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June 27, 2016

OMFG the sky is falling

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Take ten random people, teach them the rudiments of poker, give them each 100 bucks every monday and have them play poker 8 hours a day monday to friday every week.

You know where this is going, you’re going to get 8 guys every week who are broke by monday night, one who is broke by mid morning monday, and one or two guys splitting the pot of 1000 bucks a week.

And it’s always going to be the same guys.


Nothing changes except the guys now meet virtually through the computer screen, and the table and cards and chips are now virtual.

Pretty much the same guys are going to be winners and losers every week… there will be *some* variation based on the lack of face to face “tell” and gesture reading.

Big change is the guys won’t be talking about cars / boats / bikes / wimminz / beer / music / while playing, the *game* *itself* won’t change a lot.


Take all the guys outta the game and replace them with bots.

Game starts at 09:00 hrs Monday, by 09:15 8 bots are  broke and the remaining 2 and duking it out.


In an attempt to fix phase 3 you put in artificial breaks when one playerbot puts 10% of it’s stake in the pot and loses it, this helps some to prolong the match, but it needs a lot more work.


The guys programming the bots and the virtual environment start demanding a cut of every pot.


A side game starts up where the playerbots can bet on other playerbots instead of / as well as their own hands.


Yet another side game starts up where the playerbots can bet futures long / short on other playerbots stakes going up or down with each hand played.


Yet another side game starts up when in a bid to cure the stagnation the rules are extended so that playerbots can routinely fold, or routinely bet and never have to expose their cards, and other playerbots can place side bets on the futures of these plays being long or short.


$1,000 a week seed capital for each playerbot is seen as the stumbling block, so the phase 5 guys starts injecting capital back into the game, but strategically, not with the best or worst players, bit with the cases that inject most variance into the game.


Nobody knows exactly how they got from 10 guys playing poker in a room to where they are now, nobody knows exactly what rules are currently active or dead code in the playerbots, the code is not a random number generator, but it has become arcane and complex enough that predicting the next outcome is becoming unreasonably difficult, poker is abandoned in favour of this new game, poker 2.0

I’ve mentioned it before, or you can google it, the Hargesian Goat Bubble, it’s a more eloquent description of the above.

Nobody can explain why a Brexit is tanking the asian markets, nobody can explain why a Brexit is causing german auto makers to plead with everyone (including the UK) to continue buying german autos (presumably this includes assembled in the UK BMW/Minis..) as usual, nobody can explain why a weak pound equalling a better export market for the UK and better foreign tourism market for the UK is bad, nobody can explain why they voted Brexit or Remain, nobody can explain why Enoch Powell’s statements about the then “Common Market” (EU) and immigration in the late sixties and mid seventies now seem little short of prophetically prescient and detailed and accurate, nobody can explain what a Brexit actually does or does not mean for the UK, or anyone else, nobody can explain why Hitlery is still in the running and on course to be #45, nobody can explain how this affects the shambolic (Npower) utility company that I buy my gas and electric from, given they are owned by the Germans, and the beat goes on.

The one thing that everyone is sure about, is that no matter who you are and how you voted (Brexit or Remain) you’re a fucking clueless twat because only a clueless twat could have voted the way you did (the obverse being if you voted the way they did you are a conscientious and intelligent adult) and now look at the fucking mess you have gotten us all in to…

Glad we sorted THAT one out…

About the only real factual intelligent responsible adult data that we have to go on is this;

  1. the “markets” fucking hate uncertainty and “irrationality”.
  2. the market can stay irrational a lot longer than you can stay solvent

So 8 more countries are looking at exiting the EU, the Tories are in turmoil, Labour is the same, Juncker / Merkel is the same, so one thing we can be fairly sure off is that this is not a “Lehman event” in the sense that on the Monday it is a what the holy fuck, and by Friday the ashes are settling where they may.

Nor are we yet in a state of systemic collapse, that’s what you had in the 1930’s where individual people were so scarred by what happened that 50 years later those who lived through it would *still* never trust a bank with their money or borrow money from anyone.

No, what we are in is a Kalifornia fault zone moment, where the earth shook out of nowhere with no warning, and people are looking at the buildings and flyovers and damns and power plants fearfully, looking for the signal that it is “safe” to go back inside and get on with quaffing the moccha latte’s.

Meanwhile the fault zone is still rumbling, and they aren’t aftershocks, so maybe it will all calm down, maybe this is the big one.

If the big one does come it is game over as we know it.

If it doesn’t, expect lots more legislation to protect the assets / infrastructure, none of which will have the slightest effect on when the big one does come.

Meanwhile the sun’s solar cycle (and nowadays we only talk about the 11 year cycle, he wonders of google search dumbing down science… which is like talking about biorhythms while discounting 2 of the 3 cycles that make it up) has conspired with ISIS / Brexiteers / The Donald / whatever to give us another cue ball / no sunspot activity local star.

Interesting times for sure.

Not regretting not being invested in the ponzi schemes of the stock markets / pensions / property asset bubbles and so on.


June 24, 2016

Brexit bitchez….

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So, we are on the way out, and Cameroon is history…


The problem is, and always was going to be, people vote with their wallets.

Scotland and Ireland are both places that have been vastly subsidsed by the EU, I saw this in Brittany, in the seventies it was pastoral and run down and quiet and you could buy some run down place anywhere you liked for reasonable money, plenty of quiet Tabacs, go back now and it’s all refurbished buildings and done up streets and gastro latte houses, and it was all EU money that was poured in to do it.

It does not matter that some people, eg the salt of the earth locals, always got shafted in these deals, there were enough people who made enough money and enough new people moved in to new houses and made money, that the original locals were marginalised and sidelined.

So if *enough* people make *enough* money they will always carry the vote, as happened in Northern Ireland, Scotland, London and the “M5 corridor” and in the case of the latter two, big enough populations there to sway things for the whole country.

And of course those “in charge” are soooo out of touch, on this morning BBC with Frost there is some stupid conservative bint talking about how she is in touch with the streets, and in the next breath talks about the brexit vote being all white male Labour voting types who have never even seen a refugee.

In case you couldn’t tell from the map above, yellow was remain and blue was brexit, the couple of grey ones hadn’t got the results when the print screen was done, they have now, also blue for brexit.

Wales was a bit of a funny one, on the one hand the welsh are stupid when it comes to matters of welsh identity, on the other hand it is also largely a region that lives off the fat and largesse of other regions, so I’m not surprised to see the west coast firmly in the remain camp, but I am suprised the south coast is so firmly brexit.

Apart from that, pretty much as expected, although anyone who was honest would always have said that the result was going to be too close to call.

So anyway, we voted, now what?

Now we have Article 50, which gives everyone involved basically two year to either manage the transition out, or deliberately fuck everything up for everyone, depending on how things play out.

And that little detail may be the killer, the germans are already talking about how they will not permit this brexit to be the domino that topples the dutch and french and so on exits, even though both those countries just came out and said they want a referendum on exiting the EU, so, interesting times ahead.

We would also be remiss to omit the fact that NATO and the EU have a lot in common, with the EU itself having been built that way from day one, so exiting the EU does have implications for NATO… it’s like the growth rings in a computer simulation of life, where the western founding nations die off and the newer eastern nations pop up so as a whole it looks like the whole creature is moving east.

Really we should dig up and re-animate Mark Twain, people are fucking stupid, we can see that every single day in every single way and how we got where we are now, on the other hand, people are not that fucking stupid that they don’t know they are being shafted, and when you are being shafted, you do the opposite of what you are told to do.

So Cameroon et all coming out and promising the end of the world is nigh if they vote for brexit, all they see is defying whatever Cameroon and the other establishment types tell them to do…

So if you want them to vote against brexit, tell them to vote out or the world will end….

The City of London is of course now poised to once again be *the* western clearing house for all things financial, especially nice when Russia and China are busy making trade deals, and especially nice if you are betting on the end of the US$ as global reserve currency, because after all the one thing the UK did not do in 40 years of EU membership was surrender its currency, so no changes to be made there from UK in the EU to UK out of the EU, we will still be buying and selling in UK Pounds Sterling… for now at least.

Of course the yellow zones on the map above could also be argued as the majority, who like nothing more than to sit down to some tender roast lamb and mint sauce, voting for the sheep farmer to stay as King, meanwhile the monied minority who own the shops that buy the sheep from the farmer and sell them to the majority have decided that the fucking farmer is getting too big for his fucking boots, time to get some new farmers in.

And it’s also good, in some ways, to have such a close to 50/50 split, and such clear demarkation lines, so the Scots now want another referendum and to leave the union, well, bye, and take NI with you, all sorts of potential there for mischief and strife.

Perhaps we can employ Trump Border Walls Inc to rebuild Hadrian’s wall, if they aren’t already fully occupied with the Mexican Wall and the California Wall, but then we could always ask the Chinese, they have a lot (2000 + years) of experience of walls, and fiat currencies too come to that…

We could build another one around Londinium, and flood it, turn it into waterworld, with a small floating megalopolis in the centre called THE CITY, it won’t need any other name, Amex Black needed as ID just to be a drone worker cleaning the toilets.

Ancient chinese curse… may you live in interesting times.

June 18, 2016

Donald fucking Trump

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I can’t say I ever met the man personally, closest I can claim is to have met the guy he bought one of his boats from, a certain Adnan Khashoggi and the Nabila as she was then known.

But sometimes you get a resonance, and this time it was something the Donald said…. he was speaking of Obummer

“Something is going on. He doesn’t get it, or he gets it better than anybody understands. It’s one or the other.”

… and my instant thought was what I said about the secret family court judge in my own FRA and child exclusion case, I said “The Judge (and by extension everyone else involved) is either incredibly incompetent at their stated jobs, or incredibly corrupt, and I find it hard to believe that so many people can be so incompetent” and used the example of going to a shop every day for a year and always getting the wrong change, if it is just incompetence then over the year you’ll get short changed and over changed in about equal proportions, if it is corruptions you’ll get short changed 365 times, which is what happened to me (and many, many, many others)

Contrast this with a certain Euro politician (mentioned in the last post) who said “We know how to fix it, we just don’t know how to get re-elected if we do…

It’s a funny old world.

The Donald could just be a mega me, someone who sees the total incompetence and circle jerk all around him “running amerika” and thinks to himself, if you are going to asset strip this bitch and fuck everyone over royally, move aside and let ME show you how it’s fucking done… by the time I’m done with you they’ll be talking about ME in the history books a thousand years from now.

If you gave *me* the task of making amerika (or anywhere else) great, the first and biggest problem is the free shit citizenry, dat’s raycis, I wan my free obamafone.

So, unlike the Donald, I will set out my manifesto in plain english.

  1. https://youtu.be/Mt4xRTafwaM

June 17, 2016

It was ever thus

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Take yourself back in time to 1984, a younger relative who I considered to be an asshole creeping little shit (an early opinion that has had nothing but reinforcement in the intervening 32 years) had managed to convince the parental units that he was a genius at computing, and needed a Sinclair Spectrum to be purchased for him, at the tender age of 15.

When I asked this kid to write a BASIC program to find every prime number between 0 and 100, he looked at me like I was fucking insane, of course, this was because his genius extended only so far as loading games, which he probably convinced them that he was responsible for the computer running…

BASIC was an excellent language, as a wildly dyslexic engineer type who just saw shimmering fields of garbage when looking at “proper” programming languages, BASIC had that “almost English” and “makes sense” instruction set

FOR X=0 to X=100
GOSUB blah blah
GOTO blah blah

etc… sure, it wasn’t necessarily elegant or compact or fast or able to exploit all the resources and hardware calls, but in its ability to create something that actually worked, a debug something that didn’t, it was unparalleled.

HTM was the same, back in the day when creating a web page meant opening up a text editor like Notepad, oh the cries of woe and anguish when Netscape Gold 3.0 came out and you could WYSIWYG create an HTM page (HTML wasn’t really out properly back then) and it was true, some buggy things could only be debugged by using Notepad.

I once spent an afternoon with someone who was on the team charged with creating the original VisualBASIC, now evolved into Vb scripts and so on, and they were quite adamant that the original utility of BASIC was what they were aiming at, and it was constantly made even more distant from the original goal by having more and more things patched onto it to provide new and amazing “features”… I dunno, I could never get on with VB.

It wasn’t the end of a era for everyone, just dyslexic assholes like me, I half turned into the asshole relative, it’s easier to let someone else write that shit and just load / run as needed myself.

Besides, I was never the creeping shit that claimed to be doing something that I was not, actually writing that shit, I was the engineer shit who observed that the Gigabyte mobo (BE6 I think from memory) for the Slot 1 intel Pentium would crash winders as soon as you installed Epson inkjet printers and software, I did not know *why* but I could reproduce it across different hardware, and in my own small way had a part in forcing Gigybyte to give me (and others) my money back… I guess they couldn’t fix the bug either.

What can I say, I’m typing this on a PC that I specced and built myself, looking at a NAS box I specced and built myself, and they both just work, I don’t get glitches or crashes or slowdowns or unexplained anything, they are both basically invisible, insofar as when I want to run a program I just do, and it just works.

I must be doing a lot of somethings right.

The biggest one is no asshole ever gets on the network or gets to touch any of the devices on the network.

Back when I was doing IT it was one of my most politically incorrect statements, and one that I was always expecting to get me fired, I’d walk into a place and say “I hear you have an asshole problem” in the same way the exterminator would say “I hear you have a rat problem

But I *meant* it, 99% of problems are created by people.

In shades of the same thing, many people have been asking me about BREXIT, should be stay or should we go, my response is always the same, in or out isn’t going to make any difference to a lot of things that we really should be changing, as it is, as a country that is currently in, mainly the EU shit that we have enforced locally is the shit we should not have, and the EU shit that we have NOT enforced locally is the shit we should have, and neither of those has anything to do with the EU, and everything to do with those who will remain in the same positions of power and influence whether we are in or out…

People talk about “us” retaining “our” control of “our” borders, nobody every asked me if I wanted any wogs or poles here, and that is the one thing that won’t change, nobody is going to ask me, so who is this “us” and “our” that you speak of, because it sure as fuck ain’t ever going to include me.

By now it is a famous quote, I don’t even need to name the person who said ” we know how to fix it, we don’t know how to get re-elected if we do”

And the point everyone misses, there it is absolute proof that the system is so broken that it rewards continued failure and punishes any sign of success or competence.

Broken by design or broken by default, aye, there is a subject that we can discuss at leisure, if you’re brave enough.

We’ll get back to this in a mo, but first, the dutch.

You know the dutch are fucked up when they have one single word to describe some fucked up shit, we say “guy who blows donkeys” and they have one word, we say “guy who stands on a bucket to fuck cows” and they have one word, but some of their one words are very good for all this, milineuker (sp?) is one of them, literally it means “ant fucker” but practically it means someone who obsesses over the tiniest details.

YOU *NEVER* see a guy who goes out and builds an engine from scratch, eg making a radial engine out of an old vee dub jugs etc, get into ant fucking, it is *ALWAYS* the guys who bought a bunch of over the counter parts and assembled them, and ant fucking is the only way to make your mark.

So, back to broken by design or broken by default.

Ant fucking will break any system, everyone making teeny tiny personalisations and so on, and it is cumulative, like rot.

Secret illuminati lizard overlords are not required, basic DNA will inevitably lead to ant fucking, and ant fucking will do the same job as secret illuminati lizard overlords, but oh so much better, there is no secret cabal to expose, there is no dragon to behead, there is no horde to be decimated, it’s inevitable creeping death by billions of independent replicating nano machines, compared to the scale of the whole.

Despotic leaders like Kim in NK, know this, fuck, they guy was educated in the west, he is NOT stupid, he *knows* his hand coded BASIC routines are cack, but he also knows if he lets anyone else start ant fucking, the whole system is doomed.

I’m not claiming that the NK culture is anything to revere and preserve, but really, what do we have to supplant it with?

Kardashians, Taylor Swift, Duck Pate that is mainly by weight pork fat? Coca cola? Hitlary? Cameroon? Draghi?

And as for the current ongoing gun crisis in the good old yew ess of aay, the Norks have a very large standing army, all of whom have assault rifles, so guns themselves do not make you “free”

We are regularly told how you are not free in NK, all the things you cannot do or say or think, yet here in the free and liberated west we are told that the Orlando shooter killed 49 and injured another 53, and depending on who you listened to, shot some people up to 12 times, and expended just about 1,000 rounds of ammo, and according to other people, fired only 212 rounds including those used for the police shootout at the end.

So if he fired 212 including the police shootout, killed or injured 102, he was doing pretty fucking good, special ops good, especially as this will involve one handed magazine changes while holding everyone off with the pistol in his other hand.

If he fired off 1000 rounds, he was carry 40 lbs of ammo around himself, assuming 45 round extended mags, at least 20 of the bastards, and that is getting comical when it comes to getting out the next mag, ejecting the old one, inserting the new.

But even so, if the stated claim is to kill the fucking perverts and fags, given there were 320 people in the club, 15% dead and 15% injured is a piss poor effort.

I myself as a lone wolf could guarantee a 100% fatality rate, I just need one rental vehicle to block each entrance, something you could do remarkably easily, then dump 50 gallons of gasoline into the club, throw in a zippo, and sit back with a beer and a cigar waiting for the news crews to arrive so you can state your manifesto, or waiting for swat to pop a cap in your ass, either way it is much more efficient.

All the pro NRA types could have armed concealed carry citizens in the club able and ready to defend themselves, it would save me wasting a perfectly good zippo to ignite the gas

You get the point here, it is trivially obvious to anyone who gives it a moment’s thought, and any student of history will agree, pub bombings and sarin gas attacks in subways, a gun is one of the least effective ways of committing mass slaughter.

So why do these “shooters” who always die at the scene from Lee Harvey onward, so they can’t testify, always go out and get long guns and kill a lot of people, but only a small fraction of the number they could have killed if they were serious?

How much is an assault rife and a handgun and a 1,000 rounds of ammo? I’m not asking an empirical question, I mean in comparison to 1,000 lbs of fertiliser and diesel?

There is a guy down under who uses 10 lbs of anfo to blow big tree stumps, ends up with holes where the stumps were big enough you jump down into them and can’t see the ground any more.

Doesn’t make sense, unless all these shooters are ant fucked by a committee into re-enacting a Rambo, that would make sense… a terrorist op planned by committee…


June 9, 2016

Resting on my laurels.

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“Wimminz” isn’t the only or first place I published, there have been others, and over time many people have commented that shit they read on my sites turned up days or weeks or months later in the MSM or some other major site, so either I was clearly leading them, or influencing them because they were reading me, or so on and so forth.

There is a teensy tiny element of truth in that, in that for some years now I have been read by researchers, who are in turn used by journalists / writers, sadly the accolades stop there, because as one researcher told me a few years ago, you’re the fringe, the guy who goes out and buys a device and does an honest review, mostly what we are after is the regular sponsored review, Apple never made a product that didn’t get at least 8 out of 10 stars.

More accurately, as I have often stated very clearly here, the first rose of summer isn’t leading some movement for all roses everywhere to bloom, in fact apart from being of the same genus it has sweet fuck all to do with any and every other rose everywhere ever amen…

Many years ago there was a young chap named William Tunstall-Pedoe, a name which we can be assured caused him some grief at school, however his name first popped up into my awareness because he had written some anagram generating software, and it was fun to play with.

Over the years, the software itself “Anagram Genius” got better and better, but the point here is to draw a comparison.

1/ you type in the seed word / phrase / sentence

2/ the software searches through the seed for words in the dictionary

3/ the software attempts to put the words from stage 2 into some sort of human sensible order

But, between stage 2 and 3 there is a little bit called “weeding” where it comes up with the word list.

You don’t need to edit software code or tweak algorithms or anything else, you just select a word, and give it a “weight” on a scale from must never be used at all, to must be used in every single anagram.

It’s a beautiful example of how computers and software actually work, because at that stage I can give control of the seed words to someone else, and give control of maintaining the software and systems to someone else, and I alone can sit back in a private dark room and “weed” the results that the system is generating.

One one side input the entire internet, and weed so that “jihadi” is permitted only so long as it is accompanied by “atrocity”, weed so that “nominee” and “Hitlery” come up together, but neither one is ever present with “corruption” or “electoral fraud”

Such is the power of the likes of Google.

Google themselves has been explicitly marketing this exact ability since the day they got funded, webcrawler and altavista were better search engines / indexers, google had a cleaner interface but the big draw was always always always that you could pay to influence the results.

And at some point then there is a great disconnect in what passes for human intellect, because all anyone can think of is Obelenscovitzschky Dried Flowers of Podunk, can now pay Google to get a higher / more prominent listing than they might otherwise get.

When I was a boy there was a dude who changed his name to Aaaron Aaardvark, just to get to the top of page one of the New York phone book, hence all the A1 taxi / plumbing / roofing businesses.

Really? Here is a service where you can pay to have your name, or word of choice,  put as high on the listings as you like, so it is plainly bloody obvious that that which can be given a +1024 weighting can also be given a -1024 weighting, so you can pay to have your name, or word of choice, put as low on the listings as you like.

Or not just single words, but combinations of any words you choose.

And you REALLY fucking think that the people this is aimed at, and who will be paying money for it, are Dried Flowers by post sellers and the like????

A commenter recently asked me if I had read John C Wright, no I have not, I have read Andrew McCoy, and lived in an Africa that closely resembles the one he writes about (The SA guvvmint tried to have him assassinated because of Atrocity week, a novel based on a true story that nobody in the press would touch, about events in the Caprivi strip, which was only a couple of hours by landie from where I was)

In McCoy’s days as a journalist you had to get to individual editors and publishing houses to shut a story down, and as happened, sooner or later you could find a publisher somewhere willing to run with it.

Today you do not care where in the world, or how big or how small the operation is, if you control the weighting of the words used in search you control whether the story exists or not.

It is too powerful NOT to be directly controlled by the shadow state, so while anyone can publish anything, more or less, a task that gets slightly easier if you own your own hardware and domain etc, it becomes no more than a personal secret diary at the click of a mouse.

So, how do you find content?

I will be *brutally* honest here, I do not have the guts to type a search phrase into google to find kiddie porn, in any event, were I so stupid as to do so (and lave that search enquiry available for use against me in any circumstances whatsoever for eternity) I do not actually believe I would be given pages and pages or “valid” results

Type in “dogs fuck sluts” (it’s still an extremely dodgy one, bestiality is now illegal in most of europe, it wasn’t a few years ago… my old Scorpions – Animal Magnetism and Virgin Killer original LP album covers are now illegal pornography) and you will indeed get pages of “valid” results.

In one of those complex situation where you do not know for a fact until and unless you try, and I do not actually want to try, my feeling is that I would have a hard time finding actual child porn anywhere on the internet, and I mean http / ftp / nntp the works.

I would strongly suspect that were I also to do such research legally, and compile my results after three months, two things would become apparent.

1/ >95% of all the stuff out there is honeytraps owned and operated by various states

2/ >99.9% of all the stuff out there is old, very very old, material.

In reverse order.

You can tell at a glance if something is converted from 8 or 16 mm cine fil, or from VHS, or if it was shot a CGA, or VGA, and so on.

Before bestiality became illegal in europe >90% of what was available was not in 720p or higher, ergo it was old material constantly recycled…. I have previously elsewhere related the true story of a young and eager law enforcement computer forensic type who enlisted my aid to track down a particularly vulnerable young english girl being abused on film by fucking a pig, to protect my sensibilities and his job he showed me some doctored screen shots that no longer showed anything illegal or objectionable, and I started laughing, having instantly recognised one Bodil Joensen, who had died some years previously in her 40’s… and so a budding career doing outsourced computer forensics died an early death, a blessing in disguise to be sure.

Which brings us back to point 1, which is that I suspect that >95% of the remaining “kiddie porn industry” is in fact various states running honeytraps… I’m not claiming that adults and children are not engaged in sexual activities anywhere on the globe, I am suggesting that those who do so, apart from a vanishingly small and stupid proportion, are abstaining from filing their activities.

Which means an obvious separation between a relatively common problem which is sex between adults and children, and an incredibly rare phenomenon, which is sex between adults and children being filmed.

The purge against the latter has meant that 95% of the “kiddie porn industry” is in fact the state, and this has done nothing but drive the actual sex between adults and children underground, deep underground, where there is very carefully and very deliberately no digital evidence of any kind ever.


This then is what happens when you seek to, and achieve, to control the narrative or dialogue, once you have a method that works then those who will be most keen to use it are the last people who should ever be allowed to use it, because they will do what they have done, wrest control and functionality away from the small people, the individuals.

And so on the 24th May 2016 the 2nd circuit of appeals in New York one jewish judge upheld another jewish judge who had three times in the past ruled in favour of Dow / Union Carbide, that the 10,000 dead and 600,000 injured and land and aquifers 3.5 Km from the plant that are still contaminated with toxins to this day, some 32 years after the event was actually fuck all to do with Dow / Union Carbide, because the plant was run by Union Carbide INDIA, a subsidiary of Union Carbide that UC only owned a 51% controlling interest in… and that’s enough distance to get away scot free for a tragedy that had fatality and injury figures that do justice to a small war.

You can file it away with Hitlery winning the presidential nomination on a day that nobody voted because the Associated Press said so.

It’ll be on that mysterious dark web, beloved of hackers and jihadis and child pornographers everywhere.


June 6, 2016

A million monkeys

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When I was a lad, before pocket calculators, there was this thing about a million monkeys one a million typewriters for a million years, and the works of Shakespeare.

There are those who say we now have that answer, and the answer is cat videos, but they do not really get it.

This million monkeys story was about iteration and probability, by the time the works of Shakespeare had come out of the system, so would pretty much every other book ever written (which explains harry potter and all reality TV scripts) because if you are exploring EVERY POSSIBLE COMBINATION and you explore that realm fully, then by definition you get every possible answer / combination.

if we use binary and 3 places we get


and we have no explored the full extent of that realm, it doesn’t matter who composed the original “101”

What’s the probability your could guess the twitter password of a founder of a monster software system, pretty small you might think… what’s the probability you could guess the twitter password of a new father, dadadad works if your name is Mark Zuckerberg…

The Merchant of Venice is around 23,000 words, call the average word 6 letters to account for punctuation and spaces and that gives us around 138,000 characters, it’s a lot better than 8 characters when it comes to a password space.

But it is not as good as a 4 digit PIN tied to a specific IP address, which makes the “lock” a lot less virtual and a lot more physical, and in the case of an ATM router that is exactly what you get, everything locked down except a couple of tunnels with specific addresses, a couple of loopbacks, and a short list of acceptable remote IP addresses, and a tightly tied down xDSL connection over a proprietary circuit.

plug the xDSL side into the wrong xDSL circuit (easy enough when you have two or more ATM’s next to each other) and the whole machine refuses to work.

Your “weak” 4 digit PIN is uncrackable at that offline ATM, no money can be taken out of your account.

So we plug the right xDSL line back in, now the ATM will accept your card and pin, even if it is not you using it, so the security risk is by definition EXTERNAL to the ATM and its xDSL link to the bank.

I am in agreement with the bank that the EXTERNAL security of the card & PIN is not the bank’s problem…. because fixing it basically destroys all the utility of an ATM.

Stopping a million monkeys with a million typewriters stops Shakespeare because if he has to two factor autheticate every word he will stop writing at “In sooth, I know not why I am so…” aaah fuck this shit, I’m off for a beer…

It’s one of those problems, authetication was no problem back in the day when you went into your local bank where the staff knew you and vice versa, and wrote a counter cheque, but the very strength of the system, a human being who knew you authenticating you, was also the very thing that everyone wanted designed out of the system, so they could draw money from an ATM at midnight.

You cannot fix a problem CAUSED by removing human authentication without replacing human authetication.

So you *are* going to get fraudulent use of debit cards, ID cards, travel documemts, everything you can think of.

And the laws passed to prevent such abuses are worthless as far as the vast majority of the public are concerned, because they have no intention of abusing the system anyway, and they are no deterrent to those who set out to abuse the system, it just becomes a calculated risk….

The only way to 100% guarantee your card and PIN are never abused is the same as the only way to 100% guarantee your fuckbook account isn’t hacked, don’t have one.

If this stops you playing with other people’s systems, but you like playing with systems, then the only thing you can do is build your own systems to play with.

One way or another, we all do, and we call them “my policy” on any given subject.

I’m in one of these David v Goliath places now, well, actually I’m in a couple of them, but for the purposes of this post, I’m thinking of one specific one.

So this employee of Goliath comes to me and asks me if I can do something, so I say yes and give a price, so they give me a bunch of materials and I do a very small proof of concept sample and they say great.

So then they ask when it is going to be done, and I tell them, you’ll get it about 3 days after you have paid the invoice I gave you for this work.

So they say they will raise this with another employee of Goliath, and sure enough, one gets in touch, and tell me that being Goliath, they only pay after 30 days.

I reply that being David, I only take cash with order, so they better go find another David, and good luck with that, but either way, fuck you, you came to me with the work and those are my T&C written clearly on the website.

I suspect I know the eventual outcome of this one.

I don’t care.

Goliath does not have a way to make me care.

THIS is the crucial point.

There are many mnay many many things in life that you can ensure that Goliath cannot make you care, all you have to do is avoid Goliath, do not use fuck book, no not have a mortgage, do not have an overdraft, do not buy anything on credit, if you have an credit card use it for internet purchases for the added protection it gives you, and be a revolver, pay it off in full every month.

The government and bankers and so on cannot make me care about interest rates or house prices or brexit or anything else… I got no skin in that game.

Don’t let them convince you otherwise.

One way they try and do it is (UK) TV licencing, the law says, if you watch LIVE TV, does not matter what on, you must buy a TV licence.

The law does not say you have to register as someone who does not watch live TV, or even speak to their (Crapita) drones, or read their letters, or anything else.

So.. do not do any of those things, simple.

When the TV wanker comes to the door, as they all do, all having had the same training, to ask if you are the householder or what you name is, ask them who they are, if they refuse to tell you, tell them to piss off and do not utter another word to them ever, if they tell you they are employed by Crapita on behalf of TV licencing, then tell them to piss off and do not utter another word to them ever, do not accept any paperwork from them, do not acknowledge they exist.

OK noes, people tell you, they will get a warrant.

Really? I’ll see them in court and ask the court to show the evidence that they need to provide in order to get said warrant, and by the way, here are my expenses for the day, 3x the annual TV Licence fee.

It’s a better hobby than watching the fucking kardashians of game of clones or some such shit on the idiot’s lantern.

If it had the same user participation as a 2 am re-run of I Love Lucy the fucking system would grind to a halt, but clearly it doesn’t.

There is in all probability more people in the UK deliberately downloading and watching child pornography than there are standing up for their rights… think on that for a moment.

If you give a fuck about your rights and decency, you are probably in a smaller minority than those who like fucking pre-pubescent children.

A literal drop in the ocean compared to the kardashian loving chip & PIN users, who love to complain but still use daily.

Outnumbered by a million monkeys, or several billion actually.

Do not sit there and take comfort in the fact that you are some sick fuck who just got 22 life sentences for sexually abusing asian childen.

To the billions of monkeys you and him are both outsiders, they just know what his sick ass was up to, and now he has 22 life sentences, what about you, what is your ass up to? No good, that’s for sure, cos you ain’t one of us.

Don’t sit there and think that the courts and banks and political offices are inhabited by non-monkeys either, you’re in for a rude shock the first time you go to one to stand your ground… half a dozen monkeys and a banana standing up there in front of them and complaining about the shit flinging…

It’s an ART form, complain just enough, but not too much.

Never pull that “Freeman” stuff, that’s too much, the idea of the ART form is to fuck with their heads, just a little, don’t be the banana complaining about the shit flinging, or the sicko monkey that eats shit and flings bananas, be the wierd monkey who says that time flies like an arrow but fruit flies like a banana, so you should be flinging shit at fruit flies, not bananas, says so right here in this here subsection 7 paragraph 14a of law 763,765 of 1885.

The million monkeys story was about probability, but it was also about improbable but beautiful things that human beings can imagine and create, things that if you JUST explore the full extent of any realm will get buried and lost in all the garbage.

The million monkeys story was about probability, 100% of Shakespeares output was middlin good to excellent, and all of it was communication, none of it was random noise, what was the probability of that if it was attempted by monkeys?

So substitute monkey for rapefugee, monkey for banker, monkey for lawyer, monkey for politician, sure, eventually, somewhere, buried in all the shit, they may indeed produce something of worth, but as a whole, is it worth it?

Adolf Hitler can be argued as being great or being greatly evil, what you cannot argue is that he was just another monkey.

And there lies the problem, to have the facility to produce something great, by necessity you have the facility to produce something awful… you cannot have the potential for great kings without also having the potential for tyrants.

Replacing them all with monkeys … wellll…

It’s a scientific fact that intelligence / IQ can be plotted along a bell curve distribution.

It’s a scientific fact that the extents of that bell curve fall in a narrower range for females than it does for males, the range from the dumbest to the smartest female is a lot less than the range from the dumbest male to the smartest male.

There are LOTS of males that are way dumber than the dumbest 1% of all females, but there are also LOTS of males that are way smarter than the smartest 1% of females…. the joys and perils of XY vs XX.

With billions of monkeys experimenting for billions of iterations over billions of years, this is what nature came up with… in a two sex strategy where one sex has a limited number of gametes and one has an unlimited number it’s no wonder the risky XY one gets the greater range of pretty much everything.

Talking about an exceptional female is like talking about an exceptional monkey or rapefugee or banker or lawyer or politician, they can just about hold a candle to an ordinary human, within certain limited areas.

Ray Charles sure was a talented musician, he wasn’t worth shit as a driver though.

If this is “human” then it’s time to bring on planet of the apes, the morlocks and eloi are here today, trouble is, the fucking eloi are all fags in san fran working for apple on the iWatch2 to sell to the morlocks.

Preaching about this shit is like preaching to the million monkeys, or the other old adage, if you wrestle with a pig, you get dirty, and the pig enjoys it.

You problems start (like when you abandon human authentication) when you abandon having a pig so you can fatten it up, kill it, and eat it…. nothing else.

You can’t get back to that by trying to improve or fix whatever you are doing now with the pig instead of fatten / kill /eat + nothing else

The million monkeys would also have eventually typed the original US constitution, but they would not have fought and died and killed others to bring it about and turn it from words on paper into a set of enforced rules that applied to everyone.

Any and every rule that does not apply to EVEYONE is part of the problem, and nowadays no human rules are applied universally, hell, corporations are “people” in law only when it suits them.

Some skinny white fuck got 22 life sentences for fucking underage asian kids.

Union Carbide got a (relatively) small fine for incinerating 4,000 and injuring half a million of the bastards in Bhopal, they aren’t in prison with no rights until 2550 AD

We are moving closer to the cusp…

May 29, 2016

Are you a fan of hard SF?

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If you are, you may have had to re-evaluate what is classified as hard, because most of it is pap.

I was never a child, or boy, or man, able to suspend disbelief long enough to paper over glaring plot holes… I recently had the misfortune to watch Man of Steel, the superman movie, my comments did not go down well, and these were merely the minor ones that slipped out of my mouth, not the glaring ones about the MAJOR fucking plot holes.

Minor ones like, as the movie progresses, superman goes from a bearded sailor to a smooth jawed superhero, and if bullets cannot hurt him, what the fuck does he use to shave? Bic2? Remington electric? Gillette Beckham? Don’t fucking think so…..

But if you can see plot holes in movies, you can see them everywhere.

What do you call a species that has “royalty” anywhere, anywhere at all, in the genus? Well there are two answers I can think of, one is “insects” and the other is “primitives”

Whihc brings us to the basic problem with 99% of so called hard SF, it’s total bollocks, I watt per for 1 second is 1 Joule, and you can measure anything important in Joules, or kiloJoules, or megaJoules, or gigaJoules.

Energy required to get 1000 kg to orbit and back again, energy required to match and break planetary solar rotational orbit speeds and vectors and match speeds and vectors with a new planet in a different system.

Hell, even the energy required to run a bus service from the third planet to the satellite of that planet tells us everything we need to know.

The energy consumption makes *everything* else, no matter what, even inkjet ink, essentially free by comparison, so cargo *** is worthless no matter what it is compared to the energy expended to transport it on an interplanetary or interstellar basis.

*** pure ballistic trajectories through interplanetary space excluded, provided said trajectories are IN-system and not climing the Sun’s gravity well, so a magnetic accelerator in the asterioid belt slinging 1000 kg chunks of crap on years long ballistic orbits to impact on mars at orbital velocities is doable, but what’s the fucking point.

The most basic maths and physics tells us that anything higher than earth obit on any regular meaningful basis simply cannot be done with chemical energy, which leaves some form of nuclear energy.

Because that is the other side of the rocketeering equation, delta vee, which in laymans terms means that the maximim possible change you can make to your ships velocity is a very simple number to calculate, it is your total reaction mass x how fast you can throw that reaction mass away from you, and in open space interstellar (no gravitry well) you will use 25% to accelerate to a speed, cost, 25% to brake to your original vector, 25% to accelerate back along your original line, coast, and 25% to brake at end up where you started.

Coasting depends on how much air and food and recycling you have, and how much time you have to live.

*ANYTHING* that can do interstellar travel has such awesome amounts of disposable energy on tap that literally the entire mass of planet earth does not make the journey viable if pure commerce and shipping or slavery is the sole goal.

Nor does anything that has that much disposable energy need to find a “new” home because something awful happened to their old one…. because they are too powerful for that.

Far from being hundreds of kilometres in length and weighing trillions of tons, interstellar craft make more sense if they are about a meter long and weight 20 kilos, of course you have to have some awesome nano scale engineering.

Non enginners will point to the vast amount of junk we have in orbit, except, it is not a vast amount, if you add up everything that has ever been launched to orbit (or higher) you come up with quite a small figure.

That figure is about 10,000 tons, or about two of these, fully laden, inc cargo.

In real terms this is so miniscule as to be effectively zero.

Shanghai *alone* handles over 700 million tons of cargo per year, and yes ships are a very efficient way to move cargo, and ballistic orbits or real real real low burn torch runs would be the most effcicient ways to move space cargo, but there the comparisons end, which is the problem with all the so called hard SF shit about space navies and space pirates and space cargo ships, it does not matter *what* the cargo is, plotting an intercept course, even if you are able physically with the delta vee you have, will soon reveal you are better off selling the energy that such an endeavour would take, and stay where you are.

So we sit down and run the actual physical numbers, we can’t even get a supertanker and cargo into orbit in bits on chemical energy, it just can’t be done practically, any more than you can fill a swimming pool in arizona with an eye dropper.

Nuclear power? well fission *might* do it if you consider an orion craft doing it, but fusion is the only game in town.

And as you push out, fusion itself becomes inadequate, even matter atimatter reactions are pointless unless you can capture and use >99% of the energy, and if you can do that, then it’s better / easier / cheaper / more sensible to simply convert ordinary mass into energy, Einstein’s famous E=mc2, but not the so minute as to be equal to zero masses that are converted into energy in a thermonuclear bomb, we need total conversion, feed anything into the hopper, who cares, it’s all mass.

And I’ll bet my primitive 21st century slime wallowing human ass that mass > energy is pretty easy and energy > mass improbably hard, on the same scale of diffculty today going from a campfire full of ashes and a pot of boiling water and getting some pristine wood out the other end…. energy > mass may only be possible inside the cores of dying suns, no matter how advanced the civilisation.

The other main problem with so called hard SF, apart from the basic high school physics plot holes, are the assumptions about human nature, because all the humans involved are unchanged from humans of today or humans of 2,000 years ago.

Apart from the obvious fact that 2,000 years is the blink of an eye in evolutionary terms, the 9 trillion ton space gorilla in the spacemen’s bar is the fact that much of human nature comes from the environment, air is breathable pretty much anywhere except the top of everest, water is drinkable pretty much anywhere except an ocean, and pretty much anything that moves under it’s own power is edible, and a lot of what does not move is also edible.

Contrats this with the spaceman, literally everything will kill you from vacuum (no air to breathe, water will boil away to molecular level, foods will dessicate, black body radiation will freeze you, and short of throwing your own feaces away from you for reaction thrust, you have no motive power, plus, you’ll have access to more energy than the entire human race does today, so while you might, at a stretch, look humanoid, you will not be human, they may as well be a separate species.

Which brings us neatly to the biggest plot hole of all when it comes to hard SF, the idea that by setting things on the planet Gorg in the year 7753 in the reign of Emperor Penis, we can talk about things that are actually happening today, which if we told the same story and put in the *actual* protagonists names, we would be in the shit for, or the story would not be recieved well.

Well, insofar as you could make the same claim about a fairy story, which isn’t so far, because by definition you have distorted everything to make your point, and so your point is no longer valid, so you stretch that point in an attempt to make it still valid, at which point it is neither your original point, nor valid in any way.

Starfleet Academy, we come in peace, shoot to kill, klingons on the starboard buttock and all that.

Which brings us back again to Sagan and his comment about us living in a society based entirely on science and technology, in which nobody knows anything about science and technology.

Which brings us back again to Joules

Joules per capita per annum is just about the best and most reliable way of describing civilisation and technology.

So, unless we were a truly primitive species, we’d be all about Joules, even our monetary systems would be based on Joules, the gigaJoule being the basic unit, and we would be all about energy sources and supplies.

But wait, some of the primitives in their slime holes bleat, we are all about energy, all wars are banker / oil wars, and all the world strife is about oil.

Which is a statement only a primitive could make, an elightened technological society would only be interested in nuclear power in this day and age, fission if we must, fusion as / if / when we can.

Nothing else will do.

The first society that has fusion power on the surface of planet earth will be a close parallel to me dropping in on the previously unknown  Mbongo-bongo people of the State of Acre in Brazil, who worship the turds of the fruit bat and have a language comprising of a whole 2000 words, 150 of which are to do with God’s turds.

A small square of 10 mm thick black acrylic will be equally as impressive as a Samsung S7 smartphone / portable computer… possibly more so, as it will be tougher.

Literally no concept, literally not even the ability to consider the concept, of silicon wafer technology, digital code, global positioning satellites, photography, music, writing, distance calling, number higher than ten, or such a marvel being one of millions made worldwide for billions of people, and made disposable to be obsolete with a year or two.

Excuse me for a moment, I must scrape the Mbongo-bongo God from the heel of my high tech shoes.

May 26, 2016

The Model

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Nope, not on about the Kraftwerk song…

… I’m talking about the things all human beings (and to a lesser extent all intelligent living creatures) do, and that is model the world around them inside their heads.

The typical human, when it comes to modelling another specific individual human, we will call that individual Joe Bloggs, typically has three different ways of modelling Joe Bloggs.

  1. There is the wide awake concious model where Joe Bloggs is right in front of us.
  2. There is the wide awake concious model where Joe Bloggs is nowhere near us.
  3. There is the not asleep but definitely not wide awake and at the forefront of the active mind model where Joe Bloggs is neither a fixed solid form in front of us, or a fixed solid form where he is nowhere near us, but is instead a more fluid theoretical presence that can be inserted in various scenarios.

Model #1 is quite a good model in some ways, because we have the live empirical evidence of our senses, but it is also flawed in many ways because Joe Bloggs has *us* in *his* senses too, so we are weighting the outcomes with close physical proximity.

Model #2 is more shaky, it relies on hearsay and anecdotal notes to come up with sets of answers, but on the other hand it is not a model weighted by our mutual close physical proximity and awareness, so in those areas it can be more useful than #1

Model #3 is the odd one out, the more theoretical model that can be run against thousands of possible dream like scenarios, and importantly for us it is the model most likely to be making constant small changes to Model #1 and #2 at the subconcious level…. the downside is it is all theory, not even anecdotal evidence, although models #1 and #2 do have the odd bit of input into the detail and design of model #3.

This particular subject at this particular level of detail is one that I rarely get into with people face to face, it’s hard work, but mainly it throws up all sorts of answers and questions that nobody likes, and the messenger always bears the blame.

One of the reasons that this is such a troubling subject is that the speaker must also apply these factors to themselves, and *those* results are often unpleasant…

… yesterday while discussing the ex-employer, who pissed me off totally, I’m sat at the lights, lights that everyone pushed on, at a junction that everyone deliberately uses the wrong lanes in order to queue dodge, so I see *their* lights go to amber and they are still driving through, and then it goes red, and a car and bus are still driving through, so I floor it and lean on the horn and cut the inconsiderate cunts up and teach the fuckers a lesson.

At which point I become aware of the fact that my passenger is telling me that I ran the red light way early to do that, so I was talking about working for the ex-employer, and slipped into the agressive and angry mode that I was in while working for said ex-employer.

In short, my model of the world got substituted, and my actions changed on a fairly gross real world scale as a result.

Hilary Clinton is undoubtedly a political whore of the lowest possible denomination, so she is also clearly working these different models of the world all the time.

So what about our saviour Trump?

Well it’s a guy with a history of letting / making companies go bankrupt so he can write off the debt and buy the remaining assets at cents on the dollar and start all over again, it is undoubtedly *shrewd* from a business sense, but is is a better prospect than say a 2 dollar whore for a chief executive of a country?

There is an interesting little statistic in the Daily Fail, hurriedly buried in the back pages, that as of 2016 almost 20% of all children born since 2013 have at some point had their names handed to the social services, in an apparent bid to stem bad publicity from the likes of Baby P, mission creep sets in and the agency tries to monitor and intervene in more children than ever before, and of course when resources get stretched cherry picking goes on, and the cases that are easiest to intervene in or that seem the most juicy to the staff or that fit the “hate that” category in whatever world models models the staff are running in their heads get all the attention, and everyone else no matter how deserving or underserving of some sort of intervention, irrespective of whether that intervention does good or hard, can go fuck themselves.

And it’s not like the only problem with these models is we are crap at building them accurately, most modern civilisation is based aroudn deliberately fucking with the models we make, and writing in some false things, and erasing other true things, so it all get worse faster.

So you have a creature born a man that now likes to call itself a woman, that many or may not have had surgery, but was still born with a penis and testicles at the end of the day, taking a ferry company to court because the toilets on the ships said “MEN” and “WOMEN” and when this creature range the ferry company to ask which toilets it should use, the ferry company droid obviously ran through the models of a woman born a man going into a woman’s toilets, or a woman born a man going into the men’s toilets, and said het, just use the DISABLED toilet.

At which point the one time man decided to be offended, and took the ferry company to court, and the judge agreed, and now the ferry company has to take down the signs on the bog doors that say “WOMEN” and “MEN” and replace them with symbols…. symbols for women and men of course…

I mean, where does this leave those men who choose to live part time in their spare time as puppies??? Where the fuck are these poor benighted souls supposed to go wee wee


So take heart, one the one hand, no matter how fucked up your three models of any individual or situation are, no matter how influenced one way or another by media and society, you are HAL 9000 compared to these asswipes.

On the other hand, they are taking their fucked up models to court, winning, and getting them imposed on you.

Far from being in a place where an Oz butcher can advertise his bacon as a 100% guaranteed prevention of being a muslim extremist, you’ll have a ram your cock up a 10 year olds ass to prove you aren’t some fascist manspeading neoliberal misogynist gender stereotyping penis wielding bastard.

May 21, 2016

SBL’s and cute Nazi girls getting booted off jewtube

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SBL = Secret Bildeburg Lizards, and the cute nazi girl is the Evalion chick, assuming she was ever genuine, which is a big ask in this day…

Assuming the root of the handle is Eva Lion there is a lot of feline alliteration going on there with her chosen handle, Eve itself has connotations to Eve, but also of course Eva Braun, it’s all rather *obvious* shall we say.

Which brings us to SBL’s and the USS Liberty, I could have picked anything else, but it will do… so if the SBL are behind it, they control the US military and the Israeli military at least, if not the media in both places too, add in 9/11 and we add Saudi to the places the SBL control, work our way through the list, and the SBL control everything everywhere, except maybe North Kore eh.

You can not make such a claim, and simultaneously understand the meaning of the word control, it stems from power, and any group so all powerful would be known to all, when one drove by the masses would clear the streets ahead and bow down so that their eyes never stained the glorious likeness of their owners with their gaze.. and that shit has happened in human history.

Which is to say that control is the wrong word to use, influence is a much, much much better word.

Influence is what is used when you are offered a loan to buy that ’16 Mustang, or that house, or that Caribbean holiday, no fucker is pointing a gun at your head.

Influence is far more pernicious than control, and the proof of this fact is the other fact that influence is strictly regulated, it is not illegal for a business to influence a 14 year old girl to dress a certain way, talk a certain way, think a certain way, act a certain way, buy certain products, consume certain media, and so on.

But it is illegal for me to influence that same 14 year old girl (with better more material and more long lasting I might add) to suck my cock.

Hang on AfOR, you just claimed there is no SBL’s, and then gave an example of SBL’s at work.

Well, no, because Darwin.

Evolution is still going on around us, and evolution is not confined to gross physical changes like growing an extra cock, because before you can make physical changes in gradual evolution you have to make behavioural changes in said organism.

Ohh it gets messy, now we have touched on gradual evolution, which happens all the time everywhere, and implied the existence of sudden evolution, what happens when a dinosaur killing rock falls out of the sky.

But, that rock falls into a world where gradual evolution is taking place anyway, so the rock got to stir the pot and break some stuff, it wasn’t responsible for the mix on the ground on the day it fell, that was gradual evolution’s bag.

The world today in 2016 is a very different place to the world in 1966 a mere 50 years ago, a two way time machine to swap an individual from 1966 with an individual from 2016 will see both of them struggling *mightily* with the changes.

In 1966 when your children were out of sight, they literally could have been on the other side of the moon, the only way you found out was when they returned…. nor way there any way to retroactively trace their steps, no CCTV, no electronic financial transactions, no wifi hotspots caught, no cell phone, no gps, no nothing.

I have worked with literally the richest individuals in the world, and I mean this in the way that Bill Gates and Musk and Bezos are contenders, just about, but junior contenders.

I have worked with the infamous but real guvvmint black boxes plugged into our internet backbones and slurping all they possibly can.

I would have seen the SBL’s, or their spoor, or their fossils, or their wank stains, I saw nothing but human beings evolving gradually away and working away at their own short term individual and group goals.

At times in this blog I have been reticent, redacting, reluctant, omitting, discrete… some times the names have been changed to protect the guilty, but never have I actually set out to deceive, or mislead, or lie, or cheat.

What I have done is limited my honesty, and now for a few moments I will remove those limits.

What concerns me is that there is no SBL’s, or anyone else, at the helm controlling humanity, perhaps I am a despot in the making but if ever humanity needed central control and planning it is now.

What we have instead is pure Darwin at work, and not just on a genetic biological level, but also on the level of environment (and I do not mean “the environment” in a nauture / greenie way, I mean *every* single aspect of modern life), on the level of mind a psyche, which includes world view and belief and religion, in all its forms, on the level of ethicity, on the level of culture, on the level of technology.

Darwin does NOT say that the BEST survives, it says that those most fit to survive do so, so in a prison it is not the renaissance man who survives, it is the one who walks out the gates 20 years later with fewest scars… mental or physical… the prison rat.

I’m still on the honesty gig.

This week I did to someone that thing that I do in real life, I tell them up front in plain language I will give them a chance to remedy this, they did not, they pursued their own ends, in this case it was an HR employee acting like they were Jack Bauer trying to nail the terrorist, so I told them you fucked up.

Whatever bad befalls that person now, I will celebrate and call it richly deserved.

That person is a *perfect* example of why there is no SBL.

That person pursued their own goals, instead of doing the job they were paid to do, because their self image of themselves as some sort of great investigative detective outweighed their actual job.

I’ve quoted Kurt Vonnegut on this before, people will project their own beliefs onto a blank canvas, and then defend what they see on that canvas to their death, or yours.

I’ve quoted Sagan before, we have built a world dependent on science and technology in which the people know nothing about science and technology.

I have talked about my time working in a cattle incinerator, and done that math to show that it is literally physically impossible for the sites that are alleged to have killed and cremated all those human bodies to have done so in the scant 2 and a bit years they had, and yes, I have visited the sites in person, and no, you can’t build a furnce chimney out of ordinary brick and mortar, it will collapse within days.

I have talked about everything you are told is a lie, and it is.

None of it requires Secret Bildeburg Lizards, in fact, a lot of it could not happen if there were Secret Bildeburg Lizards, you’d be culled before you had the chance to shit in the river upstream of their bathing pool.

No, the truth is much much much more frightening, there are no SBL, there is just us.

Islam will indeed, if left unchecked, send us to the fossil records same as the dinosaurs, but to be strictly impartial and honest, so will Christianity, or indeed any other religious belief, because by definition a belief in something that cannot be proven is the exact antithesis of science, a belief in only that which can be demonstrably proven.

But, a belief in science will cull the human herd a lot more than Islam v Christianity, and both Islam and Chistianity will unite in destroying the scientist, as soon as he strays from the strictly proscribed areas that suit the religion du jour.

The film linked in the previous post about Adolf, one true fact taken from it is that the Jewish Holocaust is the only historical event in the world that it is currently illegal to deny.

There have, however, been precendents in human history, and to prevent poisoning the well I will allow you, dear reader, to find them for your selves, and discover what became of said societies.

“Our German rocket engineers are better than your German rocket engineers.”

There is more fact and anecdotal evidence to support the claim that the Nazis were above all a party of science, than there is to claim they were evil racist bastards.

But like all human beings we cannot see change in ourselves, so lets look at others, look at how Russia has changes, white russians, bolsheviks, stalin, lenin, gorbachev, putin, we can see the evolution and change there.

Why can’t we see the evolution and change in the USA, or the UK, or France, or Germany.

Secret Bildeburg Lizards would have programmes in place to filter and find people like me, and GIVE US A FUCKING JOB cleaning the sanitary facilities on the mothership.

The western economy sure looks great from up here in L1 >;*)

May 17, 2016


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One the one hand you have to embrace it to get work / sales / promotion / adulation / acceptance / sex / etc, on the other hand, once you accept it, you can’t ever break out of it.

Harley’s are actually a *great* example of this, all the “big twins” pan / knuck / shovel / evo / twinkie, all 45 degree 2 valve per head central siamese inlet manifold, and no, sporty’s aren’t big twins… it’s been so successful commercially, that to bring out anything else in the “main” product line is commercial suicide, to a large chunk of the loyal fan base, it won’t be a harley any more, not a proper one anyway.

Which becomes doubly painful if you are a buggy whip maker and the era of the pony and trap is passing…

But it’s not just HD, or hollywierd actors, or even individuals that get typecast, so do institutions, ideal, movements, groups.

If you doubt me ask the Nazi party, they are just as unelectable today in germany as the Liberals are here in the UK, but not that long ago, like the Liberals here, they were the only game in town.

I have talked before here about 95% of the actual *change* in any given change happening in the last 5% of the time period that the change took place in, it’s like being in the grip of a powerful but calm river, very very very few people will look around and note that despite the placid and calm waters, the current is now going faster than 3 mph, and slowly accelerating, and by the time you realise you are probably in a place you should not be, you are way way way past the time when you had any opportunity to vacate the area and be somewhere else.

Western society is like that now, whether we are talking about the islamic influence on the green party in Sweden or media talking head bitches unsure whether to complain about rapefugees or misogynists like Trump, or the financial markets, or the military buildup as NATO and the US$ as world reserve currency prepare for their swansong, by the time you notice it, it is too late to bail out and stand on the shore and watch everyone else go over the cataract and be smashed to pieces and drowned in the undertow.

Education is another one, one of the entirely unforseen and unintended consequences of taking the UK away from a manufacturing, industrial and trades base, and taking us away from a currency that had 12 pennies to the shilling, and 20 shilling (240 pence) to the pound, a length system that had 12 inches to the foot, 3 feet to the yard, 22 yards to the chain, a weight system that had 16 ounces to the pound, 14 pounds to the stone, 8 stone to the hundredweight, and 20 hundredweight to the ton, was EVERYONE KNEW (mathematical) FRACTIONS, you fucking well HAD to.

And that *imposes* a certain mental discipline and agility on people, it’s the mental equivalent of putting everyone on 20 mile marches every day, one thing you will soon run out of is fat people.

The English were typecast as being clever and educated, until decimalisation came in (ostensibly because computers, which is bollocks, because computers are binary, but they can emulate any number base you like) and lo and behold the entire educational system went down the tubes apace.

Today in 2016 I am asked to help a 10 year old with fractions in her homework, the question is what is 5/6 minus 2/3, I am asked because the 10 year old cannot do it, but I am asked by the 35 year old parent, because they cannot do it either.

The 35 year old parent was born in 1979, a decimalisation came in in 1971, so before 1971 even if you had no intention of ever being a plumber or builder or carpenter or engineer or anything else, you still HAD to learn fractions to use MONEY, and cash money (and cheques) were all there was, no such thing as credit cards or computers or digital electronics to any degree that Joe Public would see, but after 1971 all you needed to know was 100 pennies to 1 pound, no maths of any kind needed, just move the decimal place two places left or right to convert between pennies and pounds.

Now people buy light things like tobacco in grams, heavier things like potatoes in kilos, liquids like milk and petrol in litres, and that is all they know, few of them can convert between any of them, very very very few know that 1 litre of water = 1000 cc of water and weighs 1000 grammes or 1 kilo.

Now people have to read a news story and have an object described as being 50 metres long, or the length of four buses, because nobody knows what 50 metres is, or what fraction it is of a kilometre, or anything else.

So 1971 was the watershed year, and you had to be old enough in 1971 to have learned the old system, so really 1960 was the cut off point for a birth date, which makes anyone “old enough” to be at least 56 years old today.

David Cameron is 49, George Osborne is 44, Sadiq Khan (new muslim mayor of London) is 45, these are the people running the country, and they have literally never known anything else their entire adult lives but the decimal system.

The decimal system does not teach you many things, one of them was the “close enough” fraction for Pi which is 7/22 which I remembered instantly despite not having to have even thought about it since the late seventies, another one of then is that all percentages when compounded (repeated iteratively) are exponential functions.

Percentages are after all at heart fractions, 6% is 6/100….

Hell when I was a boy there was not even one single ounce as a measure of weight, there was Troy, Avoirdupois and Apothecary ounces, and why not, there were Whitworth, British Standard Fine, Cycle etc screw threads.

Of course to us born back in the day it was trivial to find yourself abroad and using a foreign currency and knowing the exchange rate work out the price of every single purchase in your head in the equivalent Pounds Shilling and Pence Sterling, to see if it was cheap or not…  no mere coinkydink we now have the Euro…. from Bonn to Barcelona to Bologna to Brest, petrol is sold in litres and priced in euros per litre, sure the prices vary but that is all explained away as taxes, the very thing the EU was supposed to homogenize…

It is also no coinkydink that whether presenting good or bad news, news articles will say something about “since records began in..” and give a date, and the date is always fairly recent, and always always always after 1971/3 (Britain joined the EU in 1973)

Everything pre early 1970’s was typecast as “ancient history” or “the bad old days” or “the dark ages”, even though they were pretty goo times to be living in, even if we were not aware that the current already had us and we had no way to avoid going over the cataract ahead.

As a survivor who lived through those days, I gotta tell ya, y’all have NO FUCKING IDEA how awful and horrific they were, young boys in short trousers (now there is another thing consigned to history) could and did routinely save up their pocket money and openly go into shops and buy things like catapults and folding knives and even air pistols, and they would take them to school, or they would go to the chemist and buy iron filings and sulphur and then go to the tobacconist and buy matches and set the whole lot off as stink bombs, I could go on and on, but I know you won’t believe me, it’s just too fucking manspreading and rapey to even contemplate.

So lacking all these old style fractional mathematical rapey skillz, nobody today can look at the local university, see that courses run around 4-6k per annum, see that student lodgings run to 150-250 per week, and work out that the stalinesque ghetto blocks of non-repurposable student accomodation blocks  are a bigger money earner than the courses themselves, so the uni reinvents itself as a youth lodgings landlord, pick a course, any course you like, we have thousands to choose from, everything from equine aromatherapy to wimminz studiez, no need to pass, bums on seats is sufficient to guarantee the revenue stream.

Not a single one of the stupid cunts works out that after their three years of being a student tenant they are likely to end up with a totally worthless degree in vaginal knitting and 50k of student debt, nor of course will they work out that said 3 year course just consumed 1/15th of their working life span… which is a LOT, for something with no appreciable long term benefits… and many many many long term drawbacks.

The extreme muslim sharia types are even fucking worse, and I don’t mean the you cannot cut your beard, you cannot smoke, you cannot drink alcohol shit, I mean the “what do you do when a woman asks her husband to save her from a burning building?” and the correct answer is you leave the bitch, if Allah wishes her to live he will save her, if he does not she will be krispy kardashian… they probably have a fatwa against fractions.. they certainly have enough about education, all anyone needs to know is in the holy koran, except shit about how to generate electricity, pump water, set broken bones, raise crops, maintain a nuclear power plant.

Back in the 60’s we’d have rightly called them dumb motherfucking assholes, and got on with developing silicon chips and large scale integration and fast breeded reactors, and left then fucking camels.

Now we have dumbed ourselves down to such an extent that we can no longer see how dumb they are, hell, we can’t even see how dumb WE fucking are.

Time for some more typecasting, and the end of more buggy whip makers.



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