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March 5, 2012

Word associashun

I have had a lot of messages about the dog fucking thing, more than even I would expect, from those pointing out that Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream was basically all about bestiality, through those making reference to the dog fucker in Catch 22, through those telling their own little anecdotal stories.

One of the ones that struck a chord with me was the one about “young” but sexually mature and active wimminz who will refer to the dog cock as “lipstick”, which I will freely admit generates a response in my head that draws a parallel between how a lipstick slides out of the holder, and the approximate shape and colour, and the dogs cock, and a general opinion of “yeah, I can picture that”, which only goes to show that we cannot monitor ourselves and have an unbiased opinion….

… because someone who is a practising clinical psychiatrist said to me “… and you see no significance in the fact that a lipstick is rubbed around the mouth and lips in a display of purely Freudian eroticism, the blatantly obvious parallels between…. etc etc”  and I have to tell you, no, I didn’t….. I’ve never actually used lipstick, or sucked a dog’s cock (or any other kind come to that) … sure, when it is pointed out to me it is bloody obvious, 20/20 hindsight and all that, but unless provoked, nope, would probably never have twigged to that.

Which is interesting because the next thing the trick cyclist said was that I should therefore revise upwards my estimation of how many wimminz have bounced around on Rover’s cock.

And then I said something else “off the cuff”, and what I said was “If only dogs could talk eh…

And again, NOT the response I would have predicted…. “oh no….” the shrink says, “… that is a large part of the attraction for wimminz, the fact that their lover cannot talk or spill the beans…

The shrink went on to say that in a previous life they worked for many years at a rather well known local institution for the more than slightly loopy, and it was well known there that the female nurses would fuck the patients who were incapable of meaningful speech, in preference to the ones who could speak… this was a blatant difference / choice, the ones who couldn’t talk were getting all the action.

The shrink went on to explain to me, and for the first time I started to get it, the strange power of the attraction of a woman towards her rabbit / vibrator…. that fucker can’t talk.

The shrink then floored me, the first non country / non veterinarian person I knew who had heard of the Bruce Effect… (google it)

e.g. when horses get suspected of getting pregnant away from the herd, they act like sluts or spontaneously abort the foal, and the point being made here is wimminz are hard-wired at a genetic level to cheat, and pass off another man’s child as yours, they can’t help it, so the outward reaction of this is finding those things that cannot talk irresistible to fuck….

…it doesn’t matter that the rabbit or the dog cannot get her pregnant, the hard wired urge to fuck something that cannot betray your infidelity is so strong it over rides the notification that this is not human, or not even alive… just plastic.

Which brought the shrink to the third comment that floored me in one afternoon… “…why do you think you have always done well with wimminz AfOR, you don’t talk to them much, the strong and silent type, and you have never been known to talk about the ones you have been with, or advertise the fact that you have been with them.

Well, yes, I knew that not talking about past conquests was a way to ensure future conquests, but silly little old me always put that down to the wimminz being shy or caring about their reputations, even the skank ho savvy, red pill pissing, misogynist me never twigged that it was because the bitches are hard-wired to cheat and get pregnant.

Rover’s lucky, he’s only a percent or two of genetic material away from being chased through Court for child support and being hated on by society for being a “deadbeat dog”


  1. Yeah, base human/primate/mammalian nature.
    Take a good look at chimp balls. The bigger the more reason there is for it. Heck even our own dicks are basically shaped to scoop sperm OUT of the cunt.

    Only the male side (that you´re basically living now) gets demonized so that every new male generation can learn what scumbags “they” are.
    While the arguably even worse female side is downright denied or even turned on it´s head and declared a virtue.
    Actually encouraged subtly, see ghetto/single mum culture and the state subsidy thereof.

    Probably the main attraction point of a PUA IS the “virtue” of keeping his trap shut about the other sluts he boned.
    Once he passes THAT shit test he´ll have a hard time “fucking up”.

    Comment by hans — March 5, 2012 @ 11:55 am

  2. I have often wondered about lipstick. For a beautiful wimminz, lipstick is entirely unnecessary, and possibly a toxic. For a fat or old wimminz, lipstick is pointless. A fat wimminz will spend a fortune on clothes, hair, nails, and make-up to move from say a 3 to a 4. When they could just drop 30 pounds and move from a 3 to a 6.

    Comment by john — March 5, 2012 @ 6:27 pm

  3. hard-wired to cheat and get pregnant is the foundation of wimminz sexual liberation. They want to be able to fuck without any limits, social or economic. There is the big difference between wimminz and horses. Wimminz vote in large numbers and governments change social and economic policy accordingly. Also wimminz like lipstick.

    Comment by john — March 5, 2012 @ 6:29 pm

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