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May 26, 2016

The Model

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Nope, not on about the Kraftwerk song…

… I’m talking about the things all human beings (and to a lesser extent all intelligent living creatures) do, and that is model the world around them inside their heads.

The typical human, when it comes to modelling another specific individual human, we will call that individual Joe Bloggs, typically has three different ways of modelling Joe Bloggs.

  1. There is the wide awake concious model where Joe Bloggs is right in front of us.
  2. There is the wide awake concious model where Joe Bloggs is nowhere near us.
  3. There is the not asleep but definitely not wide awake and at the forefront of the active mind model where Joe Bloggs is neither a fixed solid form in front of us, or a fixed solid form where he is nowhere near us, but is instead a more fluid theoretical presence that can be inserted in various scenarios.

Model #1 is quite a good model in some ways, because we have the live empirical evidence of our senses, but it is also flawed in many ways because Joe Bloggs has *us* in *his* senses too, so we are weighting the outcomes with close physical proximity.

Model #2 is more shaky, it relies on hearsay and anecdotal notes to come up with sets of answers, but on the other hand it is not a model weighted by our mutual close physical proximity and awareness, so in those areas it can be more useful than #1

Model #3 is the odd one out, the more theoretical model that can be run against thousands of possible dream like scenarios, and importantly for us it is the model most likely to be making constant small changes to Model #1 and #2 at the subconcious level…. the downside is it is all theory, not even anecdotal evidence, although models #1 and #2 do have the odd bit of input into the detail and design of model #3.

This particular subject at this particular level of detail is one that I rarely get into with people face to face, it’s hard work, but mainly it throws up all sorts of answers and questions that nobody likes, and the messenger always bears the blame.

One of the reasons that this is such a troubling subject is that the speaker must also apply these factors to themselves, and *those* results are often unpleasant…

… yesterday while discussing the ex-employer, who pissed me off totally, I’m sat at the lights, lights that everyone pushed on, at a junction that everyone deliberately uses the wrong lanes in order to queue dodge, so I see *their* lights go to amber and they are still driving through, and then it goes red, and a car and bus are still driving through, so I floor it and lean on the horn and cut the inconsiderate cunts up and teach the fuckers a lesson.

At which point I become aware of the fact that my passenger is telling me that I ran the red light way early to do that, so I was talking about working for the ex-employer, and slipped into the agressive and angry mode that I was in while working for said ex-employer.

In short, my model of the world got substituted, and my actions changed on a fairly gross real world scale as a result.

Hilary Clinton is undoubtedly a political whore of the lowest possible denomination, so she is also clearly working these different models of the world all the time.

So what about our saviour Trump?

Well it’s a guy with a history of letting / making companies go bankrupt so he can write off the debt and buy the remaining assets at cents on the dollar and start all over again, it is undoubtedly *shrewd* from a business sense, but is is a better prospect than say a 2 dollar whore for a chief executive of a country?

There is an interesting little statistic in the Daily Fail, hurriedly buried in the back pages, that as of 2016 almost 20% of all children born since 2013 have at some point had their names handed to the social services, in an apparent bid to stem bad publicity from the likes of Baby P, mission creep sets in and the agency tries to monitor and intervene in more children than ever before, and of course when resources get stretched cherry picking goes on, and the cases that are easiest to intervene in or that seem the most juicy to the staff or that fit the “hate that” category in whatever world models models the staff are running in their heads get all the attention, and everyone else no matter how deserving or underserving of some sort of intervention, irrespective of whether that intervention does good or hard, can go fuck themselves.

And it’s not like the only problem with these models is we are crap at building them accurately, most modern civilisation is based aroudn deliberately fucking with the models we make, and writing in some false things, and erasing other true things, so it all get worse faster.

So you have a creature born a man that now likes to call itself a woman, that many or may not have had surgery, but was still born with a penis and testicles at the end of the day, taking a ferry company to court because the toilets on the ships said “MEN” and “WOMEN” and when this creature range the ferry company to ask which toilets it should use, the ferry company droid obviously ran through the models of a woman born a man going into a woman’s toilets, or a woman born a man going into the men’s toilets, and said het, just use the DISABLED toilet.

At which point the one time man decided to be offended, and took the ferry company to court, and the judge agreed, and now the ferry company has to take down the signs on the bog doors that say “WOMEN” and “MEN” and replace them with symbols…. symbols for women and men of course…

I mean, where does this leave those men who choose to live part time in their spare time as puppies??? Where the fuck are these poor benighted souls supposed to go wee wee


So take heart, one the one hand, no matter how fucked up your three models of any individual or situation are, no matter how influenced one way or another by media and society, you are HAL 9000 compared to these asswipes.

On the other hand, they are taking their fucked up models to court, winning, and getting them imposed on you.

Far from being in a place where an Oz butcher can advertise his bacon as a 100% guaranteed prevention of being a muslim extremist, you’ll have a ram your cock up a 10 year olds ass to prove you aren’t some fascist manspeading neoliberal misogynist gender stereotyping penis wielding bastard.

May 21, 2016

SBL’s and cute Nazi girls getting booted off jewtube

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SBL = Secret Bildeburg Lizards, and the cute nazi girl is the Evalion chick, assuming she was ever genuine, which is a big ask in this day…

Assuming the root of the handle is Eva Lion there is a lot of feline alliteration going on there with her chosen handle, Eve itself has connotations to Eve, but also of course Eva Braun, it’s all rather *obvious* shall we say.

Which brings us to SBL’s and the USS Liberty, I could have picked anything else, but it will do… so if the SBL are behind it, they control the US military and the Israeli military at least, if not the media in both places too, add in 9/11 and we add Saudi to the places the SBL control, work our way through the list, and the SBL control everything everywhere, except maybe North Kore eh.

You can not make such a claim, and simultaneously understand the meaning of the word control, it stems from power, and any group so all powerful would be known to all, when one drove by the masses would clear the streets ahead and bow down so that their eyes never stained the glorious likeness of their owners with their gaze.. and that shit has happened in human history.

Which is to say that control is the wrong word to use, influence is a much, much much better word.

Influence is what is used when you are offered a loan to buy that ’16 Mustang, or that house, or that Caribbean holiday, no fucker is pointing a gun at your head.

Influence is far more pernicious than control, and the proof of this fact is the other fact that influence is strictly regulated, it is not illegal for a business to influence a 14 year old girl to dress a certain way, talk a certain way, think a certain way, act a certain way, buy certain products, consume certain media, and so on.

But it is illegal for me to influence that same 14 year old girl (with better more material and more long lasting I might add) to suck my cock.

Hang on AfOR, you just claimed there is no SBL’s, and then gave an example of SBL’s at work.

Well, no, because Darwin.

Evolution is still going on around us, and evolution is not confined to gross physical changes like growing an extra cock, because before you can make physical changes in gradual evolution you have to make behavioural changes in said organism.

Ohh it gets messy, now we have touched on gradual evolution, which happens all the time everywhere, and implied the existence of sudden evolution, what happens when a dinosaur killing rock falls out of the sky.

But, that rock falls into a world where gradual evolution is taking place anyway, so the rock got to stir the pot and break some stuff, it wasn’t responsible for the mix on the ground on the day it fell, that was gradual evolution’s bag.

The world today in 2016 is a very different place to the world in 1966 a mere 50 years ago, a two way time machine to swap an individual from 1966 with an individual from 2016 will see both of them struggling *mightily* with the changes.

In 1966 when your children were out of sight, they literally could have been on the other side of the moon, the only way you found out was when they returned…. nor way there any way to retroactively trace their steps, no CCTV, no electronic financial transactions, no wifi hotspots caught, no cell phone, no gps, no nothing.

I have worked with literally the richest individuals in the world, and I mean this in the way that Bill Gates and Musk and Bezos are contenders, just about, but junior contenders.

I have worked with the infamous but real guvvmint black boxes plugged into our internet backbones and slurping all they possibly can.

I would have seen the SBL’s, or their spoor, or their fossils, or their wank stains, I saw nothing but human beings evolving gradually away and working away at their own short term individual and group goals.

At times in this blog I have been reticent, redacting, reluctant, omitting, discrete… some times the names have been changed to protect the guilty, but never have I actually set out to deceive, or mislead, or lie, or cheat.

What I have done is limited my honesty, and now for a few moments I will remove those limits.

What concerns me is that there is no SBL’s, or anyone else, at the helm controlling humanity, perhaps I am a despot in the making but if ever humanity needed central control and planning it is now.

What we have instead is pure Darwin at work, and not just on a genetic biological level, but also on the level of environment (and I do not mean “the environment” in a nauture / greenie way, I mean *every* single aspect of modern life), on the level of mind a psyche, which includes world view and belief and religion, in all its forms, on the level of ethicity, on the level of culture, on the level of technology.

Darwin does NOT say that the BEST survives, it says that those most fit to survive do so, so in a prison it is not the renaissance man who survives, it is the one who walks out the gates 20 years later with fewest scars… mental or physical… the prison rat.

I’m still on the honesty gig.

This week I did to someone that thing that I do in real life, I tell them up front in plain language I will give them a chance to remedy this, they did not, they pursued their own ends, in this case it was an HR employee acting like they were Jack Bauer trying to nail the terrorist, so I told them you fucked up.

Whatever bad befalls that person now, I will celebrate and call it richly deserved.

That person is a *perfect* example of why there is no SBL.

That person pursued their own goals, instead of doing the job they were paid to do, because their self image of themselves as some sort of great investigative detective outweighed their actual job.

I’ve quoted Kurt Vonnegut on this before, people will project their own beliefs onto a blank canvas, and then defend what they see on that canvas to their death, or yours.

I’ve quoted Sagan before, we have built a world dependent on science and technology in which the people know nothing about science and technology.

I have talked about my time working in a cattle incinerator, and done that math to show that it is literally physically impossible for the sites that are alleged to have killed and cremated all those human bodies to have done so in the scant 2 and a bit years they had, and yes, I have visited the sites in person, and no, you can’t build a furnce chimney out of ordinary brick and mortar, it will collapse within days.

I have talked about everything you are told is a lie, and it is.

None of it requires Secret Bildeburg Lizards, in fact, a lot of it could not happen if there were Secret Bildeburg Lizards, you’d be culled before you had the chance to shit in the river upstream of their bathing pool.

No, the truth is much much much more frightening, there are no SBL, there is just us.

Islam will indeed, if left unchecked, send us to the fossil records same as the dinosaurs, but to be strictly impartial and honest, so will Christianity, or indeed any other religious belief, because by definition a belief in something that cannot be proven is the exact antithesis of science, a belief in only that which can be demonstrably proven.

But, a belief in science will cull the human herd a lot more than Islam v Christianity, and both Islam and Chistianity will unite in destroying the scientist, as soon as he strays from the strictly proscribed areas that suit the religion du jour.

The film linked in the previous post about Adolf, one true fact taken from it is that the Jewish Holocaust is the only historical event in the world that it is currently illegal to deny.

There have, however, been precendents in human history, and to prevent poisoning the well I will allow you, dear reader, to find them for your selves, and discover what became of said societies.

“Our German rocket engineers are better than your German rocket engineers.”

There is more fact and anecdotal evidence to support the claim that the Nazis were above all a party of science, than there is to claim they were evil racist bastards.

But like all human beings we cannot see change in ourselves, so lets look at others, look at how Russia has changes, white russians, bolsheviks, stalin, lenin, gorbachev, putin, we can see the evolution and change there.

Why can’t we see the evolution and change in the USA, or the UK, or France, or Germany.

Secret Bildeburg Lizards would have programmes in place to filter and find people like me, and GIVE US A FUCKING JOB cleaning the sanitary facilities on the mothership.

The western economy sure looks great from up here in L1 >;*)

May 17, 2016


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One the one hand you have to embrace it to get work / sales / promotion / adulation / acceptance / sex / etc, on the other hand, once you accept it, you can’t ever break out of it.

Harley’s are actually a *great* example of this, all the “big twins” pan / knuck / shovel / evo / twinkie, all 45 degree 2 valve per head central siamese inlet manifold, and no, sporty’s aren’t big twins… it’s been so successful commercially, that to bring out anything else in the “main” product line is commercial suicide, to a large chunk of the loyal fan base, it won’t be a harley any more, not a proper one anyway.

Which becomes doubly painful if you are a buggy whip maker and the era of the pony and trap is passing…

But it’s not just HD, or hollywierd actors, or even individuals that get typecast, so do institutions, ideal, movements, groups.

If you doubt me ask the Nazi party, they are just as unelectable today in germany as the Liberals are here in the UK, but not that long ago, like the Liberals here, they were the only game in town.

I have talked before here about 95% of the actual *change* in any given change happening in the last 5% of the time period that the change took place in, it’s like being in the grip of a powerful but calm river, very very very few people will look around and note that despite the placid and calm waters, the current is now going faster than 3 mph, and slowly accelerating, and by the time you realise you are probably in a place you should not be, you are way way way past the time when you had any opportunity to vacate the area and be somewhere else.

Western society is like that now, whether we are talking about the islamic influence on the green party in Sweden or media talking head bitches unsure whether to complain about rapefugees or misogynists like Trump, or the financial markets, or the military buildup as NATO and the US$ as world reserve currency prepare for their swansong, by the time you notice it, it is too late to bail out and stand on the shore and watch everyone else go over the cataract and be smashed to pieces and drowned in the undertow.

Education is another one, one of the entirely unforseen and unintended consequences of taking the UK away from a manufacturing, industrial and trades base, and taking us away from a currency that had 12 pennies to the shilling, and 20 shilling (240 pence) to the pound, a length system that had 12 inches to the foot, 3 feet to the yard, 22 yards to the chain, a weight system that had 16 ounces to the pound, 14 pounds to the stone, 8 stone to the hundredweight, and 20 hundredweight to the ton, was EVERYONE KNEW (mathematical) FRACTIONS, you fucking well HAD to.

And that *imposes* a certain mental discipline and agility on people, it’s the mental equivalent of putting everyone on 20 mile marches every day, one thing you will soon run out of is fat people.

The English were typecast as being clever and educated, until decimalisation came in (ostensibly because computers, which is bollocks, because computers are binary, but they can emulate any number base you like) and lo and behold the entire educational system went down the tubes apace.

Today in 2016 I am asked to help a 10 year old with fractions in her homework, the question is what is 5/6 minus 2/3, I am asked because the 10 year old cannot do it, but I am asked by the 35 year old parent, because they cannot do it either.

The 35 year old parent was born in 1979, a decimalisation came in in 1971, so before 1971 even if you had no intention of ever being a plumber or builder or carpenter or engineer or anything else, you still HAD to learn fractions to use MONEY, and cash money (and cheques) were all there was, no such thing as credit cards or computers or digital electronics to any degree that Joe Public would see, but after 1971 all you needed to know was 100 pennies to 1 pound, no maths of any kind needed, just move the decimal place two places left or right to convert between pennies and pounds.

Now people buy light things like tobacco in grams, heavier things like potatoes in kilos, liquids like milk and petrol in litres, and that is all they know, few of them can convert between any of them, very very very few know that 1 litre of water = 1000 cc of water and weighs 1000 grammes or 1 kilo.

Now people have to read a news story and have an object described as being 50 metres long, or the length of four buses, because nobody knows what 50 metres is, or what fraction it is of a kilometre, or anything else.

So 1971 was the watershed year, and you had to be old enough in 1971 to have learned the old system, so really 1960 was the cut off point for a birth date, which makes anyone “old enough” to be at least 56 years old today.

David Cameron is 49, George Osborne is 44, Sadiq Khan (new muslim mayor of London) is 45, these are the people running the country, and they have literally never known anything else their entire adult lives but the decimal system.

The decimal system does not teach you many things, one of them was the “close enough” fraction for Pi which is 7/22 which I remembered instantly despite not having to have even thought about it since the late seventies, another one of then is that all percentages when compounded (repeated iteratively) are exponential functions.

Percentages are after all at heart fractions, 6% is 6/100….

Hell when I was a boy there was not even one single ounce as a measure of weight, there was Troy, Avoirdupois and Apothecary ounces, and why not, there were Whitworth, British Standard Fine, Cycle etc screw threads.

Of course to us born back in the day it was trivial to find yourself abroad and using a foreign currency and knowing the exchange rate work out the price of every single purchase in your head in the equivalent Pounds Shilling and Pence Sterling, to see if it was cheap or not…  no mere coinkydink we now have the Euro…. from Bonn to Barcelona to Bologna to Brest, petrol is sold in litres and priced in euros per litre, sure the prices vary but that is all explained away as taxes, the very thing the EU was supposed to homogenize…

It is also no coinkydink that whether presenting good or bad news, news articles will say something about “since records began in..” and give a date, and the date is always fairly recent, and always always always after 1971/3 (Britain joined the EU in 1973)

Everything pre early 1970’s was typecast as “ancient history” or “the bad old days” or “the dark ages”, even though they were pretty goo times to be living in, even if we were not aware that the current already had us and we had no way to avoid going over the cataract ahead.

As a survivor who lived through those days, I gotta tell ya, y’all have NO FUCKING IDEA how awful and horrific they were, young boys in short trousers (now there is another thing consigned to history) could and did routinely save up their pocket money and openly go into shops and buy things like catapults and folding knives and even air pistols, and they would take them to school, or they would go to the chemist and buy iron filings and sulphur and then go to the tobacconist and buy matches and set the whole lot off as stink bombs, I could go on and on, but I know you won’t believe me, it’s just too fucking manspreading and rapey to even contemplate.

So lacking all these old style fractional mathematical rapey skillz, nobody today can look at the local university, see that courses run around 4-6k per annum, see that student lodgings run to 150-250 per week, and work out that the stalinesque ghetto blocks of non-repurposable student accomodation blocks  are a bigger money earner than the courses themselves, so the uni reinvents itself as a youth lodgings landlord, pick a course, any course you like, we have thousands to choose from, everything from equine aromatherapy to wimminz studiez, no need to pass, bums on seats is sufficient to guarantee the revenue stream.

Not a single one of the stupid cunts works out that after their three years of being a student tenant they are likely to end up with a totally worthless degree in vaginal knitting and 50k of student debt, nor of course will they work out that said 3 year course just consumed 1/15th of their working life span… which is a LOT, for something with no appreciable long term benefits… and many many many long term drawbacks.

The extreme muslim sharia types are even fucking worse, and I don’t mean the you cannot cut your beard, you cannot smoke, you cannot drink alcohol shit, I mean the “what do you do when a woman asks her husband to save her from a burning building?” and the correct answer is you leave the bitch, if Allah wishes her to live he will save her, if he does not she will be krispy kardashian… they probably have a fatwa against fractions.. they certainly have enough about education, all anyone needs to know is in the holy koran, except shit about how to generate electricity, pump water, set broken bones, raise crops, maintain a nuclear power plant.

Back in the 60’s we’d have rightly called them dumb motherfucking assholes, and got on with developing silicon chips and large scale integration and fast breeded reactors, and left then fucking camels.

Now we have dumbed ourselves down to such an extent that we can no longer see how dumb they are, hell, we can’t even see how dumb WE fucking are.

Time for some more typecasting, and the end of more buggy whip makers.



May 13, 2016

Muddying the waters.

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This one will make you laugh.

Turns out, the current squeeze has been the victim of sexual harassment (repeated requests for a fuck) and sexual assault (grabass and grabtit) at her workplace for some years.

See, years ago, before the feminazis and wimminz and niggerz and lawyers all got on the bandwagon and changed the definition of what “is” is, these things were all bloody simple.

You got on the local bus, sat down next to some random bloke, and asked them what they thought about such and such scenario, the proverbial “Man on a Clapham Omnibus” so back in the day when my dad was a young man if a guy at work had done this to a junior female employee the next thing he would know is said junior female employee’s husband / father walking in decking the cunt.

If the po-po were involved they would have counselled the prostrate and nose bleeding letcher to suck it up because it deserved it, and they had no interest in arresting the husband / father for doing what any normal man would be expected to do.

So fast forwards to today, with every imagined slight being raycis or rapey or some fucking thing, and we have devolved to the point where HR needs to have a meeting, or three, to decide on a course of action, a politically correct one of course.

Me being a modern man, I ain’t going charging in to defend the non existent honour of the current squeeze, the guy is question is a fucking luser, and she is a fucking slut, even if she did not initiate it or enjoy it or consent to it (there is sufficient anecdotal evidence in the forms of SMS trails etc supporting all of this) but welcome to the world you made wimminz.

The protections for decent women have been erased, in toto.

THIS WAS THE FUCKING POINT of social change, equality and the sexual revolution… my local town just had a parade to celebrate diversity and the LGBT community.

We ain’t NEVER in 1,000 years of local history had a parade to celebrate heterosexuality and the nuclear family of man / woman / children, or local values, or any such…. that be hate speach bichez, that be raycis.

As I have said here over an over, this assault on the language continues apace, “family” now means single skank ho mommy and her womb turds, so when social services and everyone else focus on “perserving the family unit and structure” that is what they are working to preserve, by destroying anything and everything that is not that thing…

So last night we are watching various “angry people losing their shit” vids on youtoob and of course they are all I am ssssssssooooooo fucking maaaaad I just can’t controoooollllll myyselffff!

And I say something that blows her mind, all it needs is a single bullet to the head, it puts that worthless piece of human protoplasm out of its misery and pour encourager les autres… she looks at me like I am mad.

I tell her I have seen it all, all these best not fuck with me cos I am crazy and can’t control myself types, and you know what, they all can, and by far the best demonstration of this was something I saw outside a pub 30 years ago.

One of the early variants of these types was kicking off and even then the options were the same, do nothing and don’t get involved which doesn’t fan the flames but does not put them out either, but does allow you to walk away if you can, or get involved and fan the flames because your involvement is largely based on saying don’t or stop or no and sort of holding on to the person in question, which just fans all the flames, or why doesn’t somebody (not the questioner of course) do something.

So my mate did something, he walked off to the side, grabbed a nearly empty pint glass, tippped the beer out, popped the fuel line off his bike and opened the petcock and started draining gasoline into the pint glass.

Meanwhile the resident don’t fuck with me I’m fucking crazy is working up a head of steam and enjoying the attention and audience.

My mate has about 3/4 of a pint of petrol now, turns off the petcock and replaces the hose on the carb… casually walks up to Mr Motivator, who notices him coming and gives him even more don’t fuck with me shit, and calmly pours the petrol all over this freaks shoulders and chest… HANDS the cunt the glass saying “Here, take this”, then takes two steps back, pops out his trusty zippo, and a ready rolled smoke, and ssspop sparks up the zippo.

Between one heartbeat and the next, Mr Motivator don’t fuck with me I’m a crazy cunt and I’m outta control and nobody can control me flips the switch, he ain’t crazy no more, he is as sane as any human being dripping in petrol 6 feet away from  a naked flame and looking at someone who is just waiting for a reason to introduce the flame to the petrol… Mr Motivator is scared, and quiet, and pleading, and backing away, and muttering at my mate “jesus you’re fucking crazy man”

And everyone who had been fanning the flames, and half of those who had been backing off, turned around and started giving my mate shit… human nature eh.

“I got more petrol” was what he said to them, they backed off,  bar owner and staff have a confab and decide to send most junior member of staff out to ask us to kindly finish our drinks asap and fuck off asap as we were no longer welcome.

Of course it was 30 years ago, and we were at the wrong pub, there were other pubs where Mr Motivator would have been simply beaten to a pulp by several of the patrons, literally dumped unconcious in the trash, and left to his own devices, and nobody saw or heard or participated in anything, but if anyone enquired they might have had a theory or two as to what might have happened.

See, even then the rot was setting in, back in my dad’s day it would have been any / every pub where Mr Motivator got a smackdown, and it was no mere coinkydink that 30 years ago Mr Motivator did not pull his shit in a pub where he would have been given a good beating, I’m crazy but I can work out where to pull my shit and where not to.

If I walk out here now and see that shit I’ll stand well back, nothing but downsides to getting involved, you’ll be the one arrested and charged.

Which brings us back to the sexual harassment in the workpace dude, the current squeeze, well, pennies are dropping apace, and she doesn’t like what they reveal.

She *knows* that dickwad won’t do or say that shit to her face if I am there, not that I would beat on the asshole, I’d just visit his wife at home and tell him about his philandering ways and his imminent loss of employment so now would be a good time to divorce his ass and keep the house and all that shit… before he loses it all in compo in a lawsuit, which he would, we got the evidence in his own SMS records.

Like Mr Motivator back in the 80’s, dickwad knows where to pull this shit, and where not to… crazy like a fox, not crazy and out of control, not even one iota.

But her indoors sees the other pennies dropping everywhere, unless she is under the protection of and in the presence of her man / gang / abuser / whatever, she is meat on the hoof, far from equality and women’s rights and and safety and security, she is in far more danger now than at any time in the past, and this is all part of the plan.

Divide and conquer.

So now here in the Uk we have the big debate on BREXIT, or the UK leaving the EU, and guess what, BOTH side are *only* pressing the buttons marked FEAR, with the side that scares you the most being the side that wins, and whichever side that is, you’ll be a gibbering wreck with the lights off and curtains pulled cowering under your fucking bed, while all the Mr Motivators have a diversity parade outside your house screaming that they cannot fucking control themselves, so don’t fuck with me you assholes.

Too many in the blogosphere think that WE who point and shake our heads in dismay are the crystals in the super saturated solution, and live in hope that one day some trigger event will make us all come out of the woodwork en masse, unite and take our fucking societies back.


The current decay IS the crystals growing in the super saturated solution, and the growth will continue exponentially until the solution is merely saturated, and there it will stay, add more crystals and they go straight to add to the crystal main mass.

You have to break the beaker and throw away the crystallised mass, down the drain, or use it for another reaction, and then you still have a saturated solution left behind all over the workbench, and the only *natural* forces at play are evaporation, which will just turn that spilled saturated solution into crystals.

You can catch the evaporation and distil it.

Bottom line, when the baby is dissolved in solution, you do have to throw the baby out with the bath water, no matter whether your goal is to dispose of the baby or the bath water.

*WE* won’t be coming out of the woodwork en masse and uniting to rebuild society.

There is no we.

Every fucker for himself.

May 7, 2016

Miss Conception

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Shit you get on the swinging scene.

I’m a sexy woman / My wife is a sexy woman, I / she only wants to be adored and worshipped by a fit ripped clean smelling guy who can get it up three times in a night, why oh why oh why do we get so many time wasters?

Well, cunt isn’t a wad of 500 euro notes, cunt is more like a plate of food… allow me to explain.

If I have a wad of 500 euro notes in my pocket, and you offer me another wad, I just shove it in next to the first.

If I am sat down at a table eating a plate of food…. well, a BK double whopper is an attractive thing, if you are hungry, and not at home, and don’t want to cook, or don’t want to sit down for a proper meal, and don’t want fish and chips.

A double whopper when I already had toast and cornflakes this morning, and was planning on going to my favourite fish and chip shop tonight… well, persuade me…

That’s the thing, PERSUADE ME.

Don’t give me a fucking list of entry requirements and tell me how fucking lucky I am to be even considered for the opportunity to have a delishus dbl wopr… go fuck yourself.

The current squeeze, to put the food angle on it, isn’t a double whopper, or fish and chips, or beef bourginon, or a packet of crisps.

The current squeeze is a personal chef, maybe not michelin starred or anything high falutin, but a good competent all round cook, and I can have any meal I want, on demand, no limits.

Ok on the one hand this is partially why the current squeeze has remained around for so long, but the principle being discussed here is this, with my on demand any meal I want any time I want no limits personal chef, just what lengths do YOU have to go to to get me to pass up a home cooked meal in favour of your double whopper?

And this is a *much* more accurate portrayal of the whole sex game, and suddenly you are trying to convince a whole range of people to eat your double whopper…

Some won’t be interested at all, ever, they are vegan and veggies.

Some might in theory, but they own a restaurant, so in practice….

Some others might in theory but in practice prefer a chinky tonight.

Somewhere in all this there is a subset of those who might fancy your double whopper, but they have just eaten, or are too far away, or would like it tomorrow but not today.

Somewhere in that are people like me, hey, I have a personal chef, but by all means, bring it over, me and my chef can both have some… oh.. you want us to go to you?? when it suits you?? Sorry, no sale.

The truth is you could walk into BK, order two dozen double whoppers, walk outside BK and stand there with a sign saying “FREE BURGERS” and LOTS OF PEOPLE WILL WALK PAST.

And so you get people on swinging sites complaining that it feels like they can’t give it away… same shit with burgers dude.

And we have not even gone any where near the 800 lb chef in the room, YOU may think YOUR double whopper is the most delicious thing you ever tasted, I may look at it and think, hmm, if I was hungry enough, maybe, but I ain’t.

Some times, like last night, despite a fridge and freezer full of food, and beers on the side, what I really really wanted was bananas in a bowl of cornflakes for supper, and that is what I had.

On a similar note, looking at pictures of skanks on swinging sites is like looking at pictures of all the different burgers available at the burger bar.

You can look at the picture and think to yourself, mmmm, that looks quite tasty, I would not mind some of that.

But the decision to purchase depends on how long it will take to get the item in your hand, will it happen before the quite tasty thoughts wear off, and will the price asked seem worth it.

And then if you decide to go ahead, and I have LITERALLY done this on PoF and swinging meets, grap mobile phone, pull profile up, look from profile pics to actual real world item and back again.

Quite often the burger placed in your hand bears little if any resemblance to the enticing photo that lured you in.

Which is another way why sex can be like food, you can be NOT HUNGRY, and walk past a van frying some bacon up, and decide you know what, I really do want a bacon butty, RIGHT NOW.

But, to the infantile and entitlement pwincess minds of the wimminz and niggerz, this is all far too much like hard work.

This here fur-burger is so fucking awesome that at ANY price it is essentially free and only the fucking best and sexiest and nicest smelling hung like a horse and go all night like a jack hammer stud is even worthy of consideration, and even *those* fuckers better watch their manners.

I looked at one such profile today, a cuck couple in their late 40’s, and I will be the first to admit, for a late forties woman or fifties woman (because they all lie) her body was pretty damn good, IN PICTURES.

Just like the fucking burger bar.

But the entitlement, that kills any hope of me suspending disbelief long enough to look at the picture and think the MA graduates behind the counter have the ability to serve me something that even remotely resembles the pictures.

Lose the fucking attitude, offer to deliver it to me at my home next time I am hungry, we may be on to something.

Too rich for you?

Let me ask y’all a fucking question.

How the fuck do you think the current live in chef got the fucking ongoing temporary position??????

Another even better question is how do you think she has managed to RETAIN that position for some 400 days now and counting?

By hanving the same attitude, everything she has learned to date about my dietary tastes is used to improve her performance domani, and as we all know domani is an open ended always moving target.

It’s a journey, not a fucking destination.

Only worthless cunts and fuckbook addicts “check in” to places, real men pass through, like ships in the night, and the smart grazers just follow them wherever they go, like seagulls following a fishing boat.

If you want to know true horror, do what I just did, and type the title of this post into google, and yeah, some cunt made a wimminz film with that title…. vomit

The TRUTH is that swinging is more like not always cooking and eating at home, than it is like fucking teen pornstars that are so hot 100,000 other people on instagram hate you for it.

And the people that get it most wrong are the ones that do the sexual equivalent of opening a cup cake shop and expecting everyone to queue up for the priviledge of being a customer, so there is always always always a wimminz in there somewhere, possibly supported or encouraged by a niggerz, who thinks he is so fortunate to be allowed to fuck his wife that any other man that does not feel the same must be infected with the ghey or something…

…. or whatever dude.

Anyway, this post is in response to a couple of emails from people asking what happned to all the sex advice stuff, and I realised this was a point I had not made.

If you treat sex the same way you treat a plate of food, and getting someone else to want to eat your food, or them getting you to want to eat their food, you will make almost zero mistakes, waste almost zero time, and suffer almost zero anxiety.

You do NOT have to spend your life paying through the nose for subtandard food cooked and sold to you by others.

Only assholes pay 150 bucks for a burger draped in gold leaf, there is always a burger van a couple of miles away that will do you a fried egg sandwich and a mug off coffee for 2.50, and that is all you need to stay alive.

May 5, 2016

How does it feel?

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Slade asked this question in 1973, and answered in it 1974 with Far Far Away…

There are many things that you can wonder how they feel, and it is legal to do so, but not legal to find out, not usually anyway.

The obvious choices are how does it feel to kill another human being, and how does it feel to fuck a seven year old, you can’t join the po-po and find out how it feels to fuck a seven year old, well, you probably can, but it’s not like icing some brazilian wop on the tube by emptying your nine millimeter into his head and never actually getting prosecuted or losing your job…

But, if you were determined enough, and did not mind the consequences, you could go out and do either of those things tomorrow, and know the answer to the question, how does it feel?

There are some things you can’t do though, how does it feel to watch the first man walk on the moon, live, on telly?

Well, lots of people did, and probably felt many similar things, and many different things, but to those who came after, the question is pointless, because the answer is meaningless.

The answer is meaningless because nobody who was alive then is here now, sure, some of us are still alive, but we really are not the same people we were back then, nor is the world the same place.

I suspect there is an academic study somewhere, differentiating between the guy who kidnapped and raped and killed 22 different young girls, and the guy who kidnapped and raped one young girl every day for three weeks before killing her.

How did it feel?

It obviously felt different to these two hypothetical (but probably real somewhere, some place, some time) sex offenders.

You get the same thing in real adult sexual relationshits, 99.99% of the cunt I ever had, I never had an interest in sticking my cock in it a second time, once was enough.

How does it feel? OK, but not good enough to want to go back.

Scientifically I can put all that cunt in one pile, and another pile for the cunt I felt like going back to for re-runs, and tell you that there is no physical differences that I am aware of that can explain it.

How does it feel to be Johnny Ace when he recorded Pledging My Love all by his lonesome, with his guitar and his booze and his reel to reel tape deck and his gun, and then to blow your own brains out.

I can sit here and say the song is moving, but I don’t feel what he felt.

“our song” crock of shit, especially when the DJ plays it and five different couples go out on the dance floor thinking it is their song.

The only feelings I can trust were those I experienced when I was physically alone, no other human beings anywhere near, not for miles, and you watch a sunrise or sun set or moon or whatever in solitude, and even then you knew that whatever you were feeling was largely poisoned or influenced and shaped by whatever human interactions you had had in the past week.

How does it feel?

How does it feel to be a wimminz, or a niggerz, or a twenty something growing up in this world?

I can haz no cheezburger, or no concept, of what they feel, and the inverse is equally true.

I have just watched a young wimminz decide she does not like some aspects of her life, start unfriending people of fuckbook, start burning bridges, but of course as usual it is all the wrong people that get un friended and all the wrong bridges that get burst, and the only words I have to describe it is “fucking mental” and “dangerous to be around”.. she is toxic, like almost everyone else in the modern generations….

I could ask her how does it feel but there is no point, I know the answer, she will tell me it feels like shit.

I have a theory for the absolute fucking *explosion* in the levels of popularity with the younger generations of vampire / witch / magic / supernatural / whatever media.

The theory is that like no generations that have ever gone before, they not only feel totally powerless to influence their own lives and destinies, they now have a digital escape route.

rapists be doing it all wrong, don’t grab the bitch by the throat and drag her into the bushes, just giver her a little VR helmet with a 1080p screen showing Buffy slaying some vampires and bury her head in the sand with her ass in the air and you can do whatever you want to it for as long as you want, park your bike in the crack and come back a week later and it will still be there.

My generation had it down man, reality sucked, it was cause by a lack of drugs, and so on, we had it all down.

The thing was the escapism lasted only so long, you could get an hour out of some grass, three hours out of some speed and six hours out of some acid, mix them all together and you could go 24 hours no problem, keep it up and you could do 72 hours at a gig or rally or party or whatever.

But you always had to come down.

These kids don’t, the skank I was mentioning earlier, during waking hours barely two hours would go by without a fuckbook update, the fantasy infused the reality, the six foot high rabbits chasing my mate as he rode his motorcycle down the lanes one evening, terrified and exhilarated at the same time, nobody else could see that, I only knew he could see that because he told me later, what I saw was something shapeshifting and mythical that scared all the shadows in the hedges back into their lairs.

For the skank and all her contemporaries they all share a common delusion, she thinks she has checked in at burger king on the high street, and everyone else thinks she has checked in at burger king on the high street, you know the place, it’s just around the corner from keyser soze’s bistro on east street, of course you wouldn’t know that, you can’t check in there on fuckbook, because as far as fuckbook is concerned it doesn’t exist.

It’s like the  stingray man, and I don’t mean no Troy Tempest, I mean the always active cell tower spoofing one, warrants to intercept pizza thief’s my hairy ass, best use for that is hiding keyser soze’s bistro in plain sight, or the united fruit bubblegum company, a spook that you can see clearly in daylight in the church cannot be a spook, case of mistaken identity bro…

These are not the droids you are looking for, nor was anyone else here in the 12 hours before the bomb went off an operative, oh no, and these guys here, well, they never even went near the burger king where the bomb went off, they were around the corner in keyser’s bistro.

How does it feel, to live in a world where so much of reality is obscured by the digital model?

WE live in a world where someone with root access to a sufficient number of systems, a number that is dropping as the interlinks and dependencies rise, can warp reality to such an extent that nobody else has to know that it is all a horrible lie, not the police, not the courts, not the prisons, not the newspapers, not the neighbours, nobody needs to know it is a lie, only me, and the root hacker, and for me it may as well be true, because ultimately anything that any of the above, or anyone else, can read off a computer screen will be accepted by them as being the truth if they trust that particular screen or system, or are paid to trust them.


How does it feel to be a murderer… clickety click

How does it feel to be a child molester… clickety click

How does it feel to be an isis suicide bomber… clickety click

How does it feel to have no money… clickety click

How does it feel to elect Trump… clickety click

How does it feel to end the use of cash… clickety click

How does it feel to be at war… clickety click.

How does it feel, to remember a world where the worst that a computer hacker could do was wipe your files or pwn your website or buy loads of blow and hookers on your credit card?

How does it feel, to remember a world where it was easier to kill someone than it was to successfully frame them for a murder they did not commit?

How does it feel, to remember a world where you could cross the county line and escape whatever data was held about you in the police computer, or simply move address and escape whatever records the bank had about you, and open another account, and get another cheque book with 2o blank cheques and a cheque guarantee card that was good for 50 quid so you could in theory burn £1,000 at each address.

How does it feel, to remember a world where a “reference” was something hand written or typed on company headed paper from your last employer, that was worth more than gold itself.

How does it feel, to remember a world where your wages were paid to you in cash every week, because salaries paid monthly were things that only happened to company directors and ex-pats.

How does it feel?


I dunno, for you, I’m far far away….

I’ve seen the yellow lights go down the Mississippi
I’ve seen the bridges of the world and they’re for real;
I’ve had a red light of the wrist without me even gettin’ kissed
It still seems so unreal.

I’ve seen the morning in the mountains of Alaska
I’ve seen the sunset in the east and in the west;
I’ve sang the glory that was Rome,
And passed the hound dog singer’s home;
It still seems for the best.

And I’m far, far away
with my head up in the clouds
And I’m far, far away
with my feet down in the crowds
Lettin’ loose around the world
But the call of home is loud still as loud

I’ve seen the Paris lights from high upon Montmartre
And felt the silence hanging low in no mans land;
And all those Spanish nights were fine,
It wasn’t only from the wine;
It still seems all in hand.

I’ve seen the yellow lights go down the Mississippi
The grand Bahama island stories carry on;
And all those arigato smiles
Stay in your memory for a while;
There still seems more to come.

And I’m far, far away
with my head up in the clouds
And I’m far, far away
with my feet down in the crowds
And I’m far, far away
But the sound of home is loud still as loud.


May 3, 2016

It is important to remember

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That not everyone is out to fuck you over.

I’m speaking as a businessman now as well as a private individual, and it is important to remember this point.

In over a year of trading the latest business venture, I have not had a single actual customer or potential customer who was out to fuck me over.

All any of them wanted was a decent amount of bang for their buck, and most of the enquiries were about that very thing.

I can’t even claim to have been deluged with dreamers and time wasters, because several times now someone has come along for a quote and asked a bunch of questions and then gone silent, and then three months later they turn up again and pull the trigger on the job.

Obviously they needed some more links in the chain at the time of the first enquiry.

I’m sure this would be different if I was running a scam operation to maximise profit and minimise expenditure, I’m sure that if that was the case I’d have been loads of people, equally as mercenary and scheming as I would have been.

But, I said “people”, businesses may be legal persons, but they are not people, and I am currently battling a business.

In short they are a utility supplier, a utility supplier that has already been fined 23 million for fucking up customer billing, but they show no signs of learning from this, and they are chasing me, via lawyers, for 2+k that I do not owe.

Their methods are simple, keep going to courts, keep lying to the courts (“I swear for a fact this guy owes us 2k”) until the courts give them a warrant to enter my home and remove my old utility meters and replace them with new pre-pay ones that charge several times the actual cost of utilities used, in order to repay the debt they claim is owed.

I have to go to the court every time and say they are lying, say they are themselves being taken to court by me for harassment, and the beat goes on, but it is never resolved, and nobody involved in this systematic perjury, harassment, blackmail and ineptitude is ever called onto the carpet and given a severe bollocking.

It works this way because “Tom” at the power company hires “Fred” at the legal company, and “Fred” sends “Dick” to the actual court room to make these statements about what a complete shit I am for owing 2+k and never having paid a single bill in 3 years, and “Dick” says that to the best of his knowledge this is indeed the truth, because “Fred” told him so.

Dick “believes” he is telling the truth, so nobody touches him, especially not the court.

And that, very neatly, is how you circumvent the rules in a system.

Private individuals are not like that, businesses and corporations and the state often are, which is why when a private individual comes up against a business or corporation or state that wants to fuck them over, the private individual will lose 99.9% of the time.

There is a very important and fundamental principle of democracy and society at the heart of this;

The ability to stand up in a court and say “I believe this to be true” while having no actual evidence to back it up, just a claim made by someone else that X is the truth.

It is why we have a fucked up family court system and sexual offences court system, a complaint is all it takes, and everyone else just says they believe the complaint is the truth.

And we have devolved to the point where the single man is the least likely to be believed, and the wimminz and lawyers and corporations and large organisations like the po-po are the most likely to be believed.

One lion is not to be trusted, turn your back and he will eat you for lunch, but a pride of lions all made up from individual hungry lions is somehow to be trusted, because they have a lawyer to speak for them and he states that he believes it to be true that his clients have just had lunch, a nice zebra, and couldn’t possibly eat another mouthful…. he believes this to be true because the lions told him so.

Jesus loves me, this I know, because the bible, told me so….

I *do*, I really *do* understand the arguments for why things are thus, and they all boil down to a variation on the theme that it is very very very difficult to put everything to proof, it is very very very difficult to mark everything to market, it is very very very difficult to do X, and my response is so what.

Just because something is difficult does not mean you can just discard it, if you cannot handle the difficulty then you need to find another game, or another methodology, or another framework, you don’t just throw out processes that do not fit within your streamlined just in time five nines prince procedures.

If you have me a batallion of soldiers and told me to train them up, first thing I am going to do is take away all their weapons and give them a good single shot bolt action rifle, everyone in the batallion is going to be a sniper but not individuals, you move and work as a team, at 300 yard urban warfare you can decide that since it is a Tuesday and dry today all enemies will be shot in their left eye, not the right, the right eye was yesterday.

They will fucking slaughter the ten batallions of guys with fully automatic weapons and crew fed weapons calling for more ammo 60 seconds into the engagement, because that is always what happens when you pit a smaller cadre of highly trained and skilled people against a much larger group of poorly trained and skilled people, and it doesn’t matter much what equipment they have…. not on a level playing field.

Which brings us back to individuals vs conglomerates, single lions against a large pride of lions.

The individual is going to be more skilled and trained, or he is going to get dead or hungry or bust or fucker over, very very quickly.

As long as one of the lions in the pride makes a kill, everyone is going to get *something* to chew on, and the hunting is a lot easier because you have the numbers on your side, it pays to be in a gang.

Gang members are far more likely to fuck you over, after all, what are you gonna do about it, safety in numbers, you can’t fight one of the fucks, you have to take the whole gang on at once, and the gang can’t tolerate that sort of disrespect, so they have to pound on your ass, whether they enjoy it or not, in a big enough gang, the ones that do the pounding *will* be the ones that enjoy it.

Individuals are far less likely to fuck you over, they don’t need to invite the trouble.

The flip side is transgressions against a gang can be a survival strategy, if you can keep the annoyance factor below a trigger level you can make a living out of it and become a gang groupie.

Transgression against an individual, well he probably isn’t going to eat today because of it, so he won’t forget, won’t forgive, and will bide his time.

The individiual isn’t going to be schizo either, he is who he is, night and day, the gang member has two personalities though, so they are always shizo, they can attack you personally, and when you respond in kind they say you are attaching the whole gang, suddenly their individual actions get legitimised as being actions by and on behalf of the gang, and, after all, the actions must be legit or the gang would have dealt with them….

There is a nice example of this at the moment on the UK high streets, with the store chain BHS, the former staff are all well pissed off, how dare they, we gave our time and our loyalty to this company, meantime the chairman is sat on his yacht and the other guy that bought the company for £1 and then asset stripped it is sat in his villa drinking margaritas, how dare they…

… meanwhile us individuals just sit there and shrug, what the fuck did you expect, loyalty from the gang towards you as an individual, when the whole fucking point of the gang is to fuck over individuals and individuality.

You never shed a tear for me, so fuck you in your time of need.



April 29, 2016

Water is wet, Elvis is dead…

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…. and other shocking news…

I’m not sure how else to describe those moments in your life when someone else asks you if you have heard the news, water is wet, elvis is dead, or as in this case, the Fed crashes the economy in the last month of an outgoing Prezzident’s final term…

Well yes, It’s been happening since Ronnie Ray Gun to my own personal knowledge and observation at least…

To be fair the vid they showed me laid it out quite nicely, presented it as a series of sucessive bubbles, and quoted some good numbers.

A US$ 550,000,000,000,000.00 bubble in this case, larger than the entire planet’s GDP for a year, much larger.

But there are two things about the vid that I disagree with.

1/ it calls these regular events “bubbles””

2/ it says this (bubble bursting event) one will be by far the biggest one the world has ever seen.

And in dealing with those two things in reverse order my responses are;

2/ “so far” / “until the next one”

1/ “bubble” makes it sound like some kids game, where a bunch of people get greedy, and take turns at the game pressing a pump that slightly inflates a toy balloon, and the loser is the one who gives it the pump stroke that bursts the balloon, kerplunk in reverse.

What it is in reality is a wealth transfer from the many to the very very few.

I suspect the *next* one, or maybe the one after that, is the one that ends the game for all the players, and turns the monster perpetual world series always on the winners table until that date into the biggest losers in human history, except few will notice, so much other shit will be going down.

I suspect *this* one is just to trigger the end of the so called petrodollar and the beginning of the end of the US$ as the world’s reserve currency.

You can turn McDonnel Douglas’s market cap from whatever the fuck it is into barely enough to buy a latte at starfucks, and it won’t affect one iota the amount of employees and machines and patents it holds, or it’s ability to turn out weapons of war.

It *will* make them much cheaper to buy on the open market though.

See, that is the other thing I observe in world history, things come in two forms, one is “where the fuck did that come from?” and the other one is the result of a plan by a group of people sitting around a table somewhere.

I have *never* see one of the latter that did not have a dry run, somewhere, somehow, sometime, first, so Greece is the dry run for Europe, Argentina is the dry run for the Americas, Iraq was the dry run for the Middle East, and so on.

And you know what comes after the dry run… version 1.1 with new and improved levels of bullshit and manipulation.

At heart I always have been and always will be an engineer, and an engineer sees things with spanners in his hands, and never before in my life have I seen so many things that are essential to modern life denied any kind of maintenance sufficient to prevent degrading, much less upgrades to prevent future obsolescence.

The single solitary thing that I can see that is getting constant upgrades and tweaking is the use of IT by the state to track and monitor people, to give them state handouts, to control their liberty, to manage the hordes and what they see and what they think.

Fuck the roads, fuck the power grid, fuck the water grid, fuck the phone system, fuck the mobile phone system, fuck the postal system, fuck the education system, fuck everything….

In the Daily Fail today is the news that Assad has bombed the shit out of a medicines without borders hospital in Syria, killing the last proctologist or something, oh, and some childruuun and wimminz.

Funny, because when it comes to bombing hospitals nobody has form like the USAF, TV stations too… and last I heard Assad was on the back foot and could barely get bullets to his troops, much less actually get a permit from those controlling syrian airspace to put up one of the ageing syrian jets.

But they did mention that the Jet shot down over Ukraine with all those passengers so long ago that everyone has forgotten anything about it except that that bastard putin did it, might have been shot down by a jet after all and not a missile..

… waits for countdown to it being a syrian jet, or a jihadi jet, or a north korean jet

April 26, 2016


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Back in the day, when talking about the African continent and the role of white men versus the blacks (I’m avoiding the words natives and aboriginals as only a vanishingly small proportion of the black inhabitants of southern africa are “native”… most of the blacks there today are from north africa, and turned up with the white man…) you could talk about the paramount importance of the black man “respecting” the white man, and by respect yes I am talking about immediate and severe reprisals for failing to do so.

You’d instantly be able to categorise everyone in earshot into three categories;

  1. Those who had lived there and got it
  2. Those who had lived there and had bleeding hearts
  3. Those who had not lived there

Everything that group #1 forewarned has come to pass, groups #2 and #3 are still blaming group #1 and everything else is a consequence of that.

Like black men, white men are not all the same.

Group #1 was notable because THEY FUCKING LIVED AND WORKED THERE, by lived I mean had homes and raised families and children, and by worked I mean not in the fucking military, but in agriculture or industry or business.

Group #1 knew that the respect that the white man demanded, and needed to make anything work, never mind to make everything work, was as substantial as tissue paper in the rain, the slightest mis step could destroy it.

So companies that worked there that looked to employ a white man in England to send out there vetted the bastard, and his fucking wife, to make sure that quite apart from the specific job skills, you toed the fucking line.

A senior manager’s wife, when the whites went a-recreatin, a day out dinghy racing for example, could and did, as part of her role, ensure that the junior wives all wore white linen gloves, hats, and suitable attire at all times, and did nt over indulge in the demon drink while in public… fail to obey and the senior manager’s wife has a work with the senior manager, who has a word with the junior wife’s husband, and informs him that unless his wife starts toeing the line, sharpish,  she will be sent back to the UK, and he can follow her if he likes, be a shame to lose you old boy, another drink?

This was the reality.

This reality accepted certain tenets of human nature, without making any comment about whether those tenets were good or bad, or any value judgements about whether they were desirable or undesirable… it was much more basic, it was very very very basic, it was what did and did not work.

Meanwhile back home in the UK, things were much slacker, but it was really just a matter of degree, not a sea change…. teachers, doctors, telephonists, nurses, priests, policemen, bank managers, they were set apart from the crowd, held to higher standards than the general public, fail to meet them, be a shame to lose you old boy, another drink?

When you *failed* those standards it was not like failing a driving test, just keep going back and trying again and again until you passed, it was like failing the test as a future wife or husband for a specific individual, you were obviously unsuited by nature, so barring some major life changing experience, you remained unsuited by nature for life, sorry to lose you old boy, no hard feelings.

You did not get another shot.

You probably did not even get a first shot.

“Our man in Addis Abbaba”

Because more often than not, that is exactly what it was, you sent a lone white man out there, and he might or might not take his wife along, and have a family and raise kids there.

He did not have the ability to call for a fire mission, or evac, or an ammo drop, or a medic, or rations, or anything else…. he did not have comradeship and companionship and a crowd of barracks mates to watch his back, he didn’t even have any barracks, save for those he found for himself.

For every Cecil Rhodes or Rajah Brooke or El Laurence there were ten thousand men whose names we will never know now, with smaller fields of responsibility, they had one mine, or one port or one plantation or one region to oversee, but they were all cut from the same cloth.

It is one thing to walk the hallways of power in DC or London or Brussels and talk about what should be done in bum-fuck-nowhere, or to cut orders to sent people there to make it happen.

It is another thing entirely to be the one man who goes out there alone and makes it happen, with nothing but what he can conjure himself out of thin air.

RESPECT was the name of the game, you abso-fucking-lutely had to be able to earn it, wherever you went, but respect was as substantial as tissue paper in the rain, you could lose it all, forever, in the blink of an eye.

If you cannot lose it, and everything else, including your home and your family and your life and everything you have been working towards, then you do not have respect, you have power, and the two have little in common.

Brunei was a colonial backwater in Borneo with nothing much to offer the world but jungle and primitive tribes, then oil came along and by the seventies it was known as the Shellfare State because of the vast wealth that Shell oil was pumping into the economy, the Sultan soon became one of the richest men in the world, now we have to two brothers, obscenely wealthy and rapidly turning the place into a Sharia hell hole from which it will never recover when the oil runs out, or gets taken away by China (most of the oil is offhsore… way offshore)

Substitute Saudi or Iraq or anywhere else oil flows, and you have power, not respect, it is almost the other extreme from respect.

Same goes for back here in the UK or EU, we now have power structures, not respect structures, because power can always trump respect, even one time niche power areas like feminism and liberalism and conservatism and democratism.

Power is a cancer, it eats everything it touches, and once it spreads to the black man, the brown man, the muslim man, the white man in the streets, then the black woman, the brown woman, then the black child, the brown child, there is no way back.

Respect cannot survive, by definition it has no defence against power, because by definition respect was transitory and ethereal in nature, it existed only in men’s heads, and after twenty years might make some inroads into men’s hearts, but it dies with them and does not infect the next generation.

Respect would *categorise* human beings, but the categories would all be human beings, the black would be the boy, even if he was a man, and the white would be the father, even if he was the boy.

Power dehumanises all living creatures, it does not describe the creature, just the relationship between them, if I have power over this creature, I can do as I please with it, feed it, fuck it, beat it, starve it, kill it, eat it.. and it can be any human, any sex, any age, any race.

If I have a goal, say to fuck 7 year old girls, respect as a vehicle does not give me any way to achieve that goal, power on the other hand gives me loads of ways to achieve that goal.

Power is a cancer because the only way that that 7 year old girl can defend herself against me is if she has more power than me, and in many ways in modern western society she does, even 40 years later she can see me imprisoned for something that I never actually did.

The best defence against power is more power.

Moar guns, moar munnay, moar resources, moar oil, moar subsidies, moar taxes, moar lawyers, moar bought and paid for officials, moar debts owed to me, moar indentures servitude, moar propaganda, moar lies.

Here in the UK today the junior doctors are all on strike, the news is full of sound bites from Hunt, the health secretary, and the junior doctors, and patients, and everyone knows it is all about money, apparently the poor bastards are on “low pay”

Nobody is actually talking about what their pay is…. so how do we know it is low? Low compared to what?


You can see that even as a junior junior doctor in training, add in a couple of the supplements that everyone gets and it is hard to pull down less than UK£30k per annum, graduate and make the grade and get a few years in service and you can pull down in excess of 100k.

When the fuck did 30k = “low pay”

Sure, the worthless skank that I fucked a while ago who worked with poor abused skank ho single mommies making sure they got adequate housing and support was pulling down 35k+, so compared to her and what she did, junior doctors are underpaid…. COMPARED TO HER.

Compared to nurses, not so much.

And, might I remind you, none of these cunts had a gun at their head when they chose their careers, and none of these cunts have manacles fitted to their ankles and writs to prevent them fucking off to LA and getting paid a squillion bucks a year if they are good enough once the state and taxpayer here has kindly paid for all the training that actually made them fucking doctors in the first fucking place.

Sure, you greedy little cunts, here is an extra 25k a year, and here is the 500,000 bill for your training, 4% APR interest, you can start paying it off now, and you cannot leave the country or the profession until you have paid it back in full.


See, it is easy to manipulate thoughts.

Tom Dick and Harry go to the restaurant for a meal, their waiter is Jose and the bill comes to £30 so Tom Dick and Harry each put a £10 note on the plate.

Jose takes the plate and money to the till and realises that the meal the eat was on a special, it should only be £25, so Jose takes 5 x £1 coins from the till, there is no smaller change in the till, only £1 coins, gives himself 2 as a tip for his honesty, and gives 1 each back to Tom Dick and Harry.

Tom Dick and Harry have now paid £9 each, and 3 x 9 = 27, and £27 plus the £2 Jose kept for himself = £29, so where did the other £1 of the original £30 go?

Of course the truth is that the anomaly only exists because of the language used to phrase the question, there is no missing £1, the question deliberately conflated two separate memes into one.

£30 went into the till and £5 was taken out, so the meal was £25.

The till balances

The diners paid £9 each so 3 x 9 = £27, which is £25 plus the £2 tip Jose gave himself.

The diners monies balance.

The math is good, no problem.

So manipulating thoughts is easy.

So manipulating thoughts for respect or power is equally easy, and it is equally easy to beat anyone who is manipulating thought to gain respect, just accuse them of doing it to gain power, for ulterior motives, you are only doing that so you can fuck 7 year old girls…

And suddenly talking about respect and power is like talking about how the white man used to treat blacks in africa…

  1. People who lived in a world based on respect who get it
  2. People who lived in a world based on respect who preferred power
  3. People who have never lived in a world based on respect, only a world based on power.

And there is no way outta that.

Which leaves us with interesting philosophical questions, is it better for the black man in africa to be ruled by the white man and be a second class citizen but at least to be safe and fed and housed and peaceful, or is it better for the black man in africa to be free of white rule, and be ruled by black men and be a third or fourth class citizen who is unsafe, not housed, not fed, and not peaceful, but at least free from the yoke of white supremacy?

But interesting philosophical questions are the realm of the human being with respect for his fellow humans, those who are interested in power dismiss them, of course it is better for blacks to run africa, end of discussion.


When the power structures themselves get to their end of life and start crumbling the very structures that allowed them to come into being, what happens then?

Well, we all have a ring side seat to that one.

I’m off to lube up some 7 year old flesh. I don’t wanna be sloppy tenth after all…

April 15, 2016

Riding bareback.

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As many of you know, I have been a member of the swinging scene for many years, both informally (serial dating on PoF) and formally (swinging / hookup websites)

For me at least it is true that I got more cunt on PoF than I did during the same time period via swinging, but then again I was looking for the same thing, 1 on 1 with a skank, if I was looking for 3/4/moresomes, then of course the numbers would be different.

What is different on swinging sites is all the “methinks the lady doth protest too much” regular comment about “safe sex” by which people mean wearing a condom for penetrative sex in the cunt or ass, but not for a blow job etc.

You get the usual and expected gamut, from single guys trying to get laid by expressing outrage and shock at a purported wimminz who asked to be fucked bareback, of course our hero refused, because he cares about his health, through similar stories from da wimminz, from couples, etc etc etc.

I posted a message on the swinging forums to the effect that it was interesting that my profile stated that I intended to fuck any potential meet in all three holes, and would not be using a condom, but would be dumping a load, that I had had loads of meets with “single” wimminz, that as far as I could recall every single one of them had a “no glove no love” thing on their profile, and that I could tell you for a fact the subject of condoms never ever arose at the meet itself.

Instant flame war and sooner than you can say “FUCK ME” the thread was locked and then deleted.

There are still a small proportion on there that advertise the fact that they prefer bareback, but by and large they are publicly shunned by everyone else, and privately, well, they get meets.

It was easy to mindfuck the safe sex advocates, if you believe the condom works to protect you, then it should not matter to you if I had bareback sex with 99 sluts a day for the last year, it doesn’t matter what I caught, because the condom will protect you, this is why you want the fucking condom, this is the psalm you sing.

Of course this doesn’t go down well either, because the truth is somewhat different, the truth is that it is couples and FB couples and those others in some form of MF relationshit, the purpose of the condom is to prevent any other M from depositing sperm in that particular F, so provided it doesn’t get made public and that particular M doesn’t get to hear about it, it’s all good.

So people like me are like walking into a secret paedo convention naked with a 6 year old impaled on my cock, the moral outrage and indignation is a thing to behold.

Guys mainly like condoms because they don’t trust wimminz for contraception.

Wimminz mainly like condoms because they can have their cake and eat it and claim the internal dumping of sperm is the special bonding thing we have going on bro… those other cocks are just cocks, *you* dump cum in me.

I also ride motorcycles, and particularly with northern latitude bikers, the full set of leathers and boots and gloves and helmet is the condom.

You’ll get english bikers riding down to spain in the summer and literally sweating their bollocks off inside their leathers, but hey, at least they are safe and protected, leather = safe riding just like condoms = safe sex.

I’ll hold my hand up here and say I have ridden harleys in sneakers, shorts, tee shirt and fuck all else, hell, I have ridden harleys wearing sneakers and a toga and fuck all else.

Here in the UK it’s usually cold enough or wet enough that I actively enjoy the added layers of leather and padding, pinkies wrapped up in sea boot woolen socks inside proper leather boots, hand snug in pukka gore tex gauntlets.

Come summer, fingerless gloves, jeans, sneakers, jacket only partially zipped, and all the bikers start taking the piss, it’s not safe sex dude, you’re a fucking idiot and an organ donor in waiting.

Yonks ago a car maker introduced a concept car at a motor show and branded it the safest car in the world, the bodywork was made of glass, and there was a large sharpened spike in the middle of the steering wheel pointing straight at the driver’s chest, a volvo with crumple zones and 99 airbags is of course safe sex H^H^H^ driving.

Leaving aside for a moment the hilarity of a 20 something guy in a bike spares shop taking the piss out of the organ donor customer wearing fingerless gloves and blue jeans, can anyone say customer relations?

Sure, I have fallen off motorcycles a time or two in my life, I think five times in total, I’m not sure, but I am still here all in one piece which should give some indication that said exit stage left’s were all at fairly low speeds, similarly I have caught the odd std from time to time, tricho, chlam and herpes simplex, once each, though of course herpes is here to stay, but again I caught them all at fairly low speeds, eg while in some sort of ongoing relationshit.

I’m not claiming for an instant that one guy done up with 2000 bucks worth of carbon fibre leather body armour is no more protected than a guy wearing jeans and sneakers when facing the same spill / accident / incident, clearly the dressed up guy is far more protected.

I am claiming that a guy in an open face helmet or no helmet and a tee shirt is not going to be doing 120 mph in the rain, whereas the kitted up biker can do it with impunity.

So you’re probably looking at the organ donor stupid biker having a 40 mph spill, but the kitted up road knight having a 70 mph spill, and suddenly things are not so clear cut any more.

With my no condom rule I did extremely well STD wise, because there were a lot of wimminz I just did not want to stick my cock into.

There also analogies to sex with a condom being like taking a bath with your clothes on, and riding a motorcycle in summer all kitted up being like taking a bath with your clothes on.

I have to resort, once or twice a year, to finding some very quiet out of the way place to ride up and down for a minute or two with no helmet on if I want to actually listen to all the mechanical noises coming from the bike to catch any early warning signs of wear etc.

Life is too short to tell you all the stories I know of bikers with full face helmets and earplugs under them or ipod choonz, and car drivers with the stereo blaring, who “suddenly” and “with no warning” break down and coast to the side of the road, and then face a 2k repair bill for all the stuff that has been blown to pieces because they never heard anything.

The trouble is, you cannot separate “protecting yourself” from “insulating yourself”, by definition the two are intertwined and cut from the same piece of cloth, put me in Fallout 4 and console in “tgm” and I’ll stroll into anything on survival mode and just keep plugging away until the baddies are all dead, hell, I may even nuke my own ground zero for shits and giggles, it don’t matter, I’m protected and insulated from the consequences, pop me into Mosul at night where there are no re-runs and game over is death and there are more ways of getting dead than there are of not, I’m firing up the fucking GPS to find the fastest way outta there in sneak mode.

It’s a problem we have with society, you cannot avoid risk without also insulating yourself away from life, and the more you insulate yourself away from life, the more out of touch with reality you get, and the more out of touch with reality you get, the worse the decisions you make.

motorways are by far the safest roads we have for one simple reason, 99% of the time there is no oncoming traffic and no turning traffic, you only have to watch the russian dash cam videos to see what a huge difference eliminating oncoming traffic makes to road safety.

Here in the UK we have “A” roads which may be anything from the road outside my house up to a dual lane carriageway with a central barrier or reservation, and B roads which are always single lane each way, but are sometimes so narrow as to have “passing places” where traffic in opposing directions can pass, to “unclassified” roads which are basically little more than tracks, in a van you will have grass growing in the middle of the road and both wing mirrors hitting the hedges… or urban streets

Most of the “pedestrian vs vehicle” fatalities happen on unclassified roads, most of the vehicle vs vehicle collisions are either “give way” lights or junctions or right turn across oncoming traffic, with a smattering of “lane discipline” ones where people cut across designated lanes to make an exit.

In town I will rarely get above 30 mph on a motorcycle, in traffic it is all first and second gear work, and low engine RPM at that, and frankly speaking those are not the “dangerous” speeds, sure, you can break bones and get fucked up, but there is a good chance everyone will limp away relatively unscathed.

Accidents *tend* to be of the sort where someone says ohfucknothecuntisn’tgoingtoOHSHITTHEY ARe BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE and you still hit each other, but you have shed much of the speed, so by definition of you’d been going slower you could have shed all the speed.

Not many are of the sort where you only manage to shed 10% of your speed, those are usually the fatalities.

This is a guy called David Holmes dying.

He was all kitted up, armoured leathers, gloves, boots, full face helmet.

He was also doing 100 mph across junctions, an A road, where the speed LIMIT is 60, and he was doing 97 when he hit, in a vehicle that we all know is only one third the size of a car and so one third as visible.


Yes, the car driver fucked up, yes, the car driver got prosecuted, and yes, David Holmes is still dead.

At 97 mph Mr Holmes would have needed around 400 feet to react and brake to a stop, at 40 mph, two thirds of the speed LIMIT, assuming he eased off for a junction, reaction and stopping distance is reduced to 100 feet.

Hell I’m a biker and I’m the first to admit that until a biker coming towards you is nearly upon you it is *real* hard to guess their oncoming speed from a quick momentary glance, which is all anyone doing a right turn (in a left side country) actually fucking does, because 99.99% of the time a momentary glance is all it takes.

Mr Holmes would not be any deader if he had the same accident in sneakers and jeans and a tee.

But, this isn’t always the case

It’s the twat riding with his legs spread a mile away from the pegs that eventually drops it, asshole still walks away from it though, no oncoming, no sudden bone breaking organ bursting deceleration.

I can remember my early riding years and a then old bike gave me some safety advice.

try not to hit anything”

I heard an old pilot give a young pilot similar advice, try not to hit the ground.

And of course this is what all the car manufacturers know, the volvo with all the safety features, and 99.9% of those safety features are about the vehicle hitting something.

If the biker in the last clip had hit a 6″ kerb at that speed it would be game over, or a road sign post, or a tree, the armour won’t make a difference, as Mr Holmes discovered the hard way.

The guy in the last clip wasn’t about insulating away risk and reality, they were on an adrenaline rush and looking for the intoxicating rush of risky reality, and they got it, and did not learn the lessons, because everyone walked away.

But the were on an adrenaline rush *because* in every other area of life risk and reality are all nicely insulated away, and that sucks man, that’s lame man, that’s boring man, so lets go out and have some fucking fun.

I can safely categorise every single one of my motorcycle spills as “something I was not expecting to happen happened, and I did not have enough time or space or reactions to catch it before it went south”

And I am still here in one piece because all those things happened at low speeds.

Mr Holmes and the punk above are examples of what happens when that happens at high speeds.

Beyond that, one of them hit something and died, one of them did not hit something and did not die, and being honest about it, that was the crucial factor, not the gear.. the punk in the last video would *probably* have had less road rash and blood lost, but equally he *might* have been worse injured, skin smears off, leathers might grip, next thing you flip wrong, brachial plexus lesion and an arm that will never work again, it’s a gamble.

One did 100 mph into oncoming traffic with a junction, one did 100 mph in same direction traffic with no junction.

Like my protestations in the swinging forum that I fucked loads of wimminz who all had safe sex only on their profile, and condoms were never even mentioned, saying this shit to bikers or cops or road traffic guys has the same effect.

You get shouted down real fucking quick.

You get then told about fred, who dies in circumstances that *prove* that what you just said about “don’t hit anything” are wrong, and the ranks close.

You get the same thing in society and finance, do not hit a fucking financial wall where your outgoings exceed your incomings, hard to do when you live on credit, you can cut back on smoking and drinking and heating, but you can’t cut back on interest payments.

I’m insulated from risk and reality with my insurance policies and my tracker loan and the emergency credit card tucked away in my sock drawer.

I have all the gear and wear it all religiously and do everything right, so I have protection and I am protected, unlike these crazy fucks who go around financially naked with no credit rating to their name.

Until you hit something, financially, and it’s the hitting that will fuck you up, anything above a very low speed impact and life changes as you know it, or ends as you know it.


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