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March 29, 2012

Careful what you wish for…

You just might fucking get it….

… albeit quite some time might have passed between the wish and the fact… and your circumstances might have changed.

Yesterday I was talking to my cousin about me and wimminz and dating in general, when a penny dropped for him.

I could quite easily be on PoF talking to some you skank ho…. who happens to be one of his four daughters… I wouldn’t recognise the bitches from Adam having hardly ever met them, and it’s not like any of the skanks on PoF use their real names in their profiles, plus there is the fact that many single mummies, like my own psycho skank ho ex slut make a point of changing the kids surnames to spite their father, and I have never known my cousin’s ex wife’s maiden name….

“You could be … <stutters>…  *talking* to one of my daughters!!!”

(Where “talking” is as close as he can get to “fucking” in his head)

I smiled and clapped him on the shoulder, “Not to worry Jim” I said “PoF is the very definition of ideal consensual sex, where it takes two people who are BOTH seeking the same thing to hook up.  I have precisely zero chance of hooking up with a woman who is not gagging for it.

It was fun watching “Jim” struggle with the concept, that if his daughters were young ladies and not skank ho sluts they would not merely have the perfect defence against “meeting” the likes of me, but they would be that defence itself….. ooh, what a quandary, who to blame.

It will be equally fun watching all the feminazi slut wimminz and mangina niggerz in the various State systems when the economy tanks, and indeed when time passes.

You see, about an hour before I was talking to my cousin “Jim” yesterday, I was talking to an older professional feminazi wimminz, and this wimminz does not know that I know that one of her close friends is the secret family court judge who fucked my son over and awarded sole custody etc to my psycho skank ho ex.

These people, because of their incomes and position in society, are one extra step removed from “grass roots” so a touch of the aloof’s and indifferent’s and “we can always retire to Marbella and drink Margaritas” about them…

Except the Spanish economy is even worse off than the Greek one, and even if everyone knows it, no one is admitting it openly, and suddenly there are less places to escape to as / when / if TSHTF

So I said to this older professional skank ho, “yes, it’s great being the senior management type in local government now with all your latte’s and meetings and shit, you are arguably at the peak of your career and income etc….” pause for her to agree and let that settle in…. “… which leaves me to ask myself, have you never had any thoughts for where you are going to be in another 20 years when you are mid seventies, well in to retirement age, and just a short summer or two away from being utterly reliant on someone else to wipe your ass, or see you are fed, or to do your laundry…. I mean, who is going to be even offered these minimum wage jobs, not your family because your generation all alienated them on the way up, so what is left, scum from broken homes who saw your generation destroy the family life that they could have had…. the old saw about being nice to people on the way up, because they will be changing your catheter in 20 years when you are on your way down again..

By now she is looking appalled and horrified.

So, my question is, when YOU no longer have any personal power, just what IS your plan for all this??? I genuinely do not get it. Who is there for you to appeal to for help?

Me looking all theatrically confused.

So she grabs the bottle of Clicquot, pours herself a heavy slug, and admits to me that THAT far ahead was never actually planned for, but as each year passes it does indeed get closer and closer and harder to ignore, and she has noticed her own feminazi friends facing the same lights in the tunnel, and watched many of them party like it was 1999, lacking any other response to it….

and then it comes down to it, the reaction that most wimminz I have known pull out of their asses in extremis, “if it gets that bad I suppose I can always wash a load of pills down with more of this” as she waves the glass of bubbly at me, probably thinking that the ultimate sulk will be met with a mangina on shining armour coming to the rescue…

It’s not much of a plan, I know” she says…

It’s not any kind of a plan, ” I tell her, “it is based upon the premise that your social and economic standing is going to remain as it is now, when you know damn well it is not, you’re less than a decade from retirement…

Anyway, I am done here, this appliance will now work again as it should, that’ll be x cash money please” (a job that frankly I could have talked her through on the phone in two minutes) and she pays me and I go, to leave her all alone drinking bubbly at 10 am on her day off cos being senior management in local guvvmint she only works 4 fucking days a week and what else is a girl to do?

Set up a lonely princess profile on PoF with no photo and 9 years chopped off her age?


February 12, 2012

Up, and down, up, and down…

…it’s a song from 1999 that for some reason got stuck in my head last week, so instead of conversation, such as “Oh yes” or “and what did you say” or “so how was that new bar you were going to” I end up wiggling my eyebrows at them and saying “Up, and down….Up, and down….”

mental health, it is an issue… lol, we have met the enemy, and he is us, our enemy is the enemy within, the white knight niggerz mangina that is bred into us all, programmed by the very language we speak, and I do not mean the feminazi MSM dialogue, I mean the language of English itself.

It’s only when you learn OTHER languages that you start to make connections about English as a language, and a language is of necessity a programming language, it is the language we use to communicate and describe the world around us.

Sometimes language is also like an aquarium, the view from outside looking in is different from the view inside looking out, and sometimes you have to venture out of your own aquarium to find a language capable of expressing that which you wish to describe.

There are probably few actual English words left in English, and those that survive have been changed, all the rest is imported from abroad… just as it is flatly impossible to separate out the influences of the Roman conquest 2,000 years ago and the Norman conquest 1,000 years ago (and the Viking raids etc) and arrive at a true English culture.

So only a non Spaniard can go to Spain, and point to three words;

  1. Casa – House
  2. Casado – Married
  3. Casadoras – Handcuffs

….and smirk, to be met by utterly blank looks on the faces of the Spaniards themselves, as though you just pointed out “the” / “there” / “theremins” … because by definition being a native English speaker I will not be able to come up with three English words that do this, or spot them when pointed out to me.

So thought processes end up in a rut, in a closed loop, much like the Vengaboys – Up and down song that started all this off, a mindless little tune and lyric that gets stuck in your head, and you end up talking crap to people, crap that is perfectly in context from your perspective, but from theirs makes them look at you as if you were slightly mad.

What’s that you say? All wimminz are filthy lying whores?

Bzzzzt, does not compute, you end up sounding like a candidate for the nice men in white coats, because just as the Spanish word for foreigner and the Spanish word for stranger are essentially the same thing, estrangero, the English word for someone who has truly swallowed the red pill and gone all the way down the rabbit hole, and the English word for someone who is a menace to society are essentially the same thing.

Every man who has stood in a secret family court and / or been falsely accused of  rape knows EXACTLY what I mean, they are using words that sound exactly like the words you grew up with, except they now have radically different meanings.

Down the rabbit hole where NOT buying your girlfriend a diamond ring for valentine’s day does NOT constitute a pre-meditated act of domestic violence and oppression and control.

So yesterday I am on PoF and this skank ho tells me the reason she split from her ex, was they weren’t getting on, and so one day she slapped him, and he put her in the hospital for three days… so I ask her, what did you learn from this, and get the predicted response, don’t be around violent men, and I point out to her a better lesson might be don’t bite off more than you can chew, after all, she instigated the violence. What did she expect???

It is only when I quite correctly pointed out that (due to other things and inconsistencies said in chat) that she is a liar and a hypocrite that she started to go all cold on me, me siding with the guy who allegedly put her in hospital for three days did not turn her off.

These brain draining parasites in the secret family courts, wimminz movements and so on all inhabit a world where no woman ever gets a throbbing dripping wet cunt at the thought and practice of a man giving her exactly the kind or pre-arranged and discussed and agreed to rough sex that she desires, the whole idea of kinky sex from a bit of slap and tickle all the way up to BDSM simply does not fucking exist, because in a real world where a man does not rape or beat or abuse, there can be no evidence (use the search facility on this blog and look up “locard) of these things.

Evidence of sex is not evidence of rape, accusations of abuse not backed up by any medical notes or photographs of bruises is not evidence of beatings, failing to do or provide certain things for a woman who nonetheless chooses to stick around for several years is not evidence of abuse.

Yet should you have any further doubts upon this matter, should you question whether control of the definitions of the programming language is the one thing they all actually care about, all you have to do is to dare to question any of the definitions of this language, as I did…. consensual slap and tickle and consensual rough sex BDSM is not fucking rape and abuse.

When you point out the that “enormous” sex implements, note the use of the word implement and not toy, which in reality means anything larger than 1″ diameter and 6″ length, were bought by the psycho skank ho in question who is accusing you of being the abusing rapist, reality and the subject will shift to the next item on the agenda, and sooner of later there will be one you cannot answer, because in your world and your language a response is meaningless, and the question itself nonsensical, yet in their world every response you can possibly make can and will, as the caution says, be used in evidence AGAINST you… nothing is ever used FOR you, but then, they never say it will be in caution….

When the psycho skank ho’s lawyers allege that the woman who decided to walk down the road to your house two or three times a week for ten years, to have sex, to have children by you, to be taken shopping by you, to have Christmas lunch with you, to use you as unpaid taxi and 24/7 multiskilled DIY man on call, was in fact nothing more than the woman you have been raping and abusing for ten years, and this is just one of many reasons why you should never be allowed anywhere near your own children ever again…. what do you have to say to that, Mr Afor?

You might as well wiggle your eyebrows, smile, bob your head from side to side bop to the beat and say “Up, and down…. up, and down”

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