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September 30, 2016

Taking shit seriously.

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I forget where it was, I forget when it was, but *many* years ago there was this meme about a guy kicking back and smoking grass and not taking *anything* seriously, except moving, that was taken under great consideration for a loooong period of time. Should I move, or should I just lie here some more….

As others have said elsewhere, one burka wearing skank gets kicked off one beach in southern France and it is global news, young skanks wearing shorts and tank tops getting abused by muslims happens all the time, and nobody says shit.

You were all sat around MGTOW central what *they* were going to do next, after they split the family group and branded the penis evil and all things vaginal holy and pure and superior.

Thinking the pendulum would swing back mebbe…

Quoting Marx influences on Feminazism without actually reading Marx, or anything else.

A bit like Obama strutting around the board crapping everywhere and knocking pieces over thinking he is in control of the checkers board, but it’s really a chess board, and we are only a few moves in.

What killed america wasn’t laid in the seeds of slave labour per se, I got nothing against slaves, everyone should own at least one slave girl, the shit hits the fan when you have useless greedy bastards who own a hundred slaves, or a thousand slaves, or five thousand, and who think they are still in control, cos they live in the big house.

Being brutally honest with you, 99.9% of the population isn’t fit to do more than lick my asshole clean after I take a dump, and here’s why.

They are stupid, much, much, much, much more stupid that anyone with  a functioning brain would credit.

Let’s take islam and sharia law in the UK in the year 2040 when the bastards have taken over, well no problemo, I’ll just grow a beard and call myself Musa Isa and dig that koran babyyyyy, except no, because being a white boy all I will ever amount to in a nation of islam is the equivalent of a wooden kalashnikov in the hands of a boy soldier, sure, you carry that shit and you walk around like us, but you try and act like you equal boy, world of pain for you..

Before %ge of population who are black got too high / after it got too high

Before %ge of population who are immigrants got too high / after it got too high

Before %ge of population who are muslim got too high / after it got too high

People thinking like these are watershed events, I walk from here to the corner shop to buy some smokes, and single out the individual step across the threshold of my front door and talk about that like it is some important individual significant thing, and ignore the other 980 step to the shop, and back again.

Concentrate on individual steps and you’ll see feminazism, and another guy will see islamism, and another guy will see something else.

Look at *a* (not *the* but *a*) wider picture and feminazism was just one step on the marxist journey to the corner shop, immigration and importing islam are in there too, along with a bunch of others.

The “WE DIDN’T START THE FIRE, SO DON’T EXPECT US TO START ACTING LIKE FIREMEN WHEN YOUR HOUSE STARTS BURNING DOWN” feminazi payback pendulum is swinging, but it ain’t all those long suffering impoverished beta white boy MGTOW’s gettin’ it, it’s the fucking rapefugees gettin’ it… and they are just useful idiots too…

Like WTC7, Deutsche Bank will crash when someone calls “pull it” and that will be at a time best suited to them, not to all the useful idiots, just another step in the journey.

I’m old enough to remember all the bad taste jokes you see, “who let that woman drive?” and “NASA stands for Need Another Seven Astronauts” and all that, so when the Challenger comes in from orbital altitude and orbital velocity, and I mean literally, it’s going 30x as fast as any commercial jet, there are over 80,000 pieces recovered, there were many identifiable human body parts recovered, the fucking black box was recovered (intact and working) and they were able to lay all those 80,000+ pieces out on the ground in a big warehouse in the correct places on a big outline of a shuttle.

Unlike 9/11, when 100% of all the in flight mass of all FOUR aircraft, including passengers, simply “vapourised” and that is the official story to this day, two on twin towers, one in pentagon, one in a field, all totally “vapourised” (apart from the odd Iraqui passport, Challenger should have used jihadi passports for re-entry tiles) nothing to see here, move along.

You see that bit above where I say 99.9% of the population is too stupid to be allowed to do anything except lick my asshole clean when I take a shit, that’s the sort of thing I’m talking about.

But I do mean 99.9% across the board, it’s the same proportion in politics and military and banking and finance and commerce and industry, reams of newspaper articles telling me how fiercely intelligent the likes of merkel and obama and cameron and draghi and greenspan are do not convince me that they are more intelligent than the average dog or rapefugee.

fiercely intelligent people do fiercely intelligent things, and fiercely intelligent things do not include inventing an iron man suit or getting bitten by a mutant spider, and then going out to do battle with evil russians to protect mom’s apple pie and the star spangled banner.

What they do is look at others like them, like Galileo Galilei, who was right, and it was TPTB of the day who were wrong, despite being in charge of the world, they were wrong about just about everything you could be wrong about, but old Galileo was not *quite* smart enough to keep his fucking mouth shut, or was he, was Galileo just the mouthpiece, and the real genius is lost to history forever, just the way he wanted it.

If radical extreme sharia salafist islam took over the world tomorrow, those at the top are going to look at a technological world that they will need to keep running so that they can live like kings, and apart from the labels it will be just another class warfare structure the same as we have today.

The nigger in the woodpile of all of this is the white man.

Yup, I can sit here and talk about all the inventions and patents down to the white man, and use any and every metric in the book to demonstrate why the white man is best at everything.

But it ignores a crucial fundamental principle, there ain’t no such thing as a great potential for good, there is just greater or lesser potential, whether that gets channeled into good or evil, is another story.

The white man has the potential, a potential he demonstrated repeatedly through the entire human history from cro-magnon on to today, to be the most depraved evil degenerate violent ugly creature in existence.

It’s the real reason the Nazis were tigers amongst chihuahas and the reason they are still feared and reviled to this day, they drew upon that genetic and racial history, and instead of shouting allahu akhbar and making a target of yourself, they got cold blooded, why kill one when you can kill ten, why kill ten when you can kill a hundred.

Why fight on a level playing field.

Why fight on the enemy’s terms.

Why fight with sticks when you can use technology?

Wehrmacht, ask a German to translate it literally, then ask the same german (preferably an old school kraut and not one of the new PC wunderkind) to translate the meaning and ethos for you.

“war machine” is for my money (not a native german speaker) as good as any, and was the one used by some german who actually served under old adolf, back when I knew them back in the day in their retirement to the med.

Just one big efficient modern machine dedicated to making the enemy suck your cock, and tellingly it was not defeated as a war machine on the field, it was defeated from within.

THAT is why people to this day are scared of it and the Nazi legacy, it was like summoning an evil spirit to scare away your creepy neighbour, and finding out you had actually summoned the sorcerer’s apprentice, and next thing you know instead of producing 10 luxury motorcycles a day your factory is producing 500 beautiful and superbly engineered assault rifles, and the yodel delivery service next door that struggled to deliver 10 parcels to your neighbours doorstep within three days is now getting all 500 rifles plus ammo to every house in the street within 3 hours, and the beat goes on.

Put that bitch back in the bottle, if you can.

Hell, if *I* was a rapefugee I’d be partying like it was 1999 and raping everything that moved, might as well get it while it’s hot, because there is a storm coming…

But the white man is smiling, and looking forwards to it.

If there are only 1,000 people left alive and everything else is a nuclear wasteland, the irradiated 1,000 will be white, mostly, with some green glowing bits, then one of them will open a bar…

September 23, 2016

Chained by belief.

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At the risk of being branded a psycopath….

If you believe it is wrong to have sex with small children, start fires for fun, smash car windows to steal the ICE, drink and drive, etc, then the chances are you won’t be doing those things, or if you do do them, you’ll do them badly and in a way that gets detected as you are wrung by guilt and pangs of “cry for help”.

So belief’s are a pretty good way of controlling people, and as Vonnegut said, people project their beliefs upon a blank canvas, so you only have to look at the canvas to read the person.

I believe Hitlary should be the next Prezzident” is not merely a statemeant about Hitlary vs the other contenders, quite essentially it is also an implicit statement that the role of Prezzident is meaninful and capable of being a thing of good, a beacon of light and warmth.

By controlling the belief’s of the individual from an early age you can quite easily convince them that fucking adults is fine, that executing adults is fine, that stealing from adults is fine, that black adults are inferior to white adults, that female adults are inferior to male adults, that christian adults are inferior to muslim adults, thet Freddie Kruger was / is a real person, that lizards living in volcanoes control the world, that Gaddafi was a tyrant and that the USA is a democracy.

And once held beliefs are something that people will fight for long after their posessions have gone, I have no home / car / stereo / friends / prospects, but I BELIEVE I am a good person.

The whole purpose of junior school when I was a small boy was to instil a set of beliefs into me, in my particular case that did not take so well, because I started at 7 not 5, and because I had already travelled the world and seen much, so when presented with a “self evident belief” (self evident because all my peers believed it) I would ask “Why?”

I soon learned not to ask, because nobody can actually explain their beliefs logically, they all believe they can, but when they attempt it and you respond logically, they get angry at you.

I was told that on day 1 of creation god said let there be light, and that on day 4 of creation (after creating sky and water on day 2 and dry land and all life on day 3) he creates the heavenly bodies, including the sun and the moon, day 6 is adam and eve and day 7 is the rest day.

So I asked obvious question, where did the light created on day 1 go when god created the heavenly bodies, because now it gets dark at night, and did this mean the earth (as a barren dry dark husk) existed before day 1, because nowhere does it meantion the earth being created, presumably day 1 god turns a light on and sees earth, because day 2 he adds sky and water to an already existing earth, and come day 3 he creates land, which was by definition already there before day 2 and the creation of sky and water.

So I am then told it is an allegorical tale, not a factual tale meant to be taken literally.

So I say that what you are telling me is that it is just a story, it is not true at all, the world and everything else was not created in 7 days.

I am told it is true, and stop being such a naughty boy, DELIBERATELY misinterpreting and questioning what I am being taught.

Up until that point at the age of 7, I was quite happy to belive in God, because God made us all and everything else, and God liked people who did good things, and did not like people who did bad things, and that was about as complex as the story got…. it was so vague that you could not poke logical holes in it, nevertheless, it gave a map of how to behave, so that was good.

It pretty much coincided with things my mum and dad said, and it pretty much coincided with everything the Bhuddists and Muslims and Hindu and others around me said, albeit they had different names for God, like they had different names for people or for a watermelon, but we were all talking about the same thing.

Don’t think for a moment that when I talk about “belief” I mean just religion.

My life from then until the late eighties consisted of much of the same, no matter where I went in the world and what I did, you were basically not going from one country to another or region to another or anything else, you were going from a place where most people believed one thing, to a place where most people believed a slightly different thing, and the definition of a bad place to be was somewhere where they believed something very different to what you did, and in those places and time it was the power of violence or implied violence that kept the sides in check, until you left that place.

“Home” was England, where most people believed pretty much what I did, which made interaction easy, even if I did not go to one of the two main churches (catholic and protestant) every sunday, and even in Northern Ireland back in the day, it was never about religion, it just so happened that if you were a protestant then you’d believe a whole load of non religious things that clashed with someone else, and there was an extremely high probability that that person was a catholic, and vice versa.


See small boys going to preparatory school and being inculcated with beliefs.

And I say up until about the late eighties for a reason, because everything changed then.

Computers and CNC technologies came in, so instead of just being able to publish Personal Computer World, a magazine that covered all of personal computing and had specialist sections within for those that had say a BBC micro, suddenly one publishing house could publish 20 different personal computer magazines, you could buy an Amiga sepcialist magazine, a Sinclair specialist magazine, and Atari specialist magazine, a Commodore specialist magazine, and in doing so you went from being a small regular section in a telephone book to the entire magazine, and you also never got to see or read anything about anything else, if someone who owned an Amiga wrote into a Commodore magazine and asked why Commodores had such crap sound chips they got shouted down as an Amiga fanboy, by the resident Commodore fanboys.

We got both kinds of music, country AND western.

And then the advertisers woke up, snorted a few lines of coke, and surveyed all these new lands, it was like day 5 of creation all over again, and instead of just Adam and Eve, it was Jim the Amiga guy, Joe the Marlboro man, Steve the Heavy Metal guy, Frank the beach bug guy, Harry the sailboat guy, and then the advertisers went forth and procreated with their own offspring, Harry could also be the Rolex guy, Frank could also be the surfer dude, Steve could also be the Technics guy, Joe could also be the Jeep guy, and Jim could also be the penthouse pet of the week fanclub guy.

And it got ever more incestuous and iniquitous, and then the cunts discovered the naescent world wide web, and advertising to individuals got so cheap as to be effectively free, and fuck all the rules and gentleman’s agreements about truth in advertising, or at least some faint semblance of it.

Meanwhile human beings were going around doing what humans do, which is comparing memes and beliefs, and Darwinian forces were at work there too, and there was plenty of fallow soil eagerly awaiting the seeds, all those “torches of freedom” wimminz lighting up cigarettes in the 30’s and all those on the pill and all those feminist liberation types, and suddenly there were all those so cheap as to be effectively free new channels for sending memes and ideas and micro-belief soundbites to the masses.

Where once there was England with mere generational blips on the cultural radar like rock and roll and punk rock and standard trunk dialling, now the new memes were coming out every week, then every day, then every hour, every minute, every second…

Mass constant civil war and anarchy in a bad way down at the meme / belief level, people who are now feminazi members of the state who twenty years ago were affiliated with the paedofile information exchange, but that is all forgotten in the current chaotic white noise, and can’t happen again as it is drowned out before it can rise to prominence in the all pervasive white noise.

Not just nobody believes in anything, but everyone disbelives a whole separate slew of contantly changing things.

Hitlary can stand up in public and ask why, since she spent 150 millions dollars more than Trump on her campaign, why isn’t she 50 points ahead?

Because, chaos in beliefs…

Causal strings of relationships and dependencies dissolved away in the chatoic churning soup of disbelief.

And even if I fucking do believe in something for a day and vote for it, if twenty four fucking hours pass and I don’t get my fucking payola, fuck you I’ll stab you in the back for betraying me you cunt.

Trump or Hitlary winning makes no odds, neither of them can pay off sufficiently large and sufficiently rapidly to avoid an instant voter backlash.

Meanwhile back at the ranch marketing and propaganda has gotten so cheap and so instant that even the Daily Mail, I literally cannot look at a single front page on their website without almost immediately spotting a glaring typo or mistake.

Sure, this blog is fucking full to the brim of that shit, but this blog is not a massive multinational media system with tens of thousands of employees and staffers and *more* than enough headroom to ensure that every single article is prrofread before being posted, a delay of maybe 5 minutes to publication, which goes on 24/7 nowadays, no more of this of shit we missed the presses it will have to wait until tomorrow and we get scooped by the Times.

The rot has set in so far that typos and other errors are a continual daily occurence in arguably one of the top news media sites in the world… they no longer give a fuck.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

HFT has come to the media, being 5 seconds before anyone else means your story gets linked and syndicated, not theirs.

But in chaos comes the opportunity for Joe Bloggs to also reach a fairly wide audience for free, and you can look at youtube for videos in such diverse subjects and Union Carbide Bhopal, 9/11, Egyptian Spring, Ukraine, and find videos with tens of thousand of vews, hundreds of thousands of views, millions of views, some of them tens of millions of views.


Which leave us where?

In interesting and chaotic times, times where something that did not exist yesterday can become a force of nature by tomorrow, and things that are immense rocks today have diseappeared below the seething foam tomorrow.

It is not the best or most superior or most moral or most enlightened ideas that coalesce from chaos, merely the fittest to survive the chaos.

People who do not belive in anything get angry very quickly, and everywhere I go from on the roads to in shops to on the streets, people are getting angrier, faster, for less real reason, than I have ever seen before.

I contantly remind myself not to lead the pack, it would be unwise to be the first person to kill everyone in a silver car just because some cunt in a silver car cut you up at the lights.

Far better to bide your time and wait until they are all brawling in the intersections, then go do my own nefarious deeds elsewhere under cover of that.

September 16, 2016

Attractive for the wrong reasons.

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Make no mistake, one of the big reasons that ISIS et al find recruitment from the west so easy, is the attraction of a world where da wimminz get no say at all, of course, like everything else in the 21st century, ISIS and iPhone both have the shit marketed out of them, and the grim realities are more than somewhat different to the marketed image…

One of the big reasons ISIS fail (apart from leveraging an ancient religion to make power plays in a 21st century world) is that basically nobody is an actual man, even if they are all males.

Nu-man joins the terrorists to get away from nu-woman, and when he gets there he finds he isn’t a real man, and the wimminz he gets to lord it over aren’t worth the effort, because the nu-women killed all them off too.

You need time travel and history books to see what a world of men would look like, and it isn’t all bread and roses, you could not get jailed because an old wimminz decided to accuse you of raping her 30 years ago, but you could get your house burnt down, you could get your neck stretched, and you could starve to death or die of disease or injury, even though you did nothing to deserve any of them either.

It’s kinda like the “Bring on the reset / crash” thing, that is, bring it on provided my life is better after than before, plenty of hot chicks needing an engineer to provide potable water and so on… but reality ain’t like that.

It’s not so much that a true patriarchy would be a terrible world, it’s just that with a UK population of around 60 million, 40 million are irredeemable and need to die, and 19 million need some harsh on the job retraining, unless you are actually making or growing some *thing*, or maintaining some *thing*, or improving some *thing*, or caring for some *thing*, you got nothing to offer.

So for 5 million people who want to carry on doing 5 hours “work” a week in an office on the state tit, yes, it would be a terrible thing for them, just as it is when ISIS takes over a region and closes everything.

The danger is the youth who see THAT, or whatever else it is that is their trigger, and go off to sign up, thinking that is what it is about.


Yeah, I’ll be a jihadi bride to some rugged freedom fighter, then you get there and there is no soap, no toilet roll, no pubs, no shoe shops, no apple store, no credit, no buses, and the allure wears off PDQ… of course by then it’s too late, it is easier to travel TO the apocalypse than it is to travel AWAY from it.

Hotel California syndrome, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave your new future.

The more you know about a certain subject, the more leery you are of it, or the more contempt you show for it.

For example you could segregate IT guys along many lines, those who would / would not ever, various things, and there is very little in between.

Unless all the remote logins etc have changed (most unlikely) I could still take down 10% of the high street chains nationwide, or I could pass or sell that data to someone else, but I would never do either, I’m one of those who “just ain’t made that way”.

Just as I would never dare to type “under age girls getting fucked” into Google, not even on someone else’s PC without their knowledge, to me all these things are analagous to videotaping yourself killing someone random in cold blood, and then hiding the recording away somewhere like under the bed, and going through life thinking “No fucker will ever know…”

I’ve seen a lot longer odds come true time and time again, to the point where I treat odds as an interesting statistical sideshow that has precisely zero connection to how likely a given event actually is, something you can only quantify when it happens, and you open the box and find whether the cat is dead or alive.

Statistics and probabilities are talked about like flipping a coin, or rolling a dice, or playing russian roulette, but they never ever every talk about the fact that there is an army of twlve million monkeys doing nothing else all day every day but flip coins, roll dice, and pull triggers.

Over time, even cosmologically improbable events come to pass, like a planet forming with liquid water on the surface, amino acids building, life crawling out of the oceans, and my own pet theory is fuck the Higgs Boson, just as mass generates gravity and accretes more mass, so do improbable things happening, and the more improbable things happen, the more likely it is that even more improbable things will happen in that neighbourhood.

Because, after all, probability is based upon a belief in chaos, a belief that a coin has no preference which way up it lands, AND NEITHER DOES ANYTHING ELSE… I don’t buy it.

The probability that the iron curtain would fall, or ISIS would rise, or the twin towers would collapse, is utterly irellevant, because those things happened, just like the Titanic sank.

The probability of someone who GENUINELY 100% believed that there was precisely zero chance of them ever winning anything in the lottery would then go out and buy a lottery ticket is vanishingly small, and the probability that someone who believed they MIGHT win, because luck / destiny / chance / flying spaghetti monster, would then go out and buy a lottery ticket is quite high, and the probability that anyone who ever bought a WINNING lottery ticket fell into the second camp is very high indeed.

The “probability” that the things you think about will come to pass may actualy be low or high or anything else, but the facts are that many many many people give the idea credence, if the citizens believe the economy is about to crash, it will, if the customers believe the bank is about to crash, it will, if the individual thinks the other guy in a deal is about to screw them, they will.

I spend all day thinking about tight 16 year old virgins bouncing up and down on my cock.

Well, I get younger than I should and lower cock count than I should wimminz bouncing up and down on my cock.

It’s not the 200 million jackpot ticket that I think about, but it is a 10 or 25 or 50 win now and again… to go back to the lottery analogy.

Wimminz can be attractive for the wrong reasons, angels would have feared to tread there, and rightly so, but lucky old me, well, it was one willing dirty slut, and instead of pocketing the 10 bucks winnings and walking away to play another slot machine, I got stuck into that one and started putting all my money into it, till one day I lost my job and couldn’t pay my rent (all figuratively speaking) and jesus this fucking machine bankrupted me…

… and that was lucky too, because other wise I might still have been tied to it 8 / 9 / 10 …. 20 / 21 / etc years on, and then it’s game over man.

As it is I was free to play another day on other machines.

See, I used to say *I* was lucky, and in many ways I could still say that, but as I get older I think that I am a mere conduit for some of those probable improbability bosons, because other people get lucky in small ways around me.

I got a small business, and there too I can classify my customers into two groups, the ones that are lucky they have me, and the ones that just use me to get shit done that they want done.

The ones that are lucky, using me improves their products and sets them apart, which helps their business and sales, which makes THEM conduits for those probable improbability bosons… and the beat goes on.

Good / Evil.

Light side / Dark side

Would I like Hitlery’s money? yes. Would I like everything else that goes with it, including what is clearly terminal health issues, no fucking way.

Do I think Hitlery is a negative pole of the conduit for probable improbability bosons…. ayup…

Does it attract people who have a game plan that says everyone watches the presidential candidates, nobody gives a fuck about the veep, so get some “dead skank walking” in who won’t last in office 3 months without popping her clogs, or having them popped for her, and in comes the hand picked veep, all according to plan, 42 months left to do as you please.

Mutti Merkel is the same, bitch is a conduit for bad shit, ain’t fuck all she can do about it now, she chose the role as a youth and has been growing into it ever since… and 99.9% of the rest of them are just the same.

Religiosity that promises lottery wins in the afterlife is just the same, there has to be balance, so unless there is a hell in the afterlife at least as big as heaven, then hell will be in *this* life to balance the “heaven only” after death option, and one issue with Islam is that entry to heaven is easy to guarantee, and hell is for everyone who doesn’t believe in Allah.

It’s like having the death sentence for everything, one day your place in heaven is assured, and then you drive 33 in a 30, you may as well go home and rape the neighbours and then go on a killing spree, there is no redemption, no forgiviness, no way out, it’s a one operation non replaceable binary fuse.

Like female equality or joining ISIS or a liar loan or a skanky slut, it’s attractive for the wrong reasons, but once you step through the door, there is no way back, ever.

The greatest religious crime, by definition, that anyone can do in the Islamic faith is to leave and reject that faith, there are MILLIONS of muslims in the UK who have rejected that faith, they have smoked, drank beer, eaten a bacon double cheezeburger, fucked around, but none of them are targeted for death by ISIS.

Gaslighting, by any other name.

Attractive for the wrong reasons.

September 10, 2016

Black Lies Matter

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Of course really all lies matter, but not all lies are equal, and not all liars are equal, you can’t compare a similar lie told by the guy down the road, and told by the guvvmint.

In anything even remotely approaching integrity, nobody would be discussing Hitlery’s lies, it’s the minimum 10,000 people around her who absolutely *have* to be just as corrupt and self serving as her, for her to even occupy her current position in the first place… and every single one of them should be behind bars now, awaiting trial.

Nuke DC while you’re at it, maybe three innocent people will be caught up in the blast radius.

You could describe a patch biker club by saying “they ride motorcycles” and “they wear leathers” and “they hang out together” and even though those three things may be true, and may be the most obvious things you notice as an outsider when you see them, none of those three things as a filter is going to leave you with just patch bikers and 0.000001% false positives.

That’s because those things are the least significant things about patch biker clubs.

“Hang out together” + “say ‘allahu akbar’ a lot” + “wear a hijab” are the least significant things about a radicalised salafist muslim.

“hang out together” + “say ‘lessons will be learned'” + “wear a tie” are the least significant things about the deep state military / industrial / banking types.

Similarly I have known of opportunistic synergies where a touring rock band and local chapters of bike clubs have worked together to facilitate the transport of drugs, but it would be wrong to say for example “The Hells Angels are a criminal conspiracy drug dealing gang” in just the same way as it would be wrong to say “The black residents of Watts are a criminal conspiracy drug dealing gang”

Sure, *some* of them do those things, opportunity comes a knockin, people will take the opportunity, it does *not* mean that every coon in Watts is primarily concerned with dealing crack.

You *can* say that DHL is all about moving parcels around, but lots of other people, including me, move parcels around, and that does not make us DHL.

The problem with all of these things is the way the human mind works, we much prefer to group individuals into large faceless clumps of people that have some other identifying and unifying feature, whether it be patch biker clubs, raghead muslim fanatic, the po-po, whatever.

And then we apply further labels to these groups, and the labels may or may not contain some truth, the most important thing is the label fits, or can be made to fit.

The Hollister “riots” that founded the whole 1% patch biker thing were anything but, Marlon Brando and his jazzed up brothers rebelling against anything you got did more to build the mystique than any real facts, and the beat continues today, not that I have ever seen a single episode, but Sons of Anarchy is just more of the same media hype bullshit, the big bad unwashed biker on his murdercycle come to rape ya (willing) wimminz and daughters.

But hey, we have our own internal code of honour that nobody every breaks, just like the marines, just like the priesthood, just like doctors…

Except of course it is all total bullshit, live long enough and keep your eyes and ears open and you will find plenty of examples of all of the above doing their level best to wipe their ass with the alleged code of honour and fuck everyone else over.

And precious few of them die for it.

Those that do die are usually the dweebs that actually bought into that shit and then go all crazy when someone “disrespects” that.

So let’s say your name is Kurt Sutter and you are the creator of Son’s of Anarchy and you decide you need to do something in the script that someone is going to draw a line to the HAMC from, whaddaya do?

Well, Kurt talked to the HAMC to get some input, which is great, in the same way that it is great to go and talk to the Vatican about a story about priests, you’re going to get the official public line, you aren’t going to get the truth.

The truth will be something that some insiders and a few outsiders know, and unless you are that 0.0000001% of the population, you do not and will not ever know the truth.

Nor can you go and talk to HAMC and then talk to the FBI and join the dots and arrive at the truth, you’ll end up further away from it than when you started.

Nor does the *actual* truth matter, not knowing the actual truth isn’t a problem, believing made up shit that you think may be close to the truth *does* matter.

At this point allow me to apologise to HAMC / patch clubs, I’ve known a lot of these guys personally over the years, and like any organisation or workplace, some of them I liked, some of them I didn’t, which is to say they are all individual human beings, with their own personal lives and beliefs and goals and agendas and pains.

But they make a great example, because they are easily identifiable, they stand out from a crowd like a muslim in a burqa, and a photo comprising of mainly patch bikers of burqa clad muslims on a street corner tends to make people uneasy.

So let me ask you this, it is late 2016, technology is everywhere, digital cameras, facial recognition, text (vehicle registration plate) recognition, pattern recognition, speech to text, almost lightspeed data comms.

If you were setting up a criminal organisation, would you make it a rule that all members wore an easily identifiable uniform at all times?

Stand on a street corner in London or Frisco or Brisbane, you can spot the patch bikers, the burqas, the po-po, but how do you spot the mafiosi?

How do you spot the mason?

How do you spot the social worker?

How do you spot the next 9/11 terrorist who died in the blast but his passport survived but who is still living in Afghanistan and who never left?

Which, hence my earlier apology to the patch bikers for using them as an example, because *example* is all I meant, do not try to draw any lines, as the human mind wishes to, because there are none, which brings us to the new “far right” white power types.

If you were setting up a “germany for the germans” group, would you really insist they all shave their heads, have the same tatts, wear the same cutoffs and jeans and boots, and roam around town in groups?

These guys are like the patch bikers, the uniform scares away the straights, and that’s the way they like it, preferring to associate with their own kind, fucking tell me I can’t eat a bacon sandwich in a street in my home town asshole….

But the mafia-esque criminal cabal that actually does shit they ain’t.

Black Li(v)es Matter is no more than staking a goat out in the savannah and seeing what comes out to eat.

*NOTHING* makes the state / po-po / TLA happier than some malcontent young man signing up for a patch biker club, or the white power club, or the soapbox/votebox/ammobox club, you just fucking tagged yourself bitch.

Thanks for playing. Game over man….

Sonny Barger has an official fuckbook page, Don Corelone don’t.

There is a moral / message / hint here, I just do not want to be *too* obvious and explicitly state it.

Some things I *will* explicitly state.

The human mind is a wonderful and interesting thing, and no matter how stone cold and comitted and elite and amazing you are, unless you are a suicide bomber (just another tool) the facts are that a part of your mind is going to plan on the aftermath, and having a way of continuing life as normally as possible.

We had *lots* of IRA spectaculars here in the UK back in the day, and they all targeted high profile targets, hotels with politicians in, financial buildings, you know the sort of thing, because that is the sort of thing you do, when you are expecting to go on living in that same country with few changes .

If you did NOT mind changes, or if you were a foreigner so the changes would not affect you, you would not target any of these things, you’d take your 1,000 lb of ANFO and target infrastructure, whether it be an electricity substation, a major road or rail bridge, a water pumping station, and so on.

We see the proof of this every time one power attacks shit in a foreign country, it is *always* infrastructure that is targeted, it is *never* “spectaculars” like hotels full of politicians or financial buildings.

So, 9/11, three aircraft each of which would have utterly destroyed a major electrical substation and AT THE VERY LEAST plunged new york state into darkness for a MONTH, and might even have cascaded the entire US energy grid into failure as well.

Well, you fly them into “spectacular” buildings of course. (aided by pre laid demo charges)

Because, you know, you expect to be living there afterwards and don’t want too much change in your lifestyle in the aftermath…

It’s the ultimate proof that 9/11 was a domestic job.

Like I said earlier, if you consult *both* the HAMC *and* the FBI, and then try and join the dots, you’ll be further away from the truth than when you started, much much further.

You might be better off asking the HAMC (a reasonable proportion are ex services) how much shit they *could* cause if they applied their former skills and training, and asking the FBI why their panopticon that can track everyone in one organisation perfectly, is apparently completely blind when it comes to another, apparently open, political organisation like Hitlary / Clinton Foundation / etc

Who is the real criminal?

Who is treated like a criminal?

Two rival patch gangs having a shootout in a mafia owned casino, really? Is this the sign of organised and intelligent crime syndicates, shame they didn’t have an insider who can have an “oh shit” moment and wipe all the CCTV with BleachBit and then get immunity from the Feds for doing so…. because then, you know, they could run for office.

It’s a funny old world where a self declared “outlaw” motorcycle club is in fact far more law abiding and beneficial to society than TPTB and the powers that be in waiting…. and where said “outlaw” motorcycle club is *far* more discserning about who they let in than TPTB and their political allies.




September 6, 2016

Coffee Pods

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As popularised by various adverts featuring a certain George Clooney.

You end up with a poor quality cup of coffee that costs 15 times as much as a cup of instant, and yet, they are apparently now so popular that they are outselling instant.

From my perspective if I was going to buy a machine that only did coffee, I’d buy what I did, a proper coffee machine, and if I was too lazy or too much in a rush (morning before going to work) to use the proper coffee machine, I’d make an instant.

The “convenience” of the pod machines over the proper machine is still less convenient and is more waste and hassle than an instant, and side by side with a proper machine, well, they make crap coffee and cost 10x as much if not more, and are no quicker.

Yet, the fucking things sell…..

I want to leave that there for a moment, and move on to something apparently completely different, Harley Davidson.

Harley used to make bikes, and that was that, and if you wanted different you did it yourself from a bunch of home made or aftermarket parts.

Harley are now on their 9th version of the V twin engine, and sometime after the launch of the Evo (the 7th engine) and by the launch of the Twin Cam (the 8th engine) someone somewhere in HD came up with the idea of stage kits….

Stage I – air filters and exhausts
Stage II – cams
Stage III – heads
Stage IV – bored and stroked

… and it is pure marketing genius, sell someone a bike that is not all that it could be, and then sell them the extras to make it all that it could be…

like the pods, it’s not about making coffee, it’s about making money.

Making money is the main reason the 9th HD engine, the Milwaukee-8 (4 valves per cylinder) and transmission etc is not backwards compatible with anything else, up until now there were always bits and pieces from one engine series that could be fitted to a bike from a different engine series, sometime quite major parts like heads, but, no more.

The fanbois are out in force proclaiming the M8 to be the smoothest and best thing since sliced bread, forgetting the simple fact that if anyone wanted that they could save a wad of cash, buy a fucking gold wing, stick some harley stickers on it, and ride away into the sunset.

And of course alongside the new M8 product line you can *already* buy the fucking stage kits for it.

For a 14 year old used bike my own current HD is one expensive bike in terms of what it would cost to buy, compared to any other 14 year old used bike (the lack of depreciation is one of the good points) but as an HD owner who has been riding HD on and off for 30 years, it’s 2002 going on 1970 technology and refinement and performance wise.

For *me* I happen to *like* that and I call it “character” a 1.7 litre V twin engine that produces a paltry 45 BHP / litre at the back wheel but which also produces 100 ft/lb or torque at 3,000 RPM, and which shakes and pulses and thunders down the road, getting an appalling 40/45 miles per imperial gallon… but… it will do that till the cows come home

I could get into my peugot diesel powered volvo estate car and get better mileage, carry 4 people and luggage, drink coffee and smoke while travelling, and the volvo is worth less than a dealer fitted stage 1 kit.

Fact is I’ll be honest with you, I use the volvo far more than I use the harley, but the thing HD forgot was summeed up in an advert they did 40 years ago, it was dead simple, it had a picture of a Harley and a caption that said;

“If you want all the comforts of home, stay there!”

In short, the kind of people that HD were telling to fuck off 40 years ago are the type of people they are now marketing to, and the type of people they marketed to 40 years ago, they are now telling to fuck off.

To put this in perspective……….

it’s like Marlboro telling cowboys and toolpushers and truck drivers to fuck off, and marketing the brand exclusively to fag hipster transexuals looking for their next cock to suck.

The world is shifting on its axis and quite clearly anyone is going to market anything to anyone who might buy it, fuck the actual product or history of it, barbie dolls to 5 year old boys, go for it…

Of course this does not just apply to iconic american motorcycles and coffee, it also applies to thinks like democracy and family and politics and news and indeed “truth”.

It must be marketed, and the image must be crafted to match the marketing push.

So the new M8 engine has an engine counterbalancer that swings in between the flywheels contra-rotating against the crankshaft, one mistake and you have two lumps of metal flying into hard contact with one another and total engine destruction, and the oil bag has been moved under the gearbox to allow an air gap behind the rear cylinder.

It may well be that engough design work and expertise has been expended that neither of these things will ever be a problem in real life, however they both violate basic engineering principles…

… and that is my main issue, the violation of basic principles for some other purpose that should always have been a distant subsidiary, not ever a prime mover.

And that is a classic description of what we see all around us everywhere, by all means come to the country, if you have a job waiting for you that will provide you with enough income to be a self sufficient member of society.

By all means breed and have children, if you have sufficient resources to house and feed them.

By all means enter into an economic relationship with Erewhon, provided you don’t expect anyone else to lift a finger to make it mutually profitable.

What the HD experience has taught me is one thing, the only market left is the relatively young relatively conformist gullible crowd who will readily believe anything they are told, just so long as it supports their delusions du jour.

When they have been exploited up the wazzoo that’s it, there are no more consumers left in the pot, and none of these assholes have a way of surviving until the next generation comes on stream, because the next generation are as much use as tits on a bull and will never generate any discretionary income to speak of.

It’ll be guvvmint prints vouchers and hands them to kids, kids hand vouchers to vendors in exchange for tat, vendors redeem vouchers with guvvmint, and before you know it vendors and guvvmint are one and the same, and we are back to soviet era toothbrush factories.

Of innovation and engineering, there will be none.

Brave New World my ass….

Obummer staring down Putin in a shot that just happens to be framed perfectly for the camera, in *exactly* the same way ulk Hogan and Macho Man would stare daggers at each other and the beginning of a pre-arranged WWF bout, before doing the planned number of rounds before the planned outcome, cash the cheques, go home and fuck each other’s wives. then cry about it when some fag outs them for it.

Marketing…. Propaganda by any other name.


That and 75 bucks will buy you a Tassimo, and a buck a pop for the pods.


I’ll stick to my trade 750 g tins of instant and bags of roasted beans for the gaggia.

August 23, 2016

It’s the message

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We live in a world that would be Machiavelli’s wet dream, where reality and facts are a mere illusion caused by lack of sufficiently targeted propaganda.

War crimes comitted a few years ago by the likes of Blair and Bush are simply ignored, war crimes committed last year in Ukraine are simply ignored, but in local news a man who was then 21 who had sex with a girl who was then two months under the legal age of consent, and we are talking about an alleged event THIRTY FUCKING YEARS AGO, has just been convicted and sentenced to jail as a rapist.

Because the bitch saw him in town this year and suddenly remembered everything that happened over 30 years ago but which hasn’t bothered her one iota for 30+ years.

We need a statute of limitations for alleged sex crimes, it should be 28 days, because beyond that the guy’s chances of recalling anything or mounting a defence rapidly approach zero.

So you fucked someone in May of 1984, you probably can’t even remember the event, unless pushed, and then maybe you’ll say summer of 84, or was it summer of 85, can’t remember, who cares, ancient history.

Until you get arrested, and charged, and convicted.

It’s nothing short of fucking insane, and fucking deliberate, *they* are still at work hell bent on destroying society.

Frankly speaking, who needs extremist muslim agitators stirring the shit, they are a tiny pimple on the bakside of the megalodon that is our cabal of home grown agitators and fifth columnists.

Meanwhile in Germany das volk have been told to stock up on two weeks worth of food and water, just in case y’know… in case of what, well, we’d have to kill you if we told you…. Mutti Merkel is planning to annexe the rapefugeeland, they are giving out temporary tattoos that say NEIN! to the rapefugees in the swimming pools, so any wimminz wot ain’t toting such a tat is clearly saying JA BITTE! to a bunch of rapefugees pulling a train on her.

But Putin is the enemy.

Of *course* he fukcing is, he is not “on topic” with the messages *he* is giving out, and that can never be allowed.

Mind Ewe, the powers that be clearly know where to draw the line, nobody is publishing photos in the gutter press of Putin’s daughters partying like it was 1999 and smoking dope…

smert dat bro, strontium pig sticking time.

People have asked me why this blog so often talks about under age sex / paedophilia, is it because I is a secret kiddie fiddler wot wants to fuck all the liddle babies, like my psycho skank ho ex claimed in the secret family courts?

I talk about it so often both because society / media talks about it so often, and because it is *the* touchstone of depravity in 2016.

The teacher who ran away with a willing and eager 15 year old schoolgirl who was then charged with statutory rape and abuduction, who got convicted of that and never should have, (yes he should have been sacked and banned from teaching for life, and maybe a couple of years suspended for the consensual underage sex) who went to prison, SERVED HIS FUCKING TIME, and got out, is in the press again, apparently the fucking dirty sick 33 year old paedo has a 29 year old girlfriend, I mean, she is practically young enough to be his grand-daughter….

But, funniest of all, da po-po have a new points rating system for crime…3771AD5400000578-3750986-image-a-1_1471734477468

It’s fucking genius…

According to their own points scale, raping a wimminz is TWICE as bad as causing death by dangerous driving, or sexual trafficing innit..

You can also sexually abuse FOUR whole children for the same severity as raping one wimminz, oh joy and yummies…

You can also assault and injure FIVE people for every child you sexually abuse.

It’s just wonderful, all you have to do is get in your car and mow down a line of kids waiting for the school bus, fuck them all up the ass (it’s OK, even the dead ones will still be warm) and then beat the living shit out of the ones who are still alive, and it is STILL less serious a crime than raping a wimminz….. win / win

I dunno about you, but I just can’t wait for next week’s propaganda.

August 20, 2016

I’m not gonna make it….

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… I know this because I have a busted wrist and a twisted ankle, I’m bleeding from several cuts and scrapes, and this fucking lion is stalking me for lunch…



So that I can continue to treat this jungle like a playground.

so… this…


What did they expect, only wimminz dared to come forward to any of the test subjects, and the boy test subject was totally ignored, well, what a fucking surprise.

Meanwhile concurrent with stories taking the piss out of all the doom and gloom merchants prior to the Brexit vote, the rag is littered with stories about Putin invading Ukraine and China moving in to Syria and god bless the renewal of the trident missile sub programme, and of course Trump, and of course not a mention anywhere of all the canaries dropping off their perches in various financial coalmines around the globe.

Meanwhile in unrelated news, bear with me here, this one is dear to my heart…

The US EPA & HD have done a deal, from next year onwards, making any changes to your bike mean it is no longer a certified legal for road use bike, so you can either pay for and go through your own individual certification (mega $$$) or you can stick with the very very very limited factory options.

For years the jap harley clones were referred to as Yamaharley, the whoriental hog, and suchlike, albeit that technically they were better motorcycles, they just weren’t a Harley, and that alone kept HD afloat, but it seems that from 2017 on it’s gonna be HD making Yamaha / Honda / Kawasaki V twin clones, and at that point you may just as well buy the real thing, which in this case will be the Yamaha / Honda / Kawasaki bikes.

Let me be clear, what is being taken off the market is software, because since these bikes went all EFI and ECU controlled, making any changes meant making changes to the onboard software, via “tuner” software apps.

These tuner software apps were like something from Adobe, the full version that does everything is a thousand bucks and tied to your specific ECU, then there is a deliberately crippled version for 500 bucks and then there is a deliberately hugely crippled version for 250 bucks, and now the EPA deal says only the hugely crippled version may be sold or used.

I was speaking about this very danger from day one of the shift to software controlled vehicles and equipment, because I’d already seen in on software itself and in software controlled CNC equipment, and lo and behold everyone involved acts like a complete cunt and screws the customer over in the name of profit.

What it means in practical terms is from 2017 on your ability to alter your HD is severely curtailed, and what ability you have is tied to buying products exclusively from HD.

To be specific, the change in exhausts is not legal unless it comes with the appropriate and matching change in software and they comes as a packaged item from HD.

Good luck to the guy who changes his exhausts without the software, or tries to sell the old exhaust and the non transferrable software patch required.

Course over in the states everyone is blaming the fucking EPA, but if you follow the money it’s HD who obviously think they are going to coin it like Microsoft, because suddenly the aftermarket parts market is exclusively theirs.

This is what happens when you take something intangible like software and try and make it a real thing like a brick, you can’t stop people selling each other bricks, but if you manage to make the software non transferrable by tying it to that unique brick AND to your purchase, you don’t just control the new brick market, you control the used brick market too.

It all works as long as you believe that monopolistic practices are good, and that people just can’t live without bricks.

It’s kinda what happend when certain US interests bought into certain south american water companies, and suddenly half the population could not afford piped water or sewerage.

I got a river flowing 100 yards from my house, it flows winter and summer, thousands of gallons per minute, and 100% of that flow goes out to sea, but if you think they won’t arrest me if I go down to that river every day with a bunch of jerry cans you got another think coming.

  1. Create software
  2. Integrate software control into everything
  3. Profit
  4. …… crickets

Back in the analogue phone days it was illegal to plug anything but a BT made and supplied phone into the network.

My Virgin broadband won’t work without the DOCSIS virgin supplied router, because the router at the local virgin hub won’t talk to anyting but a virgin supplied router.

Sure, I can and do put it into modem mode and disable all the router functionality and run my own Draytek router, but that virgin router can’t be taken out of the loop.

*allegedly* the new US fighter jets *require* an internet connection to phone home to authorise startup, just as the HD SE tuner software *requires* to connect to the mothership for updates before it will launch.

it’s a “licencing” world we are moving in to, where you do not own anything, you merely licence it, for prices that should assure ownership.

it won’t stop, until licencing fucks up big style and knocks several million users vehicles off the road for weeks until a patch can be pushed out.

August 16, 2016

You couldn’t make it up.

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WTF happened to us eh?


Rapefugees get a free pass, and an Austrian national gets ACTUAL prison time for posting a picture to fuckbook of his CAT doing a nazi salute…



August 13, 2016


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In the online world it’s easy to be stalked, so easy that it is safest to assume that anything you do post, anywhere, online, is going to be read by a stalker, the corollary is assume you do have a stalker, because you probably do, somewhere, somehow, somewhy.

I even know of cases where there is a sort of cold war arms race, someone’s skank ho ex posts something entirely fictitious on fuckbook, the some one then reads upon it and acts as though it were true, the skank ho ex then uses this against them in court, etc etc.

I always adopted a simpler policy, my own particular psycho skank ho ex essentially freed me from a life of misery the day the secret family court case ended, ain’t nothing in her life that interests me in the least, I don’t wanna know, and by the same token I don’t give a flying fuck one way or another what she now thinks of me, I know she will stalk me online, but there is literally nobody on the fucking planet whose opinion matters less to me, so fuck you skanky old psycho bitch, and the cock you rode in on.

But mine is an “end case” scenario, an individual who has already done their level best to fuck my life up, and who ended up blessing me immeasurably with their departure, as jimi said, they fired all their guns and exploded into space.

I had a heart to heat with a buddy last night, he has ex problems, and his ex has apparently updated her fuckbook page to reflect the idea that she is moving back “oop north” and by extension taking the kids that he doesn’t get to see anyway with her.

He came to me full of angst, what if it’s not a wind up designed to get him to react which will then be used against him, what if it’s real and yadda yadda yadda.

So… let me get this right, the skank ho is moving 250 miles away, which reduces the chances of you ever bumping into her in town from slim to absolute fucking zero, and this is anything other than a good thing how exactly?

Ah, he almost blubs, but the kids…

What, the kids you don’t see anyway, and won’t get to ever see anyway until they turn 16 and skank ho mummy and the courts no longer get a say, assuming the little shits have not been thoroughly brainwashed against you by then anyway.

If they wanna find you at 16, and it’s a big if, it’s YOU who should not move buddy, not them, doesn’t matter where they go, they will remember where they grew up first.

Feminazi thinking, believing that there is any connection between the kids and the psycho skank ho mommy, feminazi family unit, if you are gonna reject the feminazi thinking, reject the feminazi family unit, and treat every single one of them as individuals with zero connection of any kind to any other individual.

Peace lies that way my son.

This isn’t some fucked up mind control meme about being a responsible parent and keeping you shackled to guilt for the rest of your life, this is survival, dodged a fucking bullet there, pretty much, move on and move up.

Let it hurt.

Let it heal.

Let it go.

Pretty much none of the shit I have done (for values of “done” that include just chilling and doing sweet fuck all) or achieved or purchased or experienced since I split with my psycho skank ho ex would have been possible if she was still around, even peripherally with me having to be involved with her twice a week to spend quality time (sic) with the kids, the sic is there because as long as she is anywhere in the picture, she would make sure there was no quality time.

No, let the psycho bitch stalk you all she wants, provided you have no interest in any further interaction of any kind with her, who cares.

The stalkers you *should* be worried about are the ones in your employers HR department, the ones in the local Council offices, the ones in the po-po, the ones in the house three doors down that object to you going out for a 3 am ride, and so on.

It’s remarkably easy to build up data on people, even if they have almost blank fuckbook profiles, because they are interacting with other people on fuckbook, and *those* people, or even *other* people that *those* people interact with, aren’t so circumspect.

I’ve got a friend with an estranged family member who has a fuckbook profile that literally has no data apart from the name, and yet via these methods the friend has regular updates of information about what pets the estranged family member has, where they have been, photos of them at social events, photos of the kids at other kid’s parties, photos of their new car, photos of their new house, where they went on holiday, if they are still regularly in touch with Tom and Dick and Harry, and even via the Fuckbook tie in with Whatsapp, even the latest mobile number.

They haven’t *used* any of the info, but it is out there, and it is easy to find, even though the estranged individual in question only has a fuckbook page with their name on it, to prevent anyone else creating a fuckbook page with their name.

Kevin Mitnick would be cumming in his pants 24/7 if he was still into his old tricks today.

Thus, from the example above, you can see the *allure* of this social data mining from the State’s POV, the trouble is, what works on an individual scale, is very hard to make work on a collective scale.

It would be hard for my friend to determine their estranged family members’ political leanings, are they a rapefugee sympathiser, are they a closet paedo (why not, everyone else is apparently), are they dealing drugs, are they in possession of an illegal firearm, are they still addicted to red bull?

Because the state doesn’t care one iota what pets they have, if the kids ever see their dad, who they are fucking this week.

You can still find, if you look, within fuckbook, comments made four or more years ago, but long since “deleted” or “hidden” by the fuckbook user and which are nowhere to be found on their own profile, or linked from their own profile, but fuckbook never actually deletes anything, it just sorta hides it from easy view, there we go, swept under the carpet, all nice and tidy again.

And *this* form of stalking can become worth while to individuals, compulsive / obsessive types maybe, but, there are enough of them out there too, and like paedos gravitating to careers within the courts and social services, these people gravitate towards careers where they get paid to do this shit every day, by the po-po, by the council, by the HR dept, by the transgender fetus liberation army, by the political wing of the traffic cone manufacturers association, by the MSM.

I have a *fairly* (shades of very) rare given name, but once you start talking internet sized sample populations suddenly rare things give all sorts of false positives, whether it be facial recognition or DNA matching or given names, and the very initial rarity just gives those false positives even more credibility.

As everyone who does not understand statistics (which is almost everyone) will know, a false positive at 100,000:1 odds is much more certain to be true than a false positive at 10:1 odds…. puke…

One of the people out there who have my exact name (and many other similar enough to squint and be a typo details such as age etc) happens to live about 60 miles away from me, another one (checks google maps) mm, doesn’t give a mileage, but 15 hours flight time to TN, anyway, the guy in the states was done for DUI early on in this year, and the guy an hour down the road just got some recognition for his work riding a human blood delivery motorcycle, so this person I speak to maybe once every two years pops up and says it’s good I’m doing good charitable works delivering blood, but it doesn’t excuse being a drunk driver in the first place, and how come I got such a short ban or is there some special dispensation for driving blood around?


My initial response of, literally, what the fuck are you on about dude?

Was met with scorn, no point trying to hide it I was told, all information is available to those who know how to look and who have access to certain systems at certain levels etc.

Dude, I have no fucking clue what you are talking about, check the email address you are sending this to, or check an AV / rootkit scan, or something, because something somewhere is fuck up.

Was met with it was you who fucked up my friend, and links to the two aforementioned stories, which I admit were not *immediately* obvious it wasn’t me, certain details were not immediately apparent, and as the comments in this thread show (http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/08/12/on_call_intern_trapped/) coinkydinks do indeed happen, obviously *I* knew neither one was me, so I looked a little deeper and divined the actual truth.

Then I laughed.

Then I added that particular contact’s email address to the junk filter.

Life’s too short to be a stalker, or talk to one, or think about one.

If you have ever had a fuckbook account in your name, you deserve everything you may one day get.

August 11, 2016

A function of age.

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I’m in my fifties, inside, I often still feel about 14.

I’ve seen a lot, done a lot, experienced a lot, learned a lot, but some things, I don’t know if it is genetic / biological ageing, or experience ageing, or had-enough-of-this-shit-already ageing, but some of the things I find myself thinking and feeling now, well, I dunno I would have predicted that about myself in years past.

The kids I ain’t seen hide nor hair of for 8 years and change, well, put it this way, I won’t lose much sleep if I don’t ever see them again, essential bonds have had too long to wither on the vine, and no new bonds were formed.

Back when I was 20 something I met this chick, I already knew her dad, we’ll call him Chaz for the sake of this post.. which is how I met her, her mum and dad split when she was like two or something, come 18 she decides to go find him, and eventually does, and moves in and spends time, and 3 months later they spend a couple of weeks fucking.

Now at the time it made me feel sick, I mean physically sick, and some of the last words I ever spoke to the asshole were along the lines of how the fuck could you, your own fucking daughter man.

I still remember his reply, it boiled down to he didn’t know her, he didn’t know anything about her, last time he saw her she could barely walk, next thing he knows an adult woman walks into his life, she ain’t his daughter, not really.

Back then I didn’t get what he was saying, he was a sick fuck and that’s that (worth mentioning that it takes two to tango and she was as willing as him) so I don’t give a fuck what excuses you give me, fuck off and die.

Here and now, well, I’m glad I only have sons and aren’t a fag, because I’ll never have to worry about finding *that one* out about myself, because I suspect I now know exactly what he was saying about next thing you know an adult walks into your life, and it ain’t your kid.

It’s just an adult you don’t know, as for blood, well, that gives the kid a chance, and by that I mean a chance to make the effort to get to know his old man, and earn his respect and trust, because the old man ain’t gonna do the heavy lifting.

Ain’t the kid’s fault, ain’t the old man’s either, life sucks some times.

Had wimminz tell me what a wonderful father I would make, even had wimminz wanting to give me a child “so I could be that wonderful father” and I reckon one or two of them even meant it.

Could *not* explain to a single one of them, so they understood, that that ship has sailed… maybe it’s because they were younger than me and the biology hadn’t kicked in, but they all started off thinking I was rejecting it as a consolation prize to replace the original that was taken from me, when the reality, well, people change, and I’M NOT THAT FUCKER ANY MORE, and I don’t particularly wanna try and go back and be him, because too many years have passed, and the remaining number of years is finite, and probably significantly less than have already passed.

I have no urge to be in my early seventies and still have kids around the house, and I’m saying that in my mid fifties, by the time I’m early seventies I’d probably be so pissed at my former self I’d invent a time masheen just to go back and kick my own ass. Idiocracy it is.

DNA has been satisfied, I have procreated. End of story.

When I was in my twenties or even thirties I’d swing my leg over a Harley and ride out to places and get off, to hang out, see people, and be seen.

Now in my fifties I’ll swing my leg over a Harley and ride out and not stop anywhere unless it’s for gas or a smoke or some shit, people and places I avoid, I’ve turned into one of those antisocial grumpy old cunts on pans and knucks that I used to run into when I was a lad, whooda fucking thunk it…

A commenter on a previous post said that I seem to write about the elites milking everything, I responded that I thought I was writing about society and the human condition and the decline of industry, and I guess that is true, but there is another truth, or at least another question, that needs looking at.

Basically I’ve gotten a lot more bored with people in general, the populace,¬† than I was when I had thirty years less experience of them, young boys want to be heroes, older men want to be invisible.

But the question is this, is this because the ageing process does this shit to you, or is this because this stage of human society and culture is coming to an end (teh steam age, teh electric age, teh digital age etc) and I’m bored with the old system, or is it a mixture of both?

Positing questions about men fucking their long lost daughters, well, for most of human history the daughter would not have been long lost, so the only daddy / daughter fucking would have been two people who HAD known each other all their lives, so a time machine would be interesting to compile statistics on how the broken home and ending of the man as head of the house and home has skewed things.

Maybe “paedophilia” (in the press that means fucking anyone under 21) really is a lot more prevalent in the last decade, and maybe the rise of the broken homes and *vastly* increased numbers of Chaz’s in society is at the root of it.

Why shouldn’t I fuck it, I don’t know it, it’s a stranger to me…

And as for infantilism….

“Friend” of mine, I use the term loosely, has some pre teen daughters, and it’s an interesting mix, personality wise, physically they are approaching the age where the body changes to womanhood, first period, can get pregnant, all that good stuff, but mentally… well it’s a mix of barbie slut airhead princess and Ruprecht the monkey boy’s retarded sister.

In my mother’s day girls of their age would be taking on a significant portion of the household chores, raising the younger siblings, bathing feeding teaching, and fetchin’ dad’s pipe and slippers and so on when he came in from a hard day’s work….

This lot can make cup cakes and beans on toast, but can’t wash or dress themselves properly, and come home from school with heads crawling with nits every week.

It would be like meeting my kids next week, there simply is not enough time left before they reach adulthood for them to learn and absorb all the things they need to learn and experience, it is already too late, and it is already too late for these girls, maybe a year away from the first period, the budding breasts, the swelling hips, the hormones pumping.

Thing is, he asked me if I would look out for his girls if anything happened to him and his missus, and I’m turning into Chaz, because the first thoughts that *actually* went through my head were “if it lands on my plate in five years time at least I can fuck them and get something in return…” so what I actually said was “you need a plan B buddy, I’m barely keeping my own shit together, you need to pick someone you can rely on once you’re gone”

Only person who can rely on me is me.

Had a conversation with someone near and dear last week, told them, shit is coming down the line, the future and the past will not be the same, and what you got to get your head and heart and soul around is one simple fact.

When change comes, what worked yesterday will get you killed tomorrow, and vice versa, you better be hip to that, you better be ready for that, you better revise any ideas you have that you *know* me, the one trick ponies like the aforementioned friends daughters…. be like flying ants, one day the air is thick with them, next day they gone…

It’s a function of age, not the world and not no body or no thing in the world gives a fuck about you or your welfare or happiness… certainly not me.

I’m too old for that shit.


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