience, and the Bo derek 1 to 10 good looks / SMV scale often used by guys, she is a 3 etc) people who are either delusional or lying about their number in the sexual marketplace.

It’s why these sites always have a cabal of vociferous wimminz who think the world owes them a living because they were born with a cunt, they are a 1 or 2 (on my scale, not the bo derek one) claiming to be a 7 or 8 and sadly there are many guys that find themselves on these sites by default, who honestly and accurately categorise themselves as a 2 or 3.

Enter a 5 or 6 male and it’s like the ricers vs the big block olds guy mentioned above, the 6 or above males simply do not play in the forums and chat rooms, ditto the 6 or above females, but only the 6 or above know that.

It comes back again to the free market thing, only a delusional modern western wimminz or niggerz who takes 99% of life (potable water, sewerage, shops with toilet paper and ready meals, internet) as something that is as freely available as air, nobody has to produce it or make it work or make it available, it’s just there, like magic, like it always has been, all their lives… can sit there and claim to be strong and independent and empowered and able to take names and kick ass.

In a true free market, nobody could get away with being that delusional, they would be getting ripped a new one ten times a day and taking it up the ass 20.

But the world of sex and dating and relationshits is about as free and open as the markets, eg not at all, totally artificial and manipulated, and like I said yesterday about the free markets, it’s not that they are not free that buttfucks you the most, though that always will buttfuck you, no, what buttfucks you the most is being in ignorance or denial of the fact that it (the sexual marketplace) is anything but free and heavily manipulated.

Cue the story about the guy in Germany, he has NO ARMS and NO LEGS, but he just got convicted of sexually assaulting a skank ho wimminz.

His mistake, thinking his very obvious disability was worth anything when compared to a poor wimminz living in a patriarchal rayyype culture western ghetto… the literal impossibility of a torso and head sexually assaulting *any* living creature is not even relevant.

DESPISE these people, by all means, but do so silently… despise them for being what they choose to be, but at the same time give thanks that they do choose to be that thing, and do it in a proud and happy way, at least you can spot them as being cunts a mile off and avoid them before they have even noticed your existence.

Trying to change or educate them is like trying to convert me to join ISIS, I’m just not interested in what you’re selling, and you don’t have anything good enough to even bribe me to sit down at a table and let you give me your best shot, much less sign up to your view of the world.

Now we can come full circle to Harleys and continue the analogy.

To me, a self declared #8 on that list, there are far far far more harleys that I would not ride if you paid me, than harleys I would ride in preference to walking or getting a bus.

At a certain level further down that list, all harleys are wonderful, better your sister in a whore house than your brother on a honda, and me making jokes about sportsters all being wimminz bikes, and dressers all being married guys bikes, and stock factory being for wannabes and stock factory plus chrome accessories being for wannabes with small penises…. we’re TAKING THE FUCKING PISS, we do not actually believe that shit, it’s only those lower down the scale that start talking like it is god’s own words handed down from on high.

Same goes for financial free markets and the sexual market place, when you get above a certain level you’re all what the fuck another fucking re-run re-make re-tread seen it all before so you take the piss.

Below that level you start repeating that shit and treating it like gospel.

Below that level you’re busy telling yourself you’re too dumb and inexperienced to know any better, so these guys saying it is all gospel must really know their shit, and even if they don’t or they get it wrong, hell, no way I could even consider attempting that…

Like the famous porn star or the guy on a 2015 CVO ultra classic or a state minister, just cos they look the part of a 6 pushing a 7, the reality is they are a 1 posing as a 3 in their spare time.

This is the essential difference on the swingers sites between those who get lots of meets and those who get few, the ones who get lots are accepting any piece of meat, the ones who are more selective get a lot less meets…

You can be fish or fowl, not both.

And this becomes especially true when you consider how others perceive you, if you have lots of meets you are never going to be attractive to the person who prefers a few regular quality meets to a series of meaningless fucks.

If you run a 99 cent store you are never going to attract custom from someone looking to buy a few quality items, and if that type of customer walks into your store, it is only because they want some cheap shit 99 cent item… fucking ridiculous to expect them to treat you the same way they treat the Bang & Olufsen store.

If you’re a 99 cent skank ho it is because you act like a 99 cent skank ho, nothing will change that, least of which is you claiming to be a high class hooker (there is an oxymoron for you) .. a bank robber may have high principles compared to a home robber, but that doesn’t mean the bank robber has high principles, they are still a thief.

If you’re a corrupt monopolistic cabal member it’s because you act like one, not because you proclaim your belief in free markets and capitalism… you may have high standards compared to the ghetto pimps and people smugglers, but you’re still a worthless parasitic cunt.

If you’re “that tosser on the 20k Harley” it’s because you’re a tosser, doesn’t matter what you spout about ride to live man, or what you ride, you may have high motorcycle financial standards compared to the tosser on the jap four, but you’re still a worthless dangerous fucking tosser and I don’t want to share a stretch of road with you or hang out with you.TR

MY penis is worth more to me than YOUR penis is worth to me, but only a complete fucking tool would suggest that his penis is worth more than yours, flat out, no qualification, it’s just better m’kay..

The moral of this little tale of scales of 1 to 10 is that there is absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong with genuinely rating yourself as a 1 or a 2 or a 3, quite the opposite, you should be commended on your honesty and integrity.

What I want to piss on you from a great height about is that fact that people who tend to rate themselves thus are so incredibly fucking stupid as to think that they are in anything but the minority, most every other cunt is lying and bullshitting their asses off, and the reasons they give that they are right about themselves usually at some point include the claim that ain’t nobody *proving* they are better…. thoroughly missing the point that those further up the scale have fuck all to prove, to them or you or anyone else.

Don’t stop being nice and genuine and real, DO stop being such a gullible idiot and thinking that most of the other people out there are playing the same game as you to the same rules and fairly, and not lying and cheating and stacking the deck at every opportunity.

Drag racers know, that first 60 feet decide everything, so just concentrate on that first 60 feet, no matter what ya brung, and race yourself to improve over time.


January 15, 2016

It’s a free market.

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Except when it isn’t, which is the case 99.99% of the time.

100 potential sellers and 100 potential buyers is a free market.

100 potential sellers and 2 potential buyers is not (purchasing power of Tescos on farmers)

100 potential buyers and 2 potential sellers is not (getting a bank account)

The wannabe so called “science” (it is anything but a science) of economics only really works with free markets, it doesn’t work at all well with monopolies or duopolies, which is why everything that is not a free market is described as a free market, otherwise all those economists etc would be unemployed innit.

E-bay is pretty damn close to a free market, so the price of X year and model and condition of used Harley on ebay is not *that* different to the price in the nearest official HD dealership, but the price of an old PC of given spec is vastly different to an official PC maker outlet.

Most products are disposable, in the sense that official outlets for the new items never stock any used examples ever… PC’s are a good example, go into an Apple store and try to buy an iphone3 or a G2 mac.

“There is no margin in it” and “it would affect the sales of new” and “we don’t have to room” are just excuses, the truth is they have a “business model” that excludes it, and anything with a business model is not a free market.

Going back to the Harleys, the reason you or I or anyone else can NOT buy direct from the factory is another business model, which is why pseudo free market forces only ever apply to used Harleys, never to new ones, that’s a franchised monopoly dude.

I’m paying 99 pence a litre at the pumps now, despite the fact that crude has crashed to 1980’s levels, which means it should be 35 pence a litre, and all those “economic” arguments about why it ain’t so because the raw cost is only a small factor in the costs of production and distribution are total bullshit, because I am comparing apples to apples, they were all there along with all the same costs and processes back in the 80’s.

This is the effect of 100 potential buyers and 1 or 2 colluding sellers, it is NOT a free market.

It’s (Free Market) a bit like the “Men and Women are equal before the Law” thing, in that it is injurious to you because it is not true, but it becomes 4 or 5 times as injurious to you if you are stupid enough to *believe* that it is true.

Once you throw out “Men & Women are equal” you throw out any hope of going to a court to get justice, because it is all manipulated in advance to fuck you over, and in the same way once you throw out the “Free Market” you throw out any hope that the system is not fixed to fuck you over at every (profit taking) opportunity.

Once you do that you can invoke the boiling a frog analogy, and know for a certainty that irrespective of the ambient conditions, not only is the water never going to get any cooler, since there is no “Free Market” there is no true “Laws of supply and demand” (go try and buy a new Harley direct from the factory, or a new Zanussi, or a new Samsung telly) which means those involved in the profit taking can and will just take their toys and go home.

It is a fallacy spurred by delusions and notions of a Free Market that someone somehow somewhere will rise to the challenge and supply any need, at a cost, to meet any demand…

… meaning that that thing may be available, but the price will be fucking extortionate and ruinous, but someone *will* supply that demand.

To take the Titanic lifeboat analogy, it is after all a finite world, it does not mean that in a free market the seats on the lifeboat start getting auctioned off ebay style, and by the time 3 seats have been sold only the well heeled in first class can afford any of them, and the last seat sold will go for more than the previous 99.

What is does mean is that there are no lifeboats, they got taken away (stretching the analogy here and crossing timelines etc) and were used to rescue people on the Lusitania.

Europe is crawling with fucking “economic” migrants, but as the recent RT drone cam footage shows, there is no shortage of empty shelter in Damascus, so if the Free Market applies, it is the perfect place to go TO, and set yourself up as a letting agent.

The Free Market states that somebody, somewhere, will want that shelter, and therefore someone, somewhere will see that need, and set up in business to be an intermediary between those seeking shelter and all those thousands of deserted shelters in Damascus.

(I use the word shelter not home deliberately, they are not homes, but they are shelter and sound much better than the freezing streets of Cologne)

Those same “potential customers and renters” face a choice, go to Europe and get given a ton of free shit and exemptions, or stay put and PAY for crap shelter, that is anything BUT a free market.

Once you accept that there is no such thing as a free market, you must of necessity accept that there is no market demand and supply, which means that there is no guarantee that there will *always* be someone willing to sell you food or clothing or toilet paper, or fuel, or medicines, or anything at all really, at *any* price.

Once you accept that, you must of necessity accept that when you CAN buy these things, but you ARE being gouged on the price, you are firmly in that no-man’s land between reasonable and affordable for your own prosperity pricing models, and not available at any price models, and that no-man’s land is not that wide or deep in area.

And then you look at history and see an absolute across the board no exceptions correlation between history and times and places where shit was not available at any price and people died of malnutrition or starvation or disease or injury or whatever.

It’s a delusion to sit here and look at my stash of 53 toilet rolls, and imagine a Kosovo like situation where I could get the use of a nice young mainly white girl in exchange for one of them, and sit back in my central heating sipping coffee and smoking a fag and saying bring it on…. I may as well have delusions about selling the concept of electricity and the wired morse telegraph to the Romans.

If there was a free market and laws of supply and demand, I could purchase small quantities (albeit at vastly inflated prices) of all kinds of interesting things like ebola and plutonium and 13 year old virgin slaves, since there is no free market, there are only scams and con jobs, where you can get parted from your money and so called “suppliers” who have neither the intention nor the ability to actually supply the thing they are touting.

Since there is no free market, and no absolute supply and demand, we can know for a fact that everything that *looks* like a free market is in fact anything but.

Look at the illegal drugs trade, something I know something about, peripherally and one step removed at least, or look at the illegal weapons trade.

There is no free market value based sliding scale, where a .22 LR rimfire cartridge is worth 10% of a 9 mm parabellum centrefire cartridge, or a marijuana high is worth 1% of a cocaine high, nor has there been since the free love sixties and seventies when people produced and supplied for the love of it, not for the love of money…

Dope did not get expensive when it got made illegal, it got expensive when business models came in and people realised there was a financial killing to be made.

Ergo, legalising dope won’t make it cheaper, or better, or more available, or safer, or anything else, it just means the state will collect taxes on it and the dealers will declare their earning on their tax returns, and before you know it, it will be like trying to buy a Harley direct from the factory.. oh.. wait.. it already is… franchised monopoly.

In the USA, the difference between Trump and his opponents is one of degree, Trump is a man who plows his own capitalist furrow, whereas his opponents are members of a cabal cooperative farm commune that plow their own closed field together.

They will ALL auction off the lifeboat seats on the Titanic, and when it suits them remove ALL the lifeboats and take them to the Lusitania.

Trump will just do it alone under the Trump brand, the others in the collective are more chickenshit and will do it behind closed doors as a committee and call it the Lusitania Liberation Act, to those drowning on both vessels, the effect is the same, Davy Jones’ dinner guests for eternity.

This is the source of Trump’s popularity, people would rather be fucked over by someone who will publicly admit they are fucking you over for a profit, than they would be fucked over by a spineless cabal.

Again, nothing new in history, look what Mummar Quaddafi did for the citizens of Libya as a whole, go on, look it up, free schooling, healthcare, housing for newlyweds, loans for entrepreneurs, irrigated the desert, the list is vast, compare and contrast to the Saudis, who *could* have done exactly the same thing, but they are a faceless spineless cabal.

Adolf, Mao, Castro, Napoleon, Atilla, Franco, the list goes on and on, and despite their many failings, there are still those who hold a soft spot in their heart for these people.

There is no free market, and there is no democracy.

Before Obama was elected I publicly warned many american friends that they were about to vote a black Tony Blair into office, look what the last 8 years has wrought for america…

The choice facing america now is WHO they want to preside over their own buttfucking and abandonment and exploitation, a Trump, or a spineless cabal member?

La France still stands out as a shining beacon in human history, *lots* of places said fuck this and the masses rose up and deposed all the despots.

La France was the only place that ever guillotined all the bastards.

Oh yeah, this shit applies to ISIS and the world of terrorism too, standouts are individuals like Breivik and Carlos and the Unabomber.

Free Market my ass.

January 9, 2016

Chlamydiachlorians, feel the farce Luke

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Well I still have not bothered to download a *s*n*t copy of the latest st*r w*rs crapola, I just ain’t got the ganas to make the effort, minimal as that effort is.

Hans asked if the “immigrants raping our wimmins” meme is getting any traction here, well, some, vastly underplayed for sure..

So it turns out that chicks like Michelle on the right now don’t like this shit, after all, she and her girlfriends should be allowed to walk from club to club partaaaaying like *they* own the night and the streets.

Course, we are supposed to look at this fuckable young white flesh and flip into Captain Save-a-ho mode, and it appears a few stupid young men tried this and got their asses kicked by da “immigrants”

Bitch, I’ll keep you safe, in the gated compound of my own home, with you chained to the bed and kitchen sink doing what you should have been doing all along, no immigrants gonna bother you there, just good old northern european cock in you.

But that’s the problem, skanky pwincess does not want what I have to offer, she is a strong independent wimminz who *needs* a man like a fish needs a bicycle, so babe, you already passed on my services, it’s way too late now to be calling on me and my kind to provide you with protection.

To be sure, the rash of immigrants WHO DO NOT WANT TO ASSIMILATE THE LOCAL CULTURE are the problem, AS WELL, but they have an awful lot in common with young Michelle.

Me, If I rejected a country and ran away, I’d be rejecting *everything* about the country I ran away from, I would not be doing the having my cake and eating it thing, and trying to make Munich into Aleppo Am Der Aish.

Like the immigrants, Michelle does not want to give up much of her wimminz culture in order to gain the safety she now seeks, so… tough shit.

But of course all of this shit is all shit anyone with a brain has always known, an “I’m leaving to stay alive” migrant stops moving as soon as they are safely out of the war zone, an “economic” migrant doesn’t stop moving until they have gotten to the richest pickings around.

There are therefore precisely ZERO “I’m just trying to stay alive” migrants in Europe, and so they should all be treated as anyone else who wants to go there for economic reasons.

It won’t happen, because the other shoe dropping is the likes of Merkel and Reker standing trial at Nuremberg, and getting life in solitary.

But enough of that shit, it’s just a sideshow, and like all the other sideshows it illustrates nothing quite so clearly as that fact that the “generation ship” earth is out of control, the “colonists” are ever so slowly waking up to the fact that the “crew” have long since lost any technical understanding of or mastery over the controls, and all their squabbling and posturing and proclaiming, well, that and a buck will buy you a coffee.

I’ve *never* liked this cunt, but kudos for actually putting this video out there, it just underlines everything I have always known but could not prove, the guy is a fucking idiot with minimal technical knowledge or understanding, he is a fucking marketer, a bullshit merchant.

However, the reason for the link, is watch the cunts face, that expression, the *way* he is working, the way he keeps fiddling, but most of all that expression on his face, watch closely at least from 4 minutes in to 8 minutes in.

Learn that facial expression. All your politicians share it, they are just *slightly* more proficient at masking it, and don’t let the vlogger camera record it live.

Then google “RAID is not a backup” to see what a newb error this self proclaimed expert has been making, not ***IF*** it bites you on the ass rent boy, just a case of ***WHEN*** and whatever he paid the DR company, just a tax on stupidity, bin the dead hardware and the raid should rebuilt itself as it did, DR guys did nothing except point you in the right direction.

Only cunts dumber than Linus are all the cunts who also lost access to their data, which is every single employee you saw there, not one of the cunts had a local cache/copy on their own PC.

I really do not want to let this cunt walk, it wasn’t *just* a case of RAID is not a backup, the fucking system he built was total shit.

Fucking SSD’s ONLY… I mean, sure, use them for caching, but for mass storage, what the fucking fuck.

And RAID-5, what the fuck, this is supposed to be a mission critical server, RAID 5 just ain’t robust enough, and takes waaay too long to rebuild (remember I am IBM/HP/juniper etc etc etc trained, which means we spend literally days learning about the various ways RAID systems do NOT work as advertised.. and all the little undocumented gotchas….. look at the differences between a disk being added to a pool and initialised, and what you have to do to reinitialise it if you do it wrong and just plug it in and hope the RAID system will do the work, instead of using the hypervisor like you is supposed to…. newb dumbass..) and look at the fucking cable runs and general mess and clutter, and I’m not going anywhere near the really important stuff like labelling and part ID, you can’t just slam any disk into any bay, I could go on and on and on.

But “trust me, I’m a self proclaimed expert and celebrity” Linus is a truly *excellent* illustration of our glorious leaders and bankers and movers and shakers.

The chances that they know a lot less about EVERYTHING EXCEPT BULLSHITTING that your local car mechanic who has been in business 30 years running his own small successful business with minimal employees and always full books are very, very, large.

This paragraph above actually is a sentiment that will resonate with all true Germans, it’s almost a cultural meme.

So expect more of it in 2016, more people waking up to the fact that those who set themselves up as being better than the rest of us are in fact at best the fucking worst and most incompetent of us, and then the wheels fall off the wagon, and then you get what I have discussed elesewhere on the blog previously, which is..

…. in any given “event”, 95% of the actual changes that happen occur in the last 5% of the duration of said “event”

here and here etc


January 4, 2016

Subscribe here

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Well, I wasn’t *sure* what the new business model of 2016 would be, but now I am, and as the subject says, it is the subscription model, everything as a service.

In my new day job full time business with the laser, we are generating a lot of data, it works out on average somewhere between 0.5 and 1.0 gigabytes per working day.

I have a local NAS that I use, Silverstone small form factor 8 bay NAS box, Asus 81 with Celeron, 8 gig of ram and so far 4 x WD Red 6Tb drives, so more or less £1,000 for a shade over 20 TB of storage, that and a copy of StableBit drivepool which ensures that there are at least two copies of every file and folder and those copies are always on separate hard disks, running Win10 so the HD’s themselves are running NTFS and amenable to just being popped in a docking station to be read, and I have a NAS box that can sustain saturate my local gigabit LAN on both reads and writes.

Google is pushing cloud storage, at 2 cents a gigabyte a month, which using the 1000 and not the 1024 equates to 20 bucks a terabyte a month, or 240 bucks a terabyte a year, or 720 bucks a terabyte every three years, which is a *reasonable* life expectancy from a WD Red HDD.

So getting my 20 TB for the three year life expectancy of the NAS box is going to cost me US$14,400… to do the same job as my US$1,500 NAS box, but oh noes, it is NOT doing the same job… connectivity is limited by the speed of my net connection (10 mbit up 150 mbit down which /8 = 1.3 mbytes/sec up and a round 18 mbytes/sec down, and they can pull the plug or up the price any time they like, and I can’t just put the disks in a docking station, and, and , and.

So it is TEN TIMES AS EXPENSIVE as DIY, and not as good, and that pretty much sums up all the new for 2016 subscription model business as a service deals out there, except most of them are not as efficient or relatively cheap as google.

Having recently gotten two *free* Samsung Note 4’s, I can go to Hutchinson/3 here in the UK and get a Samsung S6 on an all you can eat data and calls plan for £56 a month for 24 months which = £1,344, or I can go and buy and all you can eat data and call sim only for £33 a month, over 24 months that is £792, so 1344 – 792 = 552, but Amazon UK will sell me the same phone sim free for £370

Or hell I can go 1 gig of data per month and 600 minutes a month for £11 a month, or 4 gig of data and 600 minutes for £16 a month, which is what my bitch is running in my old Note 3.

Going by the latter two, 1 gig to 4 gigs PCM is an increase of £5, so 5/3= £1.60 per gig for mobile data, the jump from £11 a month to £33 a month isn’t bad if you are going to be using a *lot* of mobile data and calls, nowadays I’m probably not, most of my shit is going to be based around the laser business, and that means I’m in my own wi-fi LAN area.

The all you can eat data and calls plan works out at a touch over £1 per day, which doesn’t sound that bad, but it’s the dripping tap syndrome…

Next thing you know you’re also paying your ISP, you’re also paying Office 365 subs, you’re also paying Adobe subs, you’re also paying One drive subs, you’re also paying a bunch of other shit, and when you put it all together it’s like being bitten to death by a teeming horde of midgies all sucking your blood a picolitre at a time.

Hell, even APPLE has given up selling phones, now you’re gonna lease the fuckers from them in a never ending rolling contract… if crapple can’t sell over priced baubles to the sheeple, then it’s time to get very scared…. not – fucking – kidding – here

These companies aren’t moving to the monthly subscription plan for any reason except it is the last trick in the salesman’s box, when then one pans out it’s game over and time for an entirely new paradigm.

Subscription services are a godsend to companies for one other very important reason, they can pull the plug on your ass and fold that operation with a maximum of 28 days notice, and of course someone else can swoop in and pick up the pieces for cents on the dollar and then tell all the poor customers that they are now customers of umbrella corp, sadly, prices have gone up 15%…

I know of two people who have just been bitten by this, one has a flat roof, that was installed at huge expense as part of a new extension a few years ago, it’s now leaking, and by chance they met one of the builders in the local supermarket a couple of days ago…. guess what, the company that did the work went bust, just before christmas, and laid the workers off.

The other one found out two days ago that the company he is leasing his car from has gone bust over the holidays, his car is now scheduled for collection and he has been warned that any excess wear and tear or any damage, and he will be billed…. he also may be liable for any difference between what the car gets at auction and what its alleged book value is at this time.

Typing this I have thought of a third person, he is on long term sick, he is basically looking to leave the company he is with, but doesn’t want to quit or be fired, so he is angling for being made redundant on the ground of health… here in the UK that means £88.45 per week statutory sick pay, he should get 1.5 weeks pay per year in service if discharged, but in the interim the writing is on the wall as they have pulled the plug on his work phone, despite him never having used it for anything apart from work calls, while also demanding he ring them weekly to advise them of his state of health…. meanwhile they are hiring new *apprentices* and paying them £12.5k per annum plus company car (that costs the employee £25 a week in tax deductions) so it’s just another race to the bottom in capex and opex for the company, and they are a service company too.

Look to your finances and billing, you probably are already getting nickel and dimed to death, and it’s going to get worse, a *lot* worse, so start culling from the herd now and wean your self off on your own terms and to your own schedule.

Don’t exclude *anything* from it, from bank accounts through mobile phones and ISP through to insurances and software and IT and gym memberships and mastercard payment gateways and fleabay and amazon and netflix and everything else.



January 1, 2016

2016 – The Chinese year of the fuck

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There have been a few interesting posts over on zerohedge recently asking things like where does ISIS buy it’s satellite internet connectivity from, where do they buy US plumbers used trucks from, where do they sell their oil to, and so on.

*Interesting* but also *obvious to anyone with a brain*, if you doubt me just set up a group that specialises in denying the holocaust while fucking 10 year old girls while using the Quaran as toilet paper, and try and buy internet comms, a vehicle, or selling anything on the open market.

Thankfully here in the UK we now have new laws to protect da wimminz from emotional abuse and controlling men who do things like say “you spend too much money on shoes” or “we can’t afford another holiday in tunisia” or nag the bitch about the housework, up to five years in jail boyo.

And then there is this story.. a 17 year old skank INITIATES AND SENDS a bunch of steamy texts to a sad fuck 49 year old MP, and then complains that she is only a year older than the Rochdale grooming victims, said “victims” being 16 and therefore of the age of legal consent here in the UK.

Frankly any 49 year old in a public position of state is a complete fucking asshole to be texting a young skank, but it ain’t illegal, just stoopid from a PR perspective.

Meanwhile Merkel tells all the krauts to chill at the prospect of a million immigrants… but it ain’t like the Berlin Wall days where the “immigrants” trying to get in were born 100 miles away, spoke the same language, had the same cultural heritage, had the same genes, were a demographic mixture of ages and sex, yadda yadda yadda, no… these *immigrants* are all “syrian” and “children” and male.

Feminazi heaven, increase the proportion of males in the population, then get the local white males in a conniption fit about all the wogs fucking and raping their wimminz, and taking their jobs, and homes.. shades of what the plantation owners did, get the big badass buck nigger and break and humiliate that bitch in front of all his peers and all the wimminz.

Course, this is all mere coinkydink, it’s not like anyone has a plan or anything.

You know, like how ISIS gets all that stolen oil out of Syria and sold on the open markets for $$$, it’s just a black economy of thousands of small entrepreneurs just trying to make a buck, it’s not organised or trackable or anything. There are no *groups* following *plans* and working towards common goals.

I have said this before, it is possible for the farmer watching the cloud of locusts descending on his crops to imagine that it is personal and the locusts are targeting him and have it in for him.

So the tendency to see everything as being the work of the illuminati is there, but pointless.

A culture or an environment or a set of rules will do the same thing, and you cannot even reliably say that because any single rule change can cause a thousand different consequences, and you can’t predict them all, no matter how clear it appears from hindsight.

As an old ex-pat / foreign hand myself who on occasion rubbed shoulders with the foreign office set, I know first hand that old sayings like “Our man in Addis Abbaba” meant just that, he was our man, we owned his ass, and he did exactly what he was fucking told, and when they strayed from that line they were referred to as “going native”

“Sacrifice” and “integrity” and “character” were words used to describe those that did not go native, that peculiar part of identifying yourself with a group or a school or a regiment or a company, where you deliberately fuck yourself over so as to not fuck over your comrades… or worse still where you fuck yourself and your comrades out of some group loyalty to a higher group.

Merkel’s local group may be other Germans, but the higher group is the EU diplomats on the world stage, sorry guys, freddy and the rest of you can stay screaming and bleeding out in the minefield, *I* have to get this intel to HQ.

As an Ox heading into the year of the Monkey, I reckon 2016 is going to be the year of the Fuck.

Fuck you, fuck me, fuck this, fuck that, fuck everything, fuck all, you get the picture…

It’s like my last three years steadfast and diligent service to my last employer, doing a task with very large responsibilities in exchange for a small wage, I’m sure there are a *lot* of fuckers in that boat, and I’m sure *most* of them think that that work and history and diligence is worth something to that employer, or spouse, or friend, or partner, or bank, or whatever.

What they are going to get in 2016 is a fuck you.


Lots of people are going to think they have some credit as a human being or an individual, and find when it comes time to cash some of those cheques, the bank closes the doors and calls the bouncers to tazer their ass.

I raise a new year glass to an un-named man, who knew his marriage was on the rocks, who was informed by his loving wife that she will now be seeking a divorce… what she doesn’t know yet is he had a couple of extra credit cards and maxed them out, bartering and exchanging the goods for cash, and he has himself a static caravan tucked away in south east ireland, together with an old VW beetle, he’s heading for france next week (nice bit of misdirection as the last thing to appear on the joint finances) and disappearing, she can have the mortgaged up to the hilt house, the leased cars, and all the rest of that shit, he is going off grid.

Fuck you from her, and fuck you back from him.

Don’t be depending on no other fucker in 2016, not even those that have more to lose by fucking you over than they do by treating you fairly, and be like the camera guy, sound guy and lion mentioned elsewhere on here.

Have a good one.

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