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July 20, 2017

How the west was won and lost – Orazio compressor

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I have a proper belt driven compressor out in the workshop, but I had cause to purchase a “quiet” one as well, the definition of quiet being you could put it in an office or living room and it wouldn’t annoy anyone.

The leading “british” brand is bambi, 450 quid for a fridge compressor that costs all of 50 quid on a tank, and yes bambi sell replacement compressors for 275 quid, need more air? Well just add more fridge compressors at 275 quid a time, by the time you have four of them on a big tank (£2.5k) you’ll have enough air to intermittently run an air ratchet etc… and cos fridge compressors are oiled you’ll need a de oiler as well as a water trap if you’re planning on spraying or anything.

Not that anything about the bambi is british except where it is assembled and painted green and white, and the duty cycle is max 50% or max 30 minutes in any one hour…

My application I don’t actually need a lot of air, but I do want dry and oil free air, it’s basically 2 bar pneumatic rams to open and close a machine door, so a “fridge compressor” based machine would have more than enough oomph, but at 450 quid a pop I’d have been better off making one, about 350 quid better off.

So I went on to amazon and paid 129 inc shipping next day delivery for a chinese made 2 stage oilless direct drive job with pistons with synthetic rings, this is it in the pic above in a messy room with a brass zippo perched on the cap for scale.

Power: 750W
Frequency: 50Hz
Voltage: 220V
Speed: 1400rpm
Tank Capacity : 24L
Noise level :67db
Working Pressure :8BAR/ 116psi
Air Supply: 95L/Min
CE Approved.
Net weight:18kg
Connection size: 1/4″ BSP
Suitable hose:5*8MM
It is Oil Free compressor.
Start instantaneous power: 1650W.

Yeah, it’s not the kind of thing you buy to leave to your grand kids, takes about 1 minute 50 seconds to go from an empty tank to cut off at 120 psi and is silent enough you can talk on the phone over it and the people on the other end can’t hear it, and it’s 129 quid delivered so arguably I could have saved 29 quid making a fridge compressor one, if my own time is worthless, and this was delivered next day ready to go.

No brainer.

On a different track I returned yesterday around 6:30 pm after the lightning and thunder and turned on the big series 7 samsung monitor and pc, which is now about 9/10 years old, and it didn’t come on, soft click power button flickers soft click power button flickers etc.

Aww shit, I suppose I could go on to amazon and buy a new 4k 55 inch LG, but, that’s 800 quid and hassle, and I begrudge spending that kind of money, I spent a grand on the 48″ samsung ten years ago, it should last longer, so a quick google and sure enough click of death and bad caps, so carry it into the bedroom to lay it face down on the nice soft duvet (no point bruising the screen for nothing) and remove the back cover and sure enough.

Bad caps, not a very good pic but good enough to show they are swollen and one has a tiny leak stain at the top.

Now, this isn’t a diagnosis, I’ve just identified a possible culprit visually, but it’s worth investigating before saying fuck it and throwing your hands in the air and ordering new kit for 800 quid.

So off down to my local Maplin store just after 7 pm, happily they are open until 8 most days, and some 35 volt 1000 puff caps are duly purchased, (standard on the sammy were 10 volt 1000 puff, but while I’m at it, may as well up the voltage headroom a wee bit) I can only see two on the board and I was sorta expecting four, plus what the fuck so I buy four from Maplin’s, at a whopping 19 pence each, which is profiteering because they are only about 5p  really but I have no issues whatsoever with paying a premium to anyone willing to carry loose stock.

Get back, pull the board, pull out the antex iron, desolder and remove, put in new, solder, snip leads, install the board, plug in the mains lead and test, we have liftoff.

Clean the fan and replace the back cover, reinstall samsung in usual situ and reconnect cables to PC etc and power up.

Elapsed time maybe an hour and a bit.

Elapsed expenditure for repair 38 pence.

because I had the tools, because I had the attitude and basic soldering skills, because my first reactions wasn’t to throw my hands up in the air and say fuck it and spend 800 quid on a replacement (which of course assumes you have the money lying around to replace the item in question, and no better use for said money)

Of course the current squeeze, who witnessed all this, is in awe, TV’s are things that die and then you sell the car and eldest child to buy a new one, and sit around in misery and darkness for 48 hours until it arrives, and then everyone lives off bread and conflakes for six months because of the ongoing hit the TV purchase caused.

They are absolutely NOT something you walk in, it doesn’t work, you go awwwww bastard and put it on the bed and open it and find something wrong WITH NO TOOLS OR INSPECTION EQUIPMENT and then drive down the road a couple of miles and come back a bit later with 38 pence worth of parts, which you solder in and then it fucking works, that shit is pretty indistinguishable from magic.

So we have two entirely truthful and factual tales from the last 48 hours from my own personal life.

1/ I bought the cheap chinese compressor because it was so cheap I couldn’t really compete on the DIY route, and because it’s good enough, even though I know damn well it’s not built to last, it’s still well worth it and a sensible buying decision.

2/ I bought some cheap 19p per pop capacitors to “have a go” at something that being brutally honest I have already had 10 years of good use out of, good going for a flat screen telly, I could be annoyed and discomfited that it was dead after 10 years, but I couldn’t really complain, so the risk / reward for having a go was negligible, and to be honest it could still die next week, I found *a* problem, there could be other components on their last legs too for all I know, the flipside is the devil you know, I have been soak testing this unit for 10 years now, so I do not have any reason to assume that it won’t last another ten….


Bambi are clearly making a huge markup on the hardware, they could just buy in orazios and paint them and rebox them, I’m not knocking them, but the business model doesn’t work when you are competing against the chinese at their own game, I could have bought THREE of these orazios for the price of one bambi.

The only possible reason to even consider the bambi is if you have genuine reason to believe it will last five times as long as one orazio…

On the other hand you have the 48″ series 7 RGB LED backlit LCD samsung that I paid a thousand pounds for ten years ago, I *know* it’s good quality, the proof is sat right in front of me, and has been for ten years, do I believe the LG I might have had to buy as a replacement would last 10 years too? Well, I’d *like* to think so… but…

I still miss the old broom wade 3/4 hp vertical 2 stage v twin compressor that I bought ten years ago for 20 quid and fixed by cutting new gaskets for the heads for 50p, it weighed at least 180 lbs and was incredibly quiet and smooth for a belt driven job and I basically gave it away for 50 quid when the psycho skank ho ex went nuclear.

I’ll miss the samsung when it eventually dies in the same way (hey, at least I don’t have to live with paying someone a tenner to take away only to hear a week later they fixed it for 38p…) because basically it just did what it said on the tin with no fuss, quietly and competently, year after year.

I won’t miss the orazio, and I wouldn’t have missed the bambi.

And this is how the west was won and lost.

We aren’t making any shit that is expected to last at least ten years (yes, I know there are exceptions, but this should be mainstream, not the exception) which you can make all sorts of bullshit Keynesian arguments about.

The trouble is, we aren’t making any cheap crap “good enough” either, all our locally made “good enough” crap is three times the price of what it should be.

Never before in human history has it been as easy, technically, as it is now in 2017 to make a fridge style compressor that should be good for 50 years of 24/7 use with no maintenance.

And it could be done for 250 quid which is what bambi charge for a replacement pump unit.


What’s missing from these “quality” items ???
(standard one year warranty on the pump and three years on the receiver… big fucking deal)
go on, follow the link, take a look…

Yup, same as the cheapo chinese orazio.

Biggest most obvious glaring mistake is a total and complete lack of anything even approaching a decent intake air filter, and yes the orazio is getting one fitted, (it does have one as standard but it ain’t up to much) I’ll eliminate at least 75% of the wear on the synthetic piston rings by eliminating all the particulates from being drawn in and embedded in them, a 10 micron inlet filter is a lot more use than a 10 micron outlet filter, if it can’t get in it can’t get pumped out.

Try as I might, I cannot see *anything* to differentiate between the so called “quality” so called “british made and designed” bambi and the cheap and cheerful orazio, certainly not anything to justify a 300% price difference.

For a sale price of 200 quid delivered I could show the chinese how to make the orazio a bambi killer. (not that it isn’t already, I bought one)

  1. good quality replaceable automotive style intake filter.
  2. PWM soft start and stop motor
  3. standard fitted good dryer and two pressure regulator for twin output, one low range for HVLP guns and one high range for dusters and light air tool use… and all on a sturdy bracket please…
  4. standard tank pressure port for receiver capacity extension / twinning etc
  5. cable tidy (2 cleats) for excess mains lead
  6. big sticker on the side with an arrow pointing at the drain valve saying “DRAIN AT LEAST ONCE EVERY WEEK, YES, THIS MEANS YOU, YOU CUNT.

I’d have bought it in a heartbeat, and so would everyone else trawling amazon for a cheap / quiet compressor for home / office / hobby / light ind usage.

Bambi sales would plummet to zero overnight.

Bambi should already be making their own compressors rated 24/7 for 50 years, fitting proper intake filters, then they’d have been an orazio killer and I’d have bought one… even at 400% of the price of the orazio.

Orazio sales would have plummeted to basically everyone who had a 150 quid and needed a compressor.

Out in the workshop I have one 15 metre air hose, one 10 metre air hose and one 5 metre air hose,, basically I can string them all together and go out to the street and run air tools or pump tyres, the 3hp belt driven comp (home built) is on wheels but it is also a big heavy old bitch and it does need a proper 13 ampere extension lead to run.

The orazio is only 4 to 5 times the price of a shitty pocket emergency 12v car unit, but it is small and portable enough to pick up and carry, draws 3 amperes wet, and a 5 gallon receiver @ 120 psi is enough even not plugged into the mains to inflate any non commercial tyre, and 1 hp is enough to run intermittent air tools like an air ratchet or the odd bit of windy gun.

No brainer.

July 17, 2017


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Steve Martin playing Ruprecht the monkey boy to Michael Caine, they are at a table eating dinner and Rup raises his fork, which has a cork on the end of it, so he doesn’t injure himself…

So, here is a photo I just took, three “blades” in descending order of sharpness.

A few weeks ago a 12 year old kid wanted to cut something, so I handed them the buck in the middle, the look on their face and their parents’ face was memorable to say the least, you see this kid had never handled anything sharper than the dinner knife at top, and it struck me, everyone is a fucking Ruprecht with their baby blunted plastic scissors and corks on their forks.

For those of you wondering;

  1. bog standard sheffield steel dinner knife
  2. buck 110 fg
  3. wapienica razor (polish made surgical razor, old stuff now)

It’s been troubling me, these few days of holiday so far, that look on their faces, WTF has the world come to when people are scared to handle a blade that isn’t dull?

Well, it means none of them know how to handle the buck, much less how to handle an open razor, my eyes open further, in a world where all anyone knows is remington electric and bic disposable, it’s no wonder nobody knows how to shave, so they are either covered in stubble or bleeding, maybe both, nobody will have a close even shave.

I dunno if I’d put an edged weapon before or after fire, basically they are both prehistoric in the human sense, Inuit kids 3 years old can play with flensing knives safely enough, white kids and adult white kids are afraid of a buck lockblade…

Not included in this photo shot is a “stanley” box cutter, arguably *far* better than anything you see here if all you want to do is slice someone’s jugular open and end their days, but all handle and tiny blade in this new juvenile ignorant world makes it safe in the eyes of most.

No knowledge + no experience = total inability to make a valid judgement.

When I was a boy 99% of cops were ex military men, which meant 90% of them had seen active service and 75% of them had seen action.

I can remember an instance where I pulled a diving knife out of my boot (double serrated edge commando point) my mate pulled a morticians knife (think filleting blade but sharper) out of his sleeve and my other mate pulled a (genuine, it wasn’t that valuable then) rohm ss dagger out of his jacket, the motorcycle po-po we are talking to opens his pannier and pulls out a mk 2 US navy kabar.

We’d all come up behind an old Bedford lorry (old fashioned tarp and truckers hitch tie down) and his load had shifted and he couldn’t undo the knots to sort the load out, so he turned around and asked “anyone got a knife?”

What followed (after cutting the offending hitch) was po-po discussing the relative merits and weaknesses of all 4 knives for the next 30 minutes while the truck driver sorted his load, the next day I sold the diver’s knife to a fisherman (yep, great knife to keep lashed to the winch just in case you want to cut some polyprop line, not much use for anything else…) and bought my first buck 110, that’s the second one I have ever owned in the picture, #1 is out in the workshop in the tin with all the twist drills and crap.

Today we’d all have been arrested, and probably been threatened by armed po-po… because nobody in the po-po is ex-services.

I have a small Kennet tool grinder, amongst other things, I could within 3 minutes make the bog standard blunt dinner knife sharp enough to fillet fish, and maybe sharp enough to do a third of a shave, and it would still look like a fucking dinner knife to these dumbasses today, until they sliced their fingers off, then, having cut one finger off, they’d draw it across their palm or something equally stupid to see how sharp it was.

I now *literally* find myself in a place where young people who have daily contact with both parents *and* all four grandparents are asking me to teach them how to shave.

Never even crosses their minds that lesson 1 is a couple of hours talking about edged steel and lesson 2 is a couple of hours talking about hair and follicles and lesson 3 is a couple of hours talking about water and soap and lather and then we can think, about the first shaving lesson with the humble bic disposable.

I just had to brain dump this so I could continue with les vacances.

July 14, 2017

I’m so pretty

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Yup, so even on vacation I can find time to type..lol.

So, I’m talking to these people, and a couple of them are from schenzen or however you spell it in china, BTW *the* place to go if you want to see hybrid electric vehicles and infrastructure to support the same.

The phrase “range anxiety” crops up again and again, “FUCKING BULL FUCKING SHIT!!!” is my response.

Range anxiety is something I had back in the seventies riding a fucking hardtail chopper with a 1.2 gallon peanut gas tank with no reserve on a sunday when most of the gas stations were shut and the *next* one was 60 miles away.. so I carried an extra can of gas.

NOBODY today has range anxiety about an electric vehicle, it is 100% a complete total fabricated bullshit marketing lie.

EVERYONE has refuelling anxiety, a regular car can be refuelled from empty to full in 5 minutes, an effective power transfer rate of megawatt/hours per minute, take your regular fuel pumps away and replace them with gravity fed tanks with no more than 10 cm of head and use a fucking drinking straw to transfer the fuel and lo and behold you have duplicated the electric car problem, it takes fucking HOURS to refuel.

Like, suddenly all the petrol and diesel car drivers will be whining about “range anxiety” and not the fuckin stupid refuelling system that refuels at a rate of centilitres per minute.

So, CLEARLY, all the electric car makers know the Achilles heel of every single electric car is the “refuelling rate/time” so we won’t mention it, in fact we will pretend it doesn’t exist by pretending the real problem is something else entirely, something we can “fix” so then the consumers says “gee, this problem is no problem at all for me, I’ll buy one” and the REAL problem never having entered his consciousness.

It’s like the pixie faced little bitch (who is worth fucking but not much else) who splits up from her bad boy BF (who hasn’t changed at all…) after having a baby and suddenly he is the anti-christ, so suddenly all her fuckbook selfies are full on makeup and photo retouching and all the wimminz in the cunt crew are telling her how awesomely be a utiful she is…. hello? The choir invisibile (sic) singing the praises of the preacher in an empty church meanwhile the heathens are somewhere else getting on with life… oh it’s the fuckbook echo chamber.

When you have to lie to such an extent, when you have to lie so consistently and profoundly, across your entire fucking industry, that you have to make up and completely imaginary problem, for no other purpose than to mask a very real Achilles heel, and when all the motoring press just goes along with you, and when you keep it up to the point where even after cunts BUY your fucking product the penny doesn’t fucking drop, then everything about you is a worthless lying cunt and you need to die and stop polluting the world.

Now, I’ve seen, up close and personal because it’s been down to me to be the messenger, the effect on a guy when you tell them something that destroys their world, and that whole “BTW your kids aren’t yours, they are the milkman’s, anyway your loving wife has just run away with your dad and they sold the kids to the circus and used that money to buy a dodge hellcat, you know, the car you could never afford…”

Saw that *exact* look on the faces of the couple with their nissan leaf that they will be getting rid of soon because they are going to preorder a new tesla, when the whole range anxiety / refuelling anxiety penny dropped, and it didn’t matter that they have been happy with the leaf for two years now, it was written all over their faces, all that happiness was just a lie, the whole experience was based on a lie.

An electric car with a 600 mile range (like my old 2001 diesel) will still be pushing “range anxiety” because the 100 ish mile range of the leaf takes 12 hours to recharge (s0 not even overnight, it’s longer than that) at home, and that’s limited by the current available, so 5x the range = a 60 hour charge time.


You see why nobody is pushing larger ranges and everyone is pushing “40 mile range is enough for 97% of car journeys” because what the fuck use is a car that has a 600 mile range but spends three days of the week 24/7 on fucking charge?

Well, you could fork out a LOT of extra money, not just for a faster charging station for your garage, but also for the new 3 phase mains supply to your house to feed the new charger…

There is 38 Kwh of energy in a gallon of diesel.

UK 240 volt 30 amp domestic supply is 240 x 30 = 7,200 watts so 7 Kwh per hour

so 24 x 7 = 168 Kwh which is the maximum you can draw from a domestic supply, fuck knows how high your bills will be at 20p per Kwh (30 quid a day or £11k per annum) and you won’t be able to run much else except low energy lighting so you better have gas cooker and fires, and 168 / 38 = 4.4 gallons of diesel per 24 hour day equivalent.


BTW, 4.4 gallons of diesel = 4.4 x 4.5 = 19.8 litres and at £1.20 a litre that’s £23.76 for diesel at the pump… tell me how you are “saving money” per Kwh consumed?

But, but, we recharge the leaf for 4 quid…. 4 quid at 20p per kwh is 20 kwh, given your leaf only has a 24 kwh battery….. remember there is 38 kwh in a gallon of diesel.

it’s not that you are suddenly driving the same mileage almost for free, the “fill up” cost is so small because the amount of energy being transferred is so small.

Hello, I fill up my private car with the 600 mile range ONCE A FUCKING MONTH, I don’t fill it up half a gallon over night EVERY FUCKING NIGHT…

If I DID, that would be 15 gallons, and guess what, that’s about what I put in once a month, maybe a bit less.

BTW, my car CAN do 600 miles at 80 mph and then refuel and be back on the road for another 600 miles 5 minutes later, and BTW, I paid 600 quid for it two years ago, *that* is cheap motoring.

I do NOT over state the case about these two looking like someone who just discovered their virgin wife / daughter was miss gang bang winner the last 5 years on the trot, they both looked like they were going to be physically sick, and both stated that they would be physically sick several times.

And no, ***I*** didn’t destroy their fucking lives, THEY did, buying into the entire “green” and “low carbon” and “electric car” bullshit and the whole “range anxiety” bullshit.

Because MATH, BITCHEZ, anyone can do the math I did above.

I realised 30 years ago that energy is a cartel, it does not matter how you buy it, mains electric or diesel or gasoline or mains gas, the cost per Kwh is very very close.

if it wasn’t I could buy mains gas to power a gen set to generate electric to sell back to the grid at a profit, they work all these things out so you can’t do that shit and make a profit.

Once you realise you price per kwh is fairly uniform across the board… buy an old diesel for 600 quid and drive with a light right foot and keep your motorways speeeds down to 60.. for the win.. motoring just doesn’t GET any cheaper than that.

Fuck it man, I need to vacation more if it means I get to meet more people like this and make them wake the fuck up.

BTW *they* started the conversation, not me.

We love the leaf but we are about to pre order the new tesla… winning smiles..

July 11, 2017


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The human eye shakes, if it didn’t we would be blind to everything that didn’t move, because it is only change that triggers the cells at the back of they eye, they are not a CCD.

The other end of the scale is stuff that changes too much, the body has to try to fight to keep up, and sooner or later it starts just ignoring both the content and the change, as long as the change is constant.

If you want to know the human limits just look around you, thanks to computers and TV’s and smartphones and IT, everyone is saturated 24/7 and most try to cope by only focusing on a few things, Fuckbook, Netflix, Amazon and Tinder for example.. add in Uber and Deliveroo and you can live your life that way, and you are still filtering out 99.9% of the “content” out there.

If you take usenet and have a subscription to one of the e-book groups you’ll find that just amongst the pirated content, there is so much new “women fucking animals” porn being produced that you’d have to whittle it down to something very specific and unusual, so not wolves or bears or vampires, perhaps bottle nose dolphins, or perhaps dragons, to limit the amount to a level where a speed reader could keep up with it all if they spent 12 hours a day reading.

Let me give you an example, and bear in mind I was online before there was any such thing as the WWW, so I remember altavista and webcrawler and the rest coming out.

Google, clean clear efficient and blew the rest away… right?

So, here is a search phrase for Google.

“I want to read a blog written by a guy who uses lasers”

It doesn’t specify what sort so it could be a DMX light show or it could be a metal cutting fibre rig or it could be data comms or it could be a quantity surveyor etc etc etc, just a guy who uses lasers all the time and blogs about it, that would be interesting and that’s what I’d like to read about.

What you GET is a keyword search that’s had some minor word weighting performed on the input text and that’s that, so, either;

  1. there are no such blogs out there
  2. there are such blogs out there but google hasn’t indexed them
  3. google is crap at finding shit

I’ll leave you to work out which it is…

When 95% of the results match what I searched for, then you can come talk to me about how wonderful a search tool google is, as it is it’s in reality no better than altavista or webcrawler were back in the day, their big problem back then was there was new stuff coming out faster than it could be indexed, but the win back then was webrings, so you only had to find ONE good site about lasers and then you were off in a nest of next back webrings all about lasers, and fuck all about anything else that didn’t interest you like penis enlargement.

And these are the guys that want to make an autonomous car?

You can’t even do search, you just bullshitted everyone you could and eliminated the competition… and for decades now you’ve used that dominance to…. not improve search.. way to go.

Not only that, they aren’t even trying, oh, you’re in the UK, uh, OK, well, there is a whole bunch of shit here and we are going to have to weight your results because that shit is more important to us than making search work.

It doesn’t matter, because there are still 2 million pages of results, and only the autistic ever get past the tenth page and see them start to repeat themselves.

Of course it’s all total and complete bollocks, and you can save yourself 14 squillion dollars on search engine optimisation and page ranking and shit by calling yourself http://www.bristol.arc.welding.co.uk instead of http://www.creoline-group.co.uk and having a fucking website that says WELCOME TO BRISTOL ARC WELDING instead of some flash shit with some gender neutral asshole smiling and pointing at something interesting in a stock photo yadda yadda yadda.

Trust me, anyone any where near bristol who types any combination of the words “arc”, “welding” and “bristol” will get you on page 1 of the results…. you may get some mis hits for bristol massachewsets of course but you can fix that in the second line of your home page below the welcome to bit.

I’ll predict that 99.9% of you got here either from a link from another site, a link from a friend, or because you typed “wimminz” in a search, and I was the first one to use that word in a URL.

So, anyway, back to fatigue.

Thanks to all the aforementioned IT goodies, we now live in a world where there is several thousand times more “new” content every day than any individual human being could ever hope to even sample, and it’s all just one click away.

And the volume is increasing, so humans do the only thing they can do, apply fatigue and filter, and sooner or later you get to the state where your filters are so good, and the search / indexing is so bad, that there is basically no new content to view.

There is, but you can’t find it, so it may as well not exist, so all that’s left for 99.99% of the sheep is to sign up to an echo chamber like a fuckbook group, and have new joke of the day new meme or the day latest trump atrocity of the day pushed to their mobile device.

Don’t worry, I get it too, I can check the daily fail website any day you like and see 99 different articles of “news” any one of which *would* have prompted me to say something, not any more, oh look, another story about a poor wimminz battered by an evil man, another story about the glass ceiling, another story about a celebutard wedding… meh…

Anyway, I’m taking a couple of weeks off, not going anywhere special or doing anything special, just unplugging for a bit and doing some of the stuff that floats my boat.

(No, not vacationing in Yellowstone…lol)

I’m fatigued out man.

July 10, 2017

“Age of consent”

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I would like you to think about that, an *age* at which you will be permitted to *consent* to something.

It’s not just the age at which you can have your body do or not do something, it is the age at which your mind is allowed to make that choice.

Some milestones in the UK are,

  • 16 – hold a provisional driving licence, ride a 50 cc moped, smoke, have sex with a stranger, leave school, get a job, pay taxes.
  • 17 – drive a 125 cc bike or pass your test and drive a larger motorcycle or car
  • 18 – buy beer and spirits, have sex with someone who isn’t a stranger eg teacher etc, watch an adult rated movie, vote
  • 21 – drive a truck

I’ll be honest here, I’m out of touch with a lot of these, and a lot of them have changed too, when I was a boy you could work part time at 12 and join the army at 16 and we all though it was fucked up that you could join the army and kill or be killed, and fuck, 2 years before you were considered old enough to buy beer or vote or see an adult film, and one year before you could get a proper driving licence.

I’m not going anywhere near the 15 year old girls who aren’t old enough to fuck, but do, and who get pregnant, and who then get abortions, hey ho.

Back then it wasn’t illegal to fuck someone you knew like a teacher at 16 either, of course in practice it would have been career ending for the teacher but that’s neither here nor there, but now if there is anything that could even remotely be considered a position of power, driving instructor, boss, anything, the age of consent for sex is 18

Now, I’m not some paedo apologist saying that kids should be able to consent at 2 or any of that crap, no older person is going to argue with the statement that young people lack the experience to make good decisions, and that young people are easy to influence, and all the rest.

The problems though are two fold, one is the logic perspective, the other is the moral perspective.

From the logical perspective you can’t have any exceptions that break the logic, because then it is no longer rules based on logic, it’s just rules based on punishment.

So the younger the child gets the more protections they should get, and then you come to abortion, and then we get specious “arguments” that the thing being killed isn’t actually a human being, at least as long as skank ho mini mommy and the doctors do the killing, if mini skank ho’s evil aggressive boyfriend beats her for pulling a train while pregnant and she falls down the stairs and miscarries the very least he will be done for is manslaughter if not murder.

So the entire “it’s just simple logic” argument is toast, right there.

Actually the entire moral argument dies a death there too, that is not to say that there cannot be any logical or moral arguments made, just that they do not stand scrutiny as they are not universal and do not have any foundation when you include or exclude the very youngest, the unborn, on a whim.

So we’re back to the thing *we* all said when we were 14 and 15 and 16, and which we have been told throughout our lives is not true, to the point that many of us now repeat it to our young, and that thing is the state telling us what we can and cannot do with out bodies.

Nobody involved *consented* to the state intervening, none of us did back then and nobody does today either, yet the state intervened and told us we could not consent, and even if we did, it didn’t matter, someone is going to jail, whether it was underage sex or driving without a licence or drinking or smoking underage or whatever.

BACK IN THE DAY you turn 21 you become an adult and *your* parents are off the hook for your actions, prior to that all they can do is disown you or beat you, but they can beat you.. on the principle that you cannot make someone responsible for something without also giving them the means to control that thing, or wash their hands and walk away if control didn’t work.

Back in the day you want to fuck at 14 that’s a conversation that involves both your parents and the parents of the other kid in question, and probably some beatings, or wedding bells.

Back in the day you want to ride your horse and carriage through town at 14 that’s a conversation you’ll have with your parents, and if you damage or injure anything or just act like a loon a lot of people will be talking to your parents, and you’ll be getting a beating.

Now, if we talk about some horrible failed dictatorship nork state where kids are basically indoctrinated at 5 and drafted into the state apparatus at 10 and lied to their entire lives about absolutely everything, we will all be muttering in our beards about how fucking awful that is, the military draft was bad enough when it was done at 16, hell that nearly broke is, how can you do that to little kids?

I got news for you, I just been talking to some 11 and 12 year olds, that’s first year at the big school here (and yes as mentioned previously with puberty and so on, these kids are becoming sexually mature, and thanks to smartphones they are exposed to everything all the time) and they are as aware of all this “rules shit” as we were back when we were young, in fact they are even more aware of it.

Now, here is the thing, BECAUSE we now have a system that deliberately turns out dumbed down kids from school at 16/18 that are basically as thick as shit, you aren’t left with any intellectual arguments that work, you literally cannot get to a place where the kids will say you know what, I see what you are trying to say, I get that, but it’s not fair, I’ll put up with it because I can’t change it, but, it’s not fair and its not right.

You can’t do that because the kids are as thick as shit, fuck you and fuck your rules is about as close as you’ll get, so me being me thought I would be clever, I’d educate these little shits, I’d teach them about The Draft and national service and all that, to see if that rang any bells.

I get stopped / interrupted half way through, I’ll call him Jimmy, the corner of Jimmy’s mouth is turned and he is talking to me like I’m talking to a retard and he ain’t no ‘tard bro, yeah yeah we get that, says Jimmy, it’s not that, this is prison, we’re all born in prison, and he mentions something that may be a game or show, I honestly for the life of me can’t remember the name but clearly all the other kids knew it because they started to nod, and says it’s all like that man, we’re prisoners, so are our parents, they just got used to it.

I had to go away and think.

See, there is no way I can explain any of this intellectually to Jimmy or his crew, they will just hear sounds, they won’t grep content, there is nothing to be grasped by their minds, because they are as thick as shit, deliberately so.

YUUUGE BIIGLY mistake to think that because someone cannot grasp something intellectually, therefore they cannot grasp it viscerally, even a dog understands when it is being treated fairly or unfairly, it’s doesn’t need logic and Plato to work out when it is getting the shit end of the stick.

Logic and Plato is needed to convince the dog to eat it, for the greater good, fnaar fnaar, just be patient my pup, things will improve over time.

These feral kids and feral young adults have neither education nor logic nor plato nor anything else, and I guess when you get right down to it, they don’t need it.

Later I asked Jimmy how he knew I wasn’t one of “them” and again he looked at me like I was dumb, it hardly needed explaining, I wasn’t a teacherpolicecouncillawyerdoctor etc, and it was all run together like that, no difference between them, they are all the one thing, the prison guards, authoritah, the ones that enforce rules and hand out punishments, but who do not obey the rules they enforce.

I’m reminded of you tube videos questioning activists and protesters and getting dumb angry “just because innit” answers, and then dismissing the protester as a dumb shit… missing the point people… yes, they are dumb, and yes, they are angry, and dumb angry people do stupid shit, with very little warning… and dumb angry people aren’t a million miles away from “now I’m fucked I may as well go all in”

The laws that we had back in the day were not acceptable to us back then, but, we all had some sort of education and so we all came to some sort of accommodation that “may as well man up and take it because you ain’t gonna win” although of course there were exceptions… in my own case I’d been abroad and driving since I was 12, back in blighty at 16 I bought a bsa a10 that was basically half in a box for 300 quid and rebuilt it, I remember trying to get insurance but I couldn’t as I had no licence, and I remember trying to get a licence only to be told I was too young, the fact that I’d already had a licence for 4 years and had just rebuilt the bike meant nothing, that is the “law” so, I figured I’d tried, fuck you, and rode anyway… and got into plenty of trouble as a result despite never having an accident or anything else, but that’s neither here nor there.

If we have been deliberately uneducated to the level of kids today, I dunno… add into the mix that back then there was no internet, no smartphones, no xxxhamster, no tinder, no jpeg, no mpeg, no mp3… sucks teeth…

… add into the mix that since then laws have gotten more draconian and disjointed, plus all the technology also means shit is tracked and traced all the time, back then we had no speed cameras, no anpr, no police computer database available 24/7, I could go on and on.

At least back then it was a sort of open prison where once you made 18 you became a trusty and could pretty much live life the way you wanted to, there wasn’t any misandry in the courts, divorce wasn’t so messy and nasty, houses were affordable, you could easily enough rebuild your life if you took a knock through various circumstances, you couldn’t really get into much debt, much less be part of a society where being indebted over your head was pretty much mandatory for participation, and of course there weren’t so many fucking “safety nets”… if you lost a job you’d get dole for 3 or 6 months that worked out to around 75% of the average of your last 4 weeks wages, and when that ran out the only long term money you got was enough to buy food, just about, nothing else.

No exceptions for being born with a cunt or having 4 children by one of 10 possible fathers.

Back then, I can’t remember her name, I guess she was reasonably pretty but at the time I only had eyes for another chick, anyway it was her 16th and we were drinking and smoking dope and listening to jethro tull and hawkwind (I would have been 17 at the time) and some way though the night she comes out with “oh no I’m 16, sex is going to be boring now” because that is the other side of the coin, lots of people did lots of things expressly *because* they were not supposed to, drive from town A to town B while never being below the speed limit, and of course everything is changing.

Time was if you wanted to leave one place and go to another all you needed was a passport and money, you didn’t have to notify any authorities and you didn’t need special permission, and you certainly were not bound by the rules of the country you just left, the rules of the country you were in were what applied.

REFUGEE, I was educated so I do not need a dictionary to tell me that a refugee is an individual who is seeking refuge from something, and I do not need a dictionary to tell me that refuge is to hide from or run away from.

“Economic refugee” WTF is that all about, BY FUCKING DEFINITION if the motive is fiscal then you are not a fucking refugee, you are an economic migrant.. and I don’t need a dictionary to tell me that migrant is someone who seeks to change where they live.

Dogshit thick 12 year old Jimmy has no education, and no difficulty, they ain’t from fucking round here, and they get treated better than us… I refrain from explaining that is was common practice to beat and humiliate the buck nigger, and elevate and reward the most unworthy, to break up the slave community spirit, it would go way over Jimmy’s head, and yet I don’t think Jimmy is missing out on any useful info, he has the dog’s basic sense of unfairness and resentment, and not just towards the rapefugee, but the teacherpolicecouncillawyerdoctor  who is behind it all, same cunts who are behind everything else Jimmy don’t like.

For all their ignorance and uncouth ways and everything else that I could possibly say against Jimmy and his ilk, they have one redeeming feature that I love dearly, they know when they are being treated fairly, and they *do* react to that, perhaps in ways that we older inmates shy away from as being inappropriate, but they do, which puts them a million miles ahead of all the teacherpolicecouncillawyerdoctor  etc

I have *never* been one to watch my words, always been a tell it like it is and fuck you if you don’t like it kinda guy, to be sure my personal experiences and age (and the psycho skank ho episode where no matter what you say it’s twisted and used against you, and the meaning of every single word gets changed on a whim) have a big part to play in this, so I have always been the sort to not have a fuckbook page with everything on it, not wear a tee shirt that says “I fuck other guys wives”, not put in writing on here that I just drank a bottle of whisky and drove 30 over the limit on the wrong side of the road, and of course on here I don’t actually put my given name to stuff (I know that this is a far cry from anonymity) because basically I was brought up that there are a lot of laws you can break if you do it quietly, it’s not that you won’t be detected, it’s that *they* won’t bother.

nowadays we have the Jimmy’s of this world breaking the law, bragging about it on fuckbook, getting arrested and then jumping bail and posting pictures to the judge’s / po-po’s fuckbook page with them sipping a margarita somewhere sunny and sticking two fingers up, literally… that’s bad enough but a local source tells me some are even doing it from their home town while hiding out from the law and taking the piss out of the po-po for not being able to find them…

It’s just another sign of what I mentioned yesterday, we’re headed for a prison riot.

The deliberate dumbing down of society was to my mind a *massive* mistake, yes you can dumb them down to the point where you can as a corporation or a state do what would be wildly illegal for me to do, which is to manipulate them, to me this modest short term gain is vastly outweighed by the fact that you can no longer appeal to their intellect, so at a stroke you reduced everything to brutish ignorance so you could sell more shit and amass more temporary power, and the demon you unleash in doing so is the basic animal instinct and response to unfair treatment, and every single sign of that you just double down with more dumbing down, more laws, more repression.

When I was 13 90% of kids if asked about sex would lie and say yeah they’ve done it, the very very few who had done it would be lost in the crowd of liars.

Today you ask 12 year olds and I shit you not 50% have done it, and they don’t fucking *say* they have done it, they whip out the smartphone and show you fucking PROOF they have done it, and when you panic and react in horror (because who wants to be arrested on a charge of being a paedo) they say it’s OK man, I’m under age and so was she and you didn’t touch my phone.

Then you’ll get a Jimmy, he will tell you yeah, most of the time those mpegs are real, most of the time everyone has seen this in the school, most of the time that’s why they are taken, because everyone does it, but some fake it, everyone at school knows they faked it, but that doesn’t matter, the point is the old’s don’t want to touch their phones now, just in case.

Jimmy has (he tells me) two different girls sucking his cock (separately) and one citizen dying in the street after being tasered (I query him and he states an actual death and place and date that was reported in the press) and he has shared them all amongst friends so he doesn’t care if someone steals his phone, and like he says, what old or teacherpolicecouncillawyerdoctor is going to want to touch his phone, knowing what’s on it.

Big big big mistake to think that feral kids can be easily controlled by keeping them dumb and ignorant and repressed… the times in africa and other places where one white man held sway over hundreds of wogs he *never* forgot he was outnumbered, and the *last* thing he wanted was a situation where they saw him as an oppressor, it’s way too easy to poison a bastard or cudgel him asleep, the only way it worked was with respect, you could be as hard as nails as long as you were FAIR,  and the things that made me a good white man abroad also made me a good manager at home and abroad, demand enough self discipline and skill from yourself to earn respect from the staff, and then treat them all fairly and equally, *they* will sort out their own hierarchy and rules, they don’t need you imposing it.

A feral dog or feral youth doesn’t need a phd to know when YOU are out of your depth, and they are pack animals, beat them all individually at will, they will all turn on you one day and they *will* see the fear in you as you run away for reinforcements, and you just made your own task more impossible long term.

I, and *many* others, talk about Yellowstone letting go or moar war in Europe or the ME, why do you think the powers that be prefer such a scenario to the point they will do everything they can to make it happen, anything but their worst nightmare, the feral pack revolting and putting everything that smells of teacherpolicecouncillawyerdoctor to madame guillotine.

July 9, 2017

Predicatable Schizo Splits

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It basically doesn’t matter where I go nowadays online or off, comments go like this

1/ 50% of the commenters take the red side and use it as an opportunity to conflate it with the blue side being pro/anti trump/putin/racism/xeno/lgbtq/etc

2/ 50% of the commenters take the blue side and use it as an opportunity to etc

3/ OPTIONAL, you *may* have the odd one or two comments from someone local to the event with some first hand knowledge, it usually won’t fit in with either the red or blue team or the article itself, so it will simply be ignored… go back 24 hours later and it is often gone.

EG there basically isn’t any debate, it’s a pre riot shouting match and that’s all there is.

My first flying experiences were on stuff like this (which I suppose dates me quite badly, but perhaps it also explains an early love of harleys..lol)

and that’s what you would see out of the window, props turning, piston engine sound and propeller sound and shake, flames from the exhaust (specially at night) you walked to and from the plane <> terminal, your ticket and passport were checked by the stewies as you entered the plane because basically everyone could mingle in the airport itself, the smells were oil and high octane, not kerosene, and the one that personally stands out most is there were rivets everywhere and neatly labelled access hatches all over everything.

Flying passenger was one step away from flying bomber, they were basically very similar planes.

And of course there were apocryphal stories, because most of the commercial pilots were ex air force bomber pilots, so you got stories about Frankfurt TC chiding a BOAC pilot for not knowing his approach vectors, and asking hadn’t he ever been to Frankfurt before, to which the BOAC pilot replied “Many times, but I never tried to land, we were dropping bombs…”

Everyone recognised the connies and super connies (back then you could tell the car make from a silhouette too) because of the look of the tailplanes, and everyone liked them because the bigger slower 3 bladed props (you don’t want a prop tip going much over supersonic) made for a smoother ride… earlier planes shook as much as early helicopters, we’re talking wooden roller coaster levels of shake here.

Nevertheless, I’ve been in endless red / blue team arguments with people who have never flown prop or turboprop, only tubofan or turbojet, about what is was like to fly connies and what they were good at and crap at.

Just last week some guys got in a fight serious enough for the ambulance and po-po to be called, over whether star wars or star trek is the greatest.

politics has been the same way for at least 20 years, you’re red team or blue team and the other team are all fucking inbred paedo scum.

sport of course has gone the same way for at least 30 years.

Long and short of it here is that debate and dialogue and discussion and communication are all dead, it’s a moot point whether or not the MSM was a leader or follower or just went with the flow on this, the damage has been done and I’m reminded of biblical tales of the tower of Babel.

They’d have been doomed anyway as stone isn’t strong enough to support its own weight to build something to orbit, nor is steel, nor is anything else we know of, but, a lot would have been learned in the attempt.

But either way it’s either all fiction and god doesn’t exist, or it’s not fiction and right there god sowed the seeds for much of mankind’s future troubles by *deliberately* making it impossible for all to communicate… so god ain’t good and caring and loving… oh hello, I just made a red / blue team argument.

Yellowstone, I’ve mentioned it a lot here lately, same shit, either it’s all alarmist and its never going to happen, or its game over man, and it’s frankly impossible to have a sensible debate about the old faithful webcam that’s less than a year old and donated free by Canon still not working (two weeks now) and the work crews will get around to it when they can spare the cherry picker, which may be next week or may not, it’s not like anyone gives a fuck.

Because that leads you into a debate about all the anomalies in the seismic recordings, they could be full of anomalies and have the wrong calibration and so on simply because nobody really gives a fuck.

Of course, that makes it impossible to use that data for its intended purpose, to study the caldera and to possibly predict any major activity, it doesn’t have to be fuck all is going to happen / game over man they know it’s a cover up.

It doesn’t *have* to be, but it is, because we don’t have intelligent debate.

The thing that should terrify you is this, it doesn’t matter if red team or blue team and their policies prevail, THEY ARE BOTH WRONG, and they are both wrong simply because they exclude debate, and that makes intelligent and nuanced and dynamic responses impossible, all the good stuff, by definition, gets sent to /dev/null… hell I (and about a thousand other geeks) used to call myself Dave Null because it was creeping into the IT trade as soon as all the fucking AOLers and the rest got online.

Yet again we have a fake story about the dangers of chiiillldruuuun using tinder maps, fucking crickets about fuckbook, so I’ll suspect fuckbook of planting the story about tinder, and that’s par for the course with everything, I don’t give a fuck about uber, but I suspect the constant bad press is not entirely dissociated from a competitor / enemy, actually I suspect it’s a damn sight more than that, I suspect there is a close association, but nobody will talk about that… there are “waymo” important things to rant about (sic)

Intelligent discussion and debate has now become impossible, everything has become sectarian, but there are so many lines and divides that society now is like safety glass, when it breaks it won’t be into several large lumps with sharp edges, it will be thousands of tiny shards, and good luck to anyone who thinks they can take advantage of that and get a whole bunch of those shards to unite under one banner.

It’s seems, once again, Life of Brian was eerily prophetic… splitters..

I know of a small local business, A, run by a man and staffed by 3 more, who has one customer which is another local business, B, run by two wimminz and staffed by two more (all of whom are divorced and hate men), so B supplies material to A that A treats in certain ways and returns to B, the problem is, B doesn’t like A because they are all apparently misogynists, unfortunately A is the only game in town, so B is forced to do business with A.

A has now taken to sending his wife to deal with B, because no matter what A does, B will not listen, and will not supply A with suitable carefully handled material of the correct sizes, it’s always hacked off and crumpled and often too small, A’s wife, being a wimminz too, just lets it roll off her back and is happy to go three time to collect materials to do a job that could have been done right first time.

I’m  a bit out of the loop here so I don’t know if B are too retarded to get something so simple right, or if B just refuse to do anything that a man (A) says to the letter, so deliberately ignores them.

B is using material at a rate of 200% over what they should, and taking five days to get product back that could be done next day.

A is getting to the point where even with his wife handling all interactions with B, he’s considering blacklisting B as a customer.

Classic example of everything I have been talking about here, though in this case I can sympathise with A, he is just trying to do a job and get paid and not fuck around.

It gets troubling because B isn’t the only retarded customer that A has, and put all together all the B’s add up to just over 50% of A’s customers and turnover.

A tells me I am *lucky* not to have many / any customers like B, I tell A luck has fuck all to do with it buddy, why do you think I probably only work 25/30 hours a week…. I have always purposely avoided putting myself in any place where I *had* to work for a B to stay afloat.

A’s face closes down and he tells me I just don’t fuckin understand, it’s not like I’m running a *proper* business or anything.. A storms off.

Some time later it occurs to me that A only stopped by to ask me if I could do something for him, we never got to that because he started venting about B, and because I didn’t pick the right side he walked out.

Yesterday I unsubscribed from my last active internet forum, yet another warning about fucking profanity, it wasn’t directed at anyone, they just don’t like cuss words and that is all OK, their site, their rules, and I’m all good with that, but it fucking comes to something when you get warnings and posts deleted on a harley specific site for saying fuck and bastard and shit, so I’m outta there and so long and thanks for all the fish… and along with me goes my politically incorrect 40 years of engineering experience and 30 years of riding harley experience, I guess they can do without me.

Today for shits and giggles for the first time for at least 5 or 6 years I went back to look at a board (*s*n*t) that I used to frequent heavily 20+ years ago, then around 18 years ago the trolls and aolers and politically correct asswipes moved in, it got all sectarian and name calling, and around 10 years ago activity dropped off a cliff, so I stuck my nose in today and saw, lo and behold, literally 1 post a month or less, and a good proportion of what was there was still one or two of said asswipes, still going on about me, even though I walked away a decade ago… yup, the ones who fucked it still going on trash talking those who gave them shit when they first turned up and starting crapping all over everything like pigeons… ten years after everyone else quit and moved on (or died in some cases, we weren’t all young 20 years ago)

Nobody gets to pay the full consequences of their actions any more, and everyone else sees everyone else always get away with everything, so they think fuck it, sauce for the goose…

Pay attention to the non participants in the red / blue schism, they are the *only* ones who are not necessarily the majority part of the problem.

They aren’t talking because nobody else wants to talk.

They are the ones everyone else should have been including and listening to.

Enoch Powell, rivers of blood.. when interviewed a few years later and asked for his thoughts, he said when I made that speech and gave those numbers for the future numbers of immigrants, everyone said I was being insanely alarmist and vastly over estimating the future numbers, now that that period of time has come to pass, we know for a fact my numbers were much lower than the actual numbers that came to pass, so that is my only regret, everything else I stand by, I just wish I had been more extreme, more forceful, and more ACCURATE in my predictions.


July 8, 2017

Flawed Science

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I have always hated SF that wasn’t scientific, I like a good story as much as the next guy, and for the sake of a good story I’m prepared to suspend disbelief as much as the next guy… but.

SF always draws parallels to the early age of sail and six month voyages to distant lands etc etc, yeah yeah and yeah as far as it goes, then we have the age of steam and then diesels and then aeroplanes, and you know what changed?

The amount of energy expended.

In a sailing ship you expend the energy to make the ship and sails, and the wind does the rest, everything from there on up is more energy.

***LOTS*** more energy.

If a “warp drive through hyperspace” is possible it’s going to cut the time versus a ballistic transit from one star system to another, and versus a thrust transit from one star system to another, it’s not going to magically use less energy as well.

Let’s take 10 LY as an average star system to star system distance.

Light travels 300,000 KM/sec and there are 31.5 million  (approx) seconds in a year so 1 LY is approx 9,450,000,000,000 KM in 1 LY

If we can boost our ship to 100 KM/sec then the journey (excluding accel and deccel time) is 94,500,000,000 seconds per LY, or approx 3,000 years journey time.

  • So
  • 100 KM/sec is 3,000 years per LY
  • 1,000 KM/sec is 300 years per LY
  • 10.000 KM/sec is 30 years per LY
  • 100,000 KM/sec is 3 years per LY
  • 1,000,000 KM/sec is 110 days per LY
  • 10,000,000 KM/sec is 11 days per LY

The two sets of numbers in red are of course faster than light speed and as far as we know impossible in real space/time…

3 years journey time per light year travelled is *just* feasible, so excluding accel and deccel 12 years to Alpha Centauri

Now it’s simple math, action and reaction, to make a 10,000 tonne ship go from rest to 100,000 KM/sec which is 1/3rd light speed, we have to throw 10,000 tonnes of reaction mass backwards at 1/3rd light speed, of course such a ship would weigh 20,000 tonnes at the start of the journey, so you’d get much lower top speed, and we still haven’t allowed anything for slowing down.

Rockets just won’t give you the delta vee, but maybe a future tech 1,000 metre long rail gun firing iron slugs (plenty of iron in the universe) would work, but I’d be surprised if any tech gave you more than 1/30 C slug velocity, so that’s your maximum ship speed, so your 3 year journey to Alpha Centauri just became a 30 year journey, add real physics and we’re getting closer to a 120 year journey, we are already into a “generation ship” or “hypersleep” in a tiny 10 Kton craft which just won’t hold that many people.

Your ship also happens to be a potent weapon firing iron slugs rearwards towards the departure zone at 3% of C.

OK, photons have mass, so an *immensely* powerful laser would provide a higher top speed, we could in theory get up to our 30% C with it, eventually, but the thrust would be miniscule, so acceleration would be miniscule, so probably the ship would be in thrust 100 of the journey, accelerate, flip, decelerate, with the torch never going out.

Again, it’s a hell of a weapon.

How are you going to power it?


You only have a 10 Ktonne ship, even a horribly efficient fusion reactor is going to have to be *big* and *big* things are fuel hungry.

Fusion might be good enough to power an in system ship, but for interstellar, nope, not enough.

Before I go any further hark back to WW2 and a single british destroyer being hooked up to an indian town to power the electric grid, we are talking these levels of disproportionality, even a in system only fusion powered ship is going to be the most powerful thing anywhere in human space, we could name the first such efficient big fusion reactor the ghawar, because it is on that sort of energy scale.

So if fusion ain’t enough, the next step is direct conversion of mass to energy, now we are getting somewhere, (the *simple* star trek food replicator, tea, earl gray, would have to be able to wield and control more energy than a fusion reactor) now we have a potential energy source good enough for interstellar travel, and there is enough energy in that single cup of star trek earl gray to wipe all life from the surface of planet earth.

Now SF starts talking about interstellar trade, which is about as sensible and likely to show a profit as flying human excrement from London to Sydney in a fleet of SST Concorde tankers for processing and disposal…. the journey itself already involves conversion between mass and energy and sufficient quantities of same that there isn’t a single thing that it would be worthwhile to ship… data might be but a big fusion powered laser beam could be modulated to send that….

But as we know from everything else, if mass conversion *is* enough to power powered ballistic interstellar travel, that is no reason at all to assume that it is powerful enough for the next faster method, “hyperspace”, because everything else we know for a fact says faster = more energy used.

At this point even “hard” SF invokes “made up magic” like zero point energy cells (point the phasers at the dilithium crystals scotty) and hyperspace and FTL communications and so on.

It doesn’t have to be so.

It is entirely possible that the *only* way to travel between stars is in “death star” sized artificial worlds that take tens of thousands of years to make the journey, and which don’t care if they arrive or not, being self sufficient as they are.

And of course “nanotechnology” the way it is invoked in SF of necessity must come after cheap and efficient fusion and before practical mass conversion, it simply is not possible for it to be anywhere else on this scale.

So a solar system spanning civilisation *WILL* have fusion and *MIGHT* have nano, an interstellar *capable* civilisation *WILL* have nano and *WILL* have mass conversion, and *MIGHT* have something else beyond that.

There is a very important principle here, and it is the “if wishes were horses, nobody would walk” principle, back in the real world we have what we know for a scientific fact, that is stuff we can do today, and that gives us certain channels of research.

Yes, I get the FICTION part of SF, but fiction is not fantasy, and if you are going to write a science fantasy story fill your boots.

If *anything* arrives in the solar system before we get out, better hope it is a friendly and careful god, because god it will be, simply because of the energy levels at its command.

interstellar battle fleets crewed by tough as fuck wimminz marines is utter bullshit, by definition none of it can ever be possible, by definition anything capable of interstellar travel will have nano, and with nano no base human, male of female, is going to be worth anything as a fighting force.

Nothing is, interstellar warfare itself is not going to be anything like SF, the very smallest ship capable of interstellar travel can basically obliterate the enemy, just do not decelerate and head for the enemy home planet at ramming speed.

A 10,000 tonne ship doing 100,000 KM/sec has the same energy as a 100,000,000 tonne ship doing 10 KM/sec, and that’s approaching dinosaur killer territory.

At these sorts of speeds simple iron rods or balls from the MK1 fusion powered rail gun powered ship make the most powerful space weapons imaginable, fuck off with all your bitchin starfighter pilots and AI controlled missiles and shit, just *fill* space with 1 to 10 Kg iron slugs doing 10,000 KM/sec… *nothing* will survive, no “armour” or “shields” or anything else, nothing made of matter will survive, game over man.

Of course, I am NOT saying that mankind cannot progress, cannot discover / invent cheap and efficient fusion, then cheap and efficient nano, then cheap and efficient mass conversion, anything is possible given enough time and resources.

I wouldn’t even begin to venture a guess at how long it would take, if I had to I’d say of the order of 1,000 years for each successive stage, so you *may* live to see the first fusion plants, but you’ll be dead a thousand years before it’s as easy as briggs and stratton or RC model airplane stuff, and don’t forget your nano will have to come after that, so forget your anti ageing nano and shit allowing you to live forever to see it all.

So, brutally, the next 100 years is going to be based solidly on the science and physics we can do today.

That’s not good.

We can already make computer chips that are bottlenecked by the time it takes for the electrical signal (not light speed, but not too far off) to cross the silicon from one part to another, apart from that they are *superbly* efficient in watts per cubic millimeter terms at turning electrical energy into thermal energy, apart from that our software is really going nowhere fast, there aren’t any quantum leaps in processing power or ability on the horizon as we speak.

We can already make physical things to incredibly fine tolerances (hard disk platters for example) if we choose to and we can approach the physical limitations of the materials easily enough, and again there aren’t any quantum leaps on the horizon that would allow us to make space elevators or SF battleship hulls or anything else.

We can already make things so fast that the process itself cannot really be speeded up because the materials themselves won’t allow it, so the only delays are in material transit and storage between one process and the next, and thanks to software and shit we have cut that down too.

We are already reasonable efficient at all sorts of things like electrical power generation and distribution, again, lacking a quantum leap that isn’t on the horizon in materials science to give us both superconductors and superinsulators at ambient temps.

Yes, you can make the argument that 100 years ago when electric power was in its infancy, nobody could have predicted the internet and silicon chips and laser, yup, all well and good, but it cuts both ways, nobody could predict it, so there was no assumption that such magic could exist or would come along in time to avert some entirely visible crisis.

So what CAN we predict, based solely on what we KNOW today?

It’s actually not that hard, if your brush is broad enough.

We can predict that humans are shit at making stuff, but great at consuming stuff, but not great at showing any intellect or selectivity in what should be produced and consumed.

We can predict that robots are great at making stuff, ergo they are also extremely great at consuming stuff, and since they don’t have an intellect or selectivity they’ll do whatever you want.

We can predict that a *lot* of so called knowledge based stuff, lawyering and management and so on, can be done at least as well in software.

We can predict the present, that basically 95% of the human race serve no purpose at all except as dumb consumers, and they can only consume stuff in the first place because of artificial economic systems that support their mcjobs in the first place.

Only 5% of the human race is productive, and they are carrying the other 95%.

We can predict that barring any unforseen quantum leap changes, the next 50 years is likely to be more of the last 50 years, and we can predict that if there are any unforeseen quantum leap changes, there is a >99% probability that they will simply accelerate this straight into the next wall at mach 5, and the next change in society will come hard and fast and unpleasant.

So we would appear to be facing two choices.

  1. Society is a sinking ship, and as fast as some members of society manage to fix some leaks, other members of society see that as an excuse to take on more cargo, the end result is the ship is going to continue to sink slowly.
  2. Society is a sinking ship, and someone inadvertently blows a hole in the bottom of it (maybe the quantum change making us hit a wall at mach 5) and the end result is the ship is going to sink fast.

*NOBODY* has a plan b, much less a plan a, everyone is pissing in the river upstream of where everyone else draws drinking water from, even though everyone now knows the river is just a big loop with no beginning and no end.

Again, barring an unpredictable quantum leap in something (that may do as much harm s good) this means the only tools we have at our disposal to fix this mess are the tools we have today, and fact is most of them are being used to take more cargo on the sinking ship, because only the cargo fees pay for the repairs below water line and the pumps.

So the only thing we can do with the tools and technology we have now is depopulation or two tier societies, but two tiers based on productivity, not on wealth as it is now… or maybe both.

The current status quo with the rule of law in europe has I reckon about 10 years to go, and by that I mean there will be a transition from water cannon and tear gas and so on to flying lead and dead bodies littering the streets…

My take is that so much 19th and 20th century tech infrastructure is being left to decay because someone has gamed it all out, it’s worn out and fucked and it can’t be economically hardened against civil riots, so don’t bother, let the riots happen, let the infrastructure collapse, and let the cards lie where they fall, it’s not like anything coming out of school nowadays can make a decent bomb or successfully collapse a dam, because they are all as thick and uneducated as shit.

There is “upset” around here because a 42 year old mum got two years jail time for having sex with a 15 year old boy despite him saying no etc etc, the upset is that if a man had done it to a girl the charge would have been rape of a minor, nobody is upset by the fact that on the day the 42 year old woman, who DOESN’T HAVE A FUCKING JOB, but does have a house provided by the state and everything else, took a cocktail that included vodka and cocaine and beers and some fucking cannabis too…. oh yeah, the poor bitch is apparently a bit retarded too, so says the defence… not her fault, being a victim herself.

It’s life Jim, but not as we know it, not as we know it, we come in peace, shoot to kill, shoot to kill.

The system we have is eating itself from within.

The ship is sinking.

It’s being fucked faster than it’s being unfucked.

Science and technology don’t offer us a way out, and magical possible future rainbow unicorn shit science / tech solutions are as likely to trigger the problem as make it go away.

Old Faithful webcam is STILL down.

My NAS box has a vast and varied technical library that runs to 69,000+ files in 9,800+ folders and 243 gigs of content… pdf and all sorts, eg the compleat distiller, pdf 12 MB, I don’t care if the WAN goes down or the power grid goes out, at least, I don’t care because it won’t cut off my access to all that good shit.

Not SF, just today’s tech, used properly.



July 7, 2017

TEOTWAWKI and Charlie Brown

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The End Of The World As We Know It.

The interesting thing is the number of people I have talked to over the years, all of whom would willingly welcome this, in exchange for some small and stupid boon.. I’ve heard.

  • Not having to get a driving licence
  • Being able to drink or take drugs and drive
  • Being able to fuck anyone
  • Being able to carry a gun 24/7
  • Being able to settle a score with one or more individuals
  • Being able to escape debt
  • etc

So they were all pretty much “being free from obeying rules” of one sort or another, and they were all “consequences, such as they are, will be visited on me by individuals, not organisations, and I shall prevail against individuals”

TEOTWAWKI isn’t something that people think through, yet a surprising number seem to welcome it.

Things never changing from what they are now is of course the opposite of TEOTWAWKI, and an even greater number of people welcome it, because whatever things are like now they are less scary than they might be in a more uncertain future, and that’s that jack.

Neither camp has thought things through.

What actually happens if say Yellowstone lets go?

Well any americana here in europe eventually gets more valuable, because nobody will be making any more of that shit ever again, and americans are huge consumers of oil, so that will go away from the world stage, so in theory at least there would be an oil glut.

Hollywood would go and silicon valley would go, in theory microsoft could squirt the code base to another country, say australia, and start up again, but it would be a new start, new microsoft and old microsoft wouldn’t be the same companies or have the same attitudes.

Tesla would be toast, crapple would be toast, GM would be toast, Boeing would be toast, but we also must remember that so would a lot of stuff that doesn’t initially occur to us, lots of pharma and drug companies would be toast, lots of chemical and process manufacturing companies would be toast…. the analogy here is your all american car assembled from parts made all over the world and using a proprietary Bosch ECU to run everything, then Bosch gets taken out by an asteroid, you can still make 99.999% of the car perfectly, it just has a hole where the electronic brain should go, and without that brain it’s useless, and no other brain will work.

But, it doesn’t take a Yellowstone to change the game, a financial meltdown or war will do, you just upset the status quo, and it doesn’t matter how.

Just as I think it is futile to welcome TEOTWAWKI in hope that you will finally be able to get a blow job from your 12 year old girlfriend while driving down the road without a licence and swigging from a bottle of whiskey, you’ll likely have a lot of other new priorities intervening, I think it as also futile to hope that nothing changes, so that nothing changes.

It’s only just over a generation since the last small scale land war here in europe, and while in one place people were trading a night with their daughter for a packet of aspirin and a bar of soap, 150 miles away people were able to wander into their usual shop at will and buy a latte…. and getting from one place to another is what is most probably going to kill you, not that hunkering down in the wrong place and just trying to survive has any great odds going for it.

Yellowstone though is an interesting one, we’re on about the 4th day straight that the webcams for old faithful are offline after a lightning strike some 600 yards away, and all sorts of USGS data is missing or just tardy, and the sad truth is that at this point it is impossible to distinguish between a deliberate guvvmint cover up, and just plain old guvvmint incompetence and the decay of the empire, it could easy be either, and it won’t matter either way if Yellowstone does let go, TEOTWAKI even if “all” we get here in europe is temps 2 degrees lower for a year and no more CNN, because that won’t be all we get, as discussed above we’ll also get a world where one of the biggest oil consumers goes away in the space of 7 days, a large part of the internet itself can go away, including a lot of cloud servers holding the only copy of your data, a large part of china’s foreign markets goes away too… you can get situations where because something was common nobody bothered, until it went away, and suddenly I have the only remaining copy of the Rockford Files series 3 stashed away digitally, ok, maybe nobody would give a shit about that, maybe we can substitute a full install ISO of Linux and open office, or maybe a specific Cisco IOS to unbrick a box (got a 12 gig folder with 638 iso bin files or patches) or maybe just a document with the recipe to make lye soap or plans for a wooden shed made from 2×4…

These are the *unpredictable* things that can and inevitably will happen, so they are only unpredictable in the “when” form, not in the “if” form.

There is a new product out from Thyssenkrupp, it’s a next get elevator where the car can move in all directions, I can look at the promo videos and in less than ten seconds I can see that it is a total steaming pile of crap.

It’s a total steaming pile of crap because it basically uses dumb cars and a smart track system, so the track system is the point of failure, a smart system would have used dumb track and a smart cars, look at passenger buses, what would you rather have fail, one section of smart roadway or one bus in the fleet… one you can trivially work around, the other you can’t.

Yet, Thyssenkrupp and lots of other companies are going down these paths, and they are going down these paths because dumb tracks and smart cars doesn’t get you vendor lock in and lifetime support contracts, and that’s all they really give a fuck about.

There is another company, P-laser, they make laser cleaning equipment, eg de rusting and so on, prices for this kit range from 50k to 250k euros, it is fucking insane, I could get it reverse engineered and made in china for 20k tops for the 250k unit, and so of course the company website is all about taking a 10 to 2 year approach to ROI for this kit… yeah, like it has a cast iron 20 year warranty from a company you know for a fact will still be around in 20 years to honour it…

But a lot of this stuff is doom porn / intellectual masturbation, I’m getting asked a *lot* lately what I personally really think and what I personally am really doing about it.

The honest answer is I’m investing in capital equipment, as in purchasing outright for cash, in a cash based business, my reasons are manifold.

  • The kit itself is never likely to be cheaper, come any sort of global reset the price is going to rocket way beyond the point where I could get it.
  • The job the kit does isn’t going to go away just because the USA disappears under a metre of volcanic ash, for example.
  • The job the kit does isn’t going to go away if the US doesn’t disappear under a metre of volcanic ash either
  • The demand for the various jobs the kit can do isn’t going to go away just because etc does or does not etc
  • Karl Marx, the workers control the means of production, the flipside of this is if you don’t control your own means of production you’re a drone / slave, not a worker.
  • The kit itself is knowledge based, it’s essentially worthless without a whole bunch of data and a *whole* bunch of worker experience, and the particular worker experience for this shit is uncommon… for example how many people do you know who can service and programme Fanuc robots? Just ask Zimbabwe and Zambia (and now SA) what happens when you nationalize farms and so on and give it to wogs, production basically ceases.
  • The kit itself is kit, one 20 foot container packed to the rafters will contain 70% of it, so unlike a farm etc I can move it given a few days notice.
  • Bottom line, I’m doing something I *enjoy* that stimulates me mentally, all good stuff.
  • “cash” may have a value today and be worth less tomorrow, digital cash in a bank may also be available today and unavailable tomorrow.
  • starving to death is hard to do, barring finding yourself in a hostile environment like at sea or a desert, there is always *something* to eat and drink, I live 100 feet away from a river that is 50 foot wide and 6 foot deep in summer.
  • a 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter will run most of the kit, of course batteries would need to be procured etc.

So really I have no more fucking idea than you or anyone else, i’m just not in a place where all my bets are either one nothing changing the status quo, or on TEOTWAWKI, I see some sort of change as inevitable, and basically hope that I’m more adaptable than the next guy.. camera guy, sound guy, sneakers, hungry lions.

So really I’m an outlier in a world where you can categorise 99.999999% of everything as one of the following;

  1. Welcome TOETWAWKI for some supposed boon in exchange.
  2. Welcome the status quo because change is scary.
  3. Keep fucking with the status quo to try to prevent uncontrolled change because uncontrolled change is scary and “controlled” change is a necessary evil and maybe we can get back to the status quo that way.

Change *is* the natural order of things, and it’s not one channel of state TV and fuck all else and change is gradual and controlled, there are a thousand channels out there and some just show a test card for a thousand years and then overnight flip over to holographic 16k surround sound immersive feelie porn, while others still feel like they are stuck in 1980 but everyone is on their sixth round of plastic surgery, and it is only the overall effect of the whole thousand channels that counts.

Racism was never racism, real racism was like real rape, you got a little bit of it, maybe, here and there, but 99.9% of what is labelled as that thing ain’t that thing, 99.9% of racism was never racism, it never had anything to do with the individuals or the colour of their skin or their ethnic background, it was a cultural thing, it was *exactly* identical in every way to prejudice against the white trash from the trailer park, and the prejudice didn’t form out of a vacuum, something real triggered it and all everyone else ever did was say “You know what, my life is pretty busy, I’ve got 99 things to worry about, and unfairly labelling some dude from the trailer park ain’t one of them…”

There is a fucking somali rapefugee I’m thinking of here, he lives about 5 miles away from my own home, he’s been here about 4 years now, he’s had more jobs that you can shake a stick at, all temp stuff, loading vans in a bakery etc, he don’t care, he earns enough to pay for a room in a shared house and to indulge in his two passions, playing elder scrolls and hand making and sewing leather stuff, every friday he treats himself to fish and chips from the local chippie and then goes across to the local pub to treat himself to two pints of beer, last year or so he’s been in there saturday night too, drinking three pints of beer, which he gets in exchange for taking care of all the flower pots and planting and sweeping up outside, nobody can pronounce his given name so everyone just calls him charlie…. (as in charlie brown because he is black innit) some time around three years ago he stopped being a rapefugee and started being charlie, he’s still black and foreign, and there are still many doors that will remain forever closed to him (as to us all) but charlie doesn’t care, he has achieved his ambitions, he has less time than the white man for immigrants that do not want to work or assimilate, like he says, he looks like them so he will get a bad name, and he is more than happy to tell you about all the fantastic things about his new country, water that comes out of a tap that you can drink, electric light that works 24/7 if you want it to, and so on.

I heard a conversation between one of the patrons and the landlady, the patron was saying the landlady was a bit tight, charlie was working 3 hours every saturday and working well too, in exchange for three bloody pints of beer (yes, a local patron sticking up for charlie the rapefugee in case he was being exploited) and the landlady said she offered him 5 quid a hour cash in hand, charlie asked for 3 pints and could she please put 6 quid remaining aside as a credit, in case he wanted to buy something on amazon as he had no credit or debit cards or anything, just a post office account, and now and again charlie would ask her to buy something on her amazon account… apparently he is saving up for a sim free nokia 3310 phone because having a phone will improve his work prospects.

Charlie ain’t the fucking problem with the world.

Charlie being in the minority is.

Punishing people for observing that Charlie is a minority is.

Punishing people for oberving that many of “our own” are no better than the rapefugees that want to supplant them is.

Punishing people for exercising the liberty to refuse to serve or work for the rapefugees is.

Punishing people for exercising the liberty to refuse to serve or work for rapefugee apologists and promoters within our own society is.

I don’t actually know charlie at all, I first noticed him because he did something I do, when he finished he picked up his empty glass, took it to the bar, said thank you and walked out, I saw that.

Some time later I spoke to him for the first time and commented on that, he said why wouldn’t he, he was grateful to the staff and landlady for serving him and making him feel welcome, he was happy to spend his money there, why would he not thank people, which got us talking about the small town in south west somalia where he came from, how crossed the border into kenya and how he worked his passage for the next year down and around africa and up and eventually to bristol, where he hadn’t planned on landing, but found himself unable to get another boat as he had no papers and no skills to speak of, so he got a job living in a tent and patrolling the imported car car parks at night until someone else checked on him and found he had no papers and so on, so he ended up being a refugee for another six months until he got papers… said the worst time of his entire life was those six months being stuck with the other refugees, none of them wanted to work and they all wanted to steal and have stuff for free.

“They only wanted the changes they wanted, no other changes” he said, “this isn’t possible in life” he said.

Charlie knew I worked in IT, he never asked for a single thing, either for free or discounted, he didn’t even ask me for advice, save for once, he did ask if he had broken the law when he bought a PC component at PC world and gave them a wrong address, he wasn’t sure if he needed a licence to own a PC…. that was when I found out it was a standalone PC and he lived in a studio flat and had no internet, I asked about email and such and he said it was a lot of money plus nobody would give him a connection because he had no debit or credit card plus why did he need it, he said he can walk to everyone he knows in the world and speak to them face to face.

How the hell did he get agency work without internet or a phone, oh that’s easy, if he doesn’t already have work he walks to the agency at 8:30 when they open every day and hangs around for 30 minutes reading a library book to see if any work comes in…. now and again the agency *staff* will bung him a quid to nip up to the sandwich shop for them if they forgot to bring lunch or were running late.. everyone there knows Charlie and knows the job has to be within walking distance, and also that he won’t turn anything down, 3 days work a week is enough for him to live.

I don’t know charlie from shit, but I do know he isn’t a man afraid to adapt to survive, nor is he afraid of working to survive, nor is he ambitious beyond his means.

In case you haven’t guessed, I’ve got some respect for the charlie’s of this world…

July 4, 2017

My last job

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I needed to get the first one out of the way, to make mental room for this one to come out.

Imagine, if you will, a scientific man, as he wanders the world, and imagine also one of the gods of old, stalking the scientific man, the old god plays a game, he keeps putting small things in the path of the scientific man, things that do not quite fit, so that they hover at the periphery of consciousness, the game is to see how long he can go on before the scientific man stops, turns around, raises his head to the sky and says “OK, what the fuck is going on and who the fuck is behind it and what the fuck do you want with me?

If paranoia is a quart of rough cider straight from the press, this is a small glass of the finest aged claret that ever was.

In today’s daily fail, along with all the usual stories of sexual depravity and moral abandonment and adults having sex with 12 and 13 year olds, there is a story about a plastic surgeon complaining about the number of ten and eleven year old girls asking for cunt surgery to make them look more like the ideal barbie look.

I note it and all the other little things like naked pics of pre teens being posted to movie and tv newsgroups and so on, I don’t react and shout at the sky because there is so much of it going on now that the remarkable thing would be a day without it.

individual I am not the target, collective we are, and that’s not paranoia, that’s fact, the “what the fuck is going on” feeling in my head comes from trying to extrapolate it forwards.

I have mentioned before about the libido thing, I’d be quite happy to have my cock hooked up to all kinds of sensors and monitors and to be shown all sorts of kiddie porn to see if there was any reaction, I know there wouldn’t be, thing is, I’m not sure what kind of thing would get a reaction, you know what I’m saying, that whole section personal of biochemistry is on the wane, and as a result it makes me slightly blind in one eye as it were when trying to game scenarios out and see where they will lead, Machiavellian if / then / next gaming has been replaced by meh, I’d rather chill and have a coffee and a smoke.

There is a certain intellectual / mental interest to be sure, but lacking the physical interest really rams it home hard that our brains and biochemical computers and not silicon ones, change the body chemistry, change the brain chemistry, and change the brain chemistry, change the brain function.

I can’t game it out any more.

But perhaps *because* of the lack of biochemical involvement, I can see the rest more clearly, and that raises a very interesting question indeed.

I *can* see very clearly that there is a long standing push across the spectrum to desensitize us to many things, underage sex is just one of them, and it’s one that has been highlighted to me by my own biochemical changes… shades of tox gondii making cat piss smell interesting to mice.

So I read another article that disappeared off the radar just as fast as the ten year olds wanting cosmetic cunt surgery, it was the “surprising” and “interesting” discovery that a certain man made drug reduced empathy levels in human beings, that tag line was that fully 25% of US citizens were on medication that happened to contain this drug in the cocktail.

So, like me, 25% of yanks are having their brain biochemistry altered, which is going to change how their brain processes data and sees the world, and losing empathy is a bigger bitch than losing a boner, in my humble opinion.

Now, I’ve written before about things like the farmer seeing his fields decimated by locusts, the locusts are not the illuminati, there isn’t a secret plan, they are just eating to live and then moving on to eat some more until they die.

What if a lot of the shit we are seeing is NOT some grand hidden illuminati plan, what if it is something far more credible, but something far harder for 99.999999% to accept?

What if nature as a whole is a whole lot smarter than we thing, the whole intelligent gene thing, no real intellect, just a few simple rules that keep selecting for something.

White DNA has been taking a hammering everywhere you fucking look, if it isn’t the fucking wimminz being on the pill or the wogs moving in and outbreeding us, the whole opening scene of the film idiocracy (unfortunately it stayed politically correct and made the breeders white too) was about this.

People are just DNA’s way of making more DNA, and different breeds of people are like different breeds of cow or dog or bird, DNA doesn’t like all it’s eggs in one basket, so there is competition there too.

White DNA is worried about white DNA not being replicated enough, so the easiest route is to get white DNA to fuck and breed more.

I’ve been looking at the school pics from when I was a kid in school, we had the *odd* kid who started sexually maturing early, there is nobody in those same ages classes today who are as immature sexually as the median kid was back then, and it is especially the girls that are starting early.

“stress” we know can bring early onset puberty, but what is stress, does it exclude hidden evolutionary stresses? It shouldn’t.

DNA isn’t an intellectual agent that can recognise that the wimminz start taking the pill etc, it just knows reproduction happens late and infrequently, and much like the internet routing around damage without trying to identify or repair it, DNA will do the same, and we have now had three whole generations of humanity which is enough for evolutionary pressures to start pushing.

To a non intellectual rule following decision tree the obvious thing is to breed younger, and since the wimminz XX is all reproduction, and the mens XY is all evolution/change, it stands to reason you’ll push the XX side first.

DNA isn’t an intellect or individual, the whole concept of morals is meaningless, just look at some of the horrific things DNA does to create more of itself, insects that grow fungus out of their brains, sharks that eat each other in the womb, others that lay eggs that eat the host alive, so DNA will make a 5 year old girl pregnant by an elephant if there was a way to make it work.

DNA also doesn’t care about brains much, the human birth canal is a bit of an issue, but as long as the babies grow old enough to fuck DNA doesn’t care if head sizes have to shrink by 50% (lots of microcephaly coming out, course it’s all being blamed on a virus) and I don’t suppose crapple iphone sales will either….

So I guess my last job (before I die) was supposed to be impregnating 6 year olds, but I doubt it, I don’t think the genetic push has had time yet, but, *IF* I am right we will see all sorts of signs of things that all lead towards the same thing, increased white fecundity, so perhaps more twins too, perhaps slightly shorter pregnancy terms, maybe 40 weeks is too long, rush it through in 35 and get that womb ready for the next one.

What’s interesting is that the latest knowledge about human gestation indicated that it is the host mother’s metabolism / energy budget that determines the period of gestation, which does sort of tie in with the historical notion that premature babies were weaker than they should have been, if you looked at the prematurity only, but, with sufficient care, they could prosper, I worked with a guy who was muscled and built like an ape, he was born *very* premature and weighed only 2.5 lbs, but he got the care…

Whatever, there are *plenty* of studies over the years so it’s not speculation that girls are entering puberty younger and younger, nor is it speculation that the one seeing the biggest change is white girls, puberty for white girls has dropped by at least 5 years to around 10, this is acknowledged scientific fact.

Nobody can agree on *why*

The only thing everyone agrees on is it has serious long term health problems for them, but, again, DNA doesn’t give a shit, DNA just wants more DNA made, and again I have seen it time and time and time again in dogs, speyed bitches that aren’t allowed to breed (same for dogs, but not as bad) develop all sorts of serious health issues and rarely reach old age, it’s so common many vets admit you should let the bitch have one litter quite young before being neutered.

Once the litter is weaned DNA is done with her, unless she can have more.

Bruce effect, mares that have been fucking around that spontaneously abort of they can’t fuck the stallions in their own herd in time to mask the true daddy… nature is *complex* and *sneaky*

I really do not find it incredible that three generations is enough for nature to decide to do something about the lack of white DNA being made, and make all the girls fertile at 12, then 11, then 10 (today) then 9, then 8…

So back to the beginning, the scientist and the old god… the scientist isn’t paranoid, because it isn’t the secret illuminati planet nbiru plot that he is becoming aware of, and he doesn’t shout at the sky because the old god doesn’t exist, he doesn’t *need* to, there is enough leeway in simple evolution and DNA to explain everything.

You want strange and out there man? Well strange and out there is nature knowing for the past 40 years that yellowstone was going to blow, nuclear winter dude, and getting ready making the white humans that survived the north and cold winters breed younger and younger.

Crazy as fuck, but compared to some of the crazy as fuck but actually true stuff in a book I read in the seventies, hey man, not so weird after all.

I gotta go, the neighbour has asked me to drive her and her son into hospital he’s seven, he’s going in for a penis enlargement…

July 3, 2017

My first job

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By this I don’t mean my first ever paying job of first ever work for money, I mean my first ever proper regular salary job.

Even a year or two before at school I wouldn’t have predicted either of them, because basically I had two, in the evenings I was a barman at a local happening pub with a disco, and in the days Monday to Friday I was an accounts clerk.

At its most basic level this was going through boxes and boxes of receipts and invoices and so on, and matching them one by one to pen and ink entries in double entry ledgers, and then reconciling everything so everything balanced to the penny.

It was sheer clerical drudgery, and I was there for six months before the penny dropped that I was being paid 55 p per hour before tax, and my working day, all of it, was charged out to someone at £3 per hour (yes, I was on the grand sum of £20.62 a week before tax) and then I’d go off to my evening job at the bar from 7 to 11:30 and earn £1 per hour, so yes I earned £31.50 doing bar work for less hours… but either way you sliced it, 50 quid a week for a 17 year old back then was pots of money.

But anyway, back to the accountancy, I eventually moved to another firm for another six months earning 75 p an hour, and my work was charged out at £4 an hour…

But that’s neither here nor there, what it was, was EVERY SINGLE receipt or invoice had to EXACTLY match the entry in the double entry ledger, and it had to be allocated to the right account, eg light and heat, and vice versa, every single ledger entry had to have a receipt that matched it perfectly.

Only perfect matches were allowed through, and the the books were reconciled, and from there trial balances, extended trial balances, trading and profit and loss accounts, and balance sheets were produced, which the senior accountants would then peruse and sign off on, which would then be used as the basis for government taxes to be paid etc…. and the accountants could sign off on them as being true and accurate because we clerks had checked *everything* and it was fucking flawless and waterproof… can’t find the receipt for the new tractor, can’t get a copy because they went bust, too bad, you don’t get to use it in the books…. you could have won the tractor at cards and lost the £3k cash withdrawal youre attempting to match it to at the horses, and that won’t wash…

The senior accountant signing off on the final accounts was a sign that they were iron clad, and he was literally staking his career and liberty on it every single time he did it.

Of course back then the senior accountants real job was advising people how to avoid taxes and so on, how to invest wisely, you need to split this part of the business off as a separate concern and run these two bits separately, and of course all the big clients had space in the big safe for rolls of krugerrands and such like.

Fast forwards 40 something years and I have quickbooks and an accountant that lives 100 miles away and never even sees any paper receipts or anything, they have remote access to the quickbooks account, and that’s all they need to sign off after clicking “reports” and generating the various accounts reports, trial balance etc, piece of piss.

Of course it makes carousel VAT fraud a piece of piss too, just start an imaginary business that pays a lot of vat buying shit that gets exported vat free and claim the vat back every three months, no money or goods every actually existed, it’s just a nest of shell companies trading ones and zeroes with each other.

I am actually due a visit from the VAT man next month, and because I actually am in business he will find all sorts of errors and omissions, but no actual intent to deceive and no actual deception (if anything the cumulative errors add up to me being out of pocket and not having claimed half of what I could have) but of course that won’t make a huge difference…. I’m pondering whether or not to have a workshop water leak and fire and boating accident and just leave the bastard with the quickbooks version of the truth, got forbid he finds a debit card transaction for a fuel purchase in 2015 where I claimed the vat back and the receipt turns out to be a till receipt for fuel and not an actual vat receipt for fuel… even though nobody will dispute that fuel to the value of 50 quid was purchased on that day and that the vat on that fuel is therefore 50 / 1.2 = 41.67 so 50 – 41.67 = 8.33, I have the wrong receipt that the accountant has never looked at…

I’m also a small one man startup so the sums involved are relatively tiny, so it’s not like the guy is going to find fraud sufficient to balance the government deficit hiding away in my quickbooks.

Of course I am also (from my given name) clearly both white and english, so I’m safe to harass, it’s not like I can claim the bastard is being rayciss over a missing vat receipt for £8.33…

But this whole story does highlight an interesting point.

Back when I was a junior accounts clerk, I was taught that the “Sundries” account was for everything that did not have it’s own account in the books, and if the sundries account totalled more than a few quid, you were doing the job wrong, clearly these other things needed separate accounts to be created for their use.

Quickbooks does everything automagically, yet, it doesn’t have by default a whole slew of accounts that it should have, it is a fucking online / offline accounting package for fuck’s sake, how come I had to create an account for “IT” and sub accounts for “Software” and “Hardware” and “Internet connectivity“???… how are you going to *use* bloody quickbooks without an internet connection and software and hardware?

How does an accountant 100 miles away who has never physically seen anything sign off on my accounts?

Yet, it happens, all day every day all over the country.

And people wonder why the economy is so fucked… because what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and every fucker is at it, from the top on down.

My head hurts even *thinking* about how we would have dealt with a client to has several “investment” properties that they were letting out, all bought on interest only mortgages, and a car or three on personal / private leasing plans, and so on.

I’m sorry, interest only, you never intended to have any stake at all in the capital asset, you’re just taking on the entire liability and some funky deal where you only ever repay the interest, is this fucking rent or what? Hang on, let me go back to the last guy who couldn’t show me a vat receipt for 50 quids worth of fuel he bought in 2015… at least that shit didn’t make my head hurt.

But he was the one we investigate in case he is committing fraud, and this shit, well it’s all good and above board.

Got a friend who got over their head with debts, went to citizens advice and sorted it, for values of sorted that equate to, look, I know I owe the money, I can’t pay it, but neither do I want to give the impression that I have no intention of paying it, so if you could freeze the account, and I could make regular payments of £1 a month per account to keep it all “live” and we can review it every six months or so?

So the bank closes the frozen account that a £1 per month standing order was paying, opens a new account with the debt balance £3k or so, the client isn’t told and hasn’t signed anything, they’ve just had a new account opened in their name, the £1 payments start bouncing back, the new account doesn’t get any payments, £700 quid “fees” are added to the balance aaaaaand it’s sold to debt collectors as being in default.

My advice is ask to see their signature on the paperwork for the new account that they knew nothing about, leave all the standing orders in place, including the one that is now bouncing, and tell them to kiss your ass.

Mr Blood meet Mr Stone.

VAT man is going the same way, if they try and fuck me over I’ll just cancel the VAT registration, up my prices by 20% to cover the VAT I can no longer claim back, and fuck you all…. you’ll lose revenue from that day forwards, because it’s only the VAT that really needs me to keep all that shit on the books, for everything else electronic cash is king.

Of course, thanks to my first job, I have zero excuse for not having an absolutely perfect set of old fashioned double entry ledger paper books (or better still, TWO sets of books) but the brutal truth of the matter is human beings are lazy, and for the first year or so when you’re still feeling the waters it just isn’t worth keeping anal books about it, hello, my “business” is being heavily subsidised by my day job, including the capital purchases, and at that level all you need to know is do you have enough cash lying around to buy food and fuel and pay rent etc, if you do then you’re not losing money.

But I want to return again to the old system of 40 years ago that I learned as “my first job”, what it had going for it is this, it didn’t matter if it was a large company or a tiny corner shop, the signed off accounts were GOSPEL, unquestioned and unquestionable, but my all means, spend as long as you like poring over them in as much detail as you like, because there are zero errors to be found.

40 years have indeed passed, but there has been no “progress” because now we are in a place where an accountant who has never physically seen anything willingly signs off on it all, and a VAT inspector can look as close as he likes, and unless I am really stupid, he can’t tell if I am committing fraud or not, so what we are all doing is an exercise in making something that “looks and sounds and feels” legitimate.

This is a whole different ballgame, because it is subjective, it is no longer objective, so your approach to the whole thing is going to be utterly different.

Let me give you a specific example.

Nowadays (since they closed the local physical VAT offices) the only way to do VAT is online, so you have 5 or 6 boxes to fill in.

1/ VAT charged

2/ VAT paid

3/ #1 – #2 = net VAT owed to or owed by HMRC to you.


So you can put paid £2k worth of vat, charged £2k worth of vat, net vat owing £0

Or, you can put paid £0 worth of vat, charged £0 worth of vat, net vat owing £0 (this is the dreaded “null” return, all fields are null)

In both cases the vat owing is £0, provided the “null return” is only lying by omission, eg it is omitting the £2k paid and charged, then it isn’t changing the outcome, £0.00

But one might still land you in hot water, it *shouldn’t* because you aren’t screwing anyone, you’re just being lazy and taking shortcuts, but you aren’t actually lying your way out of something.

Back in my first real job, that was our job, I don’t think we had any clients who were deliberately trying to cheat the system, it wasn’t really very easy back then, but human nature *was* the same, and people would be lazy if they could be, and if they were just being lazy and not actually screwing anyone, they have a clear conscience about it.

Shrugs shoulders.

We got rid of that system, and now we have a system where anyone can be lazy, it’s easy, and coincidentally it’s also a system that is easy to abuse and defraud, and coincidentally that just happens to make a lot of perfectly normal human laziness look a lot like deliberate breaking of rules… and we have a system where the decision as to which you are is largely subjective, because there is no real way to get back to the gold standard of verification and checking that we used to have.

I can’t open a paper now without some story of someone in some sort of clerks position abusing their trust and siphoning off tens of thousands of pounds over a period of months of years to fund their gambling or gucci addiction… back in my day you’d have been caught stone cold in 7 days or less, or in the worst case scenario where you didn’t follow *all* the rules of accounting and pre judged that one person was innocent, as happened in the gas monkey story, you’ll wrongly accuse two or three others, and then studiously ignore the near miraculous lack of evidence.

The above anecdote about a bank closing an account in debt for £3k and then simply opening another one, with the person whose name was on these accounts never signing or knowing anything at the time.

I still can’t entirely grasp how a BANK can do this, it’s like cashing a cheque that isn’t signed, it’s EXACTLY like that, which means it is against EVERYTHING that banking stood for.

Accountants signing off on accounts that their junior staff had not personally reconciled 100% of all records and entries on was the same, it was against EVERYTHING that being an accountant stood for.

The BMA (British Medical Association) advocating for no term / time limits on abortions is exactly the same thing, it is against EVERYTHING that being a medical professional stood for.

In closing and entirely off topic, I know there are more than a few petrol heads and engineers that read this blog, so, for you, a 105 year old book, enjoy.

Cyclecar Manual 1912 it’s a 163 Mb PDF scan of the original which sits on my shelf, so it’s well out of copyright..lol

I particularly like the legal bit at the back, just buy your licence from the local council, and po-po can ask to see it, but not to be handed it.. and 20 mph speed limits FTW… lol

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