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May 23, 2017

A list of ten things….

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Lately, the internet and MSM seems awash with lists of things that have changed, and how they have changed…

I could compare myself to my own dad at various equal ages and compile one, or talk about things that were normal as a boy growing up in the sixties that are unheard of now, but, it’s all more than a bit deceiving.

There is nothing new in the sexualisation of 12 year old girls, or indeed pre-pubescent girl’s playing with themselves, what has changes is that until relatively recently historically speaking 12 year old girls could get married in the UK… I’ll leave it to the reader to decide which is the greater deterrent, 4 years in chokey or a marriage to a child bride… it doesn’t deter the muslims in our midst though, so I have no idea why the Daily Fail felt the need to go all the way to Australia to report on such vile sick perverted predatory paedo behaviour, when you can find it here at home in Bradford and Leeds and Birmingham and London…

One thing that definitely has changed is teachers, the mum of a (female) head teacher of two local schools lives next to a rellie of mine, so there is a fair bit of interaction there.

Nowadays it seems every new school term much less school year is an entirely new world tour of a band, or franchise of a PC game, or series of a TV show, it’s all got to be new and fresh.

Back when I was a kid the dreaded French lessons in secondary school commenced with you being handed a copy of Dondo, the reference book it was taught from, it wasn’t a new book, because it wasn’t a new course, like the words themselves it was all handed down, Je Suis, Tu Est, Nous Sommes etc… in fact if you’d suggested that any teacher in the 60’s or 70’s spent the holidays preparing entirely new courses for the new year’s induction of pupils, you’d have been looked at closely, as a foreigner or some other sort of wierdo.

First year maths and first year french and first year geography and first year physics were all the same, whether you started in 1971 or 1972, or 1973 etc etc etc, 2 + 2 still made 4, Je Suis still meant I am, the amazon river basin was still in the same place, and Newton’s first law of motion still held true.

And the subjects themselves held enough material that year after year after year the Oxford and Cambridge examining boards could ask completely different questions year after year, all aimed at assessing your basic understanding of said subject.

I didn’t hang out with teachers after school but in later academic years I discovered that for most of them term time was a job like going off to work on the north sea oil rigs, and it funded the 3 weeks christmas and 3 weeks easter and 6 weeks summer breaks, when they indulged their hobbies, hobbies that often had nothing whatsoever to do with their teaching, we had an english lit teacher who used to spend every summer holiday walking around Tuscany, I later learned he spent the first 4 weeks walking around various tavernas getting totally shitfaced, and the last two weeks walking around detoxing, utterly unbelievable compared to the in class persona…

Then you started discovering things, the skinny little nun who taught religion could speak fluent german (to the point where she could adopt regional accents at will) and was also a qualified nurse, things that apparently came from a previous life before she took orders and joined a convent.

I was reminded of this this week, I met with a guy I know, we’ll call him steve, to look at him you’d think steve knew all about eating pies, and not a lot else, but old steve actually knows quite a bit, and is very dextrous, works in manufacturing as a manager who still maintains his hands on skills, one thing you would not thing steve would know anything at all about was gasket material, so I’m talking about a gasket cutting job and he just reels off klingersil and novus, two big brands, and starts talking about the relative merits of each… and he is spot on.

Of course all this sort of follows on from yesterdays post, people used to be far far more rounded… my dad was a time served engineer so imagine my surprise as a not so small boy in my teens to discover that he’d really wanted to be a chef, which did explain how he could cook anything, he just never did.

Again never in my life did I see an outside contractor come into our house, he did it all himself, no fuss, no bother.

Got a customer who makes Pietra Dura, I cut the templates for him in acrylic, look at him and listen to the farmer accent and you’d think he was capable of shovelling shit and not much else, visited him last week and was treated to a ten minute crash course on lapis lazuli (from afghanistan, 6 quid an ounce) bastard could have lectured on that one stone alone for six hours and never repeated himself once nor been boring once.

“Never judge a book by it’s cover” used to be ever so true.

nowadays, not so much, in fact nowadays there is so little depth to people that all the inner pages have vanished, all that’s left is the cover, with all the variety and wonder of yesterday’s beer mats.

Most telling of all is the list of ten things, ask anyone today, especially the youth of today, to write down a list of ten things about their favourite subject, and then discuss each for 3 minutes, and you’ll be treated to a horror show.

BTW I’m not ignoring the Manchester suicide bombing, I just don’t see the point in saying anything.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnddd it’s an allahu ackbar .. it’s become as commonplace and expected as an IRA bombing in the seventies, but in the seventies at least kids in schools were allowed to tell jokes about pass the parcel in an irish pub and take this piss out of paddy mcginty in case his school PE kit blew up… god help anyone else who tried to take this piss out of paddy field though, he was *our* irish git, we only needed two more to make a thicket… >;*) now put three spades against the wall and take your pick.


May 22, 2017

Technical ecstasy

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Today I watched an adult couple in their forties spend 30 minutes trying to wire a plug socket, they, mainly she, eventually did it, because I spent 30 minutes yesterday teaching her the basics.

It’s not like I just happened to trip over one of the few things they could not do, people today can’t do fucking ANYTHING for themselves… I mean, I have never in my life made a victoria sponge cake from ingredients from scratch, but give me ten minutes to find a recipe and I’ll give it a go, and it may not win prizes but it will be edible.

I’m sitting here thinking, trying to remember the last time I *had* to call in an expert…

  1. I *choose* to have my mate service my cars, he is bloody excellent and has all the kit and owns the garage, I’d be doing it lying on the road.
  2. ummmm, I went to the high street opticians a year or so ago for a new pair of spectacles, the hight street shop is just a front, nobody there has a clue how to grind lenses either, that’s done elsewhere and shipped to them…
  3. ten years ago I went to a lawyer in my FRA skank ho child custody case, I’d have been better off blowing the money on hookers and never even turning up at court.
  4. I’m struggling here…. ten years ago I paid a local machine shop to skim a landrover head and put new guides in and new seats and cut the valves… everything else I did myself including an all new wiring loom from scratch…
  5. ummmm…… I used to go to the barbers and pay for a haircut and shave now and again…

I actually can’t think of anything else…. I’ve never in my life called in a builder, or a carpenter, or a plumber, or an electrician, or a computer guy, or a cable guy, or a gardener, or a tree surgeon, or a vet (dog is healthy and lives or is unhealthy and dies) or a painter and decorator, or bought a car from a dealership, oh yes, never called in a marine engineer or yacht painter or anything.

One thing I do have in common with other people of my ilk and my age range, none of us have had any apprentices…

I’m sitting here looking at my old Kennet which was last used to dress up a couple of old and abused filleting knives, a week or two ago and really needs to be put back onto a shelf in the workshop/junk room… the knives were more serrated than straight having been done on an angle grinder, and we so blunt they would barely cut butter… the drive belt for the kennet has been missing for ages and rather than go out and buy or make one I grabbed some button thread and made about 20 loops around the pulleys before tying it off… a little furniture polish and the threads darkened nicely and started to pass torque and rpm to the stone… ten minutes later I was grinding the knife edges and re-creating the profile and ten minutes after that they were being finished off on the diamond whetstone.

Hands up how many of you remember being able to use a pair of tights as an emergency fan belt?

So today’s lesson was talking to someone who ordered a pool filter off amazon, it wasn’t a 500 gallon per hour job that also had a label saying it consumed 37 watts at the mains, it was a intex 1,000 gallon an hour job which came with a 1/2 hp motor… so they’re freaking because it came with a continental plug rated at 16 amps and I told them to just go buy a Uk plug and put a 3A fuse in it, the RCD switch socket will do everything else… “BUT IT’S a SIXTEEN AMP PLUG!” they say, I don’t give a shit I say, half a horsepower is 370 watts and 370 watts over 230 volts is about 1.6 amperes, so maybe it’s a typo or maybe you can’t see the decimal point or maybe it’s raining in Kansas, but a 3 amp fuse is more than enough.

The fucking shite pool heater I have mentioned before, this photo is after the plug was cut off and about 5 to 6 inches down the cable from what was the mains plug, look at that shit in the neutral line, corroded and cracking and utter shit, barely 3 years old.

This second pic is the original wiring inside the heater itself, the thinner pink and white wires are cheapo steel core, on the right on the mains side they have used yellow crimp terminals for everything even though the blue crimp is the right size for 2.5 mm2 cores, because that way they don’t have to worry about the neutral and earth posts being different diameters, it’s always going to fit over the post…  the live goes off up to a crimp spade.

There was no cable retention / clamping around the grommet either, just a spot of superglue inside to stick the sheath of the cable to the grommet, I got the core out of the grommet and used insulation tape to increase diameter and gave it the good old tug test and it’s good to go, I didn’t cheap out by shortening the cable either, I bought two metres of cable and the new cable is over two feet longer than the old one… in short the original elecro.co.uk job was an exercise in the minimum possible quality and materials bill, fuck it, good enough, ship it out the door and fuck it.

These things are around 400 quid here in the UK, for 5 quid at the trade counter for some decent immersion heater heat proof grade 2.5 mm2 three core cable and a heavy duty plug and a couple of crimps from my drawer and maybe 15 minutes of my time I have saved them from splashing out 400 quid on a new one, they are still out 25 quid on the RCD faceplate though, the original moulded elecro.co.uk plug really did a number on that, by the way when I opened it up it was all dust, wires bonded directly to the plug pins, and the supposedly 13 amp fuse still had not blown… despite the very plug body cooking.

So, this is the safest and most regulated country in the world where the nanny state watches over us all, and this sort of shit sails through all the time… how lucky we are we don’t live in some unregulated shithole like mumbai…

Luckily for these people, who of course are parents and have children, they still have children, and they still have a shed, and the contents of the shed, because it was me that took power down to the shed, 4 mm twin and earth inside marshall tufflex 20 mm trunking and down to a proper twin gang RCD switched socket, and a 30A cooker isolation switch at the house end, and from that to a 20 amp breaker, so the RCD socket tripped out for good when its guts melted, and they had to use a screwdriver to lever the plug out of the socket, but like I said, this is thanks to me insisting I wasn’t even going to fucking touch the job unless I could go the the trade counter and buy 4 mm cable and conduit to put it in and a branded RCD socket at the shed end and a branded breaker and switch at the house end, not some cheap ass foreign shit from the chain DIY store at half the price.

I’m sick of quoting Sagan about societies built on science and technology inhabited by fucking mouth breathers.

You think Mario Draghi can wire a fucking plug?

Probe my ports man….

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The fact is that complacency is a bitch.

This image is a screenshot, suitably redacted, of a visit to Steve Gibson’s “shields up” page over at grc.com yesterday.

Now, in case you didn’t know, the Shields Up page will probe the first 1,024 service ports, and for each return a coloured square, a red square means the port is open, a blue square means the port is closed, and a green square means stealthed, as in there was no response of any kind, so no way to tell if there is even a system at the other end….. as you can see from this, every single one of the first 1,024 ports are stealthed, my router / firewall basically doesn’t respond to any incoming requests.

Steve Gibson has been around for a long time, and his shields up page has been around for a long time, by long time I mean over 15 years which is an eternity in internet terms, and it’s free, and easy to use, and simple to understand, and you would not believe how many small / medium business computers / networks fail it miserably..  given the recent wannacry noise you might believe how many corporate systems are wide open.

Put it this way, I’ve visited it from sites that hosted all sorts of private data, and the screen was a rash of red and blue dots, with no a green one to be seen, I won’t go into detail what the significance of open / closed / stealthed is as Steve Gibsons site does it eloquently enough on the shields up page.

Put it this way, strip away all the bullshit and PR and the facts are this, about corporate and business internet security.

1/ it’s illegal, so nobody will do it.

2/ our legal “due diligence” boxes are ticked, at minimal cost.

3/ “things just working” is more important than locking anything down or working safely around security considerations at extra expense or hassle.

An intrusion is treated the exact same way the police treat a report of a burglary, it’s not the same as knowing that a thief has been in *my* house violating all my shit…

Ten years ago I myself would build work computers for people and they were built locked down, ps2 keyboards and mice, USB ports filled with black epoxy, no CD or floppy drives, case sealed and BIOS passworded, the SOHO firewalls I used to sell and install also blocked off significant portions of the internet.

I was never a fan of VLANS either so I’d install two separate physical LAN’s for separate things, and I’d always use blue patch cables for data, yellow for telephony / voice, green for public lan and red for anything that touched a server, cctv if it was around used white, grey was always WAN side, and the general rule was you never saw more than one colour of patch cable going into one device or switch.

Users were free to misconnect their RJ45’s and patch PC’s into phones and out from the phone to the patch socket, or even (happened more than you would credit) bring in their own hub/switch/router and plug it in, and they could at worst via an unauthorised router doing DHCP take down only one of the network segments at a time, most stuff just failed to work, the PC > VOIP phone > wall socket scenario gave you either a working phone or a working PC depending which side of the socket you plugged in to.

Spare ports on switches were disabled.

Ten years ago I’d get a lot of shit, and it steadily increased and I steadily got less work as a result, by the time it petered out 3 years ago I was reduced to building high end silent PC’s for the managers and directors.

Today you’re violating employees human rights if they cannot access their twatter / fuckbook / fleabay / dating sites on a work PC during working hours, and/or if said PC then refuses to load or run *any* content on *any* web page, including yoo toob.

Here at home I have a “guest” wi-fi, it’s a completely separate network to the local LAN, it *only* has access to the WAN, and it’s rate limited to (checks) 250 kbit (31.2 kbyte) / sec up/down, so basically it’s modem speed, more than enough to send and receive emails or do basic web surfing on basic text sites.

It’s usually youth’s that complain, first of all it’s all “great you have free wifi” and then “it’s broken, too slow, youtube won’t load” and I explain that they can get on the *fast* network after;

1/ I audit their device, which will be a fifty quid non refundable fee.

2/ ***if*** their device passes audit, they can get on the 50 meg wifi network which is tied into the 150/200 meg cable WAN for ten quid an hour

Nobody has taken me up on it, but they all think I am a total cunt for not giving them free access to something that I have to pay for.

Go figure.

I will of course increase their enjoyment by whipping out my Note4 and pulling up speedtest which will of course use said QOS wi-fi, 16 ms ping, 25.22 mbps down and 10.72 mbps up, “works lovely” I smile.. because for 2.4 gig wi-fi those are *good* numbers.

They get even more unhappy, the free shit army is strong in this one.

As a boy I can still remember my mum and dad telling me to turn off the bloody light when I left a bathroom or bedroom etc, “you’re not paying for the electricity, I am” was always the tagline, not that my folks were poor, that wasn’t the point, the point was I wasn’t paying for the electric, they were… they weren’t raising no free shit army kids, no sir…

Steve Gibson comes from that era too, hang on, why are YOU using MY bandwidth and MY cpu cycles to run YOUR advertising shit??? , fuck you and the horse you rode in on, there you go doubleclick, blackholed at the firewall, and on and on and on… this very wordpress site takes about 30 seconds to load the first time I click “create a new post” because it’s trying to talk to google analytics, and sweet fuck all happens until that fails and times out…

Of course, it is no coincidence that someone who talks about microagressions and safe spaces and inalienable rights and all the other nouveau bullshit is fundamentally a member of the free shit army, nobody who pays their own way has any time for any of that bullshit, you want to use my free wi-fi, go ahead, it’s 33k, got any complaints, no fucking problem, MAC added to the blacklist, and by the way, that coffee you’re drinking, that’ll be two quid, and it’s 50p an hour to sit on my fucking sofa, and if you want to use the crapper that’s 50p too, and if you wanna give me an attitude I’ll introduce you to the only thing that is fucking free around here, the front door.

Last night I was told something by the parent of a 10 year old girl, the parent said she used to be a spoilt little princess, until that day about a year ago when she squirted you with a water pistol, and you told her not to do it again, because if she did, she’d lose, and of course being a princess she immediately did it again, and you tipped half a basin of cold water over her head, IN THE HOUSE, and then laughed at her when she burst into floods of tears.

At first the parent thought the lesson was “don’t take him on, you’ll lose” and then they thought the lesson was “don’t think he won’t do what he says he will do” but eventually the penny dropped, they were just the icing on the cake, everything, be it action or inaction, has a price, and it’s not my job to protect you from paying that price.

They still have difficulty coming to terms with how being taught that lesson JUST ONCE means they STILL have a completely different child over a year later, it seemed such a small thing.

Letting your kids watch just one fucking episode of fucking peppa pig seems such a small thing, giving into pester power just once seems such a small thing, but everything, action or inaction, has a price.

Shields Up!

May 19, 2017

Go fuck yourself..

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There are endless debates on endless websites about the best methods for dealing with spam phone calls, should you do this, or that, or the other…

… ring me and you get “GO FUCK YOURSELF!” and I hang up and block the number.

With the joys of mobile phone technology this often means others get to witness this, some customers, some potential customers, they all have variations of the same reaction, wow, err, yes, I suppose I can see, yess, hmm, OK.

I don’t know why anyone would treat some worthless cunt who phones you up saying they are from MS tech support or you have been in an accident or you have been mis-sold some insurance, any differently?

*THEY* know they are lying, *I* know they are lying… why be anything other than rude and abrupt with the worthless cunts?

The ones I’d like to ring up at 2:00 am, 2:10 am, 2:20 am and so on are the worthless cunts that sell VOIP forwarding so that various indian scammers can appear to be calling from land line numbers in Manchester and various places…. Hello BT commercial…

I’m not sure what it is with the world lately, but we are turning into people who are rude to others who are no more in the wrong than us on average on the roads, and polite to worthless scum, it appears to be the new social norm, haven’t got a fucking clue what or why, it’s a sickness I tell you, a mental sickness.

Not that there is any shortage of mental sickness around, and some of the worst of it is course those who are sick and have power, and then tell the rest of us that we are sick, because only someone who is mentally sick will look at;

1/ potential employee A, a young guy who can do the job and has a wife and mortgage to keep him hungry for work and income.

2/ potential employee B, a young wimminz who can apparently do the job, provided no nasty men say anything sexist, who *may* want a year off work on full pay to pump out womb turds, and who will then want to breast feed at work…

3/ potential employee C, an LGBTQ+ tattooed and pierced freak of indeterminate sex and beliefs.

… and see any differences at all.

Only the truly enlightened will see that B should be employed to go home and pump out womb turds while C fills in for her at the place of employment.

Meanwhile back in the real world in my own small very company the next *employee* is going to be young with big tits and have her wages paid by some government pork work experience scheme, or some young guy keen to learn a trade and willing to work hard for fuck all while he learns, and let me tell you folks, I have more chance of buying a winning lottery ticket than finding one of them.

In the real world I quit my last job because shit runs downhill and there was ever more shit for the same pay, there was a comment on ZH about the original stargate book and site alpha and site beta and everyone on one evacuation site died because the sewers got blocked, I dunno if that was actually in the storyline or not but it made me smile.

So I’m looking at a nearly 400 quid 3 kW water heater for swimming pools that someone has bought a while ago, it’s all “made in the UK” so it must be quality, right?

Well, no, they obviously bought in mains cables with pre moulded fused plugs by the box from china, just wire in the tag end and job’s done.. so this one cooked the plug and burnt holes in the socket faceplate, at which point the RCD socket faceplate that I installed tripped and saved everyone from either a fire or electrocution.

The plug itself is powder in the core, so I cut it open (it’s moulded so no way to open it normally) and what do we see here, well the number 1 warning sign is the pins on the plug are steel, not brass, any half decent quality component drawing more than a couple of hundred watts will have brass pins on the plug… junk from amazon will have steel pins… and break it open and what do I see, steel cored wires that have been copper plated, and one of the cores the conductor is corroded all the way back down inside the core.

The tag end that the factory sees is just three “copper” tails, possibly pre-tinned, which we now know are copper plated steel wire, not copper wire, so QA was literally non existent.

I emailed them a week ago with a link to a whole bunch of photos of this mess…. crickets, so I told the bimbo owner that finally she has one good use for fuckbook, put the whole thing and all the pictures on fuckbook, say nothing in words that is legally dubious, let the pictures speak for themselves… fuck you and your cheap ass goods and cheap ass company and cheap ass can’t be bothered to chase up complaints like these policies.

Next thing we know there will be some fucking sob story about how brexit or trump or putin has destroyed a local company that has been trading for 900 years and put 30 people out of work.

There is a local publishing company that this happened to this week, all we hear is how this 120 year old company is now fucked, not a single mention anywhere of the facts, which locals know, that the company was creaking along on ancient machinery that simply could not compete, meanwhile the bosses still drove around in leased E class mercs and drew hefty salaries, while employing staff on the minimum wages possible and letting shit roll downhill… now the bosses themselves have been made redundant by the receivers, they are wringing their hands about the wonderful staff who have lost their jobs and what a blow that is to the local economy.

It’s all total bollocks, and like I said at the beginning, people are unaccountably still polite to all these worthless cunts… go figure…

Every business has the “Means of Production”, or MOP, in my case this is equipment and skills, in different businesses the balance of the mix of these two may vary, one may be mostly equipment based, one may be mostly skills based, one may be a fairly even mix of both.

From there you have to ask the question, are these MOP current and relevant?

And then you must ask the question, are these MOP themselves useful additions of value to the marketplace?

And then you must ask the question, if not, why not?

The printing works went out of business because the kit was obsolete and on it’s last legs, so by definition the skills of the workforce weren’t current either.

The printing works in theory is adding value, but the obsolete kit and skills acts like a tax on that, so the net addition can even end up being a negative amount.

Which brings us to why not? Well obviously money was *not* spent on new kit and staff training, eg there wasn’t sufficient investment in the MOP, and it is all very well to say “Oh, nobody has the millions it takes to do that” but some fucker did, the competition that just ate your lunch, and in the meantime you DID fucking spend money elsewhere, be it premises or directors cars or bloated staff in the office.

I don’t have enough to buy a Maserati so I may as well drink starfucks “coffee” at 4 bucks a cardboard cup… and you’ll *still* be broke at the end of the month and have nothing to show for it.

Fact is businesses are going to the wall left right and centre, and since nobody gave a fuck when individuals started going to the wall because of housing inflation and divorce and everything else, don’t expect anyone to give a fuck when it’s employers and business premises, the writing on the wall was plain to see for everyone with eyes.

Next up is going to be local government, where are they going to get all the parasite income from if the local businesses all go titsup?

I’m off out the door to ship some gaskets I cut to a business 130 road miles away, London is closer to them than I am, and yet I get the work, that should not be fucking possible in a healthy economy, they should have a choice of suppliers within 50 miles.

*I* had to go 100 miles in the OPPOSITE direction of this customer to get the actual gasket material, from someone who *only* does gasket material (so they know their shit) *and* carries stock…

True / Correct or not, the Stargate sewers story is getting ever closer to reality…

May 15, 2017

WannaCry, WannaFuck, WannaCrypt

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As usual with the MSM, the one aspect that *should* be put under the spotlight and dissected is the one aspect that is studiously ignored.

My previous gig as the Cisco Kid working on business comms and IT for every high street name you can think of and a bunch of other shit you can’t (traffic lights, military bases, hospitals etc) qualifies me rather well to comment on this shit.

The one aspect is Microsoft Windows XP, which came out after 98se and ME, and before Vista, remember that?

Don’t get me wrong, back in late 2001 when I was installing this for the first time it was a great OS, better than anything that MS had done that had come before.

Back then I was pretty cutting edge, with my 512/128 xDSL connection and alcatel frog/stingray, the vast majority of the country was still on dial up modem 44kbit thank you very much (ok a 56k modem that never got more than 44k) and of course Duke Nukem 3d had only been out 5 years.

It was a departure from 95/98/98se that at the time I could tweak with tools like 98lite and get an installed functioning windows in a footprint as small as 17 megabytes, which was great for the embedded / single board computer stuff that I was “playing” with back then.

XP far far more monolithic and “corporate” and you couldn’t rip the shit out of it nearly so much, and it’s hard to say if the chicken or the egg came first, but it was the first MS OS that got pushed in volume to corporate desktops, and boy did it ever get pushed.

In 2016 I was still going to places like the Cardiac Unit at local hospitals and doing hardware repairs to beyond obsolete hardware that was still running XP that was still used daily as an integral part of the process for every heart patient there.

I do not mean the operations were done by robots running XP, I do mean XP machines were used to collate all the data from the CAT scanners and everything else and used to produce the DVD’s that the surgeons and consultants then used to study your case and decide if when how etc to operate.

Why XP?

Well, it’s the same answer across the board, some specialist creaky crappy but we can’t function without it software that was written for the XP platform, that is still in use to this day.

Back in 2013/2014 I had a gig for IBM, who had been hired in by Friends Life, a fucking massive UK insurance etc etc etc company, basically they’d bought in 2,500 Lenovo desktops and 250 Lenovo laptops, all of which were shipped running Windows 7

The problem was, Friends were running software that was written for XP, so quite apart from the normal security issues of adding bought computers to a corporate network and choosing to solve this by deploying a new install and AD etc, we had to shunt XP to hardware designed and shipped with Win7, and it was particularly difficult with the laptops, hardware driver issues of course.

So you ended up with kit that worked after a fashion, but was maybe 50% as powerful and useful and it was with Win7, because of some legacy software written for XP.

Nobody who has not worked with corporates truly understands how big and deep and wide an issue this whole “legacy software” thing is.

Much of it is XP platform legacy software simply because XP was the first widely popular MS OS that got deployed everywhere, and if at this point you are thinking “Y2K bug all over again” you haven’t even begun to grasp the sheer scale of this.

Back when I was building machines for people I’d take the opposite approach to many, I start with what application software they had to use, then what OS that required, then what hardware was best suited to that OS.

So what we have in reality are large corporates (and by any global standards the UK NHS with 1 million plus employees is large) that have core processes that are *utterly* dependent upon legacy software that was written for the XP platform 15 or more years ago.

At this point with Win10 in the wild, the *only* practical solution is to go back to the drawing board and re-write all this legacy software from scratch, but within the corporate boardrooms this is a low priority can that has been successfully kicked down the road for 15 years already, which is longer than 99.9% of the board and manglement have had the jobs they have today…

Make no mistake, the issue here is basically re-inventing the company from the ground up, because the reality is 95% of everything the company does and does not do and how it does it in 2017 is *also* dictated by the constraints of the legacy software written for XP a decade and a half ago.

So in just the same way re-writing from scratch is in *every* single way better than trying to upgrade and update the old legacy code, re-creating these companies from scratch is in every single way better than trying to upgrade them.

Almost nobody truly understands how extensively software parameters and practices and human I/O routines defines a modern business, and the *detail* of how that business does business in day to day operations.

Tesco for example can deploy a new supermarket into a field in 48 hours, all they need are some huge tents, access roads, and electrical power and internet connectivity on site, they don’t need the aisles or gondolas or flooring or lighting or anything else, just line up the palettes from the trucks, HHT barcode scan everything, and the on site computers and network takes care of everything else, point of sale, re-order, staff clock and wages, customer tracking, inventory rotation, offers, even routine maintenance of on site equipment like when freezer cabinet #76255 requires defrosting for 6 hours and restocking.

Banking is a prime example, and if you think it is any healthier or more resilient or more modern than your local specialist teaching cardiac unit you’re in for a shock…

So let’s look at WannaWank, it targets XP, so it’s really targeting everyone who used legacy software, which means everyone who isn’t a private individual or very small business… and what is the “ransom”?

A few hundred bucks.


Now, one of the things about crime is you have to profit on it or it is pointless, with ransoms this means you have to collect and stay free, back in the mists of history one way of doing this was to have money paid into an account that anyone could draw on anywhere, like a building society savings account, and this worked back in the days of paper transactions and central mainframe computers and no cctv, ironically long long long before the days of XP..

Even assuming, for the sake of argument, that bitcoin wallets were secure and anonymous, the instant you convert any of it into regular fiat currency there is a record and you become detectable, banks monitor *every* account and notify the state by law about every single transaction over a certain threshold that more or less equates to the average weekly wage.

So these bitcoin ransoms are staying put as bitcoins for the next 20 years or so, which means they aren’t ransoms, gimme 250k or I kill your daughter is a nice distraction if she is already dead and I never had any intention of collecting any ransom, even better if the fact that I’m in no way prepared to get the ransom can be used as exculpatory evidence that I’m not the kidnapper.

So if they aren’t ransoms they are griefing.

So lets look at what happened, the 2016 IT version of the anarchists cookbook authored by various state security agencies just got released into the wild, it’s a book that someone with my level of knowledge and experience will probably keep busy studying and learning for the next ten years, and my knowledge will be *vastly* improved by then…

… in the meantime there is chapter one page 6 and we are on to “hello world” script examples.

Remember this, back in 2001 and before I knew about ways to fuck with hardware by putting obscene voltage into I/O ports that simply were not designed for it, it was something bored techs did in labs to shit that was already destined for landfill or metal shredding, now 17 years later world and dog can go on alibaba and buy USB killers that still brick 99% of everything they are plugged in to for a few bucks.

We have gone from a world where insiders thought that there may be a need for as many as six computers, worldwide, so any computers based exploit was solely within the realm of huge states or corporations, to a world where I have (counts) 2 x x86 based pc’s, 1 x x86 based laptop, one arm core tablet, 4 x arm cored modern smartphones, 2 arm cored routers, and a couple of arduino megas, IN ONE FUCKING ROOM OF MY HOUSE… so computer based exploits are effectively free.

For years people who haven’t *really* understood IT have talked about the dangers of a windows monoculture, they haven’t really understood it because all they saw was a world with white hats and black hats, and nowhere in that world model was room for a place where the blackest of all black hats were our very own security services and states.

In a world where most things such as driving cars and motorcycles requires testing and licensing, the fact this that our very states and corporates themselves should all be in the IT equivalent of the rampant internet sex offender, banned from even being in proximity to any working computer or internet connected device for life, plus 20 years…

Kevin Mitnick would have understood, because he hacked people, not computer systems, so he like me would have seen the PC the same as a gun or a knife on the table, it’s just an inert tool, *until* someone touches it.

The “NSA IT Anarchists Cookbook, 2017 edition” is just the manual to weaponise every aspect of everything with silicon or bytes in it, and it wasn’t created by “weird freaks” like Stallman, it was created by the state, and having created it they couldn’t even contain it, or distribute the knowledge wisely so that patches could be created, because the sold purpose was to weaponise it.

The USA, a country that for many years (prolly still does) considered encryption to be a military weapon not suitable for export, so you could buy two version of encryption software, depending on where on the planet you lived, if you lived in mainland USA you could buy the strong shit.

I should also stress that the NSA maybe getting the publicity but they were just a repository, most states are working on this shit, nobody’s hands are clean.

I should also stress that this “NSA IT Anarchists Cookbook, 2017 edition” isn’t even anything close to the sum total of all the shit out there, even if every single exploit were patched tomorrow it wouldn’t reduce their abilities by more than 5%, mainly it would be ah well, we can’t do it that way any more, now we do it this way.

Anecdote time.

I did have a face to face convo with one of these guys a couple of years back, I know the guy and his history and what he does and I try to take exceedingly small grains of salt with what he says, because 99.999% of the time that shit is right on the money, and because I have seen some proofs with mine own eyes, on brand new outta the box patched and updated and secured $75k boxes going into a rack that I have just generated all the crypto keys for, before plugging them into anything except the mains power supply.

I asked how long it took, and he looked at me and said you’re talking about that shit about an unpatched Win7 PC being put on the internet.. he said we don’t do that, we don’t scan randomly, we target devices.. so how long I ask… he looks at me and does the usual I’ll have to kill you if I tell you etc.. then says “don’t think in minutes or seconds, think in clock cycles… effectively instant.. the trick isn’t pwning the box, the trick is doing it under the noses of sniffers and loggers so even if they are looking they don’t see anything”

Of course, if you control the network, even microsoft.com is subject to man in the middle DNS spoofing vulns when your machine phones home which it does every few minutes.

So I’ve done the first part of my work, he pulls out a little chocolate block and a thing that looks like a small terrarium, plugs the chocolate block into the console port on the new box, tiny red led illuminates then flashes 3 time, chocolate block goes into connector in terrarium, lid is closed and sealed, button pressed, magic smoke emits from chocolate block but is contained in terrarium, and “My work here is done” and I finish up with the remote admin on the new box and we go for coffee and have our convo.

(I’m lying slightly about the above, my liberty isn’t worth the truth, but the gist of the story is good to go, as is the basis, unless it is 100% air gapped in a faraday and optical (IR comms) cage, it can be trivially pwned in mere clock cycles, the trick is pwning it so nobody knows)

So WannaShit isn’t a ransom, not to my mind, those of us who worked in the trade were all paranoid motherfuckers from day one and with reason, NOBODY who worked in the same field as me in IT would ever have anything more dodgy than an mp3 or a game trainer on any of their PC’s, no matter how desperately we craved a dose of midget donkey porn, even our regular porn was pretty tame and mainstream, if you want your kicks, get them offline, in a house with the power cut at the breaker, and after scanning for any electronics running on battery power and killing them all.

So if it isn’t a ransom, what is it?

To my mind it is someone behind the curtains saying “see you, and raise you ten” and that someone could just as easily be NSA / GCHQ as Putin / anyone else who is an “enemy” of the west…. and it could also just as easily be an Enron… a company that instigated blackouts to make a profit.

There is *always* a profit to be made, if you have insider knowledge, like re-insuring the WTC buildings before 9/11….

Which also makes it interesting chasing that particular rabbit, nobody wants to be the one that tracks something down to some other powerful agency.

My “informant” worked under those rules, he checked out with a widget and a box, he checked back in with a fried widget in a box, a widget that only worked in specific hardware, and his movements are known, and that is the entire scope of his knowledge and task, he knows nothing else, and bears no responsibility beyond doing what he has done… compartmentalized up the wazoo.

Who is to say some other guy didn’t turn up at a server farm and plug a USB stick into a mail server with a factory firmware update or software licence update, all normal shit not a million miles from what I used to do on a daily basis, and a few hours later that machine sends out a bunch of emails and then wipes that record?

In addition to the whole “legacy” shit there is a metric shit tonne of “undocumented” shit that goes on all day every day as just normal operating procedures just people doing their jobs.

Yeah man, none of this shit is working, while you are there can you update the firmware ((config-controller)#firmware filename flash:xxxxxxxxx)with the file I’ll send you and generate a new crypto key, ok that’s good, ok man now I can do the thing that I need to do so we can sign off on this job…

the thing in blue text above being the only thing that was ever documented anywhere officially.

unofficially I’ve always been a paranoid mofo so I piped all my telnet / putty files and everything else to file and kept copies of *everything* on this day in 2013 I can look at my files and see 3 site visits with full telnet logs, pics of the hardware and ports and cables in use and even copies of the files I was sent to blow to the various boxen…

Why do you think I rolled my own Win10 / stablebit NAS box instead of buying anything from Qnap / synology / etc etc etc?

No fucker is going to lock me out of my own shit so he has they key and I don’t, a low level complete disk wipe will happen first… then I’ll restore from offline media… and keep the NAS airgapped, as it is I forgo a shit load of “functionality” on the LAN as regards the internet is concerned because frankly the risks outweigh the benefits, and too bad if that means 85% of your website will never load, or if your app breaks because it can’t connect to the cloud.

To take a completely opposite view to all of this, I know someone with an industrial SBC (you can still buy legacy hardware that way) running win95a chicago and MSDOS is his business “application”, he images the system weekly, so he doesn’t mind playing some times, and it’s hilarious how much malware simply fails to run at all on that box, even when he tries to make it run… nobody codes for PIO disk controllers etc.

“IT isn’t old enough for system extinction events” is something I hear all the time, from people who got into IT with x86 computing and Windows 98 or XP, there have been plenty of extinction events before. 8 bit anyone?

Maybe we are due another one, maybe all that legacy 16 bit XP API shit needs to die, and take everyone dependent on it with them.

Evolve or die.


May 13, 2017

Psycho killer, Qu’est-ce que c’est

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Yesterday’s wipe day post touches on a subject, and bob k comments with a link to a video, and the comment that psychopaths are VERY good at manipulating neuro-typicals..

Well as you all know many moons ago the cute and cuddly and fluffy momma bear of my sons dropped the FRA on me, and watching bob’s linked video was like watching a male version of her, I was just waiting for the “with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, none of this is my fault, this is how I myself was raised, I don’t know any different

And sure enough it came out, more than once, but there is one thing I must make very very very clear, you have to own your own weaknesses and the consequences of same.

My skank ho ex wasn’t very good at manipulating me, in the sense that that implies, a driver very good at making a car go very fast for a given road, a skill being applied… however she did have an inordinate level of controlling influence, so I’ll re-write bob’s statement, and say that neuro-typicals make excellent hosts for parasitic psychopathic types.

So we remove the elite super skilled gaslighting psycho hacking thing, because lets be honest here, it’s total bullshit, I went along with all her shit for one reason and one reason only, a quiet fucking life, and with 20/20 hindsight you sit there and say wow I can’t believe I put up with that shit, what a dumbass, and THEN you start to make excuses to make yourself feel better about it.. whaddayamean it was my fault, how was I to know a scorpion was gonna sting me, I fed it and gave it a home and everything…

neuro-typicals, most of us, are basically beasts of burden, we will put up with all sorts of discomforts and pains and hungers and shortages, just so long as you let us gripe about it a bit.

I have a friend who “just gets on with life” and holds down a physical day job and a family life and everything else, despite suffering a physical injury that will never heal back, by grinning and bearing it and taking very strong prescription painkillers.. they are “soldiering on” and “getting on with life” and “not letting the injury rule them” and all that other shit, and are respected for it… beast of burden.

beast of burden is the neuro-typical when they are in the rut, just like I was with the psycho skank ho ex, beasts of burden don’t look for a way out, they accept their fate and make the best of it.

free man is a neuro-typical who sees all that shit in the rear view mirror…. still a beast maybe but no longer carrying anyone else’s burden.

psychopaths are NOT crazy intelligent or crazy manipulative or crazy anything, they aren’t even crazy (they won’t stick their hand in a blender) what they are is stupid lazy worthless parasitical motherfuckers who look at all human relations in exactly the same way that an investment banker looks at a deal, if they don’t get 200% out compared to the effort screaming or crying or whining or sulking or what the fuck ever they put in, then they are outta there.

Sure, I’d love to say none of it was my fault the psycho skank ho was sooooooo clever and scheming and yadda yadda yadda, great if you never wanna heal.

If you wanna heal, own it, texas style, it happened to you so it was your fault… let it hurt, let it heal, let it go.

Do that and you’ll be like me, you won’t see that one time when you should have walked from the ex, you’ll see several times every fucking day down to the limit of resolution of your memory, what the fuck was I doing staying there for fucks sake…. beast of burden.

beasts of burden just want a quiet life, like water they’ll follow the easiest path, I already have parasites in the form of taxes and managers and laws and all the rest of this shit, what’s one more with tits and a cunt…

psychos are all evil and don’t know right from wrong and TOTAL BULLSHIT, they know exactly what they are doing, right or wrong doesn’t enter into a profit situation, oh and hypergamy, that’s the parasite moving to a new host with a better profit ratio.

On a forum yesterday where someone started a thread about what would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse, I waited for the inevitable and within two hours there was some skank cunt saying I’d go back to the ex, he would be perfect at that sort of thing, and I can’t see him turning out the mother of his children.

Pure unadulterated psycho.

Make no mistake, this blog never helped a single beast of burden shrug off their psycho skank ho parasite, all it ever did and all it ever hoped to do was be a primer for all that thinking you did after the parasite moved on to a new host, because let’s be honest guys, 99.999% of the time it’s the psycho skank ho that does the dumping…

Now pin your fucking ears back.

The TRUE DEFINITION of negotiation is what happens when someone gets in touch with my business, how much to do X?

There is no pre-requisite or assumption whatsoever that they will or must or should proceed and enter into a deal with me, the negotiation is a discussion to see if there is some ground where we both get what we want out of me doing X.

99.99999% of what the fuck is wrong with the world today is that there is no more negotiation, shit is just assumed.

From the little stuff like no claims yet the car insurance renewal is £100 more than last year, but oh so considerate of them, I do not have to DO anything, they’ve done it all for me.

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, I jumped ship to a company that was £25 cheaper than last year.

I *should* be able to do that shit with my taxes, with my zoning rules, with my health care, and so on.

The very definition of the free man / awakened man / informed man / no longer beast of burden man is he already does as much of that shit as possible…. £1 a day for MSM ass rag, no thanks I’ll go out and inform myself on the internet, £3 a day for sky TV, no thanks, I’ll go out and download exactly what I want, when I want.

Home life, sex, what vehicle I run, how I dress, how the coffee makings are laid out on the counter top, all more examples of the same.

If you are not constantly negotiating stuff, you’re a beast of burden.

Psychopaths are everywhere, and they are everyone who was not told NO, NOW FUCK OFF AND DO NOT ASK AGAIN UNTIL YOU HAVE PULLED YOUR OWN WEIGHT and tidied your room and helped with the chores and done all your homework as a child.

Not a single one of them is a crazy intelligent manipulative master genius, they are all bone idle stupid parasites, but pester power and an absolute unwillingness to do anything that doesn’t show a personal profit win the day.

In a CIVILISED society “I have five kids and no husband” would be met with “well you’d better start giving out blowjobs in exchange for 99c burgers for your kids, or they can starve, either way, not my fucking problem”

Social security was security for society from those who would otherwise steal to eat, no more, it was never supposed to be a breeding or housing program.

The red pill at it’s simplest is just waking up one day and choosing to no longer be a host for a lazy stupid psycho parasite, and it is NO COINCIDENCE that when guys stop being beasts of burden it isn’t just skank ho wimminz that get kicked to the kerb, everything that isn’t negotiated like being a productive pillar of society goes in the shitter too.

And we are STILL not as bad as psychos, who can only be lazy stupid parasites.

r/K has nothing on this, it’s far too one dimensional.

The one thing you really should walk away from that video bob posted with is this, the lazy stupid psycho was prepared to spend 14 years grooming and training the kid to be his perfect sexual mate… yet in 14 years his interests won’t be the same, and in 14 years she is not going to turn out the way you want, because the only tools you have are pruning shears and the parasitic load of your own stupid and lazy personality.

Stupid lazy parasites are more than capable of making decades long plans for their own future comforts.

I haven’t seen hide nor hair of my sons or my psycho skank ho ex for over 8 years now, despite them living 5 miles away, so I know literally nothing of what goes on in that household, yet, I’ll make a bet with you.

The psycho skank ho ex sees the kids in the interim until the youngest gets to 16 as housing and living vouchers, and has some longer term fantasy plans that the boys are gonna be there when momma bear is getting older to care for her.

Good fucking luck with that bitch.

DSM V and others is quackery dressed up as science, so we get categories of mental disorders that need treatment from those who made up the definitions, so what happened before the DSM?

100 years ago the person was the same, sure, they didn’t have this funky label and they didn’t have protection for their status, but the person was the same, and they were not crazy intelligent or crazy manipulative or anything else.

They were just stupid bone idle parasites who were only interested in personal relations that showed a handsome profit, no other considerations of any kind, moral or otherwise, applied.

If my psycho skank ho ex is so fucking clever and manipulative and so on, how come she has never travelled abroad extensively, how come she has never owned and driven most of the vehicles on and off the road and on water, how come she is incapable of doing much more than wiring a plug when it comes to home making, how come every time she has had some money it was frittered away 1o and 20 at a time on junk food and soda until it was all gone, how come ?

How many times have you heard a man say “If I’d been born with a cunt I’d have been a cash millionaire by the time I was 20.” and boy you know that shit is true.

Stupid is as stupid does, and there are precious few things in this world more stupid than sitting in front of a camera confessing your failed sexual grooming attempts and being proud of it.

I don’t want to slit his throat because he is an evil crazy intelligent psycho manipulator and paedo, I want to slit his throat because it’s cleanup on aisle 7, the world would be a better place.

Now, Putin, does he strike you as a stupid lazy bastard whose only interest is human interactions where he shows a personal profit?

How about McCain, or Comey, or Hitlary?

How about the manager at work whose sole input to some asshat scheme is “make it so” ?

The psycho skank ho ex I could go away for two days and come back and see the same dishes in the sink, the same panties by the toilet, the same things lying on the floor, the current squeeze all that shit has been done and the windows have been washed and the woodwork has been sanded and painted and the freezer is again full of home cooked meals and prepared from fresh ingredients ready to go.

Trust me on this, yes, psychopaths are everywhere, but none of them are smart, they are all stupid and lazy and every single on of them depends absolutely on hugely profitable interactions with beasts of burden to survive.

Ain’t NO mention of where momma bear was when the guy in the film is molesting her daughters, ain’t no mention of where the biological father is…


May 12, 2017

wipe day

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If you’ve played the online game Rust you’ll know about wipe day…

If you read this blog you’ll remember a short time ago I accidentally downloaded something dodgy while doing a usenet session for regular film media, well, lessons soon learned and forgotten and all that, I did it again last night so spent the next two hours wiping everything.

I *used* to say, and bear in mind this is from someone who has been a regular usenet user since before the advent of the www in the early nineties, that you could pretty much avoid this shit without even trying, for example if (made up newsgroup name) alt.binaries.very.young.teen.girls.fucking isn’t a group you subscribed to, you wouldn’t see any of the content, and even if you did subscribe to it, you’d find that most of the girls were 16+ and so quite legal in the countries where the stuff was created, even if in some other benighted countries it was illegal to fuck below the age of 18 etc.

Apart from that the only way you’d get caught accidentally is by typing something in a search engine or indexer, in just the same way that someone searching for “cunt” will get a return on “Scunthorpe” I had one related to me where the user searched for “young” and “changes” (these being the respective artist name and single name for a record out about 8 years ago) and got results that really weren’t what they were expecting.

But to be fair a lot of these instances were like goatse, or 2 girls 1 cup, you’d go oh yeeeewwwwkkhh and hit the back button and turn around to whoever sent you the link or search term (yeah just google walrus dildo) and call them a bastard.

I’ve been caught twice now in alt.binaries.teevee and once in alt.binaries.moovee, so I’m sat there last night watching the wipe and the penny drops, the innocent are now forced to take the same measures as the guilty concealing their tracks, the whole situation has flipped on its head, from back in the day when the guilty used to emulate the innocent as camouflage, now the innocent are emulating the guilty as defence.

It is not accidental.

I’ve been using usenet since before “the internet” so it is fair to say that I’m probably a pretty connected individual with pretty diverse sources of information and I’m pretty used to dealing with all those sources, and together with the fact that in the early days before the Assholes On Line CD’s dropped through everyone’s door you had to be reasonably technically competent and probably self taught to do any of this stuff, reasonably intelligent and intellectual too.

Yet I have to be honest, I cannot look at US or UK or EU politics or finance or anything else and form an honest opinion about anything, it’s so muddies and hey look over there smoke an mirrors the only thing I can know for a fact is that this is quite deliberate, every effort possible is clearly made to turn everything into white noise, totally bereft of hard data or factual information.

And equally clear is the fact that *everyone* is playing the same game.

And in a snippet I overheard a couple of days ago, it is also quite clear that this campaign of global disinformation is *remarkably* successful, because this overheard conversation was about Julian Assange and Josef Fritzl, and this person stated that they’d rather have Fritzl as a neighbour, because at least they could lock up their daughters, but Assange could hack all their computers and do all sorts of creepy and pervy and illegal things with them and the secrets they contained.

The alleged rapes that Assange committed back in some country who knows where and who cares, well, they weren’t that important, the significance was that anyone creepy and sneaky enough to divulge people’s secrets was probably deviant enough that it’s no surprise he doesn’t respect wimminz either, after all, what could be worse than outing someone’s secrets???

Hang on while I open up my permanent log in to fuckbook and write on my wall how outraged I am by all this invasion of privacy.

Of course, when that’s done and I have finished ranting about perverts and kiddie porn, I’ll post the 1,067th, 1,068th and 1,069th pictures of my 6 year old daughter to fuckbook, she is too young to legally have her own fuckbook account, but with face tagging and all the other info she basically already has one.

Time was, back in the day, I knew enough about “the internet” to know at least a little about everything on the internet, there may have been some obscure thing, but it was obscure, so what the fuck… nowadays things that are huge beyond anything imaginable in the early days of the net are buried and I have literally no idea of their existence.

We’ll call him Simon, an on and off occasional voice in the darkness that I message back and forth, we met in the flesh a couple of times over the years, mainly it’s just our path’s crossed virtually so often in our day jobs, so Simon says he is relived he has left his latest gig.

I ask what was so bad about this one, he replies, Omegle.

I reply WTF is that an acronym for, oh my ever googling something something?

No, apparently is it semi randomised video chat, … oh. ok, didn’t know that, so what’s the big deal?

Apparently half the users are 10 to 16 years old, and apparently half of what they do on there is the video equivalent of sexting, but hang on, how do you know this, I thought RTMFP was a secure protocol and everything is encrypted 128 bit?

He tells me yeah, in theory, but you’re doing this from a specific domain, in a web browser, and you can get this shit for smartphones, know any smartphones that can realtime encrypt and decrypt live video streams with 128 bit in software???

Bike chain or luggage with a combination of 1111 is still “secured”

So he says “omegle” is just a brand name, there are dozens of these chatroulette clones, some streams are encrypted, some aren’t, some the text chat only side is encrypted, the video ain’t, and in any event it’s all being done via a browser and a domain name and the streams are running peer to peer, often (because it was a big ISP) from one client of theirs over the network to another client of theirs.

Should you even be looking at this shit? I ask him.

Well he says, you’re two hours into your shift and you take the third identical call from some single parent who is complaining of internet not working properly, and you quiz them about other users and the only other person is my son or daughter who is upstairs who is 12 who is either playing minecraft or farmville or studying their homework, and the traffic out of their node is all P2P video streams, which may or may not be encrypted, and the parental unit is trying to watch eastenders on iplayer without it buffering like realplayer back in the day… and you can’t unsee shit once youve seen it…so he throttles UDP hole punching on their router for an hour and signs off.

This isn’t the gold though, the gold is they hotdesk and the cube farm has low res cctv and stats software that measures productivity but doesn’t know Jim from John apart from their login, so apparently everyone there hot swaps throughout the shift, go for a 3 minute piss / smoke break and come back to another desk and relive the person there, who switches to your desk, but the pc’s only have whoever logged on at the beginning of the shift.

Yeah he says, when I started there I thought it was so manglement couldn’t single anyone out when unfounded complaints were made (of which there are many apparently, your call centre guy promised me a free upgrade to 150 mbit) then I realised what we were dealing with half of the time and there is only so much of this shit you can take without becoming a paranoid motherfucker.

That’s what I get for working in the high street business internet for years and never having been anywhere near domestic ISP ops since around ’97.

But then again, I do make a nice case study, I have a brain and a *lot* of experience with the internet, and despite being a red blooded male rapist with a penis, I have always simply dismissed 99.99% of the whole “the intertubez are a paedo paradise” thing as total bullshit, sure, I could *probably* go out and find it if I wanted to, but like many other things I could probably find, I have never tried to, so I do not actually *KNOW* that I could find these things, I just accept the possibility and assume it is so.

My view is jaded more than somewhat by having worked for some of the literally very first pay per porn websites back in ’95 and ’96, and knowing that even then there was a vast gulf between what was advertised as being available once you had ponied up, and what actually was, and by the way, those four utterly different websites with totally different looks and feels and porn specialities and target audiences… all run from the same content library.

By definition, I actually would not know.

By definition, it is illegal for me to research this, as it is an absolute offence.

So all I or anyone has to go on in what the self / industry / state appointed experts in the field say.

And being brutally honest none of it bears any resemblance whatsoever to every single data point that I have, such as Simon’s story above, and every single bit of it bears an uncanny resemblance to what I worked on in the nineties, legal pay per wank porn, and technically there is no difference between serving up a picture of a 13 year old cunt from a picture of a 30 year old cunt.

Give me an SSD with 10,000 images of any kind on it and I can have a domain based pay per wank site up and running in 1 hour, guaranteed, complete with ready made fake reviews and ratings and so on.

I don’t actually think there is more than 0.0000000000000001% truth in the internet paedo hype, I don’t actually think that any less than 99.99999999% of paedo pictures and videos made are made by kids themselves of their own free will and volition to share with other kids, and by the way I think these same numbers hold true for “rape” videos and everything else all the way down to “nude wives”.

Yes, there are genuine paedos out there, I do not deny that in *any* way, nor do I deny that there are genuine rapists out there, nor do I deny that there are genuine terrorists out there, but proportionally speaking they are a tiny tiny minority of white western peoples, every town and region does *not* have its very own Fritzl or Assange (good in one case, shame in the other) so suddenly we are back where we started, with everything being smoke and mirrors and a lie to obscure the truth.

If you will lie in such a way about *any* of these subjects, be it paedophilia or Putin hacking or 9/11 or democracy or finance, you will lie about *all* of them, liars are agnostic about the subject of their lies.

Which brings me back to the beginning, I do not see alt.binaries.teevee being spammed with what purports to be promo material for a paedo website as evidence that the whole paedo thing is getting out of hand (even assuming it were possible to think that while also discounting the ever increasing levels of sexualisation of minors in the msm) rather I see it as evidence that the whole tell as many lies about as much as possible to obfuscate and confuse and scare and ultimately control as much as possible with the carte blanche you get handed in exchange, is getting out of control.

Even the biggest inside liars no longer know what is truth and what is not, they just don’t care, all roads lead to Rome for them.

Because the greatest asset these constant lies and propaganda have is that they suppress dialogue.

Dialogue is this.

OK, even accepting that there might be 99 paedos hiding in plain sight in my city of 120,000 people, even accepting that they do more damage and ruin more lives than the separate 99 regular drunk drivers, even accepting all of this, what are these 99 supposed paedo’s going to do.

Find some young boy or girl, fuck them and get their rocks off, and then what?

If it *EVER* gets out, even 40 / 50 / 60  years later, they are FUCKED, so the only option is to silence the kid permanently, now it’s a murder, and the dead can’t talk, so there would be 99 dead kids with missing bodies so the forensics can’t find any dna… but there aren’t.

OK, they could be “consumers” of paedo porn, but that doesn’t kill kids, we are told it is an inevitable slippery slope, but the internet and digital media has been around long enough to disprove that too… consumption of porn does not lead to rape.

Ok, so we were told that kids were harmed and exploited in the making of that porn, well, I’ve never seen such porn where *anyone* was clearly violently raped, seen plenty of bad acting in porn, never seen the real thing.

Trust us, why would anyone lie about such a thing?

Well I do have first hand experience of false rape accusations, and like I said, I do have first hand experience of pay per wank porn, and I have to tell you, there is a lot more money to be made in false rape accusations, I can’t name 3 porn stars in this city of 120,000 pulling in a quarter of a million a year, I can name more than three people working in the whole poor victim raped wimminz industry that are pulling in more than a quarter mill a year.

Speaking as an intelligent and articulate man, this is the great stumbling block with many of these so called crimes, the *problem* with any crime is detection, if you rape a child you spend the next 50 years worrying that just one word is said to out you, odds so long they make lottery jackpot wins seem like an everyday occurrence.

You’re going to have to kill the child immediately to prevent that, and I’m sorry, but any argument that anyone capable of raping a child will be reluctant to murder a child is total bullshit, and lets not forget 1 in 3 wimminz in the Uk today have murdered at least one child, they called it “abortion” so that all ok and nice and legal like.

When you go to extremes, you may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, especially as killing the sheep is killing the witness.

Now tell me this, why would the perp’s mindset be *ANY* different just because we substitute something else for paedophilia, say something like politics or economics or finance?

You still might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamp, and since killing the sheep is killing the witness it’s part of the plan.

This is my *BIG* problem with these entrapped fall guy stories, paedo hunter catches guy with condoms and bottle of vodka, ok, if so, the guy is going equipped to fuck, not equipped to fuck and then dispose of the body.

Translate this into your Assange and other rogue trader and rogue general and rogue politician stories, they are all going equipped to fuck, not equipped to fuck and then bury the body.

So these are all people who are notable for being STUPID, right?

But, we are told that all these people are in fact incredibly intelligent and incredibly devious and incredible manipulative and incredibly good at concealing themselves.


John Mc Cain, is he a STOOPID bought and paid for stooge, or is he another Einstein?

Substitution is always a good acid test, if what John does to Julie is wrong, if you swap John and Julie’s roles, is it still just as wrong and in the same ways? If not, then there is some other agenda at play, and the John and Julie story was a smokescreen.

Take away the “paedo” content of the story or take away the “hitlary’s email server” content of the story or take away the “Putin hacking” content of the story and plug something else in, does the story still make sense?

To be fair, there *are* stories out there like this, but most of them are “conspiracy theorist” stuff like 9/11 and pizzagate and haiti and iran and syria and so on.

So the world becomes like wipe day in Rust, it doesn’t matter what you achieve or how you achieve it, every week the servers and wiped and everyone starts again from scratch.

Periodically the coders release an update, and of course balancing gameplay is just another word for social engineering and behavioural modification.

Like almost every single other video game out there, there are no children to kill, there aren’t even any women to kill and get down to it and all the male characters are cloned. Fred doesn’t look like Fred, or Chinese, or anything.

Far from the brave new world we envisioned where technology would push ahead to the point where virtual reality (long before it became VR and a stupid headset) it was close to reality, we are going the other way, where reality is as arbitrary and manipulated as a video game.

Is that avatar you are fucking old enough to consent?

Who cares if some meat bleeds out, providing the algorithm doesn’t suffer change?

Who cares about the concept of informed consent when you can more simply and more cheaply rewrite the definition of humanity so that most of it are just cattle?

What of phobias and philias and foibles when they are transformed from expressions of the personality within into methods of programming the personality within?


May 9, 2017

Motorcycle life – part deux

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Further to a comment by Hans on the last post.

Back when I were a lad and 1% clubs were 1%, eg largely outlaw, I never had the slightest inclination to join, though I was asked several times if I wanted to prospect.

For me at least I did not see a patch, I saw a target that made me even easier to identify, and I didn’t see a band of brothers, I saw extra rules.

Back then the term for bikers like me as “lone wolf” which always sounded a bit pretentious, if asked I’d always say I was a loner.

Typically I was always on good friends terms with the local patch club(s) wherever I was, usually the older more senior guys, I guess from their perspective I wasn’t one of them, but I wasn’t one of the straights either.

This doesn’t mean it was all roses and mutual respect either, with *some* clubs for some places, there was an ethos that if you weren’t in the club you weren’t shit, and I could sit here and relate factual stories about people who are now respected old club greybeards, who I still remember from my youth as nothing more than dirty motorcycle thieves.

Like everything else, not all clubs were equal, and not all chapters were equal, and back then there was a bit of a recruiting drive so there was a bit of competition.

A lot of my attitudes hold over from back then, I  don’t mention clubs or chapters (regional areas of clubs) by name, I don’t talk about club business or members even if I know it, and a lot of this came from mutual respect from the best of them, even though that is a thing that has largely passed, 1% clubs in the 201x’s have little in common with 1% clubs in the 70’s, it stands to reason, the technology of the po-po has moved on.

It should also be stated for clarity that speaking entirely personally, I did not consider club members to be bikers, a biker rides where he wants when he wants and answers to no one, a club member riding into another club’s territory needed to observe the protocols, which wasn’t for me.

But, all that aside, part of the prospecting period went on getting you a decent set of wheels and getting you so you could ride it well and maintain it yourself, this was often done by building a bike from a scrap / crashed donor, in some clubs some times from a stolen donor, but the build process and the money you earned and put into it were part of the process, which was finished off with a hand engraved plaque stating property of etc.

Earning the money was something the club helped with, if you didn’t have a trade they’d find work for you, if necessary work that was illegal like drugs, but either way you worked enough to run a decent set of wheels and to pay your club dues.

Riding skills were taught too, you had to be able to keep with the pack and not wipe out and take out six other riders at the same time, and you also had to avoid breakdowns or accidents with cagers or attracting extra unwanted attention from the pigs.

Behaviour skills were taught too, if the club goes out for a ride and ends up talking to the po-po or the pub landlord etc, well, one guy had that job and that was pre-selected position, may or may not have been called a road captain, nobody else spoke and nobody else dealt, it has upsides, you pumped your own gas but never paid for it, so the man paid for it all, ensuring nobody rode off without paying, ensuring the citizen in the gas station had no issues with the club…

… of course there were other roles within the club to enforce adherence to all these behaviours, and if you’ve watched naff bikers films or worse still Sons of Arthritis (never seen it) you’ll be familiar with titles like enforcer, sergeant at arms, president, and so on.

So, while they were not in my terms “bikers like me” they were motorcycle clubs, and it was very very very true to say that a club coming to town and parking up was a lot like a mini custom motorcycle show all by itself, very very very few people were like me, in that I could park my bikes next to theirs and they would blend in, and if there had been an actual all comers custom motorcycle event, the club bikes would have been voted 1st, 2nd, 3rd, all the way down the line, not because “I’ll kill ya if ya vote for anything else” but because they were the best.

But they were NOT Sons of Arthritis shit, they were all pretty much hand made and built, and they all handled reasonably well, and everyone in the club could ride reasonably well, and these were matters of club pride. eg taken very very very fucking seriously indeed.

Fuck off great apes that you hung off might have been fine if you were a member of an informal motorcycle club like the national chopper club, if you were patch they got ripped out for some short flat bars and the rest of the bike suspension and steering got a work over too.

Invariably the patch club only ran the best and most expensive and most sticky and wore out fastest tyres.

I need to make this point very clearly, even the most ardent detractors of the 1% patch club scene, those that dismissed them as being not bikers, or being a criminal organisation or being a bunch of guys who sought safety in numbers, all agreed on one thing, the motorcycles defined the club, and everyone by the time they finished prospecting and got the full patch had a bike that was the envy of most, and could ride and maintain it better than most.

This was non negotiable.

Back in the 70’s when you were 200 miles from home and the oil bag split and started leaking on your old BSA chop you headed towards town and the nearest pub with all the patch bikers outside, someone there could hook you up with someone who had some brazing kit, it would cost you a few beers and you could buy some weed and you’d get the job done for about the same as a traditional motorcycle mechanic if they had been open, or you could get a wheel re-laced or any other running repairs you needed.

However I do know what Hans is talking about, and while the turkistan bike club with zero bikes but any drugs or whore you want is an extreme example, it’s not a million fucking miles from the truth either.

I remember an except from last summer, I’m at this indy bike mechanic and there is a guy there from a patch club, as we’d say back in the early 80’s if you looked at him he was “straight outta easyriders magazine” and we’re talking and he keeps looking at me, you see, I’m not paying him, or more importantly the patch, the respect he feels it deserves, I’m just talking like he is some guy, and he is looking at me wondering who this guy is.

I’m not intimidated, *I* don’t have a fucking target on my back, and respect is fucking earned, and the days of the patch club are numbered, you’re already “less” than you used to be, and that is not your fault, you can only recruit from the general population, and the raw material just ain’t there.

When I was a young man you couldn’t ride 100 miles without tripping over your dick and seeing some patch guys out for a ride (often the ride would have some purpose that involved money) but the last time I saw a group or gang out was about three years ago at a service station in wales, and I look and watch, sure enough some nice bikes, but nobody standing around watching everyone is behaving, everyone paid for their own fuel, and I really really hate to use the terms or invoke this, but there was no quasi military feel to the whole thing, and that is what has changed in 40 years.

In the 80’s the prospects would have stepped up to the pumps (only one row, leaving the rest of the station free) and been gas monkey for everyone else, someone else would have taken munchie and drinks orders and done that, someone else would stand over the filled and parked bikes while people made toilet breaks, and maybe two out of the 40 or 50 would actually have gone into the gas station.

Then someone would be going over everyone and their bike after fuelling, you good to go? tyre pressures ok? oil ok? gassed up? everyone here? (something the original mad max got almost right, where’s johnny the boy… prospect if ever there was one) does everyone know where the next stop is, and the A and B alternates if shit hits the fan?

These guys in wales, if I had *wanted* to talk to them, I had no idea who to walk up to, because *nobody* was running perimeter security, and I’m sorry, but if you ain’t even got that shit right, then you’re just a bunch of guys, and you just threw away the one thing that made patch life attractive, blood is thicker than water.

I see this too, the new breed, they’re walking around hyper, looking for offence to take, the old school, sweet fuck all to prove to anyone, the patch was the definitive evidence that they had already done all the proving they ever needed to do, much like an old school british para, he didn’t care if you’d had 11 pints and your mates had convinced you that you could be as hard as him, yeah, you’re probably right son, why you fucking with an old guy like me instead of feeling up that beautiful girl you walked in with?

Today people look at me, kick ass harley and I’m not out every opportunity riding it, and when I do like yesterday it’s a 30/40 mile solo ride just to blow the cobwebs out and keep the motor used, and can’t understand why I’m not doing more of this or that or the other.

I already done it all son, and back when the doing was good, not like today where it all sucks, and everything is not what it used to be or says on the tin, where the primary descriptor of a motorcycle club is everyone rides decent bikes well.

Back then it really was a way of life (AWOL) and literally everything else in your life hung off or was subservient to the fact that you rode a motorcycle, a good motorcycle, that you rode well and ate miles on.

I don’t bemoan the clubs of 2017 for not being like the clubs in the 70’s, it simply isn’t possible, technological changes makes that true, if everyone had been walking around with smartphone cameras and gps triangulation google location history and CCTV and ANPR and the po-po having data at their instant fingertips 24/7 and on and on and on and on, hell, 99.9% at least of what I did back then was undetected, today I’d be real lucky to achieve 50%, so the shit i’d get caught for would go from 0.1% to 50% which is 500 times as much.

And it wasn’t all trivial motoring shit either.

You see a bunch of local white guys riding around in their sons of arthritis patches, well, even if they have a corrupt inside line on the po-po and do the po-po’s dirty work on the side, they aren’t much, they can’t be, in the information age it ain’t possible (all those welsh guys used their own plastic to pay for their own fuel, that and google maps and phone records and triangulation etc.. bang to rights bro…) which does leave the exception that Hans speaks about, those who aren’t in the system or those who the system studiously ignored because to do otherwise would be rayciss or against state political ethos…. not many controls on them…

And because they aren’t old school, no in club enforcers to make them toe the line and not bring shit down on the club and no wildcatting and no individual entrepreneurship and none of that jazz.

Whatever nuanced or biased shit you wanted to say about and against old school 1% patch clubs, they were at the least MOTORCYCLE clubs at heart, nobody would deny that, and that brought with it a certain level of discipline and character and limitations, not that Joe Public would agree that any of these were good characteristics, but they were there.

Take away the pre-requisite for a first class hand built bike that you could ride and maintain yourself, well, and you dilute it, by the time you get down to the point that a stolen twist and go scooter and some guy on the back with a hatchet is all it takes, you’ve taken away all the internal discipline and all the inherent limitations.

What you have left is animals who may or may not use two wheels as an ocassional form of transport… when those animals are off the radar and off the computer system rapefugees and sand niggers and orks… well…

This does not mean the old 1% clubs are gone, there are still some out there that try to stay true to the old ways, that try to stay true to the old standards, but like all of us they have also learned the survival value of being much lower profile, but the flip side of that is the old lifestyle that was part and parcel of the whole thing, whether that was being hardcore 1% patch club member or an independent lone biker, is long gone, and it ain’t coming back, ever.

For me the worrying thing about comments like Hans’ is this, the label on the tin no longer matches what is in the tin, what used to be in the tin pretty much stayed in the tin, if you don’t want you hand chewed off don’t stick it in the tin, nowadays what’s in the tin is toxic and it wants to get out, and none of the old or new checks and balances are in place.

In the old days in case of a zombie apocalypse I wouldn’t have headed to town or the army base or anywhere else, I’d have headed for the nearest genuine old school 1% patch club, 95% of them would have been ex military and the club was basically the military without any generals to send them over the top, so inside their compound is as safe as it gets, and in the old days I’d have been allowed in too…lol

Nowadays I’m out of the loop, so I literally have no idea if it would still be a good strategy, I suspect not, in any event, I’m outta the loop so I wouldn’t be welcome… perhaps more tellingly they just don’t have the numbers any more, and in the days of google earth and digital comms there are no more “off the radar” remote farms that nobody knows about except club members and very close associates, so I’d probably be eaten by the zombies while fruitlessly searching for them, which makes any question of them being sanctuary moot.

Back in the 70’s, the 1% outlaw patch clubs weren’t so much outlaws, as people who had had enough of the shit and hypocrisy of society, usually after having served abroad in the armed forces, and then returning home to be thrown on the scrap heap and ostracised by everyone for what they did abroad in the name of everyone back home, so they were not outlaws so much as people trying to live outside the laws, if they could do that without breaking laws so be it, they never cares about YOU adhering to YOUR laws, or even YOu adhering to THEIR rules, the two were different, and live and let live would have suited them fine.

The fact is that even back then society was so controlled that living by their laws meant breaking some of “ours”, so they did attract po-po attention, and of course some individuals went further than that, which tarred everyone with the same brush, anyone with a set of old hand made leathers on a hard tail chop was a “Hell’s Angel” to Joe Public the minute the po-po or press started talking about them…

Today those levels of control are a fond and distant memory.

Today simply being a “prepper” or “french first in france” is enough to be targeted by the state, try and be an old school outlaw biker and shortly you’ll be behind bars for a very long time, meanwhile those who the system will not track, the rapefugees and orks, are given free rein.

They don’t have the same attitude to the straights and Joe Public as the old school 1%ers did, they don’t even have the same attitude as the worst of the outlaw club scene did that preyed on certain members of Joe Public and society, the very worst of the old school outlaw bikers would be ridiculed by the new non motorcycling crew who ride around on twist and go mopeds with hatchets and battery power disk grinders under all the CCTV and everything else helping themselves to whatever they want from whoever they want, and if you dare to say anything about it, not only will they target you next, so will your own state, for being a rayciss asshole.

May 8, 2017

Motorcycle life. A true story…

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I’m mid to late fifties, which means I’ve been riding motorcycles on and off for 40 years, and certainly the first 20 years a motorcycle was basically my only vehicle.

If you haven’t ridden bikes, a lot of this may not ring any bells, because you haven’t walked in those shoes, so bear with me.

The current ride is an 02 harley softail, if you know anything at all about harleys you’ll know that the price you pay for the hardtail looks and lack of traditional rear swingarm and shox is worse handling, think about that, the softails are some of the worst handling harleys made since world war two.

Combine that with around 660 lbs kerb weight and you’ll soon understand that unless you buy a rear tyre that is made of superglue that wears out every 50 miles the back end is going to skid around a lot, today I had a rear end lock for about 20 feet as I slowed down going downhill behind a car that was stopping for some road works red lights, and I was only doing 40/50 before, and kept plenty of distance, and had plenty of warning, and favoured the rear brake a bit, but even so at around 15 mph and 3 car lengths behind the rear end skidded slightly, because the tyre just doesn’t have the traction for the sheer mass.

it wasn’t a big deal, in the scheme of things, but if all you have ever driven is a car, any car, in those conditions and in that scenario, you’d never get a wheel to lock up.

“Things are different on a motorcycle”.

The other “interesting” thing is the engine, 1,700 cc and 100 ft/lbs at 2,000 rpm, so basically just crack it open at any revs in any gear and get *significant* acceleration, combine this with the decidedly agricultural (as in 1950 massey ferguson T20 tractor) handling and what it basically means is it has an awful lot on common with a 600 bhp 2017 mustang, you can get into trouble an awful lot faster and easier than you can get out of it.

So if you want to live, or at least not crash and get injured and smash the bike up, you have to ride very conservatively, in addition to assuming everyone else on the road is hopped up on meth and hoping to feature in the next youtube crash video…

The flip side of this is the surprise on the faces of many when I fly past them, putting that 100 ft/lbs at 2,000 rpm to work, wow, never knew harleys could move like that, because they don’t usually see it, most HD riders don’t push them at all, even assuming the factory tune could walk the walk.

So overtaking maneuvers, well if you fuck up you have the rest of your life in the wheelchair to regret the decision, contrast that huge period of time with the 0.5 seconds you used to make the decision to pass…..  bit one sided there really, so again today couple that one sided cause and effect equation with the fact that it don’t handle worth shit and passing becomes something you do if you have a couple of seconds to think about it and look at everything twice and you can see the entire road that the passing manoeuver will occupy and you can see there are no hazards or junctions within that space.

You then get it boiled down to a few differences between you and the average cars you share the road with;

  1. you’re around 1/2 to 1/3rd as wide as the cars, so gaps that look tight for cars are ample for you… but you ain’t as visible either.
  2. you can go from 40 to 75 without changing gear so fast the cars around you are still pushing through 45, 46, 47…  but they *will* catch up to you 600 yards later.
  3. every car on the road can outbrake and outcorner you (ESS and ABS being standard on most cars now, I have neither)
  4. you can’t “fall off” a car, and you don’t have energy absorbing crumple zones on a bike.
  5. give yourself plenty of room, pretty much obey the speed limit, and be as smooth as you possibly can, BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM acceleration periods aside, you still have to scrub that speed off and you need twice the clear road as a car to do it safely in all circumstances.

Despite all this, I had a very enjoyable ride today, and took several good passing opportunities to pass cars, and spent a lot of my time contenting myself with being 6 car lengths back plodding along at 50 with the rest of the cars… and of course back in town just cruise past all the stationary traffic

Even the old harley softail in relaxed cruising mode is much much faster than 99% of the cars on the road in real life.

Is is as fast as I *could* drive a car? Nope, no way.

Is is as fast as a Hayabusa? You’re having a fucking laugh.

Is there anything that riding a harley like this can teach a car driver, or a hayabusa rider, you bet your fucking ass there is.

Is there anything the average car driver or hayabusa rider can’t do on a harley like mine, yes, not crash… it’s a racing certainly 99.9% will crash within 3 miles, that bit in red text above, it’s incredibly easy to get into big trouble on a harley.

(BTW this is all total heresy for the HD crew, I should be banned from ever riding anything except a C90 for writing such blasphemous things about god’s own motorsickle…)

You could get in equal shit with a 70’s brit or jap bike, esp if you tuned the living shit out of it and but a “so much boost it blows the motor every 500 miles” turbo on it too.

Any harley will bite you, a tuned one like mine will bite you harder and earlier, because 100% of the rest of the rolling chassis is total shit from a handling and performance perspective…. there are actual roads around here where I took the corner (posted limit 40) on the full raceco / termignoni carbed guzzi 1100 sport, thought I might be going a touch fast, look down and see 95 on the speedo, and realise both I and the bike wanted to go a lot faster, same corner same conditions on the hoggly dogglyson at 55 and you’re a fucking man my son, hey dude, saw you hustling that harley along earlier, you were moving some…. yeah, as fast as I fucking dare and I can feel the whole thing squirming and wobbling as it does it…lol

More heresy…

So, biker bravado and bullshit aside, what does all this shit have to do with anything, especially those who have no interest in riding a motorcycle and being an organ donor?

The (my) harley is the deep sea fisherman and the hard rock miner of motorcycling, it will kill or injure you in a heartbeat, there is probably nothing less forgiving on two wheels on the road, so you will tend to spend an awful lot of your time riding very, very, very conservatively, because you know that getting into a world of shit is *trivially* easy, and you know that for you personally there is no kudos to be had by straying closer to those areas, just for bragging rights.

It is completely and utterly unlike any other vehicle on the road (except perhaps a steam traction engine or an arctic with 30,000 litres of gasoline in back on the trailer) in this respect, and this is the point I must emphasise, ON THE ROAD… there are a zillion guys with drag tuned harleys on drag strips who can utterly blow me away, and there are no shortage of guys who can and will push a harley far far far closer to the limits as they try to emulate the performance envelope of a hayabusa out for a casual cruise on those same roads.

Motorcycles in general are seen as all sorts of things, extreme performance machines, extreme freedom machines, extreme purist travel machines, and on and on and on and on.

I think this is all utterly missing the point.

Motorcycles are no safety net machines, you fuck up you get fucked up, *real* immediate like, you tube crash videos of cars they are having extended cursing sessions, before during and after the “accident”.

Motorcycle crash videos are “OHSHIT” very fast and then “ooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, pant pant, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrggggggggg”

Motorcycles are what capitalism is claimed to be.

Cars are a nanny state socialist feminist snowflake utopia.

Irrespective of whatever I did and whatever reasons I had to ride when I was younger, nowadays I find it ground me, puts my feet firmly in the soil, makes me look around and see what is actually there, and wipe away all the pretence and bullshit.

So I see shit clearer.

So I’m some 15 miles away from home and I stop for a walk around and a smoke and to make a phone call, and I decide to walk across the road to buy some smokes.

I go into the shop and there are three schoolboys in front of me, all around 12/13 so first year at senior school, one is paying for the drinks and crisps with a plastic debit card…

One of the other’s asks the guy behind the counter about someone else who works there, guy behind the counter says there is someone younger than me, I don’t know how old he is,  but I’m 27.

School kid says yeah, apparently this guy winks at all the girls and chats them up, and if they show bits of their body (too timid to say tits and ass) they don’t have to pay.

27 year old guy shakes his head, no, doesn’t happen, can’t happen.

Kids walk out, I’m tempted to say to them if you believed that why didn’t you get your cock out instead of your plastic to pay… I didn’t, just look at them with contempt.

I order my smokes and say to the guy, “and that is how lives get ruined and reputations get destroyed”… he looks at me and nods.. hopefully the in store CCTV works and they keep all of the old stuff archived to HDD… apparently it’s all over the school that this is going on… because, you know, teen girls regularly strip off in the middle of a fucking shop in the fucking high street so they can get a free packet of crisps and tin of soda…

He (the 27 year old guy behind the counter) wasn’t a biker, he’s cruising along in climate controlled comfort listening to his choonz through the 14 speaker ICE system with ESS and ABS and everything else watching over him like the angel gabriel…

… or so he thinks.

The chocolate teapot

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So you go on to a company website, look at a product, find a 2 or 3 page pdf brochure which tweaks your interest but doesn’t have any actual details or specifications as such, just the very brief highlights, but then again it is only meant to be enough to tweak your interest, and it does, so you email the vendor asking for more details.

So what do they do?

They respond by sending you a copy of the pdf that is on their website.

The only way they could have done less is to simply ignore your email enquiry altogether.

Nobody in the office that you sent the e-mail to gets paid any different whether you buy the product or not, that is simple deduction, so it calls into question the whole purpose of everyone in that office, what do they do?

It certainly isn’t “sales” or “customer support” or anything else even remotely related to it.

Which brings us to the French election of Macron, 39 and his wife, who was also 39 when she met him back when he was 15 and she was his teacher.

Now that ain’t paedophilia and it ain’t illegal and to my mind it ain’t even immoral, what is *is* to my mind is fucking pathetic, he is 39 and she is 63, I don’t know what words you are going to use to describe someone like Macaroni but “man” ain’t one of them… the sort of guy who’d be dying to be invited to a wife swapping party, because no matter what he ends up with it’s going to be younger and more fuckable, which is of course why he would never get invited, he is however another fucking goldman / rothschild / zionist clone and the offspring of another “man” who is most well known for scientific papers about cats sneezing, I shit you not.

However undignified and unelectable Le Penis was, Macaroni always was a shoo in for the job, there was never any doubt, because nobody more electable was allowed to run, no De Gaulle’s here thank you very much, arguably a bastard himself but also arguably the last French patriot to hold office.

Like the witless sales drone in offices who respond to your enquiry with a pdf already freely available on the website and fuck all else, Macaroni is another fucking chocolate teapot in euro politics, he is no good to man nor beast nor anything else believing in fraternite, egalite, and of course liberte… stick your fucking Marseillaise up your fucking ass.

Not that any of these things are unexpected, while the whole “Mrs Robinson” thing of a young lad feeling his oats porking some older chick like a mate’s mum one weekend back when he was still young and clueless about everything except permanently exploding testicles is acceptable when it is a one off experience when you are young and preferably on holiday away from where you live, it gets very dubious very quickly as soon as you go back for more.

Of course the feminazis will be chiming in about now about how oh yeah, it’s ok for patriarchal white privilege guys to fuck younger chicks, so check your fucking hypocrisy at the door white boi…

I can marry some chick 25 years younger than me and get her pregnant, hell, I’m mid/late fifties, so I probably have another ten years in which I can say that and it will be true, but Macaroni’s seed is all ending up in some old cunt past its sell by date, and in another 7 years when he is 46 and could still be hale and hearty and not too old to both father and raise children as an active father, she will be 70 and a pensioner and eligible for a free fucking bus pass…

It doesn’t matter one iota whether or not he has any intention or desire to be a dad and continue the family line, as an individual, having zero desire or being born sterile or being born a fag doesn’t make any odds as an individual.

As a leader it should make a *huge* fucking difference, because human nature is human nature, and no man anywhere on the planet is going to look at this guy fucking and married to some old crone 24 years his senior and see anything but some pathetic limp wristed also ran.

Not that the ability to have a hot wife or two who most men would happily fuck porno style means much in statesmanship terms, just look at the Donald, it just means it is one less obvious character defect like being an openly fag politician… we have one locally and I know through channels that he has been content with his lot as MP for the past couple of decades since someone told him privately that the reality was the country would elect a fag as PM some time after the country had elected a black wimminz as a PM, and if you doubt this just look at the fisaco that was Jeremy Thorpe MP

So the local guy took a look at all this and saw it was true, and buried his ambitions for higher office, contenting himself with fucking up the local economy and council for the past 20 odd years with his fag ideals and policies.

Rock Hudson wasn’t such a fool after all, bury your sexuality and have a trophy wife and the world will forgive much, but the fact is men marrying much older women is still rare and still seen as aberrant, and I have little doubt that that was a part of the motivation of many to perform the 9 gigabyte hack that was then totally suppressed in the media, stands to reason the cunt is slimy and defective, even without the bankster connections.

France being France, his electability would have been dramatically boosted if it had been discovered that on the side he was fucking some hawt 20 year old twins from Chartres, the fact that nothing like that came out just goes to prove the sad fuck probably is faithful to granny.

Plus, of course, he is a male, and no muzzie french resident with voting rights is going to vote for any female, so standing the most limp wristed pathetic non threatening guy they could find pretty much guarantees the muzzie vote.. better still if granny can ensure that her little boy doesn’t say anything threatening about the muzzies and rapefugees eh.

It wasn’t an election, it was a farce.

Le Penis could have won by a landslide if everyone who did not bother to vote had gone out and voted for her, and as it was there were more spoiled ballots that Le Penis vote, and the word I hear is that the vast majority were spoiled in the “none of the above” sense rather than the “hanging chad” sense.

Which just goes to prove that the French electorate as a whole had no illusions about the so called election process, and the choice of candidates they were given.

“What do you want, both testicles pulled off, or your right arm sawn off?” is several billion miles away from “What do you want?”

And again, dear reader, it is the high density population centres, those things we call cities, that are largely responsible for this travesty, not that it matters, as the Donald proves, the graffiti that I saw on the back wall of tesco in 1979 was utterly correct, “whoever you vote for, government wins.”

I have no artistic skill, zero, zip, nada, none, if I did, I’d draw a cartoon, with the titanic renamed as FRANCE and the captain renamed as Macaroni and the iceberg named as Banksters / Zionists / Muzzies etc…  full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes…

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