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Internet dating – the first meet

OK, you have been reading, and following, all the Internet Dating articles here, and steadily working your way through them, so now it is time to concentrate on the first actual meet.

There are a few simple rules that you must adhere to 100% with absolutely no deviation whatsoever when setting up the meet.

  1. You MUST already have archived IM and SMS showing exactly what you are both looking for, e.g. SEX. (This means you MUST have exchanged phone numbers)
  2. You MUST pick a specific time and place, and if they are one second late, walk away and never look back.
  3. You MUST choose a meeting place roughly equidistant from both your places, thus demonstrating her active intent to meet.

Some things that you absolutely must at all costs avoid are the following;

  • If the skank talks about being scared or concerned, DO NOT agree to a meet, tell her to get back to you when she trusts you, besides, how do you know she isn’t the fucking nutter? (besides, it is just a poor little skank me ploy)
  • If the skank talks about “no sex on the first date” then cancel the first date, and make sure you make it clear that you are not cancelling because there will be no sex, you are cancelling because she is pre-emptively excluding even the possibility of sex.
  • If the skank flakes even once on a meet, even at the discussion stage, e.g. “I’ll try to make next Saturday” said on a Monday and come Wednesday it is still up in the air… if the skank can’t even organise / commit to a first fucking date, what’s the point?

These six points are your get out of jail free cards, just in case, they are also an excellent batshit crazy skank psycho bunny boiler bitch filter, wimminz with personality disorders etc will always find a way to fuck up at least one of these items, and it will usually be someone else’s fault, not hers…. RUN AWAY, don’t be gullible. NO EXCEPTIONS.

OK, we have the prelims sorted, now we have a date, let’s say it is arranged to meet at 7 p.m. at Acme Cafe.

Make sure she buys the first round of coffee, if not, go Dutch, if her greeting is to grab you and give you a big hug, consider buying her a coffee… never ever ever break this rule. You’ll understand why in around 15 minutes.

Now you will come face to face, literally, with the devious nature of wimminz, because the only thing that there is no doubt about is the fact that the pictures she sent you and the reality that turns up will be two different things. The only question is just how big is that gap…

At this point you should remember your mission, “Porno patrol, any old port in a storm, any old hole” so even if the skank that turns up looks older than the photo you were sent (taken in 1999, not 2010 as claimed) it is still a fuck, but the fact is face to face you will see things even a recent profile will not show you, lines, hairs on the chin, how big that nose is, and it is quite possible that the porno patrol can decide to give it a miss… if you do, just get up and walk away and don’t look back.

However, you must also be aware that wimminz are fucking nuts, she may decide that she doesn’t feel anything for you, you can probably tell this in 5 seconds, but don’t let it stop you from playing the game, a fuck is a fuck.

If she says something like “You want to have sex with me.” Make sure you set her straight, “No, I want to fuck you.” She may still go for the sex, but if she doesn’t, so what, plenty of fish in the sea.

If you want to discuss the weather, or traffic on the way to the date, that’s fine, but the only other acceptable subject is sex, and sex related subjects such as what underwear if any she is wearing.

Subjects that are absolutely off limits include but are not limited to everything about you, your work, money, love life, etc etc etc.

So ten minutes have passed, put her on the spot, ask her to make a date for sex, this can be an immediate invitation back to hers, or making a date at a hotel in a few days time at her expense (if you like, pay half, but make her book it on her plastic, NO EXCEPTIONS) but either way don’t believe a fucking word of it until and unless your cock is actually inside one of her holes.

If it’s a washout, shrug, your attitude and response, whether verbal, IM, SMS or otherwise is all the same and always the same, “No skin off my nose babe.” This is your own personal Elvis has left the building exit line.

At this point, whichever way it played, you understand why you didn’t buy the skank a drink, or anything else.

I’d say around 50% of first meets (other than first meets arranged to include overnight sex guaranteed) turn into sex, and 50% turn into washouts.

Of these 50% washouts maybe 10% will at some point in the future come back to you and offer no strings sex, make these cunts book  a more expensive hotel on their plastic, do not pay half, and if they don’t like it, fuckem.

Of these 50% washouts maybe 50% (or 25% of the whole) will be “not even with your cock” fuglies or basket cases, and if that is the case then when you get home (after of course ensuring your electronic archives are updated so the interactions to date are never lost) add them to your kill / block list.

You must expect all this, this is WHY you are playing the numbers.

I have never yet met a skank who looked as good as her profile and other pictures would have led me to believe, if I was that gullible.

I have never yet discovered any hard and fast rules to determine in advance which skanks will fuck on the day, I have had skanks that flatly refuse to send me a cunt pic on the phone, book a hotel and be bent over with my cock in their cunt 10 minutes after checking in… I have had skanks who send me several cunt pics on the phone, flake, there is just no way of telling, for sure some that spread em would not have the next or previous day, and some that didn’t would have the next or previous day.

Whether you fuck the skank or not, you absolutely must walk away the same person you were when you walk in, with the same rules and same attitudes… them spreading for you changes NOTHING, them not spreading for you changes NOTHING, you are above and beyond that.

If you are fucking them, then their orgasm is their problem, not yours, your problem is your orgasm.

I tell all these skanks I am fucking awesome in bed, and I am, I always have an orgasm, or two, or three, or more, depending how long we have. Mission accomplished.

NEVER eat pussy, it is a submissive act.

NEVER go for a meal, or alcohol, or a film, or anything else except a coffee.

NEVER wait.1 second past appointment time you walk.

NEVER pay them a direct compliment on their looks / hair / clothes. (“Glad you’re not fat” is acceptable)

NEVER take it seriously, care, or give a shit.

NEVER count your chickens.

NEVER ignore your gut, if it tells you to walk away, get up and walk away, no explanation or backward glance.

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