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July 10, 2012

Udder sizes

I have literally no idea how many wimminz tits I have seen, sucked, bitten, squeezed, etc.

Being a man, I will be the first to admit that wimminz dress sizes mean nothing to me, a fact not helped by the typically wimminz thing where any given dress size is actually a variable, so what hangs on a rack in a shop today with a Size 12 label could well have been called a Size 14 or more only a decade or so ago.

Being a man, one thing I do understand is 36-24-36, and C cup.

That shit all makes perfect sense to me and I can picture it accurately…

Something else I know is that all wimminz know a good set of udders is always a plus point in the SMV (Sexual Market Value) stakes.

Which is why, all wimminz, without fucking exception, lie about the size of their udders.

You know when you go into a shop to buy a paper, and the shopkeeper gives you the wrong change… well, that shit can happen, but when every time you go into a shop, and every shop you go into all give you the wrong change, and that wrong change is ALWAYS in their favour, then it is no longer carelessness or stupidity… it is policy.

Now I myself may not be a horse, but I am reasonably well endowed, and like all men I have taken a tape measure to it and know how long it is on average and how thick it is, and so I went though a period where I was basically asking wimminz prior to fucking them and at around about the exchanging dirty pics by MS stage, what size cocks they had had in the past.

Then I would meet / meat these wimminz in the flesh, and they would generally (not all) make some comment about my size, such as “you’re bigger than my ex and he had eight inches

So I’d look at mine and imagine something smaller and wonder how her ex arrived at a length of eight inches, did the guy measure from his asshole forwards or what???

And then as you do eventually you start meeting one or two of your fellow sperm  brothers who have pumped and dumped the same skank ho’s, some before you, some after, and sooner or later the conversation goes around to this very subject.

Now, prior to this point, I just assumed guys were lying to get laid, in the same way that wimminz lied about their udder sizes, and why not…

But when you start to have the conversations, all I found was guys being very candid and honest, with a mean/median number of anglo saxon white guys stating that their cock was between 5.5 and 6 inches in length, which ties in EXACTLY with every physical study ever made (ps these same studies show that anglo saxon males have the biggest cocks on the planet ON AVERAGE, bigger than wogs, bigger than anyone else) and all of them flatly denied lying to the wimminz to get laid.

Then I met one, then another, who had pumped and dumped two different sluts right after me, and sure enough, they were told that her last “beau”, me, had a monster cock… now I KNOW I didn’t fucking lie to the bitches.

I then started talking to these sperm brothers and thinking about wimminz and their cunts, and they all claimed to have small neat and tight cunts, including those wimminz who had had a string of womb turds and whom I could fist with no lube, and how they were all shocked and disbelieving when I told them that no, men did not all want tight virginal twats, most of us were quite happy to play with a large cunt that could take a horse quite easily… provided she was kinky and obedient and didn’t yap.

It all seemed very counter intuitive, as a man you would suspect the wimminz would all claim that the (very few.. lol) previous cocks they had had were pencil dicked mofos, and of my god what a cock you real man you… but no…

So then I started talking to a couple of wimminz I know, who are pretty grounded in reality and pretty honest (yeah, I know, but they are both unfuckable…) and they both said the exact same thing.

To a wimminz, fucking a guy who “only” had a very slightly below average five inch cock was a direct reflection upon her own worth, when it came to talking to other wimminz, and this is where the penny dropped, the wimminz on the wine with the other wimminz comparing slut stories was behind all this, and none of them would willingly admit to being fucked by a “mere” five inch cock.

Hence, “Yeah, vince is going bald and has a beer gut and drives a citroen and has a loser job as something in IT, but he has a nine inch cock and can breathe through his ears”

At which I perked up, and the next night back with the sperm brother shooting the shit, I remembered this comment during all the “Yeah, Suzy, did you ass to mouth her dude?” contrast and compare stories, and said wait a minute, I have a question for y’all.

Can we come up, between us, with 50 unique individual wimminz that we have between us fucked in the past year or so… yes, lets each of us hold the memory of those wimminz in our heads for a moment, now the question, which is in two parts.

1/ How many of them did you go down on (cunnilingus) at all?

2 How many of them did you go down on PROPERLY till they came?

Now, see previously, according to the wimminz it was all of us, and I always assumed I was a bit weird because I have only ever done it to perhaps 4 wimminz in my entire life, only once each, and when I was *much* younger, but at the time I knew a couple of guys who claimed to be totally fucking apeshit for eating cunt.. but they were both Marines… lol

NONE of these guys went down on any of the wimminz they had been with in the past year, not even for one second. Every single one of them had a “eww fucking yuk” expression, I may as well have come back from the toilet with my kaks around my ankles and said there was no toilet paper, would they lick my ass clean.

By then one of the aforementioned wimminz had joined us, and dropped a bombshell, and then another far bigger one.

First she said that you know all this shit about how all men lie to all wimminz all the time, well the truth is all wimminz lie to all other wimminz all the fucking time, ESPECIALLY about men/sex with men.

Well, no prizes or surprises there.

Then she said why the fuck do you guys think some wimminz become lesbians, and no not lesbians generally, but butch / on top / dominant lesbians….

To get someone to lick their cunt on demand, because lets face it, the “feminine” lesbian parter is a wimminz, and all she has heard is lies from other wimminz on how men eat cunt for a passtime…. so she is just doing what she has been told all men do… and the only way she will ever find out different is by fucking a series of men.

“Oh fuck” I said, because I just then connected the dots, the wimminz who had been saying this, the wimminz who as I said previously was unfuckable but reasonably well grounded and reasonably honest, the wimminz who basically hated all other wimminz, was an ex fucking lesbian “bottom”….

Lesbian “tops” are the ones who get the surgically enhanced breasts… lol


June 1, 2012

Home truths

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  1. Anything you ever did before sexually, better be on offer to me, because otherwise you are telling me that I am less worthy than those who got those other things you don’t want to do now.

    I have mentioned this one before, but there are two obvious consequences, one is that every subsequent relationship is an escalation, and two is that you only have so many escalations until you get to the point where the next step on the ladder is a threesome with TWO horses, and at that point you’d better hope aliens land soon, or you’re shit outta luck.

    The flipside of this of course is that as your next prospective mate, I have to be into whatever your next escalation to get me is, AND I have to be NOT put off by how far along the escalation process you are, for example as a man in my fifties I can introduce you to reasonably sexy and good looking wimminz in their late 20’s and early 30’s who are now looking to settle down, BUT CANNOT GET A MAN TO STAY WITH THEM, because of the above, when you have had several threesomes and have often had seven different cocks in one week (this is FAAAR from abnormal guys) it’s hard to find a guy who knows so little about your history that he can see you as anything BUT pump and dump.

  2. As mentioned above, you kinda need to come to this realisation by watching others and learning, not by riding the cock carousel yourself, and it wasn’t actually a hard lesson as every village had the girl who would be the village bike and demonstrate it for everyone else….

    But the REAL lesson you need to learn is that the “tomorrow has no consequences for my actions today because I am an entitlement princess” is NOT an idea that will confine itself to your sexual history.

    I genuinely cannot tell you how many of these girls have similarly chaotic “work” and “home” lives, and I put both of those in quote marks because work always involves some wimminz mcjob that Rose West couldn’t get fired from, and home is just the place where you fuck a series of random men, oh, and where your fatherless kids live and earn you state benefits.

    I can genuinely tell you that I have yet to meet the first girl who could live this lifestyle sexually, yet keep down a decent job and keep a proper home for herself and her kids if any.

  3. Which brings is to point 3, which is that for a relationship of the sort you seek to form, there has to be cohabitation.

    I have yet, in all my born days, to meet and fuck one of these sluts who did not beforehand say something along the lines of “my house is a bit untidy”… like I give a fuck, I am only going there to pump and dump, but the fact is no man wants to be associated with a wimminz who cannot keep house, it just isn’t that fucking hard, I and millions of other men manage it with ease.

  4. Which brings us to point 4, which is that if you do not like and respect yourself, NO OTHER FUCKER WILL, and again, without exception, these wimminz are all the types to hit the bottle, cry in their wine, and then trawl PoF for some cock to come over and make them feel better about themselves.

    Just as alcoholics use booze as an anaesthetic, these skanks use cock and cum as an anaesthetic, for a short while they can pretend that they are nice and desirable and sweet.

  5. You cannot un-ring a bell.

    Life is a bitch, you make bad choices, you have to live with them, you have to PAY THE PRICE FOR THEM, failing to realise this puts you back on that escalator at point 1, and then worse choices follow bad choices, and then still worse choices compound those, and to any subsequent bloke that comes along all they see is a wimminz who can be trusted to fuck up every single time she is given the opportunity to do so…

    Thanks to the law and wimminz empowerment, we know that they have unlimited opportunity to do so, and that there is nothing we as men can do about it.

  6. You are not whores, whores charge, you are sluts, and you are worth precisely how much you cost us to pump and dump, sweet fuck all.

    A very few guys, very very fucking few, are happy to have a relationship with a whore, because they profit from it, they are pimps.

    NO MAN wants a relationship with a slut, there is no profit to be had from it.

  7. You are your own greatest enemies and self deluders.

    Without exception, wimminz who will ride 7 different cock in 7 days will talk about wanting to find “the one” and settle down, and without exception their greatest worry is that their new man will “cheat” on them, how you can cheat on some slut who has had more cock than a fox is another question entirely, there is literally nothing there of value to cheat on in the first place…

  8. The thing you suspect and remain in constant denial of is true, you cannot be more than one thing, you cannot be a whore / slut and ALSO be a girlfriend / wife, and it does not matter how often you quote the things a man wants, a whore in the bedroom etc etc, that don’t make it so, because men also can only be one thing, they can be visiting a whore or slut as a “John” to dump their cum, OR, they can be in a relationship with a wimminz.
  9. You cannot break one half of a contract, or one side of a pane of glass.

    The INSTANT you fail to stand up to your side of the deal then you are in breach, and wherever the future goes after that, it does not go backwards in time to a point where you were never in breach.

    Once you break the side of a contract that deals with YOUR obligations and promises to the OTHER party, the ENTIRE contract is void, you do NOT get to keep THEIR obligations and promises to YOU, or to call them out on their lack of same.

    When this state of affairs is itself breached by the State, as it is routinely is family law courts, do not expect ANY result short of ALL men losing ALL belief in ALL contracts and promises, and starting to treat you and the state with at least as much utter contempt as you treated them.

    Turnaround IS fair play.

  10. I have lost count of how many cunts / assholes / tits I have had, it isn’t the flesh that is sexy, it is how it is presented to me, and wimminz I am about to tell you the most profound and far reaching truth in existence about men.

    There is one simple difference between a pump and dump cumbucket and the woman I will stick with and keep coming back for more like a steer to a salt lick.

    One is a slut.
    One is MY slut.

  11. Yeah but this is ownership…

    Give it any fancy fucking label you like, this morning I went out and did the brakes on MY car, and then gave it a proper wash and wax, I did not do that for any other car in the street, because they are not mine, I don’t give a fuck about them.
    The mechanic doesn’t give a fuck either, or only as long as he is paid… (see the parallels between sluts and whores and MY slut yet?)

    It is fundamental human nature at work, to expect a guy to give a fuck about something you have to give him a stake in it, and a stake in it means a say in it, and if you breach that contract expect him to stop giving a fuck.

  12. Bottom line.

    It is TOO FUCKING LATE for all of you wimminz out there, and now the economy is about to tank and we are looking at a real possibility of a land war in the Balkans / Crimea within a year, the very things that ALLOWED you to make such a fuck up of your lives are going to get cut back to the bone, and if you couldn’t get a man to stick with you and buy your shit when times are fat, what the fuck are you gonna do when times are tough, and all the other sluts out there are trying to undercut your offer?

The biggest home truth of all, it is getting time where the everlasting party is about done, and the bill is going to be presented, and there simply is not going to be the money in the state to pay for the boys in blue to respond to your “DV” accusations, or chase your dead beat dad for support money, or to put food in your larder when your mcjob gets cut back, and YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO START LIVING THE SINGLE SUBSISTENCE LIFESTYLE YOU HAVE BEEN CLAIMING TO LIVE, where there is no money for sanitary towels, much less bottles of wine and rabbits by the score and an endless stream of cock.

There is a VERY REAL although at this time still slight possibility that a land war to the east of Europe ignites, and spreads, within 12 months.

If THAT happens then the cock carousel is going to get drafted, and the only cock left is old experienced cock like me, or reserved status cock, or invalid cock, and if you think times are hard when the economy crashes you wait until your labour is CONSCRIPTED into a factory or farm, and when you get home at night the only cock left is old experienced cock like me.

LOTS of ex wives and girlfriends who used their kids as weapons to beat deadbeat daddy over the head with are going to be faced with empty larders and hungry wailing kids and no DV / State protections, and suddenly the little shits won’t seem like such good weapons to hurt daddy with, the boot will be on the other foot.

So bitch, how are you going to PERSUADE me to take those little shits that you have alienated me from off your hands and feed them?

Because I, like all those other men who got fucked over by y’all, have learned to live well, and we have learned to do so on amounts so little that you wimminz with your wanton, slothful, wasteful ways cannot conceive of, thanks to being fucked over by you and the state.

It is an ill wind that blows no good.

And that perhaps is the final home truth, all those sayings, they mainly came from the last time that times were hard.

May 16, 2012

Don’t come back

I am trending towards using “currently playing” as post titles..>;*)


I am seeing more and more skanks on PoF not merely coming back with new adverts, but coming back and placing themselves in the “intimate encounter” section rather than the “dating” or “relationship” etc sections.


Ageing, the process of living and gaining experience and being changed by your experiences.

Sure, we have all seen and heard about older men in their sixties and seventies being with, being able to fuck and even being able to impregnate wimminz who are 20/30/40 years younger than themselves, and therefore reasonably hot by dint of being fertile, but I am scratching my head trying to think of older men who are actively fucking older wimminz…

There is a reason for this, let me explain;

My own story is I spent my forties basically being sexually faithful to two wimminz, one of em mainly, with a couple of one night stands thrown in for good luck, then I got the whole FRA as opening salvo in a separation and child custody battle that went nuclear on day one.

That put a real crimp in my libido, and basically I didn’t fuck for 15 months, then I picked up again and then I discovered PoF, and basically I have spent the past three years fucking almost anything that moved, getting through approximately one new wimminz every two weeks, while keeping others on the back burner etc.

Prior to my forties I really did fuck everything that moved, don’t even ask for numbers because I have no fucking clue, couldn’t even guess to the nearest 50 if my life depended on it.

Now, the purpose of this post.

I cannot ask my father or grandfather because they are dead, but I suspect, genetics being what it is, that since we have so much else in common we will also share a common sex drive.

And I mention THIS because I have found that for the past six months my own sex drive has been, well, “changing” is a good word.

I’m using the word changing, because it has changed in the past, see above for two example, coming out of a fairly steady LTR into a FRA, and the rebound from that.

The “change” I am noticing is that I am seeing less and less wimminz that I want to fuck, dramatically so when we start talking about wimminz past their thirties.

I have one long term FWB who is past thirties but not a lot, and fact is she is very very easy to be with, all that traditional wimminz shit, takes great pleasure in feeding me, picking up after me, hanging out with me, but my urge to fuck her is low… once a week or even once a fortnight would do me.

Meanwhile the slutty skanks in their twenties I could bang all day and night, but lacking a yacht in Monte Carlo I have to be realistic and accept that for many of them I am OLDER than their father and so insufficiently rich to fuck, so most of my wimminz be thirties or early forties, and even then I am noticing that a big part of the find em / fuck em / forget em that is PoF dating is because in the chase stage where they send me pictures of their cunts on my smartphone it is like porn, all good stuff, but having fucked them despite the firmer and fertile flesh the whole porn thing is fucked up by my actual personal knowledge of them… e.g. that one talks about her kid, like I give a fuck, this one thinks that now we are fucking she is entitled to something or me picking up a tab, the other one is fucking untidy and messy…

So it is not that my sex drive has gone down, it is that having purged myself of whatever pent up fucking I had accumulated, and also having learned ever more about the TRUE nature of wimminz, I find it harder and harder to maintain the “porn” mentality that is essential to fuck.

I could show you nekkid pictures of one wimminz that I have been fucking, mid 30’s and never had kids and always looked after herself very carefully, face ain’t bad and the body it has to be said looks every bit as good as any teenagers, albeit up close if you poke and prod not QUITE the same as teen flesh, not quite the same tone or suppleness, but damn close… looks better than many wimmiz who are in porn.

And there I was last week doggy style with my cock in her cunt and her moaning and grabbing the sheets, and I feel myself getting not exactly less hard, but drifting away from that hill you have to get over to come.. you know what I mean there guys… because I am looking down at her very cute ass, and unfortunately I see HER, and start thinking about the things that I now know about HER, as an individual, so I do THAT thing, THAT pose we all know so well.

Lean back, look away from her, look up at the ceiling, pretend she is some other slut that I have not had yet, one of the ones in the production line, and hey presto, we start climbing that hill to orgasm, or rather I do, she sounds like she is having plenty of fun… lol… and so I shoot a load into her cunt… Mission Accomplished.

So, here is the interesting question;

  • How much of this is due to my ageing process physically?
  • How much of this is due to my learning more about the nature of wimminz every day?
  • How much of this is due to my body reacting to less fuckable, less fertile, e.g. older wimminz?
  • How much of this is due to me frankly having fucked so many bitches that all the novelty has worn off?
  • How much of this is due to wimminz themselves constantly evolving attitudes, e.g. the wimminz of 2012 being a lot less fuckable than the wimminz of 2002?

As I said up there, my own father and grandfather are dead, so I cannot compare notes, except what I already know, so I can’t ask direct questions, but I can perhaps take another look at family history, and perhaps now find that certain events have a different meaning for me as I see them from a different perspective.

Now there is one thing missing from the above list of questions.

Between my younger fuck anything days and now, I have discharged by DNA impulse to breed, and thanks to my psycho skank ho ex and the state, been discharged from any responsibility or involvement in the raising of said fruit of my loins.

I think, instinctively, this is the make equivalent to the female ticking womb, and I think in all discussions on mens sites it is overlooked, shit that applies to men that have not yet bred simply does not apply to me, and once that DNA subroutine has been run, what is left is an appreciably DIFFERENT man.

I think, instinctively, I have no actual urge to impregnate any more wombs, not even those inhabiting the most incredibly hot bisexual teen twins, so while there is a holdover from those days that allows me to get a raging hard-on and spend all day and night banging such a pair of twins, the procreation component is entirely missing, ONLY the “porn” element is left.

Which is a death sentence for the wimminz, suddenly whole swathes of what WAS fucking is no longer fuckable, and my standards of how low I will go on that scale (“10”) are rising dramatically.

Case in point, now playing, Suzi Quattro, can the can.

I had this poster

Gotta admit it, I have no idea how often I wanked over that back in the day.

Now, that SAME PIC, not her today, but the same pic, yeah, I’d hit it, but frankly I am not quite sure how I managed to spurt so often and so easily over it, she just ain’t that fucking hot.

What’s changed? Apart from my DNA hard-wiring to procreate?

This is the question I would like to be able to ask my dad and gramps, point to certain events in family history, and ask, do you think maybe you did this, and not that, because you had already fathered my dad / me?

Because I suspect the answer is yes, and I suspect that NONE of this is news to any wimminz, not even the pregnant at 13 ones, there are some things that the wimminz have always been way ahead of the men on.

I think perhaps ALL men vastly under-estimate the biological ability, and therefore URGE, to impregnate many wimminz simultaneously, as a factor in what makes any INDIVIDUAL wimminz sexually attractive to us at any given time.

I know that in my case, in which there was a polyamorous triangle, when one of them got pregnant and then gave birth I lost all interest in fucking her, but took a greater interest in fucking the other one, definitely some BIOS level DNA programming at work there.

I have observed in other where a couple have had three (or more) kids, and where there was clearly no cuckolding, it ALWAYS went one of two ways, either the kids got successively better looking, or successively uglier, like the two sets of DNA were fine tuning the mix, or were going more out of sync, with each subsequent effort.

_IF_ there is a shred of truth in these speculations and observations, then the outlook for society as we know it and nations and economies as we know it is dire indeed, because the current state of family courts means that we are fucking with one side of a BIOS level piece of DNA programming.

We are utterly breaking the system that is designed to keep me around the womb(s) that bear the fruit of my loins, a place where the sexual attractiveness of the wimminz in question is moot, because as the mother(s) of my children I will only see and care about a whole host of other things, all related to child rearing.

Break that “covenant” and not only do I start to question the sexual attractiveness of the mothers of my children, but I start to look at ALL wimminz with a more experienced and jaundiced eye… after all, I HAVE THE FUCKING TIME FOR SUCH THINKING NOW…

I do know that when I look at the mother(s) of my children now, I do not see creatures that are in any way sexual, even though they are still just about fertile, I don’t even see them as “female” except in the pure biological dictionary definition sense.

When you add in the fact that my skank ho ex is a PSYCHO skank ho ex, it is actually a bit of a struggle to see it as a human being, and in truth it is an “it” to me, not a “she”.

While there are many things that the wimminz “get” a zillion times better than men, this, this “decoupling” that I, and presumably many modern men fucked over by the courts and the state, is something that the wimminz are simply hard-wired to never even be able to accept, much less understand.

It is this decoupling, which just happens to have one side effect of whether a particular wimminz is sexually attractive, and if so how much, and in what way, that is going to have such dire consequences for the society and culture and economy and nations as we have known them.

I am not going to even lift a finger to tap a key on a keyboard to benefit, aid, succour, help, support or defend an “it”, nor indeed any niggerz who does.

I do not hate my psycho skank ho ex, I do not even see it as sub-human, I don’t even see it as non-human, after all dogs and other mammals etc. are non human, rather I see it as a tumour, a pestilence, an infection, a biological agent with negative traits.

A “thing” to which I am immune (so I have no urge to cure or cleanse or destroy either) and as such a thing which effectively ceases to exist in my universe.

Now THAT is when your habitat gets trashed by the Cat D9 to make way for a motorway, when you cease to exist in the universe of the workman and engineer who builds and maintains the very structure of society.

We can all simply ignore megadeaths that happen “somewhere else” and the fact is that there is nowhere on the face of the planet more remote than “I don’t give a fuck about you one way or another.”

The stories about Dachau and Auschwitz etc are woefully incomplete, unless you include the stories of the people and society and towns and villages and communities in which they were built, and in which if they were noted at all, it was as a local employer.


May 15, 2012

Just a quick anecdotal really

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Because the last thing I want this blog to get to be is to be a link farm for wimminz who have made false rape accusations or a link farm for stories of wimminz outrageous behaviour, a lot of stories I see I just ignore, if that shit interests you you can easily enough find it on your own with a google news feed.

Nevertheless there are some things that I see that interest me, and I wonder if anyone else has noted the same things;

PoF is a great barometer… changes in PoF are changes in wimminz in the real world.

I am seeing greatly increased levels of;

  1. Wimminz PoF adverts stating that they want an industrious and hard working man, in the fucking headline.
  2. Wimminz adverts from Wales.

Wales is one of those places, take away the artificial economic subsidies and it collapses back to its default state, which is with the (coal) pits closed is 90% unemployment.

Lots of wimminz from Wales signing up to PoF is canary in the coal mine shit, they are looking for something they cannot find locally, and that ain’t cock, so it can only be;

  1. A man with a weekly wage packet
  2. A man who doesn’t live in wales, e.g. a way out (of wales)

Shit testing them ( I have zero intention of fucking any of them, welsh bitches are unfuckable because of the accent alone) on subjects such as long distance relationships and the like reveals what can only be “Russian bride” attitudes to the whole subject.

Shit testing them on the subject of my claimed employment also reveals huge attitude changes, to the wimminz who are all of course managers at the very least, the worst job you could have said was something lowly in IT “I fix computers” was an almost guaranteed way to break off contact, a dweeb who was limp and pathetic and who spent all hours with his head under the hood of a computer, not any more, suddenly it sounds like a full time gainfully employed job, but make sure you work for IBM or Microsoft, no self employed MD / CEO of my own business, unless it is IBM, because all these wimminz seeking a way out are managers and owners of their own businesses, and they will not and can not see any disparity between custom (inedible) cup cakes made to order and your 24/7 call out plumbing business…

I have always maintained that as herd animals wimminz are always a lot quicker to sense and change in the wind and react accordingly, if so then here you go, here is another sign, hard times are a coming and the smarter and faster reacting of the wimminz are looking to secure a place with a new stud in a new valley a long ways away from the current one.

Lots of these bitches also have horses, or worse still mini bitches who also have horses.

In the UK if you put 3 horses in an acre (4,000 M2) field before long there will be nothing but mud for the horses to eat and medical issues with hoofs will start to set in, you can rotate 3 horses through two or three one acre paddocks, provided you provide feed, because that tiny amount of land will not feed them.

Storing a week’s feed takes a fair bit of space, then if you have horses you have all the bridles and saddles and tack, which also needs storage space and maintenance space, then you have all your vets bills, because living cooped up in a tiny one acre paddock is completely unnatural for a horse, and the beat goes on, and on…. oh yes, the paddock needs fencing, wood as well as electric, then there is the shit to pick up…

Basically you can run an old motorcycle, say a 70’s SOHC Honda or late Norton or AMF Harley, for what it costs to run one horse, in time and resources and money, so these skank ho’s with two bitch daughters and three horses, you are basically be expected to take on the running costs of three people into old bikes, and their bikes, which is fine, AFTER your own fucking garage is full of classic iron that you play with and ride every day…

No wonder they are looking for hard working men.

May 6, 2012

Money makes the world go round…

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For 20+ years now I have been saying that money is not everything, but it is a damn good lubricant… if you have enough everything slips along beautifully, if you do not have enough things start to grind to a halt and break under frictional stresses.

A large part of this trick is of course to make sure that the amount of money you require to live every week is strictly controlled, and to KNOW that amount and live within it.

I am currently in a very fortunate position, I refused to buy (back when I was married) because house prices were frankly insane, little terraced houses going to significant fractions of a million pounds, e.g. one fifth, not one fiftieth, which always prompted me to ask the seller “where is the fucking island and helipad?

To be sure the EU economic crisis is all about households and individuals who have completely lost sight of the value of money, and no, I don’t blame the bankers for offering interest only self certified liar loans any more than I blame the local drug dealer for offering the first rocks of crack for the price of a beer… nobody made you greedy fuckers take it and start acting like there would be no tomorrow and the real bill would never arrive.

To be sure there is therefore a majority of the herd who will vote for anyone who claims that not only is the emperor well dressed, but next week there will be a whole new line of clothes out, come on down….

I have heard “property owners” and “buy to let landlords” say in my presence that the problem is all the people like me, who do not own property, and even suggesting that we should not get the vote, and when I ask them to show me their property deeds (they cannot, they are held by the true owner of the property, the lenders) they look at me like I am speaking to them in Greek.

Greece always was a funny place, geopolitically it sat astride both east and west and northern and southern cultures, and historically made much of its money from being on those trade routes, but apart from that it only ever had tourism, I lived in Greece for a couple of years, the land there is something and Icelander would turn his nose up at, farming wise… but when I was there every family in Greece was receiving some 3,000 Euros a month from the EU for having a patch of land with some stunted olive trees sat on it… again if you live there and see how little fucking olive oil a hectare of olive trees will produce, and this is AFTER you irrigate the shit out of them, it will come as no surprise that the only cash crop the land is capable or producing is a farming subsidy.

A bit like most of the buy to let landlords, the only cash crop their few square meters of land can produce is a state rent subsidy for their tenants… but again the housing tends to monocultures, to serve the biggest rent payer about, the state, everything is either two bedroom flats, or three bedroom houses, or multiple occupancy which means either bedsits or so called one bedroom flats with the cooking area at one side of the living area and a tiny separate bathroom and bedroom, there is no traditional spread of styles and sizes and types of property.

The place I live in now is rented, and it suits me very well indeed, but you couldn’t sell it to me for 1 red cent more than the land value, because it would be easier, cheaper and faster to pull it down and rebuild from new than it would be to fix up properly… and this is solely because the DIY landlord doesn’t know dick about property maintenance… an incredibly common scenario.

Which brings us to demographics, there are so many broken homes and separated / divorced couples, that by and large we have;

  1. Wimminz and kids in a house on a mortgage, subsidized by the state and the father of the kids who bought the house but got kicked out for alleged domestic violence and sexual abuse when she wanted to move on to cocks new.
  2. Wimminz and kids in a house or flat owned by a private landlord but paid for by state benefits, because the man in question did not own a house when his psycho skank ho got all medieval on him.
  3. Wimminz and kids in a house or flat owned by the state.
  4. Widows living alone in houses that may be rented, may be owned, may be council houses, been there for 20 years..
  5. Some married and co-habiting couples.
  6. Loads of single men, from 1/2/3, often living in one room bedsits, and paying monies to the skank ho ex for child support etc.
  7. The very young and students, all living in shared accommodations.

Things have actually gotten so bad with the public purse that in the UK the state simply will not pay anything towards any non shared accommodations for the single person if that person is below 35 years of age.

Nota bene, skank ho single mummy is not and can never be a “single person” so always goes to the front of the accommodations queue.

So if you are a man and under 35 not only does the state have no obligation to house you, it does not even have any legal obligation to pay any money at all towards your accommodations, should you desire anything more than a bedsit.

Bedsits have their place, to be sure, but there is a reason it has been literally impossible to get home contents insurance for any shared accommodation (e.g. bedsits and everything else where you do not have your own front door key) plus as it is essentially a financial niche, see buy to let landlords, basically all the bedsits are a fucking disgrace, if you have mice they will be wearing overalls and wiping their feet on the way out to get the cockroach crap off.

Which, all being about money, makes things interesting in a “democratic” society every time everything is subject to a popularity contest, those wholly or partly dependent on state handouts, the single skank ho mummies and the buy to let landlords, essentially control the vote.. it does not exactly technically make for a “rotten borough“, but damn close.

Which is where we come in, and skank ho single mommies on PoF.

So far in 2012 I have seen a huge swing, from zero to perhaps 25% of all profiles, the skank ho’s are filtering out all the deadbeat dads by the simple expedient of stating that any man who wants to date (fuck) them must have his own home and car.

Which is all gravy to me, but is fucking murder on most of my male friends, who fall into two broad categories;

  1. Deadbeat dads who can no longer afford a car, so they live in some dump, often a bedsit or teensy tiny “flat” that used to be one third of a family house with a cooker and sink against one wall of the “lounge”, and a tiny bedroom and even smaller bathroom.
  2. Deadbeat dads who still run a car or motorcycle, so they live in some caravan or dump a few miles outside of town.

In both cases they are deadbeat dads simply because they are still paying a large wad of cash every week to the psycho skank ho ex, who is living in what USED to be their house, but has changed from a repayment mortgage to an interest only one… lolol

As a society, this means that the only ones who have a real voting voice that can effect change, are the very ones living off the fat of the land as parasites and contributing nothing; and THIS is exactly the case in Greece (where I lived for a couple of years) Spain (where I lived for a few years) Italy (where I lived for a year) and Ireland (where I have never been) .

Which is why the EU economies are so fucked.

The skank ho’s on PoF can clearly, by their shifting attitudes, see the writing on the wall, but being wimminz all they can come up with is doubling down on the same old shit, still keeping one or more deadbeat dads as paupers, still taking the state handouts, but also wanting AS WELL some new cock to open their wallet and support them.

Locally here in the UK, we just recently got out from under New Liebor, who totally fucked everything, not just economically, but socially too, and yet after a short period or Cuntservative and Unionist party rule, who were such niggerz they never did anything different, in the next lot of local elections New Liebor have made back much of the ground they lost.

This, my friends, is an “electorate” that is acting is desperation.

This, my friends, is an “electorate” largely composed of wimminz and their niggerz.

Wimminz got the vote, many deadbeat dads like my male friends still have the vote, but sadly their vote doesn’t count for shit any more.

Follow the fucking money, while it lasts.

*THIS* is why buying gold metal and shit won’t work, you will still have to share your town with all these wimminz and niggerz when the state tit dries up, fuck affdiggastan, your local problems will be due to local wimminz and niggerz doubling down.

April 28, 2012

Peter Pecker Picked a

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I have been debating whether to discuss this, and have decided yes as the guys in question have agreed.

Basically last week a couple of guys came over and we spent some hours shooting the shit, and then the subject of erections came up… lol

You mean it’s normal?” was the separate reaction from both of them, when I said;

  1. I have had days / wimminz that I just could not get hard for.
  2. I have had days / wimminz that I could get hard for, but could not cum into.
  3. I have had days / wimminz that I have fucked and enjoyed in the past, but which right now I have no interest whatsoever in sexually, not even a tiny throb or twitch of the cock, not even if I try to make it happen.

which led to an admission from one of them regarding little blue pills..

before you speak” I said “let me tell you this, I have never taken viagra or anything similar, but have been with loads of wimminz who have been with men who have, and they all say the same thing, the guy can stay hard for hours, thrusting into her cunt or ass, but they never seem to cum and it is always crap sex

e.g. viagra does not help you over that hump to orgasm, it just makes your cock hard, and lets face it a vacuum pump and some liquid nitrogen will do that….

So on the principle that my cock is Peter Pecker (gotta have a name, can’t have a complete stranger making many of your decisions… lol) and I am me, I have had a lot less stressful sex life from the day I accepted that I should have precisely ZERO input into who / how / when / where / why Peter Pecker likes to get wet.

Every single time, without exception, when I have had some level of internal strife or sex, and as soon as I start describing this in any form of detail these viagra guys start talking about how I am describing their SYMPTOMS that they took viagra to CURE…. think on that…. every time, without exception, when I have had some level of internal strife it has always been because ___I___ have decided that ___Peter___ should come out to play, and Peter has had exactly zero interest.

Instead of shrugging and saying catch ya laters, I have tried to force it, come on man, we’ll go out, get some beers, have a laugh and a great time, meet some sexy hot girls…. meanwhile peter is saying he just wants to stay home alone and watch re-runs of Firefly.

The reason for THIS post is how powerfully that resonated with these two guys, one who readily admitted buying viagra, and the other one who admitted it a couple of hours later, when he had determined that he did not have a cock problem after all… lol

What is interesting is asking the question, where does the idea come from than a man, any man, every man, can snap his fingers and his cock will stand to attention and 3 minutes later be spurting a hot load into some wimminz cunt?

Seriously, where does that come from?

No man I know or have ever known has had a cock that worked like that.

No mammal that I have ever known has had a cock that worked like that.

Well it clearly came from the people that brought us “All men are rapists” and “All fathers want to fuck their own daughters” etc.

Every man I have known has needed an initial stimulus to get Peter hard, an ongoing stimulus to keep Peter hard and playing the game, and a final stimulus to get completely different systems over the hump and into orgasm so Peter can be a conduit for a load of cum.

Every description we have of cock, which includes the legal description, which deals with rape and consent, completely ignores these facts… every description we have was clearly written by creatures who do not have a cock….  wimminz and their pet niggerz.

Every man I have known can identify with the stimulus to get hard, another one to stay hard, and another one for the orgasm and spurt of cum.

Once you frame it correctly like that, viagra is not a sex aid.

Viagra, like the vacuum pump and liquid nitrogen, can get you hard, but it is by definition incapable of providing the stimulus to get you over that hump into orgasm…. on the contrary, it interferes with that process.

So viagra is not a sex aid, it is a rape aid, so that men can be coerced into getting hard for unfuckable wimminz.

“pecker time”

we will call this the time between me letting go of an empty coffee cup, and that cup hitting the floor… pecker time is like bullet time, it is the speed at which the pecker computer works, and if you shut the fuck up and give Peter Pecker access to your vocal cords, pecker time can give you the answers you need.

“So why don’t you get hard at the prospect / opportunity of fucking Tracy any more?” you ask Peter..

right back at ya in pecker time, “Because the bitch is UGLY dude.”

so you ask “But that didn’t stop you the first couple of times!!!”

right back at ya in pecker time “Bro, it was dark, and it was a new conquest…” shrugs

so you say “But, but, I need to be able to fuck her later tonight!”

right back at ya in pecker time “Why?…. really dude, why…. that’s like saying you need to be able to go back and play Half Life 1 just like you did the first time, and forget everything you have done since, everything you know about hardware and software development since then, just so you can bang an ugly bitch….”

so you say… “but… I need to get HARD… and FUCK..”

right back at ya in pecker time “no problemo, bring me something like this….”

which brings us into all sorts of interesting territory, not just is Tracy in this story unfuckable, but is she un-rapeable by the same guys / cocks… and if she is, which as men we know she is, then just how vile and abhorrent and anachronistic is the entire legal and social structure that has been built around the premise that it is only the threat of detection and punishment and imprisonment that stops Tracy from being raped every single day or her life, everywhere she goes…

Historically rape was a very very very rare offence, it was much rarer than murder.


So how come, according to the wimminz, has rape SUDDENLY and out of nowhere assumed epidemic proportions, and what triggered it?

In my own secret family court case, CONTRARY TO ALL THE PATHOLOGY, as well as in a total vacuum evidence wise, I was accused of being a rapist of adult wimminz, I was accused of wanting to rape very young (less than 10) female children, I was accused of wanting to sexually abuse very young male children, I was accused of being obsessed with bestiality, which is at least three different MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE sexual pathologies, but never mind, as long as it can be used to further the time that snouts can be kept in the trough of the public purse.

And that right there is where it all comes from, poisonous worthless parasitic bastards who have built entire careers out of believing at least three impossible things before breakfast, don’t give a damn about anything except furthering their own careers.


April 25, 2012

Dreams, you can’t bullshit em…

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I have long suspected that 99% of the dreams that I temporarily remember upon waking were only triggered by a pillow reducing blood flow to the brain and 5 seconds of what basically amounts to hallucination.

I don’t think you can categorise this as sleep apnoea as it is caused by pillows / quilts / whatever and not anything within my body itself.

Either way, dreams do not have an accessible script writer or editor, so maybe there is a link between finding a 2008 pic of my kids in the bottom of a box as I was tidying the workshop yesterday, and a dream about my ex still being a psycho skank ho some years in the future.

These “nocturnal dreams” are different from daydreams, I can daydream about all sorts of shit at will, but the nocturnal ones are directed and edited by something deeper.

Clearly finding that photo triggered some process that later manifested itself as a dream.

I’m finding sex is getting more and more like a night dream, or smoking, or, rather, not smoking..

Not smoking, also referred to as quitting, has many of these same qualities, up will pop some sketch in which you are smoking, shades of the dream in that you can’t direct it or deny it, but of course like a daydream you can dismiss it, and get on with whatever it was you are doing, and you have beaten another cigarette.

And that is true for smokes, drink, drugs, anything that you formed habit forming pathways in your brain for, the pathways are always there, and there will always be random shit that sends the odd dreamlike thing down the pathways, and you’ll get that urge again… all you have to do it tell it to stay buried and fuck off.

I am finding elements of sex in this.

I’d quite like a good [         ] now, the trouble is, while the fantasy [       ] is great, in reality it won’t be like that, and it will definitely have negative aspects, so do I actually want a [       ] right now, or am I just fucking bored? In which case I should get off my ass and do something productive and worthwhile and entertaining.

The [       ] of course being a blank where you fill in what you like, smoke, drink, fuck…

There is also the stated but often ignored “I’d quite like a GOOD [       ]…”  so ignored that you didn’t actually read that rider / proviso / word in the para above, and yet it was there.

A good [       ] is a good thing, but an average / mediocre [       ] is crap and a waste of fucking time and effort…. trouble is, we all know 99% of them are average / mediocre / crap, and chasing after that good one no longer has the magic allure / pull it used to.

Waking up next to a hot wimminz sounds good, in reality waking up alone, making my coffee, chilling, sitting here in my towel ready for my morning shower with my laptop on my lap and no fucker to nag me or get in my space is better.

I guess what really started this was talking to one of my skank ho sluts, because as you all know (if you don’t, you bloody well should have known this) all wimminz dream of a state wherein every man who has had them spends the rest of his life having no other wimminz but dreaming of and pining after them, and my throwaway comment that I could give up wimminz as easy as I gave up smoking.

What upset her was the follow on comment that since the pathways are there in your brain, you only have to give up one smoke at a time, or one slut at a time, and if you just stop and ignore the craving for even one second, and think instead how “good” that individual smoke / skank ho is likely to be, or not, not that good, not unique at all, not rare at all, not a grab it now or forever lose it opportunity, still available at the same cost in 10 minutes, suddenly it ain’t that hard to beat smoking… or skanks…

But, it is true, and the secret is a simple decision, do I control the pathways in my brain, or do I allow external forces such as nicotine or cunt to write pathways in my brain and THEN MANDATE THAT THEY ARE USED.

That’s the issue, whether it is cunt or nicotine or booze, once that pathway is written it becomes an autobahn, the easiest route, and every other route seems to have signs directing you to the autobahn, so it is oh so easy to give in.


So why, given that these pathways once written stay there, and once there are so easy to use, and given that dreams are so out of my control, but nevertheless triggered by real world events…..

… why do I never dream of having a smoke?

… why do I never dream of getting married?

… why do I never dream of having more kids?

…why do I never dream of banging some young incredibly hot chick who worships my ass?

No, instead I dream about my dad, and my number one son, and time and space and reality are all twisted so that we can all be “there” together, wherever “there” is, but apart from that it is pretty basic stuff, no flights of fancy, no impossibility, just doing ordinary stuff and having ordinary conversations, but conversations based upon a real awareness of the world, and wimminz, so for example we have my dad who is long since dead and my number one son who is far too young to have even heard of such things, discussing the PIIGS and the fall of the western economies and a world in which each one of us represents the very last of something, in my dad’s case the very last proper father, in my case the very last proper time served engineer, and in my sons case the very last born into the old western world.

April 16, 2012

What is love..

So tempted to embed Haddaway here… lol

But I had one of those nights with a call from a friend and we had a real heart to heart, so much so I had to grab the charger.. lol

The full title of this piece ought to be “What is love and why can’t I get a hard on?” because that is really the issue.

A man’s cock is in many ways an independent valuer, YOU can sit there and say the sight of your best friends wife in a bikini does nothing for you, but your cock may well have a different opinion, similarly you may profess desire for a certain female, but your cock may well have a different opinion.

In my considerable experience, there were three things that got / get my cock hard;

  1. Lust for fertile flesh
  2. Love for a specific woman
  3. Lust for kinky flesh

I did not deliberately put them in that order, but since I have it is good to go.

Lacking one of these three, my cock stays limp, and contrary to all the feminazis and niggerz like to claim, when a guy’s cock is limp, his bloodstream most definitely is NOT full of fuck hormones.

Erectile dysfunction and Viagra is for guys that simply do not fancy the woman they are with, in the least, and if you talk to guys who experience / use them they will ALL tell you, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, that they have their eyes shut and pretend they are fucking a 10, anything BUT the skank slut they are actually banging.

Going out and raping some random woman you don’t know is like going out and robbing them at knife-point, easy to talk about, but very few guys could actually go through with it, if put on the spot… the fact that this is contrary to feminazi rape industry thinking is neither here nor there.

Rape is not, as the feminazi rape industry like to claim, “all about power” either, sure, there may be an ELEMENT of that in there somewhere, but mainly rape is a form of sex and procreation, and again yes it does happen, but a LOT less than anyone would have you believe.

Rape is perpetrated by serial rapists and gang rapists, and both of these fall into category 3 above…

“Rape” as a term has been abused by wimminz, who all have gangbang fantasies, but that is disgusting so let’s remove the source of the wimminz disgust, her willing and eager participation, and lets call it a rape fantasy

it isn’t, it is a gangbang fantasy that you are lying about being up for….  basically I have met two groups of wimminz, those who admit to gangbang fantasy and those who admit to rape fantasy, and the demarkation is obvious once you know, character wise.

Marital rape, for example, isn’t rape, in the same way that being involved in a row at home with your partner is not the same as being involved in a street fight with a bunch of strangers on crack….. however we have allowed the feminazis and their niggers to steal control of the language, and the definition of what is, is, etc.

Which brings us back to the three reasons.

Love is for the young and naive, which soon gets burned out of you, and that leaves lust for fertile flesh and lust for kinky flesh on the table.

Fertile flesh I can get, but like my late night caller last night, the  DESIRE to have more kids is gone, and the only reason I don’t have the snip is I think it is stupid to undergo a medical procedure (there is no such thing as zero risk) for something that does not benefit me personally, and buddy, only propaganda says me shooting blanks is good for me….

Which means that fertile flesh is then loaded negatively (I kind of talked about all this before in the mathematics of pussy post) by the fact that the fertility is unimportant, so all that counts is young and firm and fresh, which is not at all the same as fertile.

And then there is the kinky stuff, but that too can get old pretty quick, especially with a rode hard and hung up wet skank ho doing the dirty slut act.

Which gets us to the point where yes bro, your little man can indeed hang there all limp and uninterested, and IT DOES NOT MEAN IT IS BROKEN, OR NOT WORKING.

Look at it this way, the car/bike sat outside on your driveway isn’t broken just because it isn’t burning down an autopiste/autostrada at 3 am when black is purple and dreams are possible.

It is ready for use, should a worthy drive/ride come along.

The same is true of your cock.

It may be some time, again, not a problem, as these things tend to go in phases anyway… how often do you want to watch re-runs of I love lucy anyway? Your cock feels that way about the wimminz you have been fucking… lol… and you know it, deep down.

Hell, it may even be that it isn’t coming back, and again why should this be a problem, just the passing of a phase like playing with trains as a kid.

What you do NOT do is sit there feeling like a sad sack of shit and looking for an opportunity to go for that midnight ride to somewhere cool and fun… you can’t manufacture opportunity, only grab it as / if / when it comes along.

Trust me, when offered a suitably hot bit of flesh, your cock WILL rise to the occasion…

Which brings us to the burning question that started all this, what is lurve, if not hot sex?

Guess what, I have a standby, and by far her most attractive feature is that she is easy to be around and looks after my ass / panders to my needs.

For the rest, as I have said before, by three fucks it is starting to look like I love lucy re-runs, and the fact is you just know the next batch are going to be the same, and sometimes your cock wants to take a sabbatical.

So chill, spend that time and mental energy on other things.

That car / bike on the driveway, when was the last time you did an oil change and checked the brakes for wear etc?

April 8, 2012

What does, and does not, constitute alpha cock.

Recently roissy declared that James Hooker, a 41 year old teacher, was pure alpha cock because he dumped his ageing wife and traded up to a young 18 year old student, who was reasonably good looking.

Fast forward a couple of months to now, and he has been arrested on charges of having relations with an under-age student in 1998, the current slut has ditched his ass, and from here on in it is downhill.

Roissy and others appear to have based their entire judgement of alpha cock-ness on the guy’s ability to get a teenager for a girlfriend… whereas the real alpha cock-ness would have been keeping her for several years, arguably her best years, while also banging mummy.

Been there, done that, got the tee shirt, I also studiously did NOT go on national TV to boast about who I was porking and tempt the feminazis to come out of the woodwork and work together on my destruction, not a smart move, no matter how bullet-proof you THINK you are…

Fact is the way he portrayed himself, lacking a 100 million bucks or so to make it acceptable, he made himself into the idealised hate figure for all wimminz everywhere, one who all the niggerz fathers of little pwincesses could also hate, one who they could all claim everyone except paedophiles could hate, and in doing so he sealed his own fate, it was only a matter of time for the wimminz to start coming out of the woodwork with alleged “historical” abuses by this guy that they suddenly remembered when he got his tin of Campbells soup and 15 second of fame, and they all want some of that, ooh and a slice of that victim status compensation money please.

The clock is ticking on the now ex pwincess to recant her public statements, made scores of times, that he and her never had any kind of sexual contact prior to her 18th birthday.

His role, as Shakespeare would say, in this little play has already been cast, all that needs to be done now is to make sure he fits that role, no great challenge.

Roman Polanski (and many of his circle) has forgotten more about teen poontang than Hooker will ever know.

There are shades here of Stephen Fry being referred to as a homosexual, when he actually claims to be not having any sexual relations with anyone, eg asexual…. and when you discuss this with people they say yeah, but Fry fancies blokes and no wimminz, so he is gay…

And I reply that since Fry is gay, NOT for his actions, which contradict the narrative, but for his alleged thoughts, which support the narrative, then I must be a mass murderer for killing every politician in the country…….

I got lots more cunt thrown at me by wimminz after my of FRA, which being me I freely and openly admitted to and discussed with anyone who wanted to know, my attitude was I have done fuck all wrong so why should I act all secretive and guilty about it….

Maybe by extension being arrested and charged with having underage sex with minors is a great way to have loads more minors offer you sex…..

But it all brings into sharp relief the question of what actually makes “alpha cock”.

Sadly it appears to be as tenuous and malleable and changeable and variable a thing if we ask a man, as if we ask a wimminz, so much so that I keep coming back to the Vonnegut quote about that other belief system, religion;

Very few, at any rate. It occurs to me that the man and his religion are one and the same thing. The unknown exists. Each man projects on the blankness the shape of his own particular world-view. He endows his creation with his personal volitions and attitudes. The religious man stating his case is in essence explaining himself. When a fanatic is contradicted he feels a threat to his own existence; he reacts violently.

It does answer a hell of a lot of questions, if we assume that each man, and indeed each wimminz, projects upon the blankness the ever changing shape of their own particular world view.

The way Hooker acted with the teen cunt never struck me as alpha, what little I saw of it, was a man who couldn’t believe his luck in landing some young flesh, which isn’t an alpha attitude, and who worshipped it so much he dumped his wife and kids, and you just know that was the teen cunt’s demand, and that isn’t an alpha attitude.

Certainly by the only metric that actually carries any weight, that of DNA, Hooker was a total loser as far as the teen cunt is concerned, because he had access during the best and most fertile years of its life, but did not impregnate it and create more DNA.

From this metric the urban thug who has 10 kids with 10 different wimminz (and possibly never sees any of them) is the clear winner in the alpha cock stakes, he made ten more lots of DNA, and he did it when that cunt as as close to prime as skank ho cunt is ever going to get.

Compared to this theoretical urban thug, even I myself am pretty beta, my own DNA reproduction has been sufficient to replace the population that created it, but no amplification as with the urban thug or the poor indian subcontinent type who has 17 kids, 13 of whom live to adulthood..

Roissy saying Hookers cock was alpha, and me saying it was not, says more about Roissy and myself respectively than it does about Hookers cock.

World & Dog re-writing Hooker as the slimy predatory paedophile in all this also says more about those doing the re-writing than it does about Hooker.

If the truth about the man, who I do not believe for one second was predatory or paedophilic, but rather a weak and gullible specimen who was easily and quickly carried away with and by a young girls own fantasies and promises, and who believed them, and threw away his wife and kids and then went on TV and acted every inch the mangina niggerz in love and worship of his very own teen skank ho slut with the fresh teen flesh and firm young tits….

My bet is Hooker felt like a dog with two dicks, he felt like he had won the lottery, he felt totally in unquestioning mangina love, and now he is just lost and confused and hurting, and of course things are about to get a LOT worse for Hooker.

My bet is Hooker is beta cock, just like I was for fucking months after my own FRA, because I just could not accept that wimminz that I had shared a house with, slept with, fucked, shared intimacies and thoughts with, could turn around and use it all as the basis for a pack of lies and false accusations.

I don’t suppose it is the case that it did not occur to the young skank ho that she could just end it by saying “we are through” and relying on the man to act with a degree of honour and decency and make the split as easy for both as possible.

I don’t suppose that because I am quite convinced that this thought DID occur to her, but as is the case with my psycho skank ho ex’s, that doesn’t give them the outcome they want, which is to project upon the blankness the view that they were the innocent victims throughout, to have that form the basis of their new religion and life, and to have everyone and anyone who dares to question that new religion a heretic.

To be alpha cock is to be above the horizon on the feminazi radar…. being alpha cock is not enough, you have to be smarter than that.

April 3, 2012

Down the back of the sofa… & fungiblility of cunt.

…that’s where ideas and odd socks and lost coins collect.

  1. Wimminz on PoF are rarely acting alone, usually they are friends with other wimminz on PoF, and they compare notes.
  2. Wimminz on PoF often have more than one profile running at any one time.
  3. The fatter the skank is, the more she will lie about her bra cup size.
  4. Upper arms are always a good guide, to those who favour the facebook cleavage style profile photo.
  5. Tits always look 4 cup sizes larger in a photo than in reality.
  6. Hands and necks are always a good guide to skin tone and age.
  7. Wimminz who describe themselves as being “very” anything never, ever, ever are, usually they are totally crap at whatever it is, from blowing cock to cooking, it doesn’t matter, this is a rule with no exceptions.
  8. Wimminz who appear on PoF in the early morning and late evenings have a family at home, no matter what the profile says, they have a family at home.
  9. Wimminz who use their profile to carry another message of any kind, e.g. breast cancer awareness, afdiggastan vet awareness, inappropriate kid pic on profile awareness, run the fuck away.
  10. Wimminz who actually state on their profile that initial meets “should be in a public place for safety” run the fuck away…. not because this shit is not true, not because that shit cuts both ways, but because she chose to use a limited number of words to include that message, but left out everything else about her life.
  11. Said it before and I will say it again, in a world where every phone practically sports an autofocus camera, it is no accident that the only photos the bitch can find are blurry, poorly lit, or have been through software filters.
  12. This also applies to photos so distant that the bitch is a subject in them, but no way to discern facial features much less eye colour.
  13. cunt” is a word you should use early and often, “pussy” is a word you should never use, always correct a wimminz when she uses the wrong word, if she bails on you, so much the better, you just saved yourself a world of bullshit.
  14. wimminz with photos showing their fingertips touching their face, like it was fucking precious or something, all without exception are mentally fucked up and highly likely extreme Cluster B candidates, run the fuck away.
  15. Wimminz with photos showing mess / shit anywhere in the background, run away.
  16. Wimminz with photos with more than one wimminz in the photo, the one in the advert is ALWAYS the fugly one, not necessarily even in the foreground, but the fugliest one in the entire photo.
  17. Wimminz who don’t make an effort after the PoF initial contact, fuckem, maybe try again in 3 months when their pigeon brains have forgotten you.
  18. Wimminz are also either non smokers or regular smokers, don’t let the occasional bullshit fool you…. same goes for drinking, but you can tell that from the gut… or lack of.
  19. Wimminz with their “own business” don’t be fooled, especially in these economic times, it will either be a seat at a hairdressers or a van and sandwich round or a fucking beauty consultant or some shit…. it won’t be making any money…. so you never ever ever lend a wimminz any money, not even a coin for a call box.
  20. Wimminz who in the first phone conversation with you try to tell you what a tosser their ex is, or who try to talk over you instead of knowing their place and hanging on your every word and answering your questions clearly and concisely.
  21. Winmminz with hoopy ear-rings and / or mannish short haircuts, just fucking run away.
  22. Piss does not smell of fish.
  23. Cunt does not smell of fish.
  24. Cunt that has been very recently fucked and dumped full of cum does smell of fish.
  25. Never eat cunt, for those that have difficulty with this, place it on the list somewhere *after* felching some fag’s ass after he has been gangbanged. Even if you are mad enough to enjoy it, deny yourself…. or get used to calling the bitch mistress.
  26. The best viagra is a dirty mind and pornographic thoughts about a wimminz that is NOT there with you right now, the best antidote to getting a hard on is usually having a wimminz there with you right now… this is especially true after you have dumped three loads into her.
  27. Following on from #26, this is why the bitch needs to be domesticated, able to cook and clean for her man and make a nice home for him… if she hopes to last past the first three fucks.

Now, with all those odds and ends cleared up and out of the way, here is the news…

Recently a skank ho who shall remain nameless commented on a recent thread, typical feminazi fugly skank ho that soon trotted out the “y’all have small penises” stuff… yeah, but not as small as yours, bitch, because the clitoris is the smallest penis going.

But she raises an issue, and it needs addressing.

Cunt is not fungible, what it is is liquid, which sometimes manifests slight fungible tendencies, and this is an important difference.

If cunt was fungible then not only would one do as a substitute for another, but it must also be true that ANY cunt is as good as ANY other cunt.

If cunt was liquid, then the value of one has little or nothing to do with the value of another, and the value of one makes no impact on the market value of all, when that one is traded.

By definition then, if cunt is fungible, then Germaine Greer’s cunt is just as good and valuable and worthy as hers…  and fairly trivially and obviously that is not the case.

By definition also, if cunt is fungible, Lyud’s will not deteriorate in worth or value with use and age, which is clearly not the case… just look at her mum, the cunt is not equally valuable.

By definition also, if cunt is fungible, then when the value of one cunt is debased, the value of all cunt is affected.

If however cunt is liquid, then young fresh cunt is at a premium over old stale cunt, not only is one cunt not the equal of any other cunt, not only does age and use devalue cunt, not only does the devaluation of one cunt not affect the value of others, but the value of one can only ever be the spot market value, and that value can only ever be known when it is marked to market, e.g. sold as seen on the open market.

If necessary, go back and read that red text several times, until you get it straight in your head.

Got it… good.

Now, you can probably see that Feminazism is based on the idea that all cunt is fungible, and that each cunt is worth one million US Dollars, and that all cock is fungible, and each cock is worth one Afdiggastan groat, also known as sweet fuck all or diddly squat.

Then along comes someone like me, who can trivially prove to anyone local that cunt is not fungible, but liquid, however, thanks to the internet and PoF, this is an assertion that it is trivial for any man anywhere to put to proof and test scientifically and do their own experiment.

And enough will discover that they can get cunt for free, therefore the value of cunt CANNOT be fungible in nature, but MUST be liquid in nature.

So you have a bunch of people who are holding a load of essentially worthless crap on the open market, agitating for all sorts of rules and intercessions by the state to put their essentially worthless crap on a fixed one to one basis with the high value premium product.

Physical fact is denied, entropy is denied, the passage of time is denied, the 999 owner ex taxi with 2 million miles on the clock has to be made to be the exact same value as the hand built to order Maybach.

Disagreeing with this in any way is branded as hate speech.

Can you imagine the shit-storm if any defence lawyer dared to state in court in 2012 that his client, who has admitted rape, should be sentenced leniently because it was no some sweet virginal thing that he raped, but the village bike… and yet every man / husband / father knows that raping his teen virgin daughter is much worse than raping the village whore…. even the father / husband of the village whore knows and will admit this.

And yet, at the first drop of the hat(e) the feminazis come out with dick insults, she who BECAME a feminazi cunt BECAUSE she was too fugly to attract quality cock, turns around and accuses ME of having a substandard cock! Sub standard compared to what? Your cat’s cock?

What’s that I hear you say wimminz?, not all cock is equal / fungible?

Cock is liquid in nature?

My cock is worth so much less because I am now in my 50’s and have chosen to be economically and socially non-productive and non-contributory?

Funny how it is still able to attract more cunt than I can shake a stick at, so much so that I have to pick and choose the best, err, most liquid, least fungible, so the fairly hot quite pretty 29 year old who wants me to use and abuse her brutally (gotta love BDSM) is near the front of the queue and several million places in front of the feminazi skank ho’s whining that cunt is precious and fungible, especially their aged and used up cunts.

Seems that even if my cock is only worth one Afdiggastan groat, there are still plenty of wimminz who realistically value their cunt at a thousandth part of that, and these are of course the true enemy.

And thus it came to pass my brothers, in secret family court that my psycho skank ho ex, who was into all the BDSM and kink, became a born again denier of liquidity, and a witnessing protestant of fungibility, along with the rest of the church of judge and social services and lawyers, because that way she got to maintain access to the State teat, which after all, values all single mommies fungibly at the public purse, and guarantees them all, irrespective of worth, designer clothes and a party lifestyle.


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