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April 3, 2012

Down the back of the sofa… & fungiblility of cunt.

…that’s where ideas and odd socks and lost coins collect.

  1. Wimminz on PoF are rarely acting alone, usually they are friends with other wimminz on PoF, and they compare notes.
  2. Wimminz on PoF often have more than one profile running at any one time.
  3. The fatter the skank is, the more she will lie about her bra cup size.
  4. Upper arms are always a good guide, to those who favour the facebook cleavage style profile photo.
  5. Tits always look 4 cup sizes larger in a photo than in reality.
  6. Hands and necks are always a good guide to skin tone and age.
  7. Wimminz who describe themselves as being “very” anything never, ever, ever are, usually they are totally crap at whatever it is, from blowing cock to cooking, it doesn’t matter, this is a rule with no exceptions.
  8. Wimminz who appear on PoF in the early morning and late evenings have a family at home, no matter what the profile says, they have a family at home.
  9. Wimminz who use their profile to carry another message of any kind, e.g. breast cancer awareness, afdiggastan vet awareness, inappropriate kid pic on profile awareness, run the fuck away.
  10. Wimminz who actually state on their profile that initial meets “should be in a public place for safety” run the fuck away…. not because this shit is not true, not because that shit cuts both ways, but because she chose to use a limited number of words to include that message, but left out everything else about her life.
  11. Said it before and I will say it again, in a world where every phone practically sports an autofocus camera, it is no accident that the only photos the bitch can find are blurry, poorly lit, or have been through software filters.
  12. This also applies to photos so distant that the bitch is a subject in them, but no way to discern facial features much less eye colour.
  13. cunt” is a word you should use early and often, “pussy” is a word you should never use, always correct a wimminz when she uses the wrong word, if she bails on you, so much the better, you just saved yourself a world of bullshit.
  14. wimminz with photos showing their fingertips touching their face, like it was fucking precious or something, all without exception are mentally fucked up and highly likely extreme Cluster B candidates, run the fuck away.
  15. Wimminz with photos showing mess / shit anywhere in the background, run away.
  16. Wimminz with photos with more than one wimminz in the photo, the one in the advert is ALWAYS the fugly one, not necessarily even in the foreground, but the fugliest one in the entire photo.
  17. Wimminz who don’t make an effort after the PoF initial contact, fuckem, maybe try again in 3 months when their pigeon brains have forgotten you.
  18. Wimminz are also either non smokers or regular smokers, don’t let the occasional bullshit fool you…. same goes for drinking, but you can tell that from the gut… or lack of.
  19. Wimminz with their “own business” don’t be fooled, especially in these economic times, it will either be a seat at a hairdressers or a van and sandwich round or a fucking beauty consultant or some shit…. it won’t be making any money…. so you never ever ever lend a wimminz any money, not even a coin for a call box.
  20. Wimminz who in the first phone conversation with you try to tell you what a tosser their ex is, or who try to talk over you instead of knowing their place and hanging on your every word and answering your questions clearly and concisely.
  21. Winmminz with hoopy ear-rings and / or mannish short haircuts, just fucking run away.
  22. Piss does not smell of fish.
  23. Cunt does not smell of fish.
  24. Cunt that has been very recently fucked and dumped full of cum does smell of fish.
  25. Never eat cunt, for those that have difficulty with this, place it on the list somewhere *after* felching some fag’s ass after he has been gangbanged. Even if you are mad enough to enjoy it, deny yourself…. or get used to calling the bitch mistress.
  26. The best viagra is a dirty mind and pornographic thoughts about a wimminz that is NOT there with you right now, the best antidote to getting a hard on is usually having a wimminz there with you right now… this is especially true after you have dumped three loads into her.
  27. Following on from #26, this is why the bitch needs to be domesticated, able to cook and clean for her man and make a nice home for him… if she hopes to last past the first three fucks.

Now, with all those odds and ends cleared up and out of the way, here is the news…

Recently a skank ho who shall remain nameless commented on a recent thread, typical feminazi fugly skank ho that soon trotted out the “y’all have small penises” stuff… yeah, but not as small as yours, bitch, because the clitoris is the smallest penis going.

But she raises an issue, and it needs addressing.

Cunt is not fungible, what it is is liquid, which sometimes manifests slight fungible tendencies, and this is an important difference.

If cunt was fungible then not only would one do as a substitute for another, but it must also be true that ANY cunt is as good as ANY other cunt.

If cunt was liquid, then the value of one has little or nothing to do with the value of another, and the value of one makes no impact on the market value of all, when that one is traded.

By definition then, if cunt is fungible, then Germaine Greer’s cunt is just as good and valuable and worthy as hers…  and fairly trivially and obviously that is not the case.

By definition also, if cunt is fungible, Lyud’s will not deteriorate in worth or value with use and age, which is clearly not the case… just look at her mum, the cunt is not equally valuable.

By definition also, if cunt is fungible, then when the value of one cunt is debased, the value of all cunt is affected.

If however cunt is liquid, then young fresh cunt is at a premium over old stale cunt, not only is one cunt not the equal of any other cunt, not only does age and use devalue cunt, not only does the devaluation of one cunt not affect the value of others, but the value of one can only ever be the spot market value, and that value can only ever be known when it is marked to market, e.g. sold as seen on the open market.

If necessary, go back and read that red text several times, until you get it straight in your head.

Got it… good.

Now, you can probably see that Feminazism is based on the idea that all cunt is fungible, and that each cunt is worth one million US Dollars, and that all cock is fungible, and each cock is worth one Afdiggastan groat, also known as sweet fuck all or diddly squat.

Then along comes someone like me, who can trivially prove to anyone local that cunt is not fungible, but liquid, however, thanks to the internet and PoF, this is an assertion that it is trivial for any man anywhere to put to proof and test scientifically and do their own experiment.

And enough will discover that they can get cunt for free, therefore the value of cunt CANNOT be fungible in nature, but MUST be liquid in nature.

So you have a bunch of people who are holding a load of essentially worthless crap on the open market, agitating for all sorts of rules and intercessions by the state to put their essentially worthless crap on a fixed one to one basis with the high value premium product.

Physical fact is denied, entropy is denied, the passage of time is denied, the 999 owner ex taxi with 2 million miles on the clock has to be made to be the exact same value as the hand built to order Maybach.

Disagreeing with this in any way is branded as hate speech.

Can you imagine the shit-storm if any defence lawyer dared to state in court in 2012 that his client, who has admitted rape, should be sentenced leniently because it was no some sweet virginal thing that he raped, but the village bike… and yet every man / husband / father knows that raping his teen virgin daughter is much worse than raping the village whore…. even the father / husband of the village whore knows and will admit this.

And yet, at the first drop of the hat(e) the feminazis come out with dick insults, she who BECAME a feminazi cunt BECAUSE she was too fugly to attract quality cock, turns around and accuses ME of having a substandard cock! Sub standard compared to what? Your cat’s cock?

What’s that I hear you say wimminz?, not all cock is equal / fungible?

Cock is liquid in nature?

My cock is worth so much less because I am now in my 50’s and have chosen to be economically and socially non-productive and non-contributory?

Funny how it is still able to attract more cunt than I can shake a stick at, so much so that I have to pick and choose the best, err, most liquid, least fungible, so the fairly hot quite pretty 29 year old who wants me to use and abuse her brutally (gotta love BDSM) is near the front of the queue and several million places in front of the feminazi skank ho’s whining that cunt is precious and fungible, especially their aged and used up cunts.

Seems that even if my cock is only worth one Afdiggastan groat, there are still plenty of wimminz who realistically value their cunt at a thousandth part of that, and these are of course the true enemy.

And thus it came to pass my brothers, in secret family court that my psycho skank ho ex, who was into all the BDSM and kink, became a born again denier of liquidity, and a witnessing protestant of fungibility, along with the rest of the church of judge and social services and lawyers, because that way she got to maintain access to the State teat, which after all, values all single mommies fungibly at the public purse, and guarantees them all, irrespective of worth, designer clothes and a party lifestyle.



  1. The crappy unfocused pics REALLY don´t fly anymore wimminz!
    Pretty much every single one of you has the newest generation of cuntphones or at least the next to last. Tits-in-bathroom-mirror-cams have been standard for much much longer.

    Also thanks for the links (especially in red), actually learned two new words today. 🙂
    Was a bit confused at first why you started talking about fungus infections and runny cunts. 😀

    Comment by hans — April 3, 2012 @ 5:06 pm

  2. ex wimminz on the state teat is better than ex wimminz on your teat. Be grateful.

    Comment by anonymous — April 4, 2012 @ 6:41 am

  3. The Laura Palmer link is disgusting but typical. I’ve personally met/seen many, many broads just like that.

    Of course the cunt will keep her kids and all her benefits.

    The only bright side to her leaving the kids alone is that at least she’s not home. I’m sure those kids have witnessed their mom taking the cock many times. I’m sure that dealing with a cunt of a mom like that is more psychologically damaging for a child than simply going feral. I’m sure the cunt is a major source of the squallor and mess around the house. All in all, she’s nothing but a negative for the kids. Literally, her only practical use is as a cum dumpster (and it’s obvious that this is what she enjoys being). Better to take the kids, cut off the benefits, and chain the fucking whore to a mattress – everyone wins.

    Comment by Mc Ginnis — April 4, 2012 @ 2:50 pm

  4. I always enjoy these articles, simultaneously true and brutal.

    I live in a strange part of the world, where POF is crap, and where nightclubs are actually good places to find responsive tail. Your observations work as well in one arena as in the other, on the opposite end of the earth to boot.

    Comment by 8oxer — April 5, 2012 @ 6:33 am

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