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So, where does this leave us?

I could talk to you about the Police, Courts and Family Court system, and how they all treat you when you are falsely accused of rape etc by your ex as part and parcel of a child custody dispute.

I could, but what’s the point?

If you’ve been there I would be preaching to the converted.

If you haven’t been there you won’t believe me, as I myself would not have believed before it happened to me.

Why should I expect more from you than I was able to achieve myself?

So in my estimation at least it leaves us with no place to go, this society and culture is irredeemably broken, it is about 20 years past the point where it could be fixed.

The Men’s Rights Movement is dead, the False Rape protest movement is dead, the Father’s Rights movement is dead.

I do not mean that these things are dead in the sense that there is no point publicising the issues, quite the opposite, but they are dead in the sense that there is no point fighting against the inevitability of all these things, they are here, they are here to stay, and in five years time they will be even more present, powerful and onerous than they are today.

We can not beat these things in this society, this society must collapse, and we can hasten that collapse by publicising these issues, and tell men not to fight, but to accept and go with the flow and start using the lifeboats on the Titanic for firewood for the boilers, before we hit the iceberg.

Telling men to get the fuck out and emigrate simply isn’t practical, most men would have difficulty moving 100 miles away, and frankly speaking other countries neither want nor need us.

What you can do is educate yourselves, exactly what society does not want you to do.

You can read history and learn about the constancy of human nature and the inevitability of corruption and pork in democracy. You can read up on the technology that we all need to survive in this modern world, and distance yourselves from those who do not, but who wish to have a say in how things are run.

Good starting places are the function of the electrical grid, the differences between Base Load and Peak load, and why renewables like wind and solar are by definition incompatible with Base Load…. then you can move on to power generation, look at radioactives released by a coal plant vs a nuke plant, and you can read up on things like “water cut” in oil wells in the middle east and other places… and then you can draw a line between personal wealth and standards of living, and the cost and availability of energy in a Nations global annual energy budget….. all in all it paints a frightening technological and economic picture, and what is most frightening is that it is all based on inviolable basic physics, and if wishes were horses nobody would walk.

IF you want to know what is coming, well, look at the former USSR, if we are extremely lucky and we have a relatively peaceful crash, then the future of western countries will parallel the collapse of the USSR, only those with practical engineering skills and a willingness to court organised crime prospered.

If we are unlucky look at the Weimar Republic, or North Korea.

If we are extremely unlucky look at the Roman Empire.

As the ancient Chinese curse says, we live in interesting times (the Chinese flirted with a Fiat currency over a thousand years ago, it ended disastrously for them too, the parallels are uncanny) and times look set to get a damn sight more interesting.

The war is over, we have lost.

The name of the game now is survival, and none of the survivalists will, because by definition they are refusing to adapt and fighting to preserve an existing way of life.

Here lies western society… though dead and buried, you are not forgotten, because I will dig you up, and fuck you rotten.

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