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January 21, 2012

Profile pix, and other games of insanity

There is some funny shit going down in the on-line dating scene, some of it is just old shit recycled, but some of it is new formulations of shit specially designed and brought to the marketplace late 2011 early 2012.

Pick me for my personality...

It’s a bit like this profile pic, it is 100% designed to emphasise this wimminz tits, that is all there is, it is a sexual advert and nothing else… yet you just know the skank ho will be whining about all the players and where have all the good men gone and why oh why can’t I get myself a loyal and trustworthy man?

Probably because you go to great lengths to portray yourself as a 20 dollar whore, you stupid skank ho…

Now there is nothing wrong with messaging these kinds of wimminz on PoF, and there is nothing wrong with wimminz using PoF to find men who will pay them attention and massage their egos, but YOUR strategy is to get what you want, not to give them what they want, so if your initial “Hi, want to talk?” message doesn’t generate a dialogue that leads quickly to the skank ho buying you a coffee and then draining your balls, but to the skank being on-line but NOT talking to you, you need to very rapidly adopt a different strategy, and that strategy is your “walk away and thrown over your shoulder line“.

“Not a bad pair of tits, shame they are wasted on you and the men you waste time with.”

It’s surprisingly effective, yes you will get an apparently hostile response, but depending on your response to that…. so you replying to the skank’s hostile response that YOU could make money out of those tits in porn can pull the cat out of the bag.

All of which is of course assuming that said picture is of the skank ho in question, and that it is less than 15 years old, and then we get to the thorny question of how the fuck did you manage to take an out of focus picture of yourself with an autofocus camera, the answer of course is she didn’t, she used one of the many on-line photo editing tools to get the soft focus look and lose all the wrinkles and blemishes… beer goggles in effect.

Remember the lessons from the Internet Dating articles, you need to make a snap yes / no decision at a subconcious level when you see a profile pic, fuck it? y/n.

To be fair, I hate being photographed, and I hate pictures of myself, and I hate how I look in pictures, so I do have a lot of sympathy for anyone of any sex who cannot find a picture of themselves that they like or are happy enough with to put on line as a profile pic, so I am NOT insensitive to the place these wimminz are coming from, but there is a million miles between “Jeez I look like a fucking dork in this image” and going on-line and editing the image to attempt to conceal or minimise all the bits you don’t like….

I noticed this yesterday with my genuine Google+ profile, I decided to play with a stock promo / professional / corporate mugshot of me that I use, and right up there are tools like “fake tan” which it has to be said works very well, but there is no fucking way I could accept putting such a fake doctored image online and claiming it is me…. being a man the Jasc Paint Shop Proone click photo fix” button that auto adjusts brightness / contrast / gamma is about my limit for such things.

But the wimminz looove this shit, and apply the fake tan and wrinkle removal and blemish removal to ALL their fucking pics, tits, cleavage, cunt, hands, face, you name it.

So remember, always remember, profile pics like the one above are NOT there to inform you, or turn you on, or do anything else the wimminz expect, their main purpose is to be archived by you along with the SMS and IM and emails and everything else, save ALL the bitches profile pics, because the only thing that you CAN take to the fucking bank is that the one place you will not see her dressed / posing like this is in the fucking police station / court making a false rape accusation against you… and she will have long deleted such things.



  1. that leads quickly to the skank ho buying you a coffee …

    I may need to re-read your internet dating articles because I haven’t figured out how to get a wimminz to do the buying.

    Comment by anonymous — January 21, 2012 @ 4:13 pm

    • by all means re-read them, over there on the right….. as to why she should, because you’re worth it… lol

      Comment by wimminz — January 21, 2012 @ 4:18 pm

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