Wimminz – celebrating skank ho's everywhere

How to fuck up a simple job.

Basically, just add wimminz…

ONE wimminz left alone to do something can usually get it done, more or less, but as soon as you have TWO OR MORE wimminz on the job it turns into a clusterfuck.

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday, she is getting on in years, so I took her to see her brother, and to cut a long story short a birthday cake was produced.

It was a simple sponge cake with icing, and a ribbon around it.

The challenge? To cut the cake into slices.

To any man out there, this is simplicity itself, cut the fucking cake into slices, the first such cut neatly cutting the ribbon.

To wimminz, no way, I watched three of them spend 5 fucking minutes making a performance of it, eventually lifting the cake off its base and pulling the ribbon down, and setting it aside.

Why? You ask yourself…

Because it is pretty” say the wimminz…. WTF???

It’s impregnated with pink fucking icing sugar for fucks sake…. what fucking use is it????

I have seen this time and time and time again, all of my ex’s could barely clean a house with any sort of precision or thoroughness, but god fucking help you on those occasions where another wimminz would come around and they would attempt to do something together.

By the same token, never ask a wimminz her opinion on anything, because her opinion will always be whatever she thinks will most impress those present, not her actual opinion… being a wimminz, wimminz do not have actual, fixed, opinions.

I can introduce you to wimminz in fucking management who LITERALLY clam up with brain lock when you ask them the simplest of questions that do not have an opinion based answer, such as “What is 75% of 4?

I shit you not.

And when you say “Jesus Fucking Christ!” they accuse you of being abusive and controlling… I shit you not… fuck Google, because these skanks couldn’t fucking SPELL these DV catch phrase words much less quote them without social networking and Google search.

And then you have extremely well paid wimminz working as lawyers and judges in Family Law, who ROUTINELY cannot even be bothered to go through the case notes bundle, much less compile a list of mutually exclusive statements or outright contradictions and lies on oath…. no wonder Divorce and Family law is so fucked up beyond all recognition… it’s full of fucking wimminz trying to get by on uttering opinions that make other wimminz think highly of them.

But, if you want to see what wimminz SUPERLATIVELY fuck up, beyond anything and everything else that they fuck up, just watch them trying to raise a son…

Boys are hard-wired to push every limit out there, and keep checking in case that limit has changed in the past hour.

Boys absolutely REQUIRE only two things;

1/ A fixed and unchanging point of reference, which is used to form a mental map of everything else in life, and this can only be provided by a father OR at a push a very close knit extended family with plenty of men in it.

2/ A fixed and rigid set of values and rules, again, imposed by a father or at a push a male member of the very close knit extended family.

Wimminz are completely incapable of providing either of these, even intermittently, on the contrary, all wimminz everywhere by their very nature provide the exact opposite, and by the tender age of THREE FUCKING YEARS OLD these boys will have outgrown their mother’s abilities to control and nurture them appropriately to give them a good grounding to grow up to be well rounded and integrated Men.

I can show you written documentary evidence of skank ho wimminz who state that their property, the three year old boy they abducted from his family by making False Rape Accusations against the father, is “self harming” and when they then go to the elder male family Doctor in order to get some paperwork to back up this fucking fucked up OPINION of hers, an OPINION which just happens to further HER desires, not the kids, what does the elder male family Doctor say?

He is just being a boy.

e.g. when a boy plays and comes home covered in scratches and bruises because he fell out of the tree or whatever, IT IS NOT FUCKING SELF-HARMING… you stupid lying skank cunt.

Wimminz are intellectually unable to grep this simple fact, because wimminz do not operate on any kind of fixed facts that remain unchanging.

This is the point all you men out there need pounding into your heads with a clue-by-four.

NOBODY GIVES A FUCK what your wimminz says or thinks about your relationship NOW, because facts neither exist nor remain unchanged with wimminz, EVERYTHING is opinion, and opinion is a constantly evolving process that reflects those around that particular wimminz at any one time.

Put your happy in her marriage wimminz in a room with a bunch of misandrist wimminz and before you can say “False Rape Accusation” her fucking OPINION of your marriage just took an about face, and the Gestapo in blue are busy fingerprinting your cock, and your life as you knew it is over.


Because wimminz operate only on OPINION, not FACT.

You are a man, learn and understand this FACT, from a fellow man.


  1. My ex is very corporate. She had to travel at times. Luckily, whenever she was busy or sick (even more time) I wasn’t all that busy and have tons of great memories raising my son. He’s 18 and getting all kinds of warnings from me now.

    I raised him to be a good man only to learn now I should have raised him to be more wary of the world and women. Doing that now.

    Comment by TomJW — April 6, 2011 @ 9:33 pm

  2. That may be the best article I’ve ever read man! So true, most “men” just don’t have the balls to put it so straight forward!! Right on!

    Comment by George Clooney — June 3, 2011 @ 8:50 am

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