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The reaction that most people will have to the image on this page, is the same reaction that wimminz, the family court system and the State have to every father out there.

Once you get through a family court hearing, if you do not realise that your children are not yours, but the State’s, and the only person who counts is the mother, then frankly you are too fucking stupid to breed in the first place.

What all these parasitic child abusing assholes depend utterly on is men ACTUALLY doing what they CLAIM to be doing, which is putting the children first, which is the only incentive in the game for a man to stay in the game and not just walk away and flip the finger at the fucking lot of them.

The trouble is, you can’t actually put the children first, even though you want to with all your heart, because they are still the property of the State, so all you end up doing is validating the State’s destruction of your family and ongoing abuse of your kids.

No sane man can stand this, he either goes nuts, or he just gives up, or he goes postal, you simply cannot work with or in any way associate with these useless lying cunts and keep your own hands clean.

The problem is, the more you try to be involved in your kids lives, for their sake, the more State interference and intervention you actually sanction and validate.

To minimise State interference and intervention, you need to give them all a big FUCK YOU and walk away, which neither sanctions nor validates State meddling, at that point the kids only have to deal with their mother, and the string of new boyfriends.

Yes, this is a zero sum, no win, hurts you like a mother-fucker, situation.

That’s the point you need to get Jack, YOU CAN’T FUCKING WIN, you are up against the State, and yes I know this goes 100% against everything that is hard wired into you about being a man and a father, which those cunts are counting on to keep you in the game.

What part of “You can’t fucking win!” don’t you get?


I’m fucking lucky, somewhere in my genetic heritage a switch was built into my brain, instead of destroying myself at the altar of the State and family court system, trying vainly to save my kids, while in fact doing nothing more than validating the cunts who are making a fat living out of this crap, this switch went “click”

Once it went click I went into a sort of survival mode.

I am still engaging in the court system, but coldly and from a distance, and my utter contempt for them shows through every pore, and in every word I speak to them.

I tell them at every opportunity, so it is down in black and white in case files, that one day my children will reach the age of majority, and on that day I shall show them all the original papers and notes and letters from courts, police, lawyers, myself, everyone, not one single thing redacted or omitted, and with any luck if the acorns don’t fall too far from the tree, the no-longer-children will sue you all, collectively and individually, for everything you have, for abducting and abusing them and stealing their fucking childhood, coincidentally around the time you bunch of cunts are retiring on your fat child abusing State pension schemes… deep fucking joy.

Yes, that is me, the switch has been thrown, I have bottomless, but cold, utter contempt for this society now, and I watch them from my place of calm, and I am noting everything down, and making sure they know what I am doing, and waiting for the day.

Not a day of violence, a day of comeuppance, I shall still be sat in my place of calm, noting everything down, but laughing uproariously and pointing at these child abusing cunts and  showing not one shred of pity or compassion for my fellow human beings, because they are not my fellow human beings… they are the cancer, the parasites, that have been feeding off my fellow human beings.

This is what it really and truly means to be a father in AD2011, I am a father only in the biological DNA sense of the word.

So be it.

The very best thing I can do for my kids is refuse to validate the corrupt system, refuse to financially support the system, refuse to destroy myself in an unwinnable fight against that system, and wait the bastards out.

My children have time on their side, they are younger than anyone else involved, so with any luck they will outlive us all and piss on all of our graves.

If I am going to be any use to them at all it will be when the State is finished with them at 16 years of age, and to be any use then they have to find a Man, not some loser who destroyed himself fighting the system and inevitably losing.


Yup, life is fucking harsh dude, don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t.

I can go back to court every six months and sap the system for legal aid and clog the courts up, laughing all the time because I don’t give a fuck because I know the corrupt cunts will decide against me every time… and another nail in the future coffin of the participants…

Does it make me a crap father?

Fuckin’ A, but once the State gets involved there is literally no way to be a good father, that simply isn’t an option, you learn fast that the State owns your kids, or you sit in prison for contempt of court and defying court orders and injunctions, which fucks up your life and makes you an even worse father.

I twirl and pirouette and ask the State and the family courts “Don’t you like me?” of course they don’t, “Why don’t you like me, after all, YOU CUNTS MADE ME!”

And that is the plain and honest truth, you are looking at a man who left school and got offered a place at Harwell Atomic Energy Research Establishment, a man that can build and maintain and produce the infrastructure that society abso-fucking-lutely depends upon for survival, and you have fucking well shit on him…

Don’t act all pissy and self righteous and insulted WHEN HE GETS THE FUCKING MESSAGE and decides to withdraw any positive effort put into the State and society, and decides instead to suck down as much as possible and party hearty while Rome burns.

I still have all my skills and experience, I can still make shit work and build stuff and live in a place that you cunts would starve in, it’s no skin off my nose wimminz, because the only thing that I have learned is to not be a good contributing citizen, not to be a good supportive member of society, and not to give a fuck.

You see, I don’t even need to acknowledge the State to be there for my friends and family and my brothers out there in internetland, I can do that directly, and more efficiently, by bypassing the fucking State entirely.

So my advice to all you men out there who get involved with the State and lawyers and family courts, and see the writing on the wall that your kids are not your kids, but the State’s property, is this;

GET THE FUCKING MESSAGE! Not your property, not your responsibility, walk the fuck away, and maintain your integrity as a Man… you have nothing in their game, so it costs you nothing to speak your mind to the cunts, and show them the utter contempt in which you hold them.

They will fucking hate you with every pore of their beings, which is why you have to be cool and genuinely walk away from it and not give a fuck for your former family, former children, or former responsibilities to society and the State.

They will hate you even fucking more, until their heads nearly explode, for this additional act of Manliness… they WANT you to go postal and validate everything they have been saying about you and men in general…

Fuck me, when the alternative is being seen by these cunts as fucking losers like the assholes in that picture up there, being hated by these cunts is a badge of honour.

Plus it leaves you plenty of free time and energy to smell all the pussy.


  1. So what do you do (or don’t) for a living? You are on dole?

    Comment by marlon — March 23, 2011 @ 12:04 pm

    • Two words, black economy.

      But yes, I still claim every penny I can, working tax credit, legal aid, council tax benefit… fuckem, skank ho’s get it, why shouldn’t I?

      What is “manly” about paying full whack on everything and not claiming stuff you are entitled to because it is “charity”???

      Last night I met and fucked this chick (around a 4, but any old port in a storm) and afterwards as I’m getting dressed to leave she tells me her ex husband took her for 50% of everything so she had to get a mortgage and now can’t afford the internet, I laughed my fucking ass off on my way out the door.

      So you see it is not just my work and production that I deny the State, it is my time too…

      Comment by wimminz — March 23, 2011 @ 12:11 pm

  2. …Dad?

    No, of course you’re not. I haven’t looked for your age, and it doesn’t really matter anyways.

    My mother was divorced, 1950’s her-fault style, when I was born. She put her ex-husband’s name on the birth certificate as “Father,” which gave me at least an honest name. I didn’t find out till I was in my thirties that my real father had been her “Dianetics auditor”….

    I give her credit, though, that she did as well as she could for me, short of finding a stepfather. And when I grew of age, I did my best for her; my contemporaries made it absolutely clear that I was not worthy of dating or mating. Oh, well.

    She did introduce me to her ex, when I was a child, and I got at least to the stage of “Christmas-card relatives” when I reached adulthood. After she died, he asked me if I had ever gotten in contact with my birth-father. I never answered; he died a few months after.

    Life’s a bitch and then you marry one. Oh well; it sounds like you did the best you could. Your ex and the State can raise the kids as they choose.

    Who is John Galt?

    Comment by BeijaFlor — March 25, 2011 @ 12:30 am

  3. This is an old post, more than two years old. But so spot on.

    All you say is true across the whole fucking “West”. Men have been reduced to sperm and money dispencers. What a shame, what a mistake, for we have always been the heart and soul of every civilisation including this one.Turn your back to the whole of it, just stop carrying it and this whole shitdom will collapse.

    I am a divorced father – mid-40ies – and looking at the leviathan in the eye.

    Comment by Wake — July 5, 2013 @ 8:49 pm

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