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The Rule of One

I am not sure if it was, or was not, ever thus.

I am sure that each time you sell something to the public, the next sale comes easier, so whether or not it has always been with us, it is certain that it is with us today more than ever before.

This “thing” of which I speak is the Rule of One, which is the practice of taking an extreme statistical anomaly, and making policy out of it.

We heard all about “Megan’s Law” in the US, and the efforts made to introduce a UK, equivalent, now we have a new effort all because one women met one man on an internet dating site and got battered to death, so now they want a law allowing all wimminz to in effect do a free police search on all men contact them on a dating site.

“9/11” was a statistical outlier, but arguably it changed the face of US society and personal liberty more than anything else.

Here in the UK we had decades of background constant IRA terrorism, with the odd “spectacular” thrown in every Christmas, and yet we just got on with life and all the railway stations had rubbish bins on the platforms, 9/11 happens thousands of miles away and suddenly all the rubbish bins are removed from our railway stations, and they have never come back.

One asshole hacks into the FBI and suddenly all of us face new restrictions in our on-line freedoms.

Now, here is the thing, yesterday I wrote about Incompetence and Neglect, and there is a correlation between the rise in Incompetence and Neglect, and the rise in the Rule of One.

Let’s take the McCann’s, a couple who abandoned their toddler age children alone in a holiday flat in a foreign country to go for meals and drinkies a hundred yards away at a restaurant… what could possibly go wrong?

Top of the list would be the kids get immolated in a house fire, or one of them strangles on a pyjama cord, or one of them chokes to death on their own vomit… further down the list comes the kids being abducted.

Either way it is incompetence and negligence as a parent, criminal incompetence and negligence, right?

No, it is instead a launchpad for a whole new career as a talking head (which also neatly avoids all the awkward questions about forensics found in the McCann’s car that raised more questions than they answered) for yet another campaign for yet another Rule of One.

Everyone everywhere has to suffer the consequences of more laws and less liberties so that Mrs McCann can continue to avoid culpability for her own negligence and incompetence, and can continue her lucrative career as a talking head and professional victim who has “lost their child”

I have been denied contact with my kids until they are 18, because the secret family courts fear I might fuck them up mentally or fuck them up the ass literally, despite there being no allegations of any abuse of any kind against the kids themselves, just a False Rape Accusation against mature adult female, etc etc… all because some psycho somewhere presumably did fuck his own kids in the ass.

The Rule of One studiously ignores the very real harm caused to children (latest figures show 1.6 million children in the UK alone who never see their fathers thanks to skank ho mummy aided by the secret family courts) in losing both a father and the entire paternal extended family, very real harm that is both profound and irreparable, while concentrating on putative harm than daddy might do, just in case, best to be safe, for the sake of the children.

This is “future crime” and nothing less, no appeal.

Not only are the putative aggressors in these imaginary future crimes punished, but the putative victims themselves, the bloody children, are punished by being excluded from all contact with half of their genetic lineage.

The Rule of One, funnily enough, never applies when statistical outlier cases at the opposite end of the spectrum crop up, as they inevitably do from time to time.

You have a Baby P and all of a sudden “lessons will be learned” and of course nothing ever happens, and woe betide any father such a me who raises the spectre of Baby P in his own custody battle, if you had not already lost the case (see my article about Religious Fervour) then at that point you have because you just lit the blue touch paper and all concerned individually go into Cover Your Ass mode, this is not a conspiracy (see my article about Conspiracy or Not) because they are all just collectively and individually covering their own asses.

One guy goes on a rampage with firearms in Hungerford, and suddenly all the rules concerning firearm ownership are changed, everyone who did not go on a rampage in Hungerford has their liberties curtailed by the state, and more apparatchiks are employed by the state.

Does this stop misuse of firearms? Not so’s you would notice, Derrick Bird was another recently, so everyone else had their liberties curtailed, but the outliers, who by very definition do not fit any of your fucking rules, carry on as normal and statistically speaking the chance of some nut going on the rampage with a firearm is as great as ever.

Statistically speaking the chances of earning a cushy living as a talking head on the subject or a state apparatchik involved in gun control have never been better.

Statistically speaking the chances of rolling back individual personal liberties and responsibilities to say circa 1955 levels have never been worse.

Statistically speaking the chances of the next statistical outlier being able to perform their misdeeds without hindrance or anyone catching up with them until long after the deed(s) is/have been done are at best unchanged and at worst probably vastly improved.

In 1980 any and every child within eyesight of me could have walked up to me and asked for help, and gotten it, now I do not want to know, I will literally turn my back and walk away no matter what I see, why should I give a fuck, when I have been told in no uncertain terms by the state that the very children I care about the most, my own fucking flesh and blood, are off limits to me, to such an extent that even if I see one of my own kids in the street being abused and I intervene I WILL be in court facing imprisonment for breaching a court order to have zero contact of any kind until they are 18.

I am a fucking walking zero crime area, not just in the sense that I genuinely do not commit crime, but that any crime that may occur within my field of vision and hearing will not be acknowledged by my concious mind.

Nor am I going to lift a finger to aid or help anyone in need, if you are stuck upside down in a wrecked car that has slid off the road you’d better pray that I am not the first person to wander past…. or you’d better be able to reach your wallet, and fortunate enough to have plenty of cash in it, and smart enough to wave the cash at me BEFORE you ask me for help or to phone the emergency services.

Think I am joking? Think again.

Think I am the only one? Think again.

One of the reasons society is coming apart at the seams is that human beings instinctively know when it is in their best interests to emulate the three monkeys, see fuck all, hear fuck all, say fuck all.

The biggest earthquake in modern human history followed by a 60 foot wall of water hit a Japanese nuclear power reactor plant, and the bottom line is it survived basically intact, the best possible advert for nuclear safety, and yet the Rule of One ensures that it is compared to Chernobyl and Three Mile Island and half of Europe bans nuclear power generation.

We simply have no medium (10 years plus) to longer term alternatives to nuclear power generation if we intend to keep the lights burning, and yet the Rule of One carries the day.

Man Made Global Warming is another case in point, one statistical trend was found which supports it, and everything else has been made to fit, now CERN, which is publicly funded by these same talking heads remember, has released scientific data that shows an AMAZING correlation between cosmic ray bombardment (muons etc) and global climate right back to the last ice age, but has banned its scientists from discussing this in public.

The Rule of One is essentially symptomatic of a sick society, which has utterly lost all sense of direction and purpose, a fearful society, which will clutch at straws, any straws, however far fetched, as long as they can be seen to be doing something, anything.

And God help you if you question the efficacy of any of it.

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